Must Watch: J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Trailer - What Do You Think?

November 17, 2008
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Star Trek Trailer

My name is James Tiberius Kirk! The first full trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek has arrived online in glorious high resolution today after showing in theaters all weekend. Given most people have already had a chance to watch it, all that's left to do is discuss whether Abrams has pulled it off or not. Personally, I love this trailer, I think it does a great job of introducing us to Abrams' completely re-imagined world of Star Trek. Sure, it's not like the Trek we all know from the past, but those days are long gone. This is Abrams' reboot, his re-imagination of a beloved franchise, and it looks refreshingly badass (you'll see what I mean). It's a new Star Trek, and it looks like an incredibly exciting and entertaining modern day version.

The biggest complaints I've heard come from those who are comparing this directly to the original "Star Trek" series with William Shatner. That series ended in September of 1969 - get over it! It has been 39 years and now we're getting a completely fresh new take all over again. This isn't supposed to be a complete redo of the original series, this is Abrams' taking the elements of the franchise and turning it into something modern and exciting again! Take it for what it is and enjoy it. What do you think?

Watch the trailer for Star Trek:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the Star Trek trailer in High Definition on Apple

Star Trek is directed by J.J. Abrams (of "Lost" and Mission: Impossible III) and is written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (of The Island, Mission: Impossible III, Transformers, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen). This is the 11th movie in the Star Trek universe, following most recently Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002. Star Trek is set to land in theaters everywhere on May 8th, 2009 next summer!

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is it just me or did all the Trekky fans in the world just come simutaneously

Alec Baldwin on Nov 17, 2008


I wasn't a fan of Star Trek what so ever.. but I am a huge fan of the actors in this reboot... so this is a huge plus. I believe alot of people will come out to see this just because of that (plus its Star Trek)

Brent on Nov 17, 2008


Impressive. Anyone who thinks this film will suck is nuts and a damn liar. Abrams wanted to give ST a Star Wars look...and the man got what he wanted. Live long and prosper....

Roy on Nov 17, 2008


not a huge fan of star trek but this looks pretty amazing and is that Leonard Nimoy making a cameo appearance?

cmedina on Nov 17, 2008


... Pure awesome... you've just got to love what Abrams is doing here... I'm a fan of the old series, and even I can get behind this... love the use of the old emergency siren... haha ...

Mondo Jay on Nov 17, 2008


I think Zach Quinto looks great as Spock! I'm not loyal to the old Shatner Star Trek, but I'm still a little wary of this new take. The new trailer gives me hope and from what I've read JJ is trying to stay true to the heart of Star Trek. Yeah, it will probably be different from the '60s series, but stuff that worked then wouldn't work now so they've got to make some changes. I think as long as it stays true to the heart of the series and the characters it'll turn out great. I think JJ will do it right.

Dee on Nov 17, 2008


I'm pumped, now. I was skeptical, not because of Abrams, who seems to deliver most of the time, but because of the chance of it getting TOO old school. Don't get me wrong, I love the old series, but after 40 years, it's time for a new vision. This is supposed to appeal to the new potential audience who hasn't taken interest in the "shaken-glitter" special effects (wonderful as they were back then) and who needs something more cutting-edge to grab their eyeballs. If the trailer is any indication, this has the strong potential to be the reboot that gave success to Bond and Bat, not one of the crappy reboots that didn't really change to match the audience.

JD Rucker on Nov 17, 2008


This is the most excited I've ever been about a Star Trek movie. I've been a Star Trek fan forever and I think what Abrams is doing is awesome, welcomed, needed and awesome again. Can't wait to see this.

Douglas on Nov 17, 2008


not a fan of star trek but fuck yea im watchin this shit

Josh on Nov 17, 2008


So pissed that Star Trek was pushed back till May, I need this for Christmas. I am totally excited for this movie and first thing I'm doing is watching this on my big lcd.

zero1 on Nov 17, 2008


"Refreshingly badass" is an understatement. If Star Trek had always been like this trailer shows, I'd have been watching it since I could understand English!

Colin Dean on Nov 17, 2008


I'm a fan of Star Trek, But not a hardcore fan and I can't wait to see this movie. Star Trek needed a major overhaul that needs to appeal for today's audience by making it more modern. To me, The best parts of Star Trek were always those huge battles. The action in the trailer seems very fast paced and intense, Heres hoping for something in the vein of The Wrath Of Khan.

TigerClaw on Nov 17, 2008


The opening sequence with the young Kirk was badass!

CrazySphinx on Nov 17, 2008


Can't wait to see this. I'm a little worried there might be too much character building and not enough Enterprise action. At least that what I'm getting from the trailer so far.

Ger on Nov 17, 2008


BOY!!!this trailer is d most exciting thing happed 2 d stat trek universe... JJ.Abrams has pulled it off man i never thought i would be seeing such a different look in d star trek well though movie has 2 be seen!!....i have no doubt itz gone be a BLAST...

anand on Nov 17, 2008


Flashy, shallow. Just like a Star Trek movie should be. I like hard Sci-Fi but the last few movies were too difficult to get my family to watch with me. Something like this (and Sunrise) could help interest them. Was that Spock showing anger? I know he was emotional in the pilot but are they building on that? Working it into the story? Changing it? Just curious.

HektikLyfe on Nov 17, 2008


Glorious, just glorious. Oh my God, May 09 cannot come fast enough -- as someone said above, I have never been so excited for a Star Trek movie ... and I'm a 30-year fan. Quinto and Urban are especially amazing, but everyone looks right (Pegg is going to be a blast as Scotty!). We were lucky enough to see it on a big screen yesterday, but today's high-res comes darn close! Congrats to JJ and co. Star Trek is back.

Elrond Lawrence on Nov 17, 2008


I wasn't so much a fan of the whole car-off-the-cliff chase thing, it didn't seem to have anything to do with the Star Trek story. The rest of it looks awesome though. Zach Quinto is probably the only person that could EVER pull off Spock the way Leonard Nimoy did. J.J. Abrams is, once again, brilliant in his creation. Though this is a "reboot" rather than an original piece, he definitely has his hand it making this franchise EPIC.

Robert on Nov 17, 2008


I'm going to be honest, I hated all of the old Star Trek movies and shows. I just could not stand them, but this trailer looks decent. I still most likely won't see it in the theatres but will almost definately rent it to watch on the home theatre to give it a chance.

