Isla Fisher's Confessions of a Shopaholic Trailer

September 29, 2008
Source: AOL

Confessions of a Shopaholic Trailer

Disney has just premiered the official trailer for Confessions of a Shopaholic starring Isla Fisher. This is every girls dream movie, and every girl's dream story. Fisher plays Rebecca Bloomwood, a shopping obsessed college grad who lands a job as a financial journalist. It's nothing more than the typical female story of life, love, and shopping, and should be a fun little flick. I think everyone is expecting this (or Bride Wars) to be the "next" Devil Wears Prada, but I really don't think Fisher has the chops to pull it off - she's no Anne Hathaway. Anyway, if you want to see Isla Fisher dance around in funky clothes, check it out.

Watch the trailer for Confessions of a Shopaholic:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Confessions of a Shopaholic trailer in High Definition on AOL

Confessions of a Shopaholic is directed by P.J. Hogan, of My Best Friend's Wedding and Peter Pan previously. The screenplay was written by Tim Firth (Calendar Girls, Kinky Boots) and Tracey Jackson (The Guru, The Other End of the Line). The film is based on a book of the same name written by Sophie Kinsella. Disney will be releasing Confessions of a Shopaholic in theaters on February 13th, 2009.

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doesn't look all that funny to me but isla fisher to me is smokin hot

edward on Sep 29, 2008


Haven't we seen this trailer already?

Jaqui on Sep 29, 2008


I love this chick, so so hot and funny, I guess I can take my wife...

Richard on Sep 29, 2008


This is kind of a strange movie for a Jerry Bruckheimer production, huh? It looks like a Kangaroo Jack moment.

Frame on Sep 29, 2008


What is wrong with me!? I actually thought it looked entertaining! I need to take a sabbatical from films, I think...

Echelon on Sep 29, 2008


this looks ridiculous.

jeff on Sep 29, 2008


Oh wow girlfriends! Can't wait for this, do I hear Oscars? Oh yeah this film is going to revolutionise the way we look at film. Can't wait for more. Isla has pushed herself to the limits on this, this could be her defining movie, like Heath Ledgers Joker. Genius I'm so hyped right now...

Crapola on Sep 29, 2008


This movie is meant for women and women only, so if you're a guy, stop discussing about this movie.

Ali on Sep 29, 2008


Number sevens use of sarcasm falls flat. #8 that was sexist to say. Are you implying that only women would find this crap funny? That is very degrading. I am sure there are hundreds of millions of women would would pass on this for anything else.

Red Buttons on Sep 29, 2008


The books are really cute but they've changed SO much that it's hard for a fan to really be excited imo. I like Isla in the role but it seems like they've made Becky more vapid then she is in the books. They also changed the setting from London to New York and Becky to American from British. I don't really understand that change but whatever. I'll still see it but I don't think it's going to live up to expectations. "This is every girls dream movie, and every girl's dream story." Alex, I find it increasingly difficult to tolerate your posts on chick flick movies. I understand they aren't for you but you always seem to find a way to put down women in them. When you make statements like that you come across as sexist. I can't imagine that you really want to portray yourself that way. I'm not trying to be mean only sharing my point of view. 🙂

janet on Sep 29, 2008


I disagree I think Isla Fischer is ready to carry a film and this is going to be her big breakout role. I don't think many thought Hathaway could carry a film, a non kiddie/Disney film anyway....until after she did Devil Wears Prada. This movie is going to add to what is quickly becoming a strong genre in power chic flicks. It seems like the gender genre's have been bending quite a bit lately. Tough testosterone filled guy movies are finding themselves tied to a love story (i.e. Casino Royale), chick flicks are becoming full of perverted male humor (i.e. My Best Friends Girl, Knocked Up) and the typical chick flick is becoming void of it's cliche' love story center and stuffed full of a new formed sense of girl power (Devil Wears Prada, Nanny Diaries, The Women, Sex in the City, and most likely this film and Bride Wars) This film is going to be a bit hit.

