Interview: Hamlet 2's Comic Mastermind - Steve Coogan

August 21, 2008

Steve Coogan

The indie comedy Hamlet 2 first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was bought for an enormous $10 million right when the fest began. It wasn't until the end of the fest that I was able to catch the film myself, but I still remember laughing non-stop during the screening. Steve Coogan, who stars as high school teacher Dana Marschz, was part of what made it such an amazing comedy due to his over-the-top performance. Coogan recently passed through San Francisco on a press tour and our Cannes Film Festival correspondent Marco Cerritos was able to catch up with him. In addition to talking about Hamlet 2, they also chat about comedy and subtle things that make us different from the UK.

There is a warm, comfortable feeling in the air as I wait to interview Steve Coogan. I'm shuffling through my notes and he appears out of his hotel suite to shake my hand and apologize for running late. He also grabs a few cookies from the food tray before running back inside the suite.

Steve Coogan is a household name in the UK but has only recently come to conquer America one step at a time, from television ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), to independent film (24 Hour Party People, Hot Fuzz) and now Hollywood blockbusters (Night at the Museum, Tropic Thunder). His latest project could be the role that finally breaks him into the mainstream for good. It's called Hamlet 2 and bears no resemblance to Shakespeare or dignified literature. In fact, it puts Coogan in the comedic role of a high school drama teacher so blindly dedicated to his craft that he's willing to create the most audacious plays, including a sequel to "Hamlet", without realizing they're anything but high art.

Steve Coogan
Photo Credit: Marco's Photographer Marissa Gearheart

How did your relationship with director Andrew Fleming come about?

Steve Coogan: I read the script and I also write a lot of scripts. Comedy's been in my blood for twenty years now so I'm a tough audience. And when you write a lot of comedy you get used to patterns in the writing. You become a little jaded too but this script seemed to confound me at every turn and make me laugh. And the best kind of laughter is the kind when you don't know why you're laughing. This script had uncomfortable and odd laughter and a protagonist that you hadn't seen in a film before. He's kind of eccentric and bipolar and I like that. When I read in the script that my character is putting on a stage production of Erin Brockovich, I thought here's a person who really believes in art but doesn't have what it takes to make it. There's something endearing and tragic to that. At one point the studio had control of the movie but decided they didn't want to do it so Andy Fleming and I went to do it ourselves.

Is this Focus Features or a different studio?

Coogan: A different studio. I'm sure the details are out there but it was a different studio. I don't want to say which one in case I get it wrong. So they didn't want to do it or maybe they didn't want to do it with me but in the end it was all about trying to get the movie made.

I remember seeing Hamlet 2 at Sundance this year and getting a last-minute press invite saying that the movie was a late addition. Basically the publicists mentioned how you guys were rushing to finish the film before the festival. How close was the film to being done when it premiered at Sundance and did you do any additional shooting after the festival?

Coogan: That's not quite what it ended up being but it was pretty damn close [laughs]. It was touch and go trying to get it into Sundance and we thought it would be too late. They saw a rough cut and told us to hurry up and get it in there because if we did we would play the festival. We didn't finish shooting it until November and were at Sundance if January. It was great to have some buzz around the movie. I felt like people saw what I saw when I first read the script and that was nice.

As a comedian, how much of your stand up work has influenced your characters on screen?

Coogan: Every single experience I've had is filtered into what I do whether it's something I've written or something like this that's already prepped for me on screen. Comedy often comes from discomfort and embarrassment and when you put those moments on screen, they can be quite funny. There's no such thing as a bad experience. It's all useful.

You mentioned before that the theme song to this movie, "Rock Me Sexy Jesus," might be considered offensive to some. Where do you draw the line when it comes to comedy? What is off bounds to you and what isn't?

Coogan: I do think there's no subject that comedy can't approach but I do think there's a way to approach things that's bad and offensive, even if people are trying to be funny. If you approach any subject that's volatile with comedy and you don't get it right it can be a hundred times more offensive than it would be otherwise. Having said that, there will always be a percentage of people who will always be offended no matter what. Good comedy will not please all the people all the time.

