Justice League Movie Dead; Wonder Woman Still Alive!

April 18, 2008
Source: CHUD, IESB

Justice League

A number of new updates on a few projects have hit today given producer Joel Silver's apperance at the Speed Racer press junket in Long Beach, California. Although I'm out here enjoying the sun as well, a few other sites picked up some interesting updates on two high profile projects: Justice League and Wonder Woman. First things first, Justice League is dead - Joel Silver confirmed it. He said its been "tabled," which means it may still be around, but not at the moment, because it's not in the way of Wonder Woman. As for that movie, Silver says it's still on with new writers and maybe even the Wachowskis.

First up, Devin at CHUD brings us the best news of the day - Justice League is "tabled." While this doesn't mean it is 100% canceled, it does mean that it won't be happening anytime soon and if it ever does happen, it will most likely have a new script, a new cast and/or a new director. Unfortunately that's the only update on that project there is, because Joel Silver isn't actually producing it. Wonder Woman is his movie and he also has an update on that one.

A Wonder Woman movie was first announced a few years ago, but it hasn't gotten too far. Now Silver tells Robert at IESB that screenwriters Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland, who originally pitched a WWII based Wonder Woman, are officially attached and working on a new script. However, this isn't going to be set in WWII at all, instead it's a new story "involving Paradise Island and her background." And that's not all, Silver hinted that Andy Wachowski had an idea of "how to open" the Wonder Woman film. What that means exactly, no one knows.

If you don't know, Joel Silver never seems to provide straightforward answers and always just throws around a few small ideas. This time these small ideas actually meant something for both movies. Unfortunately the Wachowskis involvement should be taken with a grain of salt - this doesn't mean they're involved or directing or writing or anything. As of now, all that means is they have an idea - what that turns is to is yet to be determined. Same with Justice League. While it seems pretty legitimate that the film has been canceled, it's not confirmed and all that could change depending on many different things.

We'll be sure to update you on both of these projects as soon as we hear more. For now, it sounds like Justice League is safely no longer in our sights and Wonder Woman may be turning into something a bit more incredible. But that may be just Silver trying to build interest in his projects…

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this day just got a little brighter 🙂

silver on Apr 18, 2008


There is a God.

Nick Gligor on Apr 18, 2008


Damn, I'm tired of waiting for Justice League. Bring it on. Half of the studio's problem is that they just can't make up their minds and stick to it. Like Nike says "Just Do It!" Fanboys will bitch every step of the way, no matter what, until a finished film is set in front of them. It's their nature and there's no way around it. If the studio keeps shying away waiting for the fanboys to stop pissing and moaning, they might as well get out of the genre altogether, because they'll continue to get nothing done. Those nervous nelly execs need to grow a spine.

DJ on Apr 18, 2008


Sweet, I was hoping Justice League would go back to hell where it belongs. There is just no way that would have been good, plus the problems of having characters from other franchise reboots in it. Definitely a total cluster-*#(@ waiting to happen. Hopefully the Wonder Woman gets the same fate.

interl0per on Apr 18, 2008


Anyone else worried about the Wackowski's involvement in Wonder Woman?

Drew on Apr 18, 2008


it was 1/2 of america's hopes and dreams to see a live action justice league with A-list stars playing comic book heroes but they're could be an idea for them to do the next best thing which could be a CGI version of it so everybody's hopes won't crash and burn.... just an idea.

theTruth on Apr 19, 2008


umm this has nothing to do with the article but im just curious whos that guy in green right in the middle of the pic next to aquaman?

Shelby on Apr 20, 2008


i mean, how exciting would a wonder woman movie really be? to me, other than batman and superman, these super heroes are not that exciting. but that's me, i have always been a fan or marvel and the way the universe has worked together. they have not really had some amazing heroes. i say give us CATMAN but really, batman vs predator anyone?

Taurinh24 on Apr 20, 2008


Wonder who Wonder Woman will be :). When talks first came up about it I remember Bullock in talks but she is way too old now.