CK on Nov 17, 2008


told ya

Alec Baldwin on Nov 17, 2008


............holy shit..........I teared up a little!

ElectrocaineXxX on Nov 17, 2008


not a trek tv show fan but ive seen all the movies and this one looks like its gonna be great, super excited for the next trailer lol

tw on Nov 17, 2008


I'm just happy to get a clear look at the damn thing after trying to watch it on YouTube 20 times...

Tom Brazelton on Nov 17, 2008


I love how everyone is going nuts over a two minute trailer. Did anyone think that it wouldn't LOOK good? My problem is that it just isn't Star Trek. It's JJ Abrams Space Wars. That's nice he wanted to make it something new, but I couldn't care less. It was fine the way it was.

Jeremy on Nov 17, 2008


:o) Happy Me

Dr.Duvel on Nov 17, 2008


I'm both a Star Trek fan and a Lost fan but this one doesn't look so good to me. The opening scene was totally random and not at all Star Trek. It looks like they turned it into a superhero movie, which I for one am sick of watching over and over again. The fun thing about Star Trek was about the wonders of space and exploration. That carried through less in the movies anyways, but that doesn't seem present at all here. It looked more like Michael Bay playing with space ships. Seriously disappointing so far.

Arp on Nov 17, 2008


This looks awesome, I'm totally pumped for this film, more than anything else, too bad we'll have to wait till May though.

Hermond on Nov 17, 2008


I am wondering if this is just going to be action porn...but it looks like it might be good. The actors do resemble the if they all do a good job..that is a different story.

Kyle A. Koyote on Nov 17, 2008


Looks awful. Absolutely awful. If it was called anything but Star Trek, it'd be interesting. But that trailer is not Star Trek. Why would anyone want to make Star Trek like Star Wars? It's an oxymoron. Has anyone seen the recent Star Wars movies? They're terrible.

b0x on Nov 17, 2008


That trailer is awesome. I think J.J. will definately deliver. Im no star trek fan because i havent really watched them previously but boy will that change rather quickly.

big r on Nov 17, 2008


Looks awesome! I can't wait. Also excited to see that Abrams is working with the monster from Cloverfield again. I was afraid that guy wouldn't be able to find work.

Lefthanded on Nov 17, 2008


OK I love ST:TNG up until ST:Voyager, then I lost interest. As a hardcore fan of that era of ST I can really, really get behind this, I liked the original but wasn't really into it, in fact I cant really watch it now its too cheesy and not my thing. This reboot to me will reignite everyone that's in their 30's and younger like me, love for Star Trek. I think this is a very very good thing.

Richard on Nov 17, 2008


I never got into "Star Trek" but found the story interesting , now this trailer has really caught my attention. I find it almost reminiscent of other sci-fi tales. The trailer was magnificently made and sure did the job to lure in the general audience and not only Star Trek fans. I'm just hoping they don't go highly overboard with the special effects (Although thats almost unavoidable seeing as this is a modern sci-fi film). Either way I'll be keeping a close eye on this project that seems to be in the pathway to success. Keep up the good work J.J Abrams.

Craig on Nov 17, 2008


I have never seen anything Star Trek related. I'm a Star WARS person. (Sorry Trekkies.) But I think since this is a re-imagining and it seems to start from the beginning, I can probably watch and enjoy this movie. After all, I had never seen much Bond before Casino Royale, and I still enjoyed that immensely.

-Peter- on Nov 17, 2008


Umm why? Isn't there already a Star Trek series? tongue in cheek intended.

dom on Nov 17, 2008


I'm a pretty big star trek fan... too young to have really been into the original series, but i loved next generation, most of the recent movies (MOST), and i know my star trek history pretty well... with that said this trailer and this movie look awesome! It looks above and beyond anything i really expected to be and to be honest i half way expected this to be a cheap rehash that was making bank mostly on the name... after this footage i'm confident that abrams has captured the soul of star trek and turned it into something entertaining... i mean i expected MI III to be garbage as well and was actually pretty impressed with abrams work on that so this should be good.

Shaun on Nov 17, 2008


I was in the theater and i silently freaked out when i saw this trailer. I almost burst out in excitement. I was never a fan of the old Trek, was too young, but this... it just looks amazing. I love the actors in this one and JJ Abrams work is incredible so... I am looking forward to this.

Eric on Nov 17, 2008


The special effects look overblown and bad. Fucking Phantom Menace Style.

Stevo on Nov 17, 2008


I'm thinking I'll be seeing this in the theater.

Zerge on Nov 17, 2008


if Star Trek was like this way back when...I think I'd be a Trekkie

TLam on Nov 17, 2008


This looks awesome! I was skeptical from just seeing the pictures, but now that I've seen footage...oh my!

Fritz Blaze on Nov 17, 2008


It is so weird that my full name is Urban JAMES KIRK

Captain Kirk on Nov 17, 2008


Dude. Okay, lame opening aside - that was an amazing look into the upcoming movie. Like a lot of fans, I wondered what the final product was going to be like, and now I can honestly say that this is an opening night movie for me. It looks like Abrams has taken the old school Trek, mixed it with equal parts Galaxy Quest and Star Wars, and made something entirely new. The space battle scenes in particular were gorgeous. Much more intense than the usual "stand fairly still, fire photon torpedoes" battles we've seen in past movies (yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about). I can't wait.

Pete the Geek on Nov 17, 2008


Movie looks entertaining from the trailer, but I just can't stop from thinking Chris Pine has no charisma to be Captain Kirk and is just trying to 'model' his way through this role.

Blair on Nov 17, 2008


I watched the bootleg trailer last night and was far from thrilled, but now that I've seen it in good quality, I'm actually pretty excited! P.S., who that went to see Quantum of Solace saw this and/or the new Watchmen trailer attached to it? I had neither...

Tom on Nov 17, 2008


I can't help but think that Spock is not tall enough and Kirk doesn't look tough enough. Compared to Leonard Nimoy there will probably never be another person to fill the shoes so to speak of his role as Spock. Compared to Shatner, Blair stole the words right out of my mouth in that, he doesn't have the charisma and charm. Looks alone cannot get you into a role like this. Still, I am excited for the movie and will no doubt be there at opening night!

