Harrison Ford Confirms Another Indiana Jones Gaining Momentum

October 3, 2008
Source: Hero Complex

Indiana Jones

We've neglected to write about any potential continuation of the Indiana Jones saga because its been such a touchy subject ever since Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hit theaters in May. I'm pretty sure that most people hated the fourth film and don't want to see another one at all, but there are also those die hard Indiana Jones fans who do want to see it continue. Geoff Boucher of the LA Times blog Hero Complex caught up with the legendary Harrison Ford recently. Apparently George Lucas is already hard at work on coming up with a story for a fifth film. Ford says, "It's crazy but great… George is in think mode right now."

The first question I've got to ask when I hear this news is: why? Well, remarkably, Crystal Skull ended up making $317 million domestically and $783 million worldwide, which is more than enough to warrant a sequel. "It's automatic, really, we did well with the last one and with that having done well and been a positive experience, it's not surprising that some people want to do it again," Ford said. Of course that makes sense, I guess it's just a matter of really hoping that Lucas doesn't come up with any ideas involving prairie dogs or monkeys or giant waterfalls. Being a die hard Indiana Jones fan myself, I admit that I'd love to see another, especially with Ford holding onto the reigns (and not passing them off to Shia LaBeouf).

Boucher asked Ford who exactly was bringing up the idea of another sequel. His answer, oddly, doesn't single anyone out, instead, he makes a spiritual comment. "Really, it comes from the ethos, from the ether. It's natural. It's a way of nature, of course, success breeds [sic] opportunities … also we don't stay as closely in contact as have in the last year, that's part of it." Considering it is Lucas who is working on story ideas, I'm guessing he's the frontrunner. I think it will definitely take a lot for Lucas and Spielberg to recover from the Crystal Skull backlash, but the fans will be there to really help it out. Like with Spider-Man 4 as well, I've got to ask: how many people want to see another Indiana Jones movie?

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Who wouldnt want to see another. Sure there are the critics that dont know how to go to a film and just have fun. But for me its pure entertainment. Sure fold is getting a little long in the tooth but I think if they get on it and shoot it quick and old school style like raiders was done they could churn out another good chapter to a great book of stories already. I agree though that they just need to tone it down and get back to the pure action roots that Raiders started with the Idea of BLOCKBUSTER movie formula.

Ben on Oct 3, 2008


It was a very flawed film , but good fun. I would like to think they could do far better with another go at it and hopefully Spielberg will get more creative control this time. We all know Lucas held the reigns on the last one and the story was lacking on many levels.

tyler ford on Oct 3, 2008


I loved the Indiana Jones franchise. I was HIGHLY dissapointed with the 4th installment...UFO'S?!?! REALLY?!?! Get back to the roots and it will work.

Mike McRorey on Oct 3, 2008


hm, a bit to early to hate on the funny little i-just-want-to-be-entertained-and-there's-nothing-wrong-about-it moviegoers or the shia fans. so i've got to admit that, apart from the end (which made the russians not only the first ones to launch a human (oh yeah, and a dog) into space, they also where the first to travel into other dimensions while good ol' indy liked it better to stay at home cause he thougt the coneheads wanted to play tricks on him) i really liked the film as much as the old ones. of course i was a kid back then and i know all about the stereotype cahracters and stereotype plots nowadays but it wasn't as bad as everyone told me. perhaps next time indy will follow the reds to a galaxy far far away and there will be a really sad scene where his beloved son dies because no one wants to see labeouf anymore. i'm really looking forward to this. go george! go steven! go emm... oh yeah, harrison!

TN on Oct 3, 2008


he claims George is hard at work for a story...i coulda sworn they said the same thing 20 years ago regarding the fourth. anyway id go for one more.

Al on Oct 3, 2008


why not another Indy film???? they keep making sequels to crap like Spiderman, Superman, least the Indy movies are FUN!!! I certainly hope they keep the series alive...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Oct 3, 2008


I want Indiana Jones to have 2 sequels. It would great 'Old Age' trilogy in symmetry to 'young' Indiana Jones. It would be like Star Wars 1st trilogy and 2nd trilogy. What's the point in stopping at 5 Indy films, I would like it to be 6 and 2nd old age trilogy. What you say guys?

Maxy on Oct 3, 2008


Lucas can't write shit! oh and this is going to be Shia's movie. CRAPFEST!

bltzie on Oct 3, 2008


what UFO's do in a Franchise like Indiana Jones? The ET are related to archaeology themes. But, that damn pan-dimensional bullshit doesn't. Yes, "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" have a lot of flaws but it wasn't a Mummy 3 after all. The ants, the monkeys and specially the whole final temple sequence were big fails. I really hate a temple without any major danger. If they do a story about a hidden nazi society and Atlantis.. mmmm... well.... PD: the giant kick ass waterfall was, in fact, pure Indiana. An over the top, but was Indi.

Dr. Malo on Oct 3, 2008


i loved the forth movie. yes it wasn't up to standards as the other, but still a 8/9 out of 10. If they didnt have such a crappy ending then it would have been better! If they make a new one, i hope that Steven Speilburg will stand up to George Lucas and his stupid star wars/alien ideas!

sean on Oct 3, 2008


number 9! NAZI AND ATLANTIS would be a great idea

alex on Oct 3, 2008


kingdom of the crystal skull was a throwback to Temple of doom and in fact tied that movie for my least favorite indiana jones Now i am a big big fan of raiders of the lost ark and a big fan of the last crusade (go sean connory!) but skull and temple had way too much comic relief delivered by very annoying characters... i like the indiana jones, i like the look of the movies, but it needs to get back to more action and adventure and a lot less comedy, but Mr.Ford is getting old and all the action and adventuring is getting harder to do

Janny on Oct 3, 2008


I'd go see another one in a hearbeat. #4 was certainly better than #2 in my book. And honestly, this is one of those series where I'll keep watching them as long as they keep making them. And yes to #9 and #11. I want Atlantis and Nazis!

Justin Gardner on Oct 3, 2008


Having nearly exhausted the archaeological treasures known to the general public, I'd say find a way to make it about Atlantis- BUT MAKE IT FEEL ORIGINAL. Actually, scratch that. Can't be done.

vegeta on Oct 3, 2008


Fate of Atlantis or have Frank Darobont do a script. I wish we seen his version. Just keep George Puke-us away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REAL6 on Oct 3, 2008


It should read "I'm pretty sure that most people -who agree with everything I say- hated the fourth film and don't want to see another one at all..."

