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November 10, 2008

Bond Week

Quantum of Solace officially hits US theaters on Friday, November 14th, so in honor of the upcoming release of the 22nd James Bond film, we're launching James Bond Week here on We just really want to make sure you're completely in the Bond mood before you step into the movie theater on Friday. Daniel Craig returns in the highly anticipated follow-up to Casino Royale from 2006 and this time he's joined by the venomous Olga Kurylenko. This announcement today doesn't mean there will be that much of a change, we're just serving you an extra helping of all things Bond, James Bond.

I'm a huge James Bond fan, so this an opportunity to share my passion and love for one of the great franchises in film history with all of you. I grew up on Bond have come to love so much about the original films and even the Pierce Brosnan films, which is why I was initially hesitant going into Casino Royale with yet another new Bond. However, after seeing Quantum of Solace, I knew Craig had pulled it off. He is unquestionably the modern James Bond and is finally getting back into the groove of things this time around. Hopefully this week I can give you all just a taste of what it's like to be as big of a Bond fan as I am.

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Quantum of Solace is already showing here in the philippines. 😉

ashton21 on Nov 10, 2008


Quantum Of Solace opened in UK to mixed reviews ... if you like action movies you'll enjoy this one but if you're looking for a clear plot don't hold your breath. No character developments or time to stop/breathe take in the story-line.

Hope you're excited ! on Nov 10, 2008


3rd ever film i've walked out of half way through. I left during the blah blah 'my father did this and that' bit where Bond talks to the girl in the caves...what a load of crap! The film could have been great, there are some potentially amazing action sequences, but unfortunately the director has NO idea how to capture or shoot action, they have no impact and are underwhelming as a result. They happen too fast, and are badly edited (at least not too Bourne style shakey cam) and are just forgotten as soon as they finish. The shot where bond falls through the glass roof is amazing, yet it lasts a fraction of a second so you don't get to enjoy it, same as the jump on motorbike in the harbour, and the opening car chase. Craig is actually good as bond, he could very well be the next Steve McQueen if he finds the right scripts and directors to work with. Bond film plots are usually naff, but this film was mainly let down by the director, i hope he makes a better job of any action films he tackles in the future, as he really dropped the ball wih this movie, and it's a shame.

chrisUK on Nov 10, 2008


It's allready out here in Norway. I've seen it. It's awsome!!!

The Awsome Dude With Sunglasses on Nov 10, 2008


I really hate how you assume that everyone reading this site is American... Quantum of Solace is what I expected it to be, quite disappointing if you are comparing it to Casino Royale, but still a fun movie to watch.

yepp on Nov 10, 2008


I'm in Germany and saw it on the 6th... =D it was good but I thought the previous movies were better.

Sebastian on Nov 10, 2008


The first time I saw the film I wasnt too sure what to make of it, but after a 2nd viewing it seemed a lot of the previous plot holes had disappeared and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tom Dearsley on Nov 10, 2008


saw it here in israel last wasn't "casino royal" and although i thought "roya"l lacked action it was still better than "quantum", which was very poorly edited bourne style but not nearly as good, making the action confusing and disorienting. the story itself was not intersting and seemed that was only basing the ground for the next movie....actually i liked the fact that an attempt is being made to connect these bond films togather...i hope the nest one will be better edited and better written.

israelidude on Nov 10, 2008


Hope you enjoy it Alex, it's much punchier and sharper than Casino Royale, though not as emotionally resonant (but those Bond films are rare, the only other one I can name is On Her Majesty's Secret Service). I liked both as much as each other and couldn't decide whether the sequel's action and villain meant it was better than CR, just as I can't decide between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Chris on Nov 10, 2008


Wow Alex, that will teach you to piss off the non-americans who view the site. Sorry rest of the world, we're just not used to movies opening everywhere else first. What's next? The Euro and the Pound being worth more than the Dollar? - Oh wait....

Jim on Nov 10, 2008


I am curious to know if anyone else who saw the film noticed in the "rape scene" with "General Medrano" that there was an unnecessary crotch shot?

Dirty Dutchman on Nov 10, 2008


Alex hasn't posted it yet but we are going to try and have an event for Solace at the usual place in CO. I'm not sure on the details. Bother Alex here in the comments to get him to post them 😛

