Harry Potter Delay Evokes Angry Outbursts Amongst Fans

August 15, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

This month's most shocking and surprising news arrived just yesterday: Warner Brothers announced that they were pushing back the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from November 21st, 2008 to July 17th, 2009, a full 8 months later. Release date changes are always expected in Hollywood, especially when films encounter production troubles or other snags, but the reaction to this date change has been tremendous, and not in a good way. In fact, the reaction has been incredibly negative, with fans lashing out in anger and calling for boycotts and petitions. Even I was taken aback by the news, but I never expected the fans to be so angry at a change that in theory was supposed to be for the betterment of the movie. Could a fan backlash this negative actually cause Warner Brothers to rescind the date change?

I know I was frustrated when I realized I wouldn't be able to look forward to another Harry Potter this year. However, there is a difference between being temporarily upset that you will have to wait 8 more months and being furious and angry at Warner Brothers, who has generally treated Harry Potter fans very well over the years. If they mess with something this precious to millions of fans and it causes such a negative reaction, it's not something they can ignore. Fans are essential to the success of a movie as long as they're happy and excited - The Dark Knight proved that. Comments on our article range from peaceful protests like (#13): "This is a huge disappointment for WB and for Harry Potter." To loquacious outbursts like this one (#17): "All its doing is pissing off its fan base. That includes me, so fuck off Warner Bros, you ruined my day." With 48 comments written so far, nearly none of them have anything positive to say.

There are two important things to note. First, that Warner Brothers should have made this announcement much earlier instead of within 3 months of the initial release (and right after debuting a fantastic teaser trailer). And second, that one trend I'm noticing amongst moviegoers is that they're losing hope for the film, claiming that it will be just as bad as Order of the Phoenix (which actually still ended up performing quite well). As I said earlier, this kind of decision is something that is actually hurting Warner Brothers, not helping them. We don't even see people getting this angry at Lionsgate for butchering Punisher: War Zone (see this article). I'm honestly worried that Warner Brothers has broken their trust with countless fans and has undoubtedly caused their box office earnings to probably change for the worst.

I'm very curious to see if Warner Brothers will be smart enough to watch this reaction and potentially change the date back. Unfortunately no one knows the real details behind why it was moved. If they need more time to edit and finish visual effects (which seems to be the case for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and its one year delay), then it wouldn't help to force the film back to its earlier date. No one wants a rushed film with rushed visual effects and editing. However, if the decision was made based on marketing strategy or their overflow of films, it would certainly be in their best interest to put Harry Potter back where he belongs - on the big screen at Thanksgiving. This time, the fans do truly control the success of the movie. Is this negative fan reaction powerful enough to potentially cause Warner Brothers to move Half-Blood Prince back to its original November date?

Note: The planned split release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows features both a November and May date. The first part will hit theaters on November 19th, 2010 and the second part will tentatively hit theaters in May, 2011. This change, if it remains, leaves less waiting time between Half-Blood Prince and Part I of Deathly Hallows, which might cause the production schedule to shift.

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I really do hope Warner Bros sees how negative the fan reaction is so they'll reconsider. My sister is really pissed about waiting 8 more months, and I can't help feeling that way too since the studio didn't give us a sufficient reason. I mean, they should be able to find something else to use as a summer tentpole. I can see that after The Dark Knight's success that they'd want to try and repeat that success, but that doesn't really work as well as they think(ex. putting 10,000 B.C. on the same weekend as 300 the previous year). Plus the July date pits Potter against a lot of competing movies, while the november date leaves it poised to rule the box office with ease. Apparently Terminator: Salvation isn't worth betting a farm on, so they need a "safe" choice for next summer.

Andrew on Aug 15, 2008


when i read the first article of HP6 being released in july i was pissed off but thought it would subside and it wouldn't make a difference for me. Needless to say, I was wrong. I stayed pissed about it and wondered which dumb-ass fuck up at WB really decided to move it for marketing ( if that is in fact the real case ). Now reading this second article has gotten my hopes up that if it's because of marketing HP was moved, maybe a fan outburst would do the trick to bring it back to it's Nov. release. the point - hopefully this will get such bad press that they will be forced to move it back to november. If so not only will it be amazing that fans actually had an impact on the film's release date but i'll be one very happy HP fan and reader.

Corey B. on Aug 15, 2008


At first I did not think it was true.. but it was! Sad. Greedy pigs. What they are doing to the fans - I don't think they are aware of what they are doing. I know that some has written something on to WB about this. I think there's a link where you can send them e-mails. This is a bad move, a really bad move!

Cath on Aug 15, 2008


Me thinks the backlash would be a little less serious had they stated a reason. Fans don't take crap like this anymore, studios need to remember who keeps caviar on their tables. We don't like being kept in the dark. Love your work WB - don't hose us like this - we all saw the movies and have the DVD's.

bozoconnors on Aug 15, 2008


Yes, they are being greedy! Dissapointing the fans, specially the young ones. This is no fun at all. I sure hope they now realize what this is doing to the fans, and maybe.. (but I don't believe it before I see it with my own eyes) they will change the release date back to November!

Wolfie on Aug 15, 2008


This is all ridiculous . If it takes them 8 more months to get a well done and polished movie then it'll take 8 more months.

The Better Bard on Aug 15, 2008


They ruined my birthday in advance. Thx a lot f**** Warner! >:( I planned to see it with friend on the Sunday after the release and it was hard to agree on a date where everyone was available. So thanks Warner for ruining by birthday! I won't go and watch the movie 8 months later! Your loss and I hope fans will boykott the movie!

Daniela on Aug 15, 2008


I'm sure there will be plenty of other movies to go see that weekend as it's going to be one hell of a competitive Summer...your loss Warner Brothers

Peloquin on Aug 15, 2008


Okay...what is wrong with you people? I'm disappointed too but come on! Movies are big and complicated things. I went to college for filmmaking, I know that movies aren't easy to make. They require a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of love. and If the director can't finish it by Nov. 21st, then of course I'd like them to delay it. Who the hell would want it out back, and released early, if it's gonna suck??? I want to see the best Harry potter movie ever, and this movie has the potential, but only if they're given enough time. And seriously, who the hell are you to boycott a film because of a change in release date? I mean how can you call yourself Harry Potter fans if you refuse to support the film when it comes out. Lets just look at the logic here. You're pissed off because you cant wait to see a film, and you HAVE to wait longer...so what's your solution? You're not gonna watch the movie you can't wait to watch at all? How does that make any sense? Be patient people, and don't be retards. The world has enough of those already.

Aldonn on Aug 15, 2008


Here is the link mentioned for the petition http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/HalfBloodPrince . I personally am sick of companies punishing the fans/public for their mistakes. WB we are not sorry you had poor planning for the Summer 2009 release schedule or that we as fans brought you too much money for Dark Knight. This is sure one hell of a way to thank the fans that are paying to see Dark Knight in many cases more than once.

JP on Aug 15, 2008


I suggest, given that fellas at WB think we are extremely patient, that we skip the release date next year by a month, instead of going in July, we can go in August, September, I know it's hard, but if they make us wait 11 months, why not a full year. This way at the beginning box office will be zero and they start respecting fans of the series, just in case they wanna change release dates for the deathly hallows movies afterwards, they'll think twice about it.

Fernando on Aug 15, 2008


Production schedule for Deathly Hallows will not be affected. And Warner Brothers knew this would piss off Harry Potter fans so obviously they don't care.

Joshua on Aug 15, 2008


This is not good. If anyone comes out to see it I'll be surprised. Since I had to wait an extra 8 months, I might as well just wait a few more and buy the DVD and watch it as many times as I like in the comfort of my own home. Why bother to drag my self out, pay $9 or so per ticket, plus the cost of treats? I think this is going to be a big mistake on the part of WB, in this particular instance. Do they take into account that there is a recession on? Going out to a movie is a luxury in the best of times. Now it is last on the list of expenditures for us, hell it doesn't even make the list most of the time anymore.

Beth on Aug 15, 2008


Aldonn #9, I agree with you that this world is full of retards, but if they create a competition to find the biggest retard of them all, you are way up there buddy. Please tell me how a movie can take almost 2 years post production??? Since it's a low budget movie, they'll probably have 1 guy for editing, visual and sound effects??? Give me a break!!! And who the hell we think we are??? We are the guys who supported this franchise from the beginning, filling the pockets of the WB executives who come now and with a completely lack of respect for us change the release date without even giving the right reason. At least be honest with the fans, if it's complex visual effects or a very complicated editing job, whatever reason related to the production of the film we'll eventually understand, but don't go blaming it on the writers strike or global warming, we are not 10 year old kids, those are the twilight fans.

Fernando on Aug 15, 2008


Let me just say to you people out there that are saying its not a big deal and that movies require a lot of time etc. The reason why Warner gave for moving the date was first and foremost because they think they will sell more tickets during the summertime. Secondly they tried to blame the Writer's Strike. It goes to show their first priority is MONEY $$$$$

Accidental Sexiness on Aug 15, 2008


Option 1 - Move the movie back to allow it to be made the best that it can be. Result: Pissing off fans because they want their movie now. Option 2 - Release it on time even though it sucks. Result: Pissing off fans because they made a crappy movie. I'd much rather have option 1 than option 2. Sure I'm disappointed that it won't be released until next year too, but people need to stop being bunch of selfish crybabies. It's not like the movie is sitting there completed and they're putting off releasing it because they want a holiday weekend opening to increase profits.

Jedi on Aug 15, 2008


bitch all you want, but you know i'll see all your asses at the box office on 7/17/09...

evs on Aug 15, 2008


they might as well just reschedule Christmas...

Mike on Aug 15, 2008


The Harry Potter Fans are stupid. People frothing at the mouth for a release date being pushed back are stupid. This is just a film, you're not going to die if you have to wait some months more to see your movie. (And I know what I'm talking about.) The reactions of the fans and the petition just screams again of 'fan entitlement' (And it does happen a lot in the HP Fandom). WB owns nothing to the fans, they'll see the film anyway, for all their righteous whining they giving the world now. Pissing off the fanbase because said fanbase can't be arsed to understand why WB is doing that change. They only think of themselves and hoooow loooong they have to wait. I was looking forward to the film too but I can understand why they're doing that choice. It does not mean I'm happy but at least, I can take a step back. And WB is not not being 'an evil greedy corporation', it's simply being a business. God forbid they try to make as much money as they can with a film ! God forbid they try to place some big films in 2009. I hope they won't give in to the whining of the fans because that would be pretty stupid and weak in my opinion. I love how a studio can be encenced for something and as soon as they do something you don't like, they're bad, evil and do not deserve respect.

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


The problem is not that they are pushing it back, it's the reason they are pushing it back. WB exec has said it's NOT TO WORK ON THE FILM. The film is pretty much done, he's seen it and it's wonderful. The reason is that there is a weekend in summer now where they can make more money on ticket sales. This is why we are IRATE! If WB came out and said we need more time to work on the film, the fans would be upset yet understanding. Although it still seems odd that it is a full 3 months before the release date that they decide that. The reason we are angry is because it comes down the the almighty dollar. Please check out the quoted material from an article posted on the web and you will see how it is affecting other things too and WB's response. """"On a related note, the rescheduling of the film has impacted other events tied in to the previously scheduled release this fall. The BBC reports that indeed the Royal Performance and UK premiere of the film had been canceled. Quotage: “It was the first time the annual gala – held in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF) – had been scrapped since 1958. CTBF chief executive Peter Hore told BBC News he was “very disappointed” with the decision to shelve the Potter premiere.” In the same article, WB’s Alan Horn is also cited as saying “I’ve seen the movie. It is fabulous. We would have been perfectly able to have it out in November.”""" This was for charity, and it would have been ready but they are shelving it for ticket sales.

reseam on Aug 15, 2008


What it comes down to is this...Money and Greed. They are doing this for no other reason. If it was earlier this year they had announced this, yes people would have been angry, but we would have been accepting. To announce this change 3 months before the release date and then tell us the movie was ready to release in November, but uhh we decided to move it to Summer because of low competition due to the writer's strike is ludicrus! If they had at least lied and said the movie needed some tweaking or additional work, we wouldn't be so angry. But the movie "Is fabulous and we would have been perfectly able to have it out in November" is what is pissing people off!

reseam on Aug 15, 2008


Im really not a huge Harry Potter Fan so i can only imagine how painfull it must be for some of you to wait an extra 8 months!!! But at the same time..July 2009 looked extremely weak as far as movie releases (summer 09 in general doesnt look too promising but thats another story...) that it only makes sense for Warner Brothers to release it in this empty slot because i dont consider 2012 or Land of the Lost as direct competition! I think its a strategic move! It does however suck for all the Excited Fans! ( and i personnaly think that the movie has a lot potential) ..but to call for boycotts and petitions and such...just seems a little too extreme..! ..I had to wait 19 years for a bad Indy..you guys can wait 8 months for a great Harry!

Maxwell on Aug 15, 2008


No, I don't think they will change the date back and I don't think the negative reaction will effect sales. I think fans will calm down and yes they will be mad right now but as the year goes on and we get closer to next summer and start seeing trailers again then the hype will be back. This whole fiasco will be present in the minds of fans but ultimately overshadowed by excitement for the movie...finally.

janet on Aug 15, 2008


#20 You would have preferred that they lied instead of telling the truth ? And when the truth would have come out, everyone would have bashed them for not telling the truth. Either way they wan't win. They give an explanation perfectly understandable but the fans only think of themselves. Btw, I love how making money is being greedy. It is such a shame to do your bloody job nowadays ! (Concerning the quote from WB's Alan Horn, I would like to see the source of that quote before assuming it's legit.)

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


WB owes everything to the fanbase and JK Rowling( seriously did SHE even know about this). Almost every Harry Potter fan will tell you they love the books, but only think the movies are ok, or they don't like them at all. By pushing back the movie release 8 months, it's just pissing off the fans even more. The worst thing is Half Blood Prince was only 3 months away, and we never heard even a small rumor it might be pushed back until the official announcement was made. What is really pissing me off is that this is an obvious money scam. WB thinks they will make more money with a summer release. I accually hope this plan will backfire and some of the enraged fans won't go see the movie. In my opion, they could make just as much money on a November release because I am pretty sure there aren't any other good movies coming out over Thanksgiving. If the reason for moving back was for visual effects, ect. then i might understand a little better. But the movie finished filming in like... March... What the hell have they been doing since then?!!! In conclusion of my ongoing rant, Fuck You WB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Noelle on Aug 15, 2008


I laugh at these people's petition. Right deprive yourself of the thing you really want because it's delayed. I bet none of these people who signed the petition will keep their words, that's who insignificant most of the online petitions are.

Samm on Aug 15, 2008


All this really is, is a bunch of rabid, spoiled fans that don't understand the decision and wouldn't even if an executive personally explained it to them. A boycott at this point is laughable. Warner Bros knows these same people will turn out in droves come July, and be happy and thankful for a great movie. Just remember... an angry blogsphere only accounts for 0.1% of gross receipts. The masses don't give a flip.

Devon Shaw on Aug 15, 2008


But didn' t the move have all the final editing done in July? Why the hell did they push it back?

Shanice on Aug 15, 2008


**Movie Typo .

Shanice on Aug 15, 2008


Aldonn, in response to your concerns the film isn't being delayed for technical reasons to enhance the film, but instead due to marketing tactics...

Peloquin on Aug 15, 2008


I can't believe this! Yahoo! says that it is just to capitalize on the summer season. That's a bunch of CRAP! I really hope WB realizes they should go ahead a stick to the November date! I was so looking forward to November now I'm pissed they are pushing it off. PLEASE WB CHANGE IT BACK TO NOVEMBER!

arielle on Aug 15, 2008


I'm kind of happy that they pushed this back, they want to work on it more, debug it or clean out the problems and glitches. That means they care about the success and how good it will perform. Not very wise to push it back so close to the release date, but that is how Hollywood works. And it also means more money for James Bond, Quatum of Solace.

Fish on Aug 15, 2008


Alot of good points but have to agree with the sentiment that this anger will dissipate and when the time rolls around people will watch it regardless. In response to "making money is greedy" its not that WB is greedy for making money, its greedy for wanting to make THAT MUCH MORE money. Ah well, such is the American way. As for action now while we're all "angry" and stuff, I'll just not pay to watch anything WB and even avoid buying DC comics... hahaha

Jimmy on Aug 15, 2008


So now it's greedy to want to make more money ? Get a reality check, it's their job to make money, to make as much money as they can. Or else everyone on earth is greedy for wanting more money. It's their job to find marketing tactics to make more people go to the cinema, to make more money. I will never understand this new moral conception of the modern society in which making more money is evil and shameful. They need a big film in the summer season, they don't need HP in November this year, they push it back. End of the story.

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


For many fans, including myself, this is a devastating loss! Of course, if this has to do with editing and effects I will understand completely. But, seeing as they have released the teaser trailer and other pictures that look to me, very polished that does not seem to be the case. Obviously, those money fiends at WB have no idea what they are doing. Fans of Harry Potter will be seeing the movie no matter what the release date! This change will just cause chaos, I really hope they listen to what the fans have to say and return the date to November. I was once very happy with WB, the producers of my favourite show and movie, now I see them in a completely negative light. And to those who say it's just a movie really don't understand what an impact it is on many's lives. Harry Potter is a way of life!

Lena on Aug 15, 2008


They push it back to make more people go and see it and to make additional changes to improve the whole thing. Would you rather have a worse adaptation released during a kiddy season or a better, more polished one released at a time when more people can see it and let the franchise have more fans so they can get more cash to make a worthy finale ?

