It's Official - Jason Bourne Back in Action in Bourne 4

October 16, 2008

Bourne Ultimatum

Trilogies are no longer the big thing in Hollywood. Universal is moving forward with a fourth Jason Bourne movie, tentatively titled Bourne 4. Although this news was first confirmed back in June, Variety announces today that Universal has hired a writer and is giving full support to the production in hopes of having it ready by 2010. Interestingly, Universal really did intend to end the series with The Bourne Ultimatum (as we saw with the ending of the film), but after it made $227 million at the box office, they decided to go ahead and make another. Ultimatum writer George Nolfi has been hired to pen the sequel.

As we outlined in the previous article, the fourth book in the Bourne series was written instead by Eric Van Lustbader, not Robert Ludlum, and thus the studio has decided to go down their own path choosing a story this time. Producer Frank Marshall said they'll probably take Bourne "down south" to South America in the fourth film, but story details aren't fully finalized. Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass, who directed both Supremacy and Ultimatum, will return again for Bourne 4. Considering The Bourne Ultimatum is still one of my favorite movies from last year, I'm very glad to hear that they're continuing on. Especially because it's the closest thing to becoming a new James Bond style franchise that could go on endlessly.

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I've heard news about this before it became official and I've gotta say I'm not too happy about it. I was very satisfied about the perfectly aligned story arc set up by the existing trilogy. This is a Godfather III-style cashcow.

Frame on Oct 16, 2008


Someone correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't the fourth book of the series written by a different author?

Jaf on Oct 16, 2008


nooooooooooo!!!! I loved the trilogy, and loved the cutting edge filming. Ultimatum is one of my top 10 favorite movies, however, one of the reasons i love it so much was the seemingly perfect ending... I dont know why they cant leave well enough alone, adding on will just be like the 4th book, unnessecary and unsuccessful. i feel like the expectations will be too high and at this point the filming style is no longer so unique, with rippoffs like the new bonds trying to take on its style. I just dont see this going well in any sense

zach on Oct 16, 2008


@Jef, yup, just like the artical says, Eric Van Lustbader wrte the fourth book. Your serious Universal. Your serious? This fourth film will be 100% for the money. Matt Damon didnt want to do a fourth, YOU didnt want to do a fourth... WE dont want you to do a fourth. Its for money and money only.

Marcus on Oct 16, 2008


Humph... At least Damon and Greengrass are still attached. I'd be far more worried if they werent.

Kelley on Oct 16, 2008


You know Bourne is alive at the end of the third movie. That's it. That doesn't mean that it's a perfect way to end a trilogy. I'll admit it's a good way, but it can still go on. Feasably, I mean. Bourne is alive, which means that as long as there are people out there who have been involved in Blackbriar, or those who have been opposition to it, who know of Bourne, they will seek him out. If I didn't find his body, I would take that as a sign that he was still alive, and would go after him. I say, go for it. I thoroughly enjoyed all three, and I don't think anyone can say that Ludlum would never have written a fourth. I don't know, did he say he wouldn't? I'm open to input. All I'm saying is, from what I know, if he hadn't died, a fourth Bourne novel might have been penned by the original author. Thumbs up to Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon, who, with the exception of Christian Bale, would be at the top of the action genre as we speak.

JL on Oct 16, 2008


HELLZ YEAH The Bourne movies are absolutely positively my favorite action series, I welcome it and screw you guys who are bitchin' about it.

PimpSlapStick on Oct 16, 2008


Hey, They managed to pull of three grade A movies. Why not a fourth?

Red Buttons on Oct 16, 2008


Its great news, but the 4th book by Eric is actually a really really really great take on the Bourne series, i thoroughly enjoyed it. It would be a fairly different take but it would make it a good take if they decided to stick with it, im sad that they did not go with Erik's book.

