Jonah Hill Cast in Transformers 2 as Shia's Sidekick?! Updated

April 30, 2008

Jonah Hill Cast in Transformers 2 as Sam's Sidekick?!

Although everyone is 100% focused on the upcoming summer movie season, including Iron Man due out in theaters starting tomorrow night, we can't forget the following summer of 2009. We all know Michael Bay is working his ass off trying to get Transformers 2 made by June of next year and I'm guessing a handful of fans are pretty damn excited, myself included. The latest bit of news to come out regarding the highly anticipated sequel surrounds a new cast member - Jonah Hill. The gurus over at are reporting that the Superbad and Forgetting Sarah Marshall star is "in early negotiations" to co-star with Shia LaBeouf as his sidekick. Uh oh!

EW says that Jonah will provide the comic relief as Sam Witwicky's sidekick, most likely his college roommate. A previous casting report listed a character named Chuck that was Sam's roommate at Princeton. "He runs a conspiracy theory website. Funny in an irreverent, edgy way, he is shocked to see his conspiracy theories come to life." I do think that sounds like a pretty damn good fit for Jonah, but it is still all unconfirmed. However, I'm not exactly excited by this bit of news.

When Jonah Hill first started appearing in movies like 40 Year Old Virgin, Grandma's Boy, and Knocked Up, I was really digging his comedy and his characters. I loved him in Superbad, too, but that was a role he was born to play. However, after Forgetting Sarah Marshall and especially Walk Hard, I've started to get a bit burnt out by him. It's just the same old stunt over and over and Judd Apatow just likes to throw him in there quite pointlesly. I'm getting a bit tired of his comedy, but maybe he just needs to stretch his legs again in the right movie. I'll at least give him a chance if he is indeed cast in Transformers 2.

Is Jonah Hill a good fit for Shia LaBeouf's sidekick in Transformers 2?

Update! Apparently Entertainment Weekly got a new update themselves. This time they confirmed that Jonah Hill will NOT be cast in the movie as Sam's sidekick. Negotiations broke down, presumably after this announcement spread around the world like wildfire, and fell apart. For those of you who weren't rooting for Jonah Hill - congrats on your success!

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Why on earth does Shia LaDouche needs a sidekick. Thats the role that he was born to play. Jonah Hill actually has a career that is going somewhere. Shia LaDouche is always going to be that kid from the stupid Disney Channel show and his numerous roles as a famous actors sidekick

Chris Henry on Apr 30, 2008


If we are trading Megan Fox for Jonah Hill I'd say it's a bad trade. Hill could work as a sidekick but it would be more fun with a lesser known actor or actress instead.

Andreas Climent on Apr 30, 2008


Hill looks more like LaBeouf's fuck-up older brother than a college roommate. How effective could he be as a sidekick? Kid can barely run!

Tom Brazelton on Apr 30, 2008


I couldn't agree more with Chris Henry. Shia is personable and humorous enough that he doesn't need a comedy sidekick. Transformers was just the right amount of humour (if we could just remove John Tuturro's ridiculous over acting and imbecilic character) without it descending into pointless slapstick. Shia is a great talent but the stars of the show are the machines.

Payne by name on Apr 30, 2008


Is the Transformers franchise already Batman and Robining? (casting the zeitgeist... here Jonah Hill, there Alicia Silverstone)

Andrew Wickliffe on Apr 30, 2008


Holy crap! A foul mouthed Jonah Hill rehashing the same, tired quips and sarcasms from previous movies. That's not good. BTW, Shia Le Beouf's character should keep Megan Fox as his sidekick. Agree with #4, the stars are the robots!

Pickle on Apr 30, 2008

7 all we need is for Joel Schumacher to replace Michael Bay and then we crash and burn into Batman & Robin territory.

Pickle on Apr 30, 2008


Part 2 was gonna suck. Now its gonna be 50 times worse!!!

REAL6 on Apr 30, 2008


Yeah I kind of like Jonah Hill..but he does play the same character over and over again, and it just seems kind of like the obvious choice. I would rather they do something a little less obvious. Besides I am getting sick of Jonah too..he could use a break from doing about every good/entertaining movie a year as the same character.

Kyle A. K. on Apr 30, 2008


That fat talentless peace of shit, Jonah Hill. Was looking forward to Transformers 2. Now..IT'S FUCKED!

Garrett.king on Apr 30, 2008


who cares

ANTHONY on Apr 30, 2008


Guess I'll pile on too... Yeah Jonah would be as necessary as Anthony Anderson's role as the computer hacker in the first movie. We go to see this movie because of the freaking ROBOTS. The humans characters didn't really matter and the less of them the better. Especially Jonah Hill. He should stick to what he's better at. Apatow comedies.

kit on Apr 30, 2008


No more Jonah Hill, please! I'm sick and tired of his crap!

filter_0083 on Apr 30, 2008


i believe he is good for this part. he was great in accepted and that wasnt a judd apatow film.

darrin on Apr 30, 2008


I really hope the producers, especially Michael Bay, reconsider this casting choice! The sequel is supposed to build on its predecessor and be better, not worse! I'd keep the team of LeBeouf/Fox together and bring in more a$$ kicking robots!

