Green Lantern Movie Starts Shooting Next Spring

September 26, 2008

Green Lantern

Just the other day I went down to my local comic book store to pick up some issues of Mark Millar's War Heroes. While there I got into a discussion with my friend who happens to be a big Green Lantern fan. He had seen that concept art that we posted a while back and said that if it got made, it would be an awesome movie. Earlier today I caught up briefly with producer Donald De Line, who is developing the Green Lantern film, and asked him for an update. He told me that "a new draft of the script came in" and they're "gearing up to start shooting early spring." While it's not confirmed, he added that "it's coming together and I'm excited about it. Hopefully we'll make it to start gate. We're really close - really close."

It sounds like as long as everything continues to stay on track, this will be shooting next year. And that means we'll definitely see that Green Lantern movie that all the fans have been waiting for, or so it sounds like. Latino Review's El Mayimbe got a chance to check out that script that was turned in recently and gave it a very positive review, saying "fanboys are gonna love the shit out of it." His version differs slightly from the one IESB reviewed a month ago as well. You can read El Mayimbe's full review of the script, but I just love this little snippet about the story and want to feature that on its own.

"The structure adheres closely to what I call - the 'superhero origin movie paradigm.' In Green Lantern's case, Hal Jordan has to overcome his selfishness and self pity over the death of his father Martin Jordan which takes place early in the script. Hal Jordan for the first 20 pages or so is a prick. The story follows the Green Lantern origin closely and cinematically speaking – IT WORKS."

It's great to hear that a beloved comic book character is actually getting a worthy adaptation. It sounds like this ain't no Fantastic Four - this is the real deal and this is the real Green Lantern movie that everyone wants to see. De Line confirmed again that Greg Berlanti, of "Everwood" and The Broken Hearts Club, will be directing. I've been anxious for updates on this because I've got a good feeling it's going to be one of the big movies of 2010 and with script reviews and news like this, it's well on its way to becoming that. I know I'm not the only one who is anxiously waiting to find out who they cast as Hal Jordan. And although I'm excited now, I just hope Berlanti can do a good job with such an intergalactic concept.

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Greg Berlanti's track record has me worried...Eli Stone, Brothers and Sisters, Dawsons Creek, Kat Plus One...Sure all good shows for their respective demographics I'm sure, but what can he do for the ruthless comic book fanboys? I've been looking forward to Green Lantern for a long time and I really hope they don't ruin it even though they have a solid script. At least we don't have to care either way about the ethnicity of their casting choice like in some cases where people apparently went ape shit (, see what you'll have to deal with Mr. Berlanti? I bet Dawson's Creeks fans aren't looking so dedicated anymore...

peloquin on Sep 26, 2008


I don't know if this'll be a great movie, but BRING ON THE DC!!! Marvel is just owning left and right. It's high time DC put out a few more characters, GL included. Anybody else want it to be about John Stewart (Stuart?)?

vegeta on Sep 26, 2008


I think Geoff Johns's recent "Secret Origins" arc in the comics lays the groundwork for a sound origin story - especially as it concerns Hal's selfishness and his mourning. Also his hotshot temperment. But what I'd REALLY like to see is an exploration of the GL Corps - make it like a buddy cop movie and really go hog wild with the alien creature work. If del Toro could do it with the Troll Marketplace in Hellboy II, there's no reason a competent director couldn't do the same thing on Oa.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 26, 2008


This movie is going to be truly amazing. I've been waiting for a Green Lantern movie for a long time and with what CGI is able to do now, this movie will surely be one of epic proportions. @1 I care. I think Hal Jordan SHOULD be white.

Blue Buttons on Sep 26, 2008


IRON MAN 2 will destroy green lantern. Oh and THOR will blast this green dude into space.

Jojo on Sep 26, 2008


It would be the best if Will Smith play the role of Green Lantern instead of Captain American.. A black guy in a white costum??? Quite weird the colour combination is.....

steven on Sep 26, 2008


Who's playing the Green Lantern?

Daniel on Sep 27, 2008


#6 is an idiot... did green lantern ever disturb any of you iron man's shit... if they want to bring it to the movie, so whats wrong with that and particularly with u?!!! just give green lantern's fans a fair chance to watch their favorite character on the silver screen... stay focus to the topic...if you tend to discuss your shit character...just go some where else... DC do respect Marvel, and vise versa...just put away your mindless fanatical ideology from here... we dont need you and your stupid ideology here...we just need someone who support comic book's movie whether its from DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse etc... comic book's movie rules!!!

safichan on Sep 27, 2008


i think Josh Holloway (from Lost) should play Hal Jordan.

