Jon Favreau Might Not Direct Iron Man 2 - It Can't Be?!

June 10, 2008
Source: IESB, MySpace

Jon Favreau Might Not Direct Iron Man 2

Some rather disheartening news has hit regarding Jon Favreau's involvement in the future of Iron Man. From the initial announcement of Iron Man 2 last month, Favreau had made it known that he wasn't officially signed on for the sequel yet. Nearly a month later that still hasn't changed, but now some worse news has arrived - it sounds like Favreau might not direct it at all! Robert at IESB has gone out of his way this time to assure us that this comes from the higher ups in Marvel and that the story is legit. Apparently Marvel's chairman David Maisel believes that "Iron Man 2 will be a success regardless of Favreau's involvement and feels the studio does not need to pay Jon a higher fee for his services." This is an outrage!

Iron Man has currently made over $537.7 million at the box office worldwide (via Box Office Mojo). Those aren't exactly numbers to just shrug off. And beyond that, we all know that Iron Man kicked plenty of ass and is arguably up there with some of the other best superhero flicks of all-time. I made sure to specifically mention Favreau in my review, saying that "Favreau is more than this film's savior. He's the one who built Iron Man from the ground up." Now you understand why it's so painful to hear that Marvel is just tossing him aside for someone else. He was what made the movie come together so damn well! Without him, I feel like Iron Man 2 would lose everything that Favreau created in Iron Man.

So the story goes that Favreau was expecting a boost in his earnings for the sequel after the first film did so well, but Marvel didn't exactly agree. I'm not going to try and argue about earnings, but reports from the first Iron Man point out that Favreau was paid quite a minimal amount considering he wasn't exactly a big director (his previously films were Made, Elf, and Zathura). So now Favreau wants a bigger take because, well, Iron Man did make $500 million, and Marvel is being stubborn and cheap. IESB assures us that this is 100% accurate and not bullshit. And that sucks, because if this is true, then that is one hell of a low blow to Favreau and all of the fans.

In a separate update, Favreau answered some questions for fans on MySpace and addressed this concern. "It's been five weeks since the one and only phone call my reps have gotten from Marvel. I know their hands are full with the Hulk and I'm sure they will get into it shortly, as they tell me they intend to." Additionally, he expresses his concern over the April 30th, 2010 release date. "I am concerned, however, about the announced release date of April 2010. Neither Robert nor I were consulted about this and we are both concerned about how realistic the date is in light of the fact that we have no script, story or even writers hired yet. This genre of movie is best when it is done thoughtfully and with plenty of preparation."

I never thought I'd be saying this, but I think it's time the fans take up arms and show Marvel that we want Favreau back! It really seems like Marvel has let all of this success get to their head. They've stepped past the line of being reasonable and have gone into the realm of the ridiculous. All of this is a rumor until we get some official confirmation, but that probably won't happen. All of this news seems legit and the only way we're going to make an impact is if we voice our opinion and fight for Favreau. I know I want him back and I think he deserves to be back. Not only did he make one of the best superhero films, but he made Iron Man an incredible box office success. Bring Jon Favreau back for Iron Man 2!

Update: Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke just posted this update on Wednesday. "I heard this morning that Marvel Studios boss David Maisel has put out an offer to Jon Favreau to direct the sequel. So all that Internet blather about how Marvel won't bring back Favreau for it is just b.s. It'll be Jon's choice, believe me." However, I won't be saying it's 100% until Favreau announces he's officially signed as well.

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Jon Favreau! Jon Favreau! We Want Favreau! We Want Favreau! NEED HIM! without him, 2 wont be as good as one....

sean on Jun 10, 2008


not only did he make ironman a success but i bet you anything that hulk is gonna be a success too and it will all be because of ironman and how great it was!

Lou on Jun 10, 2008


Bad, bad news if this turns out to be true. on Jun 10, 2008


All studios are the same regardless of how much they "love" their properties. They don't care at all. And that's a shame.