Matt on Oct 3, 2008


I actually liked Indy 4. Sure, it's no Last Crusade and definitely no Raiders (neither Temple nor Crusade came anywhere near Raiders, so I didn't expect Crystal Skull to either), but it was fun. I liked the fact that the "gods" in the film didn't turn out to be space aliens, but rather inter-dimensional beings. Those pesky gray aliens that have been recorded throughout history were gods all along! Anyhow, I want another Indy film. Perhaps a prequel that takes place earlier in the 50s? Temple of Doom was a prequel, so I have no problem with this idea just so long as it's not too far before Crystal Skull. Or it could also be a sequel and I wouldn't mind that either. Either way, they need to crack that whip soon!

Dan Geer on Oct 3, 2008


Yes, I would love to see another 'Indy' flick. I just wish Spielberg would come up with the story other than Lucas. I agree that "Kingdom" was not up to par with the previous three and if somehow Sean Connery would return, that would be freakin' awesome. I still think that there is huge potential in a new one if they go the "Raiders" route--old school. I'm sure Spielberg can really bring back the long lost thrills and exciting narrative that "Kingdom" lacked. 🙂

Spider on Oct 3, 2008


Good grief!! Isn't 4 of these movies enough already!?

Aaron on Oct 3, 2008


Of course, 4 did well - it was riding off the rep of the first three. 5, however will have the stink of 4 on it.

Chris on Oct 3, 2008


I loved Crystal Skull. I can sort of see why someone wouldn't like it, but those people are just bitching. I hate to say it. The film was Indiana Jones solving an interesting mystery and getting involved in epic action scenes. That's all I wanted. The only parts I didn't like were the CGI Gophers and the monkey-vine sequence, but there are parts in 2 and 3 that were also bad. Indy is one of my favorite heroes, and this was a fun film. If they make it, they should use Frank Darabont's abandoned script; it would obviously need to be reworked a bit to make it a suitable "fifth."

DinoChow on Oct 3, 2008


i think another would be great... i cant say i regreted watching the fourth, but i cant say i enjoyed it as much as the first long as they stay close to the originals, im fine with it.

theori on Oct 3, 2008


i hope lucas and spielberg make another one.i love the indiana jones movies.

jotace. on Oct 3, 2008


Y'know, I like the Crystal Skull a lot. To those people who hate the UFOs, how do you think Atheists feel about Raiders and Last Crusade? Besides, I went into it not expecting to watch the movie I wanted Spielberg and Lucas to make. I went into it wanting to watch the movie Spielberg and Lucas wanted to make. And I had a lot of fun. This is a bold statement, but Indy 4 is easily the most underrated movie of 2008. I'm all in for a fifth installment.

Chris C. on Oct 3, 2008


I love Crystal Skull. saw it 8 times. I didnt think it was flawless. but what film is? honestly. and Id kill to see 2 more. just like Rambo and Lethal Weapon. Id love Back To The Future Part IV, because they could do SO much with that one. but for obvious reasons, it's not going to happen. unless his disease was gone.

Branden on Oct 4, 2008


I'm one of the few who loved the 4th flick... probably because UFOs are my thing. I'd love to see a 5th installment but without Shia LaBeouf.

Heath on Oct 4, 2008


4th Indy was great!!! Give me cheesy Russians, aliens and whips any time! Oh, and Irina Spalko...XD OR...Would you like to see 4th Mummy (from the director of Mummy, Mummy 2 & Mummy 3), National Treasure 3: Book of Crap??? Indy rulz and some people can't stand the fact...

m4st4 on Oct 4, 2008


#24 ->Nazis!!! ; )))) 'Neonazis...I hate these guys...'

m4st4 on Oct 4, 2008


I love the first 3 movies because they have a certain feel to them that is amazing. The 4th didnt have that. Plus, Harrison Ford is way too old now. Even though I love the franchise, I think they should quit before they completely ruin the Indiana Jones world.

John on Oct 4, 2008


Not everyone hated KOTCS, i thought it was good fun, some parts of it were terrific, other parts not so, perhaps a over-reliance on cgi and some truly ridiculous moments but the film was never as bad as people have been proclaiming it to be. I liked the sci-fi feel. I think they would need to take Shia out of it not because he's not a good actor, he was fine in the flick, its just that it diverts a bit too much from Indy and his journeys, it feels like its heading towards Indiana Jones and his Family and the Kingdom of... but i wouldn't mind a fifth one, it won't be as good as Raiders but it will still be better than all of its impersonators

K on Oct 4, 2008


I'm going to be honest, I actually liked the Crystal Skull.... but the ending was so horrible, I could barely bring myself to watch it again. I think it was a lot of fun. The Jungle chase and the Motorcycle chase were excellent. Harrison Ford being old jokes never got old (b/c he ended up always looking cool in the end). It definitely by no means was perfect, but a lot of general watching fun. It also solidified my opinion on Cate Blanchett; a pale, bug-eyed, evil woman (played the role well though).

L on Oct 4, 2008


Word of mouth is horrible on the movie though, so you have to wonder how they will approach the sequel. Hopefully they actually listen, because i think if they pull the same stunt again, the movie will gross MUCH less than what Crystal Skull did. Crystal Skull was like Looney Tunes Indiana Jones. Horrible.

Darunia on Oct 4, 2008


I can't believe someone actually said the Jungle Chase was excellent. Shia going tarzan on our asses, horrible CGIEd monkeys acting like super hero sidekicks, the looney tunes moment with the car on the tree, and the waterfall jump that was the final nail in the coffin of the movie. Seriously, hearing people liked that shit is just painful. I used to think mainstream was underrated, but as i read more and more comments in here, i'm starting to realize that people are right, mainstream is just a bunch of retard people.

