J.J. Abrams Says No Cloverfield 2 Anymore?

May 16, 2008


For those of you who think Cloverfield 2 is secretly being filmed right now, I'm pretty sure you're full of crap. Not only would we have heard something by now, but Paramount just doesn't have any solid plans finalized yet. Now J.J. Abrams adds a few more confusing details into the mix, but pretty confidently says it ain't happening. At least, he confirms that there are no real plans as of yet. SciFiWire caught up with Abrams very recently and asked him about any progress on the sequel. His answer: "We're talking about it… But the truth is there's another idea that I'd rather do with the same people than do a sequel. It's a whole new thing." Sad news for all you Cloverfield fanatics…

"So my dream is to work with [Goddard and Reeves] again, but do something that's [new]. Having said that, Drew and Matt both, separately, have really good ideas for what [Cloverfield 2] could be. So I don't know. We'll see. I know the studio wants it."

Thankfully if you kept reading, you'll see that Abrams added a bit more. This does not mean the project is 100% dead and won't ever happen. This is just a quick statement from Abrams in a recent interview. For all we know, Paramount is putting together the elements of a sequel and just hasn't sprung all of the complete details on Abrams yet. There are so many different possibilities and so many unknowns, that this isn't any real confirmation. That doesn't mean we can't put it out here for all of you to discuss, but from the sounds of it, Cloverfield 2 currently isn't going to see the light of day… at least for a while.

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this BETTER happen. no..this NEEDS to happen, under JJ Abrams though. it's nice that he has other ideas, he can do those first and then get back to Cloverfield..cuz this is something that deserves a sequel. He wanted to give America it's own monster he needs to deliver more. JJ, you got our attention. Come on man..please don't let the idea go..just do it. PLEASE. that was a bit more whiny and desperate than I expected it to be. But I stand by it.

Garrett.king on May 16, 2008


good for him cause cloverfield sucked big time in my opinion. i think he has ability to make better movies then that.

Davor on May 16, 2008


well I think your opinion sucks big time in my opinion, and you could've done better. Nah, I'm just joshin' ya. don't give a fuck what anyone else says, Cloverfield rocked, to me, and I want more. That's all.

Garrett.king on May 16, 2008


@Alex - What do you mean "Sad news for all you Cloverfield fanatics…?" Shouldn't you have said US? If I remember right, you were one of the biggest hawkers...err fans of this movie. Or was there another reason you promoted so enthusiastically?

Nunya on May 16, 2008


No, no, you're right, I was very, very hyped for it. Sorry, I was just writing this article completely without my own opinion, for you guys in essence. As in, referring to those of you who are fans like we don't even exist. It's a bit confusing, but yea, I am hyped, but I don't necessarily think a sequel is needed. However, if they make it, I'll be all for it. 🙂

Alex Billington on May 16, 2008


I'm sure we can all keep our cool on this. It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when". We might be in for a long wait but another movie will indeed be on the way & I couldn't be happier. Anybody who sweats that is very naive & unaware of how the business works; but we're all chill in here, right?

Sinner on May 16, 2008


This is just what I want to hear. Cloverfield is the worst movie ever!!

Iron Man Fan on May 16, 2008


No, Beyond The Wall Of Sleep is the worst movie ever.

Colonel Clegg on May 16, 2008


JJ Abrams could be toying with us. I wouldn't mind a sequel but it would be hard to match the hype and the phenomenon of the the first one. As of right now, Cloverfield did very well, making almost $170 million worldwide and it had strong sales at the DVD charts. I think Paramount wants one but JJ and co. are stiil not sure. As we all know, Cloverfield was based mystery and confidentialty and wanting details to be unknown, so this can be the same premise to the next film if it's being processed. Also, to the people who said this was the worst movie ever, did you like "Meet the Spartans?

The Enchanted One on May 16, 2008


That is great I thought and I am really glad for not having Cloverfield 2 .... let's we accept for once our loss against the aliens 🙂 and live it like that ...

shero on May 16, 2008


good! because i almost barfed at the theater watching it!

egghub on May 16, 2008


a sequel would be nice. but i would like to see a new idea more.

craziemutant on May 17, 2008


How can someone be full of crap for thinking they're filling Cloverfield 2? Is he or she emailing you?

