J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Headed to IMAX Next Summer!

November 24, 2008

Star Trek in IMAX

If things couldn't get any better then they were, it looks like J.J. Abrams' Star Trek will be showing in IMAX theaters next year. While it wasn't necessarily shot with IMAX cameras, the film will be converted to 70mm for projection on IMAX screens. Star Trek will hit both regular and IMAX theaters everywhere on May 8th next summer. It looks like IMAX theaters will have a very busy summer, with Star Trek kicking things off in early May, followed by Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Fueled by the immense success of The Dark Knight last summer, Hollywood has really ramped up their IMAX offerings for next year.

I don't know if everyone agrees, but I think Star Trek is one of the few films that would look amazing on IMAX. I'm slowly becoming a fan of IMAX, only because films like The Dark Knight showed me what the format was truly capable of. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the only film next year that is actually shooting with IMAX cameras, although Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will end up featuring 20 minutes in IMAX 3D. We don't know if Star Trek will be given any other special treatment besides just an IMAX conversion, but either way, I still can't wait to see what it will all look like on a very big screen. Next summer is already looking pretty damn exciting to me! What about you?

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Very interesting. I would really see this on IMAX. The action packed scenes/effects will look amazing! I feel that TDK really amped up and impacted how studios view IMAX now.

nxgen18 on Nov 24, 2008


How would an Imax conversion look compared to a film shot with Imax cameras? Is it worth seeing it?

Yellow Buttons on Nov 24, 2008


Guys this was inevitable, of course this movie was going to be in IMAX. I was just waiting for the announcement. TDK really set things of with their use of IMAX cameras. I havent seen any other movie that was in IMAX but wasnt shot with IMAX cameras, so i dont know what that will look like. But i can imagine that as long as a movie is action packed and has some really cool effects, it will look amazing. Im going to see TDTESS in IMAX so i will have a better understanding of just an IMAX conversion is like.

big r on Nov 24, 2008


No. 3, Not all of TDK was shot on IMAX, only four scenes about 20 minutes. For the rest of the film it was just shot as normal. That's how Star Trek will look. Still a lot better than a normal showing though.

Damon F on Nov 24, 2008


When you say, "it wasn't necessarily shot with IMAX cameras," you mean it just plain wasn't. All this means is that they'll be showing it on a bigger screen and charging you more for it. TDK was awesome w/ IMAX because Nolan shot 20 mins using the giant cameras. This is just a ruse to ride that wave and charge more for an expanded screen, not experience. I have seen movies that weren't shot on IMAX cameras but were shown in the IMAX theaters (Matrx 2 & 3) and it's nothing to get excited over. It's just as I said, same picture just bigger screen. It's not worth the extra money, but they're hoping ignorance overrides reality.

Matt on Nov 24, 2008


I have seen movies that weren't shot on IMAX cameras but were shown in the IMAX theatres and it is a far better experience than I get at a regular theatre. It's a bigger screen, sharper images, steadier images, better sound... there is more too IMAX than just a big screen. I catch everything that comes out in IMAX, I'll be seeing Star Trek opening night!

Rodney on Nov 24, 2008


I saw quite a few normal films in an Imax theater here in Holland, that was a few years back (4 or 5), when Imax was declining a lot, not many people watched imax films and they were almost broke and ready to close up. They thought that showing normal films would sell more tickets, but in reality I didn't see much difference, the only plus I could find was always the sound, that is was much, much better. But the image itself was sometimes a little lower than in digital cinemas. But because this films were not really converted to Imax, or they were converted with the old system, it is possible that now the image quality has gone up. I will probably see ST in an Imax though.

Roderick on Nov 24, 2008


I saw 300 in IMAX, and I don't believe it was shot in IMAX, and I thought it looked great (saw it in normal theaters too). I did not see TDK in IMAX (sadly), but in normal theaters it looked so clean and sharp for those parts shot in IMAX. However, it is doubtful I'll go see ST in IMAX unless I really enjoy the movie and the visuals in regular theaters.

dave13 on Nov 24, 2008


I am getting really tired of people being excited for this bastardized "reboot" of one of the most classic series and casts in history. Hollywood MUST stop being encouraged to remake and reboot stuff that was not broken in the first place. Where is the original material anymore?? There is NOTHING. I am so sick of constantly hearing news about beloved old franchises getting rebooted because some pompous jerk thinks he can do better (excepting the Batman movies, which desperately needed a restart). This must end.

Pat on Nov 24, 2008


wasnt it bad when Eagle Eye converted their film to 70millimeter film? how come all of a sudden its a good thing when Star Trek does it?

al on Nov 24, 2008


300 was not shot with IMAX cameras. The only feature length Hollywood film to use IMAX cameras was The Dark Knight. Everything else has been converted from 35mm or digital. Converting Hollywood films has made it possible to install more IMAX projection systems, having more IMAX projection systems/theatres made The Dark Knight being filmed with IMAX cameras possible. When IMAX started converting films into IMAX, they converted only 2-3 films in a year. Next year (2009) they will have 8-9 films.

Rodney on Nov 24, 2008


No, 4. Learn to read.

Partridge on Nov 24, 2008


night of the museum is the new dark knight. Its a sequel and the first one was great.

darrin on Nov 24, 2008


Two things I'm wondering: 1. What's the source for this news? (If I'm going to post it, I'd like to know). 2. Isn't Watchmen coming out in IMAX? Vic on Nov 24, 2008


#9 - "I am getting really tired of people being excited for this bastardized "reboot" of one of the most classic series and casts in history." Awwww. Then here's an idea.. how about you let people like what they like and you continue to like what you like? Hey, that's a simple idea! Anyway, this looks great though! I heard the movie was shot in a higher resolution but this should turn out well on the screen.

TommyHawk on Nov 24, 2008


I find it interesting (in a clinical sense) that, for any article about the new trek film, there is almost always some comment from a fanboy who hates the concept of the new movie, calls it a blasphemy against all that is holy, and blames the greedy corporate system for sullying the heritage of the trek universe. Whenever I read one of these comments, I catch a certain whiff of hysteria, of the fear of change, and an aversion to open-mindedness and tolerance which is both ironic and disturbingly parallel to so many reactionary thinkers nowadays.

Kell on Nov 25, 2008


I saw plenty of films shot regularly and shown on IMAX and don't see much distortion. There is a noticeable difference in color and vibrancy compared to a film shot in IMAX film, but it don't find it distracting.

Ryan on Nov 25, 2008


2009 announced IMAX line up: The Dark Knight (re release) Watchmen Monsters vs Aliens 3D Start Trek (not confirmed by IMAX yet) Night at the Museum 2 Transformers 2 Harry Potter 6 A Christmas Carol 3D Avatar 3D There is a pretty big hole in the schedule between HP6 in July and A Christmas Carol in November

Rodney on Nov 25, 2008


Now I REALLY hope to see the NX-01 in this movie. Seeing Archer's Enterprise on an IMAX screen will be incredible.

Captain Archer on Nov 25, 2008


11, i wasnt complaining about films converted to imax. i was just wondering why Alex was so kinda upset with Eagle Eye being converted, and yet is ecstatic about Star Trek.

al on Nov 25, 2008


Anyone want to confirm this rumour and post some links telling us this movie is indeed coming in IMAX? I asked IMAX this very question a month ago and they said "NO".

Scott Pickering on Nov 25, 2008


Someone on an IMAX film projectionist web site ( said that the Star Trek trailer will be showing with The Day the Earth Stood Still. I have not seen any official word from IMAX or Paramount yet, but the info about the trailer is a good indicator.

Rodney on Nov 26, 2008

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