Hulk's Louis Leterrier Directing Clash of the Titans Remake

June 27, 2008

Clash of the Titans

On the heels of Latino Review's scoop that the Clash of the Titans remake was being fast-tracked into production at Warner Brothers and that director Stephen Norrington had dropped out, news arrives announcing the newest director. The Incredible Hulk's Louis Leterrier, known previously for the two Transporter films as well, has been quickly hired to direct Clash of the Titans. The film is a remake of the 1981 classic that featured Ray Harryhausen's wonderful stop-motion visual effects and told the story of Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster to save the Princess Andromeda. Can Leterrier move from Marvel's Hulk to Titans so quickly and succeed yet again? I think so!

While the original film used practical effects created by the legendary Ray Harryhausen, this remake instead will use greenscreen techniques similar to 300 to give it a "complex look." The script for the remake was penned by writer Lawrence Kasdan, famous for his Raiders of the Lost Ark, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi scripts. In a previous script review, Kasdan's writing was said to "kick all sorts of ass" and boast content that had an R rating in mind featuring nudity, sex, and lots of gory deaths from really badass monsters. The style is meant to be much more like 300 than anything else. Sounds like the perfect remake of Clash of the Titans to me!

I'm a big fan of the 1981 Clash of the Titans, right down to Bubo the Owl. As much as I love that movie to death, it could certainly use a remake. And with Louis Leterrier's adrenaline-fueled directing and a similar style to 300, I could see this film quickly becoming a very highly anticipated remake. I think what excites me the most is that in the end both films, although they'll bear the same title, will still be separate. They may have similar stories, but I'll still be able to appreciate each one individually, which means I can get really excited for this remake without worrying about ruining the integrity of the 1981 original. Everything about this remake sounds great so far. I can't wait to see it come together!

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Wow I want to see a remake for Clash of the Titans ... Of course the Original will be in my DVD collection one day but this movie need to be made with some nice and great CGI work .... I hope it will happen and I will be waiting for it

Shero on Jun 27, 2008


I remember that Clash of the Titans came out around the same time as Raiders of the Lost Ark. My parents told me that they'll only us kids to one and we get to pick. We picked Clash of the Titans. I didn't see Raiders of the Lost Ark until it was available on cable or video, not sure which, but definitely in our living room.

Planet Comic Book Radio on Jun 27, 2008


Nice. This sounds a hell of a lot more interesting than the Sonja remake. Good thing they're gonna take that 1-second boob-pop-out (which I always assumed was accidental) from the original and turn it into outright Greek nudity.

Alfredo on Jun 27, 2008


This sounds soooo great. As long as they don't mess up the casting, I'm there! Listen up Hollywood, you better not cast some lanky soft Shia or McAvoy in this! They have their place and I like them lots, but not for this movie. Clash of the Titans needs some testosteroned beefy muscleman sword-slashing his way through the entire film. Those "300" abs better be on display if you want the ladies to show up in this blood and tit-fest epic.

Lisa on Jun 27, 2008


great, now i just wish they would release the original out on blu-ray.

dac_fan on Jun 27, 2008


dumb. just because a movie is over 20 years old does not mean it has to be made over.

mike on Jun 27, 2008


Mike ...I agree with you when the movie is a Drama or a romance ... But when it is Action - Fantasy - science fiction ... It need to be remake .... That special effects and Visual Effects that they use before 28 years for this movie was nice for that time but for now sorry it is not that good .... For sure the love and the respect will still for the old versions " I am speaking about my feelings" ...but it is really need to remake movies that in the old times they couldn't use the great CGI that we have them now ... Of course not every CGI is good but the only point that I wanted to be remake is a great and realistic and of course beautiful CGI ...nothing ells ... For example : 1- The 300 Spartans (1962) and 300 (2006) you think that it not needed to be done ... ok I know it is not 100% remake but Frank Miller was influenced by the old movie 1962 ...but look what they made in 2006 ... 2- I love and respect King Kong 1933 ...but now we needed Peter Jacksons's Remake and he gave a real hard and beautiful remake for it .... and I love it too ... Hope you understand from which angle of view I want them to remake movies ... and of course I am not agree with any big changes in the remakes that loss the core of the old version ... It is just the CGI work nothing ells ... 🙂