Aequitas on Oct 16, 2008


As if the first three movies followed the story set up by the trilogy anyways. Most of the key plot elements were not at all followed besides the main premise of the 'Identity'. I enjoyed both the books and the movies, so I don't see what the big deal is about them recreating the whole story once again.

Mike on Oct 16, 2008


NOOOO!!!!!! I LOVED the first 2 movies. I thought they were fantastic. But the third movie seemed a little forced, not as smooth and easy as the first two. It just didn't have that "umph" that the other movies had. I was very disapointed. And the fact that they're going to try to push this one movie further bugs me. Just end it. Don't ruin this by adding another sub-par movie to the story of Jason Bourne.

clerksfan on Oct 16, 2008


Leave good enough alone...for once. The Ultimatum was teriffic, and had a perfect ending. Hollywood is way too greedy.

DinoChow on Oct 16, 2008


The books have almost nothing to do with the movies. anyone see a Carlos in the movie? They have the same titles. oh and he had amnesia.

Danny on Oct 16, 2008


#14, I think you can on some level credit the Bourne series for the gritty direction that the new Bond films have taken. Just saying.

Frame on Oct 16, 2008


i say bring on the sequels- always and if its bad, do another sequel to recover it haha i live for sequels- i just hate when actors are replaced- consistency in storylines and actors are huge!

matt on Oct 17, 2008


The series wrapped up in a good fashion. This is a big mistake

L on Oct 17, 2008


It did end perfectly. I guess it's money over sense in this case. Oh well...I'll still watch it anyway!

Bry from Chi on Oct 17, 2008


and Matt Damon said Bourne Redundancy. How about Born Liar.

whoa liar on Oct 17, 2008


I really loved the first one and I can appreciate the second and third but I just wished they had stayed close to the books, which they don't at all. As for taking him to South

janet on Oct 17, 2008


i feel like the trilogy came to a natural conclusion, it might be damaging to shoe-horn in a sequel, but hopefully the talent involved won't allow it to be lackluster. hell, i'd wait twenty-something years like indy.

fanboy d on Oct 17, 2008


Take that Bond... Sorry but the Bond "re-telling" completely bit off of this franchises' style. I hope they keep making them until Damon calls it quits.

jmoney on Oct 17, 2008


I think it could go on endlessly as the Bond movies, and that's def. above what I've been wanting to hear considering Bourne movies. There are so much in the books, that are'nt covered in the movies which is why I think it's possible.. Also, they are my fav. movies and it would be just nothing more than a personal gift to me, and I'd be happy to having more around.

Josh Griffith on Nov 2, 2008


I've wanted to know more about his past relationship with Nicki.

Rags C on Nov 10, 2008


Just don't kill him off and it's fine with me. He should continue on, just like Bond!

jon derek on Nov 27, 2008


I welcome the 4th movie. I don't think bond and bourne are anything alike and I don't see how people can compare the two. They are totally different charactors. I think the first three were great. After all if the government knew he was still alive they will always see him as a threat and would try to kill him.

ckret on Dec 12, 2008


How many times have I watched each of these 3 movies? They get better every time. Yes, the ending to Ultimatum was great, but Jason Bourne swimming away at the end only excites me to the possibilities of the next film. How many other movies have I watched more than once??? Keep it going.

Jimbo on Dec 17, 2008


I to won't to see about nikkis' and bournes past,would add a nanswer to the caferteria scene in the ultimatum.

jim on Dec 25, 2008


They should have stuck closer to the books. As successful as the movies have been, had they ran with Ludlum's story line a little more, the movie makers would have been legitimately more flexible to write more and more Bourne flicks. ATTN: If you have not read Robert Ludlum's three Bourne novels, and you like these movies, you are missing out on a world of fun...and you opinion on the upcoming Bourne 4 will have a new perspective.