Ryan on Apr 20, 2008


I hope they make Woner Woman like the one in the Justice League animated series, if she is not the female version of Superman its a waste, she should be able to fly and be as strong as superman or again its a waste!

josh on Apr 21, 2008


@Shelby That would be Martian Manhunter. ANYWAY, with Justice League temporarily derailed I think that this gives an opportunity for JLA's two main heroes' actors to get top billing for a potential film in the future once their own franchises have been wrapped up. I'm sure the studio will be iffy about the funding concerning Routh and Bale but if those two were to star I'm sure they'd break even in the first day. Hey Warner, how 'bout roundin' up the Bruce Timm team for this one?

Frame on Apr 21, 2008


Sigh. Reboot Superman, get rid of it's stiff cast, Superman's bastard child, slapstick Lex Luthor, and the drab uniform. Have the Superman reboot feature a crossover like the new Hulk reboot. For the first time, show Superman interacting with other heroes in an expanded DCU. Have the reboot lead into the Justice League movie, featuring the new Batman actor, because Bale will never do a JL movie. Only the most deluded think Bale will be content to be Batman for the rest of his life. He has one more pic left on his deal, then he is gone.

follow Marvel on Apr 21, 2008


'josh' I totally agree with you -- anything less than a fully super-powered, able-to-fly Wonder Woman would be a waste of time. Sadly, she was quite de-powered in the World War 2 script that Jennison and Strickland wrote so hopefully all that's been scrapped and they're going to keep things closer to the comic book. I especially hope Jennison and Strickland keep their new script rooted in the comic book's canon established by George Perez - the guy rebooted the comic book in 1987. He kept it firmly rooted in Greek Mythology and had her do battle with a very scary-looking Ares who had gone insane and was out to destroy the world. Along the way she did battle with Decay and other baddies and she even decapitated Deimos (the God of Terror and son of Ares) -- great scenes and I highly recommend checking all that out if you guys aren't familiar with it. There is so much amazing material in the comic that would help make for an amazing movie. There's absolutely no excuse for Silver and crew to screw this up. NONE WHATSOEVER! Get the script right, get an excellent director and cast an amazing lead actress as Diana (preferably cast a total unknown found through a very rigorous search process, or else cast Charlize Theron, the only Hollywood actress worthy of consideration) and this movie will be a BIG success!

Dei on Apr 21, 2008


More Billington BS. I can't believe that people actually believe that a movie is going to bad because a blogger who has barely started sprouting pubic hair says it stinks. I wonder why its a good idea if Still waiting for am e-mail response to my Question about what is specifically wrong with a Justice League movie Billington, you moron.

DKBats on May 4, 2008


I've always been a huge fan of Wonder Woman (the series of the 70's) and when I first got wind of this movie happening, I racked my brain trying to figure out WHO could pull off this role and fill the stilletto boots of Lynda Carter...and it finally came to me recently while watching an episode of Dancing With The Stars. Now I am solely going of looks alone right now because I have no idea how well this actress is on the big screen but I would choose SHANNON ELIZABETH. She's got the long legs, huge teethy smile/grin, sparkiling eyes and that long dark mane of hair. What cha think?