Darunia on Oct 4, 2008


Im all for a 5th one but Lucas and Spielberg should hand the reigns over to a new writer and director. They botched up the last one way to much. on Oct 4, 2008


@ #9 and #11 There already is a book on Nazi's and Atlantis. It's, Clive Cussler's "Atlantis Found" Don't get me wrong cause it would be a great idea but then Clive Cussler would sew them for copying him. In fact I would rather have Clive Cussler's movie be made, and not a sequel to Saraha but a reboot. with different actors. That should be the new indy series cause it's like indiana jones but with marine archeology. I really don't have an oppinion on the 4th film cause I haven't seen it yet but I will rent it when it comes out and if I like it I'll buy it despite my friends saying it was terrible, however I would be down to see a 5th movie be made.

The_Phantom on Oct 4, 2008


#8 " Lucas can't write shit" ???????? Oh yea, the guy has no track record what so ever. Never in a million years would ANYTHING he writes become anything but just a blip on the radar. Are you freaking DERANGED!???????? Maybe the most obtuce thing I have ever seen posted her in FS. As far as the film, why not?

Tim "Cloverfield" on Oct 4, 2008


I lost interest after The Last Crusade! LOL! As for Ford, he's getting a little long in the tooth there don't you think? Even Connery and Moore knew when to call it quits when it came to Bond! I say give the whip to LeBouf and let's see what the "kid" can do! After all,he looked rugged in Eagle Eye!

Tony on Oct 4, 2008


As for George Lucas as a screenwriter,uh he just plain sucks! He should leave the writing to someone else! EMPIRE was a classic because Lawrence Kasdan wrote it! And hey wow didn't THE CLONE WARS make like ten million dollars??? Laughing my ass off at you, Tim!

Tony on Oct 4, 2008


#37: Lucas, that fat necked titan of absolute crap, has clearly lost his way. Having a good start doesnt mean a good end necessarily, nor does it mean he deserves one. Alienating fans and failing to relive his inventive cinematic roots, he has consistently dropped the ball when it comes to directing and devising movies in his later years. Live in the now, he's past his prime and wasting our time. Seriously, after the last one nuked the fridge so damn hard, making a new Indiana Jones is awful. Like John-McCain-giving-you-a-lap-dance type of awful. Shia, the posterboy for multi-million movies made of pure horseshit, was never fit to enter the classic stylings of Indiana Jones. Mac, Spalko, all the characters in KOTCS were forgettable and weak. If the last is a taste of things to come, count me out. Despite the lure of nostalgia, I wish more people had the wherewithal to stop seeing and perpetuating these awful awful movies. Such a waste of everyones time and money.

Voice of Reason on Oct 4, 2008


Screw all you idiots who thought the 4th movie was good in anyway whatsoever. Screw Hollywood for trying to squeeze every dime out of what used to be a great franchise. Screw Lucas for deciding to do it all over again. That movie was utter garbage; we all love the previous three films for giving us such a good time at the movies but the fourth was just an attack on our intelligence and took advantage of our loyalty to the first three movies. Go ahead and make a fourth, I will not see it and fuck all you idiots who waste your money in doing so.

Really? Are you guys serious? on Oct 4, 2008


Lucas in think mode has become a bit too similar to Hitler in think mode. It will only destroy lives.

Bobby on Oct 4, 2008


OK....I think you know what the F*** I ment. Jesus Christ. Look beyond the last 6 months for God's sake. And if it were not for Lucas, you would not have your little Boba Fett to play with, or your Wookie. Your right, he has NEVER done shit for the cinematic world. NOTHING.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Oct 4, 2008


Voice of Reason lost argument. Protip: Make a coherent argument then defend it with valid points.

Red Buttons on Oct 4, 2008


Ya know, I get students who get cocky and down play Lucas and his contributions to the Arts. I tell them the same thing. I will give you 3.6 BILLION reasons why your full of shit. (Dollars, not SENSE). I got your back Clover. And now even Red has turned on you. (sigh) again. Maybe he is talking about Palin?

D-9 on Oct 4, 2008


Well, I guess with the exception of Howard the Duck. Looks to me Mr. Lucas has written a few things in his time that were reasonably successful. For the life of me, your people are most out of control. Is nothing sacred in this Snob-a-torium? Honestly. 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Producer, co-writer Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Story, executive producer 2005 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Writer and Director, executive producer, actor(cameo) 2002 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Co-Writer and Director, executive producer 1999 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Writer and Director, executive producer 1994 Radioland Murders Co-Writer, executive producer 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Co-Writer, executive producer 1988 The Land Before Time Executive producer Tucker: The Man and His Dream Executive producer Willow Co-Writer, executive producer Powaqqatsi Executive producer 1986 Captain EO Co-Writer, executive producer Howard the Duck Executive producer 1985 Ewoks: The Battle for Endor Co-Writer, executive producer 1984 Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure Co-Writer, executive producer Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Co-Writer, executive producer 1983 Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Co-Writer, executive producer 1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark Co-Writer, executive producer 1980 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Co-Writer, executive producer 1979 More American Graffiti Executive producer 1977 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Writer and Director, executive producer 1973 American Graffiti Co-Writer, Director 1971 THX 1138 Co-Writer, Director

msfilmstudent on Oct 4, 2008


OMG! I would love to see another one, but I am all for seeing Mutt Williams coming back. I think he made that movie. Of course, I haven't seen any of the other Indiana Jones movies, yet, but I still that Mutt was such a classic character.

Valeriewriter on Oct 4, 2008


44, You seem to be devoid of a "Protip" yourself to back up your own argument. Being cursory doesnt make you coherent. Anyone else who wants a "protip" to see the rehashing decay of Lucas, check out imdb, look at rotten tomatoes, read critical reviews by professional critics. The FACT is that the majority of fans and movie goers are disappointed and unimpressed with Lucas. 45, Come on now. Just because a movie makes money, doesnt make it good—let alone "a contribution to the arts." Thats an asinine gauge of whats quality and what is not. There are tons of quality independent flicks and other movies and low-profit movies which contribute greatly to cinema and will influence its viewers. And THATS whats missing with Lucas nowadays: quality. And thats what will be missing in Indy5, so why bother? Oh, yeah.....making money, I forgot. I fear for your students.