Damandrew on Dec 29, 2008


p.s. there is no past relationship with Nikki, if they go there I may have serious reservations about this film

Damandrew on Dec 29, 2008


Bourne is way better than the James Bond movies. However, I loved Bond movies when I was a child, but nowadays Bourne is the SH**!!! I can't wait to see the fourth one, but as some good critics say, it has to have a good story and not just money making greedy peace of "whatever" to pull our moneys out of our pockets. The idea of South America is really good, I'd like to see him in China in the 5th

Qommarbahz on Jan 9, 2009


HELL YES. I never could get into BOND - it was spawned before my time but the Bourne series is my BOND. I've watched Bond but I just don't enjoy it. Bourne on the other hand is freaking awesome and if they let it end with three that would suck -- they at least need the forth to bring Nicky and David together now - David doesn't remember Nicky, why... I don't remember Nicky -- there is always the option of going back and writing the prequel to all three as well - that would be cool as well, ending it as Jason heads to the boat to kill Wambassi. Going all over the world as suggested...hmmm if the story takes him there sure but not as the basis of the plot -- Bond was never that way, now that he has found himself and Pam Landy is his allie it makes sense that he is sent on missions to right the wrongs of Treadstone and Blackbriar. Bourne is the new Bond for my generation, Bond is my fathers era, Bourne is mine to end it would really suck... I certainly cannot take anymore Austin Powers spoofs so.... BOURNE must live on

Kevin on Jan 11, 2009


There has to be a sequel! He swims off in the water still not having come in from the cold (as in he knows he has another mission. He's not having to be rescued like before), the other CIA chick who said "you really don't remember" smiles so big when she hears his body was never recovered and she is still out in the cold, and this "South American" Carlos guy from all the background material is still alive. Give us a few flash backs to connect the dots but there are a few new plots to explore don't ya think?

W.V. on Jan 12, 2009


YES - YES - HELLLS YESSSSSS!!!! Fact is that in todays movie industry there are not many good action series left, that keep me glued to my seat! This series has a fantastic story line to it and continues to be action packed! I have watched all 3 movies over and over again and would welcome a 4th, 5th and even 6th movie to be made! Why should you guys knock something that has been soo good? Matt Damon does such a good job with the charecter Jason Bourne (which makes the movie), why would anyone not want to see more?

Roger on Jan 24, 2009


BRING IT ON, BRING IT ON UNIVERSAL..... I cant get enough of bourne, the best action movies ever, they make bond look like a pussycat, i,m amazed that some people dont know a good thing when they see it???????????wird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Martin on jan 27th 2009 on Jan 27, 2009


remember that good things come in 3's... a 4th bourne will probably kill the franchise 🙁 just look at what happened with saw

alex on Jan 31, 2009


Don't even try to compare the potential of Saw to the potential of Bourne.

Josh Griffith on Feb 1, 2009


Can not wait. The only thing is that i hope they do not screw it up. The first 3 were some what believable. But i agree with a future comment, they need to go back in time before the first movie and fill in the past with Nicky and how he was recruited. They could actually start the 4th movie that way and then FF to the present and the end of the forth which could easily carry over to a final 5th movie. HOLLYWOOD, KEEP IT REAL!

Kevin on Feb 3, 2009


I am sorry, but was Saw good in the second round? the bourne movies were all interesting as it showed us the nitty gritty world of espionage & the action being kick-ass at the A-level. Bourne is an interesting story, as pointed out earlier, the literature can be copied & updated. As for the plot, the writers did use some ideas from the books (1 - amnesia, 2 - falsely accused, 3 - uncovering new/old enemies). It is a clever things what the writers did, as it made sense for new fans & old fans (of the book) aren't that disappointed, it is to my fervent prayer that the writers don't follow the idea of book 4, cause the book, fun as it maybe to read the plot is very thin & absurd all through out (come to think if they were saying South America, oh my....)

