Justice League and Wolfenstein Movies Both Back on Track!

August 5, 2008

Justice League and Wolfenstein Movies Both Back on Track!

Two big projects that have been otherwise dead in the water for quite some time are reportedly both back on track. Warner Brothers' adaptation of Justice League with Happy Feet's George Miller directing will apparently gear up again and start shooting sometime next year. Additionally, the big screen adaptation of id Software's Return to Castle Wolfenstein is also moving forward, with screenwriter Roger Avary currently finishing the script. As everyone no doubt remembers, Justice League was slated to start production earlier this year in Australia, but in April, Warner Brothers shut down the project until further notice - a decision we were ecstatic about. As for Wolfenstein, that project was first announced a year ago.

Although this was first unofficially reported by Peter of SlashFilm, Australia's Herald Sun also confirms that the Justice League movie is back on track and will start shooting sometime next year. Their article focuses primarily on Megan Gale, who was cast as Wonder Woman because Miller said "she blitzed her screen test." At the end of the article, they add that the project will "plan to resume filming next year." Peter has heard this, too, which is why I'm pretty sure it's true. This is definitely not good news, especially for those like me who were entirely opposed to the film to begin with. Either they better replace George Miller or commission an entirely new script from scratch (or both), otherwise this movie is doomed.

As for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, id Software's CEO Todd Hollenshead spoke with Eurogamer and gave them a quick update on the status of the project. Hollenshead said he has "recently been in contact with Roger and he's actually working on the script right now." Unfortunately he also adds that "from a progress standpoint it's probably gone a little bit slower than what we would have expected," but alas, that's how Hollywood works and the writer's strike got in the way. However, this is an adaptation that I was excited to see and one that I thought id would not screw up (like they did with Doom). With this back on track as well, I'm excited for quite an interesting set of films in the near future.

Further details on both projects can be found in the original posts for both Justice League and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I'm fearing that most people will be highly opposed to both of these. I want to give Justice League a chance, but I'm flip-flopped on my opinions. I'm probably giving Wolfenstein too much of a chance and I'm probably not giving Justice League enough. But both will require some solid proof before my opinions will change at all. Who is looking forward to seeing both of these back on track?

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I personally do not really want to see a Justice League movie. I would rather see Batman and Superman on their own. If that is not a posibility how awesome could a Batman vs. Superman movie be? Forget the Justice League and focus on what people want. By the way FIRST!!!!

CK on Aug 5, 2008


I dont really care much for the Wolfenstein movie but I would actually love to see a Justice League movie. I just hope Miller won't mess it up (Peter Jackson was a pleasant surprise when he directed the LOTR movies and made three awesome movies). The casting will be interesting. I hope Bale appears as Batman. Im not sure who should be chosen for the other roles but if they decide to add Aquaman to the characters in the movie, Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase of Entourage) should play him 🙂

neoKn on Aug 5, 2008


So I think they should do a Flash and a Green Lantern movie first, set those characters up. Flash deserves a new movie, as the first one wasn't all that fantasatic (however, when I saw it, it was better than I expected). Yet, why are we all opposed to a Justice League movie? whats the reason? I mean, I think many of us are excited for an Avengers movie, and while yes, Avengers in the end is better, tell me why we are hating on JL?

dave13 on Aug 5, 2008


Wolfenstein will be like every Weird War Two movie/game: a crippling lack of creativity combined with a disturbing love of the same tedious grey castle/corridor/tunnel and the occasional tree. Most of them never get beyond the Werewolf/Vampire/Zombie stage and when they do its usually so they can provide us with Wizards/Rocket Packs/Lightning Gun. Nonetheless, sad, addicted bastard I am I'm looking forward to it in the knowledge that if there is one thing American WW2 movies are good at its making Nazis look evil and grafting beard stubble and humour onto GI's with the sort of muscle mass you wouldn't expect from someone who's just survived the Depression and spent the last few years hiding in shell holes and living off cold ration packs.

Guy on Aug 5, 2008


I think they'd be much better off focusing on a single character like the Flash or Green Lantern. Those two characters need movies and a Green Lantern movie would kill at the box office.

