Justice League Movie Doomed to Die? Hooray!

January 14, 2008

Justice League Movie Doomed to Die?

I've certainly been public about my resentment of the Justice League movie previously. I don't think I'm alone here when I say that almost everything seems bad about the project (well, not the costumes). More than anything I'm on Christopher Nolan's side, where I'm worried that it will tarnish the brilliance of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. But besides that, Warner Brothers is just doing it all wrong. They're making a Teen Titans movie with different actors (and thus different characters) and butchering it to hell with the typical Hollywood bullshit. However, an internal studio deadline is coming, and from the sounds of it, Justice League may be canned entirely!

The Hollywood Insider Blog on Entertainment Weekly posted this update last week:

"The ongoing WGA strike now has Warner Bros.' superhero bonanza Justice League of America in its crosshairs. A source tells Hollywood Insider that filmmakers would like another script rewrite and are now debating whether to begin shooting without one. The studio has a Jan. 15 deadline to either greenlight League for a spring production start -- meaning a summer '09 release -- or push it into the post-strike ether."

As Devin at CHUD also confirms via his source, nothing is going well and it's likely that it may not last too long. It sounds like everyone who might know anything about the project is saying that it's one hell of a mess. If you've been following anything on Justice League, you'll know that the casting has gone through some rough times. A couple months back it seemed like there would be a new casting rumor every day, and each new actor seemed to get worse and worse. And now 24 hours from the studio deadline, we still don't have 100% official casting confirmations!

To top that off, the Writers Strike is still in full force and that means nothing can be done about the script just yet. Husband and wife writers Michele and Kieran Mulroney were originally assigned to pen the script. I would expect Warner Brothers to be smart enough not to just green light a terrible screenplay, but that's probably just a pipe dream. Now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the worst - I'm hoping that Warner Brothers decides that this is so screwed up that they may as well just toss it in the toilet and get rid of it once and for all. At least until a real filmmaker, like Christopher Nolan, brings it up again.

Obviously if anything big happens or any announcements are made tomorrow, January 15th, we'll be the first to bring them to you. Until then, let's pose a question - does anyone think this could actually make any money if they made it as planned? Would people go see a Teen Titans-like Justice League movie full of young actors and a half-assed story?

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I've seen the worst movies imaginable (in my opinion, anyway) make un-Godly amounts at the box office, with the right marketing and release schedule. However, in my opinion this movie should not be made at all. From the get-go I have read and heard nothing positive at all about this project, from a movie-fan perspective and hardcore comic fan perspective. Just put this pathetic, lame dog of a project to sleep, and let Nolan et al do what they do best.

Nathan on Jan 14, 2008


If Warner Bros. do the Justice league Movie it would just be all bullshit would not make no money, well maybe for all the little kids but that is it I mean like us movie buffs and comic book freaks out there we would not see this train wreak.I am a script writer and I might just write the script for Justice League movie.But only if they decide to throw the first script in the toilet.I have read all the news on Justice League movie and for the first article that I have read I thought this was a bad Idea.Just let Nolan do the best.

DJ on Jan 14, 2008


I agree completely that this should never make it to the theaters. Without Routh as Superman, or Bale as Batman, this movie holds no credibility with me. I'm just happy to have bale return for "The Dark Knight". We went through too many men in the suit until Bale. We don't need another incarnation, period. Warners has to get it together, with a good script, and a better cast. Let's face it, there's no way a Justice League movie could be made that would work in the current Batman canon. But it if happened.... It's a pipe dream, but here's the cast I'd pick : Christian Bale - Batman (I personally think he's the definitive Batman for me, and I don't want to see anyone else in that suit) Brandon Routh - Superman (Routh wins by default, simply because I don't want to have to get used to another Superman, and he pulled off the best Christopher Reeve impersonation possible - if Routh is out, then give Tom Welling a shot, since he's been playing Clark Kent for the past 8 years) Jessica Biel - Wonder Woman (who better to play a fictional Goddess, than a real life one, plus the scene where she's suiting up in "Blade: Trinity" is almost like porn for me) Michael Jai White - John Stewart Green Lantern (besides the physical similarities to John Stewart on the animated Justice League, he was really good in the dreadful "Spawn" movie, and "Universal Soldier: The Return") Ryan Reynolds - The Flash (I really can't imagine anyone else pulling off the humor and ass kicking like Reynolds could, plus dude was ripped in "Blade: Trinity", so he'd fill the costume) Vin Deisel - Martian Manhunter (he's got that creepy deep voice that would be cool, bald head, and the guy really won me over with "Chronicles of Riddick", so the Sci-Fi geek in me wants to give him a shot) Russel Crowe - The Green Arrow (I'm sure I'll get some boo's on this but I'm still a huge Crowe fan, and I think he'd be great as the "anti-hero", just check him out in "3:10 to Yuma", or "Gladiator") Anyone have any ideas for these: - Black Canary - Hawkman - Aquaman

TCox on Jan 14, 2008


I agree with Nathan, in that it would more than likely make money...who knows how much though depending on how much they spent actually making the garbage. But the prospect of this movie never seeing the light of day makes me excited. It's being handled all wrong. Me, I'm waiting excitedly for an Avengers movie.

Daniel Sanders on Jan 14, 2008


I can get behind most of your cast TCox, all except Russel Crowe (who I do love also, but he just feels out of place somehow...but I probably wouldn't hate it...not as much as I hate the current Justice League cast anyway).

Daniel on Jan 14, 2008


I agree. Comic-book/Superhero movies are finally getting some respect from movie-goers and critics. This movie, done this way, threatens to take the genre back to the same status it had back in the days of Howard The Duck. If you want to do a Teen Titans movie, do the Teen Titans. Leave JLA alone until you plan to do it right.