Michael on May 6, 2008


I still believe that Megan Gale should portray Wonder Woman, if not in the JL film, then at least in the WW movie. She's just too good a choice to throw away now that the JL film is on hold...yet again. sigh... Lynda Carter should most definitely portray her mother, Hippolyta. And developing the characters and relationships on Paradise Island (i.e., the Queen, Artemis, Donna Troy, etc.,) and Greek mythology (i.e., Ares, Circe, Aphrodite, etc.,) along with the characters from Man's World (i.e., Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and the Woo-Woo Girls, the Cheetah, etc.,) would prove awesome for viewers! And provide her with her iconic accoutrements (i.e., tiara that she also uses as a boomerang and video phone; earrings that can translate any spoken language; bracelets that deflect objects and can create a force field around her) as well as her other magical super powers (i.e., mimic anyone's voice; the transformation twirl; and the ability to see the good in everyone). And let's not forget to include her invisible jet/Wonderdome cast of characters. As for a No-No List, how about the following Don’ts as well: 1. Don't make her a teenager; make her 2000+ years old. It makes for a richer background and back-story. 2. Don't make her fly. She's not Superman. That's what her cool and unique invisible jet is for. 3. Don't take away her iconic costume. She wears the American flag and that's part of her unique appeal. 4. Don't make her overtly sexy/sexual. 5. Don't make her too mannish/butch. Allow her to have some curves, just not gratuitous jiggle. 6. Don't cast well-known actors other than Lynda Carter (for obvious reasons). Allow views the chance to get to know the character as the character and not some actor AS the character. Christopher Reeve and Lynda Carter are great examples of this! 7. Don't exclude villains from her comics. There are tons of great ones to use (e.g., Circe, Silver Swan, Cheetah, Dr. Poison, Ares, Dr. Psycho, etc.). 8. Don't forget to include her secret identity. The one thing that most EVERYONE who talks about WW comments on is that FAMOUS Lynda Carter twirl. There's lots of fun and excitement seeing how she'll be able to keep her secret in order to protect the ones she loves in Man's World as well as to be undercover. 9. Don't overlook the invisible jet/Wonderdome. Lots of creative possibilities and uniquely rich characters to draw upon. 10. Don't get rid of her high heels. They're silly in some ways, but she IS a comic book character, and if you look at most comic book characters, they're costumes really don't translate into the real world. But that's part of the fantasy and appeal. It's not supposed to be real world.

Kanezona on May 23, 2008


Kanezona is right! ! I want the iconic Wonder Woman too. I recently read that WW can fly like Superman. When did this happen and WHY!?!? I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Tom on Jun 24, 2008


It feels like we're so close yet so far with regard to getting a proper, ICONIC WW film out there. I'm hoping that some day, diehard WW fans like myself will finally get to see a live-action WW who will do her justice as did Lynda Carter for the small screen.

Kanezona on Jun 24, 2008


Cast un unknown. Megan Gale really was the first actress I saw who I thought could fill Lynda Cater's boots, visually at least. Give us CLASSIC Wonder Woman. No one wants a watered down "let's try to be more realistic" piece of crap. Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman, suit, lasso, bracelets, tiara, stars and all. Anything else would be a piece of crap with the Wonder Woman name on it. That's why Ultraviolet, Aeon Flux, and Elektra all bombed. People are tired of these faceless homogenized super-chicks no one cares about. Wonder Woman is as famous and visually dynamic as Superman. Use the Greek Mythology. Ares would be a great villain. I grew up with Wonder Woman NOT flying but leaping very far. I like that. The flying was a later invention and just makes her seem like everyother super hero. She should have god-like strength but not AS strong as Superman. I'm sorry I don't want to see Wonder Woman lifting mountains. Punching through walls and hurling cars, yes. Even lifting tanks. Last but not least keep Steve Trevor and definitely KEEP THE SECRET IDENTITY OF DIANA PRINCE.

Steve on Aug 3, 2008


fyi - Bale has indeed signed a rider clause for a 4th batman movie, contingent upon the success of a superman reboot that pairs the two up for a DC Classic superman vs/& Batman flick. Hopefully the new Superman reboot will match the amazing tone set by Nolan in the Dark Night and we can finally see a REAL superman, not just the young fledgling boyscout (where's "Kingdom Come" when you need it?). What we really need is a female empowered hero movie - ie Wonder Woman - done RIGHT (not this Elektra crap).

comicgeek on Aug 25, 2008


Calling people who don't like the movie script of justice league mortal fanboys? Why because they want a good movie? Mortal would have sucked. It wasn't going to have Superman or Batman. Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman started the justice league- no one else. Without them movie would have sucked. Sorry don't cal people fan boys when they want stuff close to source material. You apparently never read justice league comics or know the history.