Heckle on Nov 10, 2008


Quantum of Solace rocks!! I saw it on Nov. 6!!! 100 times better than Casino Royale. But that's the difference between an experienced but not visionary director (Martin Cambell) and the very talented + creative Marc Foster. Just compare 2 scenes: Casino Royale, "the-sinking-building-in-Venice" action scene and in Quantum of Solace: the Opera house action scene (Austria location). Just watch how Foster does the parallel montage in this sequence and how its is done in the Venice scene in "Casino..". You don't have to be a film-making connoisseur to understand how remarkable the timing of the parallel montage is, in the Opera house action scene, how the selected camera shots serve this timing and how poor and superficial is the respective montage in the Venice action scene in Casino Royale. I heard people complaining that Quantum was a Bourne rip-off. Get your facts straight. QoS producers / filmmaker didn't set out to copy the Bourne series (and none more appropriate than Bourne Ultimatum) just because they are epic and cool. Of course there is a resemblance in the unfolding of the action and the manner it is presented on camera but that was done in purpose. They hired Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum, 2nd unit director & stunt coordinator: Dan Bradley for a specific reason. To add to the QoS action scenes that down-to-earth and street feel he instilled in the Bourne films. But that's about it. Bond is Bond and Bourne is Bourne. They don't share the same universe. The main axis in the 007 films and stories is a very particular one. It can be renewed, modernized but it will never set aside the things that make the Bond character unique: he is a high-society, elegantly mannered detective and cold assassin (when he wants to) after all. He will always be. Bourne is a simple man (with exceptional fighting skills and an intelligence to match them or outdo them) who runs for his life, who wants to abandon once and for all, his previous identity. QoS has a multi-layered character-driven story (with an additional homage to the old 007 films), very well-written dialogues, excellent casting and superb directing. This film is relentless!!! James Bond will return...

MajesticXIII on Nov 10, 2008


Opinions are like arseholes...everyone has got one! So here's mine, but first some background... I love James Bond. I hated Roger Moore as in 6 of his films it was like watching Carry On Spying, only once did I believe he was a man who deserved a 00 status, and that was For Your Eyes Only which had some great set pieces but also a brilliant story to boot. Timothy Dalton's two outings are also my favourites as the stories are great but again it's back to believing that this man deserves a licence to kill, as much as I hated OHMSS as a kid I now believe it to be one of the strongest of the Bonds. GoldenEye was a breath of fresh air but that was soon forgotten as I sat through 3 other Brosnan outings at the cinema that were out and out terrible. Sitting through Casino Royale, Bond was back, you believed this man could and would kill without hesitation, there was some humour, there was a brilliant story, the pre title sequence really established the back story in terms of the reboot, I didn't even mind that there was no scantily clad women in the title theme, Daniel Craig was brilliant as well, I've been a fan since I saw him in a TV series called Our Friends In The North. Fast forward two years and the feeling I had sitting through Quantum of Solace was on a par with the feeling I had when I realised that Jonathan Pryce's villain in Tommorrow Never Dies was essentially wreaking havoc to sell more copies of his paper!! The directing wasn't fantastic, scenes were very predictable, the story although yes it made sense wasn't executed very well, action scenes had potential but seemed to be over before they started, not a fan of the theme song, could swear the last 10 minutes were directed by Martin Campbell, the big finale was so full of cliches it reminded me of the ice palace in Die Another Day, and afterwards unable to put my finger on what it was I didn't like I read that scenes were being re-written pretty much everyday which could explain a lot!! Some scenes were good and I am going to go and see it again to see if it really is as bad as I thought first time round, I hope not as there was so much potential after Casino Royale, however at present I'd rather sit through View To A Kill then Quantum of Solace!

Paul on Nov 10, 2008


I've seen it already too, wasn't that great. Didn't really feel like a Bond movie persay. More like an action movie with Bond-theme to it... Disappointed with Forster, I had high hopes for this one.

Conrad on Nov 10, 2008


Horrible Bond-movie. Even thou im not a Bond fan really.. This was a real dissapointment. Casino Royale showed us what it COULD be. And even Casino Royale wasnt in my opinion THAT AMAZING. It was good, cos the showed a new Bond with a good story. Quantum of Solace.. i still have no idea really what that title had to do with the movie. They talked about the "plan: quantum" and im guessing solace has something to do with solar, meaning the solar base in the end.. It "sounds" cooler then it really is. The movie goes from action scene, to a minute of calm, to action scene. The action scenes were really over too fast. All the scenes were like.. BANG! and its over, next scene. There were a LOT of clichés in the story line. Just a bit sad that in my opinion there could be a VERY good Bond movie, but it seems they always have to follow a line.. Just when you think they will make it great they fuck it up totally (in my opinion). It was still better then 4/5 of the Pierce Brosnan ones!

max on Nov 10, 2008


And I've just seen it in Portugal!=P Personally, I've enjoyed Casino Royale much more but QOS is a great action-flick... I'm really happy it doesn't have those typical Bond stuff (Q gadgets and the line "My name is Bond, James Bond" doesn't appear at all). I also believe (like 16) that the action sequences are too damn fast and some shots were completely unnecessary (like that shot in the final rape scene). At last... the first half is really fast-paced and the second half was a bit poor... The opening sequence is better than the grand finale for instance...

Pedro Lopes on Nov 10, 2008


Im starting to second guess this movie now with all the comments! Im still going to check it out to see for myself how it turns out. I think i lost my motivation to go see it though, the ''spark'' is not there for me anymore.

big r on Nov 11, 2008


It's shown in Malaysia last Thursday. I saw it on Friday. I thought it's was good though. Just make sure you watched Casino Royale. Lots of action with no more gadgets. Even the the Aston Martin was not bulletproof. hahahah....Have a nice watch.

JoeG on Nov 12, 2008

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