Josh Brolin Almost Became a Terminator in a Darker Version

November 26, 2008
Source: MTV

Josh Brolin / Terminator

From Brand Walsh in Goonies to George W. Bush, actor Josh Brolin has made one hell of a comeback. In a recent chat with Brolin, MTV uncovered a rather interesting tidbit of news on Terminator Salvation. Apparently at one point, director McG said that Brolin would be his ideal choice for a Terminator, but in the end that fell through. When Brolin was asked about the role, he said that, "I talked to Christian [Bale] for a couple hours." And what did he get out of it? "I really liked the script though I hear that's not what they filmed. The one I read was very interesting and dark. Ultimately though I didn't think it felt right."

The reason why this interests me so much is that I'm curious to know that if this isn't as dark as Brolin says, then what has it become instead? I hate to sound cliché, but I really prefer darker stories these days. I know some people think that is just a fleeting response to The Dark Knight being so good, but I genuinely believe darker is the way to go for certain franchises like Terminator. I'm very anxious to see a lot more about Terminator Salvation and get a better look at the story. I just hope they retained some of that darkness in whatever script they did use. Do you want to see a darker story in Terminator Salvation?

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If by "darker" he is referring to the John Connor-replaced-by-a-Terminator ending from the first draft of the Brancato and Ferris script, then I think I'll pass.

Uncle Bob on Nov 26, 2008


Then again, if by "darker" they mean "more like the Dark Knight in terms of realism, portrayal of emotions, and atmosphere," then I'll watch.

Zach on Nov 26, 2008


"Darker" films, such as how @2 described, are in fashion right now because I think people are tired of the flighty, do-gooder movies. They want to see the gritty realism of heroes and the future. It's a welcome change, for certain.

Colin Dean on Nov 26, 2008


darker movies means you don't see them very well in movie theaters I prefer a well lit movie. Darker movies? Whats the point?

vic on Nov 26, 2008


Good god i hope you are joking! otherwise that was stupid...

bltzie on Nov 26, 2008


I agree with #1. I couldn't place Brolin as a terminator anyway... he's a good actor, but would need a lot of makeup to look intimidating and scary to me. His mom-in-law on the other hand... oh Vic...

cyn on Nov 26, 2008


Dude, this is ALL super-old news that EW reported on earlier this year.

BahHumbug on Nov 26, 2008


correction, step-mom ster. whatever.

cyn on Nov 26, 2008


"I really liked the script though I hear that's not what they filmed. The one I read was very interesting and dark. Ultimately though I didn't think it felt right." Where does he say here that the one they filmed WASN'T dark? He hears the script he read is not the one they filmed. I think the implication was that he didn't know -- he only knew the version he read.

mini on Nov 26, 2008


Ummm...what could be "darker" than a freakin's nuclear holocaust?

ZiskCorp on Nov 26, 2008


Freakin'. My bad.

ZiskCorp on Nov 26, 2008


Terminator should always end with hope and that's why T3 sucked balls, if by dark it ended in some stupid twilight zone were all fucked ending I don't wanna see that.

Richard on Nov 26, 2008


Yeah those first two Terminator films with all the slap-stick violence and silly robots were so light hearted! I'm with ZiskCorp. Yeah sure I dont want any characters saying "talk to the hand" or Arnold in gay clubs ever again but c'mon!

Dom on Nov 26, 2008


T3 was awesome! Screw your happy ending...

790 on Nov 26, 2008


Hey Alex, so what did Josh Brolin get out of this 2 hr talk with Christian Bale? DARK is good.

Shawn Gregory on Nov 26, 2008


I don't think the problem with T3 was the "dark" ending, the movie overall just wasn't very good. If the new film has an unhappy, dark ending, I think that could be interesting (assuming they handle it right). You know, Richard, they could manage a "dark" ending that mixes in a little hope.

Eddie C on Dec 29, 2008


Terminator 3 was great.

Office Alternative on Feb 6, 2009


I for one ALWAYS prefer the darker film, unfortunately traditionally it appears that in general the filmgoing patrons of the USA prefer otherwise. DARK apocalyptic nastiness is far mote interesting, wake up an smell the charred flesh and burned metal of the near 'could be' future. You don't know what living is like until you stare death in the face and hopefully this film may go some way to portraying this sense of forboding doom - I just hope that if it does leave the ending open to sequel that we travel further down the dark spiral toward annihilation by our friends at SKYNET. I am dismissing the travesty that is T3 and am hoping that this will make up for it. The end is nigh and I am ready...

TeK'70 on Feb 9, 2009


Hey, what's ol Mel Gibson up to? It's about time a Gibbo movie came out. His movies are intense - The Passion of Christ, Apocalypto......what's next????

Sri on Jun 4, 2009

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