Iron Man Review - Favreau Delivers an Impeccable Superhero Flick

April 30, 2008

I haven't walked out of a movie this satisfied in a very long time! Jon Favreau has brought Iron Man to the big screen in an absolutely perfect way. As Christopher Nolan is to the most recent Batman movies, Favreau is to Iron Man. This Marvel universe comic book movie is nearly flawless: superb acting, awesome fight scenes, great direction, geek-approved comic references, and everything else that it needed to kick ass like no other. When it comes to giant robotic machines fighting each other, Iron Man is even better than last year's Transformers.

Billionaire weapons manufacturer Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is on a sales trip to Afghanistan when his convoy is ambushed. In a cruel twist of fate, terrorists use Stark Industries' weapons against the company's own founder in order to blackmail Stark into rebuilding the same missile he just tested. On top of that, Stark is barely alive: an electromagnet keeps shrapnel from piercing his heart. He can escape only thanks to his own engineering prowess. Stark builds a metal suit of armor fitted with machine guns, missiles, flame throwers, and rockets. His narrow escape gives him new meaning - fight against the people who have been abusing his weapons to harm others and rebuild that same powerful weapons suit, this time with more features and much more power.

Tony Stark shows his friend and business partner Obadiah Stane the electromagnet in his chest in a scene from Iron Man.Iron Man Review

Like all great superheroes, Tony Stark is flawed - he's got too much money and power and he doesn't care about anyone, at least in the beginning. Robert Downey Jr. succeeds at portraying Stark as a man who comes to terms with his own role in the world - he grows with the character and impeccably embodies the exact person that Stan Lee and Larry Lieber created in 1963. Then you throw in one of my other favorites, the impeccable Terrence Howard (The Brave One), as Tony's best friend Jim Rhodes. And on top of that, Gwyneth Paltrow delivers her best performance since… ever! Even Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane stepped up well beyond what I was expecting. While the cast all puts in excellent work, I loved Iron Man most of all because of what director Jon Favreau brought to the table.

Favreau is more than this film's savior. He's the one who built Iron Man from the ground up. He's a much more capable director than Transformers' Michael Bay, focusing on the finer details of the story yet succeeding at action much farther above and beyond Bay (remarkably). Every last detail of his direction was phenomenal - this is easily what made this movie for me. Favreau was born to bring Iron Man to the big screen and after six years of directing mediocre mush, he's finally found his calling - superheroes, or specifically, Iron Man.

The flying scenes from Iron Man were some of the best in a superhero movie in a long time.Iron Man Review

I can't end this piece without gushing about Iron Man's visual effects and fight scenes. We all knew how incredible Stan Winston's armor was when we saw the first photos, but when you see this thing in action, it's mind-blowing. You'll lose yourself in the effects; there's no discernible difference between what is real and what is CGI. Beyond that, Favreau and his visual effects teams have crafted a distinctive, mesmerizing style that really comes out both in fight scenes and in flying scenes. I really couldn't get enough of this great, new style! My initial impression: this looked way better than even Transformers. Where the action leaves off, the story picks up and fills in.

I am truly thrilled to know that Iron Man has delivered. I'll admit I was worried, but this is a very strong start for Marvel's new production studio. Jon Favreau, Stan Winston, Robert Downey Jr., and even Jeff Bridges have all put together one of the best superhero movies to date that will easily replace my infatuation with Spider-Man for years to come. All I want right now is to see the announcement for Iron Man 2! Favreau has shown us he can kick ass and now I want more. As we wait, though, I'll be back out in theaters watching this over and over, enjoying every last minute.

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Yeah, Im 100% with you on this one Alex. Exactly what I liked about it. The only reason I would not give it a 10 is due to one specific plot point at the end, but besides that, amazing! Matthew Libatique's camera work is incredible. It captures the action perfectly and every piece of each shot is discernible, meaning that unlike Transformers, you can actually see what is happening at every moment. Thank god another comic-book movie franchise will be successful, it felt like the well was running a bit dry!

