It Ain't Over Yet - Kirsten Dunst Back for Spider-Man 4 and 5!

September 30, 2008
Source: MTV

Mary Jane Watson and Spider-Man

Am the only one who thought it was all over when Spider-Man 3 came out? I thought that there's no way everyone will come back and make another. I thought that there's no way they can clean themselves up after this kind of mess. I thought that there really wasn't any more of the story to be told. But I guess I was wrong. It ain't over yet! We all saw the news about Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi coming back to make Spider-Man 4 and 5 back-to-back, but what about that sweet Mary Jane Watson? Well, Kirsten Dunst leaked to MTV recently that she will return for both films. "I'm in" is all she said, before quickly changing her response to "I'm not saying anything." It sounds like Sony is sparing no expense.

The funny thing is that Dunst was always the one who has hardest to convince to return during the first three. And now she seems anxious to return again - maybe it's the money? Additionally, I think Dunst is one of the actors who could've been replaced and it wouldn't have mattered. Like The Dark Knight before it, replacing Dunst might have actually helped the movie gain more appreciation. By the third movie, she was one of the weakest links. So my question still stands: with Raimi, Maguire, and Dunst all returning, will they really even be able to clean themselves up after the "mess" that was Spider-Man 3? Are we going to see a revamp or another cheesy continuation of a film that should have been a bittersweet finale.

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well, there goes 4 and 5.

Zach on Sep 30, 2008


Wow. I didn't know it cost that much to fix 2 front snaggletooths that she had to sign on for 2 more assuredly awful movies.

Voice of Reason on Sep 30, 2008


Why would she turn down a big pay check? Tobey and Raimi didn't.

Film-Book dot Com on Sep 30, 2008


I had hoped they'd cast an actual good looking woman this time. No such luck I guess. Then again, I suppose if they can turn Spidey into a jazzdancing emo sissy, they can get away with anything. I know why Maguire and Raimi and Dunst signed back on, they wanted the money. More importantly, why would Marvel rehire them after the fetid pile of unwatchable turd that was #3? I've had stuff stuck to the bottom of my shoe that was better written.

Peter on Sep 30, 2008


Oh, and incidentally Raimi stated that they couldn't announce who was playing the villain in 4 because if they did, you'd know who the villain was. So that basically narrows our options down to a rehash of an already established villain (like the return of GoblinXXX Racer or whatever Harry Osbourne was supposed to be) or a character that was introduced but hasn't been used yet (like Doc Connors aka The Lizard). This means that no - it's not a relaunch or a revamp. They're continuing where they left off.

Peter on Sep 30, 2008


I for one, well I hope and pray, that 4 and 5 will be more action packed, more of a reason for Peter parker to care about the city again, for Mary Jane to step up and be the Bad Ass Mary Jane she is suppose to be (like the comics). I just hope it will be good this time around. 1 and 2 kicked ass. They were so so so good!! 3, well if you take out the terrible Emo dancing scenes, and redo Venom, and keep Harry at home, and maybe replace that old butler who can't say his lines worth shit, and then , maybe then you would have a kick ass movie. WHAT??? Too much? I will always see the Comic Book Movies no matter what. Won't like them all, but I will see it. So lets go guys. Make 4 and 5 kick ass. And just film them back to back ok.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 30, 2008


I love how people have completely forgotten about 1 and 2 which were both awesome. As for Kunst, I am glad. Hate it when they swap actors/actresses mid-series. Was one of the few things I disliked about TDK.

MBD on Sep 30, 2008


i think that raimi should get david goyer involved , and they should look at going a bit more darker and voilent and not so commercial.

vanstone on Sep 30, 2008


Whatever they do, I hope they involve a bunch of flags. They need lots and lots of flags.

Blue Buttons on Sep 30, 2008


NICE! I'm so glad they doing more, love the first 3. Think I'm one of the few who enjoyed #3. Love that they are bringing back original cast and filming both at same time. Probably only have to wait a year apart to see #5. Wonder who they will have as the villian(s) and possible casting. Can't wait to hear more...

K on Sep 30, 2008


I'll make you a deal, Raimi. Replace Kirsten Dunst and I'll come see both Spidey 4 & 5. Keep her and I'll stay at home.