Jedi on Jan 14, 2008


I think if they were going to do this movie they would need to use all the actors from their latest incarnations (batman begins, superman returns) and cast that generation of superhero's. I hope they really scrap this movie quickly and move on to making good superhero movies. I can't wait for The Dark Knight and I hope it turns out like Batman begins or better. and If it does, I really hope this turns into a long series of movies. speaking of which, I would like a sequel to superman returns.

avelanch on Jan 14, 2008


as for TCox's list of superheroes, I think that everything he said would be quite nice. also here are some suggestions: Ali Larter (Niki Sanders on heroes) as the black canary or Lori Loughlin (she played that part already in a single episode on the WB series birds of prey, though I'm not sure how well since I never saw it) Jason Statham as hawkman. It just seems like he would fit it well. as for aquaman, I'm not really sure. I wqas never really partial to aquaman and I would not have my feelings hurt if he were to not make an appearance.

avelanch on Jan 14, 2008


I say go with it since there gonna F*%& it up anyway.They should put Nic Cage as superman and then use george clooney again as Batman. haha how bout it since those films were flops anyways!! What a dumbass idea they have here in Hollywood. The real Justice league is Superfriends with the Wonder Twins. Not this Teen Tittie milk Justice league idea they got going. They might as well put hannah Montana as wonder woman, Dumb, dumb Idea!!!

therblig17 on Jan 14, 2008


Atleast the Writer's Strike was good for one thing.

Ryan on Jan 14, 2008


Avelanch....I love your picks! Ali Larter (Black Canary) & Jason Statham (Hawkman) would be great. I'll watch either of them even if the movie sucks (Transporter 2, Resident Evil : Apacolypse) Aquaman always felt a little useless unless they were in water (kinda like Abe Sapien without his suit) , so I'd hate for them to force a big Waterworld scene on us just to give him some screen time. Personally, I like the "Mercy Reef" Aquaman pilot that never got picked up, but I don't want see him standing next to Batman in his green and orange scuba suit. Knowing how Hollywood treats comic book properties, and how the "tweek" the origins, it wouldn't surprise me to see a bunch of 2nd stringers like Firestorm, or the Elongated Man show up. Those two would give them a reason for some over the top CGI. Daniel - If not Russell Crowe, how about Ben Foster ? (his co-star from "3:10 to Yuma, and Angel from "X-Men 3: The Last Strand of Hope For A Good X-Men Finally") Foster was brilliant in "Yuma", as well as "Alpha Dog" and "30 Days Of Night" Something that I haven't seen much discussion on is the villians. Is it even possible to put together a rogues gallery that is worthy of the big screen? They would need some cool ones that haven't been used in the previous movies. My vote is on Solomon Grundy. I can't take another Kevin Spacey pretending to be Gene Hackman pretending to be Lex Luthor. This all makes me want to just watch all 7 seasons of Smallville over again. Even the silly Justice League episodes sound better than what Warners is putting together.

TCox on Jan 14, 2008


Ok's a visual aid for our casting choices, and a few new entries (Supergirl & Hawkgirl) Sadly, Aquaman didn't make the cut.

TCox on Jan 14, 2008


TCox, Great job, seeing them laid out like that makes the movie look AMAZING! now if it were only to be the ACTUAL cast. Quick, somebody send this to WB before they screw it up any more than they already have...

Avelanch on Jan 15, 2008


In response to TCox (post 12): A question; what is the sound of one man clapping in an empty home office? Answer: What I'm doing right now. Brilliant casting, excellent graphic, I would pay to see that movie. Unfortunately I don't think WB executives have an internet connection to listen to us fans.

Nathan on Jan 15, 2008


This project seemed doomed from the begining.its like DC is just struggling 2 keep up with Marvel at the box office to no avail.As a comic fan i never really thought Justice League as live action would work.( Even with Bale and Routh)

Cyfer1 on Jan 15, 2008


TCox - I could definitly get behind Ben Foster as The Green Arrow. avelanch - I really like your picks for Hawkman and The Black Canary too. Especially Hawkman. Seeing these casting picks just makes me more disgusted on the whole current Justice League Project. Truly Disgusting.

Daniel on Jan 16, 2008


I agree that making this film would be a disaster. The thinking from the start was so Warner's would beat out the Avengers movie. They were going for the kill. All their eggs in one basket. They really don't have a clue on how to manage their superhero's. I don't know if it would make money. The general public is stupid. If they hype it up they will get a certain element who get sucked in. It sounds like they were leaning for a very young audience. Kids 5 and teenagers. Where their parents would take their kids who watch cartoon network or the WB on Saturday morning. I am a big Wonder Woman fan. And yes the JLA movie would hurt any movie down the pike. As you know that Wonder Woman has been greenlighted since 1999, and here we are 2008 and there is no news, about even of a script or director. Joel Silver excecutive producer should have been fired along time ago. And for him still there, tells you of their incompetence. Wonder Woman is not a priority. And they washed their hands of her, when they decided that her big screen debut would be in a movie, where she would be a supporting character. I have nothing but contempt for Warner Bros. They are nothing more then a money machine. And they don't have the right people in place who know what they are doing. I hope they don't make the JLA movie. But what I think doesn't matter. It's all about money. You can get sucked in, or you can be smart and avoid it all together. I'll take the later.

Jack on Jan 24, 2008


i was so excited when i heard they were making a Teen Titans movie. Honestly, that is the movie I care the most about right now, 1) because I love the teen titans, and 2) I know it could turn into a bad superhero movie. I hope so much that it will be good!

Susana on Jan 27, 2009

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