Dave on Nov 17, 2008


^ I too did not have the Watchmen or Star Trek trailer in my theater. I had 7 Pounds, Bedtime Stories, Yes Man, 2012 and TDTESS.

big r on Nov 17, 2008


let me start off by saying im usually very on the fence about remakes. if its something i never cared about, then please, remake it. the original star trek and star wars hold very special places in my heart and at this moment im very worried this is going to be an epic fail of phantom menace proportions, at least to me. Quinto looks and sounds great as spock. i loved simon peggs 2 second spot in the trailer. chris pine has no business being here. i agree completely with blair and wonder how the hell he landed this role. i think that, love him or hate him, Shatner's Kirk should be left alone. no one can do it the way he can and i think that is a huge hole in the movie for me. i will of course still be seeing this at midnight when it opens, but i do hope Pine can change my mind during the actual movie so i dont have the same disappointment i had after phantom menace.

jackson stone on Nov 17, 2008


Tally of the comments so far (got bored at work): 40 = thought it looks amazing (including me) 4 = thought it looked terrible 5 = indifferent SteveO, Dom, Box, and Jeremy looks like you're part of the minority...

Peloquin on Nov 17, 2008


I will definetly go and see the new Trek. The trailer looks great

crabby on Nov 17, 2008


The BEST part of watching QoS was seeing the trailer for Star Trek.

Sparklene on Nov 17, 2008


Alot of people went to watch Quantum of Solace just to see this trailer... and what an awesome trailer it was! I CANNOT wait for this! Live love and prosper... I'M LOOKING FOR THE NUCLEAR WESSELS IN A-LA-ME-DA!

DerekLandel on Nov 17, 2008


What the heck is with all that panning going on in the trailer. I hope we don't see more of that in the film. The trailer is clunky and doesn't excite me at all, but then again the franchise is so dead that they've got to do something spectacular to pull all the stops out. Young Kirk could be interesting, while not being an original premise. As for spock, er, no. Just no.

nemof on Nov 17, 2008


I agree with #52. πŸ˜€

dave13 on Nov 17, 2008


Heya Everyone! I just couldn't contain my excitement for this movie and will be attending the midnight premier with all of my fellow Trekkys! I have been following this movie for several months and in a nutshell, it looks magnificent! On that note I encourage everyone, Startrek fans or not to attend aswell!

Bennet Potter on Nov 17, 2008


#56-Its kids like this that make me not want to see this movie.

Vick43 on Nov 17, 2008


This Star Trek Movie has of the growth, beginning, and the arrival of Spock into the Enterprise crew. And James Kirk has always been so saw him jump out of that car!

Sparklene on Nov 17, 2008


Looks a bit more like Star Wars than Star Trek to me...but I think that might be a good thing. πŸ™‚ I'm a huge Trek fan, but I think the movies as of late have gotten a bit stodgy. This might be just the kick in the pants that the universe needs to grab a whole new generation of Trekkies!

Thea on Nov 17, 2008


where did the car roof go from the first shot...?

Aaron on Nov 17, 2008


Alex, First things first, the original series did in fact end in 1969, but the movies of Kirk's crew upon the Starship Enterprise did not end end until technically 1991 with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - which in my opinion was and still is the greatest Star Trek movie ever made. Federation versus the Klingon's after trying to find peace - brilliant! Then in 1994 there was Star Trek Generations where we leave Captain Kirk and move onto Captain Picard. That was pretty good, not great, but good. Now I have always thought of J.J. Abrams as being the prince of mediocrity. Nothing he has ever made, has been "outstanding" to say the least. Not to mention the writers for this movie do not have a very good resume I might add. Michael Bay's "The Island"???? horrible. As for this trailer, its simply meant to get people jazzed on special effects and maybe even some nifty conflict between Kirk and Spock - lets hope the chemistry flows as well as it should. Other than that, this trailer sucks. Like a few people already mentioned on this post, this already looks more like Star Wars, than Star Trek. I'm outta here.

Conrad on Nov 17, 2008


in a word: BAD@SS! i can't wait to see this on blu-ray.

dan on Nov 17, 2008


Buckle up?

domingo on Nov 17, 2008


As much as I love all the previous Trek series and want the movie to be faithful to them, I am still excited for this one. It's a reboot for God's sake, and should be judged on it's own merit.

Brooke on Nov 17, 2008


I didnt know Karl Urban was in this! cool

Scott McHenry on Nov 17, 2008


Any lonely single geeks out there?? You think this trailer is something, you should have seen me at Clay Aikens coming out pool party in my brand new tassled Seacrest like speedos and Chucky Tailors!! I was da bomb!! JT said if he wasnt in the closet, he'd totally do me! Anyway enough about the coming out pool party... or was it coming in?!!? Yewwwww I'm nasty!! Somebody send me out to sea!!!!

George Takei on Nov 17, 2008


Yeeesh. Yes, I'm old. Yes, TOS was cheesy. There was a certain charm in that. I did like TNG. The acting of Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner made it watchable starting about the third season, when the writing ability finally caught up to them.... Simply put: this is not a reboot. More like someone's Alternate Universe fan fiction... with serious monetary backing. All that's missing are the slash scenes between Kirk and Spock. So NOT going to see this. Wonder how fast it will tank upon release?

TortoiseKeeper on Nov 17, 2008


Movie looks good. Trailer... not so much. I think there should be a college career solely for trailer editing. Regardless... I finally got to see what Abrams' ST looks like and it's pretty damn sleek-looking. Appeals to the Star Wars fan in me.

Alfredo on Nov 17, 2008



Not You on Nov 17, 2008


I liked whatever that huge monster was that jumped out...

Matthew on Nov 17, 2008


Never thought I would ever be blown away buy Star Trek. That looks f n sweet, has a great looking cast and the visual effects look insane. Very excited for this to come out.

ThatGuy on Nov 17, 2008


that was wicked. imagine kumar showed up. lol

darrin on Nov 17, 2008


I have to admit that while I think Abrams is one of the most creative filmmakers out there, I feel that he doesn't really have the actual skills to translate those ideas successfully onto film. I'm skeptical about how great of an actual film this will be but I have no doubt it will be extremely fun at the very least. The cast alone had me intrigued from day one and I'm sure, again, that while a lot of the characters will let down a lot of fans, they'll at least have fun seeing these particular actors portray these iconic roles.

Pale Casey on Nov 17, 2008


I am absolutely not a Star Trek fan. Can't stand any of the shows to be honest. My dad has watched them my whole life and I think they're all annoying and terrible. But this trailer is awesome. Star Trek or not this looks like a great Sci Fi movie. This might be one of the bigger movies of the year if the film itself is better than the trailer. I'm sure it's going to be hokey and certain fans will hate that it's different, but this trailer makes it look like Abrams took Star Trek in the direction Transformers went, making it realistic and human. That worked well for Transformers, a movie I thought was a bad idea that ended up being bad ass. I think this movie is going to be the same.