Brian on Jun 10, 2008


I think everyone will be in agreement that Favreau should be back for the sequel. But he does bring up some concerns like wanting to release it in less than two years. Because the studio is wanting to quickly put out a sequel to cash in, it may be doomed from the start with or without Favreau. If the rumors are true that Marvel is being cheap and not wanting to pay him what he deserves for turning a B-level character into a boxoffice smash, then that shows they are not committed to produce a follow up with the same level of excellence. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise if Favreau is not attached to the sequel.

Mario on Jun 10, 2008


Iron Man was one of the coolest movies I've seen in a long time. If they don't bring Favreau (and Downey!) back for the sequel my interest would drop significantly! Marvel needs to stop being greedy. It was wrong to announce the date of Iron Man 2 without the movie being even near pre-production. Favreau was a big reason for Iron Man's success so naturally he deserves more money for the next movie. Marvel should stand for quality, not cheap entertainment. Stan Lee wouldn't want them to throw away the possibility of a great movie like this...

Andreas on Jun 10, 2008


I'm sure in Marvel Studios opinion, Favreau has nothing to do with IRON MAN's success. Why? Because it's THEIR character. The idea Marvel Studios doesn't care about IRON MAN is ludicrous. He's a gold mine and they get almost all the money (vs. Sony having SPIDER-MAN). For all the credit Favreau takes, the fact is… he’s inessential to Marvel movies. All the real attention is to Marvel Studios doing a great job, not Favreau. Why? Because Marvel would have gone out of business had IRON MAN failed. And why’s Favreau raising a stink about it now? Marvel announced the release date the Monday after IRON MAN came out. He’s whining to fans because he doesn’t have the job. It’s kind of like when Bryan Singer couldn’t get the SUPERMAN RETURNS SOME MORE job until the first one made $200 million. Except there’s no Hollywood scuttlebutt on at what point Favreau will get the IM2 job (like there was with Singer). Maybe because he’s infinitely replaceable and Marvel doesn’t want to pay his new, post director of a $300-mil blockbuster fee. Bring on Len Wiseman.

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 10, 2008


Trust me when I say this. Iron Man 2 might be a pretty big hit without Favreau...but it will not be anywhere NEAR as big as it is with Favreau at the helm. That is largely due to the fact that unlike Marvel Studios, us fans are pretty fuckin' loyal. We have finally seen a comic book based movie handled correctly and it IS all because of Jon Favreau bringing this character to the center stage, and we don't want to let that experience go. MARVEL STUDIOS, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE YOUR HANDS FULL WITH FAN COMPLAINTS AND PETITIONS IF THIS TURNS OUT TO BE FACT. SIMPLE FACT: IF YOU DON'T MAKE THE FILMS WE WANT TO SEE, YOU'LL BE BROKE IN NO TIME.

Garrett.king on Jun 10, 2008


Marvel may not rehire Jon Favreau for Iron Man 2. Read about it HERE: and then take the survey to show them how you feel!

Michelle on Jun 10, 2008


thats total bullshit is everyone total idiots over at Marvel why dont they stop being so damn cheap and bring back the reason Iron Man was so damn good. Favreau deserves to make a 2nd one he was the one who created Iron Man into such an amazing movie and now because they dont want to pay him more there just gonna drop him on his ass and tell he cant make the movie he was born to make. Marvel is a great company but they piss me off sometimes.

Curtis on Jun 10, 2008


I think Marvel is stupid and idiotic for shoving Favreau aside to save a few bucks, money they would probably make 10 fold if he were to direct the sequal, instead of loosing it on some new director.

Anthony on Jun 10, 2008


This would be like getting rid of Christopher Nolan from the Batman franchise - such a stupid move. And here I thought Marvel was setting themselves up to become a real big player being the producing arm behind these movies and then this breaks. I hope it's just a rumor or at least gets fans riled up enough that the suits at Marvel take notice.

Boo-Yah on Jun 10, 2008


Never thought I'd say this but FUCK Marvel. Wouldn't have thought they'd be so greedy. Where's the "thanks for not letting our production studio go down the crapper" to Favreau?

Alfredo on Jun 10, 2008


This is awful! I think Favreau was awesome because he really got the source material. I will be sorely let down if he doesn't return.