ImaginaryVisionary on Sep 29, 2008


YOU GUYS AT FIRST SHOWING: It speaks to how enraged I am that I am posting for the first time on your site on the page for this fluff movie that I don't even care about. I know you're all dudes working on this website, but please for all of our sakes HIRE A WOMAN. Or at least get to know a few. If your comment that this is "every girl's dream movie" and "every girl's dream story" is unironic, then you must know that you are alienating a significant number of movie goers (and your readers) who both have vaginas and obsess over movies that f***ing rock - not movies that pander to Hollywood's limited view of the female psyche. Come on, give us a chance.

katherine on Sep 29, 2008


Isla Fisher is gorgeous, I'll watch this just for that reason.

MBD on Sep 30, 2008


i agree with katherine you get all hyped up about transformers and dark knight then call movies like this "every girls dream movie, and every girl's dream story". I mean,c'mon guys.

twispious on Sep 30, 2008


Katherine, this post makes it clear that this site apparently panders to Hollywood's limited view of the female psyche as well. Geez. "Every girl's dream movie and every girl's dream story" or "typical female story of life, love, and shopping"? Kill me now. Colour me unimpressed by this type of "reporting".

Liz on Sep 30, 2008


my eyes started bleeding by the middle of the trailer. thank god for the ctrl+w shortcut. it feels like a future box-office failure.

graymer on Sep 30, 2008


"Fisher is no Anne Hathaway?" You realize this is the actress that pretty much stole Wedding Crashers out from under Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, right?

Tom Brazelton on Sep 30, 2008


Haha, that trailer seemed to be a bit of a Devil wears prada -type of movie.. And the jokes werent that great. And to be honest i dont think that Fisher girl is even stylish :\ Best joke of that trailer is that finnish-joke ;D I laughed out loud when i heard that finnish phrase.. The guy said "Hello nice to meet somebody who speaks finnish blabla" "*slap*" 😛

Max on Sep 30, 2008


@ 10... I think you answered your own question when you said "I'm not trying to be mean only sharing my point of view." Alex isn't trying to be mean (or sexist) either, just sharing his point of view...

Peloquin on Sep 30, 2008


I get Isla Fisher and Amy Adams mixed up. I'm totally gonna see this, though!

Valeriewriter on Sep 30, 2008


Looks like a smart film on the economy 🙂

Ryan on Sep 30, 2008


@ Peloquin: the problem with institutionalized sexism is that intent is rarely an important factor. Someone may not "mean" to be sexist but this does not impact whether or not they were exhibiting behaviour that is sexist. Just "sharing his point of view" does not excuse any sexist comments someone might make nor does it make it alright to make them.

Liz on Sep 30, 2008


This film represents all that is wrong with America.

Steven on Sep 30, 2008


One or two female reviewers for Firstshowing would be such a good idea!

Valeriewriter on Sep 30, 2008


This site has always been about the news + bloggers opinion, and here in the comment section we get to share ours. And alex is very justified in "hyping" up transformers and not this. And the use of "typical female story" nothing wrong with that. Chick flick is called that because the studies market and produce it as such. You are all shooting the messenger.

Red Buttons on Sep 30, 2008


Red Buttons, we are not shooting the messenger. The problem with saying "typical female story" is that Alex says it's "nothing more than the typical female story" as if a) there is only one female story, and b) that whatever this story might be, it's not worth presenting on the big screen. Following that in the same breath by calling it a "fun little flick" (emphasis on "little") is condescending at best. If you couple this with his review of the Bride Wars trailer from a few days ago, it's a string of pretty offensive comments on female audiences. That both this movie and Bride Wars look terrible isn't even the point. Alex can't control the misogynistic content in movies that Hollywood puts out. What he can control is his reporting on the films and by aligning himself with the same mentality that generates these films in the first place, he helps perpetuate the cycle of presenting women on screen in such an incredibly flat, sexist way. It's disappointing.