Keith on Apr 30, 2008


Great review. I just saw it and I totally agree with your comments. And please stay for the whole movie. Don't leave when the credits roll. πŸ˜‰

hiroki on Apr 30, 2008


One rule of mine is to never leave the theater for a big-name summer blockbuster movie. More than half of them add some little post-credit scene. I am stoked that this is getting such great reviews. Friday can't come soon enough πŸ˜€

Squiggly_P on Apr 30, 2008


I am loving ti?it is awesome! but I think it can't compare to the Transformer............

will on Apr 30, 2008


Great to hear you loved it Alex! I can not wait for Thursday.

Stephen on Apr 30, 2008


Thanks for the review. I'm not gonna miss it for the world. πŸ™‚

Aidil Omar on Apr 30, 2008


I am seeing it in less the 4 hours. I work for a certain software company, and we are getting treated to an advanced screening. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmans morning!

Jimmie48 on Apr 30, 2008


I would have to agree. I walked out saying to myself last night, that was a fun movie. Funny parts, tons of cool gadgets, hot women and action. What more do you want?

Atomic Popcorn on Apr 30, 2008


"When it comes to giant robotic machines fighting each other, Iron Man is even better than last year's Transformers." That's not saying much.

Shawn on Apr 30, 2008


Can't wait for Thursday! I've got my advance tickets already! Alex, your review makes me even more excited as I once pointed out that Jon Favreau is a sharp guy who will do "Iron Man" justice. This will be one hell of a ride! Thanks for the tip hiroki (#2)! We'll be sure to stick around!

Spider on Apr 30, 2008


Are you guys serious? The first hour of this movie was unbearable. Horrible story, bad writing, stupid acting, and the whole "WE'RE TERRORISTS WITH TURBANS AND WE HATE AMERICANS AND CLEARLY ALL MIDDLE EASTERN PEOPLE ARE LIKE THIS" theme was unbearably offensive. There's an unnecessary flashback. There are a thousand unnecessary pop culture references. And if it wasn't for the special effects and Robert Downey, Jr., this would be a total flop. I'm seriously disappointed in you, Alex. I keep reading your review over and over and I'm baffled you liked this. It's low brow, lowest-common-denominator, full-of-plot-holes type cinema and usually you pick up on this nonsense. But you had only one problem with the plot at the end? HOW DOES A MAN BUILD A GODDAMN FULLY OPERATION SUIT IN THE FUCKING DESERT IN ONE DAY? That whole plot element is so ridiculously unbelievable, even for a superhero movie. Ugh.

Mark O. on Apr 30, 2008


I am sorry but Transformers sucked...

Dean on Apr 30, 2008


WoW sounds great!, i'll actually be checking it out this afternoon and can't wait. The days of awful comicbook movies are coming to an end woohooo!!

Unit on Apr 30, 2008


#11 - Uh, it's a fantasy universe, things like that happen. Sure, it felt quite rooted in reality most of the time, but the fact that a guy can built a suit of armor to begin with should've been enough to tell you this isn't based 100% in reality. It's not a plot hole, it's a plot convention - it's part of what makes up the movie! You have to realize Stark is an engineer who can do things like that because in the Marvel world, things happen like that... You need to calm down and stop complaining my friend! Pull those panties out of your ass and think about it from the Marvel universe prospective!

Alex Billington on Apr 30, 2008


I am very excited about this review Mr. Billington! As you said, the fact that Marvel Studios has had such a powerful start, is cause to celebrate. If they can ensure excellence; they stand to make rivers of money.

Doug Nagy on Apr 30, 2008


Alex I just gotta say I love how you respond to people in comments. So many times on so many other sites I read I wish the writers would respond more to the comments left. Great review as well I really am looking forward to seeing this movie. Gives me more hope for a good summer movie season.