Andrew Wickliffe on May 17, 2008


This movie absolutely sucked, i only watched up to the part with the statue of libertys heads thrown and some buildings collapse, i tried to watch it 3 times just won't pull me in . i had 3 diff frineds try to watch it too and they were all pissed and asked my why i would waste my time telling them the movies great . Critcs suck they don't know what their talking about , this movie could've bee so much better , what really pisses me off i can't even sell the stupid dvd to any1 .

chris on May 17, 2008


yeah Chis.. the critics suck... how could people not know what their own opinions are. This whole thread of comments is stupid. Worst movie ever? Can people please stop using that so much! It's no where near the worst movie ever. I understand why some people were all thrilled about it too and it did have amazing marketing. Personally I couldn't watch it in the theater, because I got sick, but i own it on DVD and love it very much. As far as it being dead or not, I can't believe anything JJ says. I mean we didn't even know what this movie was called until months after the first trailer. So how can i believe him saying "we're not doing anything". This movie can be shot on a very small budget and in secrecy very easily. I wouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden a trailer launched with Star Trek. oh and people... J.J. didn't direct the first movie... stop acting like he did.

Kent on May 17, 2008


Chris tried to watch a movie three times!

DCompose on May 17, 2008


I dont really care if they dont make a sequel is it really needed not really, they made a first great monster movie with a great idea dont mess it all up and do a pointless sequel just for the money, i hope they put some real thought into the sequel which they most likely will.

Curtis on May 17, 2008


One of the slickest movies I've seen. That's for sure!

Pickle on May 17, 2008


The people who hated this movie. Some of you are probably too impatient to wait for something to actually happen. Unlike most monster films, this one actually has a story to be told, that unfolds throughout. If you were just patient enough to wait for some awesome scenes, and some quick funny as hell one liners (Flaming homeless guy anyone?) then you would've been satisfied with this film. Some of you didn't see it in theaters and don't have the ability to watch it on DVD while sitting up close to a big screen TV. I have watched Cloverfield on a normal sized TV. And while it is less enjoyable on a 24 inch tv. My wife loved it and thought it was pretty freaky. And that's saying something, she watches all sorts of fucked up shit. The rest of you that hated it, and actually sat all the way through it. It must suck being that desensitized to not have a reaction to anything that happened in this film. That or you really just don't get the idea. Ironically enough, the second time I saw the film I noticed that the only people who were complaining about it were the ones sitting in the nosebleeds. And the one's who loved it were the ones sitting in the front rows. Should've taken your chances and watched it up front with the rest of us Cloverfield Veterans. If nothing else, you people should at least acknowledge that it's original. Not that it's a monster movie, but how the monster movie was done. First person was incredible. That's all I have to say about that now. Bash me if you want now, thanks.

Garrett.king on May 17, 2008


Please change the title of this. My head almost blew off when i just read the title but i had to read the rest and well i'm calm but still not happy about what i just read.

Eric on May 17, 2008


Garrett, I'm not going to bash you, I'm just going to rip your post apart. First off, how good or bad a movie is, shouldn't be dictated by the experience of a theater. Great films hold up decent on a iphone. Not to say that it doesn't add to the experience, or make a movie experience better. Second, what story??? There was absolutely no story in the movie, just chaos with no back story, plot, or likeable cast. The fact of the comic relief camera guy was cheesey, and seemed thrown in last minute as filler. Third, why do you think that people that didn't like it are "desensitized"? What idea is there not to get? It's about a bunch of NYC yuppies, and a bunch of monsters destroying things. Nothing is explained, and the movie felt like a hour and a half sci-fi movie of the week. Lastly, what do you mean "you people"? What is original about Cloverfield? The fact that it used a camera first person like blair witch, the fact it's a monster tearing up a city, like countless other movies? The fact that it leaves you hanging at the end? Wow, brilliant!! Face it, it's a toned down michael bay disaster pic.

steven on May 17, 2008


In my opinion, J.J. Abrams' reticence translates into "Paramount hasn't offered me enough money and gross/backend for me to agree to this yet."

Steve on May 17, 2008


lol. loved the intro #21. I'm actually being serious about that. nice slap "Not gonna do this but...HERE YA GO FUCK HEAD!" sweet. Furthermore. There is back story, and there is a bit of story that unfolds throughout. I didn't say there was a huge amount. But that's mainly because this is during a (for movies sake "real monster attack") and what else would there really be besides a lot of panicked people and some destroyed shit? I grant you that if there was more story it would be even better. But that only adds to my belief. I really do think that, if people had experienced it when closer up it would have been a whole different thing. And that's mainly, I thought, what it was trying to do. Be an experience as if you were there going through the shit with them. I thought the humor was great and I liked the cast, so there's nothing for me to face. And I hope you won't take what I say there to imply that I look bullshit movies such as "What Happens in Vegas" "Superbad" and the like. It's originality stems from the fact that it is a monster movie in first person, which blows away King Kong, Godzilla (the one with Matthew Broderick) and any other MUCH cheesier monster movie that americans have made as of yet. It isn't like the Blair Witch Project..cuz..well..WE ACTUALLY GET TO SEE SOMETHING. I don't care if you wanna tear the post apart or bash me. It's expected if one speaks their mind, right? Peace, steven.