Shero on Jun 28, 2008


Look at it this way: it's not remaking a movie from the early 80's. It's a retelling and interpetation of classic Greek mythology. The whole thing about 300: Yeah there was a flick in the 60's,and yeah 300 was based on Miller's comic version of the same story. But both of them were based (loosely) on an actual historical event. It's kinda sad really. We're all referencing an earlier film and forget that before the first film the story exsisted earlier in novels, myth or history.

jason_md2020 on Jun 28, 2008


jason_md2020 You are right too ...but we are speaking about making a movie over the myth ,novel or the historical even ... because here is a movie site not a historical myth site who care so much about the real event or the novel ..... the point is why remake and if you are agree with it or not ? and of course why ? otherwise you are right about the beginning of all these movies 🙂

Shero on Jun 28, 2008


Sigh....yet another Re-make, what no original ideas in Hollyweird? well at least this time it's a film that actually should be re-made because, everything about the original except Ray Harryhausen's special effects was rubbish.....sloppy script, tired acting sad direction. Ray's work was the only thing that made it watchable.....but still even a film this bad should be left alone in favour of something original and new.....Except for Terminator, now there is a film that crys out to be TiTans except for the special effects it was rubbish.....funny how all anyone ever remembers is the effects and never the script or the acting or the direction.

neftoon on Jun 28, 2008


if any film was begging for a remake it was this one! i'm so syked! now i LOVE absolutly LOVE the original but going back and watching it now it seems cheesy not that it didn't when i saw it the first time but with today's technology and gci not to remake this flick would be a great tragedy! i'll be there when it opens to get the theater effect on this one

thejugfather on Jun 29, 2008


I cannot wait!!! I loved the 1981 film, but with all the new technology, this film could really rock! Plus, it will open a whole new generation to the Greek Myths. The Incredible Hulk film was fantastic, so I know that CLASH OF THE TITANS is in good hands!!! Let the action begin!....

Kristofer Paul on Aug 5, 2008


All the remake is going to be is some goon running around in front of a green screen very much like the new Star Wars trilogy with young Anakin Skywalker. Doing the remake is pretty much a slap in the face to everyone involved with the original film. Though it is being written by Kasdan, and I love ESB it's my favorite Star Wars film, it still shouldn't be done. I feel it will be to CGI. Film makers didn't pay any attention to how BAD the new SW trilogy actually was did they? There weren't any actual set pieces like they used to do back in the day, it was all CGI. Think about it people, movies used to be about thrills and chills now it's all about "let's see how fake we can make it look and get as much out of the movie goer as we can." I'm not saying that CGI is a bad thing to use in movies, some places obviously can't be gone to so they need to create them. But sometimes it just looks too unreal. For the love of Goddess build a set, it's ok to use stop-motion. Look at The Nightmare Before Christmas, not a CGI film thankfully. Also why ANOTHER remake?! Why not do something that HASN'T been done yet? Like a book series that should be made into film. There's a lot of them out there. Or even more comic book films, there hasn't been one of the Flash yet, do that instead. It would put him into continuity with the up coming Justice League movie. What I'm trying to get at here folks is this, one does not need green screen and CGI to make an epic film like COTT remake. Look at Troy. They used sets, there wasn't that much CG in it, so it can be done. Just something to think about. Also Heath Ledger totally rocked Gotham!!

Ford Prefect on Aug 10, 2008


u sould really redo this movie all of our technolgy will really make this movie much better i watched the old one and it really looked fake and cheap and u could make alot off money off of this idea and it will bring back the movie altogether. thanks for reading this and please look in to my idea

reed,raven on Jan 26, 2009

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