Raymond on Apr 30, 2008


1 transformer was wicked. 2 thank you jon favreau for a great film 3 i really hope the incredible hulk could live up to iron man level

darrin on Apr 30, 2008


Great Review,..Spot on. I was lucky to see it a few days and I also was quite amazed how perfect it was. Downey was perfectly cast, as was the rest. The humor and action worked perfectly. CGI and practical FX were seamless. I will probably go see it again this weekend. Actually one of those movies that is worth the admission price.

Scorpio on Apr 30, 2008


To Mark #11. I suppose you also had complaints about "Spider-Man", that a guy can get bit by a spider and get his 5 senses enhanced to where he crawls up buildings the same day--and does not die. Even, that a man can get pelted by gamma radiation and then turns into a giant green mutant known as "The Hulk"--and also doesn't die. As may comic book movies there are - I'm surprised you haven't gotten a clue yet as to what the Marvel/DC universe is. Just have fun at the movies! Sorry, my head just flamed up ("Ghost Rider")!

Pickle on Apr 30, 2008


To #20, hey, don't pop #11's bubble, and tell him that Star Wars was all made up too... I can not wait to see Iron Man. Unfortunatley, I live in Germany, and have to wait a bit....

nate on Apr 30, 2008


I just saw it!!! It was of the best superhero flicks!!! πŸ˜€

Aztek on Apr 30, 2008


Man, it seems like this will be a sleeper movie creeping in the top 3 by the end of summer if the other movies don't hurt its longevity

pogi on Apr 30, 2008


How many times can you use the word "impeccable" in a single review?

Rob on Apr 30, 2008


I completely agree with you. Loved it.

Tyler on Apr 30, 2008


I saw it a few hours ago and really enjoyed Iron Man. The screenplay could have been better and I would have liked a more threatening enemy at the end, but overall the movie was pretty awesome. The flying sequences were great and Downey Jr. is perfect in the role. Can't wait for Iron Man 2 / Avengers!

Andreas Climent on Apr 30, 2008


Sounds awesome. Great review, man. I am one of the unlucky saps that has to wait until tomorrow night for this one.

The Rub on Apr 30, 2008


I really can't wait to see this movie. especially after your review alex, big ups! and to one of many hataz of the world that goes by the name, Mark O.... (yeah, YOU.... #11) is it really hard for u to grasp the fact in yo mind that this is a movie based on a comic book.... A COMIC BOOK! meaning that the sh*t on da screen aint real, its fake, weird & crazy sh*t is supposed to happen. the whole board saying the movie good, its great to watch and they can't wait to see it and you da only a** on here dat gotta diss da movie, like u could've done better directing it yo'self, but yet and still you paid to watch it and sat in there like a sucka. itz ppl like u datz da reason ppl can't come up in the world.... cuz u a H8A. go play wit yo'self wit yo slum a**. PEACE!

theTruth on Apr 30, 2008


To Alex and Pickle: There's a difference between suspending belief to immerse yourself in an experiences. However, the problem with Iron Man is that it tries so desperately to be real and modern. It's 2008; it's framed within the "reality" of terrorism; there are references to modern conflict, to Burger King, to MySpace, to the celebrity culture that inhabits Malibu. For the entire first hour, the movie tries as hard as possible to put the story in this modern world and give it that sense of realism. But then it expects us to throw away this realism to believe the unbelievable: 1) That somehow, it takes weeks for Stark to build a fraction of the Iron Man suit, yet once he's given an ultimatum that makes no sense, he can build more than half the suit in less than 24 hours. 2) That the "terrorists" are so stupid that they can't tell Stark isn't building them the Jericho 3) That the "terrorists" are so stupid that they'll kidnap Stark to build them a Jericho weapon WHEN THEY COULD HAVE BOUGHT IT FROM JEFF BRIDGES IN THE FIRST PLACE. Seriously, if Bridges was selling Stark weapons under the table, what's the point of keeping Stark around? They should have never kidnapped him and just bought one. PROBLEM SOLVED. 4) That it took weeks upon weeks for Stark to perfect his control of the Iron Man suit, yet Jeff Bridges hops in his the first time and he's a master at the controls. These aren't plot conventions. And this isn't me trying to say that a superhero movie isn't scientifically possible. They are plot holes, plain and simple. I already said that even for a superhero movie (which acknowledges the source material!) that this was unbelievable. And back to the terrorist issue, which you ignored. Do we really need another movie that portrays brown folk in the desert as cave-dwelling, turban-wearing heathens? These people are given absolutely no motivation for being bad. They're just evil. I thought the second half of the movie was great. I loved the special effects; Robert Downey, Jr. is wonderful and perfect as Stark. I don't think it was a total failure of a movie and I'd definitely want to see more of the story. But the first half of the movie is seriously detrimental to the film as a whole.