somwerbtwngrnnblu on Feb 3, 2009


it's obvious there was a past between nicky parsons and david webb. could be an interesting story line if they merge some of the idea of the first and second book and tie it off with nicky. eg, bourne was the best......finally found peace becoming david webb. then dragged out by a new wannabe.....taking his name and his reputation and then going after nicky. robert ludlum has written some awesome books but i think he took the bourne character further than he even meant to. love the movie trilogy, but it won't be complete till they tie off the david webb and nicky parsons scenario. as long as matt damon, julia styles are back with paul greengrass can be the bourne legacy.

pat white on Feb 27, 2009


The bourne movies kick ass and they should keep making them like others have said these movies are along the lines of the Bond flics and they made a few bad ones there so evn if bourne 4 for isnt any good I say keep tryin the charcter is worth it

mark bowdive on Feb 27, 2009


Go for it i would love there to be a fourth movies

Caleb on Mar 7, 2009


A fourth Bourne would be awesome!!! These movies are a huge hit and a killer story. The Bourne story is awesome. I have to say Matt Damon all the way. If they change actor I wont be to happy. Just like they said an upcoming Bond. I hope they make many more. I have to say the ending was great but made me want more. I hope it goes through

Mike on Mar 12, 2009


I can't wait !! Matt Damon's Bourne movies are the best action movies ever made. I just hope they never turn the Bourne story into a tv series because that is when they really mess up the original Film ..for example look at what they did to the movie Stargate and the Terminator on tv.they have to keep it on the Big screen. Bourne 4 YES!!

Johnny on Mar 14, 2009


I hope they bring back the "Nickki" character. In the 3rd book, Jason married her If I remember correctly. They should be put together again in a 4th movie. I also like the original book's storyline of Jason being brought in and resuming a normal life for a short while. Oh Well, I'll see the movie and buy the DVD unless it turns out to be a total dog.

Dwight on Mar 15, 2009


The Bourne Identity (by Robert Ludlum) movie has the title, but the story was completely changed. The Bourne Supremacy (by Robert Ludlum) movie has the title, but story completely changed. The Bourne Ultimatum (by Robert Ludlum) movie has the title, but story completely changed. So what difference is there if Bourne 4 goes on its own, the first three already did? So what if they used the new author of the Bourne saga Eric Van Lustbader's book, they would change it anyway. Why do screenwriters screw up such good books. If their writing is so good, why don't they write their own books???????????????????????????????????????????????

tom on Mar 16, 2009


It's good to have seen the reader's comments on here, it should def. motivate movie watchers like myself to read. I have read books and I do know that there's too much content in the books to involve in the movies-So THEY say. However, with all the content available they could go making lots of great Bourne movies. So great movies by all means! Although, I know the reader's have an advantage that we would grasp if we took the time to read.. lol-I have the first two books and only came to reading about a quarter inch of the thickness of the Bourne Identity. If I made more time I know I'd see the same results as the reader's do. So thanks to you all for the motivation-hard-reality being: I probably won't take time to read the books anythime soon. I'm still young yet.

Josh Griffith on Mar 16, 2009


Good move. I need my Bourne fix.

Bhatija on Mar 22, 2009


Can't wait, i loved the first three, heve seen them all heaps of times. The best action flick going around at the moment

Sam on Apr 5, 2009


yess.......Bourne 4ever...... loved the, jason was bourne to fight 4ever....till he died...nottttttttttttttt

gio passino on Apr 9, 2009


i think it,ll be as well as befor.that,s it.............

m.h karimi on May 9, 2009


Keep Bourne running! All the books are great yet most are far fetched from the movies. Matt Damon keep doing the Bourne movies and your career will be entrenched as the best of this generation!

Limebalz on May 10, 2009


I do not believe what I hear some people are not happy????are you all kidding me? the Jason Bourne movie have been for me the best action movie I am looking forward for the next one and many more IF Matt decide to make more I love those movie..I am telling what movie i wish they will stop making for instance,the last james bond that 007 made it sucks big time this guy who play the 007 he is the know a lot they prefer the other kind of Jason you know that guy with the mask who as been killed at list a thousands times and still come back a live..give me a break those are not movie those are trash..again I like the jason bourne movie and I would like to see more of them...

