Keanu Reeves Confirms Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Involvement

December 17, 2008
Source: MTV

Keanu Reeves as Spike

We first reported a rumor way back in July that Keanu Reeves was cast as Spike Spiegel in an in-development Cowboy Bebop live-action adaptation. Not much has been mentioned about it since then, however, MTV talked with Reeves recently and finally got confirmation on his involvement - "we're trying to do that," Reeves said. As originally reported, Fox producer Erwin Stoff is developing the project and an unannounced writer is working on the screenplay. In addition to confirming his involvement, Reeves shared some early details on the project, including ideas for the story that they're hoping to put together. "It's so episodic and so disconnected - we're trying to figure out what pieces to put together to tell one story."

Reeves says of his appreciation for groundbreaking anime series: "It's got a western quality, a western film noir aspect to it. It's got so much style to it, and that's part of its appeal. That kind of Old West, bordertown, low-tech science fiction aspect." As for adapting it, Reeves admits it will be a challenge, but adds that "that's why you want to do it." As for the style that he mentioned, Reeves says that this project "would be a production designer’s dream - I think you just need a good production designer." I couldn't agree more, but obviously it all starts with the director and as far as we know, they haven't found one yet.

"Because it's such a short form, to make a 2 hour version [will be tough]. And it's got so much of an origin-story obligation; you've got to get people up to speed, but you don't want to do much of that. There are a lot of things to take into consideration, but we think we can do something good." I know fans of the series are already very skeptical, considering our first article on Reeves racked up some 118 comments, most of them complaining about Hollywood ruining great anime and Reeves' attachment. However, based on Reeves' statements here, I've got a feeling that this isn't going to turn out as bad as Dragonball Evolution in the end. They just need to find the right director first and maybe that will relieve everyone's fears.

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I sure as hell hope it doesn't turn out like Dragonball. Cowboy Bebop is the best anime series there is. I kinda find it hard to imagine Keanu as a loose and laid back Spike. And his The Day the Earth Stood Still robotic character makes it even harder. I just hope that they don't this one.

AZMT on Dec 17, 2008


hes gonna be a good spike, hes dry as fk and anyone whose seen the series and movie know that spikes humor is very dry most of the time. cant wait to find out more about this

tw on Dec 17, 2008


Spike is a very deep, complicated character, and Keanu is impossibly shallow and flat, all the time, every time. He is going to kill Spike. He is going to turn a loveable, very personal character into another Neo badass because FOX thinks people still want an action hero and not a relatable character. Also, #2, when was Keanu ever funny. Spike's humor may be dry, but it's laid back and well-meaning and not really negative. I can't imagine Keanu ever cracking a warm joke about anything and an audience being able to smile back at him. Blah. BLAH. I hope this project never gets off the ground.

Dan Mace on Dec 17, 2008


I for one would not want to kill the project before it does. Ever seen Constantine? Keanu was fantastic in that movie, I don't think you give him enough credit as an actor.  Its not about "When was Keanu ever funny?" Have you been to his house? Have you ate dinner with him? Talked about sports over a cup of coffee? No, so you don't really know him do you? That's the beauty of submerging yourself into a character. ACTING. That's like me saying "Look at Dan Mace leaving a comment like people care. He has never made a good comment."  As far as turning Spike into a "Neo bad-ass" it looks to me like Keanu is doing all he can to keep the same feel and characters of the story the way it is. That's all he can do, but if only one thing, he will bring more fans into the series.  The more people that come into it, the more chances someone will make a good movie. Kinda like Batman, you choose you'r favorites.

Stranger on Jul 9, 2011


Obviously you havent seen Ted and Bills Amazing adventure and Bogus Journey. In that Keanu Plays a comedic role as a skater boy talking Rockstar in the making. His character was the whole inspiration for waynes world. SO he CAN play different characters and he can play them really well. Every one just thinks he can only act like Neo, or that he has been type casted, But he didn't start like that and has been in so many movies that most people in our generation haven't seen so SHUT YOUR DAMN FACE ABOUT KEANU'S ACTING! he is brilliant! And i wish more actors like him would step up and see the potential anime posseses. At Least Keanu isn't stuck up about himself and shows emotion unlike all the other actors you see. He gave up 90% of his wage just so Gene Hackman could be filmed in the replacements. So i would say he will do alot more than other actors to support the director in films. He seems like a genuinely Awesome guy WHO takes acting very seriously. He was reading the Constantine script WHILST they were filming the third Matrix. So i believe Keanu Reeves will do a Awesome Spike. And i can't wait for this to happen. I would Rather Keanu Reeves play spike than have Zac Efron play Yagami Light in death note, if where gonna talk about actors playing live action roles.

Anonymous on Sep 11, 2011

6 i didn't read all that wow, you keanu lovers. he's just not meant for the role, I just don't see him as a good spike, simply put. nothing to do with keanu's acting talent whatsoever. Every actor has their limits and are better suited for certain roles. I, as well as others it seems, don't see the role of spike as one of those roles keanu is better suited for. don't take offense keanu lovers

Dejarldman on Jan 24, 2012


Aside from this nonsense... What does everyone think of Uma Thurman as Faye?... And any thougts around for other characters? Maybe Bruce Willis as Jet?