With this film and also Tropic Thunder, it sounds like you've got this American invasion thing going on. Do you feel like this is going to be your year to break out in America?

Coogan: There's a lot of stuff going on in America so you have to throw everything you've got at it to get people to pay attention. I'm very excited about the stuff I'm doing here. There's a genuine curiosity about what I'm doing here where in England they like me but I'm part of the furniture. Here in America, I'm excited because a lot of it is so new to me. I get good reviews in England but in America my reviews seem to get deconstructed more.

That's surprising considering the British press has a reputation of being catty.

Coogan: It's very surprising. But in England if you try to be ambitious and do something that has depth and meaning they don't want you to be too clever.

Did playing Tony Wilson in 24 Hour Party People give you any preparation to play a man who's playing Jesus?

Coogan: Since Tony Wilson was a real person, I know some people accused him of having a megalomaniacal God complex. But he was also someone who pioneered many original novel bands who wouldn't have fit a record company's market research idea of what a successful band should be. Happy Mondays, Joy Division and New Order are not cookie-cutter bands and came from a guy who was avant-garde, bold and even a bit pompous, too. I think there's a connection between the two characters in which they both celebrate creativity.

You've talked in the past about adapting to different acting styles. Is there a big difference when you've worked with method actors?

Coogan: There's not a great deal of difference to be honest, you work with good talented people. When it comes to comedy we do the best we can and I think we have a lot in common with our American cousins.

Sometimes a lot of British humor gets lost in translation in America.

Coogan: That's true and sometimes that has to do with references. Your culture has overwhelmed ours more than ours has overwhelmed yours. Therefore when you make contemporary references we know what they are. If you make jokes about New Jersey, people in Britain are familiar with that. If we make jokes about Birmingham, that won't translate in America. They won't know what it means. They'll just look at you and say, "are you talking about Birmingham, Alabama?"

Thanks to both Steve Coogan and Focus Features for a great interview! Hamlet 2 hits theaters on August 22nd this month - be sure to check it out!

Hamlet 2 Poster

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Steve Coogan was great in 24 Hour Party People and Hot Fuzz. Those are two of my favorite films. There's another funny movie inspired by Shakespeare coming out along with Hamlet 2. It's called Never Say Macbeth. It's all about a wacky director trying to put on a cursed production of Macbeth. It comes out on DVD August 26th and the trailer looks cool!

ForrestW on Aug 21, 2008


Hi Marco, I haven't seen you write any other articles here on, are you new to the site? If so I look forward to your future reviews because I wasn't interested at all in Coogan before reading this, but he sounds like someone worth watching out for in the near future. After that one scene in Tropic Thunder he's definitely got my attention. Good interview though.

Peloquin on Aug 21, 2008


incredibly funny!!!

scar on Aug 21, 2008


I never knew who Steve was before and now I want to see everything he does. Thanks for giving me an inside peek at this great talent! Can't wait for the next star you reveal.

Adryenn Ashley on Aug 21, 2008


Peloquin - Marco is a good friend of mine who does freelance writing here and there. And I like his writing, so I thought I'd have him do some work for us occasionally. He did write some fantastic reviews from Cannes for us previously. You can find all of his articles here:

Alex Billington on Aug 21, 2008


Ahh thanks for clarifying Alex...I'll be sure to check out his other articles.

Peloquin on Aug 21, 2008


Great interview Marco!

Courtney Eirich on Aug 21, 2008


Good interview. I wanted to see this movie since I saw the preview and after reading this I will definitely go see it. I also didn't know much about Steve Coogan - other than he was British. I too look forward to seeing future comedies with him and maybe check out what he's done in Britain.

Chris on Aug 21, 2008


More by thiswriter, please! I got some great perspective on H2 that I didn't find elsewhere. Looks like I should try FS 1st from now on! Thanks!!!

RonC on Aug 22, 2008


If you guys (americans) are starting to find coogan funny now, you just have to check out his past television work here in the UK....might i suggest 'I'm Alan partsidge'; a charachter he created for a mock talk-show type show previously, it is utterly hilarious! i just hope, like mentioned in the interview that some of the comedy isnt lost in translation

Craig Mitch on Aug 22, 2008


Poor Steve got blown to bits in Tropic Thunder, so I'm glad to see him with a bigger role where he (probably) won't die. I'm not quite sure if he really makes a "sexy" Jesus though...