Voice of Reason on Oct 4, 2008


TONY TONY TONY! The mere fact you saw Eagle Eye, makes you look like an IDIOT! LMFAO at you TONY!

v4villian on Oct 4, 2008


I believe most of you are missing the point. Tim's statement had nothing to do with $. D-9 gave you the dollar figure, and please, you don't like Pixar? What about the Avid Film and Video Nonlinear Editor? Protools software? We can go on! I think that is where he was going. Tell them that at USC you fear for his students. Lucas has nothing to prove to you and your negativity. But you cannot be serious for one moment that STAR WARS is NOT in any of your Cinema History. It's like saying I don't like cake with icing, puppies or World Peace?

msfilmstudent on Oct 4, 2008


V4 Villain, bite my ass you effing retard. Guys,I used to love George Lucas until he turned into a fat greedy pig and pimped the shit out of the once great Star Wars franchise!!! He took a grand movie trilogy and turned it to a pile of shit! Now he's doing to INDIANA JONES what he did to freaking STAR WARS!!! SOUTH PARK was right about Lucas and Spielberg! They are the biggest whores in The Industry! Give us quality, guys not quantity!!! And I once believed in those two guys...SIGH!

Tony on Oct 4, 2008



Tony on Oct 4, 2008


Hell yeah!!! Jones is the best! Star Whores, Bond, whatever the hell else there is doesn't hold a candle. Yeah, the 4th one was cheesy and weird but it was still Indiana Jones. I for one would love to see another one. I think GL and SS got there bullshit out of the way with Aliens and Father/Son relationship fuck-a-bout, and will get back to what made Jones great! I wish they would just take a story from the novels. Those stay true to Jones. Written by fans for fans. It's not some Disney, fuck me in the ass, Shia LeBullshit stuff. Bring on Indiana Jones ... minus Aliens, Shia, Kate Allen, Area 51, monkeys, and bad wigs!!!

LeftHanded on Oct 4, 2008


Well being a die hard Indiana Jones fan, I would love to see another one. My biggest hopw though is that it is nothing like Crystal Skull. As much as I wanted to see that one, I thought it was a HUGE letdown and I honestly hope Lucas can come up with something better than "the aliens did it." Anyway, I would love to see the series continue but I can do without the unoriginal idea of aliens propelling human development...

Ondra on Oct 4, 2008


Back in the Eighties, Lucas and Spielberg were wizards of light and magic (well, Lucas mostly just counted the Lucasfilm dollars coming in by the truckload). I loved the Indiana Jones trilogy. Now I dread a new movie by these two joyless movie moguls.

avoidz on Oct 5, 2008


I'm going to watch Crystal Skull again when it comes to Blu-ray, but I hated it in the theater. Nothing like the originals. I was kinda pissed after seeing it. Seriously, they oughta leave well enough alone. They're beating a dead horse at this point.

Obiwopkenobi on Oct 5, 2008


VoR Star wars didn't just make money. It expanded two generations of people to thinking about "other" stuff. If you honestly think Lucas is a hack just because he wants to do more Indiana jones movies. Well i don't know what to say to that. Like. come on. Are you under a rock? Lucas will forever be known as the guy who made sci fi cool. Like Tolkien and others did for the fantasy genre. BtW D-9, i was defending Clover

Red Buttons on Oct 5, 2008


I dunno. I liked KOTCS, but I wanted to love it, and that's where a lot of people were at, I think. If they grounded Indy in Earthly archeological pursuit, and kept the UFO/Alien aspect out of it, cool. All the artifacts he's went in search of had otherworldly aspects to them, but they were still part of Earthly prospects; and didn't make the viewer hinge their acceptance of the adventure on the belief that aliens are responsible for all that goes on with history. I'd be fine with another one, but Lucas & Co would want to look at the faults that were evident in KOTCS, and repair them.

CMK on Oct 5, 2008


Anyone know of a movie fan site with out the ASSHOLES and attacks?

Nut-Meg on Oct 5, 2008


Nut-Meg quit being a pussy...

pfft... on Oct 6, 2008



kevjohn on Oct 6, 2008


The problem is that the first 3 are classics. The fourth is not. As a stand alone movie - pretty damn good really. As compared to the first 3?... fail. This follows my theory for another classic trilogy involving Mr. Lucas. Why he started making "pretty damn good" movies as opposed to epic classics though... who knows.

bozoconnors on Oct 6, 2008


I'm of the opinion that, sadly, both Lucas and Spielberg are passed their prime. Maybe if they fired David Koepp's sorry ass and got someone decent to write a screenplay (based on a decent "MacGuffin"), a new movie might have a chance. But with Lucas holding the purse strings and creative(!) control, there's not much hope.

avoidz on Oct 6, 2008


They're going to milk Indiana Jones to death just like they did with Star Wars and Jaws! Just watch.

Tony on Oct 6, 2008


Just because I have one, does not mean I am one!

Nut-Meg on Oct 6, 2008


Has there been a truly BAD indy film?? The numbers don't seem to say that this one was... It's not like this is Land before time with the straight-to-video releases. Indy is based off weekly serials from the 30's with endless adventures. If they can keep the story fresh and run with a viable MacGuffin, people will line up to see it. Sorry, but i'd go see another one just for the whip and the theme music... Just my opinion. You are entitled to yours.

jmoney on Oct 6, 2008


I'd love to see another. Just do it right this time... more in keeping with the first 3, not so far out in left field. The fifties and ergo the Russians gave them another "enemy' Indy can go up against without ruffling many PC feathers. Less CGI and more down and dirty stuntwork. Raiders was 10 times more thrilling and 99% of the effects were for the Ark scene. They promised the same for Crystal Skull but gave into the temptation of CG for too much. Just because you own ILM doesnt mean you HAVE to use it... sometimes the old-fashioned way works. just my 2cents...

DieHard Indy Fan on Oct 6, 2008


Count me in again.

Ryan on Oct 6, 2008


Indy series does not necessarily needs to be "passed on" to someone..but I like the idea of having folks continue in their roles. I think a 5th one would be good to end it. But like you said, no prarie dogs, no monkeys and no waterfalls and DEFINITELY no freakin' UFOs. But I want Shia and Ford to do more stuff together..I liked their chemistry.

Bry from Chi on Oct 7, 2008


Step up TONY!

v4villian on Oct 7, 2008


I'm glad everyone is so civil here. To everyone who's saying that Lucas wrote a bad screenplay for Indy 4.....well, he didn't. David Koepp wrote the script. May wanna get your facts straight before you get your panties into bunches. 😉

Chris C on Oct 7, 2008


To v4Villain,I'm right here BITCH!

