Jim Carrey's Yes Man Teaser Poster

July 19, 2008

Jim Carrey's Yes Man Teaser Poster

There's nothing like another painful Jim Carrey comedy. Yes Man is about a man who signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say yes to everything… and anything. This already sounds way too similar to Liar, Liar and not at all entertaining, but I need to see some footage first. I used to love Carrey, back in the Ace Ventura days, but now he's gotten pretty bad (The Number 23 and Fun with Dick and Jane are his most recent roles). This is probably everyone's first introduction to Yes Man and I'm not sure whether too many of you are going to be that excited based off of this poster. Hopefully we'll see the trailer soon enough, but until then, I'm not going to keep my hopes up.

Yes Man is Warner Bros' big Christmas comedy, so they're expecting it to be a pretty big hit. It's got a high concept, but I'm wondering if it'll be too much. Does anyone think this could be good?

Yes Man Poster

Yes Man is directed by Peyton Reed, of Bring It On, Down with Love, and The Break-Up previously. The script was written by actor Jarrad Paul ("Living with Fran"), newcomer Andrew Mogel, and fellow director Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). The film is based on the book of the same name written by Danny Wallace. Yes Man arrives in theaters everywhere on December 19th.

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Alex, do you like anything at all?

john on Jul 19, 2008


You know the funny thing John, back in May, I was being yelled at for liking everything. People said I loved too much... And earlier this week I was being incriminated for loving The Dark Knight too much as well. Honestly, I'm just getting tired of these stupid comedies nowadays. Mike Myers and Jim Carrey used to be great, but now all they're doing is making the stupidest movies around. And I'm getting tired of them... So, yes, I love a lot, but no, I don't like this...

Alex Billington on Jul 19, 2008


I agree, Alex. It just seems like the guys that we know are funny like Jim Carrey and Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy need to A.) either give up on a comedy career and pursue something serious, B.) give up making films altogether, or C.) assume that the audience has at least one half of a brain. It's almost insulting to me as an audience member to be presented with some of the films that have come from these guys, especially Murphy and Myers. I know that they can still be funny if they just raise the intelligence quota a little bit and pick their parts a little more carefully. Or maybe they should just get new agents.

Derek on Jul 19, 2008


The poster is pretty awesome im diggin it, i haven't given up on Jim Carrey i really think hes got more in him well just have to see this Christmas. In my opinion Carrey is way better then Myers any day.

Curtis on Jul 19, 2008


Jim carrey is a fucking legend. Truman Show, Man on the Moon, Eternal Sunshine...these are Grade A Movies. You may not think these are CINEMATIC REVOLUTIONS...but they are damn good good movies. So NO. No one is getting tired of Jim Carrey cause he's a fantastic actor. Mike Myers makes movies for the brain dead but movies like Dumb and Dumber, the Mask and Liar Liar are quality and I hope you understand that.

John on Jul 19, 2008


I'm not out for blood, Alex. Though comparing Jim Carrey to Mike Myers is pretty low. I've always loved Jim, he's influenced a lot of my life (and not just from his comedic stand point). Ace Ventura was the first R rated film that I ever got to see as a kid, and it blew me away. Liar, Liar was awesome too. Quite honestly, I'm getting tired of his new style of comedy and would love to see him do something like Liar, Liar once more. with Mike Myers it was different. He created a character..then came back 2 more times with the exact same character, then made a new movie with that same character but made him Hindu instead. It isn't as though Jim Carrey is reprising his role of Fletcher Reed, giving a new reason to say something slightly against his will. You don't even know what his character's going through.

