Jon Favreau Already Starting Work on Iron Man 2

August 21, 2008
Source: LA Times

Jon Favreau

This shouldn't really be a shocker to anyone, but Jon Favreau has already started work on Iron Man 2. This is definitely great news for most, except those who said he could've done a better job during the Favreau debacle in early June. He also sounds as anxious as Michael Bay, working before there's even a script (as far as we know) and putting in plenty of early pre-production work. Robert Downey Jr. is just about to head to England to film Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, so he won't probably get back into the role of Tony Stark until early next year. But as Favreau now confirms: "It will be released in 2010."

The update today comes from Geoff Boucher's LA Times blog, where Favreau tells him that "we're working on it now, which hasn't been officially announced." We do officially know Justin Theroux, the actor turned screenwriter who penned the Tropic Thunder script, will be writing the script for this sequel. We can also expect Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence Howard to reprise their roles again. Other than that, we're all anxiously awaiting to hear more. Marvel has set a release date of April 30th, 2010 and Favreau has now begun the arduous two year process to bring us the next fantastic installment of Iron Man. We'll probably hear a lot more from Favreau and company over the next two years, so stay tuned. Excited?!

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Iron Man sucked, why make a part 2.

Drake on Aug 21, 2008


Drake has an abortion for a brain.

DCompose on Aug 21, 2008


Each to there own I suppose, but alot of people liked the first one hence thats why they're probably doing the second. I'm quite excited because it could be great, just have to get Transformers 2 out the way first 🙂 A good 2 summers ahead.

vlad on Aug 21, 2008


"Iron Man" kicked ass! Favreau is a sharp guy and is the perfect director for the "Iron Man" series. The 2011 release date would have worked out better in order to insure that the flick turned out the best that it could. The 2010 date seems too rushed. But then again, the flick could still turn out awesome! I'm just glad that Favreau is back.

Spider on Aug 21, 2008


That's fantastic news. I admire Jon for being dedicated, and take the time to make a wonderful movie, and not just do it in a couple of months. Iron man opened this year summer movie season, and it opened hard. Like the olympics, it started with the gold medal, hehe, but of course, The Dark Knight made his final jump, and gave the silver to Iron man. Well, we'll be waiting to hear more from Favreau.

Spideyfan84 on Aug 21, 2008


Two years isn't enough time. And isn't Captain America and The Avengers coming in 2010? Marvel going for the overkill? Might backfire.

Darunia on Aug 21, 2008


Darunia, Captain America and The Avengers is coming till 2011, but Thor will be coming by 2010. Greetings.

Spideyfan84 on Aug 21, 2008


Iron Man was good but don't fool yourselves the reason they're making another one is it cost 180 million to make but made 570 million at the box office (worldwide). It really won't matter if it's good or not, people will go see it.

CeeBee on Aug 21, 2008


Can't wait for IM2!! And I hope Marvel Studios gives us some new news on Thor, Cap, and Avengers. There was so much news earlier this year but now the news has seemed to stall.

Daas on Aug 21, 2008


i cant wait for the next installment in this franchise, this was the best movie this summer right behind The Dark Knight, i have faith in Favreau and the rest of the company next two years should be great.

Curtis on Aug 21, 2008


Cool, I really enjoyed Iron Man and I'm glad the director is gung-ho with doing a sequel. It always sucks when a company kicks a director that made a great superhero movie and replaced him with a less talented one. Cases in point: -Tim Burton - Joel Schumacher (Batman) -Richard Donner - Richard Lester (Superman) -Bryan Singer - Brett Ratner (X-Men) And it's for those reasons why I'm also for Sam Raimi staying on Spider-Man 4.

Chris on Aug 22, 2008


Chris, Marvel didn't kick Singer off of X-Men, he sold out and left the franchise for the very crappy Superman Returns

Daas on Aug 22, 2008


To Daas: I heard that Singer wanted to do X-Men 3, but he wanted to do Superman Returns first. Instead of waiting for Singer to finish filming, they just hired a new director entirely.

Chris on Aug 22, 2008


Chris, that's true but he clearly put Superman Returns as a priority above X-Men 3. You really can't expect Marvel and Fox to wait around for him and postpone X3 until he finishes another comic book movie.

Daas on Aug 22, 2008


what the hell is with you drake, iron man was good. But i have to agree with you on one thing, there shouldn't be a sequel. With the ending with sam jackson and the incredible hulk ending, everyone would be more attracted to an avengers flick. So if there is a sequel i would totally be turned off.

Darrin on Aug 22, 2008


Iron Man KICK ASS... this movie was AWESOME, better than Batman.

FAT on Aug 22, 2008


Daas, I know they couldn't but because they didn't, X3 ended up being the equivalent of watching an abortion on screen. If FOX had any common sense, they would've just waited for the director that made the franchise successful in the first place to return. But alas, they didn't. And instead, they hired Brett "HACK" Ratner.

Chris on Aug 23, 2008


Chris, I disagree about X3, I really liked the movie a lot but that's besides the point. Singer pretty much left Fox and Marvel with no choice but to continue on without him, there was really no other option. And ultimately Fox and Marvel came out on top since X3 outperformed Superman Returns (and was a much better movie imo) and now Singer has been all but ousted as director since WB just announced there's going to be a Superman reboot.

Daas on Aug 23, 2008


I would love to see them start making Captain America and the Avengers. I also think that Jason Statham is an excellent pick for Cap, and sick steve rogers should be Dj Quails.

Zane on Aug 25, 2008


Man I can not wait till this comes out. Tropic Thunder was amazingly funny so I have confidence in the new writers of Iron Man!

Cool Iron Man Costume on Aug 25, 2008


Jon was great in Marciano story and hope he does well as director in Iron Man 2. If he would really like a challenge I am nearly finished a novel about a German general in World War II called The Last Field Marshal. I think it could be a blockbuster of a film with the right cast. If Jon gets to read this email me at

James E. Tague on Oct 29, 2008


I was iron man for Halloween; I just love the movie.

Costumes on Jan 8, 2009


Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was a little disappointed in Iron Man, even though Robert Downey Jr did an awesome job and the first half or the movie was awesome... since sequels usually aren't as good as the original, I'm not going to hold my breath... but I'll still go see it (or at least rent the DVD). ~ Steve Booth

Steve Booth on Jan 25, 2009


I love Iron Man. It was fun! It is always nice to see something different in the movies not the same old thing.

Halloween Costumes on Feb 6, 2010

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