Liz on Sep 30, 2008


You can't take one comment on one movie to say he has fallen pray to misogynistic camp. Although, i am of the opposite field, so i may not be the best of fully understanding this situation. And in regards to his use of "little" I just thought it meant that the movie was a fun movie where you can leave your brain at the door and pick it up after. And don't get me wrong, tons of movies, dare i say too many movies are like this, whether they are projected to women or men.

Red Buttons on Sep 30, 2008


Red, you're continuing to miss the point: it's not about the movie itself and whether or not it's light hearted or fun or terrible or directed at men or women, it's about Alex's editorial content reflecting a sexist attitude towards female audiences. I haven't taken one comment on one move and claimed that he has "fallen pray to misogynistic camp", I said that his comments in this post and in the one for Bride Wars reflect the same mentality that generates these films in the first place. I cannot and will not call Alex a misogynist based on two posts. What I can and will do is point out what I feel are sexist comments and sexist behaviours in hopes that they will not become a long-term pattern. If they become a pattern, then I'd say it's completely fair to bring out the misogynist label. I'd like to hope that Alex is a big enough man to realise what he's said, why it's unacceptable, and not continue editorializing like this in the future.

Liz on Sep 30, 2008


I understand your point, and your argument. I can definetly see how "This is every girls dream movie, and every girl's dream story. " can be taken as sexist or even more so "typical female story of life, love, and shopping, " But we all might be reading too much into this. I agree however that FS definitely needs a Female Blogger, and a blogger that focuses on foreign cinema all over. Those are my two suggestions for improving an already top notch site.

Red Buttons on Sep 30, 2008


She looks like she'll be SO much better than Hathaway. I like her, but she is so beyond overrated.

Zamora on Sep 30, 2008


Liz, You've gotta be kidding me...why would you read this site if you think the editors are sexist? I didn't see Alex calling Juno a story for the women because that film actually transcended its intended demographic and looked appealing to all audiences. Alex even had some kind things to say about Baby Mama which I'd rank as a classical woman flick as well. The bottom line is if you want a woman editors opinion than go read a site run by a woman. I think you're being more sexist than anyone by even bringing this topic up because you're stereotyping Alex in saying that he only enjoys movies geared towards the male demographic. You're crucifying him for a generally positive review on a site that normally isn't geared towards these types of films (now you're going to yell at me for saying it has its own type). For Alex's readers scanning the recent articles what do you think would draw more of an audience on this site: It Ain't Over Yet - Kirsten Dunst Back for Spider-Man 4 and 5!, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Shooting 3 Scenes in IMAX!, Eagle Eye Writers Working on a Blade Runner 2?!, or Isla Fisher's Confessions of a Shopaholic Trailer...Alex is writing about what sells because he's a business man who's afraid that his reputation with the fanboys could be hindered by him spending too much time away from what they really care about. Go check out usually try to stay away from that site due to them being too sexist towards men because they always give sci fi movies bad reviews.

Peloquin on Sep 30, 2008


Great post Peloquin.

Red Buttons on Sep 30, 2008


I do agree I'd like to get a female blogger as well, but not to level the playing field and reduce sexism. I'd just like one to change up the tone of the writing and give a fresh take on Hollywood headlines.

