Judd Apatow's Next: Funny People - Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman On Board Too

June 12, 2008

Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman

We recently brought you some early information about Judd Apatow's next project, which is about stand-up comics and surprisingly aims to be "a hilarious drama," with one of the comedians having a near-death experience. Apatow regulars Leslie Mann and Seth Rogen have been on the docket for a while now, along with off-screen pal Adam Sandler in the starring role. However, as of today, the primary cast has grown to a total of six, with the addition of Jonah Hill (expected), Jason Schwartzman (kick ass!) and Eric Bana (huh?). Appropriately, the film is simply titled - Funny People.

I'm sure it's a surprise to many (and me), but Bana actually has roots in stand-up comedy in his native Australia. Personally, I can't remember when I saw the guy smile last, much less tell a joke, so this will definitely prove interesting. I suppose Apatow's gravity is so strong that it can pull in traditionally non-comedy actors, such as James Franco in the upcoming Pineapple Express. Being an Apatow project, however, I'm sure he'll bring out the best in Bana.

Equally noteworthy is Schwartzman's involvement. This is one guy whose razor-sharp, off-beat whit never tires. Setting him in an Apatow production alongside Rogen, Hill and Mann should prove absolutely brilliant. I wonder if Jason Segel or Paul Rudd will be the next to sign up? Or does Apatow already have some sort of cameo for them already lined up?

And I know Sandler and Apatow are buddies, but his involvement gives me pause. To me, it seems like Sandler represents a type of comedy that Apatow, for lack of a better word, matured past. 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, for instance, are smarter and more calculated than any of Sandler's recent vehicles. Zohan, for which I was very generous in my review, was a good laugh, written in part by Apatow, but 100% standard Sandler fare. Nevertheless, Funny People is shaping up to be a dream-team of a movie with an impressive cast. I could almost care less about the movie and would rather just see the behind-the-scenes shenanigans as they try to film this - talk about herding cats.

With Hill, Schwartzman, and Bana now on board, has this project popped up on your radar?

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Jason Segel said he wouldn't be since he's committed to How I Met Your Mother, which he'll go back to after finishing up I Love You, Man. But Paul Rudd said he doesn't have anything on his plate after I Love You, Man, so it'll be safe to assume Apatow will go for him once he finishes up. Also, I'm hoping for Jenna Fischer to come on board. I know she has The Office in the fall, but it's not like their actors don't do the show and the movie simultaneously. And it shouldn't be a problem for her considering The Office set is in Los Angeles and this movie will be filmed there.

Jay123 on Jun 12, 2008


The addition of Schwartzman has just guaranteed me paying to see this.

Jonny on Jun 12, 2008


ah. Jonah Hill..the actor that takes a lot more out of me to look at other than Seth Rogen. God..MAKE YOURSELF APPROPRIATE IN FUCKING PUBLIC YOU UGLY FUCK. or better yet DON'T COME OUT IN PUBLIC AT ALL, SEEING AS HOW YOU ARE A SHITTY "ACTOR". sorry. slow news day, so now all I can complain about are the bad actors..don't even know what this article is about. pay of no mind.

Garrett.king on Jun 12, 2008


jonah hill was on my radar after superbad!

mike on Jun 12, 2008


Eric Bana began his career here in Australia doing stand-up and comedy skit TV shows. I can't wait to see him in an Apatow comedy! It'll show the rest of the world a whole other side of his talent.

Derek on Jun 12, 2008


Ever since i heard Apatow and Sandler were making a movie together i wanted to see it, this is a great addition to an already great cast.

Curtis on Jun 12, 2008


Jonah Hill is the go-to-guy for characters who say Fuck a lot and nothing else. (Give that guy an Extreme Makeover, too.)

avoidz on Jun 12, 2008


james franco has roots in comedy. Freaks and Geeks, anyone remember

troy on Jun 12, 2008


The cast in this one is about as UNfunny as it can get. I hate the "fuck fuck fuck" Jonah.. Does he really say anything else except that word ? I always try to switch the channel as soon as I see his blank stare. The rest of the cast have not been funny for the past decade. Except Eric Bana. I have seen some of his comic stuff back in the days and it was pretty funny.

Shige on Jun 12, 2008


I think you're forgetting about "Punch Drunk Love". I think that Sandler can do very well in a dramedy if he has a good writer/script.

Zach D. on Jun 13, 2008


Jonah Hill gets a lot of shit for being the sidekick or the cameo guy. If he gets a chance to be the star, I'll bet he could carry a movie on his own. The beard is a little much though.

Joshua on Jun 13, 2008

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