Shige on Aug 15, 2008


The more outcry there is over the film's pushed RD, (such as there is now) the more hope there is that WB will change it back to the original RD of Nov. 21st. Signing a petition is one of the easiest ways of attracting attention to a cause. So, if you want the film to be released as planned on Nov. 21st, sign here: http://www.petitiononline.com/hbpfrela/petition.htm

Keith on Aug 15, 2008


I can be angry all I want to. You wanna know why? Because Alan Horn said the film was complete and great. They aren't delaying it for production reasons, they're doing it out of greed and money. Jeff Robinov thinks that delaying the film is a good decision because the gap between Half-Blood Prince and the first Deathly Hallows movie will be shorter. I think its crap, that's just expanding the gap between Order of the Phoenix and this one. I would have been okay waiting til July, but not after how close we were to November 21 and not after watching that intense trailer. They should have made this decision half a year ago.

Micah on Aug 15, 2008


Harry Potter sucks, and regardless of how angry these people are now they're still gonna go see the damn movie, even if their forced to wait. And as for the boycott on WB, you'd have to hardcore hate them for something as trivial as this. I don't even really keep up with which company is releasing my movies, if it looks good I go see it, not once have I looked at the production company and passed on something I wanted to see. I could even see this as being a PR stunt, I haven't even heard much on this movie besides this and it was supposed to release in November. Everyone will shout and yell and more people will become aware of the movie and they'll put the date back and everyone will think they made a difference by protesting and being angry and even more people will go to see it.

Nick on Aug 15, 2008


Cain maybe you need the reality check. Where do you think all the money comes from? It comes from the fans that love Harry Potter and have supported it for nearly a decade. WB's success is built on the people who watch their movies. As a Harry Potter fan, Warner Brother's decision feels like a slap on the face. They had promised the November 08 release date for well over a year, touted that date on the most recent trailer, and now a scant three months away from the release they decide to pull the carpet from underneath the fans that have been eagerly waiting for this movie. They ADMIT that it's NOT because the movie needs work. If you bothered to read the articles you would have seen Horn's quote that the movie would be ready for a November release. Entertainment Weekly has Half-Blood Prince on it's cover this week touting it as a fall 08 release. This was obviously a last minute decision that was made WITH NO REGARD FOR THE PEOPLE WHO PUT MONEY IN WARNER BROTHER'S POCKETS (AKA: THE FANS). They are showing a complete disregard for the people that have helped make these movies so successful in the first place. It's shameful. It might also backfire on them in the long run. There are no more books to keep the fans interested and a year is a long time to wait. Many people might move on by 2009. There's a chance they could lose momentum. And although, I doubt a Harry Potter movie would ever flop there's a chance it will underperform and not make as much money as the studio is counting on to justify their greedy decision. It would be nothing less than WB deserves for thinking they can treat the fans like rubbish.

Emmeline on Aug 15, 2008


"it will be just as bad as Order of the Phoenix" If only it were that bad. Order of the Phoenix is one of the better HP movies, along with Prisoner of Azkaban

Douglas on Aug 15, 2008


I love you people, seriously. The righteous indignation of a minority in the HP fans is tremendously funny. You think you're entitled to anything while you're not (A clue : most people don't give a shit about the release date, only a minority is screaming in outrage.) and you don't understand the reason why WB this decision. Let's do a little skit, shall we ? --- WB exec 1 : Hm. We don't have that much movies in 2009 because of the writers' strike. Maybe we should push Harry Potter back to the summer. Besides, considering the success of The Dark Knight, at the same, we might gain more money that we would have in November. WB exec 2 : It may be a good idea but... Think of the fans ! They're going to tear us apart for changing the release, even if we gave them a good reason ! Nevermind that it'll be a small part of the audience who will cry in outrage. WB exec 1 : You're right. We should gain less money, keep her 2009 slate thin because of a minority of fans who will end up seeing the film anyway. That's the better decision we could make. WB exec 2 : Being a business and wanting to make more money is evil after all. --- See how stupid it looks ? You have the right to be upset but the degree of the reaction ? Way over the top. I do admit that three months before the former release date is not really clever but they did not promise anything. If you're used to go to the cinema, you have to know that release dates are never fixed. WB did not slap you (you as in 'the HP Fans') in the face, stop taking it personally and stop feeling entitled. Yeah, it's shameful to do marketing tactics, it's shameful to do your job. ... Seriously, the sense of entitlement of the fans is amazing. "WB did not do as I wanted to ? Then I hoped the film will flop, it'll teach them to bow to the will of fans. *stomps her/his foot* Do you realise how childish most of the fans sounds ?

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


Oops. Typo. "keep our 2009 slate thin because of a minority of fans who will end up seeing the film anyway."

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


But it's not going to happen. The WB doesn't care about petitions or anything. They aren't going to change it back. And everyone who says they'll be boycotting the film because the WB has betrayed their fans...let me ask you something. Are you a fan of the WB, or a fan of Harry Potter? Because the WB delayed the movie, but thats not Harry Potter's fault. And on another point WB couldn't careless if you boycott their film. There will still be a billion kids who'll want to see it...and there'll be me and every other sensible person on the planet who'll go see it because it's gonna be a good film. Why judge a film on it's business sense, and not it's artistic qualities?

Aldonn on Aug 15, 2008


Cain, the fact is movie studios depend on the audience for their money. That means making people want to see their movies. I don't appreciate being jerked around and this disregard for the audience only serves to make me feel disillusioned with the franchise. I hate to see WB tarnish something I love. You can applaud them for wanting more money at the expense of the people who have supported them until the cows come home but that doesn't make it any less wrong. AND GUESS WHAT? IF I PAY FOR SOMETHING I AM ENTITLED TO GET MY MONEY'S WORTH. Harry Potter movies have always done well in the fall. PoA was a summer release and it made the least of all the HP movies. A summer release is no guarantee for success. I know people that have already lost interest and moved on to different fandoms like Twilight. It's better to strike while the iron is hot. But instead WB feel the need to alienate their fans and keep them waiting? What happens when people lose interest and get tired of being jerked around by greedy corporations? "On a related note, the rescheduling of the film has impacted other events tied in to the previously scheduled release this fall. The BBC reports that indeed the Royal Performance and UK premiere of the film had been canceled. Quotage: “It was the first time the annual gala – held in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF) – had been scrapped since 1958. CTBF chief executive Peter Hore told BBC News he was “very disappointed” with the decision to shelve the Potter premiere.” In the same article, WB’s Alan Horn is also cited as saying “I’ve seen the movie. It is fabulous. We would have been perfectly able to have it out in November.” So it's not just the fans WB are screwing over. It's charities as well.

Emmeline on Aug 15, 2008


of course people are going to be angry. They don't steadily release these films. Sometimes they go for a summer release and sometimes they go for a christmas. I know I saw two of them on thanksgiving. With the book series being complete I think the wiser decision would be to try to Shoot back for November. The last thing you want are the fans wrath. The internet is a powerful tool. Aslo they release these trailers so early that when they push back like this people are bound to get mad. I mean to some November is a huge wait. For those to find out they have to wait longer is almost down right dangerous. -JayBear

Jaybear on Aug 15, 2008


#44 And most of the audience don't give a shit. The online fandom is a tiny part of the whiole HP fans, not including people who aren't fans and are going to see the film. Stop your entitlement leitmotiv 'without us, WB would have nothing.' You're not the biggest part of the audience, most people don't care about a release date pushed back. Do you realise how trivial it is ? Disregard for an audience who's going to see it anyway ? Why would they change for an audience who will go anyway. Here's the thing, they don't need the money this year, they need it next year. Period. How hard it is for rabid and spoiled fans to understand this simple logic ? Oh, I forgot they got no logic ! I don't applaud them for wanting money. It's just normal, it's what you called being a business. I just don't see what's shameful about it. It's not because you pay that you're entitled to decide every little thing about a film. They know their job better than you. If it's better for them to push it back to July, it's their right and their choice to make not yours. If you don't go to HP because you move on Twilight, then frankly, you have nothing to be proud of and you won't be missed. "But instead WB feel the need to alienate their fans and keep them waiting? What happens when people lose interest and get tired of being jerked around by greedy corporations?" Entitlement + (Money = EVIL) : You got the Jackpot of the fanbrat ! Concerning the charities, I would like to see a link please 😉 I don't believe in hearsay 😉 Btw, pushing back a release date != screwing the fans over.

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


Right. It's okay to take advantage of the fans and jerk them around because "they'll see it anyway" regardless of how much WB push them around? I'm sorry but hoping to squeeze more money out of people is frankly a shitty reason to disappoint a bunch of people who have been very loyal to WB and the franchise in the past. TDK may have made them a ton of money this year but HP has made them more with a total of five successful movies. I just think it's sad how little the fans actually matter to WB and they have the audacity to say "we love our fans" after pulling something like this. It's more accurate to say "we love our bottom line" $$$$$$ I understand that as a business they need to make money and they would make a ton of it if they release HP in November. Like I said, a summer release won't guarantee them more money. It's a crap-shoot. People could just as well lose interest in seeing it by then. It's their choice to push the movie back, you're absolutely right. But it's the fans choice to decide whether or not they'll decide to spend money on it. This decision isn't sitting well with a lot of people. Maybe you should get some reading comprehension. I didn't say I was moving on to Twilight. I don't give a toss about Twilight. I'm saying that I KNOW people who have moved onto that fandom and lost interest in HP. With nothing to keep fans interested it's possible other people will move on to different things as well. They might not be as interested to see it in a year. There are no new books to keep people hyped. Here's your link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/7562557.stm

Emmeline on Aug 15, 2008


just pirate the movie when it does come out, they'll hate that even more then not seeing it at all.

Logan on Aug 15, 2008


You don't understand, do you. Pushing a release date back is not jerking around the fans. Pushing the release date back has nothing to do with 'Fans matters little to WB'. You do know that it's not the first time that a film was pushed back ? These things happens but most of the time people don"t go around crying in outrage and feeling offensed. It's only a vocal minority among the HP Fans that is complaining. WB does not take advantage of the fan, neither do they jerk you around. If you really believe that everything is about you, you need a big reality check. Movies studio have been doing that for years. It's part of the business to choose the best date of release for one film. For HP, there's several reasons already explained and some that you don't answer to. I was not comparing TDK or HP. I wa saying that, considering the money TDK made in summer, they could expect a huge success at the same date. And more importantly, they needed a big movie at that date. They don't need HP this year. Why can't you just understand this logic ? Why do you always go back to you (as in 'the fans'). It's not a shitty reason. Coming from a business, it's perfecty understandable. Seriously when I'm hearing the fans complain I only hear : "Me ! Me ! Meeee !" And WB are the selfish ones ? People won't lose interest. It's HP for God'sake ! If they lose interest for the next summer, what about the last two films ? FFS, Fans whining on the Internet != Main audience. Most people don't give a damn. Maybe YOU should get some reading comprehension, I did not say YOU had move on to Twilight. I used the 'you' for any HP Fans who did move on to Twilight. Well, if I follow your wonderful logic, WB should not do the last two films then since people will lose interest. Thanks for the link. I'm reading it.

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


Holy misquotation, Batman ! The whole quote is : "It was the first time the annual gala - held in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF) - had been scrapped since 1958. CTBF chief executive Peter Hore told BBC News he was "very disappointed" with the decision to shelve the Potter premiere." The sentence "It was the first time the annual gala - held in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF) - had been scrapped since 1958." is linked to that sentence : "Last year's performance was cancelled amid controversy about the chosen movie, Brick Lane." Not to the cancelling of HBP. Although it is indeed sad that HP won't be part of this Royal Premiere, it's in anyway screwing over the charities. And from what I'm reading, it is not sure that the film is really cancelled from the Royal Premiere : "But he was hopeful a Royal premiere would still go ahead this year. He said: "The Royal Film Performance has been around for a long time and has a tradition of showcasing the best films. We are confident we will be able to do that again this year." Mr Hore added that he expected to make an announcement shortly."

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


And I forget a part of the whole quote. Sorry. "Royal performance Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince had been chosen for this year's Royal Film Performance, on 17 November. Last year's performance was cancelled amid controversy about the chosen movie, Brick Lane. It was the first time the annual gala - held in aid of the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF) - had been scrapped since 1958. CTBF chief executive Peter Hore told BBC News he was "very disappointed" with the decision to shelve the Potter premiere."

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


Warner Bros ruined my day. I hope everyone who works for that company suffers a painful, tragic death

greg on Aug 15, 2008


Well, If the date is not changed I shall boycott the film. Plain and simple. That's about all the power I have against the corporate world: not to buy their products if they piss me off. Someone on myspace has posted a protest page though: http://www.myspace.com/potterreleaseprotest

Kristin on Aug 15, 2008


You forget the fact that HBP was THREE months from being released that's what makes it so infuriating. It's the fact that this was a split second decision that has disappointed a ton of people. Up until recently they were advertising this movie for 2008. The trailer is touting that date, magazines have spreads anticipating the movie's fall release, the video game is prepped to come out. Everything was prepped for this release. They are sitting on a completed movie which the president of the studio says is great and he says everything was on schedule. It's not like with the new Star Trek which was still filming when the studio changed the date of that movie. It was relatively early on. With this situation it's them changing the date so close to the release that is outrageous. Can you really not understand why people are so damn angry? And YEAH, it is a shitty thing to do to people in the hopes they'll make a million or two more. HBP's premiere at the Royal performance was going to be for charity. Now they're being forced to look for a new feature so yeah, WB screwed them over.Not to mention all the people with a stake in the merchandising for HP that will have to shelve the products their businesses spent money on because of WB's split second decision. This whole thing sucks.

Emmeline on Aug 15, 2008


I already said that the three months thing was not clever. And frankly I could not care less about the release date since it's only a film, and also a process quite regular in the film business. But nevermind that, the HP fans are sooooo speshul, they need a speshul treatment from the Industry. It has disappointed a lot of people online, which is in fact close to nothing in the wide audience of HP. Yes, they did prep the film for 2008, yes they should have announced that sooner, I don't disagree with that. It could have been done better. But the event in itself is not worth the rage of some fans. It's like fans will be going through withdrawal if they don't have their potter fix. It's not a shitty decision, it's a common decision in a business. I don't mind people being angry and upset. You have the right. I just think the degree of the reaction (see #52) is over-the-top. It's just a film ! It's not like they're cancelling the film, they're just pushing it back. You just have to wait, the world isn't ending. (And yes, you shall be glad they could million or two more. You know why ? Because the HP films were only made for the money they can gain from it.) HP Fans sound just like spoiled brats who did not get what they want. You have to wait eight months ? Boooo. I live in France, I always have to wait more than you do to see films I like and it can go from one month to eight. It upsets me, I can't deny it. But I don't go on and on complaining and cursing WB. I don't like it but I know I have to accept it, because it's the way it works. First fo all, it's not sure (according to the article) that HBP is indeed cancelled at the Royal Premiere. And while I think it'd be indeed a bad thing if it were to be cancelled, it's not the end of the world either. They can search for another film. This whole thing has been poorly handled, I can agree on that. As for the rest, HP Fans will always be speshul snowflakes.

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


HPs are November releases period......... This is the worst news I have heard since we found out Dumble is a Nancy Boy. Thanksgiving is gonna suck!

D-9 on Aug 15, 2008


It boils down to this. The WB has angered fans because they figure they can make more money next July because of the lackluster movies coming out at that time. First of all, how many more fans are they going to attract to a franchise that is 6 movies in. If you haven't seen the first 5 movies, what is going to make the average summer moviegoer pony up the money to see a movie where they won't know what the heck is going on. Secondly, can some of you posters out there please read the friggin' article before you claim (like you know for certain) that it is being delayed to "make the movie better" or "improve the special effects". This is not the reason for the delay...you're uninformed comments just make you look dumb when you secretly think in your pea-sized brains, that you just dropped some knowledge on us all. When it comes down to it, this was all based on money, plain and simple. Now I'm not knocking the WB for wanting to fill their pockets. The problem I (and many others) have with it, is the money they will be making by releasing it next summer as apposed to this November is going to probably be the same if not less (because of this stunt). The only difference I see is that it will be made in Q3 2009 instead of Q4 2008 (the Q's stand for quarter for the non-business savvy). Either way, they have the cash. Although potentially a bit less due to the anger of the fans. And I will second the comments made by commenter Emmeline (#39) in response to all of you who say "why is them making more money so bad". Its not bad, but pissing off the very people who provide you with this money is. And to end on a cliche...Think of all the little children!! There are many kids out there that have been looking forward to this movie all year. This is their Dark Knight!! Look them in the eye WB, and explain to them the reasons why you're moving the event they've been PATIENTLY looking forward to for over a year, farther away.

Justin on Aug 15, 2008


The difference between the release in November and Summer si that they don't need the money this year (thanks to The Dark Knight.) but because of the writers' strike, they have less films in 2009 and they need a big one in July. That's the reason. I don't see why people have to take it personally and start cursing WB and all the nice little things you can see on the net when it is srs bsns in fandom. Fans will be angry but next summer, they're all going to see the film anyway. That's how the fans are. They complain, they scream in outrage, they're angry but in the end, they're going to see the film. Be angry and upset all you want. That's your right. But bashing, petitions and protests ? Puh-lease. You have to draw the limit somewhere. They're not pissing the very audience who paid for the money. They're pissing off a minority online. The average fan (like me) will not care of the film is being pushed back as long as the film is being released.

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


To those of you who are planning on boycotting: It would be smarter to boycott all of Warner Bros' OTHER films leading up to the release of Harry Potter. That way, you can still get some revenge against WB and still get to see Harry Potter.

Keith on Aug 15, 2008


Typo again. Sorry. [...] They're not pissing off the very audience who paid for the money. They're pissing off a minority online. The average fan (like me) will not care if the film is being pushed back as long as the film is being released.