Hollywood Hills on Sep 30, 2008


The only way out of the hole they dug with the third is up. Since 3 was such a dud i think Raimi knows where the 4th and eventually the 5th need to go. I'd be a lot more likely to give up on Transformers 2 then Spiderman

Ch on Sep 30, 2008


so the Goblin returns for 4 and 5? will Willem Dafoe return as well?

The Delightful Deviant on Sep 30, 2008


I must have watched a different Spiderman 3, because I thought it was pretty great. Every single complaint I've heard about this movie is pure fan-boy nonsense, IMO. My only minor complaint is that it was a little too jam-packed. I think the story would have been easier to digest if there weren't so many villains running around. That being said, I can't wait for 4!

Scott on Sep 30, 2008


@ MBD, I totally agree with you. I think the Spiderman franchise has been one of the best Comic to movie adaptations we've seen. Despite that pt 3 wasn't as good... how quickly people forget what Raimi did with 1 & 2 and so eager to bash on Spidey because of One not so good movie. Give Raimi & Toby some credit, it was all praises when 1 & 2 came out.. and now all of a sudden everybody thinks that they shouldn't even make a fourth. I also hate it when they swap actor/actresses mid-series, but in Dunst's case... i wouldn't mind so much.

Omega728 on Sep 30, 2008


i hope she doesn't get kidnapped again in the next two.

Drake on Sep 30, 2008


The only female we need to see in the next films is black cat not dunst

Tiger2411 on Sep 30, 2008


Wow, Kirsten Dunst let something else slip out by accident. Remember when she revealed that Thomas Haden Church would play Eddie Brock/Venom and Topher Grace would play Marko Flint/Sandman? And then she CORRECTED HERSELF, fully knowing that Sam Raimi was hiding the villains until trailers came out?

Chris C. on Sep 30, 2008


Spiderman 3 was damn cool and the best of all three! Kirsten on the other hand is one of the most talented actresses in modern cinema, but hell, I'm sure you would prefer Angelina "Boobs & Botox" Jolie. I'm in for another 3 o 6 Spiderman with Kirsten & Tobey (which is THE Peter Parker, much like Ledger is THE Joker), I only hope James Franco was still in.

David on Sep 30, 2008


As long as we dont get 3 villians in one movie than Ill be good. 3 was just a mess and the whole emo peter wasnt that great either. Oh and no more musicals in my comic book movies please.

Unseen on Sep 30, 2008


Jeebus, it was NOT that big of a mess. The first half of the movie was just as brilliant as Spider-Man 2. It was after Peter's "transformation" that everything began to get stupid....and besides, there were some pretty amazing action scenes in the latter half of the movie!! It was a big disappointment, but that doesn't mean that Spidey-3 was an absolutely, incorrigibly forgettable movie.

Reza on Sep 30, 2008


$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ! After Marie ANtoinette, what do you expect?!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 30, 2008


They've already ruined Venom, the coolest villain of the series. This better be truly epic, or the audience will MUTINY!!

vegeta on Sep 30, 2008


I have much faith in Raimi and even though part 3 was total crap I'd blame the studio more than Raimi for that. He wanted to keep out Venom, but the studios made him completely change the story and it worked because by marketing venom to the fanboys they went crazy! So if we've learned anything it's to always back the creative side of Hollywood and not the business side or else we'll keep ending up with mediocre public fan fare. I think they'll learn from their mistakes and make a hell of a movie...Spiderman 1 and 2 are still ranked above Batman in my book (but I'm a marvel lover too so don't rip me apart for saying that) And #6...I too hope it's not another kidnap MJ storyline...Pete should be saving the city and Mary Jane is just a distraction from his responsibilities :o)

Peloquin on Sep 30, 2008


Spider-Man 3 takes a lot of bad press, for a film that is 12th in the all-time best ever grossing movies of all time, above films such as harry potter, lord of the rings and star wars. Reviewers of films offers opinion, and offer an insight into looking at films in different ways. Now while you can sit an argue as much as you want that Venom should have had his own movie and whatever else you want to complain about, the viewing public world-wide spent $885,430,303. They did that because they thought it was an great film, and thats what matters.