DDOT3 on Sep 27, 2008


The higher ups at DC and Marvel have always been close friends and they even used to lunch together every week, thats how the Fantastic Four started, the head at DC told the head at Marvel about the Justice League and he ran back and told Stan Lee to come up with a super hero team, so he made the Fantastic Four.

Kail on Sep 27, 2008


I wouldn't be surprised is this movie bombs big time. Besides Batman and Superman, DC superheroes just aren't as interesting as Marvel superheroes.

Drew on Sep 27, 2008


Green Lantern has a LOT of potential for entertaining stories. I am surprised they took this long to try and bring it to film. But I am unfortunately very cautious about how this turns out.

james on Sep 27, 2008


Wow, I have to tell you dude that makes perfect sense to me.

JUstin White on Sep 27, 2008


Jon Hamm is Hal Jordan.

Dignan on Sep 27, 2008


Zen Gesner would be great. He is older than they said they are looking for but he is about the same age as Christian Bale. Shouldn't Bruce and Hal be from the same generation?

Nick Fish on Sep 27, 2008


He is too much of a pretty boy.

Scott on Sep 27, 2008


Hal had that good looking, arrogant asshole thing down long before Tony Stark. He is supposed to be good looking.

Nick on Sep 27, 2008


GL is the only superhero or comic I ever gave a crap the film is close to a reality...I like the Idea of Fresh Prince as John Stewart, but find a way to incorporate Kyle Rayner (Eric Bana) and Hal Jordan (Clooney perhaps?) Agreed on hella CGI Corp members from other planets, go apeshit with the combinations of partly see-through aliens to mere vapors of alien life are members of the corp, have em' push their boundaries on the effects and variety of alien GL corp life. I like, and have always liked, Jason Lee as Kyle Rayner in NYC at first, then Clooney as Hal, Will Smith as Stewart, even Seth Rogen as the annoying Guy Gardner (Rogen seems lined up for a few superhero roles lately,) make it an ensemble piece with all the GL's ever... We shall see, either way I can't wait. Paul

paul cote on Sep 27, 2008


Earlier reports said Jack Black would be Hal Jordan. I sure hope that isn't right. I'm so sick of Seth Rogen.

Rich on Sep 27, 2008


Ugh, another movie based on a comic. Is anyone else getting tired of these?

Free Xbox 360 on Sep 28, 2008


I agree with you, would love to see Jack Black as Hal...or Rayner even...maybe Guy Gardner, still would like to see all the GL's (including Alan Scott)

paul cote on Sep 28, 2008


Berlanti directing?!?! Look... I love what he did with the script. It sounds as if he and his team of writers have written a great introduction to the GL mythos to the public... but please don't let this inexperienced dude with an average resume direct a superhero epic such as this. Aim for the top and think big in my opinion. COME ON WB!!!

Heath on Sep 28, 2008


I love Jack Black but if he is ever associated with a GL movie it should be to voice a CG G'nort. And to all the people saying John Stewart while he is a fine character there is no better GL to start the movie franchise with than Hal Jordan. John Stewart and Guy Gardner should both be introduced in later movies but the main focus of the movies should be Hal Jordan. Just my opinion (GL fan since I was about 6 own issues all the way back to the '60s and I was born in the '80s)

Alan on Sep 28, 2008


I'd only pay to see that, if Robert Downey Jr. is allowed to improve the script the way he did with Iron Man. As for the GL actor, people such as Thomas Jane, Tahmoh Penikett, or... I dunno... David Wenham? I might even suggest David Cross but he's never been a bastard in any of his roles, so that wouldn't work for the character of Hal Jordan. BUT! If I see Shia LaBeouf anywhere in that movie, I'm going to burn my entire GL collection. ALL OF IT!

GL-Fan on Sep 28, 2008


Mark Millar's "War Heroes" Sucks. Way to waste your money.

m the mordant on Sep 28, 2008


I'm a huge GL fan, so I'm as excited about this as your friend, but I just can't see the good scripts surviving the whole process without studio interference; Especially now after the success of the Dark Knight. So hopefully IF the movie gets to production, and IF the "fans will love the shit out of it" (really? This passes for a review?) script makes it, it'll be exciting to see. Fingers crossed.

Brandon Mendelson on Sep 28, 2008


Paul.....My God Man..... anything to do with that Hack Rogen and GL is just pure BULLSHIT! ( almost as much as the sacred Green Hornet).