ImaginaryVisionary on Nov 17, 2008


i see myself watching this ,but i cant watch wack ass star wars...i know nothing of either franchises,and i really could care less ,but this turned my head and i enjoyed it ,ill go see it along with a million other "trekies" (Vulcan) lol

billsSkills on Nov 17, 2008


Whatever, haters... see you on line at the box offices come May 8, 2009...

Divad on Nov 17, 2008


WOW!!! I never, EVER in my wildest dreams thought i would ever be into Star Trek. This trailer totally changed my mind.

Mr. Big on Nov 17, 2008


well, i can happily say i sat through the whole thing with a smile on my face.

Iyanden on Nov 17, 2008


besides the fact quinto sounds and acts exactly liek sylar this does look good...and i have never seen a episode or movie of star trek.

bret on Nov 17, 2008


If you start watching at the 43 second point, the trailer is not half bad. However, the opening is just cringe-inducing.

Sean Kelly on Nov 17, 2008


Mane that looked sooooooo good. I like how young Kirk is a rebel. Used to watch Star Trek as a kid with my father and it was good but the movies were just okay except for the Wrath of Kahn. JJ seems to passionate about this as evidence by this trailer and I'll be there to see this opening weekend.

Kilo Alpha on Nov 17, 2008


#60 - It's not the Klingons, it's the Romulans.

yourmom (I know...but im not going to use my real name) on Nov 17, 2008


Hell yeah!

Reverend on Nov 17, 2008


This looks pretty good. There is a lot of action and special effects which look really cool. Plus, even though I am not that big of a ST fan, I do have a very good idea of what he main character's personalities are, and, judging from only quick snippets, this film looks very faithful to those. I think that this will definitely invigorate the ST franchise and its place in pop culture.

Ajax on Nov 17, 2008


I wish I could remember the reactions for SW:TPM when those trailers came out... I wonder if there was a guy like me who kept telling every body that it looks like made it cheesier and more appealing to kids and people who know nothing about the backstory. I wonder if there was a voice warning that it was just going to be bad... that it might contain ridiculous shit like miticlorians and characters like Jar-Jar. Let's be honest people... this movie is being made by the guy who last made an hour and half puke session with overblown special effects and monster back story that was SO STUPID that they hid it in viral advertising and never talked about it since. SPOILER ALERT: The monsters from Cloverfield were being used by the Japanese to make SODA. FUCKING SODA. This is the story teller that is being allowed to "reimagine" one of the most fervently loved stories in modern Science Fiction. Look past the flashy graphics. Yeah it looks kind of cool... but will that be all.. The story will be the most important part of this and with JJ Abrams at the wheel I can only assume it is going to be stupid, cheesey and so confusing people will assume he is doing it on purpose (I am looking at you Lost fans). I wish my big question was whether or not this good .. but instead I wonder how bad it will be. Will little Anakin magically become fighter pilot at the end and save the day?

Stevo on Nov 17, 2008


#79 - Yup, the start put me off completely. Can't see this attracting that many non-Trek fans outside the film fan community too. Big opening, swift tail-off, me thinks.

sleepykid on Nov 17, 2008


looks dumb because it seems like star trek vehicle design is still stuck in the 1970s, everything is crazy boxy and dumb looking, certainly not capable of flying through space. not being a star trek fan orgininally i dont see anything at all that would make me want to see it

yourmom on Nov 17, 2008


It looks a little too slick for my tastes. Here's what I think of the entire TREK franchise:

Ray on Nov 17, 2008


#84 First off, the guy who did SW:TPM also did SW: Episodes IV, V and VI, so if that proves anything at all, it's that no one's perfect. So for you to use the way audiences reacted to the TPM trailer as an example that Star Trek isn't going to be good isn't exactly fair. You're right that TPM was cheesier and made to appeal to a younger crowd... bot you said it yourself: The story will be the most important part of this movie... For now, all we've got is a trailer, nowhere near a complete story. So again, it's unfair to cast judgement on something that has yet to be seen. Now based on his past record, JJ Abrams is responsible for hit shows like Alias (5 seasons), Lost (arguably the best TV series), and most recently Fringe to name a few. None of which were cheesy, used "flashy graphics" or were so confusing that people lost interest. Whether or not people were sickened with how he presented Cloverfield, there is no doubt whatsoever that the guy knows how to tell stories and knows how to pique people's interest. Everyone will forever remember the arrival of the now infamous Cloverfield trailer. The guy pretty much coined the term "viral advertising". Maybe your approach is best afterall. Dive headfirst into it assuming it's going to be bad, so that if it is, you're safe and you can always say that you said so from the start.... and your expectations can only go up from there. ...guess we'll just have to see.

searching4j on Nov 17, 2008


I saw the trailer this past weekend and it looked really good on that huge screen. I'll be out to the theaters to see it when it comes out in 09!

DJ Sid on Nov 17, 2008


Looks cool but I wonder will the cerebral, philosophical aspects of Star Trek disappear for effects and action?

JimD on Nov 17, 2008


@ everyone else besides the few of us realists: Yeah, the kids will suddenly be into Star Trek because if this "reboot". But as was said, check out your history. This is exactly like Phantom Menace all over again. A great series with its own feel and look gets "rebooted" thirty years later and all the good core things about it are taken out and spent on CGI. Chris Pine is the new Hayden Christensen. JJ pretty much just plucked every random actor he deemed "topical" and dropped them into a role. Kumar is not Sulu. Pegg is not Scotty. Karl Urban is most definitely not Bones. I've heard this film be called a dozen buzzwords from "remake" to "reboot" to "prequel" and none of them fit. Star Trek was never for the average person, which is why it has arguably the most vibrant and hardcore fanbase of any franchise ever. Trying to make it "accessible" by re-doing it is fine for making money and getting new fans, but it shits on everything that came before. That having been said, the real arguments here are based solely on the continuing lack of originality in Hollywood. What should a director truly do when faced with the task of adapting or retelling an old story? Take the path of Zach Snyder and make it as faithful as possible, or go with JJ and seemingly editorialize it and modify it as much as he sees fit?

b0x on Nov 17, 2008


I think Chris Rock said it best "George Lucas is gonna sue somebody!"