Garrett.king on Jul 19, 2008


Why the hell does Jim Carrey not reprise the role as ACE VENTURA! My god. That would sell on it's own. Or something... here is an idea... How would JIM CARREY do in a EVIL DEAD remake??? I think he would do well. But, Jim Carrey still has his funny moments. Maybe if we call him James Carrey again he will get funny all over. Anyway- the man is still funny but we need someone to give him a good role. I won't be mad at anyone if they change their mind on this movie. Jim carrey can be hit or miss but mostly the man still makes me laugh. I don't doubt him. On the Mike Meyers front- i agree with one of you entirely. The man is used up and abused.. His movies should come with a goodwill rating. For used goods- I hope the best for Mr.Meyers and his career and hope he comes up with something good-soon. Very soon, not later.

Great on Jul 19, 2008


Btw, the poster is nice. Also, i just recently started to post on here and have found only one problem with ' kevin's ' comments. The Hancock one- that movie nearly beat out Hellboy2 last weekend. You guys gotta stop hating on that movie.. not will smith but that movie. Other than that, the man post his opinions on this site and most of you should stfu and deal with it. i dont know kevin. Who cares if i do. But, get off the mans back. If you don't like what is said then get the fuck off the site and keep your opinions to yourself while you take a shit. He has a job to do- go to or something and bash a critic about a movie. I personally thank the hell out of this site because without it i wouldn't be able to tell my friend's i knew about that months ago when they see a preview and shit themselves. lol. so, to those of you who work on i would like you to know i appreciate the hell out of what you do and will continue to look and continue to pass around the site because the product is good and the results are great, so thank you. The rest of ya- go suck a nut. p.s. The Dragonball movie will be horrible.

Great on Jul 19, 2008


I like The Number 23 a lot more than Ace Venture.

DCompose on Jul 19, 2008


And by Venture, I mean Ventura.

DCompose on Jul 19, 2008


Alex, just read your comments and just wanna tell you two things: 1. Nobody is perfect. Everybody does one or more crap movies during their lifetime. I really hate you when you show some intense dislike for movie legends like John Woo and Jim Carrey solely based on their recent "not so good" movies. It should not work like that. 2. You are doing the wrong comparisions! Come on! Comparing John Woo's movies with Dark Knight! Comparing Jim Carrey with Mike Myers! Anyways, I do love this website and keep up the good work. PS: just wanna say this. I say Bruce Almighty like a million times. Awesome movie.

john on Jul 19, 2008


What dull and tedious cynicism. Groundless, boring, self-important opinion masquerading as something more than it is. Someone's got a new film coming out. You call it 'painful' from the start, while admitted you haven't seen a single frame. Readig that was an absolutely worthless waste of time.

Peter on Jul 19, 2008


I really liked the book by Danny Wallace, but I imagine this will be only very loosely based on it anyway. And yes, It does seem like just another clone of Liar Liar.

RP on Jul 19, 2008


stop this movie and make a Diceman movie with Jim Carrey as Luke Rhineheart, that will let him get all crazy and again and would be awesome! "The Diceman tells the story of a psychiatrist who begins making life decisions based on the casting of dice. " (google it, awesome book!) Make it, i'm there!

chrisUK on Jul 19, 2008


Yeah Alex, you are making some very odd comparisons lately. Mike Meyers is definitley going down hill. Jim Carrey though I think is in a bit of a slump. I liked FUN and 23 though somewhat. But HORTON was good (though it was animated).

Ryan on Jul 19, 2008


No one ever really goes downhill. I think Jim Carrey rocks! Sure, he's been hampered by a few dramatic role choices and less than stellar comedies lately, but good ol' Jim can always bounce back. Same can be said for both Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy. I've always said that a great script and savvy decision making can turn around ANY career. (Example: Robert Downey Jr)

Spider on Jul 19, 2008


i cant think of the last jim carrey comedy i didn't think was atleast mildly funny, so i wouldn't mind seeing this film. the december line-up looks pretty bare anyway so this film is destined to do good

LeeMan on Jul 19, 2008


I'm one of those odd balls that have liked just about every Jim Carry comedy- but I can understand why some might be tired of him... still I think the poster looks good.