Joey on Apr 4, 2009


Steve, you hit the nail right on the head! WW needs to retain her iconic look AND powers! That includes her accoutraments like the tiara, lasso, bracelets, even her invisible jet. Megan Gale really could do some "justice" in the part of WW. And yes, WW needs to have a secret identity and either spin and/or twirl her lasso around her body to transform into WW. That's what makes her a comic book character. She's about fantasy. NOT reality! She was created by gods and goddesses for chrimeny's sake! And let's not make her film into another Superman Returns whereby they try to make her world darker. Because like it or not, Supes and Wondy are not from dark worlds. That's the Dark Knight. Get it straight people! And get me a WW movie I can really legitamize the character to all of those folks who think that another female superhero film = Catwoman or Elecktra!

kanezona on Apr 4, 2009


Kanezona, you're so brilliantly right. It angers me that we have multiple, split franchises of the same heroes time and again but WW can't even get ONE film of her own!(?) The f'ing Punisher is getting his 3rd, yes, 3rd film treatment soon for Chissakes, but the most influential female hero is ignored or dismissed as not profit-worthy by studios (as if the first two Punisher films were??). Catwoman is the reason studios can't make money off of female heroes. Who wants to see crap? That was a 90 minute excuse for bad acting and dressing Berry in leather. Uggh. I am just as opposed to a 'Justice' movie. Marvel Studios is getting it right with the Avengers. All titles are licensed under the same house, are introduced separately, and then will be brought together. I hate to say it, but Marvel has always been ahead of the game compared to DC. They were the fist to realize they weren't only writing for children and they got the formula right for making cross-over 'team' movies. Don't get me wrong, the Batman/Bale/Nolan reboot was excellent and the kind of treatment Batman deserved, but because of licensing Batman and Superman can't be in a 'Justice' movie. A movie without them would be catastrophically idiotic. A movie WITH them played by different actors than those who are currently starring in massively successful versions of their own would be down-right stupid. Furthermore, as far as Wonder Woman goes, i don't need to see another rendering where she is relegated to the ranks of second banana to the males (a la every cartoon that's ever been aired including the latest Justice League... except her own animated film, which was fairly decent). It's just sexist. She's deserves her own film. Maybe she's so iconic they have difficulty imagining the casting. I'll give them that. It's easy to cast a movie like Elektra when it requires no more than the "Flavor of the Week Bimbo" to fill the boots.

Steve on Apr 5, 2009


Steve, I love your passion for Diana. I just wish someone in Hollywood would feel the same as apparently you and I do. Getting an iconic character like Wonder Woman on the silver screen has certainly got to be a rather daunting task. My husband and I have spent literally hours discussing this very concept: putting a live-action Wonder Woman in the theatres. We've broached on the many things to take into consideration, such as: her origin (dedicate the entire film to it, cover it superficially, or flashback to it); whether or not to feature a storyline thread or two based on the Amazons (Hippolyta, Artemis, etc.,); whether or not to explain what her acoutraments do and where they came from (from tiara on down to her boots); whether or not to include the invisible jet and it's origins; whether or not to feature Steve Trevor and if so, make him a possible love interest; how do you set up her costume change (spin, lasso twirl, or strip-tease ala Superman); do you include some of her more obscure powers from comics and tv (can mimic anyone's voice, does she power leap or fly, use her tiara as a boomerang and communication device to her mother, ability to breath underwater and in outerspace as well as translate and speak any language via her earrings); whether to have the movie take place in modern times or give her a WWII origin; where do you have Wonder Woman's base of operations be located (Wonderdome, Paradise Island, or just her apartment); which villian(s) to include (ones from the comic or new ones created especially for the movie); does she have a secret identity, and if so, how did that come about; whether or not to include Etta Candy, and if so, is she the silly morbidly obese "Woo-Woo girl" from the 40's, mousey assistant to Steve Trevor from the TV show, or secret agent and wife of Steve Trevor from the current comic book incarnation; do you include some of her other Wonder costumes (diving suit, motorcycle suit); who do you cast in the role (Megan Gale, or someone with star power GODFORBID); do you cast Lynda Carter as the Queen to make fanboys and girls happy (YES, YES, and YES); do you start tying in other superhero franchises into her film ala Marvel style; and as you can see, the list goes on and on and on. Ever since the tv show went off the air back in the late 70's I have dreamed of their being another live action version of Wonder Woman on TV. So the idea of her having her own feature film is beyond even my wildest dreams. I wish I could be a part of some focus group or expert fan or something involved in the making of this film. Her time for a film of her own is WAY WAY WAY overdue. I just hope that when all is said and done, that she is portrayed in a way that retains the character's integrity and style as well as her iconic look. That's because she is a Wonder Woman.