Mark O. on Apr 30, 2008


First off, TOTALLY looking forward to seeing this movie. I have been an Iron Man/Marvel fan for years and have seen every comic book movie that has popped up since The Shadow. I have to admit that Im glad they waited so long to put the Tin Man on the big do so prior would have made him look cheesy. Second off, Holy Hell Mark O...give me a break! You guys that pick movies of this genre apart really crack me up. First off, its based off a COMIC BOOK! Anything is possible in the comics my friend and to relate that to the big screen is a necessity. So how would you develop the story line if you were directing it? Oh wait, you DIDNT so sit back and enjoy the flick man. Would you still be bitching if the movie was 6 hours long to better fit your crazy ass'd idea of how the movie's timeline should unfold? Also, so the movie portrays a certain culture in a poor light. So what? Have you not noticed that just about every movie with any plot what so ever does the exact same thing? Have you ever seen "Training Day"? How about "White Men Cant Jump"? Get over it, kick back with the popcorn and Coke and feel the freedom that your $8.00 price of admission afforded you.

Short on Apr 30, 2008


JUST SAW IT! It was great! I wouldn't give it a 9 out of 10 though. hm... 8 seems more proper Robert Downey Jr was as always excellent! by the way did he have a fake nosetip?

bltzie on Apr 30, 2008


i liked the idea of the movie but the thing about him building the suit in one day,no help, and the whole thing about all midle easterners hating america I know several people who have been to Iraq an all of them said how polite the people they met were and how excited they were to see him I mean granted he had a machine gun and body armour on but he said if they could speek english they were polite.

Bill on Apr 30, 2008


IRONMAN WAS FANTASTIC!!!!! The Dark Knight, Indy, & Hulk better bring their A game cause the bar has been set VERY HIGH for summer blockbusters!! Robert Downey did a great job & his final lines set up the sequel PERFECTLY!!!! I got to see tonights preview for FREE but would have gladly paid $9 to see it. OUTSTANDING COMIC BOOK MOVIE!!! KUDOS to Jon Favreau.

AngelMG on Apr 30, 2008


Mark = Left Wing Liberal. Personally I was happy to finally see radical Muslims portrayed as bad guys. Seems that in movies terrorists are always anything BUT Middle Eastern lately. And dude, it's A FREAKING SUPERHERO MOVIE. Or did you want Spider-man to shoot webs out of his ass so it would be "more real?" Vic on Apr 30, 2008


God! I've been waiting a lifetime for this movie. Had a bud that got to see it tonight and he stated that he lost himself in the movie for two hours. Isn't that what movies are supposed to do? Lucky bastard!

matthew on Apr 30, 2008


This movie was BADASS! All u people who have a problem with Superhero/ Fantasy movies, should just watch documentaries on A&E or something. It's all make believe, DUH, so stop trying to tear down the movies, they are meant to entertain us not teach us how to build weaponized armor or whatever u haters watch them 4.

bigmike23 on Apr 30, 2008


Just an FYI.....Nick Fury IS in the movie!!!! Wait till the credits are done rolling!