Dude on Dec 17, 2008


 Uma Thurman is an old ugly bitch! faye is the exact opposite!

uma thurman sucks on May 17, 2011


I can possibly see James Franco being Spike, if you add hair and minus the facial hair. But Keanu? No. Not at all. "Faye, look into my eyes. Huh Huh." That's what'll happen. And it'll be boring and still and one-dimensional. And full of suck.

Provokerella on Dec 17, 2008


I can't believe Hollywood can tell a good Cowboy Bepop story in only two hours that fans of the series will enjoy. I have seen the series and watched the animated movie if you have not seen the series you would have not know what was going on in the movie. It was like another episode. I am a strong believer that if you are going to make a live action anime that it needs to come out of Japan not Hollywood. I would rather deal with shity dubbing than have Hollywood screw with the story to make money. P.S. Reeves would suck as spike. My vote is Megan Fox for Faye Valentine.

600RR on Dec 17, 2008


Spike is overrated. And bebop is mediocre. I prefer Keanu in better roles, he is a good actor and doesn't deserve these anime characters who are less deep than a paper. Please KEANU!!! BRING 47 RONIN NOW!

Lucius on Dec 17, 2008


Always working a way in to take a shot at Dragonball, huh? Sad.

Rofl on Dec 17, 2008


its funny how raged half you pre-teens get whenever keanu reeves comes up, hes gonna be a good spike and im gonna laugh in your face when it happens ok?

tw on Dec 17, 2008


I don't even know. I was really, really hoping for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was basically born to play Spike (with/without height). JGL could pull off Spike's dry humor (considering he WAS Spike in "Brick"), but I can't see Reeves doing it well. Or at all. Eh, I'll probably see it no matter who's in it, anyway.

Jess on Dec 17, 2008


@4: don't tell me you've never seen bill & tedd? @10: joseph gordon levitt is also an excellent choice, though i think there's hope for keanu

jon on Dec 17, 2008


Reeves can be involved, but he would make a terrible Spike Spiegel. And as far as Bebop being the best anime ever, I'd put it tied with Evangelion. The two are so different they can't be compared at all.

VINCENT on Dec 17, 2008


probably should of gotten someone like jake gyllenhaal

nelson on Dec 17, 2008


Joss Whedon(Srenity) would be a good directing choice

nelson on Dec 17, 2008


I would go see a live action take on Cowboy Bebop above just about anything coming out in the next couple years. It had such original style and a deeper, more compelling story then any version of DragonBall. That said, I think given the right direction, Reeves could pull off Spike. Its just too easy for those only brave behind a keyboard to put down Keanu. The bashing on this guy is so played out. Go back to whining about Vin Diesel or someone else deserving of the dreaded 'blog bash'. I'm more worried about the screenplay. I'm not sure if they can fit a full take on the CB universe in a 2 hour shot (especially with the needed back story to catch everyone up). But I wouldn't want them to try and stretch this out to another unnecessary trilogy. Something in more of a 'Kill Bill' format would be a good compromise. Bruce could do a good Jet, but he'd better bulk up. I'm left scratching my head about Faye. The actress cannot -just- be hot, but have some actual acting skill to play that role. As hot as Megan Fox is, I don't think she's ready to take on a role like that. @15 - Ricci is a great actress, but finding a picture of her with the same hair doesn't mean she could pull off Faye's look at all. I think I'd like to see some fresh faces get their start, but I'd see it opening day no matter what. They just better have one hell of a soundtrack to do the show justice.

Get Tank! for the soundtrack! on Dec 17, 2008


Man, mentioning Kill Bill got me thinking. I wonder if Quentin Tarantino is a fan. He would do an awesome job translating CB's style to live action. Could even have Sam Jackson play Jet's old Police contact/buddy. I need to stop thinking about this.

Get Tank! for the soundtrack! on Dec 17, 2008


I think that if Keanu channels just a bit of his "Bill and Ted" acting for this role, it'd work, but I agree with the guy who said James Franco. I think he'd be a great Spike. As for Jet -- Mickey Rourke. Hands down. For Faye -- jeez, I dunno. I'd take Angelina Jolie if she was 15 years younger. Scarlett Johansson? Could be interesting. Now here's where everyone will shout me down. You know who should direct this movie? Michael Bay. Now, before you go all Cowboy Bebop fanboy on me for this (and yes I've seen the show and yes I've seen the movie), think about it. Bay is, for my money, the best director of action-with-a-little-comedy films out there. And production design on Transformers was outstanding.

Andrew on Dec 17, 2008


I could also go for Ridley Scott to direct.

Andrew on Dec 17, 2008


@15: After Speed Racer, I think Christina Ricci's disqualified herself for another anime. @16: Yesss. Whedon can do no wrong, whoever's cast.

