Jaq's Review: Semi-Pro - Not a Major Player

March 2, 2008

Sports movies have their own tropes and clichés. There's always the underdog team, the former star hoping for a comeback, the rising star looking for his break, the down-and-out owner looking to make his team profitable and the big play at the end which redeems everything. Semi-Pro, Will Ferrell's new vehicle, hits all of those conventions and at the same time adds in a new one, that of Will Ferrell.

Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, a one-hit wonder from 1970s, who used his money to indulge in his second passion, basketball. He is the owner/coach/power forward for the Flint Tropics, an ABA team facing extinction as the league prepares to fold and be absorbed into the NBA. Moon is a horrible player, knowing nothing about the actual mechanics of the game. Instead, he focuses on odd marketing ploys to get a crowd and his mantra of "Everybody Loves Everybody" designed to make the players all feel like a family.

Will Ferrell takes on the entire sport of basketball in his new comedy Semi-Pro.Semi-Pro Review

Now, here's where one of those tropes comes in. The top four teams from the ABA are the teams that are going to survive. The Tropics, of course, will need to struggle in order to make it into fourth and become a real franchise. Do we think they'll make it? Naturally. Along the way, though, they pick up Monix (Woody Harrelson, looking a lot like his Kingpin character of Munson) in a trade for a washing machine. Monix is the former star (he has a championship ring from his time playing with the Celtics) who needs this team to restore his self-esteem (that and his former flame, a completely wasted Maura Tierney, also happens to live in Flint). Playing the role of the upcoming hot shot is Andre Benjamin as Coffee Black, the fastest guy on the team and the only one with a real shot at breaking in to the NBA.

But really, this is Ferrell's show and if you're a fan of his, this is slam dunk. If you're not, and I count myself amongst those, the scenes with Ferrell amount to a bunch of mugging and gags in search of a story to service. He overplays his role, which seems to be written specifically for his type of humor. Not surprising when you consider this comes to us from Scot Armstrong, the same guy who wrote Old School and Starsky & Hutch.

Woody Harrelson plays Monix, a former professional player and now washed out wanna-be in Semi-Pro.Semi-Pro Review

Ironically, the best performance in the film is Harrelson's, who seems to be playing it straight. It's almost like first time director Kent Alterman had two different films in mind, one a balls out slapstick farce and the other a semi-sweet pastiche trying to capture the same flavor as a film like Mystery, Alaska. These two genres don't mesh well, and ultimately, it feels like everyone involved is trying to hit the bar set by the granddaddy of sports films, Slap Shot. The problem is Semi-Pro falls well short of that high water mark.

For me, Semi-Pro elicits few real laughs, instead relying on language and scatological shenanigans to garner audience reaction. The only real surprise moment involves a running joke which plays off one of Moon's odd marketing schemes. The biggest problem here is that a little Ferrell goes a long way. He has a hard time carrying a film himself, working better as a comic relief. In Semi-Pro, we get the opposite - Ferrell is in charge and Harrelson plays the serious relief. Flip those around and this could have become a classic. Instead, we get 90 minutes for the die hard fans and not much for the rest of us.

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I felt the same exact way about this film as you did. Good review.

Ryan on Mar 2, 2008


Frankly, I couldn’t understand that “buzz” over this coming movie on these movie blog sites the past few months. The trailers stunk to me. I think it’s an issue of being “all that” over anything Will Farrell, regardless of what he does. Not so unusual with fanboy sites, actually.

cufford on Mar 2, 2008


I can not believe you gave this a higher rating then you did for There will be blood.

CHEEKYmonkey on Mar 2, 2008


I'm a die-hard Ferrell fan and will usually give a pass to even his worst stuff. Except Bewitched, which (unbelievably) I saw in the theater. This movie stunk to high-heaven. It was completely random. Basically, they team sucks and Ferrell's character tries to come up with zany promotions to attract crowds. That's fun, but the plot can't really progress that far until Harrelson's character comes in to teach them actual basketball. After that, it's a competition between Ferrell and Harrelson's characters for screen time. I have no idea what was going on with that "romance" between Harrelson and Maura Tierney's character. That was a complete distraction. Amazingly, the best performance in the film was given by Andrew Daly as play-by-play announcer Dick Pepperwood. He walks away with the funniest lines by playing it totally straight.

Tom Brazelton on Mar 2, 2008


it needs a higher review will could be the best alltime actor for his comedy so i think it will be a hit like his other movies

uno on Mar 18, 2008

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