Impressive Angels and Demons Poster Revealed?

October 3, 2008

Angels & Demons Poster

I completely forgot about one of next summer's big films - Angels & Demons. But thankfully we've got a great reminder today in the form of a teaser poster. The only thing is this wasn't officially released, as far as we know, although it very much looks like it could be. This comes to us today from an Icelandic movie site called (via SlashFilm). This is a bit too impressive to be a fan creation, in my own opinion, and until we're convinced otherwise, I'll call this is the first official teaser poster for the film. It's not much to look at, but if you look at this closely, you may end up appreciating it a lot more than after first glance.

Just to point this out, one half of the statue is an angel, the other half is a demon. If this is an official poster, I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't feature any anagrams like from the book. That would've been just as cool as a dual statue. Maybe they were too lazy or too worried that it'd be too hard to figure out?

Angels & Demons Poster

Angels & Demons is directed by prolific filmmaker Ron Howard, of everything from Willow to Backdraft to Apollo 13 to A Beautiful Mind to the previous The Da Vinci Code. The script was written by veteran screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, of Lost in Space, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code, and I Am Legend previously. This is based on Dan Brown's bestselling novel of the same name. Sony will be debuting Angels & Demons in theaters on May 15th, 2009 next summer.

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I thought the book was boring and that the Davinci Code film wasnt that great. Maybe this will be better but the poster looks cool.

John on Oct 3, 2008


I really enjoyed the book... tho I hated the Da Vinci Code (book and movie) So I dunno... I guess I am pretty excited to see it. And the poster is pretty badass.

CSpuppydog on Oct 3, 2008


Thats Rubbish. Now, I do know the answer to this question, but i wonder how many of you, who have not read the book, recognise the backdrop. Its so minor and subtle, that I think it'll be missed by most. A different perspective on the same shot would have given it much more significance, after all, the point is to sell the movie right ? I doubt that's official. Dr.D

Dr.Duvel on Oct 3, 2008


I actually liked Angels and Demons (the book) a whole lot more than The Da'Vinci Code, and the movie was great! So im expecting this film to be even better!

Mr. Big on Oct 3, 2008


why is this an impressive poster? This book in my mind was on par with davinci code but the movie was horrid.

Atomic Popcorn on Oct 3, 2008


How does this story differ from the Davinci Code? They seem like quite similar stories to me and since I didn't care for The Davinci Code my hopes aren't too high for this one. It is Tom Hanks and Ron Howard though so I know they can create magic...

Peloquin on Oct 3, 2008


Angels and Demons is a far superior book to the DaVinci Code. It has a much darker undertone. I am really excited for this movie. I however liked the DaVinci Code movie. So this should be great.

Lee on Oct 3, 2008


"Angels & Demons is directed by prolific filmmaker Ron Howard, of everything from Willow to Backdraft to Apollo 13 to A Beautiful Mind to the previous The Da Vinci Code." Hilarious.

Colin on Oct 3, 2008


i'd love to see them use the ambigram for the title... those illustrations rocks! i read the angels&demons book first... so the da vinci code book fell short in my perception... but i could be wrong if i read da vinci code first.. oh well, that's one thing i noticed with dan brown's writing style... when you read one of his book then the rest will be just a guessing game...

miracle disease on Oct 3, 2008


The book was definitely better then the book for the da vinci code. Hopefully this movie will be as good as the book itself. Angels and Demons was a great book!

Jesse on Oct 3, 2008


Angels and Demons is many times better than DaVinci Code, though I did enjoy the latter. If they do this well, then the movie could be awesome. The main problem? Tom Hanks is still Langdon. A better casting choice would have been Nicolas Cage, actually. He played a similar role in National Treasure, but I pictured him when reading these books before that film came out.

DinoChow on Oct 3, 2008


#5 - It's impressive because of how subtle the design is and by how cool the statue looks. There's no floating heads and this statue doesn't really exist (as far as I know) so it's very cool to see them using this kind of subtle imagery to begin selling a big movie... No? #11 - You got that right - this book was way better than Da Vinci Code (I've read both). Although I would take Tom Hanks over Nic Cage any day of the week... Hanks will do a better job in this!

Alex Billington on Oct 4, 2008


Tom Hanks and Nicolas Cage have both had bad hair days in these sorts of movies. Hope Tom gets a new stylist for this one. (Hated the Da Vinci Code; can't say I'm interested in seeing this either.)

avoidz on Oct 4, 2008


I've read the book. Trust me this is going to be movie Da Vinci Code was supposed to be. Excellent story line. A gripping must read. Can't wait for the movie.

Rayman on Oct 4, 2008


Would have been better to having the devil part of the statue start mid way down.

Tedious Ted on Oct 4, 2008


I personally always thought this movie should have been created over The Da Vinci Code just because the story seemed a lot more interesting to me. Then again, like many others, I read this book first and his other books just can't seem to match the excitement this one brought to me.

Luminaire on Oct 4, 2008


I really loved the book. I found it better than DaVinci code. The movie was boring. I don't know if iis Tom Hanks the reason although I find him a great actor. When I was reading the book of A&D I was seeing scenes from a movie. This book is alive. Since I read it I waited for that movie to be a reality!!

Tassos K. on Oct 6, 2008


Awesome poster, just wish Naomi Watts was still in this.

Ryan on Oct 6, 2008


Agree, the book was much better than daVinci code. This film should be pretty cool.

Simon on Oct 7, 2008



kate albie on Oct 16, 2008


DVC and A&D both had interesting concepts. Both were different from each other and so cannot be compared. I think DVC is nothing less than A&D. Both are at a similar level. Initially I was not that much impressed by 'DVC-The Movie' but when I watched it for the second and third time I knew Howard had done as much as possible to do justice to the concepts in 'DVC-The Novel'. Anyway, as everyone knows it's ALWAYS difficult to do justice to a good novel in just two and Half hours in a movie. But yes, A&D IS darker and more fast paced than DVC. Infact, A&D is a ready made script from chapter to chapter. I could imagine it visually while reading the story. I think, the title is not an Ambigram because the poster is meant for promotion and the creators wanted to maintain readability. That statue isn't real but still looks so AWESOME to me. For me it is the very definition of the word 'awesome'. My favorite part of the statue is the one that really stands out. THE HORN on the Demon's side. The horn which was once was correctly considered as sign of 'Fertility' by the science-based, nature-following pagan religions but then the Catholic church came along and wrongfully declared it as the sign of the devil to wipe out the pagans. One thing is for sure. This movie is going to bring a big, big storm with it. I'm ready. Let's go after the Hassasin. Come on, let's follow the Path of Illumination. (P.S. : A little trivia. If you check at, you will find that the promoters of the movie have decided to keep the identity of the actor playing the 'Hassasin' as a secret tilll the movie arrives in theatres to maintain a shock-value. That's nice.)

Amol on Nov 30, 2008

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