Cain on Aug 15, 2008


I read all the Harry Potter books. I have seen all the movies on the weekend of their release and I have genuinely enjoyed the Harry Potter experience. This 8 month delay thing, well, I just don't care. Eight months is nothing. It's trivial. It won't severely affect anyone's life at all (god save the fans who die between Nov. 2008 and July 2009).

Nathan on Aug 15, 2008


That story about the Punisher War Zone PG-13 rating never rang true to me. I believe THIS guy: There is a rumor that has started circulating around this little thing called “the internet” that Lionsgate is pushing for the next installment of The Punisher to be rated PG-13. Given all we know of the franchise, this immediately smelled foul. Not being without charms and fully utilizing our ruggedly handsome looks, we tracked down our own source who is, of course, “close to the production.” Their word? *beep* We could add some words in front of that, like “complete,” “total,” or “utter,” but it throws off the feng-shui of the post, but they would be appropriate. It looks like this originated over at Latino Review, who indicate that they have their own source. Now, I love those Latino Review guys, but I have no idea who they’re talking to. I do, however, definitely know our source and know that I trust them completely. Punisher: War Zone will be Rated R for Rambo-Levels of violence. Which is a good thing, because the kill count of Rambo (another Lionsgate release) was 236 and featured some of the best gore violence in years. Now, while being Rated-R, the film is still facing a troubled production run, detailed by our Neil Miller at the end of last month. Who knows what else is going on in making the film “presentable,” though it probably has to do mostly with timing. While our source is more than enough for me, for you kids keeping count at home there are a few other things to keep in mind. First, former Marvel Entertainment CEO Avi Arad (and current Marvel producing partner) Avi Arad has always said that The Punisher was one character who would carry the R-Rating at Marvel (the other being Blade). Second, producer Gale Anne Hurd spoke at great length at Comic Con about the film and stressed the level of violence that would be in the film. Lastly, the exclusive footage shown at Comic Con, which was very well received, was definitely from a film that was Rated R, and it was the point they were selling - brutal. In summation, this PG-13 rumor is total *beep* Punisher: War Zone is still not a ship sailing smoothly, but it will come to theaters with that Rated R stamp all over it on December 5. And just in case you need more evidence of the R-Ratedness, have a look at the clip below, which was launched a few weeks back at Comic-Con. http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/news/punisher-still-to-punish-in-r-ra ted-way.php

Nomad on Aug 15, 2008


Hey alex, i dont know if you will answer this, but can this just be a stunt to make people want harry potter more, then they will bring it back. Is it anywhere near possible?

sean on Aug 15, 2008


I think if the Harry Potter film need time to be finished properly ( special effects, et all) then I can understand the delay. If the movie is being delayed ( as I have read elsewhere) because Warner Brothers thinks it will earn more money playing in the summer than in November - then I beg to differ. They might loose money. I will not boycott the film ( whenever it comes out) but I would prefer that it is in November. Why? Because after I go to the theater to see the film, I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD and I can watch it again at home. I have bought all five of the DVD's and am looking forward to owning all 8 of them 🙂 So, please, Warner Brothers release the movie in November and by summer have the DVD available... Thank you, Kitty

Kitty on Aug 15, 2008


This is comical. just peeking at some of the petitiions online, you can see on the first page that its the same person signing two or three times... this just weakens the effect of petitions. However, this could be an interesting case study as the HP online community is quite large and if they could actually mobilize and affect a big corporation that would be something to see. Kinda reminds me of the "boycott" certain gas stations to drive down the price... In regards to my previous comment about being "greedy" I think the question I really want to know is how much is enough? And that isn't even the issue with this movie. After the fanboy side calmed down, I agree with poster #58 about balancing the books. Unfortunately, the bottom line is what decides in the end. And #62, that comment at the end you made had me in a stitch.

Jimmy on Aug 15, 2008


Can we also mention that if WB keeps the release date in late November, it would be a perfect tie-in with J.K. Rowling's release of the book "Beetle the Bard" around x-mas time. This I believe could only bolster the returns on HBP with that coming out weeks apart. Plus, with a November release, they can have the DVD come out right around summer of 2009. And we all know that movie studios tend to make a boatload of cash on DVD sales....there's your missing cash for ya WB!!

Justin on Aug 15, 2008


I cannot BELIEVE what Warner Bros has done!! "We love our fans" my ass! All they care about is making more money, like Harry Potter wont make a killing in November! And pushing it back 3 months before it was to be released? Stupid and even more upsetting. I can't believe how pissed off I am right now and how greedy Warner Brothers is!

Kathy on Aug 15, 2008


i think pushing it back into TDK's slot is a very poor excuse, becuase it didn't matter the date for the dark knight, it could've came out in june and ppl would've still seen it in the same manner. the release date just doesn't matter in this case, so wtf are u thinkin wb??? granted harry potter will prolly do slightly better in july than in nov bcuz the holday season is so crowded with non- blockbuster films, but y the hell must u dissapoint so many fans?? what the hell's your competition? bolt, punisher, day the earth stood still, that's nothing. hp and the hbp had the potential to cross the 300M in november, but you've ruined that wb, so go fuck yourselves.

LeeMan on Aug 15, 2008


I am a casual Harry Potter fan, but it is disappointing. Not like I would boycott the movie so much, but it does prove that it is a very greedy move for quarterly numbers as opposed to making a better movie. They could have at least lied and told us it was for reshoots. I wouldn't have been so miffed.

L on Aug 15, 2008


I think this was a terribly selfish act by Warner Brothers. The only thing this movie will bring is that a million more n00bs like me will actually know what "Tent Pole" means this weekend. But aside from that dont they consider the the seasonal essence that that a fall release connects to the films? I know not every one lives in a desert climate, but it feels wrong seeing Harry Potter in the smoldering heat. Harry Potter has never been a film that is portrayed in the relentless heat of summer. The movies are always fall, winter spring-ish, they are cozy. They are more overcoats and mitts, not boardshorts and sandals. Not to mention pulling the rug out of everyones expectations. Listen Warner Brothers. We the fans who pay terribly inflated box office prices are the mechanism that makes or breaks your attempts to create box office MAGIC. We have no share in your little back door meetings where you discuss the profit margins you will reap with these shifts in release. We only spend our hard worked cash on seeing something that makes us happy. You made a proper decision to put HBP where it was. You cannot create another Dark Kinght. Those things are not forced they just happen. I hope Harry Potter nation runs Roughshod over your plans. You want a better IDEA? Spend a ton of cash on proper marketing for the HBP like you did the dark knight and meet your margins that way. Obviously if your worried about the kids not in school, do you think they'd be reacting like this if they were concerned about that much? Hey comment #49, EBOD Eat a bag of D*&$'s.

Alex on Aug 15, 2008


If the studios came out with better movies, they would'nt need to lean on there "Blockbusters" to fill in the gaps. Business is business and I understand that however, Harry Potter is more than "just a movie". Everyone has the things in life that they enjoy. What if the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA all pushed their league start times?? Sometimes you have to do what's right, not always what's in the best interests of business. People want something they can look forward to these days. With everything that's wrong in this world today, people want a chance to go do something and be HAPPY and escape from the crap that's going on around them. Think about all of those kids who look forward all year to see something that lights them up. This isn't just about a movie and if you think it is...YOU JUST DON"T GET IT!!!

Mare on Aug 15, 2008



Leland Rogers on Aug 15, 2008


If in March, WB announced they were pushing back the Dark Knight until November (for the plethora of holiday ticket sales)- this thread would be full of angry comments and not one dissenting voice. It's annoying - you get psyched up for a film and then it gets moved, just so they have a "better?" shot at my money? Let people be annoyed - if you just lie down and take everything corporate America gives you, you get...well... pretty much what we have today.

Heather on Aug 15, 2008


No, it wont hurt them. All the Harry Potter fans are going to pretend to be outraged until they forget about it. When the movie comes out theyll have forgotten all about their "boycott" and then go and spend money on a better harry potter movie. This wont hurt the studio, but I feel people need to stop being so whiny. I doubt WB will care anything about what anybody says, because they have one of the most solid products that barely needs any advertisement. I doubt theyll increase their product value by releasing it at any time, so thats not the reason so then you have to assume theyre in need of reshooting some areas. So when it comes out later, youll be able to leave the theatre less dissapointed in the movie and more in the time frame. In summary, quit whining.

Allen Johansen on Aug 15, 2008



Coolness on Aug 15, 2008


They have shamelessly admitted they are delaying this film to make more money. This comes just a few days after publishing release dates for countries worldwide! A major charity event in England is now cancelled because of their greed. Of course most of us will go see the movie whenever it is released. But there are many WB movies coming out between now and July '09 that we will be boycotting. There is also a theme park being built in Florida, scheduled to be opened late '09. We can just as easily go to Disney!

Patti on Aug 15, 2008


The big problem is that they are pushing the movie clearly because of money... thats one slap on the face to the millions of harry potter fans, many that EVERYDAY visit the harry potter fan sites like "mugglenet" to have notices of the movie how many times i fucking went there this year and had NO NOTICE of the movie, but i was ready to return later WAITING FOR ONE PICTURE now they just push that to JULY 2009 they dont have idea how some harry potter fans are addicted some fans had this release like THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF THE YEAR some fans in 01/01/2008 said "THIS YEAR WE HAVE HARRY POTTER" ppl make plans, they plan to cosplay in the release date, ppl plan to go to the premiere... less than 100 days to the movie and they just push that...BECAUSE OF MONEY? dear warner bros, you cant figure out that when it comes to harry potter, you can release the movie in december 24! you will get YOUR MILLIONS, YOUR MONEY, you already have fucking addicted fans that will make this movie a blockbuster, in november or july! THAT SUMMER THING IS BULLSHIT! the first movie was released in november and made much more money than the third that was released in july! i dont know if i will be able to boycott the release, even if it comes out july 17, 2009, BUT BE SURE, i can boycott ALL the other warner bros movies(less batman xD), you know why? THEY ARE NOT MOVIES LIKE HARRY POTTER! i am not addicted, i can just choose the other movie that is not one from the warner! you are making the worst move that you could! you had a fucking win year with The Dark Knight, release Harry Potter this year will just make 2008 the biggest year for warner so far, what about break a record so? you are assuming the risk of this movie get leaked to the internet, and you will loose alot of money, it will end up backfiring, and the harry potter fans dont want that!

Jeanne on Aug 15, 2008


I consider myself an average HP fan. I've read all the books and seen all the movies, but didn't exactly queue up to buy the book at midnight, or see the premiere. In fact, I usually borrowed the books from my speed-reader friends who had finished reading them a day after they released, and only saw the first three movies on rented DVDs. I love the magic and fantasy of it all, and think Rowling is a genius for coming up with the whole wizarding world, but am definately no diehard fan. However, I beg to differ from some of the comments directed at angry fans, and have been tempted to comment because I enjoy seeing all the different povs in these charged discussions, and putting in my two penny's worth. So here is my humble opinion. First of all, some comments have pointed out that 'business is business' and that WB have every right to try and make as much money as they can from their baby. Granted, that's how business works. On the other hand, I am a project manager. When I assess a project and tell my clients 'I will deliver by this date' - I have to deliver by that date. If I don't, I face severely pissed off clients, incur penalties from my fees, and lose face, reputation, and future assignments. Yes, it is not unheard of to delay films, for production reasons, or to position them better in the market. On the other hand, to release a trailer effectively promising a November launch date, and then come back and say 'Well, we're not going to deliver on that date, sorry!' is not on. Such a move should have definately been made earlier. And since WB have announced this decision so late in the day, and if good business sense prevails, it would be silly for them not to anticipate severely pissed off clients, penalties from their fees and loss of face and reputation (if not necessarily future assignments). I also do not agree that only a small internet following are objecting. The news of the delay has been covered in various forms of the mass media, and most of the people who have mentioned it to me, whether HP die-hard fans or people who usually go 'er....Harry who?', have tutted, raised eyebrows and commented that it's a very risky move at the very least. As someone mentioned, to a vast (I would hardly call the hardcore HP fans limited in number) following of HP, the movies represent more than just a film - people have grown up with the books in many cases, and have been visualising them for years, and are genuinely excited about seeing the movie in November - and they are not happy. I agree that most of them will eventually pipe down and go see it anyway, but is it good business sense to dampen your key followers' (who will probably attend multiple showings) enthusiasm, even if only by one iota? Related to this is the fact that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Successful movie promotion gives viewers the proverbial carrot on a stick. They show you a glimmer of what you can expect if you comply (by attending). They assault you with promo pics, trailers, associated websites, viral marketing campaigns - literally teasing you, whetting your appetite, getting you hooked and reeling you in. A teaser has already been realeased. A number of fresh pics have apparently been released following the delay announcement, in an attempt to appease the so-called 'rabied fans'. If they keep up at this rate they will have shown us virtually the whole film in promotion, and a lot of the non hardcore viewers who aren't really fans anyway will think 'why bother' in favour of the other blockbusters which usually come out at that time of the year. On the other hand, stopping the realease of future promo material will probably not help much either - promotion doesn't work in fits and starts, its a gradual build up to a climax. Plus, I do agree that there would probably be a loss of interest - no more books coming out, no more unanswered questions to answer, a lot less hype than there was for OoTP (which was no doubt boosted by the close release of the final HP installment, making July 07 'HP month'). People grow up and change, there's a recession that's not getting any better any time soon, oil prices are increasing - again the non-die hard fans are the ones I would worry about - they are the ones who some people have claimed are more numerous and they are the ones who are more likely to say 'eh, I know what happens anyway, can't really remember why I was so darn excited about the books, I think I'll save a buck and wait for the DVD' If it gets that far...let's face it, a polished, finished movie is sitting on a shelf at the WB batcave somewhere. For 11 months. How long before someone thinks 'I can make something of this' and puts it on the internet for all to download....for next to nothing or even free? The movie could be leaked by November, but increasing the time window increases the risk. Plus, if the so called 'whiny' die hard fans knew the film was coming out in November, they would be less likely to watch a poor quality download in the interim. If they are so antsy to watch it and would otherwise have to wait 11 months...that poor quality download would probably look a lot more tempting. Finally, I recently went to see DK. I wanted to see it. I saw Batman Begins, and when I started to hear of DK, I thought 'Cool, a sequel, I hope it doesn't suck - I'll definately be giving that a look see'. Whether it was realeased in July, November or bloody April Fool's day wasn't the point. I was going to see it because it's THAT kind of film. People anticipate it and they want to watch it, they wait for it, they probably organise candlelight vigils or something the day before it's released. I've read about people who planned their birthday celebrations round HBP. So I honestly find it hard to believe that people are going to find it uninteresting, or impossible to go watch in November, but suddenly flock from distant lands in the Twighlight zone to see it just because it's in July. As Cain said, they need it more next year - but if that's at a high risk of LOSING money, than I would prefer to strike while the iron is hot. But that's just my opinion...

claire on Aug 15, 2008


Thank you Warner Brothers for not giving a crap about your fans, we've waited long enough. Warner Brothers has ruined my Thanksgiving as I promised to take my little sister to it for her birthday as it is one of the only times I will be visiting home for the next year or so. It's a really low move on Warner Brothers part and I hope that they don't make a dime off of the Half-Blood Prince. Pirates unite and leak the Half-Blood Prince all over the web, because I plan on boycotting Warner Brothers and will not pay to see the film after what they have done! I hope this terrible decision comes back to haunt them, and I hope they realized that they have lost some loyal fans.

Melissa on Aug 15, 2008


Seriously......if a delayed movie screening is the biggest problem in your life then you are a very lucky person. If it isn't your biggest problem, then can I suggest you pour your energy and effort into dealing with that problem, instead of whinging about a completely irrelevant issue such as this movie.

Chris on Aug 15, 2008


I have been counting down the days since the beginning of 2008. Not only that, but I have been searching for the flippin teaser trailer since then as well and didn't get that until a couple weeks ago. But hey, I was happy to know the movie would be released in 3 more months. Oh wait, now I have to wait 11 FREAKING MONTHS!!! I hate your warner brothers and I hope you pay for making this outrageous decision. I know for sure I will not be seeing the movie in theaters. FUCK YOU!

Matt on Aug 15, 2008


I am so pissed, I could punch a baby right now. Warner Brothers, rot in fucking hell. I will devote my heart in soul into getting people to fight against you and not see the movie in theaters.

Alexa on Aug 15, 2008


Fuck you comment number 80. Harry Potter fans take matters like this very seriously. Obviously you're not one. Anyways, screw you WB - move the movie back to november or I will avada kadavra your fucking asses.

Alexa on Aug 15, 2008


When I heard this news I didn't believe it. I thought for sure it had to be a joke that somehow got leaked into the media. I am furious at you warner brothers, and I am going to send you as much hate mail as possible. You've already screwed up most of the movies, you give us a teaster trailer 5 months late, and now you move the 6th movie almost a year. Way to SUCK!!!!

John on Aug 15, 2008


I'm a giant HP nerd and I am not going to lie, I hate WB more than anything right now...They completely just put a hole in my movie plans for my fall/early winter schedule. Damn you WB!!! Harry Potter is a fucking November movie, not July, you asses!

Stephanie on Aug 15, 2008


This is ubsurd. I'm going to have to wait a whole fucking year for this fucking movie to come out. Let's get fans all excited and release tons of new photos and put out a nice teaser trailer; then lets rip their hearts out by changing the release date of the movie to July! OMG what a great idea!! Seriously Warner Brothers, you guys are really smart! Well done!

Melanie on Aug 15, 2008


i love warner even more now.

