Jon Favreau Updates His Iron Man 2 Involvement - He's Working It Out

June 30, 2008
Source: IESB

Jon Favreau

Ever since we reported that Jon Favreau might not return for Iron Man 2, fans have been in a frenzy over the news in a fight to make sure he returns. Since then we haven't heard much besides some rough confirmations that Marvel is indeed trying to work it out with him. However, IESB recently caught up with Favreau and asked him about all the latest details. His response: "It's going to work out, I have a feeling… We're working it all out. They've actively engaged with us." Favreau goes on to talk more about production on Iron Man 2, his considerations on The Avengers, and a quick tease about The First Avenger: Captain America. Although it's still at least two years out until we see Iron Man return, Marvel is hard at work preparing for the next few installments in the ever-growing universe of superhero films.

We've heard before that Favreau wanted to be involved with both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers, but as to whether that was possible? "It's going to be really tough… What has to happened is there has to be a larger conversation about where the whole studio is going. Making sure that the stories feel consistent and that the universes tie together… I would be involved with the other properties in some capacity, but Iron Man 2 is the one that I think needs the day in and day out care and attention." So if that means Favreau might only make Iron Man 2, they need to get things into gear to make their April 30th, 2010 date. Favreau explains his feelings on the work and thankfully how much is already done at this point.

"It's a lot of work to get it done in that amount of time… To get this thing done in two years it means we've got to dig in really fast and be relentless. It's just a wind sprint all the way through. The good news is we've already designed the suit, of course, already have our cast, all the things that took so much time the first time around… Everybody understands my vision for the film based on the first one."

Another important question that Favreau answers, especially in relation to The Dark Knight, is whether the tone of the sequel will be any darker. "I think that once you have a franchise established, you can take more chances… People learn to trust the franchise and they bring their kids to stuff they wouldn't the first time out…" And speaking of franchises, Favreau briefly mentions Captain America and shares a bit of a teaser. "Then you're going to have a period piece film, Captain America: The First Avenger. That I've seen artwork from and it's pretty impressive the work that they've already started doing - a little bit of research and development on that one." As for Thor, Favreau briefly says: "Introduce Thor? Not in Iron Man 2, I don't think so. Not that we've been talking about."

Of course we all knew deep down inside that Marvel would smarten up and figure things out with Favreau, even if it meant they'd have to pay him more. But alas it was actually fun to passionately fight for Favreau because he did such a phenomenal job on Iron Man. And as for the rest of Marvel's line-up, including Captain America and The Avengers, I've always mentioned that this is going to be an exciting few years. Knowing that Favreau is working it out and most likely will return is such a huge relief and it gives me lots of hope for the future. The Avengers is going to be one hell of an incredible experience, whether Favreau is involved in the end or not. Are you already excited two years out?

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Jon did an awesome job with Iron Man so I'm with him a 110%!

Andreas on Jun 30, 2008


although Jon did a great job in iron man, i really hope the 2nd one has longer action sequences.

Darrin on Jun 30, 2008


I think as a whole they need to make theses sequels 2 hours. This avenger film cant be 1:37min you have to do 3 hours At least or film the 4 hours and then cut it into 2 films. That would impress everyone. Think about it your almost half way into the film all the heroes are down iron man is almost destroyed, captin america looks like he was burned up and then the villians are about to finish it and the move just cuts out. hahahaha that would piss me off but at the same time if i knew there was more footage i would be hyped up more than batman. hahahaha and thats hard. MARVEL PLEASE GIVE US LONGER FILMS AND BRING BACK FAVREAU YOU DIPSHITS, HE'S WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!

THERBLIG on Jun 30, 2008


i'm with Jon on this! Marvel heed the call!

Alvin on Jun 30, 2008


Most definitely!

Keith on Jun 30, 2008


I hope we get to see Hulk Buster Iron man. That would be badass but im not holding my breath, I hope hulk also gets a sequel, it deserves it also. Im also glad there working things out with Favreau. I want to see a drunk and dark Tony Stark and a Hulk Smash!

dac_fan on Jul 1, 2008


Im glad there working everything out, lets hope it goes in Jon's favor.

Curtis on Jul 1, 2008

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