Jackie Chan's Heading to the Qin Dynasty for Junior Soldiers

November 5, 2008

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has been on somewhat of downward spiral recently, with films like Shanghai Knights, The Medallion, Rush Hour 3, and most recently, The Forbidden Kingdom. Will he ever be able to pull himself out of that rut again? Variety announces today that Chan has started work on his next film, titled Junior Soldiers. The film is apparently a "road movie" set during the Qin dynasty and focuses on "three people and a horse." Not really sure what that exactly means, but I'm not sure it'll be anything too exciting. Shooting will begin next year under the direction of Underdog Knight director Ding Sheng.

I've never forgotten the film that first introduced me to Jackie Chan - Rumble in the Bronx back in 1995 (of which that photo of Chan above is from). Back in those days, Chan's kung fu movies were R rated violence-filled extravaganzas, but now he's become the tame and comedic Asian icon giving uninspired performances in terrible films like The Forbidden Kingdom. I shiver just thinking about that awful movie, which is why I hope Chan will one day get back to his truly entertaining roots. Interestingly, he is producing and writing Junior Soldiers in addition to starring in it. Who's excited for more Jackie Chan?

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Jackie Chan did pull himself out of the hut he was in with The Forbidden Kingdom

Chris on Nov 5, 2008


I love Jackie Chan's Movies 😀

Spideyfan84 on Nov 5, 2008


forbidden kingdom was good, not as good as other his other movies though. because of jackies past amazing movies, ill always be excited for new jackie chan movies for the rest of my life.

Allen Sharpe on Nov 5, 2008


Jackie's Movie's have never been "R rated violence extravanganzas" ?? Where did he get that info? Jackie's genius and legend making status have always been his mix of Kung-fu, stunts and everyday guy persona. And about that downward spiral? New Police Story, Forbidden Kingdom and his upcoming Shinjuku Incident are a 1st class quality and acclaimed films. Jackie's made enough Classic films and defined action cinema that even if he doesn't mane any more movies again, he will always be considered the best at what he does.

Victor Ramos on Nov 5, 2008


jackie chan is one of the matter how badly his latest movies have tanked, i'll be there to watch.

theori on Nov 5, 2008


If I recall, Rumble in the Bronx was one of his only R Rated films. But still his movies prior to Rush Hour were pretty intense action films. Not silly like The Tuxedo or The Medallion. So if he can go back to his older roots I'll be excited for this film.

Joel on Nov 5, 2008


Our Martial Arts Action Star, Jackie Chan. What can I say, he is just awesome, a living legend. If you watch his chinese films you will know he can entertain viewers more than our hollywood stars. The only problem are the shitty directors that has worked with him when he came from asia. They didnt wanted him to hit big, as he was already big in China. The Forbidden Kingdom was a decent film from Jackie from a long time, as it also had Jet Li and all the chinese culture thrown in it, which made it more exciting. All the best Jackie for your future projects...

Fearl3ss on Nov 5, 2008


Jackie has not been on a downward spiral at all in recent movies apart from Rush Hour 3 witch he only did as a favour to Ratner and I hope theres no more because seeing that piece of crap Tucker the f**ker on screen is like having teeth pulled out without the anaesthetic. Shanghai Knights, The Medallion, The Forbidden Kingdom have been brilliant films along with New Police Story, The Myth and Rob-B-Hood

Carl on Nov 5, 2008


Obviously due to his age he can't do things like he did anymore in Rumble in the Bronx, Police Story, etc etc. If I recall in an interview since he turned 50 a few years ago he stopped doing extremes stunts. As you know he is the actor that broke the trend with stunt people by doing it all himself. Now all of these wanna be Hollywood stars say they do their own stunts in their films, Tom Cruise, Charlize Theron, and others after listening to their interviews. It was a brand born by Jackie himself.

Ken Masters on Nov 5, 2008


Jackie is an ICON on martial arts films. He's been doing films since the 70's. He always has a leading character working alongside with him: a woman. The actress role is NOT THAT OF THE TYPICAL DEFENSLESS WOMAN, they are intelligent, brave, corageous women. He allows actresses and actors to perform and play their characters- His movies have a touch of humor, he makes mistakes, he stumbles, falls, cries, etc. HE`S ACTS LIKE A REAL HUMAN BEING. The importance of The Forbidden Kingdom is having together two of the most important Chinese actors working together: Jet Li and Jackie Chan. In New Police Story you see Chackie taking the role of the first actor giving the chance to some young, well known actors in China. Jackie is awsome, you have to check his early work, if you pay attention you'll see him acting in Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon. Long live MISTER JACKIE CHAN!

Minerva on Nov 9, 2008


Now even though people like myself didn't like Rush Hour 3 but it still made over 100 million Dollars so it was Successful!It just wasn't my thing.but i agree that Jackie needs to go back what made him so popular!

paul on Jan 17, 2009


Wait before you rip on Jackie what about the new Karate Kid. That was a great performance by him.

Seth on Jan 8, 2011

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