Dude on Nov 17, 2008


I think I have the wrong comment string. I thought this was for Star Trek. Wooooooooooaaaahhh. I am a fan of Star Trek, not so much the old series (sacreligous, possibly), but you know what. It was cheesy back then. Because that was the way acting was done. Over acting, very accentuated pauses, action and what not. This, sure has a lot of action, special effects, but this catches your eye. I liked STNG. Though most of the time, every show that included Troi's Mother or the Holodeck was just annoying to me, the whole premise that I enjoyed was the adventure of a crew seeking out new life and new civilization. It just seemed in the past, there was none of that. It was more, what can we do to make an episode for this week. Dont get me wrong, there were some fantastic episodes in all the series, but there was a lack of consistency. I hope that this re-boot, recharges the genre and gives it the respect it needs. Sci-fi maybe boring or unrealistic, but if you can watch Twilight, A romance about Vampires sucking blood, then Sci-Fi is the real deal. It is the imagination of it. And in time, things that are Sci-Fi, do exist. Stealth Fighter. An invisible plane to radar developed in the late 70's to early 80'. Now look what we have. It was too bad, that there werent enough good writers to make it believable. If they can make Star Trek believable, emotional, human and entertaining. I believe this could be the start of a wonder long and continuing story. Keep them coming.

Mike on Nov 17, 2008


First day. First showing. Spock costume and everything! Live long and prosper!

Hyacinth on Nov 17, 2008


if this trailer came out now, the transformers 2 trailer should be on the way as well as GI Joe. Am i right.

darrin on Nov 17, 2008



THERBLIG on Nov 17, 2008


you must be kidding....Abrams could fuck up a free lost me right there...what a faggy looking premise...if they tried real hard maybe they could have got badboy Vanilla Ice to play Kirk...what a waste of money....

moldybread on Nov 17, 2008



nick on Nov 17, 2008


Man, Eric Bana looks awesome at the end. And I want to see that fight between Kirk and Spock. I think this looks really good. Everybody's a critic, though. If people were less cynical, they'd enjoy life more.

Reverend on Nov 18, 2008


Haha...this looks so cheesey. How can you take teenage looking actors like that serious. I take the kids in High School Musical more serious. I just feel like in the middle of the movie their mothers are gonna break up their little slumber party and tell them to go to bed...'yes mommy.' You trekkies are allowed your day I suppose...after watching this (Star Wars wannabe) trailer, I think Ill go see Fanboys instead!

TBone on Nov 18, 2008


@WERDNAFAZ - I'm surprised you can type/rant so much with your hands on your dad's asscheeks and his cock in your mouth.

avoidz on Nov 18, 2008


WOW!!!!!!!! This is the best trailer i 've seen in the last year. I can't wait....

info.deltazita on Nov 18, 2008


I'm impressed with the preview and I love the action battle scenes. However from previous experience when ever I've watched Star Trek trailers (even for the next generation films) the movie ends up being a futuristic drama in space. Boring! I hope I don't face the same disappointment with this one.

ezza on Nov 18, 2008


All I can say is HELL yeah. I can't wait.

James Tracy on Nov 18, 2008


Sickkkkk!!!! My verdict is in ! BRING IT!

Nick Sears on Nov 18, 2008


Did they really have to inculde that 'boobs in white bra' shot ? Boom smash pang pang smash A CHICK TAKING OF THE SHIRT boom smash boom more boom.

Shige on Nov 18, 2008


@105 - I guess this is Star Trek 2.0, taking its cues from the Star Wars prequels and videogame end-of-level bosses, rather than be intelligent and philosophical and explore the human condition and strange new worlds. CGI porn/sci-fi for the YouTube generation.

avoidz on Nov 18, 2008


109 just hit the nail on the head. This is just another wham-bam special effects cheese fest. I def feel that Abrams just wanted to make a Scifi action movie but the studio execs weren't going to allow it after that Godzilla rip off disaster Cloverfield. They probably told him instead of blanantly ripping something off why don't we just say were are "reimagining" a well established story and that way you can do whatever bullshit you want and not get accused of being unoriginal. It is all about Safety. If this was just another Scifi space battle movie by Abrams no one would watch. Call it Star Trek and hire a bunch of look-alikes, and people are going to be interested in it.

Stevo on Nov 18, 2008


cant belive what i am seeing it looks out off this world this is what star trek needed a new look and if the trailer is anything to go by it is going to be one off the films you will have to see in 08. jj abrams rocks

tucker on Nov 18, 2008


I grew up with Star Trek, watched every episode and movie though my heart has always been with the original cast. I'm a devoted fan. But I'm also totally fine with a reboot and some things being different, such as stylistic choices and inconsequential details (the Enterprise was built in space, not Earth, grumble... but whatever). That being said, I'm not fine with big omissions and screw ups due to a simple lack of research or respect, so I truly hope that Abrams has a dedicated crew that's smart enough to use google if they're unsure of something, even if he doesn't consider himself a Trekkie in any way.

YK on Nov 18, 2008


This looks like the love child of Star Wars and Galaxy Quest. The cheese factor is off the scale. Its all special effects and not much else. Its just a way of employing CGI technicians. Sylar as Spock? Is he going to slice Kirks head open and steal his powers of womanizing? Ok, that would be cool. The new enterprise looks like some stole the saucer of a 1701A and found 3 flashlights from some Art Deco retro store and slapped em together. This movie is destined to receive a 2009 Razzie Award. The only good thing is that Star Trek TMP will no longer be the worst Trek movie ever. This disaster will be on par with the likes of such disasters as Galactica 1980, Ishtar, Waterwold and Lost in Space (1998).

Name on Nov 18, 2008


#98 TANSTAAFL #102 Get a Valium This movie looks interesting enough, even though the young Spock looks a bit more emotional than the old Spock did in ST:TOS. Of course, this is merely the trailer, we'll need to wait and see.

Luis M on Nov 18, 2008


They show everyone doing their job or cool action and they snow Lt Uhura taking off her shirt. Jeepers. They should have shown her kickin' some alien butt while doin' her communicator thang. Why didn't they do something for the ladies! Show Spock taking off his pants or something! Alright..I had my little rant. πŸ™‚ I'm still going to check it out...still looks good!

Bry from Chi on Nov 18, 2008


Wow what a start, looks awesome... Sigh if only it wasn't so long until it comes out. Well at least it will be good to finally see a Star Trek movie that actually seems to be worth watching, hopefully a few other people go along as well and make it a success.