Tony on Oct 7, 2008


Hey Chris wanna see some bad writing from Master Lucas??? Go and look at those weak ass prequels to Star Wars and that recent flop Clone Wars! Your buddy George wrote those dumbass! And they all sucked...

Tony on Oct 7, 2008


Yeah Chris,David Koepp may have written the script for Crystal Skull but who the fuck do you think gave him the back story??? It was Spielberg and Lucas you dumb fuck!

Tony on Oct 7, 2008


Hey, Tony. Glad your arguments are cohesive. Anyways, yes, I know Lucas is a poor writer. However, Henry Gilroy, Steven Melching, and Scott Murphy wrote the screenplay for "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". George only did the story concept. For a "dumb fuck", it's funny how I know more about who wrote these movies than you do.

Chris C. on Oct 8, 2008


*I meant coherent, not cohesive. My bad.

Chris C. on Oct 8, 2008


I loved the newest ones. I think people went in with a closed mind and got something they weren't expecting simply because it wasn't the traditional Indy style. However, I really enjoyed it and felt that Harrison Ford was as fresh as ever and I was pretty impressed with Shiah in the last movie as well. All in all, if they think they can pull it off, I'm game.

Will S. (Co Springs) on Oct 8, 2008


I really hate that argument; that Indy fans went it with a "closed mind". That's something George Lucas would say. Glad you enjoyed it, anyway...

avoidz on Oct 8, 2008


Hey Chris, anytime you want to try The Moviebuff, you just let me know pal! I could fucking beat your ass at Movie trivia anyday. Well,do you feel lucky? Well,do you,punk?

Tony on Oct 8, 2008


You know godamn well that Mister Lucas has the final say on ALL his Star Wars projects whether he writes them or not! And that's too bad too because Splinter Of The Mind's Eye by Alien scribe was a great book. Some execs wanted to bring it to the screen but Lucas poo-pooed the idea. Typical! There's some trivia for you asshole!

Tony on Oct 8, 2008


By the way that scribe I referred to Sci-Fi writer Alan Dean Foster. In case you didn't know that,Chris!

Tony on Oct 8, 2008


Tony is right. It's well-known Lucas has complete creative control of all his projects.

avoidz on Oct 8, 2008


Thank you, avoidz. Good to see someone else here has some sense!

Tony on Oct 8, 2008


Scoffs aside, watch the most recent/season premiere of South Park: Lucas & Spielberg raped Indiana Jones. It's funny 'cause it's true.

Tasty Pastry Gone Moldy on Oct 8, 2008


But your argument was that Lucas did the writing for those movies, not creative control...agh, your lack of sense is hurting my head! I know fully well that Lucas has creative control. But I enjoyed Indy 4 because it was fun and the sci-fi twist was a welcome addition. It was certainly better than the unfunny POS "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" or the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" rehash "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (not that the latter is a bad film, but it was simply a retread). At least they tried something new and I liked what they did.

Chris C. on Oct 9, 2008


My lack of sense???? 121 IQ here! And I know more about THE BIZ than you ever will,Chris my friend. (Chokes on last word).

Tony on Oct 9, 2008


Tasty Pastry, that episode was right on the money and damn hilarious. I like that this topic is so divided (and still going!) Red Buttons: "If you honestly think Lucas is a hack just because he wants to do more Indiana jones movies." No, i dont how to make this clear to you, his start was great and noteworthy. I NEVER contested that and I uphold American Graffiti and Star Wars on high, but this topic is about the movies he is making NOW. Not what he's done, and not the contributions like Avid and THX. So stay on target, loose the focus on money and really ask yourself about the quality of cinema George Lucas is unleashing nowadays. Especially compared to his past and whats out there now. Clearly, the man has lost his touch and his output is crap. I know this. Fans know this. Critics know this. Hopefully someday you will know this too.

Voice Of Reason on Oct 9, 2008


Got to drop this link in to the discussion. The third video clip, hahaha:

avoidz on Oct 9, 2008


Remember this name, Tony. Chris Conner. I actually do plan on being in the movie biz someday as a movie director. And I don't need flagrant amounts of curse words to push my argument. Now, until you learn how to stop getting worked up over someone else's opinion like a rabid dog on a raw piece of meat, I have three words for you. Get a life.

Chris C. on Oct 9, 2008



avoidz on Oct 9, 2008


Hey Chris,eat a pile of shit and die you fucking wannabe!

Tony on Oct 9, 2008


Because I'm an aspiring screenwriter I should kiss your feet??? FUCK YOU CHRIS CONNER! Maybe you will get lucky and become a porno director! Maybe direct STAR WHORES or Florida Jones And The Pleasure Palace! LOFL!

Tony on Oct 9, 2008


Indy 4 was great, and I'm all for a 5th, but only if they can film it soon. Ford is still great, but he's just getting sooo old for this sort of thing. The old man jokes were pretty funny in 4, and I'm glad they addressed and dealt with his age as part of the script, but at what point does that begin to diminish the character? Indiana Jones should always be portrayed as 'world-weary' but not elderly....

Scott on Oct 13, 2008


Ford needs to let the Young Lion take the reins. I think Shia could pull it off. Just give the poor guy a chance! After all,he was the lead in Disturbia,Transformers,and Eagle Eye. He's an up and comer!

Tony on Oct 13, 2008


I have nothing against it. The last one was Indiana Jones as was any of the other three

Soda on Oct 13, 2008


@95 - Bullshit.

avoidz on Oct 14, 2008


I heard Crystal Skull sucked real bad so I don't know why they would make a fifth one! Just greed.

Tony on Oct 14, 2008


this will be great!!!:P

Josh on Oct 15, 2008


Insted of a whip....give him a cain

crabby on Oct 15, 2008


it'll be great but... jones and aliens just don't mix please.. I cried at the end of the 4th indiana jones I was really speechless with what they're doing to my lovely hero I mean, come on, we can relate jones with mystical of some old artefacts but aliens?? and even though I thought shea was a good touch, but it gave the movie too much comedy more than it needed So.. a 5th one... better make it the best.

Kelly Manopoan on Oct 16, 2008


Crystal Skull was a fun movie, better than Temple of Doom in my book. I hope we get another Indy movie in the next 2 or 3 years.