matthew on Apr 30, 2008


Number #29: 1) The timeline for finishing the suit didn't feel rushed to me; if you want a movie where we see Robert Downey Jr. and Shaun Toub writing computer code, soldering wires and etc. for six weeks, in real time, guess what? This isn't it. 2) They can tell he's working on something -- and yeah, it's a bit thin, but this is also a movie about a man in a flying suit. I'm not saying that excuses plot holes; I'm saying that for the fairly fantastic and stylized conventions of a movie like this, it felt adequately handled. 3) The bad guys couldn't simply buy the Jericho because the one used in the demonstration was probably the only one in existence; it was a prototype, not an assembly-line piece. 4) Bridges has spent his entire life designing, selling and operating high-tech military equipment; the Iron Monger suit was probably pretty intuitive; also, he's got a operator's undersuit on (you can see later in the film) so a) he must have planned to operate it and b) he must have taken it out for a few test=spins, too. Again, a scene there's not enough room for in the movie, but still -- and, also, he's not as empirically good with the suit as Tony is with his; that's a part of the plot. And while the Ten Rings are portrayed as unapologetic bastards, both Shaun Toub's Yinsen and the families under the gun later in the film are clearly Middle-Eastern characters portrayed in a positive, human light. Saying that a Middle Eastern character can't be a villain is as intrinsically racist as suggesting that a Middle Eastern character must be a villain. Finally, it always amazes me that some people think critiquing a film is as simple as looking for plot holes. It isn't, any more than reading a book is turning pages. For what Iron Man is, it's done extraordinarily well, and Downey makes the movie. (My review will be up at sometime tomorrow -- and, interestingly enough, even though I can't agree with Alex about Transformers, I can agree with him about Iron Man. ....)

James Rocchi on Apr 30, 2008


I certainly agree that this is one of the best superhero movies that is well-adapted, greatly acted with superb and flawless effects. I give it an 8 out of 10.

James Pong on Apr 30, 2008


First off, I want to throw our friend, Alex here some congrats on standing his ground and sticking up to Mark O. Second off, I am totally jazzed about reading this review for Iron Man. I think its a great way, just great way to start off the summer. I was a little worried about J.F. directing this, but according to my reliable sources, this is a HIT! Looking forward to seeing it this weekend!!!

Conrad on May 1, 2008


HAHAHA Mark the damn towelheads are portrayed like that because that is how they are!!!! dumbass.. and yeah i do know not all mideasterns are, but at what point did it show regular mideastern civilians saying Gdamn america, die americans??? it didnt it was the FUCKING TERRORISTSS!!!! or do you think terrorrists are all just happy jolly american loving hippies...fucking retard...go back to the left wing and choke on bill clintons c***... or hillory's, im pretty sure she has one too... srry if any of this offends anyone besides the douche..

blake b on May 2, 2008


wowww! well done film... just got back from watchin it at the arclight in hollywood.. got to see robert downey jr go up on stage with the director as well right before the screening at midnight.. suprised me.. kid you not his quote "there should be able to allow marijuana in here".. lol great moviee overall.

Rigo on May 2, 2008


this is the best movie ever made ....It was jus FANTASTIC! robert downey jr was perfect for this role they could'nt have picked a better actor ...I was vey impressed with Ironman and fell in love with robert downey jr all over again lol.... definately a must see....I hope there is a sequel lol...."wink"

pussykat on May 2, 2008


the one thing that I dont get is how no reviewer (alex included) has mentioned how horrendous the special effects were for the first scene that the original iron man suit appears. It looked like a low budget 80s tv show, as if marvel didnt have enough money to finish the film. Now I thought the movie was pretty good regardless but that definetely left a sour taste in my mouth. I was wondering if I am the only person that noticed this. (I'm talking about the part where he shot fire when he walked out of the cave)

harry j on May 2, 2008


Harry #44 - I had no problem with the special effects at all! In fact, I even made mention in my review above of how phenomenal they were - even moreso than Transformers. Don't know why you had an issue with them? In fact, I don't even know what the heck you're talking about?? That scene with the fire was GREAT! Looked incredible - great camerawork with a hilarious "clunker" suit of armor walking around kicking ass. It was meant to look that way - it wasn't bad special effects...

