Gears of War Movie On Track for 2010

March 30, 2008
Source: ComingSoon

Gears of War

After initially announcing last March that the rights to a Gears of War movie had been obtained by New Line Cinema, we finally have a brief update today from producer Wyck Godfrey confirming that it's on track for a 2010 release. Godfrey spoke with ComingSoon over the weekend and confirmed that they're hoping to shoot early next year and aim for a release in the summer of 2010. If you remember previously, a rumor hit in October stating that the project was being canned due to "concerns with ballooning budget." However, it sounds like it's now getting back on track.

Although this quote is very short, it is at the least a recent update showing things are on track. Here is what Godfrey told ComingSoon:

"We've got our script on and a director we're about to attach. We'll hopefully make that early next year for the summer of 2010."

As was originally announced, the script was written by Stuart Beattie, who has penned screenplays for everything from the first Pirates of the Caribbean to Collateral to 30 Days of Night to the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. Also confirmed is that Cliff Bleszinski, aka CliffyB, the lead game designer for Gears of War and Epic Games, worked with Beattie on the original 21-page treatment. It's very likely that CliffyB, who is essentially the father of Gears of War, will be working closely with the production team throughout the entire process - which is a very good thing.

Gears of War is an incredibly popular Xbox 360 video game that has sold more than 3 million copies since its launch in November of 2006. The story focuses on a small group of ragtag soldiers being lead by Marcus Fenix who are fighting for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet.

I wish we had more to tell you about this project, but that's all there is for now. In addition to the Halo and Prince of Persia movies, Gears of War is one of the other big video game adaptations that I'm hoping will turn out incredible. The caliber of Beattie's work alone should prove to anyone that he is capable of pulling off something pretty awesome and not just another destined-to-flop video game flick. What it will really come down to is the director and whether he is capable of really turning it into something extraordinary.

Who would be the right director to turn Gears of War into a badass movie?

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Reader Feedback - 32 Comments


Holy crap! Thats great news. If it stays true to the game, its going to be one heck of a blood bath! They just need to get the right person to play Marcus. Hopefully they don't screw this up like every other video game that is adapted to the big screen.

Kenny on Mar 30, 2008


No matter who directs, the song "Mad World" by Gary Jules /must/ be in it somewhere.

Colin Dean on Mar 30, 2008


this movie could be bad ass they just got to get a half decent or great director to do this and get the right cast that look like the characters, this movie has a lot of potential.

Curtis on Mar 30, 2008


thank God that cliffy B is attatched to it.otherwise this film wouldnt be worth watching.

darrin on Mar 30, 2008


is this live action? look for your favorite nfl star to appear in gears of war!

harrison on Mar 30, 2008


Cool. Yeah you're right gears definitely needs a director with that perfect touch to set it apart from not only other video game adaptions but also other movies. Wonder who they got it's a big decision...

silver on Mar 30, 2008


Cool. Sounds good. So since New Line has the rights, is it a WB film now?

Ryan on Mar 30, 2008


i'll shoot for the stars and say tim burton.

Cool Kid on Mar 30, 2008


It will be PG13(so kids can go) and you wont see anyone die and it will suck.

Heckle on Mar 30, 2008


Wrong, it will be needlessly over-the-top, gorey and laughable to a degree best described as "Uwe Boll-ish".

Brad on Mar 31, 2008


If I get to see some chainsaw goodness and see a head pop like a water balloon on the big screen, I am absolutely there. I'm usually not quite THIS big of a fanboy, but every single person I've introduced to this game has been sold and hooked from the point that one of these happens.

SG Dave on Mar 31, 2008


i think the movie will be great

Andrew on Dec 14, 2008


Might as well have the guy who plays Cole in the movie. Looks sort of like him, and it IS his voice, and he's huge as hell, so perfect fit.

Dan on Dec 29, 2008


they need a director who plays gears of war.

guy on Jan 2, 2009


They need a director who LOVES GOW

Anthony on Jan 28, 2009


i think its great that cliffy b is together on the making of GOW. As long as they get the best damn director in the biz who loves GOW and bloody gore movies, this will be the best movie of the year! I just hope they DON'T mess up GOW like they did to DOOM, that was totally bogus dude!! Cliffy B!!! Iknow you can do this dude!!!

Ali on Jan 30, 2009


WOW great news. i love this game and i will definitely watch this movie.

Canvas Art on Feb 7, 2009


SICK!! How about Segal, couldn't he play Marcus Fenix?? But he would need to be a lot bigger or padded for the movie!! I know it will be a good pick, Hitman was a great pick but he just had to light of a voice compared to the game.

buddy on Feb 8, 2009


damn finnally a damn movie and please a gears 3 oh and they better pick perfect mathes for the characters and to get off subject they should make a God of War movie with Vin diesal that would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!

man dude on Mar 11, 2009


god this movie is gonna suck, and don think im a ps3 fanboy cuz i personally love gears, but you cant turn a game like this into a movie and have it come out good, im sorry.

troy on Mar 21, 2009


I think live action would be horrible for this. Its going to look like Cloverfield with Marcus and Dom, and chainsaw guns in it. Cloverfield, in my opinion, was blair witch on steroids, Blair witch, was garbage, and soon to be Gears of War will come out the same if done in this fashion. Give it the "movie" aspect, instead of someone with a sony handycam aspect, and it will draw people in. Get a good director, Peter Jackson(Lord of the Rings), or Christopher Nolan(Batman Begins and The Dark Knight), good Writers, keep the writers of the game involved heavily to stay true to the story of Gears, and again, this could be an awesome movie. Not to heavy on the CGI, used when needed. The look of the Locust wouldn't be hard to acheive considering what they did with the orcs and goblins from Lord of the Rings. I think it has potential and can be acheived if made by the right people.

brian on Mar 26, 2009


im a huge gears 1 and 2 fan. if this movie is not rated R its gonna suck and if they dont get the perfect actors the gears fans are going to hate it !!!!!

ryan on Apr 12, 2009


Nick chinlund should be marcus fenix!!

joe s on Apr 12, 2009


the only character the Vin Diesel would fit in as Minh the bold china man in GOW that was killed but also was a cool character!

David on May 7, 2009


it better be rated r or else i wont bother going to see it........... i hope it will be good

ram on Jul 14, 2009



awesomegearsplayerwhoownsfaces on Jul 24, 2009


I watched my faince play this before I ever got a chance to (and it was awesome when I finally did) but I always thought that Marcus Fenix looked and sounded like Nick Chinlund. We'd watch Riddick after we played a lot and freakin' Nick just looked the part! Can't get it out of my head! Nick Chinlund should be Marcus Fenix!

SashaSix on Aug 11, 2009


It would be awesome if they would use CG and keep the same voice cast. I hope it turns out well. This could be really good, or really bad. I can't wait though!!!!

Rena on Oct 31, 2009


They better put real men in the movie! not weak small preatty boys or short guys it would kill the movie... im going to drop names out!!! open mind! Batista,John Cena, and men like that would be great!

ricardo rustin on Nov 8, 2009


i don't know. i mean don't get me wrong i'm a huge fan of GOW but the movie would have to be rated r. if it becomes pg13 it'll probably blow. the greatest thing about GOW is the bloody confrontations.

davis on Dec 25, 2009


gears of war movie cant wait the game was good hope the movie lives up to it

sheridan on Nov 11, 2010


2011 happened?...

Anonymous on Mar 22, 2011

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