Nettle on Jun 10, 2008


I thought Marvel was already making the right moves in movie making when they started their own studio and made their heroes the way they should be made. Jon made Iron Man for what it is and to throw him out like that would be such a waste considering his hard work on the film. Don't do that Marvel! Keep Jon and i'm pretty sure he'll do justice to IM2!

Alvin on Jun 10, 2008


This is all drama to generate buzz. Favreau will be back. It was his vision that propelled "Iron Man". I certainly hope Marvel isn't riding the wave of cockiness, thinking that their films will still make bank regardless of who's involved!!

Pickle on Jun 10, 2008


"For all the credit Favreau takes, the fact is… he’s inessential to Marvel movies" You have GOT to be joking. Vic on Jun 10, 2008


haha.. I knew you would jump all over this one Andrew.... anyways, just like all the others in these comments... I think this is ridiculous and greedy of Marvel... Marvel today is saying::: "Hmmm ya know... this movie did great... I think we should get rid of the director... and hey while we're at it... since Ironman is the focus of the film, I bet we could get someone cheaper than Robert Downey." WAKE UP MARVEL, sign Favreau back on

Dusty on Jun 10, 2008


Oh... like Pickle said above: Of COURSE he's coming back. Marvel isn't stupid. I wrote about that almost a month ago and I'm sticking to my guns. Vic on Jun 10, 2008


It would be cool if robert downey shows some loyalty and steps in, after all favreau made him famous again.

marco on Jun 10, 2008


this is just the bizness people, unless they really don't care about the franchise, it a negotiating practice Marvel won't just jump at the first offer Favreau puts on the table, there'll be a back and forth until everyone is happy.

Bigmike 23 on Jun 10, 2008


Someone in a previous post mentioned that Ironman's fans wont let this stand becuase we FINALLY recieved a comic book adaptation worthy of the $10 we pay to watch it (in my case, over $100). I for one whole heartedly agree with this. Sure, Marvel owns the character of Ironman and it is their creation...but it was JF who brought ol Tinman to the big screen in such an amazing and gratifying way. I cant express just how impressed I was about this movie and I give full kudos to Mr. Favreau (and ofcourse Downey) for making it so damn enjoyable and iconic. I dont know how everyone else feels about this, but I am tired of half-ass'd sequels and the idea that a movie has to be rushed through production just to capitalize on the "momentum" and make a few bucks. I have been an avid comic book reader since I was knee high and I have went to the theater to see every comic book adaptation that I could, but I will tell you right now that if Marvel fucks this up and replaces either Favreau or Downey for the sequel, I will NOT pay to watch it on the big screen. Its time that the fans take a larger part and get what WE want.

Short on Jun 10, 2008


@Andrew Wickliffe - "For all the credit Favreau takes, the fact is… he’s inessential to Marvel movies." That is one of the stupidest statements I've read on this board. If you truly believe that the director is "inessential" then you must believe Uwe Boll should be hired to replace every director in the entertainment industry.

Nunya on Jun 10, 2008


I would hate to see this happen because I feel Favreaud d such an excellent job. But he's been shooting off to the media, not really whining, but at the same time not acting like most directors do and talking about how he isn't signed yet and how he is worried about the movie date and a lot of other things. While I understand the concern about setting a date before the script he isn't helping his cause either for director. Bring all his concerns up AFTER he gets signed back up talking to the media about your future and possible future project before your sigend on just doesn't strike me as all that smart especially when what you are saying is not positive

AJ on Jun 10, 2008


is there a way we can start a petition? Cause i know every one here(and who ever has seen and will see this) is willing to sign it!! We should also find a way to contact and ask Downey to say "No Favreau, No Me!!" to marvel!!!

Gyzmo on Jun 10, 2008


And I thought that when Marvel start there new studio with Iron Man it was looking go and they were going to start making better movies. But now I see that is not the case. They are the same as other studios. They are base on money and how much they can make versus making great movies. Second the only reason I went to see Iron Man was because people gave it such good reviews.

AE on Jun 10, 2008


not only do we need a online petition.. but also we have to make sure they understand how important Favreau is! I say we should write to them EVERYDAY like in the Shawshank Redemption I know it sounds crazy but it might just work! what do you guys think??

Shane K on Jun 10, 2008


Marvel are greed bastages! WTF is wrong with them? I hope things get worked out. I want to see Iron Man 2!

