Justice League's Bruce Wayne Finally Speaks Out

September 26, 2008
Source: E! Online

Justice League

Back when that Justice League: Mortal movie was actually in development late last year, there were actual actors who had been attached and even fitted for the roles. As we know, the project has been shelved and most likely won't ever happen again (phew!), but there is still the occasional mention when articles like this pop up. One of those actors attached was Armie Hammer, a complete unknown who was supposedly cast as Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Hammer is currently shooting a film up in Canada, and E! Online had the chance to talk with him. They of course took this opportunity to ask him about playing Batman and his answers to their questions prove why this movie would've been a disaster if it had continued on.

Armie Hammer"My codpiece is bigger," is Hammer's joke about the big differences between him and Christian Bale's Batman. Though he did say "that guy's got his s--t down." I get quite nauseous even thinking about another shoddy big screen Batman not related to the one we saw in The Dark Knight. Hammer (seen to the right) recalls, "I was looking down, and I was thinking, this is the best. Then I stood up, and they turned me around, and I faced a mirror—there was Batman. But then it hit me like a ton of bricks—it's not just Batman, it's me!" What the hell is wrong with this guy? Hearing this nonsense makes me so happy that this film got canned, or else I would've had to cope with seeing this Batman on the big screen for the rest of my life.

"I would spend hours training with actual guns to prepare me for this stuff," Hammer said. "It was very intense. Our workout regimens were so rigorous that most of us would vomit." If he is indeed telling the truth, it's quite amazing to learn that this film was this far along into its production before it all came to a halt. And I really couldn't be happier that it did. Hammer seems confident that it will eventually start up again and he'll get to fulfill his dream role, but I'm much less hopeful. I really think Warner Brothers eventually realized how big of a fuck up it would be if they did do a Justice League movie and recast Batman with this guy. Thankfully that never happened, because I want my third Christopher Nolan Batman movie!

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I really want this movie to happen at some point. Question is, would Bale's Batman still be fresh in people's minds? Would the movie draw criticism or praise for diverting from Dark Knight's gritty atmosphere? Furthermore, what audience would the film be aiming to please?

vegeta on Sep 26, 2008


What the hell kind of name is Armie Hammer? Did his parents give him that name? ANYWAY, I think the Justice League movie is inevitable. Not in this build, necessarily, but before 2015, I imagine at the peak of this superhero craze. With Marvel seemingly doing such a fine job setting up their Avengers flick I really can't help but to think DC's got some ideas for their own super supergroup. BTW, I wonder what this guy's Batman suit looked like...?

Frame on Sep 26, 2008


"I would spend hours training with actual guns to prepare me for this stuff," hmmm.... don't remember Batman with guns, except a grappling gun hook

Holmes on Sep 26, 2008


his grandfather is like the owner of arm n hammer baking soda. this guy is loaded. i went to high school with him.

Chris on Sep 26, 2008


This has me worried.

Red Buttons on Sep 26, 2008


For the first time...I agree with Alex. This movie would be a major mistake. I think, however an even bigger mistake would be making Thor, Ghost Rider 2, Aquaman etc. which if you go on IMDB PRO...all of them are in production already. Really who wants to see Thor? And I thought they would learn their lesson with the first Ghost Rider. All in quote Ridley Scott...'It's kind of sad when you get a remake or a sequel." I think the same goes for most comic book movies. Hollywood found success with a few of the good comic books and tried to get rich with the decent comic books and now it's killing them.

one on Sep 26, 2008


You can't say that about all comic book movies. "ghost world" "Spider man 2" "x men 1,2" "batman begins" "TDK" "iron man". All successful in their own right. But this one will be bad. Even if you don't like Super man Returns. You can't have a justice league with different actors than the ones playing in the "real" movies. This is a bad move. however the general public will still go, just to see shit explode and wonder woman. Hollywoods problem is partly because they come up with bad ideas, It is also because they take the good ones to far.

Red Buttons on Sep 26, 2008


Why would anyone wish for a justice league movie not to happen? This is the thing that i've studied about fandom tat pisses me off. Just because you're a fan doesn't mean you somehow own it. If they can turn it into a good movie, then wtf is your problem? And if it's shit, you don't have to watch it, and if you watch it and think it's shit, it won't change your life. Grow up fans.

Darunia on Sep 26, 2008


This dude couldve been the flash or green lantern not Batman. He doesnt even have the face for the costume. There going for the square chin i see. Well loose it. Bale goes over the top alot but he is a goood batman. I had a hard time understanding him as bruce wayne cause he never left the batman role in some parts of TDK! HAHAHA

THERBLIG on Sep 26, 2008


darunia, Lets say i watch it and it sucks. Then i have lost 90 mins of my life, minutes i could have spent reading PBF comics. Now, if it sucks and i don't watch it. Well i lose nothing yes. but i lose in the sense that it justifies these movies being made and as you can see here, crap movies beget crap movies and the endless cycle continues until we are all dead. Now if i watch it and it doesn't suck, well plus for me yeah. And who here has stated we don't wish for a A justice league movie to be made. We only wish that THIS justice league movie isn't. And for me it is based purely on the actors. You can't have different actors playing the same character in the same franchises. It is just weird. And don't bring up movies in the past that have had different actors playing same characters in different movies/different eras/within the same movie, because that is different.

Red Buttons on Sep 26, 2008


Unless they do the same thing Marvel is doing at the moment this movie will be a HUGE failure if it ever happens.