Joshua on Aug 5, 2008


If Christian Bale is not Batman and Brandon Routhe not Superman, then I dont want to see it. It will suck.

HOLY SHT on Aug 5, 2008


I forgot to mention before that I would be inclined to see a Wolfenstein movie if it were done right. Either way I would watch a bad Wolenstien movie before a bad Justice League movie. Holy Sht: I don't want to see Bale as Batman in a Justice League movie. I think Nolan has made the movie more real life than what Justice League would be and it could be confusing to people by inserting him into the movie. I think Routhe would be a good choice as I though he was the best part of Superman Returns.

CK on Aug 5, 2008


I don't know that I would write off George Miller just yet. He did direct "The Road Warrior", so it's not as if he has no clue how to make an action movie. With that said, I'm still lukewarm regarding this project. Superhero movies tend to suffer when there are too many characters in need of screen time. That particular problem played a huge role in sinking the Batman franchise, though I guess we should be thankful it did as "The Dark Knight" might never have happened otherwise.

DR on Aug 5, 2008


they would really need a good trailer to convince me to see Justice League, really hope they don't mess it up.

andrew on Aug 5, 2008


Seems like a bad idea right now cause DC isn't taking the proper measures to build up this movie. At least Marvel has some type of preparation leading to the Avengers movie. Looks like DC just wanted to compete with Marvel and went ahead and just threw in whatever they could. But it's still in the early stages, so let's hope that something good will come out of this. I for one am pulling for this movie to do good, but as Alex stated... I'm just not that confident about it right now as I am of the Avengers movie. #6 - Agreed, let's hope that they go with the Avenger's route and use the same actors to portray their characters.

Omega728 on Aug 5, 2008


Will this not tarnish everything that The Dark Knight accomplished for Batman's movie character?!

Ox on Aug 5, 2008


sounds like DC isnt thinking again

Alex on Aug 5, 2008


i think DC should develop their characters in individual movies like marvel rather than just shove them all down our throats at once. green lantern and wonder woman at least and maybe even a flash movie but to lump them all in a JL movie would turn off potential fans. i mean don't get me wrong i'd see it but most younger kids only know these characters from cartoon network and NOT the comics they originated from. background stories would be muddled at best and no true sense of why there is a justice league would plague this movie and probably kill it.

thejugfather on Aug 5, 2008


Both movies are going to suck, there is no hope. No matter who works on these films they are both based on ridiculously stupid ideas.

Brad on Aug 5, 2008


Christian Bale will probably never play Batman if Nolan doesn't direct it. I think it will be hard for anyone to convince him to play the character he and Nolan have created. The Batman in Justice League will be a very different character.

Agent X on Aug 5, 2008


Ya, until The Americans kill this dumb ugly eurobitch like they always do. Like they couldn't get someone more appropriate for the role. More dumb junk from the dead entertainment industry that no one but fraud marketers watches anymore. 🙁

Debbie on Aug 5, 2008


"Wolfenstien" seems like nothing but another video-game movie, nothing worth mentioning. However, pertaining to the JLA movie, I am still torn. I want this to be the most incredible movie I have ever seen. But, the script, director, and acting choices do not inspire confindence. *Sigh*

Ajax on Aug 5, 2008


i just dont think it would be a good idea if bale wasnt batman, what would be the purpose of that?? that would just be confusing, it wouldnt be realistic. The purpose of a movie like that is to integrate the characters in the dc universe into 1 movie. Look what marvel is doing so far, they have had nick fury in iron man, and iron man in hulk. Thats how it should be done. It would also be alot better if they had individual movies first, like flash, green lantern, etc. like some of you have mentioned. Im not sure of this director/producer guy, but some of you think he wont be good but idk about him. I just think Nolan should direct everything lol. Batman was.... everything a movie should be. Lets relax and wait for possible photos and a trailer shall we?

big r on Aug 5, 2008


NO TO BALE IN JLA!!! Having Bale appear as Batman in a light-hearted JLA movie undermines everything Nolan has accomplished. It's an awful, insulting idea after TDK and a slap in the face to Nolan. Bring back Michael Keaton in JLA instead. The public would love it. Or cast Caviezel or any other respected actor, but NO BALE IN JLA!