Mayhem Studios on Jun 10, 2008


Ain't it Cool just backed them up Harry's own sources. Ha! I can't wait for the fanboys to call IRON MAN 2 IMINO.

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 10, 2008


I only have this to say: I don't know exactly what kind of relationship Favreau has with Robert Downey Jr. but if they had a good relationship, at least on set, then perhaps Downey Jr. will refuse to act in the 2nd picture. If that happens, Marvel WILL concede. In my opinion the director made a great movie, but it would've been nothing without Downey Jr. If he goes, say good-bye to a box office success.

jman571 on Jun 10, 2008


Since Robert Downey Jr. signed on for three Iron Man movies. It would cause some legal problems if Robert Downey Jr. decided not to do it. A rock and a hard place.

Mayhem Studios on Jun 10, 2008


That is pretty messed up. I definitely think that Jon Favreau proved that he could handle a film of this size and he deserves to be compensated. As someone mentioned Christopher Nolan earlier, he too hadn't done anything that big prior to Batman Begins. And I definitely think it would be rad to see Robert Downey Jr. step up and say something, but if he already has a contract then that will make it hard.

Zach D. on Jun 10, 2008


Marvel is just greedy. They didn'y want to pay Stan Lee when Spider-Man came out. Just bring back the director or I'm not paying to see you next movie Marvel. It's called loyalty you jerks.

Jonathan on Jun 10, 2008


I am a huge movie fan, shelled out for Iron Man a couple times in theaters and brought 10 people with me the first time alone. I went because it was a well made film that deserved the attention. They are willing take our money, but not shell out for the most important component of the film with there's. That is fucked up, and yes I do agree that Favereu should lay low and let things play out to see what happens instead of being quite so public. I do understand that he wants the fans help, but that should be more of a last resort. He should just get Downey Jr to back him up and he will be set.

Tyler on Jun 10, 2008


somebody please make a petition and stick it up marvel's A**.

Andrew on Jun 10, 2008


wow u guys are absolute calls?!? wtf. seriously get a life. JF is laughing all the way to the bank. the movie has been out for barely 6 weeks and you guys are crying about THE SEQUEL already!!

kennedy on Jun 11, 2008


I think Favreau did a DECENT job and actually isn't a strong ACTION director, but rather an actors director. I think someone else could actually do a much better job. the reason Chris Nolan is great for Batman is that not only is he a wonderful actor director, but he also is equally as adept visually and with action. Favreau doesn't have this. and this is something that Marvel for a fact has been considering heavily according to a couple of sources I know.

Marty Martin on Jun 11, 2008


Wow, It took only one self made blockbuster for Marvel to possiable put its head up its ass.

rodan8812 on Jun 11, 2008


Confirmed then. Marvel really DOES hate money. Sorry Jon. I would have given you the raise. You did great on this one, as you would have done on the 2nd one.

bozo on Jun 11, 2008


In order for this film to work you need the original. It's like breaking up a good team in the middle of the finals. Bring Jon back. It's KEY to the furtherance of your success. PEACE!!!!

Fisherman on Jun 11, 2008


Half a billion dollars (so far!) and the studio is squabbling over a few million $$$ of chump change? I paid THREE times to see IM in the theaters because I honestly believe quality filmmaking should be supported. But the studios go out of their way to show that they only care about the bottom line. If they have a surefire way to get the seats filled in the theaters, they wouldn't care if they show a 90-minute film of fruit decaying. I, for one, am more than willing to boycott Iron Dude 2 if they screw over Favs like this.

kevjohn on Jun 11, 2008


@Nunya All the compliments I've been reading re: Favreau have to do with his behind-the-scenes dedication to the project. His composition is mediocre at best (please, Shatner's better at composition). As for his behind-the-scenes dedication and his endless time spent at ILM... why didn't he know about the shield then? Blockbuster directors are interchangable. So long as you don't hire Ang Lee and give him free reign (though I've seen lots of Ang Lee HULK love this week) or tell Joel Schumacher to direct a Toys R Us commercial... you can just as easily put Len Wiseman behind the camera. Or Brett Ratner. Or Jan De Bont. Pretty much anyone who doesn't have the Bay style (Simon West). Hell, you could put Gary Fleder behind the camera. When a movie makes 300 million dollars, you have to figure the fanboy ticket-buyers don't make up a significant portion of the total anymore. And so what if they do? Is anyone here not going to see IRON MAN 2 if Favreau doesn't direct it

