Halle Berry Goes Nuts in Frankie and Alice

April 19, 2008
Source: Variety

Halle Berry

Speaking of another movie star with a continued appearance of dwindling talent and appeal, Variety tells us that Halle Berry has been cast to star in and produce a mental thriller called Frankie and Alice. The storyline sounds a tad interesting in that it surrounds a woman with split personalities, one of whom is her native persona while the other is "a racist Caucasian…that preys upon her mind." Talk about hating yourself.

I feel like I can already see Berry pretty clearly in this role, given some of her previous performances, most similarly the creepy ghost-fest Gothika. Even though that flick dealt with a pissed off Caucasian female apparition as opposed to another personality, the audience got a pretty good dose of watching Berry battle the demons in her head (e.g. looking scared and nervous, people not believing her, struggling to hold on to her mind, etc). She even played a quiet nut job in Perfect Stranger, again delivering some scenes where the right grimace of her face or blank stare hinted at the raging battle her in mind. I'm thinking this is what we might see in Frankie and Alice, at the very least.

This isn't to say I'm not going to give her a chance. I like Berry quite a bit, although I think the notoriety she gained in 2001's Monster's Ball was pretty overblown. She hasn't exactly delivered on that level since. Catwoman, anyone? Regrettably, I did not see her in Things We Lost in the Fire, but that seemingly had a lot of Berry-typical crying and inner turmoil as well. What are your thoughts on Berry's current state of acting?

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I just think Halle needs to get herself in a decent movie. In every movie she tries to send a message, whether its about race, women or something else that's important to her. Ever since Catwoman she has been trying to get herself back in the 'Oscar type of movies', such as Things We Lost In The Fire. I've also read in places that Halle and Angelina Jolie are sometimes up for similar roles. Apparently Halle was intended to play Fox, which Jolie is playing in Wanted. Same with A Mighty Heart. I seems Angelia is getting all the good roles!

Liam on Apr 19, 2008


Did you know Berry hasn't had a hit film on her own. Whenever one of her movies does well at the box office it's due to her starring opposite Bond, Wolverine, or Fred Flintstone. Is she a movie star? I don't think so. Until she opens and sells a movie on her own "name", something that she hasn't been able to do ever!

luke on Apr 19, 2008


It seems that Halle is just trying too hard for Oscar gold again. Then she'll have another race-related acceptance speech with soooo many tears. Been there done that Halle.

Pickle on Apr 20, 2008


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verwaerde geoffrey on Aug 26, 2008


Ok people since there are so many hater leaving stupid things about Halle i wanted to set the record straight I love ever movie Halle'a been in we are adults and should want see something that makes you think and wanna be a better person .So if you want to see movies that only appeal to teens & preteens thats your choice But some of us like movies with real issues not fantasy . And further more all actors and actress are in movies that some times are upstage by another Actor or Actress quess what they dont write these movies only starred in them so dont blame them if you dont like the story plot.To Ms Halle Berry if happen to glance at these comments you are a wonderful actress and dont let inmature so call fans change who you are as an actress I enjoy your work.. Brenda Rose Montgomery,Tx

Brenda on Sep 9, 2008

6 thoughts on halle berry acting...well, she can't. She's on the same level as Jessica Alba to me. They're both actresses who start out fairly decent but improve little over time and still want to be taken seriously. I always say that those two and a few others are so lucky they have their looks because otherwise they probably would never have made it.

danz on Nov 8, 2008


Halle Berry continues to star in roles exploiting herself, I am so sick and tired of her showing body parts, get real! I would think she would like to do real drama like Meryl Streep instead she chooses roles that show her acting crazy and exposing her breasts and whatever else! I do not think she can act, Monster Ball was a slap in the face! She did not deserve that Oscar! Personally I don't think she cares what the role is as long as she's in the Hollywood limelight!

kayla on May 17, 2010


Why is everyone so down on Halle Berry's Catwoman? It was not a terrible movie.I've seen alot worst.I think it shows just how flexible Halle could be and I think she had alot of fun doing that movie.I think Monster Ball was overblown and I think that role was beneath her scope of talent.Do you guys remember Losing Isisiah and Queen.I like to see her mix it up every now and then with something like X-men.Some actresses can't make that type of leap in characters and still win an Oscar.I'm looking forward to seeing this Frankie and Alice.I'm sure my husband and I won't be disapointed.

Shannon on Jun 1, 2010


ts is unfortuante the bloggers create blogs for the sole purpose of spewing negativity instead of encouragemnt and celebrating talent! I saw Frankie AND aLICE AND HE FILM IS phenominal and probably my favorite fil she has done to date and her performance is her best yet! I LOVE YOU HALLE!

JOSH on Dec 27, 2010


FRANKIE AND ALICE is a SUPERB FILM. Halle delivered an amazing performance Im glad she is nominated for anoher Golden Globe

BARBARA on Dec 27, 2010

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