Steve on May 17, 2009


Of course there is a past relationship between Nikki and Jason. Her comment "It was difficult for me, with you.", screamed prior relationship and sequel. If they don't develop that story line in "4", I'll be very upset. Bring Julia Stiles back! She stole every scene she was in in all three.

Nikki Lover on May 29, 2009


Of course there should be a fourth in the series, plzz make sure it happens. Matt Damon has become the action movie leading man of Hollywood these days, other than maybe Christian Bale or Matthew McConaghey... With him, Julia Stiles involved and Paul Greengrass directing it, I personally can't see it failing either in the actually movie or in the Box office. Besides the fact my last name is Bourne, and i think its great to see my last name spoken about in tones of awe.....

Graeme Bourne on Jun 4, 2009


Only if:'s set between Identity and Supremacy 2.Franka Potente has a major role's directed by Doug Liman But: most of Identity was filmed between October 2000 and Feb 2001 - Matt and Franka would be 10 years older, in a film supposedly set shortly afterwards. Universal specifically banned Liman from directing the sequels - even though the Jason Bourne of the movies is basically Liman's creation and there'd've been no Identity if Doug hadn't put in years of creative effort before any studios were interested. So no, I'd sooner keep the 3 films as they are.

marek on Jun 19, 2009


I'm finishing reading The Bourne Deception by Eric Van Lustbader. I have the Bourne Legacy, Bourne Betrayal and the Bourne Sanction, all by Van Lustbader. He did a remarkable job in keeping the "spirit" of Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne alive. I was very pleasantly surprised. Also have read and own ALL of Ludlums Bourne books. Folks ought to read more. I also own all 3 Bourne DVD's. I wish there was a way to make all the Bourne books into movies, without all the scriptwriters deviating from the books. The stories are strong enough to stand alone without all the embellishment. It took till the end of the 3rd movie before Bourne found out he was David Webb. He already knew that at the end of the first book. Many years ago, there was a 4 hour TV mini-series starring Richard Chamberlain and Jaclyn Smith that faithfully followed the first Bourne novel. If you get a chance to rent it, DO. I DO thoroughly enjoy Matt Damon and the Bourne movie trilogy and am looking forward to the 4th film. As we all wait anxiously for the latest installment, I suggest investing the time in reading the novels. There is SO much more going on and you'll probably enjoy the next movie even more.

Bill on Jul 15, 2009


A fourth, hell yea! Eric Van Lustbader got the chance to pick up the torch and run with it. Boy has he. His fourth Bourne novel is out and I for one think Ludlum would be very happy with the way Eric has carried on this series! For all you nay sayers............. why judge untill you see? Hell if Bond can live and fight for 20+ years......... then Bourne can do it too!

Keith on Jul 20, 2009


Yeah i feel the same way like 3 could be enough, but thats cause it's the original book trilogy too. If they do two trilogy's like say star wars where one is original and the other could just be written to the directors ideas instead of a book that's already been written, there's a lot of potential. I just hope it's good because I love matt damon he's a great actor and I will see it regardless of reviews.

Drew on Jul 21, 2009


Jason bourne is back start counting the days of thrill......

reji on Aug 4, 2009


When others keep on talk bourne keep on rock !!!

reji on Aug 4, 2009


OH MY GOSH!!! A Fourth Jason Bourne movie!?!?!?!? I'm so happy right now. Yes, I like how it ended in Ultimatum, but it's good that they can keep on going. It's too bad that they won't use the Bourne Legacy (Lustbader's book) for the movie... that kind of sucks (I wanted to see Khan on screen!) but I understand. I think Jason Bourne will easily surpass James Bond. No doubt there. Cant' wait for 2010!!