Buttons on Aug 15, 2008


While everyone is so upset about this subject (me being one of those upset people), I highly doubt that any of us who say they won't see it in the theater 11 months from is full of shit. By the time Watchmen releases and they have a full trailer out for HP, everyone who is mad now will come out again and say how excited they are for Harry Potter. In the end, this push forward will be a footnote. I know we are all mad now, because I am too! Lets all be patient, and focus on the now marquee November film Quantum of Solace!!! 🙂

Andy Adair on Aug 15, 2008


The rage over this money driven decision has over flowed from the HP fan world into the Alan Rickman Fan world. The disrespect they are showing the fans who have financed these movies is staggering. I mean how many more houses are cars do you have to have before the profits can take a back seat. HBP is ALWAYS going to break records and produce an obscene amount of money – when EVER it was shown. I for one will boycott Warner Bros until the film is released. I was going to see Dark Knight this weekend – no way now. These big movie companies need to show the punter some real respect. It is WE who fund this films and to so casually ignore us is appalling, let alone doing this to a child’s story/book and what about the Royal Performance charity? They say this is a careful and measured decision but seems their sister companies had no idea with a number of magazine promoting the movie for November. Warner Bros you LACK of consideration, your cynical, one-track mind on profits has damaged your reputation and is frankly beyond repair.

Reeds on Aug 16, 2008


blockbuster put out the harry potter movies in the series and sequels section of the new release wall. Guess they are wrong now.

Buttons on Aug 16, 2008


If you are a serious fan of HP, like I am, then who cares when the damn movie comes out... as long as it does!! I could understand fans being upset about WB saying that the movie isn't coming out at all!!... hell I would be the most pissed but that isn't what is happenning here! The movie is coming out... quit getting your panties in a bunch and have some fucking patience for crying out loud!!!!!!! Get a grip people!! You will be satisfied soon enough!! WB always delivers!! Have any of you thought how the actors might feel about the delay??? Some people are so selfish!!! I for one am gonna wait patiently, not worrying about the realase date cuz it is "going to make more money for WB" or anything! I am a total fan and they all have my support!! Anyone who bitches can go spit!!! Only true fans wanted here!!

Foxspirit726 on Aug 16, 2008


@80 If you are biggest problem is people complaining about this movie, have you thought maybe you are the one with the fucking problems?

Coolness on Aug 16, 2008


When I first heard this I thought it may have been a hoax, but became furious when I realised that it was in fact true. From the second I left the cinema after seeing OOTP I have been looking forward to HBP. My daughter and I have both been very excited about seeing this movie (despite the fact that us poor Aussies already had to wait a further 3 weeks more than most other fans), we are both extremely disappointed about WBs decision. I am seriously considering boycotting this movie in protest, as I know many other fans are also planning to do. If WB had said they were having post production problems, or if there was a LEGITIMATE reason for the extra EIGHT MONTHS delay then I would have been understanding. To read that it is purely to increase profits however has angered me very much. What do they seriously think is going to happen? All of a sudden in 8 months time there are going to be thousands more Harry Potter fans? It doesn't matter when they release this movie they are going to be rolling in cash, so it is not only unacceptable but downright disrespectful to their fans to delay the release until the middle of next year (even longer no doubt for Aussie fans). Shame on you Warner Brothers - you have disgraced yourselves.

Kate on Aug 16, 2008


I am amazed that we have a few people commenting that they are happy to be treated in this manner by big business but there are always those who are happy to be treated like a commodity for the sake of profit. For those that are not so comforted that an 11 month wait indicates that WB are delivering, may want to vent their anger directly to WB susan.fleishman@warnerbros.com jayne.trotman@warnerbros.com desiree.finnegan@warnerbros.com vanessa@hpfilms.co.uk nickie.snape@warnerbros.com (yes her name is actually Snape) Or sign a petition that has nearly 20, 000 in under 2 days - people are not happy. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/harrypotter6

Reeds on Aug 16, 2008


WB is just plain stupid for making this decision (it makes hardly any business sense!). I agree with the poster who talked about striking while the iron is hot. Why the WB thinks waiting an extra 8 months would get more excited fans to go see the movie is beyond me - have they learned nothing from disney's narnia debacle?! (fyi narnia was delayed from a winter to summer release as well ... look how well that worked out!). It makes even less sense to announce the delay so close to the release date (i.e. a bunch of pissed off fans). While the number of online "hard-core" potter fans might be minor (to the big picture or whatnot) - these are most likely the "repeat customers" of the movie, the people who give a movie "legs" at the box office. So yes, they will likely go and see the movie anyway, but what's to stop them then from deciding to stick it to Al Horn and just wait for the DVD rather than go and see the movie again in theaters. Heck, in that case the DVD might actually come out sooner! Dedicated fans (who imo will actually want to see the movie on the big screen) aside, pirated copies that come out in next 11 month will likely keep casual fans from boosting the film's box office - they are the people who I think will opt to just wait for the DVD. Still, that's going to make a dent, especially in international markets where there are more casual fans (and/or fans of the movies who haven't read the books) and where pirated DVDs are easily accessible, and not too shabby in quality might I add. Finally, WB will obviously lose some good will from this stunt. Angry fans might not have the heart to boycott HBP, but they can certainly do so for other WB products. The negativity even the casual HP fan feels toward WB might come into play when they decide on whether to see a movie they're ambivalent toward, or decide between a WB movie or one by another studio (both being relatively equal, the WB association might logically become a tie-breaker). All these disadvantages are highlighted by the fact that HP is one of those movies that will do about the same regardless of when it's released - they same crowd will likely go see it, and the people who don't won't. I can't believe the WB execs would be so dumb as to not see all this, so my guess is they're willing to risk all the backlash/negative PR for whatever bump HBP can give to their summer quarterly. If that is the case, I guess they have no confidence in whatever other movies they have comeing out around that time ... how sad (guess there's no need in wasting money on those movies either!). Anyway, my bottomline, the impact/backlash might be slight ... but there will be one, from plenty of sources and for plenty of reasons. Hope it's worth it WB.

Melissa on Aug 16, 2008


I am so pissed about warner brothers decision to delay HBP. Obviously it is going to be hard for fans to not see the movie when it comes out, but here's some thing fans can do to still protest. Stop purchasing their items for one and don't see other warner brother movies. Another thing fans can do when the movie comes out is to wait a week and then go to the theater. Fans can then buy a ticket for another movie and then go see HBP instead. Movie theater employees don't check unless the film is sold out and there aren't enough seats so waiting a week will prevent getting kicked out. Do whatever it takes harry potter fans!!! Warner Brothers needs to pay for their mistake.

Kelly on Aug 16, 2008


Wow, people can be so ridiculous. Would they rather have a poorly made film come out and be enraged at that? Take all the time you need if it's going to result in a better film. Besides it's not like they want to do it, they have to, thanks to the writers strike. We all waited two years for the last book, we can't wait an extra 8 months for this? This is definitely a move for the betterment of the film and fans should look at it as such. I know I for one wouldn't want to show up in theaters in November and watch a two-hour-David-Yates-crapfest. Let's leave the filmmaking to the filmmakers, please.

Adrian on Aug 16, 2008


#96 - they are not pushing back the date to make the movie better. It is completely done and ready to be shown just about now. They're pushing back the date to next summer because of how well order of the phoenix did in the summer last year and because of already having a big film released this summer (The Dark Knight). They're money hungry pigs and they don't give a shit about their fans.

Chad on Aug 16, 2008


I can't wait to buy a ticket for a non-warner brothers movie in july and then see hbp instead. I hope tons of people do this. You've really messed up WB and you're gonna lose your money and your fans.

Tiff on Aug 16, 2008


The decision by WB seems quite clear - - - they think they will make more money by releasing the next Harry Potter film in 2009 rather than this year as planned. I do think the hardcore fan base will likely see it any time it is released; however, I also believe that many people who are less hardcore will choose to see something else (and considering the state of the economy some people will have to be a bit more choosy). Personally, if I can wait almost a year longer for the new Harry Potter film, I can wait for it to come out on DVD and simply buy it without going to the theatre at all. That personal decision will hardly put WB out of business, but they won't be getting my money at the box office. And I'll have less time to wait for the final installments of the HP franchise.

general2 on Aug 16, 2008


I totally agree with comment #99. I will for sure not be giving Warner Brothers my money at the box office. Whether if means waiting for it to come out on DVD or buying a ticket to another movie and sneaking into HBP. Wahoo comment number 100!! P.S. You suck WB!

Rachel on Aug 16, 2008


Has JKR commented on this yet? If all of her fans are hacked off I think she'd definately have an opinion about this.

Emma on Aug 16, 2008


No Harry Potter fan is going to boycott the film in July. The thing to do is to boycott all OTHER WB films between now and any release date for the HBP. I would also suggest not buying any WB dvds during that time as well.

Dan on Aug 16, 2008


As long as the movie is good, I can wait. I'd rather wait and have a fantastic movie to rebound after the disappointment that OotP was. Also, if WB takes the time to make HBP that much better, their revenue for Deathly Hallows will be that much better to finish off the series. I'd have to call bullshit on anyone seriously considering boycotting this movie simply because of a delay in the release date. If you're even considering not going to the movie just because of this, then I wouldn't really group you with the fan revenue that WB is counting on. I'd have to classify this as a huge overreaction by the community. Also, production companies don't exist to please fans. They exist to make money. Welcome to capitalism folks. It's a wonderful place, so enjoy the stay.

Will S. (Co Springs) on Aug 16, 2008


Actually Emma is right on the money. Fvcking Warners are the biggest and greediest of the studios and JKR nearly took the movies off them because the first cycle of toys were so bad. The way to get them is stay away from Warner product. All of it.

James on Aug 16, 2008


Of course they're greedy! They exist to make money! I don't understand where this naivety comes from. Did you all grow up in Soviet Russia? They have *NO* obligation to this fan base you speak of. Not a single bit. Their only goal, *only goal* is to make money off this movie. If you're not happy, don't see it. However, I intend to see it whenever it's good and ready to be seen. I don't see why everyone sees greed as negative....

Will S. (Co Springs) on Aug 16, 2008


I wonder if on the day of the Half Blood Prince movie release in July 2009 there will be protesters outside theatres protesting and convincing people that were about to buy tickets to turn around, go home, and support us. The purpose being to warn WB to never again delay a movie with a fan base as large as Harry Potter's and causing their profits for HBP to plummet. If that does happen, I will be there protesting. Hopefully our goal will be met and profit for the HBP film will plummet, hence causing those at WB to deeply regret there decision for the delay. Aw..I can taste the victory now..

Shareen on Aug 16, 2008


So they said that it would be more convenient to move the realease back. TRANSLATION: WE WANT MORE MONEY!!! They said they wanted to make the fans happier. TRANSLATION: WE WANT THE FANS TO PAY MORE MONEY!!! They said that the writer's strike was a factor in their decision. TRANSLATION: WE STILL WANT MORE MONEY, SO WE'RE GONNA BLAME THE WRITER'S STRIKE, WHICH HAS BEEN OVER FOR MONTHS!!! WB are a bunch of greedy bitches that don't seem to care about the fans. If they wanted the fans to be happy, then they would've kept the movie the way it is. This move prove that they don't care about the fans, when it's the fans that are giving them money and keeping them off the street. WB are underestimating that.

Marissa C. on Aug 16, 2008


Wow. People are delusional. 90% of people who will go see the movie aren't old enough to care. Sure, they'll be sad after hearing it. But they'll forget and move on. This will translate to a better release for HBP in my opinion. November looked really bloated to me, with Madagascar, Bolt, and Harry Potter. With Twilight filling HP's spot, I'd wager it's not moving back. More reiteration: WB doesn't have to care about the fans. All you people will still see the movie. Or at least buy the DVD.

Will S. (Co Springs) on Aug 16, 2008


WB no longer gives a damn about its fanbase. Back in January they dropped the bombshell that they were pulling the plug on support for HD DVD, essentially destroying the format after hundreds of thousands of players had sold for Christmas. It was quickly discovered that they had been paid off by Sony to the tune of half a BILLION dollars to rid them of this competition to Blu-Ray. They agreed to this payola despite being under contract with Toshiba to support the HD DVD format through May (which they did anyway, yet their dropping the format began a chain reaction that inevitably killed HD DVD). When Warren Lieberfarb was running the company, Warner was the benchmark for customer service and forward thinking with their major push toward DVD and aggressive pricing...now they couldn't care less about their customers.

BobbyB on Aug 16, 2008


I'm also concerned how the WB has damaged their image with this latest news. I just wanted to provide an update about the petition. It currently has about 24,000 signatures and counting. Harry Potter fans who want to take action can find it at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/harrypotter6 . The petition message now also has the link to the other major campaign, to send Howlers to the WB to urge them to reinstate the November 21 release date. Hopefully this will make a difference!

Lora on Aug 16, 2008


i plan to boycott all warner movies until potter #6 comes out, this will matter a bit, because i am talking about 5 tickets per movie (whole family)

v pagano on Aug 16, 2008


Here's the thing: WB chairman Alan Horn (who is persona non grata in HP nerds hearts) has stated: "The picture is completely, absolutely, 100 percent on schedule, on time. There were no delays," Horn told The Associated Press. "I've seen the movie. It is fabulous. We would have been perfectly able to have it out in November." If there was some problem in editing, Potter fans would be, for the most part, alright with it. We all want good film to reflect JKR's genius, but this is simply for monetary gain. WB has gotten all the money they need for this year from Dark Knight. They want to make sure 2009 works out alright, so they loved HP to July. I hate to reffer to Kathy Griffin's crude terminolgy, but in this case there's not much else to say- Suck it, WB. We've got the books. We know what happens. Say good-bye to any success for the rest of this year, and hope we'll forgive you by the time the film comes out, or you'll have to rely soley on DVD sales. Don't mess with Potter fans, bitch.

Callie on Aug 16, 2008


Why don't you silly whingers take a very cold shower and get a reality check. Warner Bros is not a charity set up to provide entertainment for losers who appear to have a warped sense of reality. When you boys and girls grow up to be big boys and girls you will understand how any business needs to maximise their profits. Go and study your school homework and with a lot of luck you may learn something that will help you in your future working life. Get out of your trailer parks and do some volunteer work in your community. See if you can add value to your environment. Go to some of the warzones in the world and tell people that are living there who are suffering terrible hardships how important it is that Harry Potter the movie has been delayed. You complaining people are a foolish and selfish minority and your hypocritical opinions will change absolutely nothing about the way Warner Bros runs their business and nor should they. Get real. What on earth are you self-centred "live for the moment" people going to do when the series of movies have all ended. I guess you could hire Cinderella or Mary Poppins on DVD. Many thanks to all the people who claim that they will boycott future WB movies. There will be less bogans talking and texting through the movies and rustling crisp packets to bother me.

Chris on Aug 16, 2008


Chris post 114: It's cute that you like name calling, but let's think for a moment (I know it's exciting, but calm down)- While you're busy in the war zones and being Super-Volunteer (as I assume you are, lest you seem like the selfish, close-minded hypocrites you claim we all are), we're being annoyed at something. Go figure. I'll bet even you find some things annoying- rising gas prices, philandering politicians, a shortage of those sweet orange reflective vests you wear while you selflessly pick up trash on the side of the high-way. I'm sure you don't have time to read (what with those distractions in the war-zones!), but these books are pretty bomb. We like them, we're involved. We're disapointed when there's a delay in something that conects us to them, especially something as large as a film. Understandable, the fan-psychos are still out there, and some are pretty ridiculous. However: This is more than just some sad feelings over a long-awited movie delay. It is the blatant, unapologetic nature in which they did it. They've already spent millions in adversitzing for the fall, they are still playing trailers with the original release date on them. They made this announcement hardly than three months before the preimier. That's smart business sense? The moral issue here- yanking something out from people's feet SOLEY for monetary gain, without even trying to cover it up, without an apology or bat of an eye-lash- is absurd. Surely even you can understand it. Perhaps that's just the trailer-park mentality, or perhaps we haven't read all the word problems in our homework correctly, but you cannot dare call us hypocrites for finding the behavior of WB unaccetable. In fact, I question your morals if you find this any thing but deceptive and greedy. Condescend all you like, Chris, but I think you'll find the majority of us do know what we're talking about (however ineloquently many have stated it). That's one good thing about those dumb Harry Potter books- they teach us some good lessons. Take your morals to the war zone.

Callie on Aug 16, 2008


I'll challenge your own morals Callie. What sort of twisted world do you live in where a corporation has some sort of duty to it's shareholders other than to deliver a profit to it's shareholders? These companies exist for one purpose, and one purpose only: profit. This behavior isn't "unacceptable". It's good business. Why wouldn't they milk a movie for all it's worth? I'm not saying this is a smart business decision for them. I'd agree with Alex in saying that Harry Potter doesn't feel like a summer movie, as it takes place during the school year and Christmas seems more appropriate. I'm simply challenging your naive and psuedo-altruistic thought process.

