Josh Brolin is the New Terminator?

February 6, 2008

Josh Brolin

This rumor was almost too good to be true, and almost too unconfirmed to post, but alas, everyone is jumping on it like a treasure map in an Indiana Jones movie, so why not? In an interview at The Two-One-Three, director McG talked quite at length about his upcoming film Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins. If you remember back in October last year, McG was first rumored and later confirmed as the director on the new Terminator film, something which I wasn't too happy about. Now McG drops a hint at who might be playing the Terminator this time around - Josh Brolin.

First things first, McG clears up the rumor about Christian Bale playing John Connor, which had been said to be a smaller role in the film. Not true, as McG confirms. "John Connor's a major player in it - Christian Bale's playing that part."

Then as a final kicker, he's asked about who his "dream Terminator" would be, since an actual actor hasn't signed on the dotted line and they're still "in the process of casting." But here's where a subtle hint could go a long ways. "And there's guys out there like Russell Crowe and Eric Bana, bring a good physicality, they do what they do, but I don't know if they're exactly right at the end of the day. (Smiles) Josh Brolin is a very exciting actor - we'll see."

If we're to take that "wink" correctly, it could be Josh Brolin who is taking on the job as the new Terminator. Or at least, that's maybe who McG really wants and is really pushing for. Don't take this as solid evidence and don't take it as anything real until it's officially confirmed, which might not be for a while. However, this is a big point of discussion. Is Josh Brolin a good choice? Before you go on any further comparing the rather wimpy Brolin to Arnold Schwarzenegger, let's see what McG has to say about the difference in the plot and setting of this Terminator from the last three.

McG was questioned where this fits in, and described it's exact placement in the franchise. "This is the space between; this is post Judgment day. So there really is no continuation, you know what I mean? Its sort of a different animal, whereas the first two pictures on this thing are Terminators from the future, this picture takes place in 2019."

Josh Brolin is the 39-year-old actor who first made it big playing Brand Walsh in The Goonies. Last year, 2007, was his triumphant return to the big screen with unforgettable performances in Grindhouse as Doc Block, In the Valley of Elah, American Gangster as Detective Trupo, and No Country for Old Men as Llewelyn Moss. If you've seen any of those four, you'll know that this guy is pretty awesome. I'd even rank him up there with the likes of Casey Affleck, another actor that blew me away in 2007. Brolin is probably one of the best new actors last year, and it would certainly be a pleasure having him take on the role of the Terminator.

In considering whether Brolin is perfect for the role, we have to look at exactly who or what the Terminator is this time around. Is it a direct replacement of Arnold's character, or is it some new and different character? Either way, that question isn't answered yet and won't be for quite some time. Until then, and until Brolin is even confirmed, we can at least throw around the idea and see what everyone else thinks of it, too.

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Do we really need another movie? I am enjoying the show on FOX enough to keep me satisfied.

Ryan on Feb 6, 2008


With the TV show (which sucks) jumping in time and messing with the whole timeline, I'm so confused about the whole entire story. And I highly doubt that McG will help clear things up.

Alex on Feb 6, 2008


I first wasn't that interested in a new Terminator movie. With the TV series already changing the timeline, this movie would only make it more complex. But somehow the casting and the tidbits we here about the plot, has got me intrigued. First of all, Christian Bale as John Connor would be pure brilliance. And now Josh Brolin as the Terminator? If it's true, it would be completely different than the previous bots and I think in a good way. I'm really looking forward to find out more about this movie.

Melinda Seckington on Feb 6, 2008


i don't care who's in this movie, as long as McG is directing I won't even give this movie a second glance.

carg0 on Feb 6, 2008


Im not to keen on McG working on James Cameron's great movie, he did a pretty good job with We Are Marshall so lets hope some of that good directing rubs off on terminator, for the cast so far its really pulling me towards really watching this Christian Bale as John Connor is a great pick and from what i saw from Planet Terror and No Country for Old Men, Josh Brolin would be able to pull off being a terminator. Looking forward to this movie lets hope it doesn't become a complete mess...

Curtis on Feb 6, 2008


This story has me laughing my ass off! While watching the crappy movie classic "The Car" starring Brolin senior, my brother and I started mocking him by repeatedly referring to him as the "Brolinator." Now there is a chance we might actually see one!

Nathan on Feb 7, 2008

7 it is! My rendition of Brolin as The Terminator

TCox on Feb 7, 2008


McG is a terrible choice for a Terminator film director. Charlie's Angels? come on.. He should be banned from ever touching a camera again. Bale will be good, I can see him in the role. What is a bit strange is that they feel the need for another 3 movies. All will be set in the future, probably the last film ending just before Terminator 1 began, with John Connor being killed by the T-100 (Arnold). I wouldn't be surprised if they have already filmed a scene with Arnold making a cameo appearance to be used for the final film. If they waited, Arnold would be far too old and out of shape. Really they could close the "circle" of the Terminator movies with just 1 more movie. Another 3 movies = Lots of filler. I really didn't think T3 was all that bad. Great effects, decent story, great ending. Set design at the end was dissapointing, and the female terminator - her abilities were too much, she could do literally anything.. The T-1000 was genius because it was so simple. Nick Stohl did suck though. No other Terminator movie will touch T2, it just cannot happen unless James Cameron steps back in, which he wont do. Josh Brolin as a Terminator.. I just don't see it. Maybe an early model. Maybe he will play Kyle Reese. I guess I have to see him without the "No Country.." moustache.

Alex on Feb 7, 2008


Terminator by McG. It just doesn't sound good. "Good morning, Charlie." Nuff said.

avoidz on Feb 7, 2008


A "Terminator" movie without James Cameron's involvement--and especially without Arnold Shwarzenegger, is not a "Terminator" movie.

Spider on Feb 8, 2008


they were lucky to pull off the sequel with Terminator II...after that it is the same old story of going to the well only to find it has dried up...why waste the time and $$$ on another one??? why not put the talent into a NEW project or idea???

cornholio_by_the_sea on Feb 8, 2008


Maybe we'll get lucky and Terminator will become the long, lost third film in the Charlie's Angels trilogy. I can see it now. Crispin Glover is the T-50, a slightly defective and subpar model. McG is a saavy producer, but a not so good director. I mean, he's not Ratner-terrible, but he's close. I smell RAZZIE!

Alex on Feb 8, 2008


Am I the only one that strongly feels that Arnold should appear at all in the next terminator movie. He's characters whole purpose throughout the last two movies was to come back looking like a human to protect John. Well since the war has now broken out, there should be no need for the human disguises anymore. Robots should be robots and humans should be humans, its war. I dont know somebody holla back

kryptonian37 on Mar 7, 2008


kryptonian37: do you mean Arnold should NOT appear? then I agree. He doesn't carry this franchise anymore. The storyline speaks for itself now 🙂

avoidz on Mar 8, 2008


bill clinton would be perfect. the perfect terminator would come back and be elected prez...i already think dick cheney may be one.

jack on Apr 11, 2008


I'm a big fan of the franchise, but I'm extremely sceptical to this project. Even with Bale as Connor, which is great casting. No Arnold, No true Terminator. And if that was not enough, I don't think it can be done right without James Cameron..

Tomcat on Jun 3, 2008


any how there is a great expectation for the movie as we are all movie buffs whether it is arnold or josh or kockinger. the movie is gonna blast all over the world.

vijay on Nov 21, 2008

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