Stuart Mellor on Sep 30, 2008


The fact that Sony approved a two-movie story arc makes me think that Spidey will be back with a vengenance. I'm personally not opposed to the same cast/directors returning - I'm personally a fan of continuality in films. To replace Tobey, who's been there since the beginning, would be like replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine after X-men 3 was a dud. the problem with #3 was the stupid emo-scenes and trying to tackle too much (again, much like X-men 3). I think Spidey will rebound and can't wait to see where they go with the story.

Boo-Yah on Sep 30, 2008


Good points, Boo-Yah. I agree.

Bry from Chi on Sep 30, 2008


Kristen Dunst was FAR from the weakest link, I don't know what people have against her shes pretty descent, hell I think Tobey is about as weak as her overall.

Richard on Sep 30, 2008


Also anyone forgetting Spidey 1 and 2? They kicked ass, yes 3 sucked a fat one but I think they learned a big lesson. I hate when movies change actors, Im glad shes back, in fact I like her MJ more then I like Tobeys Spidey sometimes. Anyway if they can bring bakc the story, emotion and action that the first 2 had, they will work out. If they have 5 bad guys and stupid scenes like in 3 then they/we are screwed. I bet that they are bringing back Venom somehow. Maybe this time they can do him right.

Richard on Sep 30, 2008


I thought dunst was the weakest link in all three, but since 1 and 2 were so good she could get away with it...then three showed how bad she was. But I also dont mind them keeping her because I hate franchises changing actors... maybe because Keaton never came back for Batman Forever.

Joker on Sep 30, 2008


Kirsten Dunst was not the problem with part was a poor story! I, for one, was sick of seeing Maguire crying throughout the film -- at MJ, the Sandman's apology, the death of Harry. If you ask me, Maguire was a weaker link than Dunst. His actions after the transformation were ridiculous, though that's more the fault of the script than the acting. Very common problem with poor comic book adaptations -- TOO MANY VILLAINS AND CHARACTERS!!! Venom, the Sandman AND another Green Goblin...too much! Add in a love triangle with a new female character, a romantic deception between Harry and MJ, and it was just way too much. Maybe they can get the franchise back on track. But they'd better hurry...the woman who plays his aunt looks about 800 years-old already 😉

BobbyB on Sep 30, 2008


I feel the problem with the spiderman series is that they focus to much on his personal life rather then his responsibilities to keep the city safe. Yes I know there is suppose to be a love interest involved but it seems like they revolve around that too much. The, "who am I suppose to be guy?" Well you choose to be the superhero after spiderman 1 so be it! And it seems like there's no passion between the two. They've kissed what, once? Are you sure you love her? Focus on the villians and what spiderman has to do to defeat the villian/s. And don't ever cast a villian for 12 minutes. You need at least 2 fight scenes!

The_Phantom on Sep 30, 2008


I want Raimi to bring in the Scorpion, maybe Rhino. It'll probably be the Lizard in 4, though. Spidey has the best rogues gallery in comicdom. I'm glad Harry died (oops, SPOILER) so we don't have to worry about another Goblin. And no clones, Raimi! Lastly, I hope Raimi doesn't get pressured to go the "dark" route a la TDK. Spidey is NOT Batman, folks.

Nick on Sep 30, 2008


Action, not weepy-eyed boring Petey Parker and MJ (though Kirsten only seems to know two facial expressions: bland and weepy). And NO goddamn musical numbers!

avoidz on Sep 30, 2008


#33 "I'm glad Harry died (oops, SPOILER) so we don't have to worry about another Goblin. And no clones, Raimi!" Ah lest you forget the Hobgoblin, which was slightly hinted on in 3

Joker on Sep 30, 2008


you know, if they make 4 and or 5 any good, hopefully awesome (unlikely) i will be glad they stuck to the cast. but since that seems unlikely to me, i will probably wish they had gone ahead and just done the same thing they did with the hulk and tried all over again. im still hoping they do that with the xmen. but thats even less likely than a good spiderman movie in the next 15 years.

taylor on Sep 30, 2008


Of course she's back for 4 and 5, cause she has nothing else coming up in the future.

Ali on Oct 1, 2008


Fuck. She doesnt know how to act herself out of a box! do oyourself a favor, take her to europe and have petey fall in love w/ gwen stacy! bryce dallas-howard's hot, better actress, and with some decent lines she can pull it off. DAMMIT why are they bringing her back? the best part of 3 was when he punched her!

