Hayden Christensen Says He's Up for Jumper Sequels

June 9, 2008

Hayden Christensen Says He's Up for Jumper Sequels

I'm really conflicted with Jumper. All of the new commercials for the DVD release remind me how great of a concept it was and how cool it all looked and I get excited again. But then I remember the actual movie and how bad it really was. Although it made $79.8 million at the box office and ended with the possibility of sequels, I'm not really sure I want to see sequels. Maybe, just maybe, they could fix their mistakes and turn out a fantastic follow-up, but there's a few big issues - namely Hayden Christensen. Unfortunately he's probably going to return. A recent interview with the Toronto Sun reveals that Christensen is still up for a sequel and that it may actually be in the works.

Christensen told the Toronto Sun that they're "talking about" sequels, but not much else "I know that they're having those conversations, I hear about them." And would he want to return? "Oh yeah, and I think I probably will." Uh oh. At least this all makes some sense, considering the books that this is based off of feature some additional content that would be great to see on the big screen. "It was set up to become that -- a trilogy -- if it did well. And I think they're happy with how it did so they want to make another one. But I don't think they're rushing to get into production."

Apparently director Doug Liman initially started this project with a completely different cast, smaller budget, and different idea before Fox boosted it to the "blockbuster" level. "The film was shut down, the budget and scale were expanded and the leads recast," which resulted in the film we all saw in February. So maybe that explains the problems? In February, after the film's release, we posted an article where Liman talked about ideas for sequels, including leaving the planet or going back in time. There's a lot of potential and a lot of great ideas that could come to fruition in a sequel - but it all goes back to my original concern.

I'm worried - I love the concept, I love some of the ideas for sequels, but I'm worried that Hayden Christensen's return and Fox's involvement yet again will sour this from the start. Maybe if Liman is given the chance to actually create what he wants and is not restarted part of the way through, it might help. Given my consistent optimism, I feel like I could give this a chance. But realistically, my expectations won't be that great. It's exactly like Fantastic Four (also made by Fox, coincidence?) - the first film was terrible, but I gave the sequel a chance, albeit with very low expectations, and midlly enjoyed it. At least that one was better than the first. Would you want to see a Jumper sequel with Christensen back?

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Jumper felt a bit rushed and neither Christensen nor Bilson were that great in it. The younger actors that played their characters at the beginning of the movie were actually more likable and convincing. The concept is pretty good but they screwed it up too bad for me to be interested in seeing a sequel.

Andreas on Jun 9, 2008


Wasn't Christensen in a movie before Star Wars that he seemed really good in? I think he's typecast for these hero roles and he's just not very good in them. Iono, I'm trying to look on the bright side of things too much I guess. But maybe, just maybe, if he's under the right director, Christensen might have some talent? Eh, either way, everyone's right: fantastic concept, rushed movie, terrible movie. If it had a slower pace? A lot more action scenes? Less Rome, more BOOM!? Yeah, way cooler movie, lol.

Reza on Jun 9, 2008


There Really Should Be A Sequel.......Considering How It Ended......As Much As Christensen Didn't Do Well In This Movie.........It Would Not Be The Same Without Him. Hopefully They Don't Screw This Next One Up. In The End Though I May Just Rent It And Save My $7.00 For A Movie I Know Will Be Good.

Leto on Jun 9, 2008


As much as I disagree with people saying that Hayden's a bad actor and that Jumper and Star Wars both sucked, it is just too good of a line to bypass, so here it goes. is it so inconceivable that Hayden Christensen wouldn't take part in a bad sequel to an already bad/ruined franchise. ouchie..i died a little. meh. no i didn't. still find that funny. as much as I disagree with it..tis funny to me. k..wasted enough of your time YET? no? ok..well i'm bored um..sounds good I guess.

Garrett.king on Jun 9, 2008


I can't remember the last time I hated a main character, more than I hated Hayden Christensen's character. He has been awful in everything I have seen him in and I don't think is all that good looking so the appeal is totally lost. They could make a great movie focusing on all the non-Hayden Christensen characters. The one guy who saves Hayden Christensen's ass in that amazing fight scene, they could make a movie with just him and his back story and it would be amazing because the concept is so cool. It was just the main characters and the writing that made it so unbearable.

