Justice League: Mortal Leaving Australia - Even More Troubles

March 18, 2008
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Justice League: Mortal

I'm proud to report that the Justice League movie is yet again having troubles. An interesting report appeared today in The Sydney Morning Herald saying that the film might leave its production studios in Australia because it was refused the Federal Government's new film production rebate of a 40% refundable tax offset. Justice League: Mortal, as it's now officially titled, went from being on indefinite hold to being put back into production in late February, but apparently they've hit even more speed bumps as they've tried to get it back up to full steam.

The project's budget is rumored to be around $200 million, an excessive amount which easily makes this very high profile. Director George Miller, who is an Australian native himself, seems quite aggravated, stating "A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Australian film industry is being frittered away because of very lazy thinking." He continues, "If that's going to be the final decision, they're throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars of investment that the rest of the world is competing for and, much more significantly, highly skilled creative jobs."

With the announcement that the film would be moving into production again in February, we also mentioned that rumors had been circulating saying that production would be moved to Vancouver, BC anyway. At the current moment, it sounds like that's the only choice. However, Cinematical brings up another interesting point. George Miller might have been brought on to direct the film purely because of his Australian heritage and thus the opportunity to get that tax break in Australia. If that's no longer a possibility, does that mean Miller might be scrapped for someone more capable?

If you've been following our coverage of the Justice League movie, then you'll know that I'm opting for the last option - just shelve the project entirely. Start again fresh years from now with a better idea and story and a better director. This is only going to hurt the production, cause more delays, and damage the final product anyway - so why fight even more pointless battles? We'll keep you updated on the latest with the production as we hear more.

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once again allowing myself to hope that this film will be crushed.

Ryan on Mar 18, 2008


Yay!! Its like the world doesnt want this to happen 🙂

EDA on Mar 18, 2008


im glad this film gets denied again.if this movie has to happen it should be directed by someone who directed the justice league series. i have a good reason for saying that. so far the 75% of the most popular comic books hollywood has tried to adapt into film has failed and im not talking money wise im talking worth seeing. films like the spiderman trilogy really failed to reach fans and audience, and x-men 3 pretty much got screwed over, and talk for daredevil that was a shame. what hollywood has for us with comic book films another spiderman flick (bet you mary jane gets kidnapped) and another x-men ( if brayan singer is directing im there).Truth wise film makers should stick to making movies like another bad boys or something original otherwise they would lose there audience and fans

darrin on Mar 18, 2008


Well, at least we have more time to prepare before this bomb drops.

Ryan on Mar 18, 2008


Hopefully the cast gets shoved out of the plane on the way over. I'm a big Justice League fan. I'd be all over a film like white on rice. I never thought it'd get made, so I was super PUMPED when it was announced. Then I heard the cast. Man what a let down.

Davy Jones on Mar 18, 2008


I'd give anything for them just NOT to make this movie the only decent actor they cast was Common as Hal Jordan 🙁

EDA on Mar 18, 2008


"EDA"... I'm a Green Lantern fan... I'm going to refrain from using profanity, and going on a rant... But you sir don't know a single thing about The Green lantern known as Hal Jordan do you?... He's F'N WHITE!!! Your lack knowledge nearly made me want to punch a baby...

Logan on Mar 18, 2008


Your lack *OF* knowledge nearly made me want to punch a baby...

Logan on Mar 18, 2008


you dont know a single thing about the film industry you create a character then hire an actor that can portray the personality and qualities of that character (despite race, hair color, height or other phsyical traits). They could definitely find a good actor that is white but until then i'll see good quality acting but black over crappy acting but white. liked Common in American Gangster, even in Smokin Aces.

EDA on Mar 19, 2008


And i'm sure you dont want this movie to come out anyway so save your arguements for when they start a Greent Lantern film series with a Jon Stewart lead that isnt white. Try not to punch any babies, he's a comic book character. If they did a documentary on the life of Hitler with a 6-foot tall Jamacian then you have an arguement.

EDA on Mar 19, 2008


guys guys... leave the hate for the stupid people still involved with this ridiculous excuse of a movie. Also, that sucks if they really did hire Miller as director only because of the tax break they intended to get. If I were him I would just walk away from this mess.

Alfredo on Mar 19, 2008


HAHAHA!!! Oh my god!... EDA... Wow! you took it to another level... Funny how you just jumped on the race card...??? odd??? because I was not even coming from that point of view you ignorant fool... HAHAHA! Jesus christ... It was -no pun intended- "common" knowledge that Mr. Common was going to portray Jon stewart. I was simply pointing out your error, furthermore just to retort to your jump of the gun rant... I have absolutely no problem with the manner that the film industry goes about hiring actors, after all most of the time they know what there doing... and by the way I have nothing against Common, I loved smoking aces, and American gansters was awesome! I got the shiny uber collectors dvd set... I think you jumped to conclusions... I accept your apology. -Reply to second post - Dude!... It would just be a stupid mistake to have jon stewart as the lead IF! they were to make a Green lantern movie. Because everyone knows Hal jordan is the most famous, and best Green lantern of them all... Again... You just jumped to conclusions way to quickly... and look i just need one reason why they should not make this movie... No Christian bale! 'Nuff said... Peace

Logan on Mar 19, 2008


cool cool

silver on Mar 20, 2008


My only comment is when is Alex Billington going to print actually real facts about this movie and not this make believe fantasy crap he comes up with. These are not facts about the movie. This is gossip Alex picks up and puts a spin on when he writes his own version of the gossip. And a lot of people want to see this movie be made but you don't see their commenbts because Alex Billington has those comments removed. What happened to the idea of free speech Alex?

DKBats on Mar 25, 2008


EDA, You don't know what you are talking about. Green Lantern is NOT a character created for a film as you have suggested but is a long established comic book character who has been around for more than 40 years. Hal Jordan was created WHITE, and Common was not cast to be Hal Jordan. The majority of fans do not want John Stewart, they want the oldest longest running Green Lanterm, the big name, not the new guy John Stewart. And that older more popular Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, and for the sake of preserving the continuity of the character, Common does not work as Hal Jordan, whether its hgow it works in the movies or not, as you suggest, and you are wrong there. If you were right, Danzel Washington might want to try out for the part of Superman. So now how stupid does that sound when fans of a character that has been around, what, 50 or 60 years and has always been white appears on the screen and he isn't the guy they have always known? The fans all walk off, thats what happens, and the movie fails.

DKBats on Mar 26, 2008

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