Jon Favreau Starts Talking the Future of Iron Man

June 6, 2008
Source: SuperHeroHype

Jon Favreau Starts Talking the Future of Iron Man

Despite an Iron Man sequel has already been schedule for 2010, I really didn't expect to hear much from anyone involved for quite a while. However, Jon Favreau himself talks at length with the guys from SuperHeroHype, discussing where the sequel could go, how to make it bigger and better, and new ideas for villains. Favreau still hasn't officially been rehired for the second movie (as we originally mentioned a few weeks ago), but we're sure in time it'll all work out. That doesn't mean Favreau can't speculate on Iron Man 2 already, and he doesn't spare any details discussing the future of the Iron Man franchise.

To kick things off, Favreau attempts to explain why he thinks people loved Iron Man so much. I think it was just a very well put together movie with a great script and great cast, but he's a bit more humble. "I think people were pleased based on the fact that they had no preconceptions about the project. Now, we have a movie that people seem to like and you can't give them less. You have to give them more. There are challenges that come with that as well as the benefit of people already understanding who he is and the character. We told the origin story so where do you go from here? There are plenty of story lines to explore from the 40 years of history from that character."

Now that we know there is a huge history to draw from, it's just a matter of building off of the character that Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. created. "I know that Robert and I have talked a lot about what types of things we would like to do, and how to play into the strengths of what we discovered last time around. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves." In addition to the character of Tony Stark, another supervillain needs to rise to the occasion as the big opposing force. And I think Favreau explains best why the right bad guy is important. "We really spent most of the time dealing with Tony in this one, explaining who he is, and why he is the way that he is so that now Iron Man comes to life. You then have to reveal, I think, some heavy duty, heavy weight bad guys that you could then counter balance this incredibly powerful super hero."

Favreau explains the big hurtle that they must jump with the sequel - and it's also the most significant.

"I think it's the nature of Iron Man because it comes from a serialized piece of source material, that it does lend itself to having sequels. It's all new ground for me, it's new ground for Marvel, although they have been partnered up and done sequels with other studios. There are a lot of different approaches you could take. Hopefully we end up going for a sequel that is going to be bigger and better than the first one. That's not always the case with sequels. Sometimes you end up trying to do just rush, and hit a release date. Hopefully this sequel will be driven by the material and driven by good ideas."

I hope so, too! Only time will tell, but let's just hope Marvel brings back the same creative team behind the first one, writers and all. What about the "Demon in a Bottle" storyline that has been so publicized since Iron Man was even mentioned? As much as its the perfect story from the vault to draw from for a film, Marvel just won't let it happen. They won't let one of their precious comic book movies push past the PG-13 rating. They're all about family. However, it's at least an idea worth discussing and Favreau knows that.

"It seems that Hancock is dealing with a lot of those issues too. The comic book fans might see 'Demon in a Bottle' as a fresh story line but I haven't seen Hancock yet. From what I've seen it seems there is a lot of imagery that seems to be shared. Him flying through billboards and things. The idea of the hero whose biggest enemy is himself, and him fighting through his demons, you want to come at the audience with something fresh. You don't want to feel like you are echoing something that somebody else is doing. I think you have to look at the comics, look at what else Marvel is doing, but then you have to look at the landscape of superhero films."

There is a lot more in Favreau's interview that can be found at SuperHeroHype. There really aren't any major updates and we're all just waiting to see how the sequel develops, including where the writers want to take the story and the general theme that Marvel wants to go with. You can expect to hear a lot more on all of Marvel's upcoming films this July at the San Diego Comic-Con. We will likely have plenty of confirmed details on Iron Man 2 by then and hopefully a lot more news on this sequel and more!

Iron Man

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Favreau's got a lot to say for someone without a lot of say. These Marvel films are Marvel's concepts, not the director's... And based on the reviews of HULK, the formula's working. It'd be a hoot if Favreau didn't get to come back, then he'd whine all over the internet. Seriously though, a better director would be nice. I mean, Len Wiseman's a better director than Favreau and Len Wiseman's not even good.

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 6, 2008


I still love the pic of that goddamn suit. Stan Winston & Adi Granov deserve some kind of award for that thing.

Tipycal Mele on Jun 6, 2008


Then again Andrew #2, who else is a bigger FanBoy Nerd to produce this picture and care? You are biased, we know that you blasted Favreau in your review, yet I found it hard to find many (or any) other reviews that found that same 'aspect' of the production at fault, Favreau that is. Others pointed at parcelled script and plot holes at fault for some failed aspects, instead you point a finger strongly at Favreau. Hmmmm... So you gonna bust on Stevenson and Osborne, I hope they don't use an slow-mo flips and action scenes in Kung Fu Panda that prompt you to say that "They lifted those scenes right out of the Matrix, how unoriginal!!!" Or I hope they don't train to long, cause if you got bored with the flight scenes, I imagine a Panda training in Kung Fu will put you to sleep. Actually in writing this I am realizing something, I am not sure that IronMan was produced for movie-goers like you. The first movie was to put a new character into play in the Marvel game, and have fun with it. If folks looked at the Matrix or any 'action' feature for that matter with the critical eye you are taking to IronMan, they will all whine about it. I don't go to action movies to learn life stories, I go there to see heros KICK ASS SORRY LONG COMMENT... just got a little wound up on this Friday afternoon

Dusty on Jun 6, 2008


Why wouldn't they re-hire Favreau? Its a mistake not to.