Spider on Apr 30, 2008


Come on, who doesn't like to watch the fat kid try to run? Or run into things? Fat kids always make people laugh. And one more thing... "I think he fucking shattered it!"

nate on Apr 30, 2008


Adding Jonah Hill says that the script is not going to be good. Shia was perfectly fine on his own and does not need a sidekick. There comedy personalities are different and they only conflict with one another.

Mghtymse on Apr 30, 2008


I could see it now. Shia has these secret robot friends, and Jonah doesn't believe him, and then eventually a car transforms into a robot and you have Jonah Hill freaking out, with those wide eyes of his, probably dropping an "S" bomb, yelling, etc.

The Brain on Apr 30, 2008


Well its unlikely Transformers 2 to recapture the greatness and absolute perfection of the first film, but it would still be an incredible movie, but now they want this idiot in it.... I hate Jonah Hill, but loved Transformers, so I'm conflicted about whether or not to hate Michael Bay now. They should just have Shia LeBeouf's friend from the original in it with a minor role like before. Hopefully Jonah Hill's character can play comic relief by getting blown up by Megatron or Starscream early on in the film.

Gabe on Apr 30, 2008


Dear Garrett.king, I must respect fully disagree with you opinion. Jonah Hill Rules!!!!! Transformers was awesome, and now TF2 is going to be better. This combination of actors in gonna kick ass! There chemistry will be through the roof! Prepare to eat your words next summer!

Saucy on Apr 30, 2008


Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad move.

Ryan on Apr 30, 2008


... And I already though that Shia was Bumblebee's sidekick. So Jonah Hill is going to be a sidekick's sidekick. Not good, since the main characters are - or should be - the robots themselves 😉

Fox on Apr 30, 2008


its the michael bay disinformation he told everyone about

scott on Apr 30, 2008


less humans! more robots!

miracle disease on Apr 30, 2008


I'm glad I don't watch Nickelodeon or whatever so I don't have too much of a skewed view of this guy but I think this could be pretty damn funny, I think Jonah is hilarious. It always seemed like Shia was a sidekickish kinda guy but Disturbia and Transformers changed my mind. I'd hope Megan Fox would be in it but who knows it'll probably be someone else.

Richard on Apr 30, 2008


Dear Saucy (#20) Jonah Hill is completely fucking unnecessary in..ANYTHING. Sure, if his character will transform (no pun intended) into something other than the tired lame bullshit that he's kept repeating, it might be decent. and maybe someday I'll be able to shoot monkeyd with bullets that fly out of my dick. Seriously. Jonah Hill is fuckin' crap. TF2 may be good..if they decide to edit his fat talentless ass out of it. I've been wrong about actors I hate before...I PRAY TF2 will be one of these times. I actually HOPE I can eat my words. This reminds me of back in the day when it was announced that Jack Black may be playing the Green Lantern (remember that shit? anyone?) thanks for respectfully disagreeing with me though, Saucy.

Garrett.king on Apr 30, 2008


I'd much rather see Jonah Hill, even if he IS just rehashing his previous characters, than that totally overrated Megan Fox chick all you Internets dweebs keep creaming your Dockers over. The bitch can't act, and she ain't even 40% of all that, so good riddens hopefully.

kevjohn on May 1, 2008


No offense to any of the actors, but WHO GIVES A SHIT. The movie is called "Transformers". 3 words - BIG ROBOTS FIGHTING.

Scorpio on May 1, 2008


Shia was bad enough. Now we'll have 2 idiots save the world. It IS called Transformers, but unfortunately they feel the need to put bad jokes and puns. They better amp up on the Transformer characters then and do some stuff that has NEVER been done. I want to be entertained, yes, but in this day and age of movies, I need to be amazed.

wm on May 1, 2008


i loved the first transformers and i rillllly hope to see the next one

emanuel on May 5, 2008


i dont care what they do i have faith in Michel Bay armageden, the Rock Bad boys all good so i hope im impressed

caliy on May 15, 2008


Adding Jonah Hill to Transformers 2 is like adding 5 pounds of shit to a filled-to-capacity-5lb shitba.

Habib on Jul 25, 2008


who the hell thinks we need a fucked up tub of lardo shit to play a sidekick?!? Here comes shia's giant ass, every one will be saying. Welcome gay version of batman and robin.

Trfsfei2 on Feb 5, 2009

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