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 11, 2008


This would be the ultimate mistake that Marvel could make, Favreau is one of the most talented directors. Iron Man would not have been as good as it was without his touch. I mean the film has grossed 537.7 million dollars and the chairman of Marvel won't give him a raise? what the hell is his deal? Hopefully Downey Jr. will save him in the end, after all Downey Jr. is the star not Marvel or the Chairmen, without him for a sequel it would be not be good at all.

Xerxex on Jun 11, 2008


are u serious. bring back Favreau

ohtony on Jun 11, 2008


Iron Man is best left in the hands of Favreau. Keep it that way.

Keith on Jun 11, 2008


Sign back Favreau, Sure its going be a success but will it be good. Quality over quantity. Tell him I said that.

cash on Jun 11, 2008



samy on Jun 11, 2008


From Nikki Finke (links disappear) "I heard this morning that Marvel Studios boss David Maisel has put out an offer to Jon Favreau to direct the sequel. So all that Internet blather about how Marvel won't bring back Favreau for it is just b.s. It'll be Jon's choice, believe me."

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 11, 2008


#48: Yeah, but if it's an offer for compensation of $14 and a pack of sugar cookies.... not much of a choice there.

kevjohn on Jun 11, 2008


#49: I'm going to trust Nikki Finke on this one. For all that flack she gets, she rarely reports on vapor-projects (like JLA, which IESB had news on every day for weeks... and then shut up once it became clear the movie had been canceled).

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 11, 2008


Well, I guess it was to good to be true, let Iron Man fall into the same wayside that batman did, and spiderman did. Here's a question thou, when does it come down to doing things cause you love them. I mean if Jon really loved and had his heart and soul into Iron Man than why not make #2 for the same money as you did the first one. I mean Money doesn't make you happy and I know more than anyone that money makes the world go around, and pays the bills but I don't think Jon is hurting by any means. Just my .02

atgeeks on Jun 11, 2008


I think Nikki is right on this one. I think Marvel wants him but Favreau is also a bit ridiculous. There is some rumors that his pay that he is demanding is WAY too high for anyone. Directors don't get paid that great compared to actors and thats a fact. However, I do agree it is a short amount of time to do something this big and should be delayed.

Ryan on Jun 11, 2008


Perhaps Marvel will let Andrew Wickliffe get his big chance at Directing. Given his vast experience casting aspersions on real working directors who actually deliver popular and profitable films. Their second choice will be Uwe Bolle. When contacted, Andrew said, "Finally, I can show the world some real cinema. My first decision will be to replace Robert Downey Jr with Seth Rogan as Tony Stark, or maybe Jack Black. Sorry Len, its my turn to shine."

iDavid on Jun 11, 2008


The only people who care who is directing the next film are people within the film community. Which is like 3% of everyone who will pay to go to the next one. Jon's name isn't big enough to make a difference to 97% of the filmgoing population. So who cares, as long as they pick a director who can pull it off better than the first. Everyone seems to think Favreau is the only competent director for Iron Man. There are a lot of better directors out there.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jun 11, 2008


Marty, while I can't necessarily argue your point about 3% of the audience actually being aware of who Jon Favreau is, I've got to completely disagree with you on the rest of your comment. I understand that as a filmmaker yourself you have a better knowledge of what takes place behind the camera and can judge how much work Favreau put into this, but after a year of intricately following Iron Man and talking with Favreau multiples times, it truly WAS his involvement that made it work so well. If you've listened to any of his interviews or seen Favreau talk at conventions or elsewhere, you can quickly tell that he is as big of an Iron Man fan as everyone else and that emphasis was what turned this into the Iron Man movie that everyone wanted. Favreau was an essential part of the film and was the driving force behind every great element of it, from Robert Downey to Stan Winston and so on. Sure you could bring all of those people back without Favreau, but it would be like chopping the head off. Although this might not be the greatest reference, just look at the Spider-Man series and Sam Raimi. It was not him who screwed up the third film, but it was him who made it, and specifically the second film, one of the greatest superhero trilogies of all-time. If Raimi wasn't involved, in any of the three, they would not have been even close to the films they were. Favreau needs to be back, that's unquestionable!