me on Aug 11, 2009


# 11, ur absolutely right. The 1st two were the best. Especially the # 1. The 3rd one didn't seem profesional at all. 1st of all they've tried to make Bourne act as profesional,when he already was in his j.o.b. 2nd,they've tried to make it like Pamela Landy, own Jason Bourne. And 3rd,they tried to put Nicky & Bourne together,as ex couple, when there's absolutely no connection between them in 1st or 2nd trilogy. Remember when Nicky said,on Supremacy,we're talking about killing Bourne...? It was soooo lame. 4th It was all Greegrass ideas on the ultimatum...Matt just tag along. Of course,Matt,always did his part...but he was not as smooth as the 1st two. I wish they would just not make the # 4. Who knows what stupid ideas Greegrass might have this time?

Akeem on Sep 1, 2009


Its good to hear that they decided to do a fourth installment of this series. I am curious how the story line is going to be.

Hsa on Sep 14, 2009


this is absolutely amazing, i am a huge fan of the bourne movies, and the ultimatum was probably my favorite of the three, a lot of people dont like to put the "human" factor in the characters in movies (like number 63 up there), in like what would a persons instincts tell them to do in certain situations, which makes it more believable and realistic, instead of just knowing they are actors and that they should always know whats going on and that they should stick to a storyline instead of making things more interesting. which is why the 3rd movie was awesome, i was depressed when i thought i was never gonna see another bourne movie again, but now im pumped!!!!!!!!

blah on Sep 29, 2009


#14 - Are you kidding or being sarcastic? Bond was a tired, wasted, overplayed cliche until the Daniel Craig reboot - which coincidentally gets panned by critics for being "Jason Bourne lite". Unlike some of the other posters above, I do genuinely enjoy Bond (or at least the good ones), but the character is far less compelling than Bourne - and has managed to hang around for 22 odd movies with a good number of real stinkers (The last connery or two, the lazenby, all the daltons, the last three brosnans - that's 8 crapfests right there - and an argument could be made that another three connerys, three moores, and the last craig were average to above average at best - so 15 out of 22 movies were hardly spectacular.) The Bourne movies on the other hand were compelling for all three produced thus far - WITHOUT even following Ludlum's novels (which by the way, are simply amazing - you get a real appreciation for Bourne as an operator - even more creative than Bourne in the movies, which is saying something.). I haven't read the Van Lustbader novels, but even without them, there seems to be enough plot elements to make more good films. Ultimately, of the "JB" trinity (Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer, James Bond) - Bourne leads the pack.

JB on Nov 4, 2009


Can't wait to see Jason Bourne back in action. The Bourne Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum were wonderful I watched each movies several times. I can't even remember how many time is watched them, however I do watch them again and again whenever I have free time. I am so attached to the Jason Bourne movies that all of my friends call me Jason Bourne. I am very exited for the next series. I would suggest not to stop here in the forth series, JASON BOURNE Legacy must go on, but with the same actor Matt Damon, I hate changing actors like James Bond movies. I would also love to see a part of this movie being shoot in Afghanistan. and the other series should have story/script different from the first 3, there should be a change in the story.

Naweed on Nov 8, 2009


Firstly............ Don't ever ever ever ever ever ever ever... EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Compare a 'Bourne' movie to James Bond you fools. Nobody will EVER come close to Bond. Nuff said there. Secondly........ The first Bourne was excellent and then when the second one came out I thought 'COOL', but NO. They just had to go and kill off his girlfriend right at the start, that really pissed me off. I thought they were great together and I had a massive sinking feeling when she died and after that I lost interest. The third one wasn't that great. Lots of action and stunts. O.K., cool, but haven't we all just seen it all before. As for a 4th, well, I don't give a shit because as we all know it's just money money money!!! Hollywood........ You can kiss my ass...................

Alex on Nov 14, 2009


It's like harry potter and Percy jackson... Everyone thinks James Bond is so great JASON BOURNE IS SO MUCH FLIPPIN" COOLER! Yet not as many people watch it.