Nathan on Jun 9, 2008


I think there could be a sequel, but I would only want Hayden back as a possible Cameo. I think in order to have a good sequel to Jumper, it should go into a story about other jumpers discovering their abilities. I also think that having a paladin sect that wants to figure out how to harness the gift rather than just kill the jumpers would make for an interesting addition. That's me though.

Robert on Jun 9, 2008


eminem should've gotten the lead

cool/dude on Jun 10, 2008


Sure, Hayden is a wooden actor to say the least. I believe he will step up his acting game for the sequel. Nonetheless, we'll be lining up to see this one too!

Spider on Jun 10, 2008


Hayden Christensen was actually pretty decent in Life as a House and Shattered Glass. Not too sure about his film choices.

Zach D. on Jun 10, 2008


i liked hayden as anakin, but after that... no i'm wrong i also like him in awake... and by the way EMINEM turned down the part, he had it if he wanted it

DDOT3 on Jun 10, 2008


My problems with Jumper were with the story not the acting. The movie was front heavy, all start and no go. It is a rich concept and I think now that they have this first movie out of the way, which wasnt a total wash, they can tell a decent story with the foundation. Christensen. What the heck does everyone want? Is he Kevin Spacey? Edward Norton? No. He's also not the worst meat sack to spit out a series of lines on film. I really think that the bad blood with him is the star wars hurt that we all still need to sit down with a therapist and discuss. Lucas did that to you, and while Im at it we'll add Spielburg, churning out nothing but cgi tainted crap for years now. Christensen wasnt the only wooden performance you got out of those prequels no one was A game for that crap...well cept Sam L.

A on Jun 10, 2008


The author has also written a book based on griffen the other Jumper in the movie and I would love to see a movie based off that book.

Walter Wood on Jun 10, 2008


All you guys are a bunch of critics. The movie was good, lets just focus on that concept.

Hostle on Jun 10, 2008


Jumper was a bit disappointing, but maybe a sequel can do better? The action wasn't all that good....the Nightstalker Whitehouse attack from X-men shows how awesome the concept could be and is still the benchmark for 'teleport fighting' style action (not that many films have featured teleporting! :P)

chrisUK on Jun 10, 2008


I am surprised that they consider the first one doing well enough for a sequel!

Ryan on Jun 10, 2008


I thought this movie was horrible and hayden actually performed well despite the horrible acting of other, the horrible plot development and direction the movie went in. Not to mention that Samuel L. Jackson was goofy as shit and I can never look at him as a serious actor again.

Anthony on Jun 10, 2008


The "Jumper" concept is an interesting one, but the movie was half-baked, underdone, rushed; a McJumper Meal if ever there was one. And dump that boring-as-shit Hayden Christensen.

avoidz on Jun 10, 2008


Tell me why on all these blogs everyone who comments are experts in filmmaking. I am a filmmaker andmaking a film sucesfull is very tricky. Everyone has a comment about what would make the series better,but i am sure if you guys were put in charge of making a hugh franchise hollywood would probable mess it up and have idiots comment on blogs about how they could make it better. Give me a break!

munesh on Jun 12, 2008


@munesh: Who says they're experts in filmmaking here? Comments from film fans are something called "opinions" *sigh* Obviously, for you, spelling is tricky, too 🙂 Go away.

avoidz on Jun 12, 2008


Hi loved the movie... Action was great... story could do more to work on... but the first movie had to set the scene.... I think a sequel with more character development would be awsome. And it wouldnt be the same with out christensen

Bayleys on Jul 2, 2008


I really enjoyed this movie and watched it two time!!! I thought Hayden Christensen was great in this movie! I would love to see the same cast again, and can not wait for the sequel to coe out!!!

Sandy on Sep 20, 2008


Hi... I loved the movie...Definitly think there should be a sequel.. Although. not many people think that Hayden Christensen did very well... I think you guys are just jelous. Cause he rocked and the cockyness just made is character better and better. But i do think it should go on about other jumpers discovering their abilities. And how David's (Hayden Christensen) mother fits into the whole story of being a paladen and all..... And Reza, man that was a mean post about Hayden Christensen..... Starwars rocked!! Hayden Christensen.......... if your out there.. an you read this.... you rock dude...Keep it up!!!!

Ethan on Sep 21, 2008


Hayden Christensen rocks my socks! 🙂

Maggie on Oct 16, 2008

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