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 28, 2008


The jack black as green lantern rumor was for for an old green lantern movie that was going to be more comical then serious.Hal is the same age as Bruce and Clark so Clooney playing Hal Jordan doesn't really work to me any way and Kyle is younger then all 3 men so Eric Banna doesn't work. I like Will Smith for Cap rather then John Stewart I just don't think he fits the mold of who Stewart is to me the big guy from that lawyer show Shark now that's John Stewart. And Hal has to go to OA to train so still a chance they can go apeshit with all the ailen races he encounters. It be awesome to see all the GL there especially Alan Scott I wonder how they'd do it. Hopefully Hal wears his from the current book and not the one that was in those drawings posted on this sight reminded me to much of Kyle when he was Ion.

Samuel on Sep 28, 2008


It needs to be the black green lantern (john stewart?) cause he was the most awesome. Plus he actual made it into the justice league animated show. If anyone it should be him

Nate on Sep 29, 2008


Nate: The problem with the John Stewart in the JLU cartoon is that he's a MORON! If they pattern him after the comics (he's also an architect), it really would make for a glorious CGI blitz for the ages. The constructs he makes with his ring would be absolutely amazing. And yes, I'm perfectly aware that my geek is showing. It makes sense that they'd start with Hal, because he's the first human GL of the Corps and it would allow the story to expand as far as they want. Once you get his groundwork laid, it would be a breeze to bring in John, Guy and Kyle.

SG Dave on Sep 29, 2008


I think Geoff John's recent "Secret Origins" arc in the comics lays the groundwork for a sound origin story - especially as it concerns Hal's selfishness and his mourning. Also his hotshot temperament.

web design on Sep 29, 2008


It's a pretty nerve racking time to be a GL fan. This film will either be really great or really horrible. I'm trying not to think about it too much right now. Also Paul's (#19) post is one of the worst casting posts I've read in a long time.

Josh on Sep 29, 2008


I've been waiting for a GL movie for a few years and now that they have a script and an estimate on shooting dates, I'm psyched! I was looking over some of my own casting possibilities, and I think Jensen Ackles could be a good Hal Jordan. He's got the look, I think. But whoever they pick, he'd better at least LOOK like he could be Hal. I know the last thing we want to do is turn GL into Shallow Hal Jordan, but maybe Jack Black COULD appear as an alien or maybe one of Hal's crazy friends or something. Mach5

Mach5 on Sep 29, 2008


Will as Capt is over! Will said it himself that it want happen. Why folks still bringing up this and the star themselves are telling you it's just rumours!! GL should be Hal Jordan and american...meaning white! Did i say that?! Russian/China/Chevez POWER! Nuclear War is ahead bitches!!

Pingpong on Sep 29, 2008


I thought that "Eli Stone" was/is a great series. It is subtly written in a comic book style where an reluctant lawyer who obtains the power to see the future through visions. He also acquires a (female) sidekick who basically recruits him it to using his abilities for good. There is continuity throughout the series an very touching moments in each episode. I wouldn't be worried about Berlanti, Gugenheim and Green since they are comic book fans and good writers.

dnno1 on Sep 30, 2008


So I'm not too familiar with Green Lantern... But a close friend of mine read the script (and will be writing about that soon) and had some rather negative things to say about it. However, from a fan's standpoint, it's apparently exactly the type of movie they'd love. I'm curious whether this will play to larger audiences or whether the GL movie will only really play well for GL fans and that's it?

Alex Billington on Oct 2, 2008


People are unfamiliar with this story so the movie has to offer an origin. That means it has to be Hal Jordan. The entire franhise is built around him. And as to race. Batman could be black. Spiderman could be black. Almost any hero could be black without chamging the story line. But because Green Lantern is a corp and not just an individual, it becomes way to convoluted to have a black Hal Jordan. John Stewart is the black GL. Intro John Stewart in this movie, but give us Hal Jordan that looks like the Hal Jordan we know. How about this crazy idea? Spin a TV show out of the movie with John Stewart in the lead and keep Hal for the big screen.

Tom on Oct 3, 2008


Hal Jordan all the way.

Nick on Oct 3, 2008


I love the idea of a TV series running at the same time as the movie franchise. That is what ultimately happened with Star Trek. And having John Stewart anchor the cast is perfect. But the movie has got to be Hal Jordan. Josh Holloway or Zen Gessner are good choices. I alsot want to se Allan Scott.

Scott on Oct 3, 2008


Hal Jordan is the only way to go. Have you seen what his JLU figure went for on EBAY. Over $2000. Yes that is three zeros.

