It Looks Like Sly Stallone's Rambo 5 Will Be Happening

September 11, 2008


Sylvester Stallone went from retirement and wrapping up Rambo forever to bringing back the action hero for yet another romp. We all know that Rambo 4, aka just Rambo, did quite well earlier this year, and saw the rumors that started to hit immediately afterwards. But for the longest time we all thought it was nothing more than just a big rumor. Stallone was even quoted as saying "this is the last Rambo" and that "I can't go any further." However, a Hollywood Reporter article on Lionsgate from a few weeks back (via Film Junk) includes a mention of Rambo 5 in a listing of upcoming projects. This is the first time it's been mentioned in a while, so does this mean it actually is happening?! Say it ain't so!

The article on Lionsgate mentions in the "on the development horizon" section: "Rambo V, to be written and directed by Sylvester Stallone." This is a bit baffling, but I guess Stallone was convinced to make another Rambo film. It only actually made $42.5 million at the box office in January, but I'm guessing DVD sales have been through-the-roof. This seems like some solid confirmation that Rambo 5 will happen, so I'm curious whether audiences think this is good news or bad news? This year's Rambo was actually pretty damn good, it's one of the few films that I still really remember, but I just don't know if I want to see another one. Maybe I'll be convinced when we see some new footage? What do you think?

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Only $42.5million? In America, maybe. You do realise there are such things as cinemas in other countries too? 😉

Daaaave on Sep 11, 2008


good point, I'm sure they loved it in myanmar

Chad on Sep 11, 2008


They should call it Death of Rambo... heart attack, probably.

Frame on Sep 11, 2008


Rambo (4) was a damn good film, agreed. Now Rambo 5, I would like to see him do a different role other than Rambo. But Sly knows the role, script and how to direct. Perhaps he cant go anywhere else other than another Rambo, as long as the story is good. But I would like to see more from him, other than firing bullets eg like he did in First Blood making traps etc. So bring it on, Rambo V.

Fearl3ss on Sep 11, 2008


@2 They did.

Soup Nazi on Sep 11, 2008


As much as i love RAMBO, they should just let RAMBO be the last movie. I loved Rambo. I dont want to see a Rambo 5 just because Sly ended it perfect!!! But who knows. As long as its up to par or more bloody then im in for it!!! RAMBO Domestic Total Gross: $42,754,105 Distributor: Lionsgate Release Date: January 25, 2008 Genre: Action Running Time: 1 hrs. 33 min. MPAA Rating: R Production Budget: $50 million Domestic: $42,754,105 37.8% + Foreign: $70,489,050 62.2% = Worldwide: $113,243,155

REAL6 on Sep 11, 2008


Rambo was awesome and I hope this gets made. I also agree with #4 they should make it more like first blood(that's my favorite).

taylor on Sep 11, 2008


I didn't catch Rambo until it hit the DVD circuit. I was pretty surprised by how good it was. I'm down for a fifth one! Hopefully he gets laid in the next one. That might mellow him out a bit. 😛

kevjohn on Sep 11, 2008


Will wait for a trailer, like i do with most films, before i make up my mind on the issue.

Al on Sep 11, 2008


i liked it , though it was very unrealistic. people flying threw the air being hit by a .50 cal. not what it looks like. oh well....i'll watch the next one as well. it is rambo, none of them were realistic .

michael on Sep 11, 2008


@4 yo man, i'm sorry but Rambo 4 totally sucked! stallone didn't do anything but rescue the girl and then hop into a truck with a huge 50-cal or something like that and killed all the bad guys. the end. i was hoping for more of a variety of ways that Rambo killed people, but he didn't almost nothing. the film just didn't display all of Rambo's skills. but nonetheless, i had a bit of fun watching stallone revive Rambo and therefore i'd welcome a Rambo 5 no matter how terrible it is. i'm just wondering how Rambo would jump back into combat with him being home in the States now.

Matt Suhu on Sep 11, 2008


Rambo 4 was so brutal and bloody, I loved it. BRING ON PART 5 AND LETS WATCH HIM GO OUT IN A BLOODY BLAZE OF GLORY!

dac_fan on Sep 11, 2008


I love First Blood and hated everything that has come to pass, but what with rambo going home maybe Stallone could capture the tone of the first movie and get back to the true character. As Fearl3ss mentioned it would be nice to have rambo get down from behind the machine gun.

lee on Sep 11, 2008


Rambo is the kind of hero that needs the proverbial ride into the sunset, his final destiny unknown. Rambo 4 was really well executed (no pun intended) and I could see a follow-up, perhaps with Rambo taking it to the streets of New York or something on an urban scale like that. He is sort of like an old-school Punisher, actually. And you know, his age really didn't even distract me at all from Rambo 4. He seemed sort of ageless in that movie, actually. I'm definitely up for another chapter.