Dan on Oct 16, 2008


I hope it's another 20 years.

avoidz on Oct 16, 2008


yes please- give us another indy and another and another and let shai carry on the sequels and let his son carry them on after that. this was NOT a bad movie- people said it was too campy?! have they not seen the others?? it was completely in the same tone and the alien thing wasnt so far fetched- they have dealt with far fetched ideas in the past as well.

matt on Oct 17, 2008


They should bring in a capable writer or something. Lawrence Kasdan was a good writer! And you know damn well the aliens were Spielberg's idea! ET,AI,etc.

Tony on Oct 17, 2008


I would love to see another Jones film just as long as Spielberg directs it. As for Lucas directing it, we all know what the latest star wars films were like. blah!

Ian on Oct 18, 2008


Crystal Skull SUCKED!!! It was nothing like the past Indy's. Lucas is a loser and should stick to doing Alien movies. Give it to Spielburg, and let him make it right. Indy is a loner. now that youve put him with the Russians youve lost that deep hatred he had for the Nazis. If Speilburg doesnt do it, let it DIE. The Last Crusade was the tru ending of the story.

IndyFan on Oct 18, 2008


I find it disturbing on how much Spielberg allows Lucas to have control. I understand the Producer/Director relationship. I'm just surprised that the ever story concerned Spielberg didn't try to real the story in a bit. However, it was nice to see Indy back on screen in whatever form it was. I just hope if a fifth one is made it has more of the marriage between reality and folklore we all are more familiar with that 1 and 3 had.

Quanah on Oct 20, 2008

107 Do some research before flaming... that kinda explains why they coulda thought of putting aliens in the film read especially the "The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull" "Second, it is impossible to say how the Mitchell-Hedges skull was constructed. From a technical standpoint, it appears to be an impossible object which today's most talented sculptors and engineers would be unable to duplicate."

mikey on Oct 20, 2008


those who say UFOS dont belong in Indy i can see why you are all upset. its not like the orginals had any sci fi elements. im glad peoples faces didnt melt off after looking into the arc of the covenent in Raiders. im glad peoples hearts didnt get ripped out of their bodys(still beating) and bursting into flames in Temple of Doom. im glad no ones face deteriorated in last crusade. oh wait, that all did happen, and that all was pretty sci fi ish. ufos are allowed in Indy.

Al on Oct 20, 2008


Bring it on! But do it fast, because Harrison ain't gettin' any younger. I mean seriously, he'll be 70 by the time they even START filming on Indy 5. I didn't hate Crystal Skull at all (although I did hate the aliens and UFO at the end)... mostly it was a lot of fun and I had a big smile on my face through most of it, largely because it was just SO good to see Indy again, I think. But I did leave the theater feeling a little empty inside and hoping to myself that a fifth movie would be forthcoming, because Crystal Skull didn't have nearly the wonderful, satisfying feeling of finality than Last Crusade did. Crystal Skull left me feeling that Indy had one more great adventure coming to cap off his series, one that might return to its roots and base itself more in history than science fiction. So, here's to hoping! I really just wish they'd never stopped making these movies in the first place. Indy is a character that, like James Bond, lends himself to countless awesome adventures. I hope he can get one more really good one before Harrison is, quite frankly, just too damned old.

Pat on Oct 21, 2008


Am I the only one who thinks that Shia Le Bouf does not inspire as a lead man? He reminds me of the little guy in the gym who kept getting his ass kicked. Couldn't they have found someone who at least remotely looks like Mr. Ford.

James on Oct 23, 2008


The same could have been said for Tobey Maguire BUT look where he's at!!!

Tony on Oct 24, 2008


i'd point out that the hate for this movie has died down a LOT since the DVD came out. people are coming around to it for sure. doesn't shock me at all.

D on Oct 25, 2008


I don't believe that at all, #113. Most opinions for movies come from theater releases not the home video versions. There are just as many divided Indy fans as before, and the opinions haven't changed 🙂

avoidz on Oct 25, 2008


I think Indy is old hat!

Tony on Oct 26, 2008


I Love Indiana Jones and enjoyed all four of them (they were all great and fun). I think that they should make one more and stop there. It would be a great opertunity for Spielberg and Lucas to change it all around again for those who didn't like the 4th and thought it ruined it all and make them like Indiana Jones again with the fith one (if the fith turns out great and if they make one). But still, this would be great. I wouldn't mind seeing another. I just hope Spielberg and Lucas put alot of effort into it if they do make it and I hope that it won't be centerd on Shia LaBeouf (theres only one Indiana Jones and thats Harrison Ford). But what should the story be about. Atlantis, Maybe something from the Bible.

Silver and Gold on Oct 26, 2008


I would LOVE to see another Indiana Jones! Harrison Ford is one of my all-time favorite actors, and this franchise could go on indefinitely as far as I'm concerned. He'll never be "too old" for the role. I'd like to see Karen Allen and Shia LaBeouf return as well, but keep the spotlight on Indy, please. There is only one Indiana Jones, and only Harrison Ford can portray him!

Norma Beishir on Oct 28, 2008


Just got done reading "The Complete Making of Indiana Jones" (check it out on Amazon), which follows the history of all four films (the TV series gets lip service only). According to it, Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford had all been wanting to do a 4th film for almost 14 years before the stars finally aligned for KOTCS. Whatever you might have thought of it, all three of these guys are Indiana Jones fans and they have a blast making the films, and it's their baby, so it shouldn't be a surprise they want to carry on if they can come up with a story they can all get behind. One other thing: it was Lucas' idea to involve aliens in KOTCS; in fact, he refused to make the film unless that was part of it. The idea was that the film was set in the 50's, and that's when UFO sightings and cheesy alien films were all the rage, so he wanted that to tie in. Yeah, it's dopey fun, but that's what the Indiana Jones are all about anyway.

boojidad on Oct 28, 2008


@118 - you don't even need to get that book; the DVD has a Special Feature with a half-hour documentary outlining the history of the fourth movie. Like Spielberg says, KOTCS is a "blood relative" of the original "Raiders pictures", so even he considers it somewhat removed from the other great Indy movies.

avoidz on Oct 28, 2008


I can't tell you how enraged I am that this douchebag is speaking for "all Indy" fans. I'm more of an Indy fan than you'll ever be and Crystal Skull was an entertaining film. What more could you ask for? It was a 1950's B-Movie. The originals were essentially 30s and 40s pulp novels, and this was in the 50s, it's exactly what you would expect. Please don't romanticize the past and ask us to come along with you. Spider-Man 3, also completely underrated by a bunch of 14 year olds who were upset with Venom's portrayal and then trashed the rest of the film.