Peloquin on Sep 30, 2008



Red Buttons on Sep 30, 2008


Peloquin, you need to stop putting words in my mouth. Nowhere have I been "stereotyping Alex in saying that he only enjoys movies geared towards the male demographic" (I didn't comment on the types of movies he enjoys) nor have I been "crucifying him for a generally positive review on a site that normally isn't geared towards these types of films" (I haven't commented on whether or not Alex liked the trailer, just the language used to describe the film in general). I haven't even in fact requested that this site get a female blogger, although now that you bring it up I think it could use one. You haven't really demonstrated that you're actually reading my comments, so I'm not sure what to say to you. "if you want a woman editors opinion than go read a site run by a woman" I'm not interested in reading a woman editor's opinion on a site run by a woman just because she is a woman. I am interested in reading the opinions of people (men AND women) who are able to talk about movies without resorting to broad sexist caricatures that debase and patronize female audiences. I would like to think that men are capable of writing like this just as much as women are. It's not about the movies themselves nor anyone's opinions on the quality of those films, it's about the language used to write about them that is problematic. I read other movie blogs where the male staff do not seem to have any difficulties with this, which is part of the reason I am so perplexed at both the posts (and now the ensuing comments) on this site. I read this site because I like to keep up to date on casting news, links to new trailers, new posters, etc. I like the kinds of movies featured on this site, despite the fact that they may be largely geared towards a male audience and I'm female.

Liz on Sep 30, 2008


Alright Liz you can have the last word as I can see both Red Buttons and my points aren't being heard...I still don't think Alex's comments are sexist at all... Alex, care to chime in with your thoughts on this topic?

Peloquin on Sep 30, 2008


Another movie based of a book. Doesn't anyone read any more?

zwandaba on Sep 30, 2008


And just because we don't see it, you can't say we are blind or anything. Its just like when MS. magazine thought some promo shots of Terminator: SCC were sexist. Thankfully in the next issue a smart female reader replied to the editor with the correct break down of the show and its universe and she justified the use of the imagery Fox had used. But that is all i can say on this one. I just noticed the Spider man 4 thread. lol

Red Buttons on Sep 30, 2008


Oh I'm hearing your points, Peloquin, I'm just disagreeing with you because you seem confused on what I'm angry about. I'm not angry because this blog heavily features guy-friendly films (I like those films too!). I'm not upset because I want a woman writer on this site (they can employ whoever they want!). I'm angry because of the way this post talks about female audiences, not because of the content or quality of the film. It's not about the film being about a female shopoholic existing solely to find a man, it's about Alex's description of it as being "every girl's dream movie" that is "typical" of the female experience of "life, love, and shopping". The movie itself may be sexist (probably), but Alex's commentary on it is also sexist. It's unfortunate that you don't see the comments as sexist, as this is the very problem with sexism: it's institutionalized to the point where people can exhibit sexist behaviour and not even realise what they're doing or that others will do nothing in the face of it because it's become so normalized. Do I think Alex intended to make a sexist remark? No. But as I said earlier, intent doesn't change the fact that what he wrote was indeed sexist. . I'm just having a really, really hard time understanding how reducing women's lives to being about love (subtext: finding a man), and shopping is NOT sexist. It's boggling my mind.

Liz on Sep 30, 2008


"And just because we don't see it, you can't say we are blind or anything" Right. But just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Liz on Sep 30, 2008


I have to say it does exist. But not here.

Red Buttons on Sep 30, 2008


I think Isla Fisher will be a big name in the business. She has screen presence and has real appeal! Her work in Definetly, Maybe is very good! on Sep 30, 2008


I Love Isla Fisher but that's all the movie has going for it. BTW, Isn't this trailer like a month old?

Micah on Sep 30, 2008


My bad, spoke to soon. Its actually looks good.

Micah on Sep 30, 2008


Okay, Red. It must not be sexist if you say it isn't. Any of the women (and possibly enlightened men, you can't always tell from screen names) who are angry about this post must be overreacting and must be oversensitive. There can't possibly be any other explanation. I should probably go shopping to assuage my anger. A new pair of expensive shoes will probably make this site easier to read in the future.

Liz on Oct 1, 2008


I want to go riding too, but i can't find my high horse. And you presume i am a stocky man who likes hockey and explosions. come on.

Red Buttons on Oct 1, 2008


I am not presuming anything about you, actually, since I can't possibly determine your body type, sports preferences, or predisposition towards pyrotechnics based on any of the comments on this post. If you are going to accuse me of anything, please make sure that it's based on something I've actually said and not things that you are imagining.