Will S. (Co Springs) on Aug 16, 2008


Potter Protest Day Myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?... So, today is the obviously the worst day of the summer for us Potter fans. Even worse than the wait for the HBP teaser trailer, which I have to say for me, was worth the wait ! Today, is also the day the WB sunk lower than low. Today, Warner Brothers has basically called us a bunch of Idiots to our faces !!! They have basically said we are such stupid fangirls/fanboys that we will flock to a movie no matter when then decide to release it . They've said we'll move HBP back to JULY,so our already billion dollar company can make even more money. And OH! This will work because you know those kids that love the series, the characters, the plot, and the author whole- heartdly will come no matter when its released !!!! (And Ive even heard from a friend, there doing this to make room for the Dark Knight so it can continue to earn the big bucks, through November and maybe earn more than Titanic, but thats just a rumor !) To me, this is UNFORGIVEABLE !!!!!!!!!! The movie is done, finished, post production has been completed as scheduled. Thats what makes this even more annoying... the movie is COMPLETELY done, yet their sitting on it for 9 months. They're not editing it, fixing it, buffing it up, nothing. The movie they have now is the same thing we"ll be watching nearly a year from now. That is most disturbing part !! So because of blatant attempt by WB to make us look like fools,I purpose we as fans show the WB we are not pushovers and hit them where it hurts !!! The box office !!!! I will sign these petition floating around, even though we all know from years of experience this will go nowhere. So I say we dont see the movie !!! Before you turn a deaf ear!!! Please hear me out !!!!! Because I know all of us as Potter fans will still go and see the movie , but I purpose not one fan but a ticket for opening night of the movie !!!!! We Have, i believe 355 more days whats one more ???? That means no midnight releases and NO FRIDAY SHOWS AT ALL !!!!! Because if you think about it opening night is one of the most important nights of opening weekend !!! We would be proving a point to the WB that we, the fans and customer, should have a say in the movies !!!!

Saliym C. on Aug 16, 2008


-shrugs- I suppose I shouldn't be spending tens of thousands of dollars on business school when I can learn everything I need on Internet quasi-chat boards. Naive I may be, but if a business behaves the way WB has in this endeavor, they won't get my business. Like I sad- I've already read the books, I know what happens.

Callie on Aug 16, 2008


#105 Will S You would have a wonderful argument....only if you didnt just state the reason the fans are upset. Nobody said we didnt understand what they were tryin to do or what kind of society we live! In fact about 100 people just stated what you stated.....ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. But what you have to understand is WE PAY THE MONEY. If the people with buying power arent happy, then they cant maximize the profit! Its called a non-price determinate, and in this case it will cause the demand for this movie to shift negatively! little econ101 & 102 for you! ANd you defending a company who really doesnt give a fuck about you defending them is pointless silly goose

Ohio Knight on Aug 16, 2008


The movie will be pushed back by nearly a year and it will still be rushed because Yates is directing . After the horrible job he did with OOTP I hope he gets canned after this debacle

Navin T. on Aug 16, 2008


@120 Just devil's advocate at this point really. I'm just tryin' to point out that this really didn't anger that many people. I'm not sure if this'll maximize their profits, but I don't see this making a huge difference. There aren't that many hardcore fans that will actually care enough to boycott this. The people who even visit a site like this and give their opinion tend to give a skewed representation. Families who couldn't give a damn when it comes out will be the majority of this movie's revenue.

Will S. (Co Springs) on Aug 17, 2008


What's wrong with greed? haha are you thinking clearly-if Warner Bros decided it was better to move the movie they should never had made November the official release month-not wait until 3 months before the "x" official release date, and then said it was basically to make more money (look at The Dark Knight) then they make it sound like it is a good thing-"hey it will just shorten the time before the next Harry Potter movie" It is a slap in the face of the fans and frankly I am boycotting the movie-How would you like it if say Jk rowling had said the last book will be November and then said you know I think I can make more money if I wait longer so I'll release it in a year-she wouldn't have done that and the only reason movies get moved is because of technical, writing, etc, not to make more money-they could have not said anything and then decided, but this did not happen. Boycott, e-mail WB, sign on-line petitions let your voice be heard. don't be sheep and decide" Oh well I'll just blindly follow WB and do what they tell me.

Jim C on Aug 17, 2008


Come on WB do you seriously think you will make more money by delaying release? Fans will descend in hoards whatever the release date, you will make no more money in July than November so why risk alienating the very people who are already lining your ridiculously bulging pockets and huge bank accounts? And to snub a charity for pure greed is lower than low- shame on you!!

Kath on Aug 17, 2008


Come on folks seriously...Warner Brothers have made a fantastic BUSINESS DECISION...and at the end of the day that's what they are...a business. And they're not a type of business who need to be nice to people to get their custom, people will go to see that film even if it comes out in three years time! Seriously, if you were on the board at WB and someone was like oh by the way if u release this a few months later you'll make millions more, you would do it. They don't have a contract with harry potter fans being like oh we must get this film to you asap. Why can't people be a bit more patient, that's the problem with the world these days, noone has any patience. It's a film...noone has died. Get on with it and enjoy it when it comes out. Cause lets be honest...noones really going to boycott it, well not enough for it to have any effect on the box office takings. And those who do, well it's their loss. Eight months isn't that far away!

Getagripguys on Aug 17, 2008


Definitely the worst week of my life for various reasons, and this has topped it off. Surely the WB realise how long an extra 8 months actually is to some poeple? Alot can change in that space of time.

emma louise on Aug 17, 2008


#126 to make more money they have to please the fans. Clearly people are angry and wont go see it. Sure some people will but not as many as November since they basically spit in the face of the fans. Horrible business move. 8 months is far when its already been a year and its 8 months from the original release date which is a year from now!

Ohio Knight on Aug 17, 2008


To send your opinion to WB and other top dogs go here http://pottersorder.blogspot.com It's cutely named Dumbledore's Army.

Lolly on Aug 17, 2008


I am extremely disappointed that Warner Brothers has chosen to release this movie later. The fact that they have reported that the film is already finished proves that it is not editing and polishing that needs to be done it is a purely financial reason! And yes Cain, we all understand that this may be a sound reason for lots of companies but not a company such as Time Warner who have their fingers in so many pies it's hardly going to make a difference. The fact also that the industry is a bit 'light' on good films coming out next summer is the fault of the industry not the people who ultimately provide the income to said 'industry'. Start making better quality films and rehashing things that have been done before. Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince is as we know the 6th film in the series. It is unlikely that people who have not seen the previous films by now are going to suddenly feel inspired to see this one! This is a series which relies heavily on it's fan base, the majority of whom have anticipated every movie release with excitement. So it is inevitable that such news has been received with passionate protest. I myself felt very strongly about it when I first heard the news and still do. Over the last few years I have noticed that people are not going to the cinema much any more , probably since the 'Home Theatre' and DVD has become so popular. This is another reason why Warner should have been more thoughtful, people hopefully will stick with what they have said and not go to the movies and wait till it comes out on DVD. I myself will do this.

Rebecca on Aug 17, 2008


WB MOVE IT BACK! I mean 8 MONTHS?!?!?! I feel that a few would have been exceptable but EIGHT?!?! That's what is the problem and don't give me this TWILIGHT shit either.

Ryan on Aug 17, 2008


Why dont they move bond and another film?? bond will make good money....but NO they have to take the most highly waited film of the year and completely ruin it for the fans.... 8 FUCKING MONTHS!!!!!!...... I just dont get it WHY WARNER BROS WHY ....EVERYONE WATCH IT ON PIRATE WHEN IT COMES OUT DONT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!

LUKE on Aug 17, 2008


I don't care anymore. With this latest shennanigans by WB I lost all interest. My children and I (six kids) have been huge Potter fans from the beginning. I even felt that WB did a superb job with the first three movies. GoF was ok, not great but ok. However, OoTP was horrible. I was gnashing my teeth after that movie. Why is it so hard to stick to an already written, incredible story? Hmm? The wizards duel at the end (which took chapters in the book) took all of what, two minutes in the movie? Sheesh. Okay, time to regroup. Moving forward to HBP. Here was an opportunity for WB to redeem itself in the eyes of Potter fans. But again, fans would be disappointed. No specific dates for trailer releases were announced until very late. Movie stills were few and far between until recently. But the fans stayed loyal.... until now. This fan, and her six kids will not be giving WB anymore money for Harry Potter. This fan, and her six kids will enjoy the books because that is where the true magic lies. A gigantic thank you to J K Rowling, and a gigantic rude gesture to WB.

Daisy on Aug 17, 2008


I wanted WB to redeem themselves oh so badly after that horrible excuse for a fifth movie. They RUINED my FAVORITE book in the series in my eyes. Now, however, they were on the track to redemption. WRONG. My friend told me what WB did and I thought she was joking. SURELY, WB wouldn't be THAT stupid? The Harry Potter fanbase is loyal to HARRY POTTER and JK Rowling, NOT WB, which they grossly underestimated. I have decided to forgo the sixth movie and, as an English Major, encourage my friends and family to stick to the books. If WB had decided to forgo the release date this year because they wanted to make changes or whatnot, YES! I would have been behind that, ANYTHING to make it better ... even if it showed how inept they were at their jobs. But no, it's for money ... *sigh* What else is new? Honestly, a bigger and BETTER movie has taken HBP's place on November 21st. I am talking "Twilight" which, from clips and reviews, and the fact that the AUTHOR AND CREATOR SIGNED OFF ON A BUNCH OF THE ADDED MATERIAL, looks to be a better rendition of a book, better than WB has EVER achived with the Harry Potter franchise. I'm getting off track. What I am saying is I would LOVE for Harry Potter to be returned to the original release date because, even if HBP gets it's date back, and Twilight is originally returned the the December 12th release date, that is NOTHING compare to a YEAR! Think about it, how do you explain to my nine year old sister exactly WHY WB did this? It's been three days and I still cannot figure out an answer.

Daisy's (#133) Daughter Becca Shmeka on Aug 18, 2008


I could not believe it when i heard that the movie was to be delayed until next year!!!! Its an outrage and i don't care if people think that the fans are making a big deal....its because it is! Considering how long we have all been waiting for half blood prince to come out...and now we have to wait even longer. What i don't understand is why Warner Bros. believes that it will not be a box office hit if its released in november. Haven't all the Harry Potter movies been released around this time? And they have all done extremely well. And maybe WB doesn't owe the fans anything...but even so I am appalled that they have not even considered how this decision would be received. They have no good reason to delay the films...the writes strike really has nothing to do with it. For everyone that is telling the fans to get over it and who cares...well i dont know why you even bother writing on this discussion board. Quite frankly, if you didnt care, you wouldn't have even read the article in the first place. Fans have a right to be angry and nothing anyone can say will convince us otherwise.

Emma on Aug 18, 2008


The people that are oh so "superior" & make comments about it being "no big deal" & "it's only a film" etc etc make me sick. Try telling a child who's eagerly awaiting this film that it's a business & there's nothing wrong with trying to make more money! I hope none of you who are making such patronising comments have to care for a (possibly terminally) sick child who may not BE here next year. Dramatic? Maybe. True? Definitely - I personally KNOW of one child where this is the case & that is one too many. But of course in some peoples eyes, these kids don't matter. They're only fans.

Gillian on Aug 18, 2008


OMG......this is sooooo not fair, i think this negative reaction coming from the fans should ( i hope) be enough to change WB minds about rescheduling the movie. I'm soo pissed i was going to watch it for my birthday on the 24th. Guess i will have to settle for something else. Although if they really are looking for success they should release it at the original date because it would be the biggest movie of the autumn, and so many people would go watch it for thanksgiving too. Now i have to wait for a whole 8 months. Or maybe WB will scrap it all together........ Stupid selfish Ass-wipes.

Neha on Aug 18, 2008


I find it interesting, that the majority of the non-HP fans display.... less than stellar... punctuation/grammar/spelling. Just sayin'. 🙂

bozoconnors on Aug 18, 2008


I will say that I have just become a Potter fan. I never read any of the books, but have seen all the movies that are out there. I can watch them over and over again, and not get sick of them. After watching Order of the Phoenix, I could NOT wait to see how the story goes, so i bought the remaining 2 books. Read them both in under a week. Could not put them down if my life depended on it. Now that I know how it ends.. I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE THESE MOVIES! Yes I'm greatly and utterly - Pissed, disappointed, angry and sad... but that will NOT stop me from seeing these movies whenever they come out. I will be in my 30's byt the time DH pt2 comes out, but thats not gonna stop me from seeing it. Regardless the reason WB had for postponing, there is going to be other movies that will come out that they will feel might be a threat. I remember the days when movies didn't compete for titles, and people made movies for us, the fans. Now it is greedy and about ratings and money. I may not be a TRUE HP Fan, I may not even KNOW what a real HP fan is to entale... But I can tell you, I will NOT be boycotting any of these movies. I don't care when they come out, as long as the actually DO come out... I will be watching them. You will find me at the theatre in JULY watching HBP. IT will be great BDay movie to go see for my son's birthday. For the record, I love ALL the books, and ALL the movies.

Kelli on Aug 18, 2008


the explanation from Warner's has got to be the dumbest ever - even though both this and Madasgascar 2 in IMAX were neck to neck in release, they should have just waited a month or so but a wait til July - UGGGGGHHHHH! stupid, stupid, stupid decision.

Jonathan G on Aug 18, 2008


During my browsing of this website... The titles of movies coming out next year - Another Underworld, Friday the 13th (remake), Wolfman, Wolverine, Another Night at the Museum, another Fast and Furious, A-Team, Tansformers 2, Ice Age 3, then GI joe... and that is to name a few. then when DH pt1 comes out... you will have Iron Man2 and probably most of the other Marvel comic movies (Thor, Capt. America, etc). If WB expect's to not compete with something they are blind. My personal dream would be to see HBP come out in Jan 08, DH pt1 in July 08, DH pt2 in December 08. That way they can overpower the box office as one gigantic franchise. If that's what they are aiming for then that is what they need to do. Next year looks to be like a good year to go to theatres (finally), but they are not going to top out as the highest movie. Make the fans happy! Do something for the people that get you MONEY into your pockets and just put the movie in theatres!!!! SOON!

The Movie Lover on Aug 18, 2008


To everyone who pointed out that WB made a business decision to make them more money: you're absolutely correct. It's a business decision, we live in a capitalistic economy. BUT: fans have every right to complain about this decision. If we accept that this is a business decision (nothing immoral about wanting to make more money), then, logically, think about the following: If you have a bad experience on an airline, you will complain to that airline, because you expect good service that you pay for. If you have a bad experience at a restaurant, you will complain, because you expect good service that you pay for. The list can go one, but you get the idea. Now, with regard to WB and HBP, fans of the series have been paying their hard earned money to watch the movies in the theater, to buy the DVDs and all kinds of movie-related stuff for years. WB announced to release the latest movie in November 2008. Three months before the expected release, they pull a fast one and delay the release until July 2009. Fans are upset, because they've been paying for their HP movies and stuff for years, and they expect this service from WB: that the movie be released when it was originally planned. Right now, WB is not providing that service, so of course fans are upset. WB has every right to make this decision, of course, as you pointed out. But, logically, the fans who are now not receiving this service have every right to complain about it, and threaten not to put their money into the franchise anymore. That's capitalism also. So, no need to call the upset fans "entitled". They just want what they've been paying for all these years.

Gotcha on Aug 18, 2008


I'm defiintely disapointed at the release date move but this means WB better make the best movie possible. And that's that. If the movie is being delayed it better be great.

Kyle on Aug 18, 2008


i think, warnwr is doin it because of money, looks like watchmen and terminator salvation are going to suck, they maybe even change realease date of watchmen due it's legal issues, but that doesn't justify it, im very pissed, so i wont go see watchmen and terminator, i don't like it but the only way to remind them who we are in not going to see harry potter 6, i won't go, i'm sure that if they make a lot of money they'll do the same with deathly hallows. So fuck warner.

Incubo on Aug 18, 2008


I have to agree with everyone who is pissed off... I was soooooooo looking forward to this Harry Potter movie, since like forever.... I've been counting the days away until November. Now I find out that changed to next year... At first I was like what the fuck, when did this happend... Then I was like this is a sick joke, but it turns out that its all so true... Wow....how could WB wait so late to tell us... To me it is just b*ll-shit and if its about making more money, then they are very sad greedy, mother f*ckers, who should be smacked by all fans with all the Harry Potter books.... Here the thing, if they are going to make the movie better, then I'm all for it. So far I have enjoyed all the movies, but was and is still disappointed with how many great characters they have left out of the movie, that made the books for good. Just to make the movie short or something.... W/B needs to make the fans smile again, the only movie that I can say made most of my friends and me smile, is the first Harry Potter movie. W/B if you are going to make all the fans wait longer and the movie is again displeasing, then count me and my friends out for your last Harry Potter. Don't makes us wait for another speed through the book results, we want a great movie, that true to the books... Thanks for all the let downs so far...keep it up....it may do great for other movie companies, who make there deadlines......

Ms.Virgo29 on Aug 18, 2008


If they wait till next summer, I will wait till it comes out on DVD to see it. Too many good movies coming out next summer to waste time on another so so Potter movie.

Will on Aug 19, 2008


i am furious!!!!. i was really looking forward to it. It an out rage. I dont want to seem sad or anything but im really pissed off!!!

sarah adrain on Aug 19, 2008


It appears that the Dark Knight generated a lot more revenue than WB anticipated and they are concerned with tax implications of too much revenue in calendar year 2008. Smart business move but sucks for the fans.

Fletch on Aug 19, 2008


obviously you can be mad . im extremely mad myself, but why would you boycott a movie your dying to see ? with out a doubt all of you guys are gonna end up watching it . and wanting to make money isnt greedy . its something everyone wants so stop calling warner bros selfish and greedy . and think about it, if the movie comes out in 2008 then you will have to wait 2 years for the 7th movie . and there wont be any books or anything to occupy yourself . but it it comes out in 2009 theyll be less of a wait for the 7th movie .

Bishakha on Aug 19, 2008


LOL - the reason they don't care about fans complaining is because for all the bluster you'll all go see the movie. The people who don't care that much about Harry Potter are the reason they moved the release. WB have already invested the money - they're now paying interest on that investment and the quicker they get their money back the less they lose. It must be a damn compelling reason.