Alex Billington on Jun 11, 2008


Alex, I do agree that Jon made the first movie what it is. Although I didn't like it at all, I recognize what really worked for it was the character development, which is Favreau's greatest strength. he simply isn't a strong visual director though. I really do think however that he has the exactly right mentality in approaching a film like this. You need to make the characters believable and palpable. That being said, I do think that now that Iron Man has been established, another director can come in and make it better on all levels (AS LONG AS he/she follows the same mentality that Favreau has). This isn't like chopping the head off at all. It COULD be, but I think people could be shocked at how much better Iron Man can be. I mean, look at Star Wars episodes IV, V and VI. Lucas only directed the first one. And people tend to think that episodes V and VI are the best overall. At least Lucas was a producer and writer on these other two though. As for Raimi, I just think he has made some bad choices as the franchise has gone on. He gets campier and campier. It's not just his choice, BUT in the end, he is the one who has the overall creative control and has to take responsibility for his films. And I think another director could have done WAY better with Spiderman as well. The new Batman films though, really have the best of all worlds. A director who is competent in directing actors in a believable manner, good dialogue and fantastic visuals. Because Chris Nolan has the whole package, pulling him out of Batman would be like cutting the head off. Now imagine Transformers without Michael Bay. Another director could have made the acting better, which I would have liked. But most directors don't have an eye for FX like Bay does. And for better or worse, Transformers was successful because of its FX. Surely someone else could have done a better job overall though. Anyways, like I said originally. Someone could come in and make Iron Man just as well if not better than Favreau. There are a lot of accomplished directors who I am sure were shocked Favreau got pulled on to direct Iron Man, and would jump at the chance to make the films better.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jun 11, 2008


"look at the Spider-Man series and Sam Raimi. It was not him who screwed up the third film, but it was him who made it, and specifically the second film, one of the greatest superhero trilogies of all-time." Alex, really. Did you see the movies? About 15 minutes of the first spiderman was good. I collected comics for 20 years and I love superhero movies. Like the new punisher even. Can someone on this site and do a pole to tell me if you all think spiderman was good? I may need to find another site.

Steve on Jun 11, 2008


Marty - I think we'll just agree to disagree. 🙂 The funny thing is you mentioned two directors, Chris Nolan and Michael Bay, who each are VERY essential to all of the films they make and their franchises - Batman and Transformers. Now I believe that Favreau, in all that I've watched him and Iron Man become, falls EXACTLY in the same line as these two. That's my final statement and I'll have to stand my ground there. Steve - Uh, I don't know about you, but... Spider-Man 2 is arguably the greatest superhero film of all-time. I am pretty damn sure I am NOT alone in that statement. Most will say that the first Spider-Man was great, but not perfect. And I'm pretty sure a LOT of people will say that Spider-Man 2 was phenomenal. And as for Spider-Man 3, we all know it wasn't great, but that doesn't mean that the first two weren't...

Alex Billington on Jun 11, 2008


I'll agree with Steve. I know everyone thought Spiderman 2 was great. But I still think the first is the best, then the 2nd then, well... I don't even count the third as a movie worth watching actually. And yeah, of course we can disagree. And I totally understand what you are saying about Michael Bay and Chris Nolan. But out of all of these, I really only think Chris Nolan is the only guy who could maintain his franchise. Michael Bay could be replaced by someone else, and still have a great Transformers sequel come out of it. Although it would be tough. As for Favreau, he simply isn't very visually adept. And like I had said earlier, this is in fact a problem they have been talking about within Marvel. it isn't just money. they are trying to find someone who is cheaper than Favreau and someone who has a great visual style. There's no question about it, there was disappointment internally over some of the visuals directions Favreau went with.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jun 11, 2008


If they really have a problem with Jon's visuals couldnt they just bring someone else in to at least help with the visuals, if he will let them of course.