Daniel on Oct 1, 2008


I am quite happy to hear they are doing more Spidey movies. However, I personally could have gone for a new Peter Parker, as I detest Maguire. I like Dunst, though I can see why some don't, and I can respect that. I also seem to be one of the few people who enjoyed 3. Was it flawed? yes, but it was a fun movie, and a different take on Venom's effect on Peter. I think simply removing one villian (Sandman or Harry as a flying-skateboard Goblin), and focusing more on Venom would have made it much better. The reason so many hate it is b/c they expected so much because it was VENOM and they were let down by a story that didnt focus solely on venom. I am still however looking forward to 4 and 5. Spidey is my favorite comic book hero and I will always be there to follow him. 🙂

dave13 on Oct 1, 2008


A couple things: Venom shoulda came in Jameson's spaceship in part 2, NOT in a red-hot smoldering fallen meteor that would've killed it. Besides that, Venom wasn't too badly portrayed. The "emo" scenes were neccessary. Once infected w/ the symbiote that is Venom, he changes into a "darker" person. Hence the "emo/goth" look. No more Goblins. Morbius, Mysterio, Lizard, Scorpion, Shocker, and best of all Carnage. The villians that would be good for the screen.

Dyi on Oct 1, 2008


The only problem I see with Kirsten Dunst is that she shouldn't have been cast in the first place. Not that she isn't good enough, but that she isn't right for the part. Venom could have been handled so much better, but he isn't such a deep character that they could have made a whole feature using just him as a villain. And even though he was skinny instead of buff, Topher did a good job capturing the attitude. He does have many recurrences in the comic book, and he's totally freakin' awesome as a villain, but not a complex character. @#40 Dyi, I agree in part. Lizard is the logical next step. They've had Connors around long enough to take that leap. Carnage would kick ass, too. Mysterio, though, would be so fucking silly I would swear off of Spidey forever. The challenge here is presenting a conflict in the last two movies (I hope these are the last two) that can somehow wrap this whole thing up. Kill Mary Jane, for one. That's true to the story.

JL on Oct 1, 2008


Marrying them would be more true to the story. There are very few Hollywood writers who can write a married couple well, though.

Nick on Oct 1, 2008


I fully believe that Sam Raimi can come back for Spider-Man 4 and 5. Remember, part 3 was NOT his true vision, the production companies came in and demanded that he make it the way it was, tone up Venom, get some jealously storyline in there with Harry Osborne. I completely agree with some of the previous posts - people have seemed to have forgotten how extraordinary first two films!! They were masterpieces and they were both his true visions! I have strong faith in Raimi, can't wait for the next movies!!

Conrad on Oct 1, 2008


I hated Spiderman 3. However I don't think they need to reboot the series. It's too soon for that. I would like to see them essentially redo the 3rd film though. Bring back Venom, make him more a part of the story because really is there a cooler and more terrifying villian in the Spiderman comics? I thought one of the worst things about Spiderman 3 (aside from the emo dancing) was the fact that venom as a villian was barely in the movie. I am excited to see another Spiderman movie, but I hope they can get on some clean tracks because this franchise is teetering on that line that the original Batman franchise fell off of when they made Batman and Robin after the meager Batman Forever.

ImaginaryVisionary on Oct 2, 2008


spiderman 3 was a brilliant film, i thought it was amazing. and as for kirsten dunst being replaced by someone "actually good looking", have you not seen her? she's stunning. actually looks like mary jane would look, rather than another boring blonde, with plain looks, and stereotypical fake hollywood. cant wait to see more from spiderman. most of the people who complained about spiderman were as a post above puts it "fan-boys" just thinking of ridiculous reasons not to like the film, that lets face it they couldn't have done better themselves.

rachel on Oct 10, 2008


Kirsten Dunst is not such a bad actress if a little wooden, and she is cute i guess... but Mary Jane Watson is hotness in person!, she is fiery, independent, strong and sexy as hell... things which i think dunst can never capture on film. Can you imagine Dunst as an absolutely gorgeous top model with a personality to match? i cant!

Paco on Nov 17, 2008


nah but the whold point is she isnt meant to be a stunning top model! if u read the comics she is exactly how i imagine her to be. she's quirky, and i think that cos mary jane is a redhead too, she pulls it off really well.

rachel on Nov 19, 2008

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