John on Nov 18, 2008


why all these reboots?! what's wrong with the computer or user?

icke on Nov 18, 2008


wow... this is fun to read... anyone else feel like Power Rangers whenever they show the villian?... no clue of his name .. nor care.... so don't come correct me. I am interested in the new one... but not because it 'shits on the ones before it"(somewhere someone said that above) but instead... IT IS FUN TO SEE A MOVIE THAT IS JSUT THAT... A MOVIE... WHO CARES WHAT the ORIGINAL SOURCE WAS... let the movies stand on their own, regardless of the source.... Then again.. I guess this is why I think this one will bomb... Sylar... go back to "Heroes".

Dusty on Nov 18, 2008


where are the adults in this movie? is this supposed to be targeted at the demo that watches 'gossip girl?' i don't get it.

gig on Nov 18, 2008


At 1:17 there is gaffer's tape on the conn right between those little desk lights.

TookyG on Nov 18, 2008


My probblem with Chris Pine is not that he looks too boyish, it's that everytime I see him, I can't stop but think of him as the neo-nazi redneck from Smokin' Aces.

Sean Kelly on Nov 18, 2008


Amazing, I can't wait to see this.

eddie adyr on Nov 18, 2008


Spock looks a bit gay, but that's ok, i've allways suspected him to be. trailer looks great!

TN on Nov 18, 2008


Hmm. I'm not sure I'm okay with Spock's voice. It just ought to be deeper, like the original Spock. But yeah, I'm a hardcore Trekkie and I must say I'm absolutely looking forward to this movie. Star Trek went wrong with the shallow Voyager and Enterprise series and the Deep Space Nine soap opera. This is exactly what Star Trek needs to get back on the right track, I think.

Lorelei on Nov 18, 2008


I was a bit of a Trekkie as a kid (this being when the Next Generation was around it's 'Best of Both Worlds' season) and had heard of a film tracking Spock & Kirk's initial pairing (originally, I read, Matt Damon was playing Kirk) and it sounded like a good idea. When I saw a photo of the dude playing Kirk (sorry, don't know his name) I was a little disappointed as he looked a tad Dawson Creek-ish but this trailer looked good, action packed & with a wider look at the Trek universe with touches such as kiddie Kirk seeming to work but I'll have to wait to see the full thing before knowing, I just hope it doesn't veer too close to a pastiche of Trek. A harder, grittier Trek is good.

Dekko on Nov 18, 2008


@102 Haha....u are more funny than D-9...speaking of, where is D-9, wait...maybe u are.... Instead of acting like a little BITCH why dont u tell us how in love with this crap of a movie you are. I showed your MOM what you typed and we talked it over and decided to ground you for a week, and no more computer for a month mister!

TBone on Nov 18, 2008


Honestly I don't see connections between this and Star Wars. Explosions? Or what? I think many Star Trek movies already were full of battles, before SW new/old trilogy. Also I think in the trailer we're shown most actions shots but surely the movie will be faithful to the "Star Trek" spirit of characters interaction, exploration... Overall good job Mr. Abrams.

Flavio on Nov 18, 2008


WOW! I'm psyched! My only complaint is with the sexual glimpses...Uhura removing her shirt, and what appears to be Kirk on top of a woman... There's never been much sex in the Trek movies. Hardly any. I'd prefer that it stay that way. There also was never much cursing, so we'll how this new Trek is with both of those. But otherwise, way to go Abrams! Looks like it'll be good, and I hope it stays true to the Trek universe.

Kate on Nov 18, 2008


HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! This film is going to be fucking awesome, sooooooooo goddamn epic...OMFG THIS IS GOING TO FUCKING AMAZEING!!!!!!!! And this is coming from a person who hates the old star trek. =)

buddhistwisdom7 on Nov 18, 2008


Car chase. Explosions. Breasts. Fist fighting. Lasers in space. I don't even know why people even bother trying to make movies anymore. All people want are things blowing up and skinny women with no clothes on. It's just pornography that you don't mind letting your kids watch.

aj on Nov 18, 2008


Lets put it this way....I always have thought Star Trek was lame and completely boring and gay....and I have an always will view the older Star Wars movies - New Hope, Empire, & Jedi as damn near god in movie terms.....I fucking despise Phantom , Clone, and Revenge was it pains me to say this but New Star Trek will put the New Star Wars movies to shame....yes pigs can fly folks !!!

LORD POON on Nov 18, 2008


except for the supergay inclusion of a corvette from the era of the orignal series, driven by a 14 year old (homage to eth oringal series fans? that's about how old I was whe the series frist aired) the trailer looks pretty kewl.

Robbovius on Nov 19, 2008


Nice. Job done.

mrbobbyboy on Nov 19, 2008


They took out every bit of Star Trek that was about the human element and philosophy and exploring the human condition while exploring the unknown and they replaced it was flashy CGI ships and hot teens.

Stevo on Nov 19, 2008


you know what? i absolutely hate Star Trek and always have. it was always boring and annoying to me. but after seeing this trailer, i am definitely interested in seeing this movie because it looks like something i would like. so if Abrams point was to attract a new fan base and get different ppl interested in Star Trek then mission accomplished.

aaron on Nov 19, 2008


WOW! It's gonna be really awesome!

Anonymous on Nov 19, 2008


You can almost predict this movie is going down the toilet when the lead character doesn't know his own name. Do the fans and this production a favor (preferably by May 8) and do a voiceover at the point when young James T. Kirk introduces himself as James Siberius Kirk. For crying out looooooud.

Rina Marlowe on Nov 19, 2008


Im no trekky either but this does look pretty sweet, im excited becuz Syler is in it. πŸ˜€

mochonko on Nov 19, 2008


Never that much into Star Trek but this I have to see! This looks amazing, love the director's earlier work and if there's going to be a complete series after this (pilot?) movie, I am in!

Richard on Nov 20, 2008


I just wet myself!!!!

ModernRock on Nov 20, 2008


still pissed off the date has been pushed back , bloody annoying , would have been good for christmas

ang on Nov 20, 2008


good trailer but need to see more so that its not a complete starwars rip, hes a rebel on a bike with no friends to travel the universe and get close to a vulcan bet this will be a trilogy as well

bassbin on Nov 20, 2008


That is not me Boner. I am here. Are you sure you not one of my students ? Remember how we just spoke on content, depth and colour?

D-9 on Nov 20, 2008


This is Awosme!