Xerxex on Jun 6, 2008


"Hopefully this sequel will be driven by the material and driven by good ideas." How come we've never heard a quote like this coming from Michael Bay concerning his Transformers sequel? hmmm.....

kevjohn on Jun 6, 2008


So I took the time and searched Andrew Wickliffe's site for his godawful review of Ironman. What a gasbag you are Andrew. Everyone I know who has seen Ironman says it kicks ass and is fantastic. The flying scenes were awesome and the performances were right on the mark. There was only so much time for everyone to get full character development, but the seeds were planted for Terrence to become War Machine. Exactly what have you directed or produced commercially? You might as well rename your site to be "theBuzzKill" cause you seem more like a hater than someone who actually can enjoy a comic book movie for the pure escapist fun that it is. Favreau nailed it and deserves to get the next movies. Compare his film to the disasters that were both Fantastic Four movies and the last Spiderman movie. Why would it be a "hoot" to not have Favreau as the director? So you can crap on the sequel as well? Who actually says "hoot" these days? Do you also wear a bowtie and spats? Just how out of touch ARE you?

iDavid on Jun 6, 2008


good point 5.

Ryan on Jun 6, 2008


Anbrew Wickleiff over here talking about whining.

Laser! on Jun 6, 2008


new director hmmm...................Oh I know how about the guy who directed the first Hulk movie lol just kidding, it would be freaking stupid not to have Farvreau do it. Its his baby for crying out loud.

dac_fan on Jun 6, 2008


I wanna see Titanium Man! 'Nuff Said!

titanium man on Jun 7, 2008


i would like to see the advengers in the next movie.

george on Jun 7, 2008


I personally loved the movie and I think Favreau did a great job and I hope he directs the 2nd and 3rd iron man movie. And I'm sure he'll be a suberb help with the Avengers! As a second generation marvel fan, i can't wait for the upcoming movies!! 😀

Rose on Jun 7, 2008


Favreau, you're so money baby...!

Joe on Jun 7, 2008


Something just occurred to me. I'm sure Mr. Wickliffe thought the Steven King version of, " The Shining " was a better viewing than Kubrick's version, judging from his comments. Its all in the interpretatation and handling of the medium, of which I feel Iron Man was handled extremely well. I would like to take this opportunity to suggest, to the public-at-large, that Mr. Wickliffe is a living meatloaf head. Thank you

Joe on Jun 7, 2008


Favreau, Downey & Crew definitely did this film "Justice"......BaDoom Crash! Get it....super hero movie?........... I guess I'm just your average guy but as it appears from here, Mr. Favreau, you have earned my respect as a filmaker because it's very clear that you respect your films, their content, and the audience. "Who's the winner...Mickey's the winner"

Alfaro on Jun 7, 2008


My wife & I just saw the movie last night; she loved it and she is very picky; I think Downey must've fit the role well; she mostly liked seeing him again. I also am glad is was not "campya' humour, and also good enough for the kids. My 12 and 8 yr old girls liked it, too; So, whoever is knocking the director is wrong. The quote about making the material right for the sequel, and don't rush production just to hit a release date is wise if you can stick to that philosophy. Too many sequels are duds and ruin the franchise because they just start throwing crap out there; - so, please don't; please take your time and "stick to the plan" like said in movie. If I read the picture above the page right, it seems the director also cameo'd as body-guard; clever, too. so, just as fyit; yes, wife and kids liked it; good all-around; yes, be careful with sequel and don't go to cheap or stupid humour. keep it smart.

Rocketman on Jun 7, 2008


what's a "hurtle"?

christian on Jun 7, 2008


I think that the second movie would be great if: The Mandarin shows up (and KICKED MAJOR ASS) Tony Stark falls into alcoholism, but then brings himself together Rhodes takes over as Iron Man briefly before becoming War Machine (and KICKING MAJOR ASS) They have a secondary villain (my preference is Crimson Dynamo) Favreau, Downey, Paltrow, and Howard all return The Mandarin's rings are "modernized" to something less ridiculous (but still KICK MAJOR ASS) I like the Mandarin, if you couldn't tell. I like the hints of him in the first movie, which was awesome. I saw it twice.

Kyle on Jun 7, 2008


im sorry u guyz....i shouldnt have pretended to be the director....its just that no one ever listens to sick and tired of people always putting me second hand. so u can say what you want about me cuz i deserve it....but....did any of you like my ideas?

caleb on Jun 8, 2008

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