No to Bale in JLA! on Aug 5, 2008


Actually, that sounds like a good idea. Get one of the older Batman actors to do JLA. I think that would work better than a new actor. Bale in JLA... yeah, no. don't happen. And Nolan can't direct this. It's too lighthearted. And I'm not being mean or joking, I'm being serious. It wouldn't work as well.

dave13 on Aug 5, 2008


That would be like having someone else in The Avengers as Iron Man, someone other than Downey Jr. How would that look? Terrible, i would be like wtf!?!

big r on Aug 5, 2008


In regards to the JL movie, I agree that they should focus more on the individual characters rather than the entire ensemble that makes up the team. While having Bale as Batman making a small appearance would be great, I say forget Brandon Routh. What never made sense to me, was why WB wouldn't, with the success of Smallville, just use Tom Welling as Superman. It seems as if it would be a natural progression. Fans of the show would follow him to the big screen, and then in the JL movie you could relaunch the other characters setting up individual films if they don't do it beforehand. This could also set up the reboot of the Superman franchise using Welling as Kent/Superman and already have a built in audience. Thoughts?

David on Aug 5, 2008


Hasn't this movie already been cast? Everyone is talking about their choices to play the characters, but I'm pretty sure George Miller already has the cast lines up. I thought everyone knew that Bale and Routh would not appear as Batman and Superman in this film. I recall somewhere reading that Bale himself said he wanted nothing to do with it. Routh on the other hand, should take any job he can get. Rent has to be expensive in LA. That's just 2 reasons why this will never work.

TCox on Aug 5, 2008


this is from IMDB Common ... Green Lantern / John Stewart (rumored) Adam Brody ... The Flash / Barry Allen (rumored) Teresa Palmer ... Talia Al Ghul (rumored) D.J. Cotrona ... Superman / Clark Kent (rumored) Armie Hammer ... Batman / Bruce Wayne (rumored) Santiago Cabrera ... Aquaman / Arthur Curry (rumored) Megan Gale ... Wonder Woman / Princess Diana (rumored) Zoe Kazan ... Iris Allen (rumored) Hugh Keays-Byrne ... J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter (rumored)

TCox on Aug 5, 2008


In regards to the JL movie, I agree that they should focus more on the individual characters in their own films rather than the entire ensemble that makes up the team. While having Bale as Batman making a small appearance would be great, I say forget Brandon Routh. What never made sense to me, was why WB wouldn't, with the success of Smallville, just use Tom Welling as Superman. It seems as if it would be a natural progression. Fans of the show would follow him to the big screen, and then in the JL movie you could relaunch the other characters setting up individual films if they don't do it beforehand. This could also set up the reboot of the Superman franchise using Welling as Kent/Superman and already have a built in audience. Thoughts?

David on Aug 5, 2008


#22 - As a fan of Smallville, I agree 100% about Tom Welling. The show itself jumped the shark a long time ago, but I still enjoy it. Welling has grown to be a great actor, and needs to make the transition to the big screen. (I don't count The Fog or Cheaper by the Dozen)

TCox on Aug 5, 2008


i would love to see a wolfenstien movie, not much for jl, sry.

Darrin on Aug 5, 2008


If they insist on doing a JLA film, then for the love of God just give it to Zack Snyder after he's done with Watchmen. And while your at it make it an adaptation of Kingdom Come! That way you can get away with older actors 🙂

jason_md2020 on Aug 5, 2008


#28 - I was thinking of the same thing also, a JLA based on the Kingdom Come story line, that'll be great! But I figure that won't happen until later in the series, if it does become a series. I'm pretty sure Hollywood would want to do an intro to JLA first, how they became the JLA. I for one don't mind a Kingdom Come adaptation right away, but remember that they're trying to appeal to the majority of the public first. Or they could do a KC story line first and then do a prequel kind of deal later...

