Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap and Scavenger Hunt!

June 12, 2008

Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap

It was the evening of May 21st, just hours before Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was set to hit theaters. We had spent weeks preparing for one of the most incredible events in history and it was all about to go down. Although it's a few weeks late, we finally have the complete event recap with photos and videos from one of the greatest events we have ever hosted. You may have seen details on our Iron Man event previously, but now it's time to focus our attention on Indiana Jones and the unforgettable evening. If you can, eliminate all bad thoughts about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull from your mind and take yourself back to the day before it came out. With that mindset, you will truly understand how exciting all of this was to experience firsthand.

As a continuation of our summer event series, we decide to really up the ante with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This was a two part process. In addition to decorating the theater in an Indiana Jones theme with both wooden crates and a jungle entrance, we decided to extend our events beyond the realm of the midnight show. Inspired by The Dark Knight's viral marketing games, we put together the Indiana Jones Adventure Scavenger Hunt that would take place in the afternoon on Wednesday before eventually culminating into the midnight showings that evening. And with that introduction, let's take you on a complete tour of our genuine experience!

Indiana Jones Adventure Scavenger Hunt

This was our crème de la crème this time around. The idea: gather four teams of adventurers who embarked upon an Indiana Jones scavenger hunt around the city in search of hidden clues. Each clue would lead them to the next where they would eventually uncover a total of six map pieces. Once all of the map pieces were overlaid on top of each other, it would lead to an undisclosed dig site (aka Tanis) where they had to search for an idol hidden beneath the dirt. The entire game was developed by myself and my friend Mark Rantal. I can definitely tell you that not only was it fun to watch, but all of the teams involved had a blast. With that, here's a quick video showcasing the scavenger hunt.

[flv: 480 320]

You can also watch the video on YouTube to send to your friends!

The prize: every team member would receive a box set of the first three Indiana Jones films on DVD, posters from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and free dinner courtesy of Chipotle. There were four individual teams made up of anywhere from two members to eight members. The clues, as listed below, were hidden in advance by myself and Mark. We spent a lot of time figuring out how all this would work and thankfully it all came through perfectly. The clues were as follows…

» A piece of paper with an address on one side, a number on the back. It lead to a public library and the number was a Dewey Decimal number that corresponded with a book - the clue was inside.
» Spy photos would lead them to Best Buy where the clue would be hidden behind Indiana Jones DVDs.
» Another spy photo of a girl would tell them to go search for her. She was found wandering in a Barnes and Noble. They had to repeat a specific line to her before she would give them the clue.
» Another spy photo would lead them to Lowes Hardware, where they were encouraged to buy a shovel (for digging later) and where the next clue was found.
» The last spy photo lead them to a recreational park, where they had to use a compass to navigate directions to a clue hidden in the bushes nearby.
» A final map of six transparencies put together lead them to a spot near an intersection. Hidden in the dirt were four boxes. Only one of them contained the idol which was needed to win. First one to dig it up took home the prize.

All-in-all this was definitely one of the best events we've put together. All of the teams had a great time and we never ran into any issues with our clues or configuration. We're going to amp this up even more for The Dark Knight in July, but that project is being kept a secret. Make sure you check out the video above if you haven't already. The winning group with their prizes can be seen in the photo below.

Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap

In-Theater Midnight Events

Back at the movie theater, we converted our lounge into Indiana Jones and began work on the events for the midnight show. In addition to the outdoor lounge, we brought in a big pile of crates to turn the area into a miniature Area 51 hangar like at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark (and beginning of Crystal Skull). Additionally, we turned the entrance into the actual auditorium into a jungle complete with cobwebs and Aztec ruins. By the time you walked into the movie theater, you were completely in the mood for Indiana Jones! That's what makes this experience so unique and unforgettable!

Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap

Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap

Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap

Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap

With 45 minutes to go until the lights went down and Indiana Jones graced the big screen again, we began our in-theater event. This time we also upped the ante, with more prizes, better contests, and even more excitement. Our MC Mark took to the stage to giveaway nearly 20 copies of various Indiana Jones DVDs and box sets, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hats and shirts, and even a few copies of the Lego Indiana Jones video game. If you were an Indiana Jones fan, this was the midnight event to be at. The crowd was energetic, many came in costume, and spirits were high. Here are a few of the contests we held.

» Best vocal rendition of the Indiana Jones theme song.
» Whipping contest, where the contestant had to whip a can off of a stand with a hat over their eyes.
» Raiders of the Lost Ark sandbag measurement contest. Whoever can come nearest to the exact weight of an object by emptying the sand in a sandbag.
» Costume contest with two categories: Indiana Jones and non-Indiana Jones.

If you thought our contests for Iron Man were fun, these blew them away! This was the perfect way to get the crowd excited to see Indiana Jones and I think we did a great job. We even ended up with an excess of prizes because time flew by so quickly that we couldn't give away everything before the clock struck midnight. I wish more of our readers around the world could be here in person to experience our events, because they're always much better to watch in real life. So if you ever are around in Colorado when we host another event - don't miss out! A few photos from the costume contests can be seen below.

Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap

Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap

Indiana Jones 4 Event Recap

All of our events take place at the Cinemark Carefree Circle in Colorado Springs, CO. We have been working with this theater for three years and have always hosted our events there. You can find out when our next upcoming event is by heading to our Events section. We will hopefully have recaps from The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy II, and The Dark Knight events that will be held throughout the rest of the summer. We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into our unmatched in-theater experience!

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sounds like so much fun to do !!!!!!!!

Pauline on Jun 12, 2008


If that guy dressed as Henry Jones, Sr. complete with ridiculously fake beard did not win the costume contest, there is no justice in this world!

kevjohn on Jun 12, 2008


Nice work Alex.. I am very impressed... now I just need to start some of that here in Kansas City.. WOOHOO... again.. good work.. have fun in San Fran

Dusty on Jun 12, 2008


I was there and i believe he did win. They were both really good characters and had the accents down. The Indy costume was won by the guy on the far right of the picture.

Heckle on Jun 12, 2008


I wish I lived in Colorado...or at least nearby :)...

Ryan on Jun 12, 2008


The Indy in your scavenger hunt video looks like a dweeb...LOL but congrats anyway.

Steve on Jun 13, 2008


Ok actually there we're complications, we were the team that was ahead the whole time, but lost because of a bad compass. I'm an eagle scout, I know a bad compass when I see one. 20 min lead down the hole. FTL

Nathan on Jul 21, 2008

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