Tim on Aug 20, 2008


Assholes. I was looking forward to Harry Potter and I got Twilight instead? When will they realize that dates don't matter to fans - when we want to see it, we will see it. If not, then too bad. Those sitting on the fence won't make a huge difference. Such a highly anticipated film like H6 is not going to lose any viewers by having a November date. If TDK premiered in November, do you think it would have made anyone less excited about it? Absolute vile, these avaricious pigs.

anonymous on Aug 20, 2008


As fans we must unite! Don't let WB's evil corporation greed ruin something that was made for us! I say we fight back and unite as ONE ARMY...DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY!Please check out and sign the PETITION I have set up! Please pass along to others! http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/HalfBloodPrinceUNITED WE FIGHT!

Adam Chitwood on Aug 20, 2008


I am a die-hard Harry Potter fan. When I heard of the new movie's postponement, I literally felt my stomach turn in disapointment. However, I don't think its right to call for boycotts and petitions without knowing the real reasons behind the delay. If Warner Brothers is merely taking time to perfect the movie, I think the delay is legitimate. But if Warner Brothers is simply trying to exploit the opportunity to release during the summer movie season to increase revenue, at the expense of the fans, I definitely think a strongly worded letter is in order.

Cullen on Aug 20, 2008


You write them a letter telling them you want to see the next HP movie! Do IT a big nasty letter. I've never seen so much hype about a little feel good story before. Oh, wait there was one about a guy named Jesus. Well, I cannot wait to STOP hearing about this fucking series. It is like Star Trek.

Carl Marx on Aug 20, 2008


Genocide, hunger, war, poverty, and dozens of other worthwhile topics, and you losers are "boycotting" and getting pissed off because you have to wait 6 extra months to see a movie? Pathetic. Go find something worth your time to get this worked up about.

joel on Aug 20, 2008


Joel, why don't you go deal with all the genocide, hunger, war, poverty that you mentioned instead of posting threads telling people off for voicing their opinions?

emma on Aug 20, 2008


Foolishness, stupidity, mental retardation and dozens of other mental problems affecting your brain, Joel, and you still find the time to enter a post that doesn't concern you at all (cause you probably are a Twilight fan and you are happy that you get to see your piece of shit movie early), and post a stupid thread to piss off already pissed off fans? Please dude, the only loser and pathetic is you, so why don't you get a gun, put it against your head and pull the trigger, you won't end poverty, hunger or any war, but you'll rid the world of your stupidity, and that is worthwhile.

Fernando on Aug 20, 2008


I am utterly disgusted by this news. I, along with many of my friends, was incredibly excited for the new release this year. Yes, I was more than aware we'd have to wait two years for another release, but at least it was expected. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been scheduled for a November 2008 release since its production began. The studio knew very well what they were getting into, especially filming during the writer's strike. They knew that they would be pushed for time if they wanted to finish a perfect film. Yet every schedule went as planned. They even released a teaser trailer only a few weeks ago, which would make you think that the movie release date was set in stone. WRONG! It seems as if the studio thinks they know us fans better than they really do. Although I'll still support the next movie, I'm sure many others will not. I'm very upset that this is happening. I only hope that Warner Bros. seriously re-thinks their flawed decision and decides to move the release date back to November.

Marrion on Aug 21, 2008


well i must admit, this news is a huge blow, because now ther are no more books, how does warner brothers expect to keep fans interested when they cant deliver another movie, we are all antsy for book sevens movie release, and now they push back sixs book.. if they intend to make money they need to deliver, so i can understand the anger towards it, but we arent the ones making it so, we also dont have a say either.... but they do need to consider that they have already gotten everyone excited about it, and looking for it

Camille on Aug 22, 2008


"No one wants a rushed film with rushed visual effects and editing." exactly what i thought. As a rabid HP fan I was disappointed with the release date, but true fans will wait. As the saying goes; good things will come to those who wait! and SERIOUSLY isnt Warner Bros making ENOUGH money with other movies? Come on, "holy crap HP wont be out until next year, we're gonna lose SOOO much money..." *eye roll*

Trevino on Aug 22, 2008


I for one at least want to know the REAL reason it was pushed back. If it is for technical reasons (ie editing, special effects, etc.) then fine, but if it is for marketing, or economic reasons then it is absolutely ridiculous. I read one theory on the day it was announced, which makes a strange kind of sense, but if it is the real reason I fear it will create even more backlash. This theory is basically that the November release date is right in the middle of the run of Daniel Radcliffe's play "Equus" in which he appears nude. Warner Brothers is rumored to be leery of negative media coverage about "Harry Potter" appearing nude in a broadway play at the same time a new Potter film is released. Personally, I don't care...the kid is old enough to make his own decisions. If the media asks questions about Equus during the Potter hype then just ignore those questions, most of the hype will have died down about Equus at that point anyway I figure. We as fans have a right to know WTF is going on!

Mike on Aug 23, 2008


How have WB treated the fans generally well? By sucking them dry of their cash? By separating the 7th book into 2 films, meaning $20 to see it? Harry Potter movies are for the sheeple who like contradictory but colourful childish stories.

Jimmy on Aug 23, 2008


I cant understand why everyone is so pissed about the release date of "The Half-Blood Prince"....sure it means that we will have to wait an extra 8 months...but in all honesty the only thing i can see that people could complain about his having to go through 8 months of school and work before getting to see it...all in all the film will be better than it wud if released in november...and i for one would rather see a better movie than a rushed one...there will be better films this year all round...I'm a huge HP fan dont get me wrong, but with films such as "Prince of Persia" said to be hitting the screen as well as "Gears of War" why complain?!... On the splitting of the "Deathly Hallows" i can say but one thing....that this is a good move on the part of WB...having realised dat the only way they wud do this film justice is to release it in two parts the film makers will be able to consentrate on all aspects of the book...missing out on very little with which to annoy us... Calm down Fans of HP...It will be released...better now than it wud have been....and dont kid yourselves saying that you will boycott it when released...the wait will prove excrusiating for you...and that alone will cause you, on its final release to be one of the first in line...

Jordan from Ireland... on Aug 24, 2008


Obviously you don't read the news Jordan from Ireland. Even Warner Brothers admitted that they are moving the release date because summertime releases seem to make more money. The movie is done RIGHT NOW. Completely done. It won't be touched at all. So don't open your idiotic mouth and start blabbing about HP fans freaking out and about the movie being made better bc of the delay. If you're going to leave a freaking comment on here it better be AGAINST Warner Brothers not for them. Get it right people.

Trisha on Aug 24, 2008


oh noes!!!! i was really looking forward to seeing harry potter this year

Anna on Aug 24, 2008


im just glad they didnt release quantum of solace at another time. who cares about harry potter

Susan Q. on Aug 24, 2008


@ susan q. they did push back quantum of solace becuase of hp's absence, but only for a week so its comin out nov 14. not nov 7. it's not a big deal but i thought ppl would like to know. so i guess no madagascar vs. bond head 2 head anyomre

LeeMan on Aug 24, 2008


Kick um in the opening weekend balls and boycott opening weekend !!! See it a week later,,, boy WB would crap their pants. Lol

790 on Aug 24, 2008


Lol, I am loving the Harry Potter fans freaking out. Makes me laugh even harder. I guess they don't understand that movie companies aren't these glorious entities out there making all these movies just for our entertainment because they are some kind benefactors. They are there to make a buck off the need of entertainment. Hell, I love movies as much as the next man, but these sorts of things happen all of the time. No petition or amount of internet Wahhhmbulance is gonna change a money grubbing execs order.

mrsatan on Aug 24, 2008


mrsatan, if fans of the film boycott the opening weekend it will impact the studio like a bad Hemmeroid. You suck btw.

790 on Aug 24, 2008


I would like to know the reason. I find it kind of strange. I mean everything was on track. It seems to be a strangely late and large amount of time to wait. It seems mostly marketing inspired. In my opinion this next movie is based on the best book so I don't mind if they take their time. What what catastrophe caused a 8 month delay. That's just weird. If it is marketing then I would be upset and rightfully so. It would mean a delay for no good reason. If it was an additional scene or a modified one, there is a perfect excuse for additional content on the DVD for that reason. It just seems peculiar to me. Who am I kidding though? I will be there opening night. I am a true fan of the series regardless of whatever executive head is up an arse.

HektikLyfe on Aug 25, 2008


The reason why WB is pushing Harry Potter back is because The Dark Knight did so well. They don't your Muggles money. If they released HP this year they have no product for next year. Plus The Dark Knight did so well if they released HP next they will most definitely post a lost in revenue. That won't look good. TDK is the best fanboy movie ever. Batman would kick Harry Potter Candy-Magic @$$ all over the screen.

Will on Aug 25, 2008


This is the first article I've read in a long time that made me so mad I had to walk away from the computer for a while... I realize that getting so angry is illogical, but being such an adamant Harry Potter fan for nine years (that's about half of my lifetime) leads me to a very emotional outburst. I know that, in the long run, making the last three movies closer together will be more enjoyable. So... I doubt I'll boycott anyone. I've already purchased the films on DVD, and many of the video games (as badly made as they are) so it's not like Warner Brother's hasn't already put their hole in my pocket. I would ask fellow fans to simply take solace in their books and their community here on-line and try not to let 8 months feel like an eternity in their minds.

Val on Aug 26, 2008


please move it back. if u think ur gaining money ur wrong because with this move u will see a dramatic fall in ur profits so i suggest u change ur mind before it gets too late !

luca on Aug 27, 2008


I feel that we should be patient and let Warner Brothers do what they do best. The people who know a lot more about this sort of thing than we all do (however begrudged we are to admit it) are sure its for the best so lets all be satisfied with all of the brilliant novels and films we have to read from the epic saga. I for one would prefer to see a perfect film eight months after everyone has seen a mediocre rushed version. Chin up fellow movie goers.

Ross McKelvie on Aug 27, 2008


wow, its just a movie. im sure you have all read the book allready so its not like the movie is that big of a deal. Im my opinion the books are way better than the movies anyway. Use your imaginations people. As far as boycotting the movie that you can't wait to see or blaming WB for pushing back the date to try and make money. Who cares? Don't you have something better to do with your time. Quit sitting on your fat asses on the computer all day and go outside for a bit, take up a hobby, go for a job. Quit worrying about a stupid movie.

catherine on Aug 27, 2008


Hey Catherine! Why don't you go and have a group sex experience? Instead of sitting in your fat ass, let somebody stuff your ass and pussy and please put a cock in your mouth while you wank another two, so you stop complaining out loud and don't type anymore bullshit. Believe me, we don't need it. If we didn't have jobs I doubt WB would have made more than 4 Billion dollars box office already with the 5 movies so far. Don't throw anymore gas on the fire, It'll explode in your fucking face!!!

Fernando on Aug 27, 2008


Tisk, tisk...CAIN #42...first of all, it would not be a small percentage of the fans being disappointed. Have you looked around? This has upset people all over. I really don't think you can say that the fans don't have any sort of entitlement since they are the ones making the movies such successes (like HP5 $292,004,738 in the first 5 days). You simply sound annoyed that you have to read about it because people are talking about it EVERYWHERE. Well, guess what? You don't have to read about it. No one is forcing you. People like you only make it worse. Please stop whining. Plus, everyone who says Warner Bros is greedy is right. They are releasing it next year because you say they don't have very many movies to put out. That says they are doing it for the money. PS: This note is also for all those other people who are obviously not fans, who are whining only because they have nothing better to do. Get a life please. Anyway, it is not just the release that I, and I'm sure a lot of other people are angry about. I am angry because of the move and because there was supposed to be a tour focusing on the release in London. I've already bought the airfare and now no tour. It is really frustrating.

Victoria on Aug 29, 2008


jimmy - you sound like a wank who can't read

boon on Aug 30, 2008


I love the HP series and am personally upset by the delay, but to put a positive note out there Twilight with be coming out a full three weeks earlier because of the delay.

Edward Lover on Aug 31, 2008


Also take into consideration they have every right to want more money. Do you have any idea how much money is poured into one of these movies. Do any of you have any idea the kind of money it takes to make a movie with this many special effects? If they need more money to maybe make the next movie then they have every right to push it back.

Edward Lover on Aug 31, 2008


people need to drive these fuckers crazy til they change it back to Winter 2008. Send letters, which are more effective, to: Alan F. Horn (I can guess what the "F" stands for) c/o Warner Bros. Studios 4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91522 Right now, it is no big deal to these fuckers, but if they are bombarded with 1000s of letters via the post office, they might get irritated enough to listen. Either way, since we are pissed, the least we can do is annoy them. They are even publishing in their magazines(Entertainment Weekly) that are owned by the same parent company, that Harry Potter fans are okay with this and have accepted their bullshit decision! I guess they think that if they tell us we are not pissed then we are dumb enough to believe them. I hope others will join me in sending letters to this fucker who was very dismissive of our anger with his dumbass decision. Oh! others who are doing this are using red envelopes to represent howlers. But thats not required. I am mailing an average of at least 5 letters a day. I can hold a grudge and believe me, Warner Bros. is at the top of my SHIT LIST! I even made a TSHIRT at Zazzle.com protesting the change in date. You can find it under the username "kandykahne." Or you may just do a search for"Harry Potter Owls." You will see it.

Aimee on Sep 1, 2008


OKAY just saying don't attack me but what's done is done and I don't think HP can compete with Twilight right now anyway. The saga is huge so maybe it's for the better and you will live for 8 months now you have something to look forward to next summer.

Edward Lover on Sep 2, 2008


Edward lover, you come here to make fun of us and yet you ask for no attacks? FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING TEENAGER PIECE OF SHIT!!!! What a great consolation!!! Twilight is coming earlier!!! FUCK YOU AND YOUR CHEESY TURD MOVIE!!!! Take the twilight movie and shove it up your pussy, you cunt!!! And How retarded can you be? WB doesn't have the money to shoot Deathly Hallows? You are a fucking retard!!! From now on keep your retarded comments on the fucking twilight post, don't piss us off anymore!!!

Fernando on Sep 2, 2008


Fernando, first of all I am NOT making fun of anyone. I am just as big an HP fan as you are. Second of all I have just as much right to be here as you do. And third I didn't mean to say WB doesn't have the money I am just saying that it is EXTREMELY expensive to make a movie like that. So you can take your dirty comments somewhere else if you are gonna be like that. I am a die hard twilight fan and nothing you say about the movie or me is gonna change that.

Edward Lover on Sep 2, 2008


Please, just shut the fuck up, and given that you are such a die hard twilight fan please go to post your stupid comments at their fansites, there you can meet dozens of retarded girls just like you and masturbate together thinking about Edward's cock or Bella's pussy. Remember we are pissed off because of Harry's unbelievable delay, not celebrating because a cheap movie ,which trailer sucks ass, gets to be shown early. How can you possible compare HP and Twilight to begin with??? IT'S RETARDED!!!

Fernando on Sep 2, 2008


Fernando, chill out bro,,, your making us look bad,,,

790 on Sep 2, 2008


I am with Fernando here. We are all loyal HP fans, so to try to pacify us you bring up a film that I personally could give a shit about. I want Harry Potter and there was no reason other than greed for these fuckers to change the date. Prisoner of Azkaban made almost $100milion LESS than Chamber of Secrets. Reasons: released too far after the 2nd film (2 years) which is what the fuckers want us to do now And it was a summer release so I guess the theory that summer movies do better just had the shit blown out of it All Lord of the Rings films were released in Winter and all had record breaking sales. And for the whats done is done theory, FUCK THAT. I will continue to fight and mail my howlers. Also to suggest that Harry Potter wouldn't do to well going up against Twilight has got to be the most Fucking funny thing I ever heard. Harry Potter can wipe the floor with Twilight's ass. I am sure Twilight will do ok but it doesn't hold a candle to Harry Potter.

Aimee on Sep 2, 2008


Yeah I'm pissed too, but let's keep the hardcore hate for FOX not for fans of Twlight.

790 on Sep 2, 2008


I also agree with Fernando in regards to Catherine who seems to think she is above everyone. Well Catherine, I leave the house, have a job 2 actually-one that I do with my degree that I got in college. The other is part time to help me support my hobby, beading. I work at a bead shop and get to learn even more things. I am also teaching a class to others. Just because people are passionate about something doesn't make them losers. To be honest, you don't know SHIT about me. I was on the Deans List in college and was in the 1998 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. I pay my own bills and take care of myself so if I want to get pissed about this I will. To address a few other smart ass comments you made, I do not have a fat ass but am pretty sure you do. Bitches usually do. Maybe Harry Potter is a stupid movie to you but it isn't to us. If you think it is a stupid movie and not worth the time, and that we are all losers for complaining.....I then have to ask the question,"what the Fuck are you doing here?" It would seem that you have a shitload of time on your hands to go into a site and blog about something you think is stupid. Perhaps you should get a job and a hobby, yourself. I see that Fernando had some pretty good suggestions for you to keep busy.

Aimee on Sep 2, 2008


This is not a hostile statement. Who do you mean when you refer to FOX? Are you refering to the network? Please don't tell me that dumb fuck biased station is also involved. I know things like Entertainment Weekly magazine and the WB are all part of Time Warner. Are the Republican fuckers at FOX too?

Aimee on Sep 2, 2008


Amiee and Fernando, shut the fuck up!! 😉 The council has spoken.

council of 12 on Sep 2, 2008


FOX is a media conglomerate,,, Amiee, what don't you get? You sound very uptight...

790 on Sep 2, 2008


Aimee, you sound like a raging bitch. I love it.

BadTroll back up singer for Kip Winger on Sep 2, 2008


Chill out everyone ! Put some stuff in the thing and go.