Amy on Aug 22, 2008


Steve Coogan is a genius. I'm Alan Partridge is one of the best sitcoms of all time. I wish he'd lead a few more British comedies, in the same way Simon Pegg had success with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. He's great in anything, but I think his style suits British films better, and his American accent is a bit rubbish.

Jon on Aug 22, 2008


This looks hilarious--I definitely want to see it now after reading this. Who doesn't want to rock a sexy Jesus!?

Jennifer Bowen on Aug 22, 2008


That interview totally makes me want to go see the movie! I have noticed Steve Coogan before & am excited to see him in this movie where he can stretch his comedic wings for an audience on this side of the pond. Can't wait to see it!

Nell on Aug 22, 2008


Thanks for a good interview Marco! I clearly read the wrong stuff because I'm used to people focusing more on actor's personal lives and not their work. It's a nice change (for me at least)!

Sarah on Aug 22, 2008


Good interview, Marco. I didn't know who Steve Coogan was but now I'm intrigued and want to go see the film!

Tamsin on Aug 22, 2008


I have to see this movie after reading this ~ great review, Marco! I look forward to the next one...

Kindra on Aug 22, 2008


Putting aside all of his drama with Owen Wilson, Steve coogan is actually a very bright and comical artist. I really enjoyed the questions! I havent seen the film yet, but I will see it now and my opinion of Steve Coogan has changed in a more positive light. Great interview Marco! Can't wait until your next one! keep me updated!

Sean on Aug 22, 2008


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME... I havef seen H2.. and as much as my conservative KS friends are.. have talked many of them into checking it out. Thank you for the wonderful interview.. this really should receive some amazing responses if only people will give it a chance. You all will love it.. I am heading back for a second help of "rock me sexy jesus" with my wife.... woohoo... love a good comedy with some fun political, sarcastic undertones.

Dusty on Aug 22, 2008


Hey Marco! At first I was thinking that I would probably never watch this movie in public, but reading your review you have certainly changed my mind. I really liked how well you collaborated with Mr. Coogan. It really made him seem more like that guy that everyone always wants to talk to at the party. I'm glad that I continued to read, because I got to know Steve Coogan. What seemed like a never ending article turned out to be a really easy and entertaining article. I would definitely see this movie now that I know more about it. I also really enjoyed reading about Steve. Wonderful job Marco! Hope to read more of your articles soon!

Diana M on Aug 22, 2008


I read with great interest Marcos' interview with Steve Coogan, who plays--in Hamlet 2--a formerly failed actor and high school drama teacher. With his students' help, he produces an audacious musical sequel to "Hamlet." This film, I hope, will make American audiences more aware of Steve Coogan's comedic talents and abilities. Regarding Marco himself, I've followed all his reviews on He writes well, combining a fluid style with grammatically and technically sound prose. He looks at a film in a different context from run-of-the mill reviewers and sets forth unique perspectives regarding a film's ideas and themes. He does his homework, making references to related films and productions with factual accuracy. I'm not sure I completely agree with Marco's opinions Zenovich's treatment of Polanski, but he is entitled to his opinion. A closer study of the situation reveals more to Polanski's history than is presented in either the film or the review.

Rich on Aug 24, 2008


Marco - fabulous interview. Keep them coming - you have a knack for setting the scene. I felt like I was there with Steve. Keep up the good work!

Tory Patterson on Aug 26, 2008


I only know Steve from his short stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was hysterical. I am now looking forward to seeing Hamlet 2. Thank you for this review.

Hayley on Aug 27, 2008


I've seen the commercials and it actually looks like it could be really funny. I usually like the British dry wit. Coogan sounds like a pretty down to earth guy and I'll definitely have to check this one out.

Nigel on Aug 27, 2008


Great article! I want more informative stuff like this on this website.

theWanderer on Aug 28, 2008


Great interview. Good questions and asked some stuff I didn't already know the answers to. Exactly what I want out of an interview.

Mark on Aug 29, 2008

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