Liz on Oct 1, 2008


lol. I liked that post. Great thing about this site is that even though we disagree we can both respect each other I really liked teh predisposition part.

Red Buttons on Oct 1, 2008


I'm really bummed that they changed the character to American. It's like making Bridget Jones American. Wrong, just wrong. I'm sad, very very sad. The books were so fun and fresh, and I actually liked them more than Devil Wears Prada book (the movie was actually better than the book, IMO). Shopaholic could have been a fantastic movie if it stuck closer to the source material. 🙁

Maya on Oct 1, 2008


Liz - let's hang out. Peloquin (and Red) - Seriously? The whole point is that we will not be contained as viewers to fluffy, worthless, idiotic on-screen tripe just because we're female. We want a female blogger on this site so maybe she can step in and suggest that saying Confessions of a Shopaholic is "every girl's dream movie" and "story" is a huge offensive generalization that reduces all girls to, well, shopaholics (or boyaholics for that matter). Thank god we have Tina Fey.

katherine on Oct 1, 2008


I think Liz brought up some amazing points.

Valeriewriter on Oct 1, 2008


Eloquently put Liz, I wish more women were like you in this day and age because it's sad but most women I know do fall into this stereotype (not trying to be sexist, it's just true)...I'd love to meet a women who didn't make me watch The Hills, or hold their bags while they shop for their 100th handbag so if you're ever in the Boston area feel free to look me up ;o)

Peloquin on Oct 1, 2008


I will look you up peloquin. heheheh Btw, you shouldn't make a general comment, there are plenty of female comics out there that are just as sharp as fey. Just read some of the columns of Bitch magazine, some of the best writing I have read.

Red Buttons on Oct 1, 2008


I don't really know what to say about all this... Liz and Janet, I want to at least reply back to both of you. I apologize if any of my comments seemed sexist, as that definitely wasn't my intention. However, in writing about "chick flicks," I'm more critiquing Hollywood more than women in general. For example, I'm saying Hollywood is the problem and they're the ones creating these kind of stories. It's not my fault that they don't make films that portray women in better ways, but it's just that these kind of chic flicks are what they produce and they seem to be enjoyed by most women. Sex and the City was a very big film this summer for that reason... It's partially that and that some of the women (including my ex-girlfriend) used to love these kinds of movies. Let me ask - do you like them? If so, I'm just trying to cater to our female readers by saying that this IS a chic flick that you might enjoy. Again, my intentions aren't to be derogatory by any means, however, I do think Hollywood needs to stop producing the same old chic flick romantic story we've seen time and time again. Lastly, as for the comments about this being every girl's dream story, I mean that in a sense that every girl wants to have an endless shopping budget and being paid to shop for clothes... And by every, I obviously understand that not EVERY last girl out there wants that, but it's the majority and it's just a fun statement. I'm not trying to be derogatory to anyone and I apologize if it came off that way.

Alex Billington on Oct 2, 2008


Thanks for your comments, Alex. Do I see some of these movies? Sure. I thought 27 Dresses was okay and thought that Sex and the City was decent for a movie based on a TV show that became tiresome a couple of seasons in. But whether or not I see these movies isn't really what any of mine (or anyone else's) comments have been about. "I mean that in a sense that every girl wants to have an endless shopping budget and being paid to shop for clothes… but it's the majority and it's just a fun statement" Yeah, that's not a fun statement. That's the kind of thing we're talking about with the sexism in this post. I'm not sure why this type of commentary is necessary when talking about movies like this. Heck, if you're upset that Hollywood continues to produce movies of this kind, I'm surprised that your post doesn't have a more pro-women stance. Instead of talking about this movie being every girl's dream, why not take the opportunity to discuss how shallowly Hollywood depicts women in movies like this? It's hard to combat movies like this if the way you talk about it is in the same spirit that the movie was created.