thedarkknight on Jun 12, 2008


imagine if they screwed up the sequel........... just imagine

fatjoe on Jun 13, 2008


I think this is much ado about nothing. Favarue did do a great job but he is not irreplaceable. Marvel is doing a good job of finding below-the-radar directors and putting them on the map. Meanwhile, they are having to pay top dollar for actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Edward Norton. Not to mention, top notch special effect to go with their proven story-telling legacy. Directors are important but let's keep things in perspective and stop all this knee jerking. Favarue and Lattimere of the Hulk are perfect examples. All that's going on now is negotiation. Marvel has earned my trust enough over the years and in their current move to control their movie production to be given the benefit of the doubt. For all we know, maybe it's favarue that's being greedy. No one knows what he's demanding or what Marvel has offered. It wouldn't surprise me if both sides came to a meeting of the minds and all of this will be just a lot of hot air. But if you are going to ask me to choose between Marvel and Stan Lee over a guy who prior to Iron Man had directed . . . what was it again? Puh-lease. IN STAN WE TRUST! Good job Favareau but just keep in mind Iron Man made you — not the other way around. You can play hard ball with your next non-Marvel project. Right now, Marvel is trying to build up their movie production wing. As many of you have pointed out, it's not like they were on solid financial footing before Iron Man. They still need time build things up and nobody can afford to get too big headed right now. I'm sure the people at Marvel are looking at a bigger picture. Just because they are not willing to sell out for John Favareau doesn't mean they are being greedy. Both sides are just negotiating. Let them do that. Iron Man and the Marvel Universe is going to be fine with or without one director.

Goldilocks on Jun 15, 2008


Marvel has to be out of their fucking minds to do something like that. Trust me Marvel, you NEED Favreau.

web design company on Jun 15, 2008


If Raimi can be kept on for Spiderman, then Favreau should be kept on for Iron Man. Jon's fingerprint is all over Iron Man. Sign him up again!

Jeff on Jun 17, 2008


If Marvel ousts Favreau, they'll be making a big mistake, and it could cost them dearly in the long run if the new guy they bring on (IF thats what they do) doesn't have the same enthusiasm as Favreau and consequently does not deliver nearly as good of a movie. In my humble opinion, what it seems like is that it is Favreau's passion, love for the character and story, and enthusiasm (unparalelled by any other director - name one) that drive him to create such an outstanding movie. I don't think any other director would cut it, obviously. I absolutely loved Iron Man, and I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel. If it's not broke, don't fix it. (Bringing in over 530 million dollars, it's quite obviously not broke.)

Gage on Jun 17, 2008


This is as bad as saying Downey wont return as Stark. Considering how much moolah dis movie has pulled in, I think Favreau is well within his bounds to ask for higher pay. FIRE Marvel's chairman David Maisel.

Cyfer1 on Jun 18, 2008


Favreau and Downey are crucial to Iron Man 2. But they better lineup a good villain. I think Stane is just so-so.

PlanetComicBookRadio on Jun 18, 2008


iron man was alright. the action could have been better.

dc comics on Jun 20, 2008


Other than spiderman 1 and 2 this take was as realistic as it gets it followed the origin to a tee you could'nt get better directing some one who knows the characters as well as Favreau is essential lets we forget how bad fantastic four 2 was how about if he takes on the fantastic four or spider man series he cant do any worse than those sorry sequels SOMEBODY PLEASE REDIRECT THE FANTASTIC FOUR IT SUCKS silver surfer defeats galactus are you kidding me marvel please dont make the wrong mistake like with FF

dlong1 on Jun 21, 2008


Come on MARVEL don't be a dumbass! We all know Favreau had huge part of Ironman's sucess. Robert Downey Jr. made Ironman good on the outside but it was Favreau was the heart and soul of him. If he doesn't do the second movie i bet you it wouldn't be as good as it should be. This movie was near PERFECT, it couldn't have been better. Marvel gonna be in traouble if they dont rehire Favreau, i mean it's like not have Rob for Tony Stark, he is just that important. WE WANT FAVREAU! WE WANT FAVREAU! WE WANT FAVREAU! WE WANT FAVREAU!

Sally on Jun 23, 2008

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