Jazz on Nov 21, 2008


128: "There's never been much sex in the Trek movies. Hardly any." Sure, watch this πŸ˜‰ Oh, and by the way (this a fake one)... Star Trek 1973:

Fox on Nov 21, 2008


Splooge !!! Dude i just filled the cup !!!

Fenris on Nov 21, 2008


Looks awesome! I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I saw this trailer, it did deliver. Star Trek has always been a human story in a Sci-Fi setting and I believe J J Abrahms has managed to capture that. It appears to have the potential to be exciting and yet, hold true to Star Trek's ideals. Like most Trek fans, I have been following this idea since it's inception last year. Oh yes, like most Trek fans I have a life. As for the nay sayers or haters out there, who say Trek is old...remember an Old Dog can still have a Wicked Bite!

clegg on Nov 21, 2008


This is the only movie coming out next year I think I care about seeing so far.

Dan on Nov 21, 2008


Fantastic. Does its job as a trailer. Will definitely be seeing this. Hoping the next trailer shows us a little more of the story though, including some of Leonard Nimoy!

Thomas on Nov 22, 2008


I have been a luke-warm fan of Star Trek throughout my life, finding certain points to truly be exciting and others to be dull. This movie just brought out every ounce of geekiness I have and I do not think I have ever been this excited about a film coming out, to the point that I've actually marked my calendar and am counting down the days. My hope is that this will be a new path of a stale franchise that will allow future generations to truly appreciate an amazing fictional universe in a way only some had prior.

Copernicus on Nov 22, 2008


Is this supposed to be Star Trek or HALO?

Mike J on Nov 23, 2008


I hate this trailer... But not for the reason's you think... I have never ever been a Star Trek fan, I've had no interest to learn about Star Trek, instead giving all my praise to Star Wars, but this trailer looks so good I think once I've seen the movie I might end up a Star Trek fan. Of course I doubt I'll ever get into the older stuff, too much heavy continuity.

Nate on Nov 23, 2008


Did anybody else think that "my name is James Tiberius Kirk" just didn't seem natural? I certainly wouldn't give my middle name if I were confronted like that! That was my only qualm with the trailer. Otherwise, I'm excited for this film. I'm a hardcore Trek fan and I am hoping this reboot will be as awesome as the Battlestar Galactica and Batman reboots. It'd be really cool to see a spin off of this movie into a re-imagined TOS show! Who better to re-imagine Trek than Abrams anyway? I mean Alias, Cloverfield and Fringe. And the guys who wrote this are genius too! Transformers is my favorite (movie after Cloverfield, anyway).

Gardiner Moody on Nov 24, 2008


I hate Star Trek. I've always hated it. But I find myself liking this trailer and somewhat excited to actual watch this movie. What is wrong with me? Hmm. Guess I'll just go with it.

DD on Dec 2, 2008


I have to say I'm a huge fan of NBC'S Heroes, and Sylar is next to Masi Oka's characther, Hiro, as my favorite roles so that alone is going to get me to see this movie. On a more serious note, I am not, nor never will be a Treky and i'm not a huge fan of Ol' J.J. but I agree that this looks promising and is on my list of '09 movies to see (next to Pixar's Up). One minor problem with Abram's casting, and correct me if i'm wrong, but is that Aaron Yoo at one point in the trailer? I mean he's a young actor, and i'm sure as time progresses he'll be a bit more believable, but come on you can't cast a kid like that if you want to reboot and draw attention to a series like Star Trek.

JoeShmo1595 on Dec 3, 2008


Scrath that It's John Cho playing Sulu.

JoeShmo1595 on Dec 3, 2008


Simon Pegg as Scotty! Awesome Choice!

JoeShmo1595 on Dec 3, 2008


I dunno. The trailer looks pretty cool and all, but it looks like it is going to be another blockbuster flick with no substance. I am a HUGE J.J. Abrams fan, but he is not writing the script. What made Lost and Alias so great was the story. The writers of transformers and mission impossible III are going to be in charge of the story. It seems like its going to be another film that had great potential but fell short due to a crappy storyline.

Erik on Dec 3, 2008


My only hope is they show the development of the deep sexuality betwen Kirk and Spock. Spock was essentially Kirk's bitch throughout the series and subsequent films. As they grew older and their asses began to hang a bit more, the fims began to steer away from the sexual tension. I want to see a Vulcan mind meld applied to Kirk's scrotum.

Paul Marione on Dec 4, 2008


Of course, the original and subsequent variations of Star Trek have all sucked major Klingon ass lint. Those who feel the original was an exploration of the human condition or some shit need to jump in a time capsule back to the 60's and watch Kirk get a boner off some green titties. Yeah, that's some deep shit! This movie will suck like all the Star Trek movies that had the original cast of senior citizens running around thinking they were action heros. Kirk had bigger tits in those films than Uhura. Oh yes, I just love seeing Ricardo come back as Khan hunting down Kirk's big floppy tits.

Paul Marione on Dec 4, 2008



Yum on Dec 5, 2008


I can't wait! The trailer looks great. I love Zachary Quinto. Simon Pegg is so funny. The whole cast will be awesome. Did I already say I can't wait?

Fan on Dec 5, 2008


Yes you said you can't wait shithead. What the hell is so funny about Simon Pegg? I don't think this is supposed to be a comedy, although it will probably be reviewed like one. Thank god Hollywood can count on morons like you to continue funding these sack of shit films. We should probably take the money wasted on this Beverly Hills 90210 version of a shitty series from the 60's and feed and house some needy people. Maybe buy "fans" like you a clue??

Paul Marione on Dec 5, 2008


@ 163... Wow, congrats, it takes a big man to make fun of someone's subjective opinion because it differs with your own. If you want to contribute something worth reading than please explain what you think a good film looks like...I don't read these articles to listen to spineless people like you spew their negativity to the rest of the world. Either write up something thoughtful with objective comments relating to film or keep your negative comments to yourself because you're not contributing anything. I'm sure you're a conceited elitist who hates almost everything because it makes you feel secluded from the opinions of the general public, but please don't spread you're hate to others. The majority above shows that this film has quite a positive following so you are again a part of the minority...congratulations, considering you're opinions are apparently the only ones that matter. Please don't use intimidation and obscenities again to make someone feel bad about their's just creating a bad name for all other bloggers.