Nick on Oct 3, 2008


i think it will do goo, plenty of die-hard DC fans out there

theori on Oct 4, 2008


i love g.l. even named my child hal collectibles could much that!..just hope this movie would turn out right..sure,will watch it' be great to see leo dicaprio plays hal...

toper on Oct 9, 2008


Screw Hal Jordan. Bring in John Stewart and explore the GL corp. I'll like to see this movie (Jordan or Stewart) but I still think Iron Man 2 will destroy it.

Cyfer1 on Oct 9, 2008


I guess this just shows how old I am, but I like Kyle Rayner... To me, Kyle Rayner is the Green Lantern and Wally Wood is the Flash. Yeah... I like 90s comics... :/

MarJtyn on Oct 9, 2008


That SOB Wesley Snipes was WRONG! Next time I'm betting on RED!

tmalenko on Nov 7, 2008


I'm thinking Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights is an excellent choice for Hal Jordan.

CaptainNifty on Nov 8, 2008


whoever is picked for hal, i can only hope that he is a relatively new face, and not some hollywood star who can only play himself in every role he gets. i've been a huge gl fan for many many years, and seeing someone like clooney in it... i'd probably just skip it. on the other hand michael rispoli as a possible guy garder? oooh yeesss. that's the only choice. give him a bad bowl hairdo and it's on. the biggest thing i worry about is cg in the movie. of course there will be lots. but many potentially good movies have been ruined by too much cg. eg hulk- both of them. hollywood needs to learn a huge lesson from toho's last few godzilla movies... the rubber suit works. del toro... the rubber suit works. henson... works. i don't want to see cg gaurdians. i don't want to see a cg kilowog or tomar re. if i want to watch cartoons i'll watch the latest star wars trilogy. as far as a wb director... i wish him luck, he has a lot to prove. i would hate to see this be another 3 hour long unspoken love drama like the last superman movie. it would work for a rayner only film, but not hal. he's not that deep. real black and white kind of guy. one final note... pieface?????

matango on Nov 15, 2008


Who should play Green Latern? Ben Browder of Farscape / SG1 fame. Great actor, lots of sex appeal. Laides love him. A man's man!

green latern fan on Nov 15, 2008


Green Lantern - how about doing something original and casting wesley snipes as the green lantern.

ea on Nov 21, 2008


Yeah # 5 -- that actor does look like the Green Lantern original chracter -- I would like to see an actor with acting chops like the late great actor Chris Reeves. Chris was a Shakespearean trained acTor who was a very talented actor and truly made the chracter come to life... I heard at some point Tom Cruise was going to play Iron MAn and that he was mentionmed to play Green Lantern - I think he would be a good choice also to try out for the role. Othe rthan these two actors I cant think of any other really talented male leads.... I dont really like Will Smith but I think since he did Hancock already he would be great to work into the storyline somehow..maybe time travelling and meeting the original LAntern and doing another Lantern Film but - actors pretty ego driven may not want to play 2nd fiddle. Either way if Smith does it I woyuld pay to go see it -- I like him as an humorous action hero...

James on Dec 16, 2008


NOOOO!!! Please stay away from John Stewart he is a 3rd-rate ,K-mart version of Green Lantern. He's a giant WUSS!!! Its got to be Hal all the way. Hal Jordan will always be the greatest Green Lantern!!!! Stewart can be in a cameo with Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner or Alan Scott.

Dan C. on Dec 16, 2008


I love Green Lantern. Always have. But making this into a movie will be quite challenging. I agree that it should be Hal Jordan. Please no Will Smith... he has Hancock...and he can keep him. GL is gonna be challenging because it is more sci-fi fantasy with external what is wrong with that...nothing except with the dark realistic tone of "The Dark Knight" it is hard to imagine that the studio execs are gonna be eager to make a mostly sci-fi movie. And even with the success of Iron man it is gonna be hard to show all the "cosmic talk" and "guardians" or the universe without getting a little silly. Fantastic Four is a good example. Great comic. Cool but not great movies. Even the Silver Surfer and all his "cosmic tales" wasn't that exciting. Very cool to see the surfer in live glory but the Mighty Galactus was a storm cloud....hard to translate cosmic beings and such to the silver screen. Especially after Batman set the mark so high. I know its not the same movie and it shouldn't matter but the industry is funny like that. They even want to go with a darker Superman....huh? Doomsday. With a pretty inexperienced director and writers attached to this movie we might be more in store for a Punisher or Ghost Rider type movie (not very good or successful) rather than an Xmen or Dark Knight type experience. The bad guy is gonna be critical and if they go with the rumored Sinestro story line than I think we may be in for a stinker...just cause you have two of the same kind of character just different colors. GL may need some help. But I can be totally wrong and I hope I am. GL deserves a good flick.

