I Am Legend Prequel Officially Greenlit at Warner Brothers

September 24, 2008

I Am Legend

Warner Brothers has officially confirmed today that a prequel to I Am Legend is currently in development. We first mentioned this back in July, when director Francis Lawrence confirmed that they've been working on ideas for a prequel. Will Smith will reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville, with Lawrence returning to direct. The script is being written by D.B. Weiss, an up-and-coming writer with a few other scripts in the works around Hollywood. The prequel, which is based on a detailed outline developed over the past few months by Smith and Lawrence, will chronicle the final days of humanity in New York City before a man-made virus caused a plague that left Robert Neville the lone survivor among a mutated mob in the city.

I Am Legend became a huge success last December, eventually earning over $250 million at the box office. A sequel was inevitable, it was just a matter of figuring out a story since Richard Matheson's original book doesn't go that far back into Neville's story. I really loved I Am Legend and I'm quite excited to see them return to such a visceral world; I'm just already worried that it won't live up to the first film. It was such a well-done story and the alternate ending turned it into the truly amazing film that it should've been (and wasn't necessarily with the original ending). I just really hope that this prequel turns out to be more than extensions of the flashbacks we saw in the first film. Anyone else excited for this prequel?

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the prequel sounds like a great idea. maybe they can film part of the prequel from one of the creatures POV. you know, after they got infected and started turning into those creatures, nightwalkers (whatever u called them). and im sure audiences would love to see the NY people start dissapearing off earth...first start with hank steinbrenner!!

halliday on Sep 25, 2008


Dude seriously? You think the alternative ending was good? COME ON! Could it have been any more hack? It's like some one watched Signs and felt the need to insert some bullsh** faith based story that just didn't work right into the middle of the film. Neither ending was good! I don't know about you, but if I had a grenade I'd EFFING THROW IT! The movie fell apart completely by the ending.

Kent on Sep 25, 2008


Wait the heck are you talking about?! That alternate ending was a HUGE improvement over the original! You watched the right one right? This one? It stuck with the actual story in the book and the themes and even touched upon the idea of why the entire thing is called I Am Legend. Go re-read my explanation in that article and you'll understand why that alternate ending was so great...

Alex Billington on Sep 25, 2008


I have to admit, I was hoping for a sequel; but I certainly won't complain about a prequel

Mike on Sep 25, 2008


i think if we had some extra characters like a friend or colleague that is slowly lost to the "darkness" (disease).... there could be themes of fighting the darkness, and those who sacrifice themselves for the greater good, blah blah blah. man, let me help write it DB!!

efrain on Sep 25, 2008


I have to agree with Kent to a certain point ( just now watching the I am legend alternate ending). I would want the Original ending, why? Well the love between the lead monster and the almost human monster just poping out of nowhere made it seem forced. all in all I am Legend is a great movie has how it was made... dont believe me then look at the sales. 🙂

Max Russian on Sep 25, 2008


"it was just a matter of figuring out a story since Richard Matheson's original book doesn't go that far back into Neville's story" - What film was you watching? did you actually read Richard Matheson's book? - compared to the original book - the film sucked!.

personx on Sep 25, 2008


For me, one of the most compelling images from the Book was the still smouldering remains of the massive bonfires, I expect this will play a large part in any prequel. Don't expect to see much of his wife though, bit too raw for the rating they will inevitably chase. Some comedy to be had with his neighbour though .... his infection/ "death" and afterlife...

Dr. Duvel on Sep 25, 2008


#6 Out of nowhere ? It would have explained the coordinated attack on Smiths house, the trap he got into the day before and the entire vampire background. They should made that one the real ending.

Shige on Sep 25, 2008


Damn man. I really wish this movie was made in 1999 when Schwarzenegger and Scott were gonna do it. This is the first movie i really like Will SMith in. He acted really good and im starting to like him now. Only two problems with this movie for me was ONE: Effects on the Vampire/Zombies/Infected/Whatever you wanna call them. Fucking horrible TWO: They should have left the the other ending. The one attached to the movie was horrible!!! my 2 cents

REAL6 on Sep 25, 2008


I also prefer the alternate ending. To #6, Max Russian, if you saw the alternate ending by itself only then try watching it with the entire film. It wasn't the mosters' relationship that was highlighted it was their humanity in that they were not entirely devoid of thought. They set up the mannequinn(sp?) to lure Robert after the "boyfriend vampire" clearly showed anger and concern after his lady was caught and bagged. The story set all this up in its original theatrical release and go nowhere with the delve deeper. It's like foreshadowing that gave you nothing in the end.

Frame on Sep 25, 2008


Ugly typo there... I meant "The story set all this up in its original theatrical release and go nowhere with the chance to delve deeper."

Frame on Sep 25, 2008


The alternate ending was much better than the gives a climax to the tension we felt the entire film trying to avoid the zomb-pires and would have opened it up for a sequel rather than a prequel.