kanezona on Apr 5, 2009


Oh Kanezona, someone more (or at least as) heated and opinionated than me on this subject; quite rare. I love it. As for all your musings about the beloved Amazon Princess, I have a definitive opinion on each and every matter in question which you mentioned. It is, quite actually, a list too long to deliberate on in this forum. Although, I'd love a chance to try. See, this is what Losing-Money-Every-Quarter-Hollywood needs to listen to: people like you, me and your husband who together could probably assemble more than a mere decent Wonder Woman script for a film; one that would rip the white off the screen on which they project it. I know, sounds bold. Oh so many ideas though, in answer to you. A list could be made-- the island, the timeline, the concentration of plot (amazon vs. strict hero), the mythology, the costume, paraphenalia, Trevor, powers, invisible jet, villains, powers, cinematography, behavior, demeanor, tone of the film...etc. A few things here, I will touch on , though. I agree with you on nearly everything, although I have to say NO established names for the lead. If lightning in a bottle will be achieved twice, it will not be garnered fom casting a "star" in the role of princess; a star who undoubtedly comes with her own baggage and would likely be cast against type as a mere attempt at box office draw. EEK. No name, or at least minimally so. Worked with Lynda Carter, perfect formula, let's not ruin it. The change: No spin. I loved it so much... too much. It was a TV invention and was partially created by Lynda Carter. As much as it might seem homage to have it in the film, it should be Ms. Carter's alone. I would leave more to imagination here... lasso coming out of purse (or nowhere), begin to spin, cut away... come back and there's WW. That would kinda be her version of the 'Superman runs down the alley and rips open his shirt' scene. Later more of the transformation could be shown. Instead of twirling up, twirling in front of her and she leaps through the loop. AHH? It IS a magic lasso after all. And, while i like your idea of casting Carter as Hyppolita, I LOVE the idea of her playing Athena who instructs the Queen to mold a child out of clay and breathes life into her. Well, I've gone on enough. I'm curious what you think?

Steve on Apr 8, 2009


Thinking of Lynda Carter though, I loved how they wrote the part in the pilot movie. I also loved how she played it. She was so naive to how America was and seemed innocent, but still didn't understand why everyone at first glance couldn't realize she could totally kick their ass. It was like this..."I might not get this whole New World thing, but you people have a lot to learn and seriously do not know who you're dealing with. There is a better way. I hope you see it, otherwise you'll force me to show you." It was brilliant for 70's TV. Unfortunately, they, through network coersion, were forced to water it down. If they could capture that without any camp it would be genius. I admit she needs to be a fierce Amazon, more so than in the series, but it needs to be tempered with that attitude I just referred to. Diana is not angry and butch. She is compassionate and completely unafraid. Do you have the pilot, Kanezona?

Steve on Apr 8, 2009


Do I have the pilot? Do you mean, have I come up with a concept for the film?

kanezona on Apr 11, 2009


i aleast wont to see the movie befors i die they should been done this movie. And Linda Carter as the mother before she die. And they should release it on july 4 she repersense the hoilday. come on now.

damon jones 06/09 on Jun 3, 2009


Still no news on the Wonder Woman live-action film. Come on Hollywood! Give us something to keep our hope up!

kanezona on Jun 6, 2009


Wonder Woman is a little bit beyound our imagination.

ashley nicky on Jul 6, 2009


Ashley, what do mean by Wonder Woman being "a little bit beyond our imagination"?

kanezona on Jul 7, 2009


Lets not forget that Wonder Woman is the second most powerful in the DC Universe behind Superman...I don't mind her flying. This means she is not limited in transportation. She was blessed with gift of flight and speed from the Hermes, the Messenger God, so its pretty understandable as to why she can fly. I also like the fact that Superman even recognizes and respects her for her power....I mean he needed her help to move the moon (how powerful is that?). I LOVE THE REVEAMPED 1987 WONDER WOMAN. even in her ealeir years she was very power but underrated.

Ernest Johnson on Dec 31, 2009


I personally don't care for the newer flying ability for Wonder Woman. Jumping/leaping a tall building, sure, flying, leave that up to her invisible jet. Which has plenty of storyline potential in and of itself!

kanezona on Dec 31, 2009

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