Alex Billington on May 2, 2008


I totally agree wtf he talkin bout the special effects were wicked! that movie left me amazed I thought it was wonderful...perfect like I said before...

pussykat on May 2, 2008


and this is fuh "MARK O" get a life the movie was a ten out of ten and u are unbearable...!

pussykat on May 2, 2008


In reference to the scene I was talking about, it was so painfully obvious that they were shooting miniatures during that scene that it was almost unwatchable. It just didnt look like they did ANY post production on that scene

harry j on May 2, 2008


U serious dread come na nun was wrong with the scene... u obviously was watchin sumthin else! "kick ass clunker"

pussykat on May 2, 2008


Okay, I went to see the movie last night (May 1) it was AMAZING! The only problem I had with it is that in the middle of the most CLIMACTIC SCENE...the screen went blank...the lights came on. Everybody in the cinema (and I mean EVERYBODY-IT WAS PACKED!) was like, "WTF?! That's how it ends?!" Then all of a sudden, 5 minutes later, the movie starts back up but not where it left off! When I left the cinema, I was FURIOUS! I had a buch of people from the movie with me, and we talked to the manager...she INSISTED that that was actually HOW THE MOVIE WAS SUPPOSED TO GO! I was just wondering if this really was supposed to happen, or if I did get jipped on one of the best parts of the movie?

msurfprincess on May 2, 2008


9/10? You are putting this up there with the Great movies? Sure, it was enjoyable, but you giving Iron Man such a high score will just make me assume you got paid to write this gushingly fanboyish review. Also, that thing Stark is showing Obadiah isn't an electromagnet.

Korinthian on May 2, 2008


Ok everyone here should be a comic book fan? If not then shut your pie hole. The special effects was perfect, the acting was great, the plot was fantastic and they even showed us the sequel and whos going to be in it. I see the perfect combination of a winning movie. NO THE MOVIE DOES NOT GO BLACK GO GET YOUR MONEY BACK! 10 out of 10 FOR THE YEAR OF 2008. Batman may beat it but I doubt it because they wont have nearly as much technology invested in it like Iron Man. So what that the movie doesnt follow the old comic book? Well it is following the cartoon movie and will be making some modern changes. I enjoy and invite new ideas and talent for this movie and they delivered this perfect movie to me as such. Please people post positive information and stop terrorising the Comment section. Would you tell somone this in real life in front of their face in their home infront of their family? So basicly Respect each other and you will recieve respect back!

Javier on May 3, 2008


O)h for number 51 KORINTHIAN. Their is an electromagnetic conected to the first prototype so whent he new one was built the electromagnetic was builtinto it. And that thing in his heart is called COLD FUSSION. read about it!

Javier on May 3, 2008


DUDE THAT WAS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!i JUST saw it and it ranks with LOTR,witch is a REALLY high acheivment for my rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that movie ROCKED,especially the fact that he had a little glowing thing keeping him alive!!!!!

locococo on May 3, 2008


To all those that keep going on about him building the suit in a day, if you have seen the movie and are still saying that, get your brain rewired. To those that haven't seen the movie, shut up and enjoy yourself. To Mark O, everyone's favourite whipping post, read a few Ironman comics and you might get an idea why he fought the people he fought and honestly can you see him getting an idea for building the suit cos he's going to the moon? Alex love your review, even though i've just read it and saw the movie on Thursday I still get exited and cant wait to see it again, if only to see the lucky bugger flying over L.A. and taking on 2x F-22 Raptors (loved that). This movie has certainly knocked Spiderman of its pedestal as Marvel movie hero in my books, pity the Avengers movie wont be Ultimate or New based with Spiderman and Wolverine now I would buy extra tickets for that! Cant wait for Ironman 2!!!

