Jack Black Says No School of Rock 2 Unless Linklater Returns

June 13, 2008
Source: MTV

School of Rock

I'm not ashamed to say that one of my personal all-time favorite comedies is School of Rock. It was Jack Black at his best (besides in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny) and had some hilarious scenes and a great story. As is typically the case with Hollywood, a sequel is being considered, but not necessarily with anyone from the original film at the moment. Jack Black apparently told reporters in Cannes that he was up for returning if it happened, but not much else was said. However, MTV followed up with Black recently and got a few more details out of him. They've only gotten as far as writing the first draft of a script at the moment, but he said whatever the case may be, director Richard Linklater better return. "It would have to be [with Richard]," Black said. "I wouldn't do it without him."

School of Rock was as good as it was because it contained a trifecta of comedic geniuses: director Richard Linklater, screenwriter Mike White, and actor Jack Black. Linklater, as you may know, is the mind behind such trippy films like Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, and A Scanner Darkly. However, in combination with writing of Mike White ("Freaks and Geeks", Orange County, Nacho Libre) the result is something genuinely entertaining - as was the case with School of Rock. However, I agree with Jack Black this time - without that exact same trifecta, this film won't even come close to living up to the original. It's a tough call to begin with, but maybe, just maybe, if they did get Linklater and White back, this could turn out great.

If you want to hear one of the most delicious and enticing statements all day, here's what Jack Black added in response. "I look forward to reading it. I hope it happens because I had such a great experience the first time, it would be fun to do it again. I love to rock. I love making movies. So it is kind of like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, you put the acting and the rock together in a delicious sweet chocolately smash." Considering I haven't eaten breakfast yet, that certainly sounds wonderful to me! Now if only we could actually get that exact creation and not some ripoff wannabe store brand instead. That's up to the execs in Hollywood to make that happen! I'll be crossing my fingers hoping that Linklater, White, and Black all team up again for School of Rock 2 - or else it'll be a guaranteed flop.

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I don't really care. I didn't think the first one was that great.

Christopher on Jun 13, 2008


While the first one had flaws I still really enjoyed it. The concept of the first was that black's character had nothing going for him and then he really turned his life around by pretending to be a substitute teacher. I don't understand what would be the purpose of a sequel. I think if one were made it wouldn't live up to the first one regardless of who was involved.

Janet on Jun 13, 2008


Not really necessary.

Scorpio on Jun 13, 2008


Linklater needs to comeback without him it would be a flop.

Xerxex on Jun 13, 2008


the first one was great but is it really necessary to make a sequel just leave it as it is, dont screw around with an already great film.

Curtis on Jun 13, 2008


jack black rock's he should do a nother school of rock GO JAKC U ROCK

sheena lemon on Jun 13, 2008


u go jack linklater should definitely return

tatoka on Jun 13, 2008


school of rock was a total blast

twispious on Jun 14, 2008


I owned School of Rock for a few months, then sold it. I enjoyed it, but I noticed not enough to keep it in my ever expansive collection of DVD's. That being said, there would be no point to a sequel whatsoever. But if a really good story came along, Black and Linklater should definitely be involved. As pointless as it would be to have a sequel, it would be even more pointless without Jack or Linklater.

Garrett.king on Jun 14, 2008


School of Rock was the point in time where the movie industry suddenly "got" Jack Black. It was perfect. Even more perfect than Tenacious D.

DCompose on Jun 14, 2008


I would love to see a School of Rock 2 but as long as the original kids were also in it. Since they were all natural musicians and singers, I would like to see how they developed. Tom

Tom on Jul 13, 2008


jack is my IDOLLLL...i was born 28.08 1992 and he 28.08 19,...

ante_cro on Jul 31, 2008


i hope i find auditions for it becuse ive bee playin guita for 6 months and im really good (not being a showoff) and ive got talent so by the time auditions are open i think i would be super rock god guy (maybe?) and i9t would be awsome to see jack black and work with him

jordan on Jul 31, 2008


there should def?ntly be school of rock 2 coz the f?rst one was asome ? bet the second one will be too .

nicole on Aug 15, 2008


Well, the movie didin't scream "sequel" anyway. If it IS made, then it has to have Linklater, and, what is it gonna be about?

Loogan on Oct 11, 2008


of coruse the same kids MUST CONTINUE

saul on Jan 12, 2009


Dnt worry guys linklater hv returnd n soon there will b another school of rock.

Sam on Apr 25, 2009



Aaronx121 on Aug 9, 2011

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