Hans Zimmer and The RZA Team Up for Babylon A.D. Score

June 28, 2008
Source: Westword

Hans Zimmer and The RZA Team Up for Babylon A.D. Score

I'm just a fews hours away from seeing The Dark Knight and one of the aspects that I'm looking forward to is hearing Hans Zimmer's brilliant score. In my interview with Zimmer and James Newton Howard that I did a few weeks back, it was obvious that I'm a huge fan of both composers. Zimmer's work on films like Batman Begins and Gladiator have made me come to appreciate scores so much more than I did before. Now news comes from Wu-Tang Clan's The RZA via Westword that he has teamed up with Zimmer to create the score to Mathieu Kassovitz's Babylon A.D.! This combination sounds like a potentially amazing partnership that will result in a truly unforgettable new score. I can't wait to hear it!

The RZA, who has also produced scores for films like Kill Bill and Ghost Dog, told Westword that "it's a big, big blockbuster type movie, big sci-fi type movie," but we all knew that already - just watch this awesome trailer. He continues, "The RZA's team and Hans Zimmer's team have combined to create a hybrid kind of score for this movie that's based in the future. So I think it's going to be a good vibe for the audience out there, and it's a good movie anyway – a very thought-provoking movie." This duo sounds like it has the potential to introduce a new sound that we haven't heard before in contemporary scores. And when you think about that in combination with the footage we've seen, it should truly get your blood pumping.

I know that the score usually doesn't mean too much to most moviegoers, but movies like The Dark Knight are a perfect example where the score makes the movie what it is. Without it, it wouldn't feel the same. The score truly does make up more than the atmosphere of the film, it drives the emotions and it progresses the story. Babylon A.D. already looks like a fantastic sci-fi film and I can only imagine how great this score will be. Zimmer has always been one of the few composers to create such iconic and amazing music that I've come to fall in love with. I really am genuinely excited to hear what The RZA and Zimmer have created. Does this news regarding the score make you any more interested in Babylon A.D.?

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Lucky Alex. Seeing TDK in a few hours. Hopefully it's awesome as the critics say. Oh's going to be awesome lol. 🙂

The Enchanted One on Jun 28, 2008


This is gonna be one heck of a music fest. The combination comes from 2 composers that I love. I'm wit you on this one Alex. The scores can make or break a movie. It's a whole character in itself.

Fisherman on Jun 28, 2008


I'm a huge fan of Hans Zimmer, and this sounds really cool to me. I believe he changed movie music forever. He's why I started paying attention to scores for film. Everything he does is unique, and different. I'm excited to hear this.

Brian on Jun 28, 2008


Thanks for bringing more attention to the world of film music. You all have hit it smack on the head. Without film music (or with the wrong music) most movies just wouldn't be the same. As far as this announcement goes...can't say I'm more intrigued to see the movie more, but I'm very intrigued to hear what this unexpected collaboration might yield.

Christopher on Jun 28, 2008


I'm interested to see what these 2 great talents can cook up. Great publicity for "Babylon A.D"! ...and the buzz should build....

Spider on Jun 29, 2008


Hmm, I'm interested in hearing what they'll produce and I'm sure it'll be fitting for the movie, but why the RZA? The RZA produce some interesting stuff, sure, but are they film scoring material? Okay, they're working with Zimmer. The problem with Zimmer though is he lets too many other people have a say on one score and a lot of the time it turns out to be a bit of a mess in style and coherency. Perhaps the RZA will provide a very fitting soundscape for this movie, but let's not forget the vastly more talented film composers out there who provide far more intelligent film music (and as much as I love Zimmer, this doesn't include him). JNH and Zimmer's score to Batman Begins was hindered by the fact that Chris Nolan didn't want any big, sweeping thematic statement for Batman's character (which some may argue it still didn't need, but I for one thought it needed it). He likes his film music to be in the background. It worked well enough, but it could have been so much better! I'm glad it's peaked your interest in film music (Alex Billington), but it's not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination. And neither will their next score to The Dark Knight. (If JNH was the only composer working on it and was allowed more freedom to write what he wanted, then I think we'd have a vastly superior score on our hands. But alas, this is not to be.)

Steven on Jun 29, 2008

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