Darren K on May 4, 2008


This clever, quick-witted, tightly scripted adaptation of yet another superhero movie may actually turn into one of the most respected and highest ranked movies in this genre’s increasingly impressive collection. I am not a comic book guy for the most part and had never heard of Iron Man before the previews to this movie. I almost didn't even go see it, but the good reviews by the critics made me decide to give it a chance. I was NOT disappointed. It was fantastic. My Social Standards now has my whole review. Check it out at our site, to see it.

Steve on May 4, 2008


Iron Man was probably one of the most well done super hero movies done correctly. Besides this movie Spiderman 1, and Batman Begins were the only superhero movies that got my respect. Although Ironman blew both of them out of the water in my opinion. I think there will not be a sequel for Ironman, but an Avengers spin off. Since the end of the credits revealed that the Avengers movie is coming, I'm not too upset about there not being an IronMan 2. Although an IronMan 2 would be great, I would rather see a group of heroes in The Avengers. Cross your fingers that they don't screw it up and use the same actors. πŸ™‚

ALmighty13 on May 4, 2008


oh this was soooo fantastic..... I had to see it twice! who knows maybe I'll catch it a third time.... Perfect ! Perfect!

pussykat on May 5, 2008


To #34, I'm a left wing liberal, and I loved this movie. The portrayal of Stark's kidnappers was totally fair. Everyone bitching and moaning about it obviously forgot the touching scene of the man and his family in that village that Iron Man saved. Generalizations are bad.

Adam on May 5, 2008


The Iron Movie was Great! I agreed with your review. Marvel Movies are better then all the DC Movies. The only DC Movie that was great was Nolan's Batman Begins. Even Dark Horse's Hellboy has surpassed DC'S Movies except for Batman Begins. I have fought The Taliban in Afghanistan and have befriended the friendlies. Both the terrorist and their victims were portrayed realistically. I agreed with #59 and I'm a Conservative. Personally; I can't wait to see the Movie " Where is Osama Bin Laden. We had him trapped at Tora Bora and still he escaped. I know it's not a Superhero Movie. If you reviewed it and I missed your review;please let me know The date of your review. I really would like to read your review. They are always on target.(Yes! It's my opinion and everyone is entitled to voice their opinion) I hope that The Next Iron Movie moves to the updated EXTREMIS Iron Man. Peace. Ivan.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 5, 2008


#41. learn to spell, jackass. fucking morons like you shouldn't be euthanized at birth; i came here to read reviews and hear more about the movie, not to listen to your racist, homophobic inbred "wisdom." Next time you want to post something like this, stop and think: if i actually used this derogatory term out loud in front of a group of middle easterners, would i still have a face at the end of the night? And I want to thank the moderators of this for keeping the vile and offensive message online; really shows your quality.

blake'smom on May 5, 2008


If you paid attention to the movie he clearly states that he was held captive for three months so it was realistic (it took more than a day or week)

unknown on May 6, 2008


Sorry spoiler for those who haven't seen it. 3) That the "terrorists" are so stupid that they'll kidnap Stark to build them a Jericho weapon WHEN THEY COULD HAVE BOUGHT IT FROM JEFF BRIDGES IN THE FIRST PLACE. Seriously, if Bridges was selling Stark weapons under the table, what's the point of keeping Stark around? They should have never kidnapped him and just bought one. PROBLEM SOLVED. In response to this comment. Jeff Bridges char actually hired them to kidnap and kill Stark. They kidnapped him not knowing it was Stark and only when they knew who it was did they decide to have him build them a Jericho.

Kristen on May 6, 2008


This is one of my fave Movie, four thumb :D. I cant wait for Iron Man 2. Oh man why i must waiting soo looong for the sequel T_T

MMORPG Movies on Aug 8, 2009

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