Garrett.king on May 18, 2008


the movie sucked but if they do make a sequel PLEASE kill that black girl I hated her sooooo much! And I'm a Black guy.

Dee on May 18, 2008


Good civil response garrett. Peace and balance have now been restored to the internet. 🙂

steven on May 19, 2008



Garrett.king on May 19, 2008


Please, please, please lay this steaming piece of shit to rest and get on with some real movie making....

pizza_the_hut on May 20, 2008


Oh hush. Cloverfield was a great movie. It captured attention, if not any at all. Just leave it be. It'll happen when and if it happens.

Janelle on Feb 17, 2009


I would like to SEE A SEQUEL PLEASE! Cloverfield is a brilliant, complex, enthralling, and original piece of cinematic footage that deserves to go on and live again. Don't take any notice of the dumb-ass comments by the thick heads cauze they don't know what good cinema is about. " made me sick..oh it gave me a headache" bullfn shit, what the hell...get a fu#$en grip!

Roger on May 26, 2009


This Movie Deserves A Sequel! So I'm Reaching Out To J.J.! But i Like his Idea Not to Rush its Spin-off/Sequel/Pre-quel or whatever.. He should really think on how to make it better than the first one.. J.J. is one of the best and one of the most promising Director of our generation.

Laurence Ayala on Jun 10, 2009


Cloverfield is the worst movie ever. It's worse than crap. You should watch this movie like you watch a porn movie. Fast forward till the money shot but the money shots in this movie is about 5 minutes long. It's not even worth downloading. It shouldn't even be found in the clearance bin of walmart. They have to pay people to watch this movie and make them sign a waiver that they wont sue the producer for wasting their frigging time.

ej on Jun 12, 2009


Great movie, those who say it has no plot and should be watched in fast forward. You never should have watched the movie in the first place. This is a JJ Abrams production (he didnt direct) that means its like lost, you don't get the whole picture watching just the film. Explore the pre movie release fluff he put out there, the drink that was made from a japanese company (beileved to be the one rod or what ever his name was, is going to work for) that does deep sea drilling and the drink is made from something they found. How about the satellite from that company that their website said fell out of orbit and was lost, and that in the end of the movie, if you watch close you can actually see fall into the ocean. There was plot and story, but it was certainly a LOST type story, so if you hated lost you should have realised JJ was only going to deliver more of the same.

Mike on Jun 29, 2009


People don't understand Cloverfield because they don't try. They don't read. They don't blog. They don't THINK. What was the Cloverfield monster? They told you in the movie and the slusho site (if you paid attention). Need help? Pay attention in the electronics store. Why was he here? Who cares! He's here and he's kicking our arse! Time to cowboy up or die. Is he the only one? He seemed to be 'calling', didn't he??? You don't call someone if you're the only one. Is there something out there more terrible than him? Probably. No.... most definitely. Were those things on his back his babies? That doesn't matter either. They're pretty nasty at their current size. You can only pray they don't grow. How did he jump so high to grab the helicopter? He is a hopper, isn't he! Was he drunk, the way he walked around? No. He just stumbles about a lot. Here. On land. What were those things at the base of his neck? They were moving in and out at a rather human like rate of respiration, weren't they? My lungs were moving much faster in the movie! Would there possibly be a book with something hinting to what Cloverfield was? Absolutely! Try early sci-fi horror authors whose last names begin with the letter "L". Does the creature have a name (besides Cloverfield)? Sure! His name is (gutteral growl, howl, snarl, long loud trumpeting sound). We would be better of calling him Cloverfield. How did the monster appear before Hud so quickly? Why, he hopped right over! Why did he eat Hud? Cause chicken nuggets are way too small. What does he care! We're juicy little bugs to him! I've looked in the "L" section, what would be a first initial name? "H"! (For crying out loud)! And a middle initial? "P"! Is this tied to Lost? More than you know. Is this tied to Fringe? More than you know. Does this go beyond just Abrams and his few writers with others working on similarly related ideas? More than you know! For any further assistance you need to read a little HPL. Stretch the grey matter. Accept the impossible! Realize stories about other things (Transformers 2) are just mirrors of other stories (HPL). When your mind is LOST, when you are on the FRINGE of sanity, when whatever the future brings to you comes crashing down in your backyard, feel free to wet yourself and scream like a little girl. Everyone else will be joining you!

Jdam on Nov 12, 2009

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