Erik on Oct 28, 2008


Loved ALL of them, especially Crystal Skull. Sorry, I came to the movie with popcorn and nothing but love for the cinematic icon. Indiana Jones also bridged a father-son gap with me & my 8yo kid. We both drive the ladies in our family nuts with our Lego Indiana Jones/movie fests. GO INDY!

Eric on Oct 29, 2008


screw that.. Lucas needs to write a sequel to the Star Wars Holiday Special!!

Greg on Oct 30, 2008


Hey anybody up for STAR WARS ON ICE??? LOL!

Tony on Oct 30, 2008


Hey, remember the part when shai swings from the vines to catch up to the chase? or when Marion accurately predicts how the waterfall tree will lower them to safety when she drives them all off the cliff? Say, remember when the fridge Indiana is in goes flying out of the nuke town then it opens and he's fine?... I know it's just a movie and there are bigger things at hand, but, remember how good Raiders of the Lost Ark was, and still is. Spielberg still has cinema Karma left in the bank (the dude made Schindler's List) But, I feel like, these days, George Lucas is like King Midas, except it AIN'T GOLD that everything he touches turns into... Hey, remember how nobody has posted anything here since Oct. 3rd? Well, I've been in a coma. Happy?

toby churchill on Oct 31, 2008


OK. People have been commenting since Oct 3rd, I was looking at the top there. It's complications from that coma. So just disregard that comment about the 3rd of Oct. and lets just focus on my rage towards George Lucas. Look, I'll level with you, George Lucas killed my dad. Happy?

toby churchill on Oct 31, 2008


Could not agree with you more. Spielberg gave us CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and THE TERMINAL. All Lucas does is revive STAR WARS with those weak ass prequels and that GOD awful cartoon. Lucas has become a pimp for want of a better word while Spielberg still tries to be fresh and inventive.

Tony on Nov 1, 2008


Most people that I know liked the The Crystal Skull. The only people that didn't were... pardon my language... nerds that pride themselves on not liking ANYTHING.

TyroneBiggums on Nov 1, 2008


Nerds?! Nerds?!... Well... then nerd me up, send me to nerd town, Give me nerd-dom or give me death. Incidentally, I LIKE stuff. I like pocket protectors. broken glasses repaired in the middle with tape, math, sweating when girls walk in the room, long walks on the beach all alone wearing slacks, etc. Nerds of the world, UNITE!! PS. Crystal Skull was terrible.

toby churchill on Nov 2, 2008


So apparently being a loser with poor social skills and a decided surplus of virginity gives you the skill of being able to decide what movies are good and what movies are bad. Crystal Skull (like all Indiana Jones movies) was a homage to a certain type of film from a different era. The first three were basically throwbacks to pulp movies of the 1930s and 1940s. This one was a paying tribute to 1950s B sci-fi movies. Unfortunately fans today (who were too young to even see and understand the originals when they came out) are looking for a Batman Begins film because the only pieces of art in cinema that they can understand stylistically are dark, gritty Scorsese-esque films. That is what they feel is the only way to achieve success. Unfortunately those like me (Masters in Theater - Acting) who is acting professionally in Chicago, as opposed to some douchebag working in sales in Des Moines, or anyone who has any EXPERIENCE or EDUCATION in the field understand that there is no set way to achieve perfection or success in art. KOTCS was a movie for fans and it was a movie who GET what Indiana Jones is all about. If you had a problem with the fridge, you don't get it. If you had a problem with the aliens, you don't get it. If you had a problem with the monkeys, I agree with you. If you had a problem with the CGI, that's about the only bone you have to pick.

Erik on Nov 2, 2008


I completely agree with #129. I almost feel as if you were channeling my thoughts...Great post Erik.

Quanah on Nov 2, 2008


129 + 130 = Bromance.

avoidz on Nov 2, 2008


Thanks Quanah. There are a lot of people who think like this but they've been bludgeoned to death by the overzealous "realophiles" and their concept of what great art is. But if we take their definition of great art then we lose great pieces of cinema such as Singin' in the Rain (or any musical for that matter), The Wizard of Oz (or any fantasy not named Lord of the Rings), any Brechtian inspired piece, the original Godzilla film or the original King Kong or basically anything that isn't Taxi Driver, The Godfather, Goodfellas, The Dark Knight, etc.

Erik on Nov 2, 2008


temple was great "no time for love dr. jones" lucas is a dick a good writer but a dick yes the ending to #4 was out there but in the books he goes after atlantas which shouldn't been done. it should be something indy but nothing we have seen before. The thing is with indy takeing place in the 50's now it is all cold war sci'fi shit good but not classic indy. New indy should be bigger better and fuckin crazy. He gets old as shit let him keep going kickin ass with a whip and a cane. Bring back short round for a cameo. last i heard Indy shiped him off to baording school.