Liz on Oct 2, 2008


Don't worry alex. I understand what you mean. but just to play it safe, we should all just refer to everyone else as human. Ie. Every humans dream. Human Flick.

Red Buttons on Oct 2, 2008


Red, you still don't get it. The problem with "every girl's dream" is not the word GIRL, it's the word EVERY. See above what I was saying earlier about making broad sweeping statements about women (or anyone, really). GIRL is not a bad word; using it to imply things about an entire gender is what makes it unpleasant.

Liz on Oct 2, 2008


Liz, since you're so passionate about this I'm curious as to your thoughts on Sarah Palin and how the media has been with her...A strong woman like yourself must have some opinion on how the first women to run for the second highest position in America is being seen. Not to mention how her party is saying that she's being treated unfairly by the media trapping her with questions she can't answer. I think saying she can't handle certain questions is quite sexist of our government to imply, and it's an example of a woman using her stereotype to her advantage to avoid confrontation and talking about actual issues. I'm intrigued to hear your thoughts on this regardless of your political opinion, but instead basing it on your concept of what you consider sexist as you so articulately discussed for the past 3 days above (that wasn't sarcasm either).

Peloquin on Oct 2, 2008


I got your Point like 20 posts ago. Alex even said he spoke in generalizations. Seriously like i said before, too much has been read into the statement. So he said every girl, big deal. Alex was commenting on a chick flick. And yes it is a chick flick, because like the book this is aimed at women. Just like Wanted was geared on teens, or 300 or anything else for that matter. And peloquin just on a side note about the politics, remember when no one defended hillary when she was going through Worse than Palin. Alex You definitly need to add a dedicated forum. 😛

Red Buttons on Oct 2, 2008


Red Buttons...I definitely know what you mean and it was kind of my point....I hope I didn't come off sounding like I was defending Palin (I'm all Obama 08)...Hillary was definitely better suited for the position and I'm glad she didn't use her sex as a way of avoiding questions. I guess the term "sexism" all depends who and in what context you're discussing it because it can be used to a woman's advantage or disadvantage all depending on the situation.

Peloquin on Oct 2, 2008


Hmmm…I’ve followed this discussion but I was hesitant to respond because I felt like some of the comments were dictating to me how I should feel and that was something I didn’t think I needed to debate. Alex, I didn’t like the comment and that’s why I responded to it. I didn’t imagine the discussion that would follow. I understand that this is your blog and you can write whatever you want to write. I hope you understand that this was something I felt I needed to say because this wasn’t the first time that I felt this way. I really appreciate you clarifying your thoughts and apologizing. As for do I like these kind of movies? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. This movie is based on books and the books have some deeper messages and Becky goes through some emotional turmoil that is not just about shopping. I would hope that the movie isn’t all about her credit problems despite what the trailer shows. Then again they made her American *sigh* so who knows what we’ll get. Thanks.

janet on Oct 2, 2008


Thank you janet. I hope you didn't intrepret any of my own comments as ones that were trying to change your feelings. I would never try that. So I think we all know each others positions. Hey alex... What about that forum???

Red Buttons on Oct 2, 2008


Btw. I think this was was a great discussion had by many people. Another reason why this site is my homepage.

Red Buttons on Oct 2, 2008


"Liz, since you're so passionate about this I'm curious as to your thoughts on Sarah Palin and how the media has been with her" Why? What does this have to do with movies or Alex's reporting on this site? Why do I have to justify my opinion about this post by taking on a larger discussion about sexism in the media just because the two ideas are loosely connected? I've never seen anyone else on this site have to justify themselves by offering up an opinion on a mostly unrelated subject. This is getting ridiculous.

Liz on Oct 3, 2008


Liz, I just figured since you're defending sexism so vigorously with numerous posts per day on a comment taken out of context that you'd want to have an actual discussion on how sexism is affecting the country.