Omega728 on Aug 5, 2008


I have an idea as to remedy the Batman problem. I heard that (this could've been rewriten or just a false rumor) Batman and Superman are not in it. They say that Superman would be dead (WTH?) and they just don't like Batman. So, you can add in the ending of "The Dark Knight" by saying that the JLA will not accept a "murderer" as their partner. I see that as the only way to perserve the Nolan universe and to not confuse movie goers. BTW, as with Superman, don't kill him. Use him, for he would fit perfectly.

Ajax on Aug 5, 2008


I think a JLA film is just as important as an Avengers film. Frankly; If Christian Bale is offer a good script and more importantly good money; he will play Batman. As for Nolan; he has made the best Batman Movie that will ever be made. He should not make a sequel. I just don't see a sequel topping The Dark Knight Returns. It's a masterpiece! Nolan has won the Superbowl. Winning another Superbowl without Health Ledger's joker in the film again is too risky. His Acting and Death were also an integral part in making the movie ,in my humble opinion ,a $500 Million Movie. I think Nolan should be offer The JLA Movie and as much money as he wants. If Snyder's The Watchmen does well; I think Nolan will be willing to do a costumed JLA Movie. However; he must have complete control. If Nolan takes the reigns of The JLA Movie ; he will win another Superbowl !

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Aug 5, 2008


The fact that many are excited about an Avengers movie, but are negative about a JLA movie smacks to me of the type of slavering fanboy marvel zombieism you find on IMDB. Over there, they have threads like "Does DC have any cool characters other than Batman? " (If you have to ask, all you 12 year olds are not going to get it anyway). The fact that the JLA comic inspired the "Marvel" age (Go ahead, ask Stan lee.) doesn't seem to matter to the zombies. Here is what I think: Christian Bale won't do it, but maybe they can get him for a cameo by paying a lot; Brandon Routh, whose career hasn't exactly taken off (no pun intended) would be glad to do it; George Miller-Has he directed much, especially action, since the 80's? A strange choice; Need to "pre-sell" or "set up" the heroes? Let's see...Everybody knows Supes and Bats, Wonder Woman is pretty famous. That leaves Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. You could leave out MM, he's really kinda just another Superman and they just killed him in the comics. 3 "new" heroes doesn't seem too hard; Not enough screen time per hero? You know, I really didn't hear that complaint about the X-Men movies. People (mainly some of the cast) used to say this a lot about the old Star Trek movies. By the way, none of the X-men were pre-sold or set up. All you zombies hide your faces. Both Marvel and DC have some great characters and concepts. I hope the JLA movie isn't rated R because you won't be able to get in w/o your parents.

zubzwank on Aug 5, 2008


A JLA without Batman and Superman isn't a movie anybody will pay to see, not even if they have cameos. Keaton + Welling. Problem solved. Nolan and Bale get to keep doing what they're doing without JLA campying it up. WB gets more time to figure out if they are rebooting or sequeling or shelving Superman. All the other directors get to decide on the direction of their own movies and heroes. Everybody is happy and it's free ice cream and cake for everybody.

It's so obvious on Aug 5, 2008


#32 - First off, I doubt that people are favoring The Avengers over JLA movie because they're slaving Marvel fans. It's because Marvel actually thought about how they're going to introduce The Avengers as oppose to DC just wanting to release a JLA movie without any real idea in hand. So in truth, it sounds more like you're the slavering DC fan. Second, you can't compare the X-men with JLA or the Avengers? The X-men started out and are known as a group, just like the Fantastic Four. The Avengers and JLA are separate characters that stand on their own that were brought together to make a group. Big difference! Why weren't any of the X-men characters set up? Because who's going to be interested in a movie just base on Jean Grey, or Cyclops. Not a lot of people. X-men didn't have have to worry about enough screen time for each of their characters because none of the characters needed the extra screen time except for Wolverine who is probably the only X-men that could carry a story on his own. So yes, The Avengers and JLA will have to worry about screen time cause their characters stand out more as individuals.