Caregiver 420 on Sep 2, 2008


Ok everyone needs to take a large chill pill and calm down! Having a go at each other just makes us all look daft! My anger about this has now turned into a throbbing disappointment, maybe soon I'll be over it completely...although I doubt it.

Emma on Sep 3, 2008


We are suppose to all be here for the same reason. We are all upset with the WB for changing the release date of HP. I find listings like Reeds #95 helpful because it tells you where you can go to make a difference. I listed the address people should send letters to for the Howler Campaign, which was what inspired me to join this blog. This shit of people coming on and calling us losers and fat asses has got to quit. This forum was started by Harry Potter fans who want to fight back, not with each other. So people with multiple personality disorder(council of 12) either need to write something constructive like other places to protest to such as other companies involved in the Potter films,i.e. Industrial Light and Magic, or just go find somewhere else to talk to their 12 personalities.

Aimee on Sep 3, 2008


Entertainment Weekly, which is owned by the same parent company as Warner Bros. has printed a very small blurp about Harry Potter fans being upset. In fact the article states that we were a little disappointed but have accepted it. That I found to be insulting. I guess they think if they tell us we don't mind then we will be like OK. I am still fighting back with my letters and I hope everyone else will do the same.

Aimee on Sep 3, 2008


I think that sending an occasional letter to other news medias not controlled by WB or Time Warner is also a good idea to let it be known that the WB IS getting backlash off of their stupid idea.

Aimee on Sep 3, 2008


Gentle Giant Studios 7511 N. Fernando Rd. Burbank, CA 91505 Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) Care of Lucasfilm Ltd. P.O. Box 29901 San Francisco, CA 9419 Make sure Howlers sent to Warner Bros. are sent to Alan F Horn c/o Warner Bros. For the other companies, don't send howlers but just let them know how Warner is also fucking with their money by pissing harry potter fans off. it would be great to get some of them on our side. I read somewhere that someone was buying cards for the red envelope for her Howler. You can go to Actionenvelope.com and order different sizes of ruby red envelopes there.

Aimee on Sep 3, 2008


Grrrr WB I was waiting all year for this and now look what they did. I ordered my envelopes and I am gonna send Howlers to them and other companies. Thanks Aimee for the info =]

Potter Fan on Sep 3, 2008


790, hey dude, you don't need my comments to make you look bad, read all the comments and you'll see what non-Potter fans think of you, like my friend Catherine or even this kid who says she's a huge HP fan but signs with the nickname Edward Lover and says that the 8 months delay of Half Blood Prince is a wonderful thing because now the fangless??? vampire 3rd class movie has no competition at the Box Office. Sorry man, I just can't take it, but in a way i'm right, if you read the title says angry outbursts among HP fans, angry outbursts, I don't chill out when i'm angry. So if die hard fans of that daywalking??? vampires movie keep their teenage comments at the Twilight post and not here, eventually the anger will wear off and eventually i'll chill out. And that goes for anybody who thinks it's cool to insult pissed off people. Emma, I hope you'll understand too. Council of 12, LOL. Come and shut me up yourselves, if you have the 24 set of balls you need to do it. Aimee, thanks for support and understanding!

Fernando on Sep 3, 2008


Potter Fan, very happy I could help with the envelopes. I just ordered more as well. Fernando, I laughed my ass off when I read your latest posting. You really hate Twilight don't you? I really don't know anything about it. Also I love the comment addressed to "the council of 12." That was fucking hilarious! Something is obviously wrong with someone who refers to themselves as 12 people. You should send some letters to Alan F. Horn at Warner Bros. I have the address in earlier postings. You have a way of getting your anger across, and at the same time being entertaining as well.

Aimee on Sep 3, 2008


Can you guys please stop bashing me. I am sorry for expressing my own opinion on a blog and I won't post on this site again after this. Happy?

Edward Lover on Sep 3, 2008


I'm annoyed with the fact that they moved it to the summer, but they probably have a very good reason. No one should be that mad about it, at first, yes people should be mad, but by now you should cool down a little bit. I love Harry Potter, but I'm also a fan of Twilight. So even if WB wanted to move back to Thanksgiving, they probably can't because Twilight took place of that spot. As much as I'm sad about Harry Potter moving to the summer of 09, I'm glad that Twilight is moved up a bit. However, I hope that WB does bring the date closer, even if it is still 09, atleast it is closer to it's original date than before.

Shay on Sep 3, 2008


In the comment above I meant then now instead of then before.

Shay on Sep 3, 2008


Edward Lover, you are free of speaking (typing) your mind anywhere you want, but you are also responsible for the reactions your comments are gonna get. Why don't you express your angry about the HP delay here in this post, and then express your happiness about Twilight coming earlier in the twilight post? But please don't mix the subjects!!! Cause we don't really care about twilight and I bet the twilight fans don't give a shit about the HP delay. I understand you probably thought HP fans were Twilight fans as well, just like you, but in my case and probably many it's not like that. Aimee, I don't hate Twilight, I just hate the way Stephanie Meyers create the vampires for the books. I like my vampires nightwalkers, with fangs and bloodsuckers, I really hate veggie vampires! My great frustration is that with the 35 million dollars they spent to bring twilight to the big screen, they missed another opportunity to shoot Guilty Pleasures, the first book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, and that is a movie I'd love to see.

Fernando on Sep 3, 2008


We can all agree to the 2 week opening weekend Boycott !! 🙂

790 on Sep 3, 2008


790, I am completely fine with boycotting HP for 2 weeks. If they are going to make us wait 8 extra months, what's 14 more days? Especially if it royally screws their opening. Then we can send letters saying, "told ya so:)" Seriously though, I definitely plan to boycott it the first few weeks.

Aimee on Sep 3, 2008


Copy that Aimee,,, Yeah other blog sites are calling for a 2 week Boycott of Opening weekend. Saying that if the hardcore bloggers get some of the fans to stay away from Opening weekend it will really hurt the studio recoup. Let's all agree to do it !!! 😉

790 on Sep 3, 2008


I totally agree. Count me in.

Fernando on Sep 3, 2008


I'm in for a full out boycott nothing WB ever makes will I pay for I'm all for bootlegging everything WB makes from this moment on. I'll also say that the movie was done in July entertainment weekly and the board of WB have already seen the movie and have admitted as much on their sites and in the quotes. The movie isn't going to be changed at all this is only a ploy to make more money. I'm doing everything I can to make sure that WB is flamed and that the bootlegs reach as many people as possible.

Eric on Sep 4, 2008


THe only way to make an impact and possibly change their minds on the release date is to make headlines in the news....right now we are not doing that. Basically people are going to have to picket and cause such a disturbance that the head execs come off their high horses and have to take notice. No headlines = july opening date. Plain and simple. We are all upset about the change in date and I also will not go to the movie or take and of my kids to the movie for AT LEAST two weeks. But honstely I think most of you will cave in and go see the movie because you can't stand the anticipation of it all. Too bad WB couldn't pick another holiday weekend after xmas but before july to release the movie... It better be better than the last one or I think I will give up hope for the next two... GOOK LUCK!

Jen on Sep 7, 2008


Jen is right. Unfortunately I am one of the fans who lives in the middle of no where. So right now, all I can do is send Howlers to everyone. I have already sent at least 150 to that FUCKER Alan F Horn. I have also written his colleagues and other companies involved in the making of the films. I am preparing a letter to send to the Entertainment department of the LA Times. Jen is right and we need to let the world know what we are doing, or at least Hollywood execs. I am mentioning in the letter how Entertainment Weekly, which has the same parent company as Warner Bros., falsely reported in their Sept 5th issue that, "while fans were miffed, they have resigned themselves to waiting 11 months for the next entry in the series." I don't know about you but I certainly have NOT FUCKING "RESIGNED" myself to accepting this shit. All I have to say is that these assholes better be currently holding meetings and making calls to change the release date BACK to Winter 2008! I am curious to see that if the LA Times inquires about all of the hate mail Warner Bros. is receiving, if the bastards will even admit it. I would like to see them try to explain all of the red envelopes they are receiving. Please don't give up. KEEP FIGHTING. let everyone know WE ARE PISSED!

Aimee on Sep 7, 2008


If you are sending petitions or Howlers or doing anything to protest this, write to the Entertainment Department of the LA Times. Entertainment Department c/o Los Angeles Times 202 W. 1st Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 They also have email listed on their website.

Aimee on Sep 7, 2008


Get a life, people! I think you can live for another 8 months!

Chuck on Sep 8, 2008


Chuck, and you get a dildo and go fuck yourself, asshole.

Fernando on Sep 8, 2008


I haven't posted since August 17th, but I am still angry. Not the kind of angry where I want to scream, but the angry where I am still firm in my resolve to not go to HBP in the theaters. As I was trolling the internet I found this article.... from the Wall Street Journal..... http://www.wsj.com/article/SB122083361232508617.html?mod=todays_europe_nonsub_marketplace It made for some very interesting reading. It also shows me that even though there isn't that much coverage on typical news networks that the fans are still revolting and WB is finding itself in a very difficult position. This article made me believe that the fans can be heard. What do you think? Daisy

Daisy on Sep 8, 2008



mickd on Sep 11, 2008


🙁 Hey, what’s wrong with you people??!!! What’s with the foul language??? This is Harry Potter movie we are blogging about??? Not just some cut rate production porno movie or The Departed for crying out loud!!! Have some sense a bit for a change... And for Warner Bros and all other movie making companies, “please please” don’t ever put the releasing date for the movie if you’re not so sure that the movie is done and ready to be released at the theaters . Just think about the fans that are waiting in anticipating since the last Harry Potter movie. It will turn the down really badly and don’t forget that the fans are the ones who is responsible for the success of the movie that’s including me because they are they one who shell out more money to watch the movie again and again at the theaters compared to just some movie goers who just watch it once and forget about the movie. Customers are the one most important assets for a business organization, so please take care of your fans by not upsetting them. Without them Harry potter trilogy wouldn’t be that successful. 😐

Christian Fletcher on Sep 12, 2008


#14 Fernando Your are absolutely right Fernando!!! We are the one's (Fans) who is filling up their pockets full of money and they don't respects us at all. I mean, Why put the releasing date for the movie if the movie is not done yet. Why wanna put the date first then race against time to finish it???!!! This will really upset the fans cause Warner Bros is giving us wrong information equivalent to lying !!!! 🙁

Christian Fletcher on Sep 12, 2008


Seriously guys, would you like to go to a restaurant and demand that they serve your meal before it was thoroughly cooked? of course not. Even if we do have to wait longer for it, it just will make it all the better once it comes out of the oven. If anything, we need to have higher expectations now that WB has pushed the date back. Complain once the movie comes out. You guys are a bunch of selfish brats that don't know how to wait for a good thing. I have every faith that the next HP will be just as good or better than all of the ones prior, and I wouldn't want it to be less than excellent just to please my impatient whims. WB, take the time you need to make this film the best yet.

Hans on Sep 12, 2008


oh, and Christian, ... get sum ejykation... HP is not a trilogy

Hans on Sep 12, 2008


If you think you can do a better job, go do a better job. Show the professionals how it SHOULD be done, since you think you know it all. *give me a break*

Hans on Sep 12, 2008


The Harry Potter movies are the most selling movies out there and that aint goin to change. Like what most fans said on this website it is stupid to have the movie postponed for another 8 months. The movie is done and so why not play it in November of 2008 instead of July 2009. This just makes fans upset. If you dont watch it i guarante you Warner Brothers that most of the fans wont watch it in July in theatres and wait to watch on DVD. If you can I would appreciate you Warners Brothers to reconsider for the movie to come out in 2008 instead of 2009. The fans would love you and regret the messages they said about you and the movie.

Chase on Sep 12, 2008


Some of you seem to think that the film isn't finished yet. It is ready to go. That is not the reason that they are making us wait. Alan F. Horn even stated that Warner Bros can make more money in the summer because of what Batman did. This is a load of shit. Batman did exceptionally well because of the late Heath Ledger. When they have waited 2 years between films before (2nd and 3rd films) they lost almost $100 million. Also the Prisoner of Azkaban was a summer release. So that shoots his theory, that summer flicks make more money than Winter ones, to hell. I am fighting back by mailing red letters to Alan F. Horn at Warner Bros. in Burbank, CA. That is the only way we might have a chance of someone listening to us.

Aimee on Sep 12, 2008


Read post #218 and tell me again that nothing can be done..... I don't believe that! The movie is finished. That has been confirmed. The movie was moved for monetary gain only, no other reason. Again, that was confirmed by Alan Horn himself. However, Warner Brothers did not anticipate other studios moving/changing their movie release dates, which is being done as we type. I believe in the power of numbers, as long as there continues to be a campaign to protest the change of the release date WB will be listening. They will not move the new date back to the original. They can't. Those slots are full. Will they move it to a sooner date? Highly doubtful, but they can take notice of the thousands of irate consumers that are still making their voices heard. As consumers we do have a choice. You either fork over your hard earned money when the studio wants it or you wait until a later date, whether it's in the theater or dvd doesn't matter. But when consumers continually let corporations 'walk all over them' it becomes standard practice. But it must be said that if you chose to send 'howlers' please refain from profanity. I, too, would love to swear up a storm but it serves no purpose and WB will not take anything you write seriously. Send your letters, sign the petitions, boycott the opening weekend, but do so in a mature and adult manner and see what happens. My concern is that there is NO guarantee that DH 1 or DH 2 will be released on time. There is nothing written in stone that states those two movies have to be released at that time. If WB did it to us one, they'll do it again. Daisy

Daisy on Sep 14, 2008


Hey Hans! Are you mentally retarded or you just don't read the news??? Alan Fucker Horn said that he already saw the movie and that is awesome. It's finished already!!!!!! They are only delaying the release for economical purposes only!!!!!! Now, if you are a patient man or if you just don't have the balls to stand up and fight for something that you think is not fair that's o.k. You can sit back and stroke your dick or shove a dildo up your ass, whatever suits you better, until July next year. But don't come here saying that we are selfish brats, I'd rather be a selfish brat than a stupid motherfucker like you!!! Like if you go to a restaurant, order a soup, and they tell you they'll bring the soup in 5 hours even though the soup is ready, I bet you look up at the waiter and say "take the time to make the best soup i've had!!" Just retarded the lack of balls in some people, I wonder what the fuck runs through your veins, probably diarrea!!! Hey Alex, please make another thread called "Retarded Harry Potter fans are cool with the delay and can wait forever because they just don't care", so these bunch of motherfuckers can go and post there and leave us the fuck alone!

Fernando on Sep 14, 2008


Fernando,,,, dude you are the most foul mouthed shithead potter fan I've ever seen post here. Do you talk to ppl that way offline, I'm betting no, because you would get your motherfucking mouth bashed in.

790 on Sep 14, 2008


Everyone should read post #79.

Daisy on Sep 14, 2008


Lol fernadork,,,, Its real tough to call somebody a fucking retard cunt dildo cocksucker motherfucker. Real Genius. Your the biggest piece of shit I've ever read on this blog. Why don't you go beatup your stepmom when she gets home from work you fucking chollo punk ass bitch. I bet you jerkoff to your Harry potter dvds. Fucking scumbag.

hos'e on Sep 14, 2008


Lol,,, Fernando You sure have some major issues. You sound like a total asshole. Your command of the F word is comendable. You sound like your gay for some of Harrys Potter. Lol. I look forward to your next stupid comment.

790 on Sep 14, 2008


O.k. 790, here it goes, FUCK YOU, glad to be of service. Hos'e, lol, you don't even exist!

Fernando on Sep 14, 2008


All that anger is gonna eat you up,,, fernando. I'm done playing with you...

790 on Sep 14, 2008


790, dude, post *222 said you, me and everybody were being selfish brats and you started insulting me. Maybe you like to be insulted in a soft way like Hans did, but I wasn't mentioning you in my comments. You don't like the way I carry out my anger, fine, everybody has different ways, the target is what changes. My target is WB and Alan Horn, and everybody who insults me, if your target is me, fine, but don't wait for me to just let it be. The only way the guys at WB can take us seriously is showing them we are not 8 years old kids, and writing letters saying "you are a naughty, naughty man, Mr. Horn" is not the way we are gonna be taken that way, they'll laugh out loud. And if they have plans to move Deathly Hallows from 2011 to 2015 for economical reasons they are gonna do it because HP fans took it with such diplomacy last time that they are not gonna respect us anyhow. Now one thing is being foulmouthed, like I am, and another thing is being such a redneck racist like my wifebeater truckfucker amigo Hos'e here. Dude, if a Latino fucked your mother or sister, it's not my problem. I swear it wasn't me! I have a very good memory and I don't remember fucking any trailer park trash for a long time. Besides the best movie in the series was directed by a latino, so shut up, bend over and take it up your ass.

