Jay Baruchel Will Become The Sorcerer's Apprentice

December 4, 2008

Jay Baruchel Will Become The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Comedian Jay Baruchel will get his big break as the lead in Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Just in case you've never heard of this before, The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a live-action modern day adventure inspired by the classic Mickey Mouse story in Fantasia. Baruchel will star alongside of Nicolas Cage, who plays the sorcerer. Jon Turteltaub (of the National Treasure series) is directing and Jerry Bruckheimer (of usually anything awesome) is producing. Jay was last seen in Tropic Thunder and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, so you may know his name and his face, but he's never had a major leading role yet.

The script for The Sorcerer's Apprentice was penned by writing duo Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal (Planet of the Apes, Mona Lisa Smile, Flicka) then rewritten by Matt Lopez (Bedtime Stories, Race to Witch Mountain). It tells the story of a wizard searching for an apprentice and some sort of crazy Disney shenanigans that happen thereafter, like brooms coming to life and dancing around, I imagine? With Turteltaub and Bruckheimer leading this one, I'm actually looking forward to it. It's got that Enchanted feeling to it, which as everyone knows I loved, and I'm hoping for more of the same. What about you?

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This screams WTF all over the place to me. Nicolas Cage is someone I try to avoid and I feel weird about an Apatow gang member jumping into a wholesome bed with Disney. That, and the Harry Potter films adequately fulfill any need for magic and wizardry I may have. I'll probably pass, despite the fact that I really enjoy Jay Baruchel.

Liz on Dec 4, 2008


Wow. It's finally here. The. WORST. Idea. EVER. Didn't know when, didn't know what. But...I always knew it would involve Nic Cage somehow.

robert on Dec 4, 2008


Any movie with Nic Cage in it is bound to be somewhere between mediocre and terrible. Jay Baruchel won't make any difference.

KMils on Dec 4, 2008


This is something I REALLY want to be good, but I know will most likely end up awful. bummer.

-Peter- on Dec 4, 2008


Why the fuck does Nicolas Cage keep getting work? Anyone? Is there anyone in the world who actually likes Nic Cage? I've polled just about everyone I know, and have yet to find a single person who likes him or the vast majority of his work. So why does Hollywood keep shoving this shithead down our throats?

Zinglebert Bemzidak on Dec 4, 2008


Oh god, Nicholas Cage? They couldn't find ANYBODY better than him? God I hope the role is as small as it was in Fantasia. If he doesn't speak and they plaster him in cool makeup it might be decent. Great concept, but the writers (rather rewriter) and Nicholas Cage really worry me. Plus the lead seems a little old to me, seems like a computer nerd, not a magician's apprentice. Blah. ~ Chris @ Ergo Pictures

Chris on Dec 4, 2008


Is he going to actually be playing Mickey Mouse?

Valeriewriter on Dec 4, 2008



Valeriewriter on Dec 4, 2008


It's not only the fact that Nic Cage is finding work here and there...HE'S EVERYWHERE LATELY. Every month he seems to have a new blockbuster coming out. If anything the man must have one helluv'an agent.

Peloquin on Dec 4, 2008


April 1st already ? shitty idea. shitty. shitty. shitty. how in the name of all that's unholy does this imbecilic shite get this far ?

Dr.Duvel on Dec 4, 2008


OR HE HAS A BRILLIANT UNCLE!!!! PERIOD! Maybe the worst idea I have heard, and now includes the WORST ACTOR OF ALL TIME. God DAMMITT!!!!!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Dec 4, 2008


Who is Jay Baruchel's uncle?

Valeriewriter on Dec 4, 2008


Have to agree with most above. Most of you know how I feel about Cage. Maybe our Hero Peloquin is Cage's agent. I trust Peloquin and Clover makes a perfect point. If your Uncle is one of the best directors EVER, then you can do know wrong. At least Talia Shire knew when to get out. This is so fucking despressing. May have to put up Fantasia collectables on Craig's list to fight Cage's involvement in this. SHIT!

D-9 on Dec 4, 2008


oh interesting. let's see how this one turns out.

craziemutant on Dec 4, 2008


Nic Cage should've retired after Leaving Las Vegas. With each new Bruckheimer p.o.s. he does, I find myself doubting that Valley Girl was as good as I remember.

robert on Dec 8, 2008


For me, Nicolas Cage, is not only the worst actor in Hollywood, but also one of the worst actors in the world. And why try to remake what was created with talent in 1940. Some major companies have really money to lose. Hey DISNEY Corp., wire that money on my account.. so that it won't be lost for nothing!!! lol

Sylvain (from Paris) on Dec 9, 2008


Nicolas Cage can be entertaining. Jay Baruchel on the other hand is someone I cannot see starring in a Disney blockbuster. He has been in funny roles; but with something as epic as Fantasia, anything that claims to have been inspired by it better be phenomenal! I enjoyed Enchanted, and think Amy Adams added that sparkle the picture needed. Perhaps an apprentice with more of a sparkle than a goofy/grotesque association to humor is who should be cast. I know this is suppose to be a story based off of something, but the boy w/magic and super-powers things has been beat into the ground (see Harry Potter, Twiglight, any Comic book movie, etc.). Casting a female would be a much more pleasant idea! and something more unique and intriguing! (of course it would require spinning a lot more off course from the original Fantasia, but honestly unless they follow it closely I think it will be hard to measure up to such greatness...)

Starletdancegurl on Jan 6, 2009


They were filming a scene in Washington Square Park near the law school building. Jay was wearing a hoodie and umbrella.

oboist24 on Mar 19, 2009


Ok what is it with everyone dissing Nicholas Cage? Seriously hes a good actor, he always plays intellectual roles, yes I admit hes played in a couple flunk movies but so has almost every other actor out there. If you want to be a bunch of jack asses and talk against me because I'm stating my opinion go ahead, I really don't care.

Rebel1992 on Mar 30, 2009


Filming going on right now for The Sorcerer's Apprentice on 6th Ave and 41st in NYC.

LilVaidosa on Apr 23, 2009


Because Nicholas Cage doesn't mind being paid peanuts as salary. Only guy getting more jobs than Nicholas Cage is Morgan (I-will-work-for) Freeman.

Jack on May 5, 2009


Oh My God! You all need to calm the fuck down! I do agree and think everyone else does that, yes, Nicholas Cage has been in some serious flops but at least give the poor man a friggin chance before you jump to conclusions and shread him apart. It's a tough industry and not every single movie works out as hoped for ("Glitter" anyone?). As for Jay Baruchel, he's a talented young actor and he seems like a funny guy (well on camera for all I know) and proved some ability to stand out amongst the crowd in Tropic Thunder. I do admit though that he is usually in Apatow-esque films, so his humor certainly isn't Disney-themed but he's an ACTOR! So, I don't think it'll be much of a problem. And we all know that anything Disney sells at the box office because a) the built in adolscent audience and b) Fantasia's a classic, so people will go see it no matter who's in it, just to compare it to the original.

me on Jan 24, 2010

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