Omega728 on Aug 6, 2008


we are now way ready for a JL movie AT ALL... this is kinda smelling like PHAILURE already.. :'[

Carlos on Aug 6, 2008


#32 #34 is correct.1st: I don't think anyone on this thread is a " Slavering Fan Boy Marvel Zombie. "2nd: The Fantastic Four and The X-Men were created as a group. 3rd: The New Marvel Movie Production Company is better then the movie studios that did Marvel Characters before Iron Man. At the end of The Iron Man Movie; Marvel set up The Avengers Movie. Nick Fury's reference to The Avengers Initiative. They also have great Marvel Avenger's Individual Movies on a chronological production schedule. This includes Captain America and Thor. I don't like the idea of an Antman Movie. I prefer a Giantman Movie. However; I think Marvel will do a good job with The Antman Movie. I envision Antman transforming into Giantman by the end of the movie. 4th: Ad hominid attacks on our fellow commentators is childish. We are all adults and individuals and have the right to voice our opinions without insulting our fellow commentators. I am a fan of both Marvel and DC. I do believe that DC has good Characters. The problem has been that DC produced Bad movies and TV shows. The George Reeves Superman Movies,The Batman and The Batman and Robin films and The Brandon Routh Superman Movie had nothing in common with The DC Comic Characters. I know we're on a movie thread but The Smallville TV show has nothing in common with DC's Superboy and Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes Comic Books. It wasn't until Nolan came along and rejuvenated Batman with his " Batman Begins"and "The Dark Knight Returns" and put DC on an level playing field with The New Marvel Movie Production Company. It is for this reason that I stated that Nolan could do a Great JLA Film. If Snyder's Watchmen does well; he is my second choice for a JLA Movie. The Watchmen is my next must see movie. Finally; We don't have to agree with other commentators but we do have to give them the respect due to any human being. LOL #'s 32 and #34.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Aug 6, 2008


I have looked at several webistes since I first heard of a possible JLA movie in the works. For the most part all I hear is negativity about the movie. I have never read a comic book, and all I know of superheros is what I see from my 6 year old sons eyes. But I will say this. JLA is his favorite cartoon of all time. I have had to search high and low to find Flash and Green Lantern costumes and action figures. (Thank God for Ebay) So looking at this from the eyes of a child who thinks the Justice League is the greatest show ever made I hope this movie does come out. Do any of you posting remember what it was like to be a small child wanting to grow up and be Batman? The excitment of that. And I would like to think I could see his eyes light up seeing them all on big screen. He cant see the Batman movies because they are too dark for a small child. So this is a chance for him to see his favorite superheros on the big screen. Not just one at a time but ALL of them together. So if any of the movie gods are out there paying any attention to anything the general public says. There are millions of little boys out there who would love to see this, and millions of parents who would go watch it to see their faces light up at the chance to see these charachters in a live action movie.

A Little Boys Mom on Aug 9, 2008


#37 It's great to have both a woman and the mother of a little boy on this thread. I welcomed your comment. I do remember when I read my first JLA comic book. DC needs more little boys like your son . I couldn't wait for the Next JLA and Mighty Avengers comic books to arrive. A JLA PG-13 movie is possible. The Marvel Studios did it with their recently released "Iron Man" and "Hulk" Movies. I don't Think Nolan is the man for A PG-13 Movie. However; there are directors like Peter Jackson. He directed "The Lord of The Rings" Trilogy. It can be done in the same manner that The Cartoon Version of Darwyn Cooke's award winning graphic novel "Justice League- the New Frontier". I would recommend buying your son The Two Disc Special Edition which has a small figure of "Green Lantern". Peter Jackson could do a live action version of "Justice League -The New Frontier". It's like a modern version of The Lord of The Rings. An Epic saga of how Earth's Greatest DC Heroes formed the most powerful alliance ever assembled to fight evil. I believe that Peter Jackson can make an adult and children friendly comic book fantasy film. Classic Fantasy with The JLA as large as the characters in Lord of The Rings. Your son is lucky and you are a good mother. My mother thought comic books were trash. I'm sure that there are parents today who think that Superhero cartoons are trash too.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on Aug 10, 2008

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