Scott on Sep 11, 2008


why not turn rambo into a bond series... different rambo with sly at the helm.. eh it could work.

sorr on Sep 11, 2008


Sly should team wid Arnie, wid dis movie. Arnie should play president, and being targetted by mafia *just an example). They should appoint Sly as a bodyguard of Arnie. But in de movie no one knows Sly's past. They show flash backs of Sly wen Sly is thinking/sleeping. So forth. Arnie gets suspecious of Sly's behaviour. And tries to investigate his background. The bad guys come for Arnie, at the same time Arnie thinks Sly is a bad guy paid to kill him. BIg Fight.... John Travolto the mafia leader finds out Sly is alive. They show a past of them 2 clashing. Now they want him dead. NOW BRINGING ARNIE AND SLY for the first time. it cud work????????can it????

Riddler on Sep 11, 2008


You are nuts. 

Lee on Apr 16, 2012


Rambo was the shit! let the bodies hit the floor!

Ray G!!!! on Sep 11, 2008


Not to mention Rambo has done huge DVD sales, reelz channel announced on an episode of Dailies Weekend that it was the biggest DVD of the summer, I think except for National Treasure 2. It has made $38 million on DVD or something to that effect as I recall. Stallone had the tone of the movie down right with Rambo 4, and he clearly still knows the character inside out. It was the greatest pure action movie in years, but like some I wish it had been a little longer. There are a couple of deleted scenes on the DVD that even Stallone himself says on the commentary that he wishes he had kept in. I'd definitely be up for a five, the character has such mythological stature that it's always interesting to revisit him at a different chapter in his life, but I hope a fifth installment will take Rambo in an interesting direction and will be longer than 4's 80 minutes (without credits).

Cameron Cubbison on Sep 11, 2008


yea lets see another rambo, ive had enough of these damn pg-13 superhero cape wearing, spandex suit heroes. i miss the kill em all heroes i grew up with. ive had enough. lets jus shoot up everyone and have a good time like t2 and all the previous rambos, the original predators, shit even under siege man lol

Damn Right on Sep 11, 2008


if they wanted the franchise to actually stay successful, they wouldnt have released it in january, and if ppl still actually cared about this stupid movie, it wouldn't have lost to meet the spartans at the b.o.

LeeMan on Sep 11, 2008


LeeMan: It (barely) lost to Meet the Spartans because kids were buying tickets to Meet the Spartans and sneaking into Rambo.

Cameron Cubbison on Sep 11, 2008


Will he take on the whole of China in this one? Like he took on the whole of Russia in part 3?

Crapola on Sep 12, 2008


Perhaps in Rambo 5 he will run for a position in the government on the ticket that he was a POW in Vietnam?

hdctambien on Sep 12, 2008


Yes, let´s go see Rambo 5, 6 and much more. Stallone is the best!!!

Giando on Sep 12, 2008


My only problem  with more Rambo movies is that Sly is getting "older".  He's  not the sexy, deep talking hunk he was in the 80's.  After all he's 65 years old now.  I saw Rambo 4 today, (Didn't know it was out there).  It didn't make a lot of sense, but I do wish they had shown him actually reuniting with his family.  I could see another movie with some bad guys trying to take over the family farm/ranch and him defending it.  Other than that, I just don't know.  He was never married, so there is no young Rambo to follow in his footsteps.

Lee on Apr 16, 2012


I love Stallone movies... Rocky, Rambo, Cobra, Copland, Cliffhanger, Judge Dredd and others. Action, action, action and more action!!!

Apollo on Sep 12, 2008


I'd see it. He did really well with 4, and there's all the home drama now for 5. Go for it, I say!

RStewie on Sep 12, 2008


In 5 he becomes tired of the leftwing commies in this country and starts knockin them off one wacko group at a time and then recieves his 3rd Medal of Honor from Prez McCain and VP Palin!!!

JohnJ on Sep 12, 2008


Rambo vs Homeland security !!

790 on Sep 13, 2008


Rambo made over $113 million at the box office.

Bryan on Sep 14, 2008


Bryan, it also made 38 million in dvd sales !!! 🙂

790 on Sep 14, 2008


The dvd sales as well as Blue-Ray sales should be off the roof. The blue-ray is displayed in almost perfect picture with a 7.1 Master HD-MA track that is probably the best yet of blue ray releases. The movie ended on a perfect note in the last one. And the article above says directing and writing screenplay which, leads me to believe that a movie about how Rambo came to be from childhood to a special ops force in vietnam and the battles he has face internally during the war. This would probably work and would essentially close out Rambo forever, but i do not know who would be able to play him at a young age. Any thoughts?

