Fully Loaded Punisher: War Zone Lenticular Poster

October 8, 2008

Punisher: War Zone Lenticular Poster

Damn, we nearly forgot all about this movie! Lionsgate has just debuted a lenticular 3D poster for Punisher: War Zone. I guess I was tired of writing about controversial films that will probably turn out bad and thought we didn't have any more of them the rest of the year. But alas, this reminder showed up today and it's actually pretty badass. Lenticular posters have that 3D look to them. I can't exactly tell what sticks out of this one - maybe all the guns along the side and the guy in the middle? Not entirely sure, but it does look a lot better than all of the other previous posters for Punisher: War Zone that we've seen.

I still don't know what to think about this movie. Even though it ended up officially getting an R rating from the MPAA, I'm still unsure whether it will be any good. I'll be seeing it, no question about that, but I'll be going in very cautiously. Will this poster make all the difference? Will this actually be a December hit?

Punisher: War Zone Lenticular Poster

Punisher: War Zone is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Lexi Alexander of only Green Street Hooligans previously. The script has gone through numerous revisions, however the latest draft was finished by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, who both wrote the script for Iron Man. Punisher: War Zone arrives in theaters from Lionsgate starting on December 5th later this year. Will you be there?

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thats alot of fucking guns

Darrin on Oct 8, 2008


Every time I see an update for this movie I ask myself, "What was so wrong with the Thomas Jane version?" That version wasn't so bad. Are we going to see even moderately bad movies getting a re-boot/re-vision/re-touch/re-fondle/re-crap? This is one movie franchise that should have been left alone or, at the very least, should have made a true sequel from the Thomas Jane version.

Sean on Oct 8, 2008


^ I believe they originally were writing a sequel for Jane to return but he left after they "took to long" to write it. so then they did some rewrites to make it a reboot. or at least thats what i got outta it.

Al on Oct 8, 2008


While the Thomas Jane version wasn't terrible, he just wasn't a very good fit for the Frank Castle role, nor did the film fulfill most diehard Punisher fans expectations for the property. I mean c'mon, John Travolta? Ugh. Think of it like Ang Lee's Hulk. A decent movie on it's own that many fans like, but not quite what you'd expect a movie about the Hulk to be. This is Marvel trying to get right with the fanbase by giving them what they want, much like what they tried to do with the Hulk reboot.

Peter on Oct 8, 2008


I'm still not interested in this movie, how hard is it too do a decent Punisher movie? The trailer looks like MTV/SPIKE TV Crap, while Ray Stevenson looks the part of Frank Castle more than Tom Jane the whole thing feels off, B-movie off. I remember when the Thomas Jane Punisher first came out around the same time as Denzel Washington's Man on Fire, I saw both and it struck me Man on fire was what the Punisher should have been, a straight up action, pulp, revenge flick. Instead we get a low grade version of Garth Ennis' Punisher set in 'FLORIDA' of all places and not NYC WTF? All the scheming, deception, and ridiculously drawn out 'setups' Thomas Janes' Punisher did in that movie is not Frank Castle, why would he bother with making it look like Howard Saint's BFF and Wife are having an affair? It was a incredibly stupid film. Denzel Washington did Punisher better than the damn actual PUNISHER MOVIE

PimpSlapStick on Oct 8, 2008



dac_fan on Oct 8, 2008


At first I was thinking this looked like a really crappy poster, then I read that the gun frame is actually a separate piece that mounts to the outside of the light box for the poster and will appear at theaters like that. Leads me to believe the inside image is the lenticular portion and he will move as you walk past it.

cracker on Oct 8, 2008


I really don't expect much out of this movie. I really like the Thomas Jane verson and I think that they should of sticked with it for a sequel. Thomas Jane wanted to do a sequel too but they kept turning down the scripts. but what do you expect when you only get 32 million for a budget when they were suppose to get 64 million dollars, that's why they had to go old school. I mean Thomas Jane at least worked out and did training for the movie. Ray has to where a coat.

The_Phantom on Oct 8, 2008


When all else fails, do a lenticular poster. It worked for Spider-Man 3! Oh, wait...

Tom Brazelton on Oct 9, 2008


I think the first one with Dolph Lundgren was decent enough. The remake/reboot with Thomas Jane, whom I actually like a lot and loved in Mutant Chronicles, was unnecessary and it’s on my Top 11 Worst Superhero Movies. And I see no reason whatsoever why this version would be better…although it seems harder and badder. Marvel should realize that there’s no huge franische in The Punisher after all.

Tschai on Oct 9, 2008


Maybe if they make a 4D poster I'll get more interested.

kevjohn on Oct 9, 2008


The problem with this film was budget also the ascent of Jigsaw needed to be toned down, not enough product merchandising. The base of operations was awful should of been an old warehouse, or steel mill why wasn't Frank Castle given a motor bike surely he cannot run every where or procure a car. The writer of IRONMAN and Prison Break got it wrong Kurt Sutter, would have done a better job this franchIse can be saved by HBO DOING A WORTH WHILE TV show. Lionsgate either go back withHensleigh or do a better sequal, of the current Punisher Avi Arad you ass H**E. By the way where is the directors cut of the movie, the punching in the face was terrible poorly conceived.

Mantronix on Feb 1, 2010

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