Peloquin on Oct 3, 2008


Red: No, you don't get it, because you still insist that my objection to this post is because this movie was labelled "chick flick" by comparing it to Wanted being geared at teens or 300 being geared at whoever it was geared at. I agree that it's a chick flick; it's a movie that is obviously written, filmed, and marketed towards women. "Chick flick" describes these movies in a cute way, the same way "cock rock" both rhymes and defines certain types of music. I'm not objecting to the standardized label used to refer to these movies. I'm objecting to Alex's assertion, that he apparently didn't mean to make, that "EVERY" girl dreams of an unlimited expense account and all the shopping she could hope for. The movie presents that opinion, definitely, but it's Alex's commentary that agrees with it. Peloquin: Why would I want to have a discussion on how sexism is affecting the United States in this post? For one, this is a movie blog and I am here to read and discuss movies, not politics. For another, I am Canadian and do not watch or read American news so I am not in a position to discuss how your media is portraying Palin and how that affects sexism in your country. I keep posting not because I'm super excited to talk about sexism but because you and others keep insisting that those of us who are objecting are somehow reading the comment "out of context" or that we're "reading too much into it". This is similar to apologies where someone says "I'm sorry you feel that way" -- they're not actually apologizing, they're displacing the blame onto you for reacting the way you did. This is exactly what many of the comments in this post are doing: they displace the blame onto the objectors rather than ask for any kind of changed behaviour on the part of the poster. Unfortunately, in my book, I don't feel that myself, Katherine, or Janet have done anything wrong in objecting to the tone of this post whereas apparently everyone else does think we're wrong for doing so. (I also assume you misspoke when you said that I am "defending sexism so vigorously" since I am definitely not defending sexism nor have I ever done it in this post or elsewhere.)

Liz on Oct 3, 2008


Also, that comment was really long. What this site needs is not a forum but an option to preview your comments before posting them. 🙂

Liz on Oct 3, 2008


That too, lol but a forum will help this community grow. I spend almost 45% of my surfing on this site.

Red Buttons on Oct 3, 2008


yeah, so back to the movie at hand. its cute, fun looking and im sure my wife will want to see it. I am not gonna lie, im a guy and i love a good, fun chick-flick every now and then, serendipity and sleepless in seattle are 2 of my favorite movies, liked them before i got married, maybe thats why my wife married me :p. either way, this movie looks fun, my only question, is how DID Bruckheimer's name get on it!? very out of his norm, no?

taurinh24 on Oct 3, 2008


I've read the book, and all the ones following, and I'm a bit bothered by this trailer. First of all, Becky Bloomwood isn't british in this movie! But her romantic interest is?!? I think we can handle a british leading lady, even if it's a Bridget Jones situation, where the accent is fake (yet very good!) I don't know. I'm in love with the shopaholic book series, but I'm going to withhold judgment on this movie for now....

Maria on Oct 19, 2008


this movie looks so good! i cant wait to see it.. the books were great

KC on Jan 15, 2009


I really love this movie! The Finnish joke was awesome! (I like Finland..) And I think Isla is very nice..Hugh Dency too..he's so cute!:)

Eszti on Apr 13, 2009


I love this!!! XD i really wanna see it it looks hilarious! "*slap* Men like you are the reason why I left them. "

Sasha on Apr 14, 2009


Isla Fisher is beatiful. However there must be a long distance to become the second "Devil Wears Prada". And Isla Fisher may have breakthrough in some other roles. Whatever it will be, I am eager for that day. Certainly, this story is lot s of girls' dreams indeed. It is worth expecting while not waiting, at least for me.

Catherine on Jun 10, 2009


"'owh! . . .it'z a nice and interesting story . . . .c0z, . . .many girlz love to shop . . . . it looks fabuluos . . . . . . . .jedha. . . .

jenelyn t.r. on Jun 28, 2010


Whores. Bitches. Cunts. Sluts. Floor-Cleaners. ^ Take your pick for describing the domestic dykes in these comments.

Glass on Nov 7, 2010

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