It Never Stops - Six More Beautiful Watchmen Posters!

November 10, 2008
Source: Hero Complex, MTV

Two More Watchmen Teaser Posters

Oh my goodness.. It looks like Watchmen has decided to go head-to-head with Star Trek this week! I thought seeing two new awesome Watchmen posters in one month was already enough, but I guess not. In anticipation of the new Watchmen trailer hitting theaters this Friday in front of Quantum of Solace, Warner Brothers has debuted six new stunning character teaser posters. There is one for every major character - The Comedian, Rorschach, Nite Owl, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, and Ozymandias. Whoever is doing the marketing for Watchmen deserves to be promoted - these are as gorgeous as every other poster we've seen so far. I don't think I need to say any more - just drop what you're doing and take a look!

I'm really not sure what it is today with posters, because this is the third article we've written about posters in one day. But you know what, screw it, because these six and the Star Trek posters all look amazing - so I've got nothing to complain about. I need one of the Comedian and Rorschach posters on my wall right away - they look absolutely fantastic! Stay tuned for a lot more Watchmen coverage coming all week in addition to the new trailer. Click each photo to be taken to the source site for high res versions.

Watchmen - The Comedian PosterWatchmen - Rorschach Poster

Watchmen - Nite Owl PosterWatchmen - Dr. Manhattan Poster

Watchmen - Silk Spectre PosterWatchmen - Ozymandias Poster

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and is written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The film is an adaptation of Alan Moore's highly acclaimed award winning graphic novel of the same name. Watchmen officially arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more right here at!

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Is this X-men 4 ?

LORD POON on Nov 10, 2008


What the fuck kinda robot quote is that to give the only female character? who would ever say that? "I am" instead of "I'm"? She's not Rorshach.

Gale on Nov 10, 2008


@ #2 Weird how I was thinking of the exact same thing.

Jack on Nov 11, 2008


only Rorshach and the comedian posters look good .. though not good enough in my opinion. Doctor Manhattan's one is the worst. The one posted before are way better than these. I think they should work more on the typography .. It just doesnt look sophisticated enough for such a big movie. look like its done on word or something, and I dont like the idea of the title being in the background either. I bet some people wont be able to read the title on some of these, not everybody knows watchmen you know.

Rashid on Nov 11, 2008


Those posters are pretty lousy. The best one is Ozymandias.

Film-Book dot Com on Nov 11, 2008


Looks awsome! Malin Akerman is so hot!

The Awsome Dude With Sunglasses on Nov 11, 2008


Cheesy posters, Nite Owl's costume upgrade is a plus, Rorschach & Comedian look great, and #2, who cares

L on Nov 11, 2008


Regarding the Dr Manhattan poster, which looks more "painted" than the others (maybe in keeping with the original six character posters), is that Adrian Veidt under the umbrella? If so, who's the gruff looking character behind him? Moloch? One of the detectives? Hurm.

Rich on Nov 11, 2008



Nick Sears on Nov 11, 2008


I think if the were shown spread out a bit then you could really feel them. But up close all together is just watchmen overload. All though i have to say that i am completly excited.

THERBLIG on Nov 11, 2008


The taglines are pretty lame.

Kurt on Nov 11, 2008


Man, the ONLY one I don't like is Ozymondias. He just doesn't have the perfection the others do. Hop he gives a better performance.

006-Alec on Nov 11, 2008


WOW! Simply amazing! Love the detail and the colour just jumps off the screen. Unbelieveable... a lot of criticism posted. Think you people only come to these places to leave negative comments. What would you have done??? Since your such an expert and you obviously think you could have done a better job. Huh!

K on Nov 11, 2008


I'm sorry. I didn't know we were supposed to fall over ourselves in admiration of these posters because they're for Watchmen?

Tom Brazelton on Nov 11, 2008


That's ok Tom... apology accepted. And yes you were supposed to.

K on Nov 11, 2008


Ozymandias the BEST?! You're joking, right?

The Whom on Nov 11, 2008


what happend to the lawsuit, I thought this movie wasn't coming out till it got resolved. you didn't update us on it.

dacfan on Nov 11, 2008


#8, It is Adrian under the umbrella and that is Dreiberg.

J on Nov 11, 2008


Man, it has to be noted how beautiful the connection between the layout design of the graphic novel has been applied to the movie posters with the vertical "WATCHMEN". . . .this flick strikes at the heart of every fan and screams its awesome presence to those who remain unawares. However good or bad this movie turns out to be, one thing is for sure, the marketing on WATCHMEN is pristine.

Voice Of Reason on Nov 11, 2008


i'm really excited about watchmen..but honestly do we need this many posters? i'm having enough trouble finding the first one...