Xanatos on Dec 16, 2008


The green lantern is a great character AND I KNOW WHO'S PLAYING HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its american actor DAVID BOREANAZ(BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER-BEST SHOW ON THE EARTH-BTVS SPIN OFF SHOW ANGEL, BONES AND MANY FILMS) I'm glad he's been cast to be playing the green latern. David is a very talented actor, and i feel he needs more people to reconise him, been given his own show(ANGEL-BTVS SPIN OFF) i think we can all agree he's more than qualified to play the lead role in this film. ANY MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT DAVID BOREANAZ, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL OR IF YOU HAVE ANY NEWS OF THE SHOWS YOU'ED LIKD TO TELL ME JUST EMAIL ME AT:

Beck on Jan 1, 2009


Bleh hoping it would be Ben Browder, if not I'm not watching it.

MrMe on Jan 11, 2009


blue buttons sound stupid cuz hal jordan a white character n the black one is john stewart plus he the best green lantern (from da biggest green lantern fan ever) JB

jabriel on Jan 29, 2009


but i think it should be hal jordan -n- john stewart like a two side story n how they met

jabriel on Jan 29, 2009


David Boreanaz WON'T play Hal Jordan. He is almost 40 and Hal is in his mid 20s when he gets the ring. He should be played by someone new AND YOUNG. A John Stewart movie? Really? Who cares about him? Best GLs are Hal and Kyle. If the movie is a succes, I can easily see an Emerald Dawn/Time Crisis movie somewhere in the future...

Héctor on Jan 30, 2009


I think that there should be a green arrow character as well. The interplay between GL and GA was pretty cool and drove the characters well

Oliver on Feb 19, 2009


The creative team on this movie are the most indecisive bunch I've ever met. They will see to it that this movie runs over schedule and over budget. Hurry up and agree on a warehouse you fools.

Robbie on Mar 6, 2009


Filming is supposed to start in Australia now but I can tell you that its running behind thanks to to last minute ridiculous decisions by the 'new creative team' a bunch of cosmic wankers if you ask me!

Robbie on Mar 6, 2009


yeah I heard the new crew could not arrange a fuck in a brothel.

peter on Mar 6, 2009


well thats what you get, pay peanuts and get monkeys. I also heard a whisper that fox is close to securing a warehouse in Melbourne Australia to film a big budget, something to do with Egypt.

robbie on Mar 6, 2009


It's clear at this point both Hal and Jon have a following for many valid reasons. Using both characters in a movie or some coordinated larger plan, DC would have a double fanbase. Both characters bring popularity, built in conflict, built in competition, built in resolution with the ideals of the GL corp. It does not matter if one fan group thinks the other has a two dimensional character combined you have a three dimensional story. I love DC characters, even more than I like Marvel (and I like Marvel). The thing Marvel does better than DC is take advantage of conflict and things not being perfect. I want the GL movie succeed, I hope they can take advantage of a large passionate fanbase and not miss any opportunities to make the GL franchise a great success. Ps. Justin Long as Kyle Rayner would be cool at some point.

Tom on Mar 21, 2009


By the way, Batman Begins and Dark Knight are exception to my previous comment. These a great examples of dealing with conflict and imperfection. If they follow this trend, DC will be fine.

Tom on Mar 21, 2009


I agree wtih 49: 'Who should play Green Latern? Ben Browder of Farscape / SG1 fame. Great actor, lots of sex appeal. Laides love him. A man's man!' And 55: 'Bleh hoping it would be Ben Browder, if not I'm not watching it.' Well, actually, I probably would watch it if it wasn't Ben but I would so much prefer it with Ben Browder. You need someone who can act as magnificently as him (especially with emotions - all comic book characters have huge struggles to overcome after all) and who has the charisma that makes you want to watch everything he does and most importantly makes you CARE. Ben Browder has my vote all the way!

Storm on Apr 17, 2009


It is such a complex character(s) and story line. I think that's why it's been so long to get it off the ground. Unless you are a GL fan and have been through the entire history of it's legacy it's going to be a tough sell to none fans. None GL fans have been hyped with Iron Man, Superman and the Batman movies it's going to have to be very rich and dynamic to make a draw. But even so, I am hopeful it will be a success. If not I hope it's still decent for it will at least allow a GL fan as myself have the satisfaction of seeing a live action character make it too the big screen.

Lee on May 10, 2009

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