keith on Nov 2, 2008


Jeez, Erik, take 'er easy will ya? I meant no harm, these are all just opinions aren't they? The intensity of your response made me think of Shakespeare, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" I figured as a theater guy, you might appreciate that. It's true Crystal skull was, for me, mostly a disappointment, but I thought sharing it with a little "nerd" humor, might remind others, as well as remind me, that it's all just opinions. My apologies if the humor came off a bit smarmy. I sometimes forget how intense these debates can get. I bet you and I would find a lot of common ground in a discussion about film at large. That all being said, and because I have nothing better to do and live in my mother's basement(I'm kidding Erik) Let's have a look at your response, #129. You seem to have taken the "nerd" humor at face value. Next, you used the phrase "surplus of virginity" I'm pretty sure you can't have a surplus of virginity, that would be like having a surplus of being dead, but, you're either dead or you're alive. You managed to surmise a great deal about me only having read my silly little comments. Apparently, because I didn't care for several of the cheesier scenes, I am a douche bag, I work in sales, I live in Des Moines, the only pieces of art in cinema that I can understand stylistically are dark, gritty Scorsese-esque films. You also assume I have no background in art, and somehow that I think that there is "a set way to achieve perfection or success in art." Thinking all of these things, you would be 0 for 6. Well, I suppose the douche bag thing is up for debate, as that would be a matter of opinion. OK. Next topic... on the subject of this movie "paying tribute to 50's b sci-fi" in the interest of saving time(I know, too late.) I won't bother with arguing the point, let's go ahead and say that that is what they were doing. Have you considered the possibility that setting out to make a film with this in mind doesn't necessarily mean you'll do a good job of it? that that was in fact what they were attempting to do, but, in the end, missed the mark. See what I mean? It might be like saying "so-and-so made a comedy, there were jokes, they weren't funny, but, it's still a good movie because they set out to make a comedy and there were jokes present. Obviously, this is where we disagree, you think it mostly "worked" at that level, I think it didn't. In another message you mention the "realophiles" who maybe can't appreciate "Singin' in the Rain" , "Wizard of Oz" etc. Here I thought a guy could appreciate "Singin' in the Rain" AND "Taxi Driver". Imagine how lonely I felt when I read that, as Singin' in the Rain is one of my favorite movies, and yet I think Scorsese makes amazing films. I'm afraid your stage work in Chicago doesn't make me feel any less qualified to pass judgment on film, although, all jokes aside, I think it is really cool that that is what you do, you're very lucky, and I wish you success. I'll close by saying "sorry yall" for the long message, I think I may retire from commenting on these kinds of things, we all get too worked up maybe. And, to Erik, obviously you're a smart guy with a cool background in the arts, but, that doesn't mean Crystal Skull is a good movie. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Incidentally, the aliens didn't bother me, all the Indy movies end with mystical magical wackiness. As long as the whole world can agree that the bit with the monkeys and the vine swinging was terrible, well, then, I'll be happy. K bye.

toby churchill on Nov 3, 2008


Churchill, honestly I wasn't even referring to you. I was just posting in reference to the criticism in general. I apologize you took them so personally. In regards to the movie, clearly we have different opinions, that's fine, I enjoyed it and you didn't. If you wonder where my venom comes from, just take a gander on the IMDB message boards where "Fridge nerds" make it their sole mission to tear down and attack anyone who likes the movie, so it's just kind of a natural reaction.

Erik on Nov 3, 2008


ah, no worries mate. All is well. Best to you.

toby churchill on Nov 3, 2008


I liked IDJ4 and would very much like to see not only a part 5 but as many sequels as possible. The IDJ series is more like the James Bond franchise then Star Wars in that each movie is a truly unique story, separate from the others with the exception of the central character and perhaps a few recurring secondary characters. When you do an IDJ sequel you aren’t trying to work the story line into what happened in the last film. It’s not like typical movie sequels where each story builds upon and is dependent on the prior installments. And for those whiners who go on and on about how bad it was and how Spielberg or Lucas should be vilified if they make another, get over your-self! Unless you have some money invested in the franchise then you got no right to dictate anything about the movie. Having bought a ticket to see it, even if you did so many times, doesn’t grant you creative control. I honestly don't understand how some people believe they have some kind of ownership of and therefore decision making authority over the future of a movie, book or other intellectual property. If the person or persons who own the IDJ name wish to make a dozen sequels then by God it’s their American right to do so. I for one enjoy hearing the frustrations and anger of those who feel like they have some say so in what gets made, how it’s made and who’s involved. You should be more worried about what your local elected official is doing to your wallet and freedoms then whether the legally recognized owner of a movie franchise has decided to film a sequel.

Ed Carden on Nov 6, 2008


I dont care what people say about Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones... to me any of the movies made after Raiders of the Lost Ark will always be terrific... I have watched his movies since they first came out at the pictures as a kid and every time I see one it takes me back to when a good action adventure movie was made ... not like some of the crap they have coming out today!... they should continue to make movies like this because some of the rubbish that is out there has been a terrible impact on our children of today... the drugs and gang violence that are used in most of the films of today should be band!... bring back the hero movies and adventure stuff!... and as long as Harrison Ford can crack a whip... I say bring another Indiana Jones movie on! Indiana Jones you rock!

Ness Burns on Nov 7, 2008


so, i didn't read many of the above comments, because most of them were stupid. BUT i will say this: who didn't see the ending of 4 coming? Huh? Inter-dimensional alien beings? Come on? It was SO obivious. Proof: Raiders: Indy battled Nazis for the Arc of the Covenant. Temple: Indy battled crazy cannibalistic tribesmen for precious stones. Last Crusade: Indy encountered a 1000 year-old knight in search of the HOLY GRAIL! Also, Sean Connery was there. Kingdom: Indy battles Russians for the skull of an interdimensional super-being that can control people's minds. I really just can't wait to see how they will top themselves.

Greg on Nov 7, 2008


Ok...I beg for someone to show me a 65 year old man who looks even a quarter as good as Harrison Ford. And as for another film, they could seriously make an indy film titled "Indiana Jones Goes To The Grocery Store" and I would be psyched. Someone said that there were too many sidekicks in Indy 4 and it made the story somewhat cluttered, and I can agree with that. There was Marion, Ox, Mutt, and Mac. I think that was a few too many sidekicks. I want a deeper story in the next one with more relationships.

Jill on Nov 9, 2008


*hand raised* MEEEE!! i want to see another indy because i loved the new one and thought it was a blast and different from the past 3, it opened indy to another realm of belief and showed us that not all his artifacts have to be religious objects but things that have whole other meanings. NOT that i dont like religious artifacts, i loved seeing my Christian beliefs on the screen like with the Ark and the Grail, but theres so much m,ore you can do with indy not just relgious stuff. it was fun innocent action adventure for the whole family to enjoy, and lets just face it, they dont make really good family adventure films anymore like they used to, so seeing indy back with that old fashioned film style was extremly great to see, lookin foward to #5 guys!!!!

peter on Nov 17, 2008


I think that the new one was GREAT!......i love it when indy saves the day:)....i want to see aother one come out and to see whatt that one will be like....i think they should be like the ones in the past where he has to figure out clues and go after them.....i want them to be so good that it blows my socks off!....i like seeing indy back with his hat and....old fashioned clothes....oh and cant forget the was awesome when he would whip somone's hand to get the sword.....i just love indy.....the best movies ever!

stephanie on Jan 2, 2009

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