Daniel on Nov 11, 2008


Silk Spectre could have gotten a decent quote. Also, Dr.Manhatten's poster needs a Mars setting. He looks dumb in a suit. otherwise, they look really great.

-Peter- on Nov 11, 2008


Love the posters, except for Oz. He looks like a little kid. Cool cat in the background though.

Lefthanded on Nov 11, 2008


This will be great movie, for cult and comic lovers...not for the mainstream I guess: it's to cheesy for non-fans. Thank god one at least one of the rubber-nipple-in-costumes is actually a woman 😉

Tschai on Nov 11, 2008


The posters are OK, wouldn't call them "beautiful" though. Get off this movie's nuts Alex Billington!!

Daas on Nov 11, 2008


I'm worried, Watchmen is supposed to be the pinnacle of the comic book film revolution but these poster look far too cartoony. I'm hoping the film takes itself more seriously.

SlashBeast on Nov 11, 2008


To tell you the truth these poster (at least in high definition) are far too colorful and bright to really retrieve the Watchmen nostalgia. Anyone who has read and understood Watchmen will know that the poster for Veidt is absolutely atrocious. - The quote spoils a very large plot of the story!!! By the way number 2 and 3, that

Conrad on Nov 11, 2008


---is actually from the book!

Conrad on Nov 11, 2008


Wish they'd drop the taglines on these posters. I love Malin Akerman's costume with those fuck-me boots, yum.

avoidz on Nov 11, 2008


that would be cool if they had Dr. Manhattan on Mars holding the picture.

spanx on Nov 11, 2008


Ozymandias is definitely the worst. What happened to his ancient Egypt theme? His suit looks so plastic. The "Watchmen" could be a tad smaller and less flashy as well. I hope this movie has a lot more shadows and more character development than we're getting so far, because the book is really about serious characters, issues, and plotlines. It's not really an action comic. Looking forward to it though.

scm1000 on Nov 11, 2008


they all look strangely detached from their backgrounds,and the girl's quote sounds like a new hills promo

twispious on Nov 11, 2008


Ozymandias looks a little like David Bowie, but I'm willing to forgive that because a pretty awesome Bubastis is lurking in the background.

Stanley on Nov 12, 2008


This is going to be so overrated. Actually, it's already overrated. Finally a comic book movie for the redbull-and-vodka douchebag crowd. Is this there target market:

Koufax on Nov 12, 2008


How come there's so much footage and so many pictures of the Comedian without his domino mask on? Wasn't it kind of a big thing in the beginning that Rorschach discovered that Edward Blake was the Comedian? If he was always out there without his mask on, wouldn't it be common knowledge? And why, when he's supposed to have that leather mask that covers his whole face, is he still wearing the domino mask in the trailers? Liking the Rorschach poster. But then again I just like Rorschach.

Will on Nov 12, 2008


@18 - thanks, of course! I consulted my copy of the book last night. @25 - it's a good point that these look 'cartoony', the same way as in the book these serious and plausible characters look very 'comic-booky' (and implausible) once the comic book action kicks in. Non-naturalism meets formalism, and all that. Nite Owl (one) has that great line about being the only person who turned up at the fight with their boxers on the outside... @34 - again, having a flick through the book, The Comedian doesn't wear his mask when out in Vietnam (when he's using the flamethrower). Though he does wear it in Korea. Hurm. Of course, part of the reason he does take on the gimp mask happens in Vietnam... Again, ronch and hurm to you all.

Rich on Nov 13, 2008


haha these look like they were made by the disney channel. Comicon ones were WAY batter.

stoopkid on Nov 13, 2008


If Alan were dead, he'd be spinning in his grave. Unfortunately, he alive to see the shit people are doing to his work.

jcrainium on Nov 13, 2008


Love the colors. Don't really like the quotes on any of the posters though.

Midla on Nov 13, 2008


I just finished reading this comic and to be honest. The ending is a bit weird with the squid and all. Honestly if could have been an eight foot fire breathing cantaloupe. As long as it causes massive destruction the story is for the most part unchanged. I mean I loved spider man. And they freaking took away his web shooters and him squirt out his wrists that and it was based on no other spiderman stories probably for this very reason. So far the movie looks to live up to the comic so until it comes out I'm optimistic.

erichansa on Nov 13, 2008


I wish Rorschach's quote was "I'm not in here with you... you're in here with me."

design on Nov 26, 2008


Rich @8: Yeah, that's Veidt, and the bespectacled fellow behind him is Dreiberg. Also, I find the quotes kind of stilted out of context. Perhaps that was just how any of the quotes from the books would have to sound slapped on a poster. That said, I recall Manhattan saying a lot of interesting things about life and time that could've made his poster more poignant. I think they mostly look good, though.

M on Apr 5, 2009


by considering the fact that no one reads anymore.

all politics aside on Jun 12, 2009

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