Peloquin on Sep 25, 2008


The alternative ending was much better than the original and if used, the studio could have made a direct sequel. As is, Im not excited at all by a prequel. Its a pathetic cash grab attempt by WB and Smith. DO a sequel! Cast a female and set the story in LA and promote it as the last female on earth! This is one of those cases were the studio just dosen't get it! Smith should know better! Didn't these guys think before they went with the unexciting theatrical ending! By the way Charlton Heston's death scene in The Omega Man was classic! on Sep 25, 2008


Ok...both endings sucked because the entire rest of the movie didnt follow the book at all. If it had it would have made more sense and been a lot better. The idea of a prequel or sequel is terrible. this story is about the last mans last days on earth. If you add more to it than that it takes away from it. Stop ruining good books hollywood.

heckle0 on Sep 25, 2008



vegeta on Sep 25, 2008


NO! Will the Scooby Doo ( lame ass) CGI Monsters be in this one as well? I am just glad I did not pay to see the first one. We were very disapointed. The alternate ending was better, but the Toyota car commerical at the end was very weak. The best part was the Superman/Batman POP in Times Square. Still did not beat "Omega Man". BTW. Happy Birthday Will Smith!

D-9 on Sep 25, 2008


I wanna see Neville do that Casino Royale thing when he shows up at the guys office and kills him I want Neville to do that to the lady that created the virus I want him to kill the lady i just want that scene

Darren on Sep 25, 2008


Can someone please name one good prequel ever...please? Why are they still being made?

MarkSD on Sep 25, 2008


oh wow.. how dumb of me.. i understand and will watch the movie and the alternate ending and see about that.. thanks for ur guys comments

Max Russian on Sep 25, 2008


" the good the bad and the ugly " is considered a prequel by many. "Godfather part 2" 50% prequel 50% sequel 100% masterpiece. I found "Red Dragon" to be a good movie, i also enjoyed "cube zero"

Red Buttons on Sep 25, 2008


Oh great! A prequel! The first one was nothing but a glorified 28 Days Later that American producers decided to copy! Come up with your own ideas!

American Copy on Sep 26, 2008


I liked the alternate ending better. I think the prequel will be good as we can see massive attacks and battle scenes, etc. What we must realize is that many movies made after a book don't work as well as the book, so directors must do the best they can to please millions. So lets just wait and see what happens.

Kilo Alpha on Sep 26, 2008


what would be the point of a prequel??? all of the thrilling/scary stuff has already been seen/done...whats the point here??? and I am in total agreement with didnt top the "Omega Man"....

moldybread on Sep 26, 2008


Revenge of the Sith.

Fatal Error on Sep 29, 2008


You have got to be kidding me.. a prequel? stfu. The alt ending was indeed needed, cuz the whole movie is doom and gloom, with the /joy of 2012 as the near death count-down. The interview with the hack doctor at the movies start was enuf to give the W-5's of death in the film. The movies only claim to fame (from my perspective..) was Will Smiths' outstanding performance. A sequel possibly, to restore faith in Mankind. A Prequel?! whats wrong with you? who wants to know the details on how we killed ourselves. I can watch the evening news for that.

Nibiru on Oct 6, 2008


I agree the alternate ending is WAY BETTER than the original. Now, if only we could bring back Sam..his dog! Oh, I cried when he had to kill her. Anyways, the alternate is better IMO. A prequel will be fascinating in a medical way also!

tyffany on Oct 6, 2008


My two cents: I like the alternate because of the way it showed humanity in the infected, and tied together story lines that otherwise look a little random. What I didn't like was the riding off into the sunset happy ending. I still think Smith needed to die to become "Legend."

Jeff on Oct 23, 2008


First of all, the alternate ending was infinitely better than the theater one. I walked out of the movie thinking "WTF. They didn't tie up ANY of the subplots." As for a prequel, I really don't see how it could be very good, I mean, we already know what's going to happen.

Akolyte01 on Oct 25, 2008


Wow, I thought the first (Will Smith) one was the most contrived piece of insulting crap I'd seen in years . . . by all means WB, make another movie I'll never pay to see.

Lance Uppercut on Jan 20, 2009


Wow some fans of the book are really ignorants. Just ignore them can't believe how much they hated the film and still comment here as they need some attention. Grow up make the movie yourselve or wait until a low budget movie comes out.

Rom on Apr 16, 2009


Um, if you watched carefully you'd know that it was a grenade where you had to hold the trigger down, not an 8 second one.

Liz on May 5, 2009


I think a prequel will be good,id like to view in detail how life was before everyone became nightwalkers, altho a second part to the movie doesn't sound like a bad idea ether, it could show what and how they used to cure to revert everything back to normal, or if it was no god and they had to find another solution to the virus..

Germ on Jun 17, 2009


WOW! You guys really over think this stuff. It's just entertainment. If you like the book, stick to that. If you don't read, watch a movie. Nuff said.

thed on Oct 6, 2009

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