Giant Hulk Statue Invades Theaters Everywhere!

May 3, 2008

Giant Hulk Statue Invades Theaters Everywhere!

If you went to see Iron Man this weekend, it's very likely you saw the new "life size" Hulk statue sitting in the lobby somewhere. I always admire (and critique) the in-theater marketing efforts that the studios send out, and this time this one is worth mentioning. Like The Simpsons Movie couch and Silver Surfer statue last year, this is becoming the "talk of the town," at least when it comes to marketing material. The statue is for this summer's upcoming Incredible Hulk movie. I suppose Universal thought the best way to get people to realize there was a Hulk movie was to literally put a giant Hulk statue right in the lobby of every movie theater. And I suppose it worked, but I still don't know if the movie is going do too well. In case you live beneath a rock and haven't seen this yet, some photos can be found below.

Giant Hulk Statue

Giant Hulk Statue

Photos above are courtesy of SlashFilm.

The statue actually weighs somewhere around 800 pounds. It's being referred to as life size, but in actuality I think it's a bit smaller than the Hulk in the movie. If you watch the trailer, you'll see that Hulk is pretty damn big in comparison to Emil Blonsky. In the theater, this thing is around 10 feet tall. Either way, it's still an eye-catching statue that I'm sure is grabbing the attention of moviegoers - but I don't know if it's enough to actually guarantee that this movie will be a success. Thoughts?

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th.

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Yes, it's ONLY in Hulk. I can confirm because I watched the scene myself! I think they were introducing the Marvel universe by saying... in Iron Man, Nick Fury says "you're not the only superhero" and then in Hulk, Tony Stark shows up (after knowing that) and talks about helping out General Ross with Hulk... Make sense? 🙂

Alex Billington on May 3, 2008


they have this huge hulk in the movie theater i go to, the IMAX theater in 68th street [NY], its reallyyy life like lol

PHATBOY_x on May 3, 2008


Seems like there should be some background poster to it.

Ryan on May 3, 2008


iron man or no iron man the trailer still looked great expecially when he threw the piece of airon at the chopper and the tank split in two. im definitly going to see that

darrin on May 3, 2008


Maybe it was cuz I went to the midnite showing, but I didn't see a statue of Hulk. Man, I wonder what they're gonna do w/them afterwards... I so want one in my room.

Alfredo on May 3, 2008


There is no way the statues weighs 800lbs. It is hollow inside. Just FYI.

Parish on May 3, 2008


Take that, McFarlane collectibles! 🙂

avoidz on May 3, 2008


I saw the Hulk statue in the theatres yesterday, and right next to it was a statue promoting "Kung Fu Panda". The panda's kicking in the direction of the Hulk, so it looks like they are fighting. I just thought it was funny seeing the panda trying to take down Hulk.

Ajax on May 4, 2008



ALEX G on May 4, 2008


It's no where near 800 pounds. I touched it and almost tipped it over. It's hollow.

Dk on May 5, 2008


Ajax, yeah here in Albuquerque, that Kung Fu Panda statue looked liek it was gonna start a fight with HULK and me and my wife had a good laugh about it.

Richard on May 5, 2008


They had one at my theater for 2 or 3 weeks maybe. It is indeed impressive. But I wonder what they're going to do with them once Incredible Hulk comes and goes? Just ship them back to Marvel or Universal and store them in a giant warehouse forever? Destroy them?? What I'm asking is... can I get one for my back yard when you're through with it? 😉

kevjohn on May 6, 2008


I took a ton of pictures with it. The one in Philly looks a million times better than the one at NY Comic Con, plus you can get closer to it (when no one's looking). Yeah- I might need to buy one of these things.

Djo. on May 8, 2008


seriously people,who do i contact to buy one of these? Please respond to this question if you know.

RK on May 14, 2008


Any one have one of these im a cash buyer !!!!!

ALEX G on May 15, 2008


I am a cash buyer for these as well. Contact me at 214.558.1079 if you have one for sale near Dallas, TX.

Alexander Muse on Jun 22, 2008


Where can can I buy this staute???

Rhinox33 on Jun 23, 2008


well the hulks are for sale here!!

Robert Castillo on Jul 10, 2008


Robert, that's the coolest thing I've seen since the Home Shopping Channel had the life-size Han Solo frozen in carbonite replicas on sale 10-15 years ago. I was pissed at myself for not having a spare $1000 or so at the time to blow on what was essentially the world's coolest giant paperweight. Now I'm pissed at myself for not having a spare $3100 to blow on what is essentially the world's coolest giant GREEN paperweight. You'd think in all that time my numbers would finally land in the Lotto. Or at least that I would start playing the Lotto.

kevjohn on Jul 10, 2008

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