Fernando on Sep 14, 2008


Piece of advice,,, fernando If you write a letter or a emal to any studio execs, make sure you don't use any cuss words or it will be stuck in a fiter or deleated. The only way to strike a blow to the studio is to boycott the film when it opens. That means "you" and your kind have to not see the film until 2 weeks after its been released. (How doable is that?) This is the only power you have, studio exec's laugh at email protests, and letter writting campaigns will do nothing but amuse them even further. Persistant calls to the Sudios will result in call-blocking of your number, and I'm sure with your demenior possible harrasment charges could be attached to your phone number and investigated. (Depending on how many "go fuck yourselves or screw you fuckheads" you leave on the VM). Ruin the opening weekend totals by boycotting the film,,, that's your only hope of fucking the studio for holding back the film. Take my advice (Harry Potter fans !!!!!) Its your only hope. And if you do pull off a huge decline in BO revenue,,, the Studios might have a look at some of your letters and Emails. Now Piss Off fernando,,, 🙂

790 on Sep 14, 2008


Really Fernando you just sound dumb when you are using curse words. You should use all of your badmouthing energy on maybe looking in a dictionary for some intelligent words that would make you sound smart before writing to WB. If I were them I wouldn't look twice at one of your letters after seeing what a dirty mouth you have. In regards to the postponement. I am sad yeah I can't deny it but 7 months from now you won't care because you will be too excited about the movie to boycott anything. So keep sending the howlers if you want but unless something major happens nothing is going to be done. And I am with all those Twilight/HP fans out there. Be nice to Twilight fans because you just might regret it someday when the movies are huge :-p

Lee on Sep 15, 2008


Lee, you need to change your line"7 months from now you won't care" to "I won't care. Please speak for yourself. Some of us are determined and are not going to have a GEE DARN attitude about it. I am not attacking you, I just want you to speak for yourself and not make it look like everyone should be okay with it because you are. Good for you. I am sincerely happy that it doesn't matter to you, but for us die hard fans, it is a BFD. Nothing is going to pacify me. I intend to continue to fight. I am still mailing my Howlers and will not slow down or stop. Actually I am increasing the numbers I send everyday. I do have some "fuck you" letters, but most of them state earnings on previous films where summer releases did not do as well ($100 million less) and there was too much time between films. I am presenting him with statistics on why he is a dumb fuck. I just want him to move it back to Winter 2008. And NO ONE can tell me that that is impossible. It is possible and that Fucker Horn better be making calls now to make this happen.

Aimee on Sep 15, 2008


Anythings possible, but there not gonna change it back now. I'm looking forward to the boycott.

790 on Sep 15, 2008


i think you should all just shut up and deal with it. there's nothing you can do about it. in the meantime read the book and get an edumacation!!

JustShutUp on Sep 15, 2008


I assume you meant education instead of "edumacation" Looks like your the one in need of an education. Maybe you should go back to elementary school and just leave us the fuck alone, PRICK!

Aimee on Sep 15, 2008


790, even though I was one of the first to suggest that we skip the first week( comment *11), now I don't think that is gonna happen. I spoke to a couple co-workers today and they are looking forward to go and see the movie on the release date July 2009, and even their kids won't let them skip one day that is not the premiere of the movie. I'll bet you any money that is gonna be a one person boycott, that is if you really stay away from the theaters, which I doubt. Now when you say " you and your kind", should I take that comment like "me and the HP fans"? or "me and the people who really are doing something now, instead of scratch your balls till July next year and wait for something that is not gonna happen"? I really think that the reason they are delay the movie is beyond competition,( cause HP can kick Twilight and Quantum of Solace's ass sky high), and beyond money, (cause HP has an established fan base that already brought the Studios billions of dollars in revenue and they know no matter when the show the film, we are gonna be there. Even statisticly speaking summer releases are not the biggest moneymakers in some cases, so it's not money) They changed the movie release date for publicity reasons, think about it, when HP and the HBP was supposed to open next November, Dan Radcliffe is gonna be playing a zoophiliac guy who spends a lot of time onstage naked in the Broadway play "Equus". Now i'ts possible that WB don't want to associate that perverted character with Harry, like I care!, or maybe i'ts because Dan can't be available to do the world promotion tour. It could be one or the other but i'ts deffinitely one or the other. So please, my people, my kind, my fellow true Harry Potter fans, keep on sending letters, e-mails or howlers to show these guys we mean business. I don't care if you use the "f" words or not but let the oppinions rain on top of their heads and maybe, who knows, they change the release date again and we get to see the movie earlier. And don't take into consideration the line in comment *237 from my friend "the conformist 790" saying that if you do some damage the first week they might take a look at your letters, it's very stupid to think that the studios are gonna keep a mountain of letters in some warehouse and they are gonna look take a them 9 months from now. Lee, I did looked up the word stupid in my dictionary and it has your picture right next to the word. Really dude or dudette, I look like Einstein in my comments compared to you! But don't worry I don't expect any better from a Twilight fan. And I'm not attacking you because one day I might regret it if Edward comes to my house and bites me. Oh. Wait! The bastard has no fangs!!!LOL Now Fuck off 790!!!

Fernando on Sep 15, 2008


Right on Fernando. I am not stopping with my attack on Alan F Horn. I bombard him with red envelopes everyday. Who knows, they might be holding meetings trying to figure out how they can save their ass. I won't hold my breathe though. But I am going to keep sending letters. It is better than sitting back and criticizing those of us who choose to actually fight back. We may not win, but at least we had the balls to fight. To all of the negative thinkers and quitters, I really don't want to hear that it is useless. You never know til you try. Plus you are hurting our efforts to encourage others to fight along with us. If you don't want to help, that is fine, but don't knock us for being the TRUE HARRY POTTER Fans and fighting. If I have to send 500 red enveloped letters to this fucker, I will. Something else that would help is to write to the LA Times and let them know that those of us loyal to Harry Potter are fighting the WB for not giving a shit.

Aimee on Sep 15, 2008


Lol,,, send your letters. Death threats might even work too???? Fernando and Aimee, you two would be perfect to spawn the anti-Christ. You should both hook up outside the studio gates with your torches & bullhorns and really spread the word. Keep it coming, fernando.

790 on Sep 15, 2008


That's a great compliment coming from an hermaphrodite such as you 790. You are the man with the biggest pussy I've ever seen. Aimee don't mind my bloodless friend here, it took him a lot of time to type with his left hand only, while he scratches his pussy till July next year.

Fernando on Sep 15, 2008


Im betting your 17 years old, fernando? Such a poor sad harry potter fan you must be. 😉 Sad because even when you do finally watch your precious harry potter movie, all you will prob think of is how the studio fucked you in the ass (without a reach around) ,,,,and there you sit watching the movie like a little baby with his bottle..... Halarious. Don't forget to put your return address on the death threats you send in. 😉

790 on Sep 15, 2008


790 I have not attacked you at all, but FUCK YOU I am now. I have not sent ANY Fucking death threats to anyone. I am capable of composing letters to get my point across without threatening death. Perhaps your mind is limited to such possibilities since when you are insulting people, you can't even spell things correctly to at least come across as "mildly" intelligent. By the way, "Halarious" is spelled HILARIOUS, DUMB ASS! And what is this shit about the ANTI CHRIST? Are you some kind of Jesus freak who still believes in CREATIONISM? Damn, you are dumber than I thought. Why would you even care if we are sending letters to Warner Brothers? It's not like we are bothering you. Also, what difference would it make if Fernando was 17? You obviously must still be young yourself if you are still obsessed with people's ages. What are you, a WHOLE YEAR OLDER? Whoa, what a difference! I don't believe that Fernando is 17, but if he is, that just makes it that much sadder to be you since he kicks your ass every time you little prick! OH, and I am putting my return address on my envelopes as well as my letters. I also am including my email address. I am not a scared little shit like you who uses digits to refer to themselves. Watch what you say, you little prick, the next time you try to insult me! Have a nice day, 790.

Aimee on Sep 16, 2008


(I have not attacked you at all, but FUCK YOU I am now.) First of all, I'm attacking you both because both of you (Aimee & Fernando) are just spewing forth all this venom and hate to anyone that goes against your cause, since the Webmaster here isn't doing anything about it, I thought I would........ Secondly,,,,,, "What are you gonna do Aimee?, tell me to fuck off for the thousandth time?" What's fernando gonna do, crawl thru my monitor ,,, yeah I don't think so,,,,, Why don't both of you learn how to verbally attack somebody without using the F bomb every other word. That is the measure of your age, and any Studio exec that reads one of your (fuck-filled) letters, is just gonna laugh and tell the mail room guys to throw out anything with your name on it. (Keep writing !!!!!!!! ) (Watch what you say, you little prick, the next time you try to insult me! ) Lmao,,, what can you possibly do to me? Spell check my posts, call me a little prick, and spew threats. If this is the MOST you can do, I have to laugh at your efforts. This is highschool level,,,,,, so I must assume your also 17 years old. 😉 Have a Potter day Aimee!!, and don't give up the fight !!!!!!!!!!! Couple more letters will surly turn the tide. Lol... And please don't have kids. Thanks.

790 on Sep 16, 2008


Learn to read 790. I did not "spew" anything towards anyone unless I was attacked. This is suppose to be a site for Potter fans who are upset with Warner Brothers decision to change the movie's release date. If someone has no life and starts telling me to fuck someone else, I tend to take offense to that. Read #244. All I am saying is for the haters, like yourself, to stop bothering us for giving a damn. For you to start personal attacks on me for asking to not be so negative to those of us who care, I don't think is asking too much. Instead you are a rude little asshole who literally comes here to pick on those of us who are doing something about it. Then you cry like a sissy when we fight back. And why are you so obsessed with high school? I assume you are still in one. I have already graduated high school, with honors, and have even graduated college, also with honors. I have a career and even have time to work a little part time at a shop that has classes on hobbies I like. I am able to take even more classes and I also teach some of the classes. The only reason that I bother defending myself to you is that I find it amusing. You are clearly trying so hard, with only your elementary school level education, to fight with people,(myself and Fernando) who are clearly superior to you. As for me being 17 you are so sweet. You are only off by 14 years. That must seem like a lot to you since 14 is how old you are. As for the kids, how would you know if I don't have any? And if I don't, sorry that decision is up to me since my rights have not been striped away. I would not decide to or to not have kids based on the ramblings of a mentally challenged 14 yr old boy. You know, my sister works with mentally disabled children. You might want to ask your mommy and daddy if you could get some assistance there. Her area of expertise is socially retarded children. Of course, many in the class would be more advanced than you, but maybe you could improve some. And what is your obsession with the age 17? And, what is with your obsession over my sex life and kids? Is getting any really that hard for you? Surely there is a another redneck, town idiot you could get with. Sorry you are so socially challenged and sexually frustrated. But, it is not my fault that you got beat so badly with the ugly stick as well, apparently, with the stupid stick. How unfortunate and miserable it must be to be you. And to pick fights and loose every time, haven't you been ripped a new one several times already by Fernando? Now I have had to rip you a new one. Is it really necessary for me to have to do this twice in the same day? Maybe you could find some books on how to put people down so you don't have to be so humiliated over and over again. Also, you may want to practice a little bit on your counting skills and reading comprehension. I stated that I am not sending "fuck filled death threats." Actually the posting #248, I dropped an F Bomb maybe twice. I try to use smaller words you might understand. And you seem to really like this one since you are always commenting on it. I will try harder in my next address to you to drop more "F Bombs" for. Hopefully it will ease the pain of your inferiority. Try to have a nice night 790. Try not to focus on the fact that you are so dumb that your IQ is in negative integers.

Aimee on Sep 16, 2008


LOL 790! You are a very halarious and very fanny san of a batch!!! RATARD!!! LOL

Fernando on Sep 16, 2008


Ahh Aimee,,, I'm going to end this ,,,,, Sorry I ragged on ya,,, ;+) I have more of a problem with your anger then you personally. I'm just fucking with you both. Its real easy to piss you and Fernando off,,, No further offense (really) but you shouldn't go off on ppl right away like a landmine, (imo). I'm not going to post on this thread anymore, I hope ppl do boycott this film and really teach the studio execs a lesson. No hard fellings. Aimee and Fernando. !!! Let's all try to work together to stick it to the studio. What do ya say ??? Peace !!!

790 on Sep 16, 2008


LOL Fernando! Poor 790. He just keeps trying so hard and just keeps making an ass of himself. I had pointed out his spelling mistake and his response was "what can you possibly do to me? Spell check my posts." so sad so sad.....

Aimee on Sep 16, 2008


790 I'm really not angry. I found your attempts amusing. If you do not attack anymore then I will not bother you either.

Aimee on Sep 16, 2008


100% with you Aimee! This guy has such an amazing inferiority complex, in comment *187 he said "Fernando, you are making me look bad", and he also has a dual personality problem, in comment *233 we have a completely allergic to the "f" word 790 and in comment *229 we can see his alter ego coming out cursing like a bitch, and now he also shows signs of delirious de grandeur in comment *249 where he proclaims himself as the new webmaster of this website. Dude, seriously, please pay a visit to the shrink, psychologist or whatever you can afford, you are getting worse with every new comment. If you are gonna do something in this life, anything, try to do it passionately, otherwise you are just a cosmic fart in the universe watching life pass right in front of your eyes, and waiting for the doers to do things for you. So don't wait for anybody to skip the movie release because theaters are gonna be full the opening day, I'll guarantee you that. Go and try to write at least one letter to the Studios, please don't write halarious cause they'll laugh at that, and if you don't want to get involved because it could make you look bad, fine, just do what you've been doing so far, absolutely nothing. Sweet dreams 790.

Fernando on Sep 16, 2008


You guys need to stop this fighting! I'm deleting all of the rude comments and will be moderating this to make sure it doesn't get out of hand again.

Alex Billington on Sep 16, 2008


Where have you been Alex,,, ? lol. I think were all good. Everybodys cool now. 😉 Aimee, seriously some boycott bumber stickers and a website would be worth your effort. ??? The letters won't do it.

790 on Sep 16, 2008


Jesus, I think Alex took seriously 790's application for webmaster.

Fernando on Sep 16, 2008


Lol Fernando!

790 on Sep 16, 2008


790, Well I don't have any boycott bumper stickers, yet, but I do have a t shirt. I am not killing myself with the letters. I am sending a lot, but it's just kind of become a fun little project that I can do. If it helps, great. I know how the world works and don't expect some idiot, who decided to change the release date in the first place, to actually sit back and admit he was wrong. But hopefully it will be noted that we warned him and then when his film has an awful few weeks at the box office, maybe Warner Bros. will put someone else in charge of those decisions. Right now, all I can do is send letters. So that will have to be my contribution. If there was more I could do, I would. As far as the t shirt goes, everybody loved it. I actually did it late one night as a joke! But hey, whatever works:)

Aimee on Sep 17, 2008


As far as "webmaster," I only fight back if someone attacks me. I don't pick fights and have no reason to. I just want to encourage other Potter fans to fight back. If random people come here and call us idiots for doing so, then yah, I get a little upset.

Aimee on Sep 17, 2008


I am sorry if I spoke for people other then myself. I really do care that the movie was postponed. But I also am enjoying the fact that other types of fans get to have what they want too. It isn't wrong to like Twilight or other films other then Harry Potter. *gasp* some may even enjoy both. I am not going to put effort into boycotting or sending letters. Instead if the opportunity should arise I will do something major (with my line of work those come often.) A few letters from angry fans isn't going to do much IMO. NOTE: I am personally offended that someone would judge me based on my movie preferences. No names will be mentioned just adding this little tid bit.

Lee on Sep 18, 2008


And Ferando part of the story behind Twilight revolves around the fact that the Cullens look like ordinary people. If Edward had fangs the story would've ended the second Bella looked at Edward because she would have run away screaming. So please do your research next time.

Lee on Sep 18, 2008


Lee, I actually read the book and ended up in a coma for 2 weeks, according to the doctor my testosterone level was too high for this book and I also found out I'm allergic to cheesyness, so my body couldn't take it. But it's o.k., just because i'm not a high school cheerleader it doesn't mean you shouldn't love it. I just prefer vampires the old fashioned Bram Stoker's way. And please enjoy the fact that some fans are gonna have what they want in another thread, I don't think an angry Harry Potter fans post is the right one. By the way, my name is Fernando, so please do your spelling right next time.

Fernando on Sep 18, 2008


You're so sweet to think I'm a high school cheerleader =] You are actually off by like 17 years. But I actually don't blame you for not liking it. It is aimed at high school girls and it is a romance novel, but I wouldn't go as far as cheesy. Since you are a guy you wouldn't particularly enjoy the three page description of how impeccably gorgeous Edward. Sorry Fernando for spelling your name wrong I type fast.

Lee on Sep 19, 2008


Lee, what is the something major you could do in your line of work? I am honestly just curious. How come you haven't done it? I am not trying to be a smart ass when I ask this. I really am just curious.

Aimee on Sep 19, 2008


Please Lee tell me you are not a suicide bomber waiting to get inside the WB building and blow yourself up! Twilight fans are too radical, I think i'll stick to the howlers.

Fernando on Sep 19, 2008


fair enough that the studio needs to make money, but HP already has such a HUGE, dedicated fanbase that pushing for a few extra dollars at the risk of pissing all those people off just seems insane. It's just waaay too much bad press to do WB any good. Any HP movie is already going to be one of the top earnings movies of the year, no matter when it is released. Production on HBP is finished. There have already been some screenings! it really is just sitting there gathering dust until the summer. What kind of a record breaking franchise treats its fans this way? I'll see the HP movie, but only once, and not on the opening weekend, and I'm certainly not supporting any more WB productions again.

Alice on Sep 21, 2008


I am the editor for a small newspaper and I may be able to get an article out about the delay. But it isn't likely the owner will let me. No Fernando I am not a suicide bomber.

Lee on Sep 21, 2008


I'd be for it if it was going to make the movie better, but it's not. When asked, the director said that it will be finished on schedule for its original November realse. I doubt they will be using any extra time to try to improve it as this would cost more money. According to WB, the release was bumped to have it start off their blockbuster summer movies.

Hanneth on Sep 26, 2008


I would like to watch the movie this month, but if WB really release the movie in July i would gladly download it from internet i wont go to theather if it will come July !

Ilhan on Nov 17, 2008


This is the first of the series that I really did not like. I have no problem with some changes being made (it's impossible to be completely faithful when translating a book to a movie-especially ones as long as the later part of the HP series), but there were some changes that I really couldn't stand. So, I'm a little bit disappointed, they dismally failed in this one.

dildo on Jan 15, 2010

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