Exavier45 on Sep 15, 2008


Rambo 5 must happen. The series needs an ending, one which answers the outstanding questions. Add that to the classic action and we have a great film. And it needs to be longer than 90 minutes!

chris on Sep 15, 2008


Well...i've always said, if sly is gonna do another rabmo he should do so right away. No one lives forever and i would definately love to see Sly go into another gruesome chapter, the 4th just totally passed my judgement with flying colors beat the shit out of the 2nd and the 3rd movie and fought the 1st to a draw, but with this new one coming all bets are off i'm expecting anything at this point...Rambo is a legend and Legends never die 🙂

RamboFan86 on Sep 15, 2008


Stallone never said he was done with Rambo!!! Before the film was out hw was on Jonathon Ross show in the UK saying he would def like to revistit this again, He said he was done with Rocky!

matt on Sep 17, 2008


Rambo was, to say the least, F'in AMAZING. Probably one of my most favorite movies of the year and I am salvating to see another. After this new rumored one I would say it is time to hang up the gloves.......ooops, thats Rocky...........Hang up the Knife we all wanted as children......I like it enough to almost want one NOW! DO IT SLY!!!

Jev on Oct 1, 2008


i would most def love to see another rambo movie, 4 kick ass in a big way, i also heard that he is going to direct and write the screenplay for the deathwish remake, which is freaking awesome.

gene on Oct 3, 2008


I thought Rambo was not a bad movie but i also reckon it tied up things nicely at the end, i am not sure where they can go with the story next. It seems like a typical money over sense decision by hollywood yet again.

Ayr on Oct 26, 2008


End the series right! Let him go out in a blaze of glory! I mean, kiss ASS! Stallone is AWESOME!! He is a true Icon!

Tedd on Dec 15, 2008


Rambo 4 was a dark gritty and very enjoyable war film. The film may have only taken $42.5m at the US box office but that was partily due to its January release date were takings are always quite low after the christmas period. Release Rambo during the summer period with a good advertising campaign and hopefully it will do better at the US box office. I love the whole Rambo series.

leo on Dec 24, 2008


I would love to see an other RAMBO movie, as long as it is more like first blood or even maybe like HUNTED or something like both of them with a Very Bloody twist. So I say Bring on RAMBO 5 "Last Blood"

Anthony on Feb 18, 2009


i thank rambo 5 will be the fifth trelgey salvester stallone is radey for rambo 5 in 2009 and kick but again 62 years old stalone is great shape

brett troutman on Mar 29, 2009


Rambo (4) was awesome! Only complaint: too friggin short! It was a shame it didn't do better at the boxoffice, seems if they released it in May, instead of January, it would have opened with 42 million instead of grossing it.? Great movie, overlooked by critics and audiences alike. 2nd best Rambo film, behind First Blood. Part 5 should be called 'Rambo: Last Blood'. I agree with whoever previously posted that little gem. And please, for the love of 80's cinema, Sly, DO NOT MAKE THE EXPENDABLES PG-13!!!???

Joe D. on May 27, 2009


i loved rambo 4 also a good story for rambo 5 could go like this.................. at the end of R4 we see rambo go home to bowie az. step ahead 1year later he meets up with the women from R4 she ends up with john rambo and move ahead an other 5 years and john and her have a young son. theygo camping in the az desert with john rambo father that is an older verison of himself and wife and child they run into mexican drug smuglers they end up killing johns father and kidnapping his wife and young son also thinking they killed rambo . john rambo gos to the police but they r involed with the mexican drug dealers.. then u know what happens john gos balls out on them kills all the drug dealers and the police john saves his family but gets shot in the end and dies..........

oldboxer on Aug 24, 2009


I think that sylvester stallone is the best at anything he wants to do and hes proven that time and time again and to all those people who think the 80's are dead are just a bunch of fags because the 80's and 90's will be the best times this world will ever see please bring more movies back SLY because we need you with all this shit thats being put out these days ever since the millinium life sucks!

eddie on Sep 1, 2009


I have a perfect idea for Rambo 5! Al Qaeda infiltrates the United States and takes over the White House when Rambo restores liberty to his home land.

Ben on Jan 10, 2010


As for the story line? Rambo was the perfect end to the Rambo saga. After all those years he finally went home. Rambo movies are some of the greatest action movies of all time. I trust Sly will make 5 just ass kick ass as the rest. Brin it on!!!

Nickthornton23 on May 1, 2011


Rambo 4 brought the world's attention to atrocities that occur in countries like Burma and i commend Sly for this.  If it wasn't for this movie, many of us would not even know about it.  I loved Rambo 4, i thought that it had everything a good movie needs. I can't wait to see Rambo 5! Well done Sly! we love you

Pete on May 1, 2012

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