Shige on Sep 26, 2008


My God Red! What has gotten into you?! You took your smart pills today to be sure. Your a MADMAN! Out of CONTROL! Way to go! "Crap movies begat Crap movies" That is brilliant! I am gonna steal that line from, it is that good! Kudos Dawg!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 26, 2008


No Shit R. Buttons, your really taking to your name and throwing some Mad-Smack Down! BTW If Megan Fox is not WW, in any version, suck or not. I will not acknowledge it's exsistance! You have impressed Clover and that is good enough for me.

D-9 on Sep 26, 2008


Hammer looks like a total tool, nobody can replace Bale as batman, so glad this got canned and lets hope it stays that way.

Curtis on Sep 26, 2008


This guy is a joke. It's amazing this movie was moving along the way it was. @5 I sure as hell want to see a damn Thor movie.

Blue Buttons on Sep 26, 2008


Thank you.

Red Buttons on Sep 27, 2008


I dont hav a shit if this movie Comes or Goes I JUST want this kind of ASS movies to be released in UGANDA or ETHIOPIA.....or Somewhere like that.DONT ever try to bring it to my place or any place where human beings live

XxX on Sep 27, 2008


I dont hav a shit if this movie Comes or Goes I JUST want this kind of ASS movies to be released in UGANDA or ETHIOPIA.....or Somewhere like that.DONT ever try to bring it to my place or any place where human beings live coz i just dont like anyone playing joke with batman/superman.Hammer or sickkle.... none can match Cristen Bale /Brandon Routh. Thank you

XxX on Sep 27, 2008


Chirstian Bale's Batman was the WORST Batman, it was the other characters who made the movies great. C'mon, what the fuck was with that voice? Christian Bale was a good BRUCE WAYNE, not Batman. Plus you can't blame this guy for taking the role, that's like everyone blaming Tommy Thayer for replacing Ace Frehley in KISS, Tommy Thayer grew up being a huge KISS fan and then slowly worked his way up as a roadie for them and then eventually after working for them for like 20 years he was asked to be the new Space Man character in KISS. Who in their right minds would say no after being a fan since childhood and always wishing he could BE his hero? Exactly. So don't blame this guy, blame Warner Brothers.

Kail on Sep 27, 2008


Thank you Kail! Finally someone who doesn’t worship at the alter of Bale Batman. I thought I was alone in this world. I totally agree with you on it all but I'm sure we'll both be flamed for finding fault with Bale's Batman since all the fanboys have mad man crushes on him. -_-; The man is not a god despite popular opinion. I'd go as far to say he’s a bit of a tool for saying he wouldn't be in another Batman movie if it has Robin in it. It might not be realistic for a boy vigilante but Robin is an important part of the Batman mythos and to completely ignore him is just stupid. Will the movie be dumb and suck more than a Jessica Alba movie? Maybe but if your that worried rent it . And as for people complaining about different actors playing the same character in the same universe that's a pointless agrument. Nolan's "realistic" Batman movies wouldn't or rather couldn't take place in the same universe that features aliens and magic folk. So Justice League Batman would just be a different Batman. DC got elseworld and parallel Dark Knights out the bum so why can't Hollywood. I don’t think the average movie go-er will give a damn one way or the other.

gogirlwonder on Sep 27, 2008


To #18 Christian Bale was the _worst_ Batman? ... that's a matter of opinion. Don't state it like the masses agree :/

LW on Sep 27, 2008


All of these castings are rumors right now right. So who knows. but I actaully like the Church of Bale, we have sermons every sunday where we watch one of his movies once a week. Its a beautiful religion. But seriously we all don't worship bale, we just find his portrayal sufficient. But First i would like to discuss the robin stuff. We know that he said he won't be in one with robin and that maybe an ego thing. Who knows. But its nolans universe and as of this point he doesn't want a robin either from what i have read. And second, i don't think that the whole argument of different actors...... Is at all pointless. I think it is very important and in case of Justice League it just shows a rush for "profits" at the sacrifice of quality. Something that we shouldn't be surprised about. Heck if marvel can get most of the same actors for its avenger movie, why not dc/warner. But we can pray, maybe with the success of TDK and Warners other comic book movies they might realize the benefits. But who knows, maybe we can see Robin with the Justice League Batman.

Red Buttons on Sep 27, 2008


lol Armie Hammer the missing character from Boogie Nights feel my HEAT!!! He looks "special"

werdnafaz on Sep 28, 2008


I think Nolan should do another movie to wrap up his interpretation of Batman's world, then they (Warner Bros.) should just leave it alone for at least five or six years. After that, do stand-alone adaptations of key graphic novels that share no continuity with any of the earlier screen versions, rather than try to start yet another cycle of sequels or reboots. Just one-off movies about Batman, like an Arkham Asylum movie, a Dark Knight Returns movie, etc. It'll never happen, but it's just an idea... And yes, this Justice League fella does sound... well... not terribly articulate, let's put it like that. But as others have said, you can't blame him for taking the job if it was offered. Who wouldn't want to be Batman, given half a chance?

Daaaave on Sep 28, 2008


In Justice League Armie Hammer's batsuit should have the gloves and finned gauntlets from Batman Begins except that they should be joined together his cape should be leather and his cowl should have longer pointed ears like the ones on the older batsuits from Batman Batman Returns Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. the chest piece of Hammer's costume should be more like a body armour with a yellow ellipse around the chest's bat-symbol as well as a yellow utility belt and a comically enlarged codpiece. He should also use an exact replica of Michael Keaton's batmobile and batarangs. The bat-signal from Batman Forever and Batman & Robin should also be used in that film. When Justice League comes out in 2011. Warner Bros. should get a new CGI shield that looks much more like their old matte painting shield from 1984-1999 with the byline underneath it: A Time Warner Entertainment Company.

Peter Glass on Dec 27, 2009

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