Peloquin on Dec 5, 2008


"Hey doodz, I am so not a Trekkie nerd but this trailer looks totally rad and gnarly because Kirk drives a car off a cliff and Uhura totally takes off her shirt." I'm not a Trekker/Trekkie. I have a special place in my heart reserved for TOS, TNG and DS9 but they aren't sacred texts to me. I don't fear change. But this? This looks awful. One thing that's constantly irked me is the idea that this is JJ Abrams moulding the Star Trek universe into something that normal people can understand. Star Trek has always been accessible. It's not The Canterbury Tales or The Odyssey, it's just simple concepts done in interesting ways. Decent stories that have been dashed with the right amounts of fantasy, humour and drama. This isn't JJ Abrams making Star Trek accessible to people, it's JJ Abrams watering down decent storytelling with loud noises and boobs. This trailer is dire. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Rob on Dec 5, 2008


ok i am sorry i guess if your under 30 you love it ...over 40 hate it... i am over 40 and it looks like they rebooted it from a great series to a x box game. too bad.

halflorida on Dec 6, 2008


Peloquin, You are truly a moron commenting on the comments of another moron's "free opinions.” Even if they're negative, suck it up and deal with it. Of course the comments are mostly positive because to Marione's point, most of the people that pay to see crap are mindless idiots (who also can't spell. Check your usage of your and you're). It's not called being an elitist. It's called free speech. Plenty of people on this blog pointed out how this film looks like a polished piece of shit. I don't think people like us hate everything; we just have intolerance for stupidity so go fuck yourself. How's that for a use of an obscenity?

Jimmy Pniss on Dec 10, 2008


Wow Jimmy...I guess you completely missed the point of my post...I'm glad people have opinions, but if you're going to post I'd rather read something thoughtful which tells me why the film looks bad rather than obscene hate directed towards another person and not the film. You can say what you want, but when someone treats someone badly whether it be in person or virtually I feel the need to stick up for them in an attempt to change the blogger stereotype. Thank you for pointing out my misuse of the word "you're" mistake. I guess I didn't have the time to proofread, but I'm glad your journalistic approach is much more professional so now I have a model to follow.

Peloquin on Dec 10, 2008


I totally love the young Kirk. He is a total piece of ass! I would love to boldly go where no man has gone before, or at least I assume. Can't wait to see the sexual tension between Kirk and Spock heat up in their younger years. Would just love to see a "Brokeback Mountain" style tent scene with Kirk and Spock...they finally let it go and set phasers to stun! I am the President of the Star Trek Homosexual Fan Club ( Please check out my site for more analysis on which characters on Star Trek are actually gay...hint, hint, Sulu is a flaming egg roll.

Pat Turner on Dec 15, 2008


Peloquin, Not sure exactly what the blogger stereotype is? If you mean a loser who thinks he's a journalist or movie critic who posts opinions on the web and doesn't get paid a regular salary by any reputable news organization then I can't help you. Pretty hard to have objective comments or views on the film, as you say, when you're a critic dumb ass (or at least pretending to be one). The whole point of critique is subjective opinion.

Jimmy Pniss on Dec 15, 2008


Why does the new Spock look like a gay mongoloid?

Moovee Lover on Dec 18, 2008


Abrams Tried to reinvent Godzilla into a love story. This is a sad day. They got the name and didn't care about the Star Trek.....

fallnhorse on Jan 29, 2009


First and foremost everyone knows that the last Trek film didn't do that great and the franchise was in peril..Nuff said there..I guess everyone is a genius these days, on how they would have made a new Trek film.. In my opinion this is a make it or break it film and to me it looks spot on with what I would want to see in the theaters. Special effects galore and a decent storyline.. First of all the franchise stopped in 69 and most of todays kids watched Picard and Ryker in the day. When it came to sunday rerun's of Kirk and Spock turned it them off, why well special effects acting etc etc ..loll Now here comes a movie that I really want to see why?? Because im 38 and I never really liked the older Star treks I was more of a Picard kid but with this new movie I wanted to imagine what it would have been like with todays technology and J.J. Abrams imagination is far more exciting.... and yes it really looks like its going to deliver.. THE TRAILER LITTERALLY BLEW ME OFF MY SEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

_Viper_ on Feb 9, 2009


Star Trek sucks and fans are usually morons who try to justify that there is some deep meaning. At least this movie will be a shallow well of special effects leaving the old fans crying that the true themes are gone. Just another piece of shit that should be entitled Star Trek 90210.

Star Trek is for Cool People on Feb 12, 2009


Viper, I'm sure the trailer blew you off your seat. How do you know there is a storyline? You are a typical jack-off who pays to see computer generated effects and raves about how "cool" the movie is. Too many effects typically means too little plot, but you wouldn't pick up on that. Picard is just another fruit cake like Shatner in a spandex shirt trying to be a bad ass. I'm sure the only thing blowing you off your seat was your latex Klingon doll hanging off your tiny phaser with his mouth.

Joey Marione on Feb 12, 2009


This site moderator needs to stop changing people's site names and other words for fear of insulting somebody. This is America - let the words flow freely - Isn't that why Bush said we are fighting in Iraq and abroad? preserve our freedom, which includes speech.

Star Trek Blows on Mar 30, 2009


Abrams is in LOVE with lens flares. That alone was a total distraction and further helped destroy a great franchise and characters. A classic show does not need a "modern flare" or anything else. A classic show needs to be preserved, and modern day film makers need to come up with their OWN ideas, and not totally destroy past shows or movies with their "new flare." The only "flares" were the constant lens flares done throughout the movie. The fake accents by the Checkov and Scotty characters, the insult to the Spock character having feelings for the black slut that played Uhura, and others were just this idiot's way of saying, "Hey, I can't come up with any unique ideas of my own, so why not destroy someone else's vision. Leave Star Trek alone! Come up with your own ideas and then let's see how badly you destroy those. Abrams, throw in the towel. You SUCK as a director.

Gator Grad 79 on May 5, 2010


I agree Gator Grad 79! JJ Abrams is nothing more than a glorified TV producer who knows nothing about Star Trek. He even admitted that he was, in fact, "a Star Wars kid." Writers Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman are partly responsible for this shitfest known as JJ Abrams' Star Trek. Those two hacks should have been run out of Hollywood a few years back! Star Trek was fine the way it was. Fourty plus years of continuity did not have to be jettisoned to make it "fresh and new." This movie sucked Ferengi balls! Gene Roddenberry's ashes are still spinning in his urn.

Ravenwood on May 5, 2010

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