Steve on Nov 29, 2009


Having loved Identity so much, I have a hard time even accepting Supremacy and Ultimatum - these were vastly different from the sequels that Doug Liman would've made had Universal not gone to such extraordinary lengths to prevent him from directing any Bourne sequels. Now that Greengrass has quit (reportedly ALSO due to disagreements with Universal) a fourth movie may actually be directed by Liman? A strange thought - if a fourth movie's going to happen, I'd sooner have Doug Liman than anyone else - but it could be problematic given Doug's refusal to compromise with the studio during Identity (including filming the shootout at the farmhouse between Damon and Owen, when the studio had explicitly ordered him not to film that scene) - especially if it's true that Greengrass quit because Universal are interfering so heavily in the script even at THIS stage. Also, Doug was pretty hurt when Matt Damon didn't fully support him against Universal and Frank Marshall when Supremacy was first planned, especially after the extremely close creative partnership they'd established during Identity. It'll be interesting to see how this one develops.

Marek on Dec 2, 2009


I think a 4th movie is a great idea. These movies have se the bar very bight for other action movies. They left the 3rd movie open for another. The unspoken feelings of Nikki toward bourne, what happens with blackbriar and who holds the responsibility. Make another one!!!

Frank on Jan 19, 2010


I would love to see Jason Bourne in a 4th movie...but it would have to be extremely good. I love the Martial arts they have Matt do. Did you guys know that they made Keanu Reeves and all the cast from the matrix go through martial arts training years before they even shot the film of the matrix? Totally cool when they do that. P.S. Blade 1 beat Matrix with "Bullet Time" by 12 months.

Wyatt on Feb 1, 2010


Please...Universal didn't follow Ludlum's book or story line either. Have any of you actually read any of the Ludlum's books? If Greengrass is directing it, it won't suck. He is too much of a perfectionist.

Michael on Feb 8, 2010



vic on Feb 13, 2010



Ethan on Mar 14, 2010


please make a 4th Jason bourne I enjoyed all of them its wicked great Action I must have watched number 3 loads I keep watching them its really a gd film you can't end it like this just when things are getting so gd all the fighting in it the moves it keeps you watching all the other films sum are crap & I'm sure there are loads of Us out there who would glady pay to see the 4th BOURNE!!! so keep them cuming people James

Jason Bourne Back in Action in Bourne 4 on Mar 18, 2010


fukin a! bourne is the man, cant wait for film, ill def be seeing it at the cinema!!

hell yeah on Mar 22, 2010


Matt Damon is awesome as Robert Ludlums 'Jason Bourne. Is it correct he is going to play the father in the Young Bourne movie 'Fledgling Jason Steed'. The original author Robert Ludlum passed away in 2001, before the young Jason Bourne was finished. He was working with young adult author Mark A. Cooper with the young bourne series. However since Ludlums death, his publishers gave permission to Eric Van Lustbader to continue writing the Bourne series. They have since flopped, Cooper continued to write the young Jason Bourne series, however had to change the name name of the character to 'Jason Steed'. Robert Ludlums widow is delighted with the young Jason Steed series and has written the forward in the second Jason Steed book 'Boudica'. The first film "Fledging Jason Steed' is to start filming in the fall of 2011. I heard a rumor that Matt Damon was to play Jason Steed's father, is this correct?