Staatz on Jul 19, 2008


Garrett.king: Ace Ventura was rated PG-13. Phew, the movie nerd in me can calm down now 😉

Justin on Jul 19, 2008


I think the poster looks great! So to answer your question, yes I am excited based on this poster. How could you not love Jim Carrey frolicking with glee in a meadow of flowers? It's ridiculously amusing. Like one of the other commenters said, it's pretty stupid that you're judging a film (and the state of Jim Carrey's career) by this poster without seeing a single trailer or video clip. And obviously not too many people share your dislike for his movies because they have all been financially successful. Even Fun With Dick & Jane and The Number 23 did decent based on their budget and worldwide gross. I would suggest you hold back your baseless claims until at least a trailer comes out.

Tony on Jul 19, 2008


hey jim carry isn't dead, horton heres a who was good, and i liked fun with dick and jane a bit. well no. 23 wasn't a role for mr.carry. so i say he isnt dead.

Darrin on Jul 19, 2008


He was awesome in Number 23! Why does everyone hate that movie? Am I just insane? I'M NOT CRAZY!

DCompose on Jul 19, 2008


i'm with you DCompose. The Number 23 was a great movie and he did great in it.

Garrett.king on Jul 19, 2008


Derek, Jim Carrey HAS done serious films. Because he wanted to give people a break from comedy films. The Majestic, and Eternal Sunshine is to name a few. Jim Carrey was known to be funny, and this suits him. It WILL be good

Stitch on Jul 19, 2008


I love the photo of Carrey in that poster, but jeeze someone needs to thwack the designer who thought that the typography there says anything about humor and exuberance. It just looks like it was just done to satisfy the basic 'I just graduated from college and absolutly must make something that only my professor would love' need to please. Ugh.

Psybil on Jul 20, 2008


Alex seems to be the guy that either hates something before he knows anything about it, or gives the latest movie he kind of liked a score of 9.9/10.

Korinthian on Jul 20, 2008


I really didn't mean to lump Jim Carrey into the same category as Myers and Murphy. I think that Jim Carrey is a versatile actor with a great range, which was proven to us in Man on the Moon, the Truman Show, and the brilliant Eternal Sunshine. I just wanted to take the opportunity to get it off my chest about the other two, and it seemed like this might be a decent place to do it.

Derek on Jul 20, 2008


I shoulda known a guy with a rich name like Billington would hate on Jim Carrey. I SHOULDA KNOWN. NOW I KNOW. The drums of change are coming, Billington!

DCompose on Jul 20, 2008


I LOVED Jim Carrey. Movies are like that, hit or miss. I agree with some of you, Alex you compares the odd stuff and disliking directors or actors based on the "missed" movies. Well, it's your opinions. keep it that way. Anyhow, I still think Jim Carrey still got it. He's a legend. He has natural talents. Watch " In Living Color'!! Well, i think a lot of these comedic actors could actually start little bit of producing or directing or helping bring up other young talents. That's what I like about Stephen Chow. He knows he can't act the same way, making the same type of movies any more, he starts switching his career to directing and bring up new talents. (exception of Dragon Ball!!) Maybe this won't work in Hollywood. Alex, we don't like your opinion but great work with the website!

JOE C. on Jul 20, 2008


The book is brilliant, but they seem to have really fucked with the story by taking it out of London and introducing a "self-help program". If you want to be heart-warmed, read the book, it actually made me cry with happiness. Film could have been great, Jack Black was originally mentioned for the role, I just hope that Carrey doesn't fuck it up. He needs to revive his ESOTSM acting skills and everything will be fine.

Jon on Jul 22, 2008


liar liar was awesome! I really liked Fun With Dick and Jane too, you can't judge a movie until you've seen it. I love his funny facial expressions too, so I'm excited to see this movie, and I don't think he's gotten less funny.

Linda on Dec 19, 2008


Turns out that this movie was awesome, so STUFU Alex!

Bryan on Apr 18, 2009

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