Steven Chapman on Mar 31, 2010


I enjoyed the Bourne series and a lot of others clearly do as well. The wonderful thing about movies, as well as books, is their ability to entertain us. As an author myself I can appreciate good storytelling. I think that is possible with a continuation of the Bourne series. Keep entertained...

mike on Apr 19, 2010


Ok, it's 2010 people, I don't see Bourne 4 on Damon's list for 2010, I'm getting curious, impatient, and sad-haha Let's get it rollin' and YES I'll be held over with the Greenzone movie for a while; it's a good one 🙂 Pce~!~

Josh Griffith on Apr 19, 2010


love dat dat..............we want 5...6...7..8....9.......99

deepro on Apr 22, 2010


Given the touchy-feely goings on between Bourne and Nicky in 3,(at the diner, after the killing of Desh and at the very end when Nicky smiles over news Bourne's body has not been found.) Those three scenes alone give us a personal/romantic need for four. Now we need one more villain. Perhaps someone determined to draw Bourne back in.... could he be threatening Nicky or some Bourne relative. Nicky obviously was in love with him, and maybe he with her, when he was in training. We need to see him get free once and for all from the CIA...and resolve the personal relationship. Perhaps a super-villain has yet to be identified. Or maybe his search for Nicky could make up most of a book four. Nobody's told either one of them they can come out from hiding. We left it with the CIA still after both of them. Come on Matt, Paul and Julia....and more time for us fans. "Scene one opens with Nicky snipping flowers outside her Connecticut apartment where she's landed a teaching job at a small college. A year has past and she's no longer as vigilent as she once was. She hasn't seen Bourne since they parted company in Tangiers But as she passers the lazy Saturday in her miniture garden, she flashes back to moments with Bourne...and how they could have led to further involvement. Her thoughts/hopes/wishes becoming vivid enough to embrarass herself..... She chuckles and moves off toward her apartment."

Al Volker on Jun 20, 2010


Man I cannot stop at 3 or 4 or 5 I need more Bourne Its simple he knows too much and it is ideal for him to be on the hit list This time he goes to south america and guess what meets a beauty who is actually a .....

Jason on Jul 3, 2010


Yea we need more series from him, After 007 there is somthing to watch, but realistic thing to watch in bourne series, I hope for best to see from him.I hope they never change background music anybody know that when they are releasing the 4th one?

aarshid Kazmi on Jul 4, 2010


I'm delighted to hear this news. These stories are well written and well acted as well. They seem plausible and realistic with characters you can really get behind. No mad gadgets or ridiculous villains either that seem to be in every film these days along with endless CGI crap. Great action sequences and excellent stunt work with Matt Damon doing most of the stuff himself makes it a way better series of films. Keep up the great work. Paul Geengrass is an outstanding director. I hope they continue this film series even after this.

Steven Todd on Aug 23, 2010


Jason Bourne should go on forever!!!! I want to see Matt and Julia again as they team up to bring us more action and suspense. I have all 3 DVD's and would love to add to my collection as many as can be made......

Les on Sep 6, 2010


If you do the next Bourne movie in Latin America, keep the series there for a trilogy. Then move it to Asia for six more movies. Then maybe return to Africa and the middle east. That should keep you guys going for awhile....

Les on Sep 6, 2010


Cant wait to see the movie. I watch the trilogy countless times. Ya Jason Bourne should really go on forever. The film is so realistic like i want to be bourne. Bourne is Bourne!

mkz on Sep 8, 2010


ultimatum ended with a kick start to 4. i am glad. bourne with damon is tops. keep going as long as the script is good and ends with the moby tune. better than bond. better than any thing out there.

bondo on Oct 19, 2010


need to add. bourne is one of few, very few movies i can watch more than once. i have seen each at least 5 times. 2 and 3 were best.

bondo on Oct 19, 2010


I loved all the Bourne movies. They were so much better than the Bond movies. Matt Damon is very convincing in his role and I am glad to hear that he will star in the fourth Bourne movie. As long as Matt is the star, I will go see any Bourne movies they make.

Jacquie Carter on Oct 29, 2010


I picture this could be diverse upon the written content material? in spite of this I still believe that it usually is suitable for nearly any form of topic subject matter, as a result of it might frequently be pleasant to decide a warm and delightful face or perhaps listen a voice whilst preliminary landing.

Astronomy Club on Jan 1, 2011


bourn means real entertainment with natural acting

Bhimanishashi on Jan 14, 2011

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