Jess on Dec 17, 2008


^so can everybody else in that movie lol

nelson on Dec 17, 2008


Quentin Tarantino I believe would do the film a lot more justice than Michael Bay. Bay would just make it another action movie. I think this film will require some unique story telling. (Nothing agianst Bay.)

600RR on Dec 17, 2008


Reeves really got work it in this one, but Spike should prove to be pretty easy in the end. what about the others though?

xerxex on Dec 17, 2008


I am a fucking huge Bebop fan. God, I really hope this film doesn't ever get completed, in fear of Keanu playing the exact same character he always plays.

Chris W on Dec 17, 2008


I'm sure Cowboy bebop will be great, but I'm not a fan of Keanu playing spike. The tone, antics and in the ways spike can throw his body around, I don't think keanu can do all of that nor flexible enough to attempt to. As for Faye, I don't think megan Fox has the mentality to play faye. Faye needs to be some one whose a take charge kind of lady with that kick-ass mentality which I haven't seen megan do. Kelly hu or eliza dushku would be my pick for Faye, as for spike, not sure who, but personally, and i mean personally, i don't like the spike idea for him. Jet needs an older figure to play him much like a russle crowe (look) but the mind of a harrison ford. Ed, Ed is Ed and is a tomboy. As for Ein, it better well be a damn Welsh Pembroke Corgi.....

JL on Dec 17, 2008


i remember seeing Joseph Gordon-Levittt in brick and thinking he could make a good Spike Spiegel

RoseGold on Dec 17, 2008


its all up to the director, whedon would be great, but i have no idea where theyre going with this movie. its Fox so I pretty much expect it to be terrible, but cant call it this early

Allen Sharpe on Dec 18, 2008


I wasn't much of a Bebop fan. It was stylish and flashy, but other than that meh. But the movie can work out well though. A mix of western and sci-fi? Firefly/Serenity did it well on the silverscreen.

Samm on Dec 18, 2008


I am excited for it. It is one of my favorite animes and keanu makes a good spike, but he needs to get the personality down. Spike is cocky, andrenaline junky that has a dark, broken past. But he knows Jeet kun do as well. So that will be cool to see some martial arts in the film. Its not just western though its also bluesy too. The music is one of the best parts. They better have someone good doing the music/soundtrack for it. Saxaphones play a big part. Maybe someone that good at Jazz.

TIm on Dec 18, 2008



IK on Dec 18, 2008


this looks cool.

Guitar Hero on Dec 18, 2008


Puking Now...Keanu as Spike is just the Herald of how bad this movie will be. Great Dragonball / Avatar all over again, I wish Hollywood would stop trying to make an extra $$ off of good anime.

Masteradept on Dec 18, 2008


Given all the negative reaction, (high even for the internet) one would hope a producer or someone would catch wind of this and decide to change something in this project. Though, saldy without people keeping to their guns, and choosing to go see movies like this despite their objections and distate, such projects will continue... SO PEOPLE DO THE RIGHT THING AND WATCH A TORRENT OF CRAPPY MOVIES, DON"T PAY!

q42 on Dec 18, 2008


If the show must go on, at LEAST get Neveldine and Taylor to direct. IF anyone can pull it off, it'd be them. Then fill the cast with little knowns or nobodies. It's not about star power. Too much star power and it'll just be ridiculous. When has Keanu Reeves ever played anyone but Keanu Reeves in a movie? If you can't substitute Spike Spiegel into "Bill and Ted" then you can't put Keanu Reeves into Cowboy Bebop.

Kim on Dec 18, 2008


I think someone said it already. In order for Reeves to be Spike, he's really - and I mean REALLY - got to step out of anything he's done in the past and recreate his persona. Those of us who know Spike's character, almost everthing in Reeve's acting reel has to be the polar opposite of Spike. But wait a sec - Reeves only mentioned involvement here. What if by some miracle he was cast as another character? I wouldn't mind seeing him as Vicious. In fact, that right there might be a PERFECT fit. What do you think??

Noemi on Dec 18, 2008


^^^ LOL!!!

Noemi on Dec 18, 2008


@3: You have me worried now. Since you mentioned the whole FOX looking for a hero thing. Because really, in Bebop, there are no heros. They're just people living out their lives, and dealing with their pasts. There was no "happy" ending as such in Bebop. @35: I totally agree with you! I really fucking hate this whole turning anime into live action. I refuse to watch any of them!! My blood boils at the mere thought of it!! Hollywood must really be running out of ideas, since movies dont ever seem to be originals anymore. It's like theyre just trying to capitalize on what's already successful that hasn't been produced by Hollywood yet, and it fills me with rage!

exodus_127 on Dec 18, 2008


Wow, way to really just kill anything good guys. Keanu isn't an actor many people like. He sucks. That's the best I can say, he is a one trick pony. Every single character is the exact same. Thanks for the continued ruination of anything good. Please, go screw up something else. Anime is not your department guys.

Kevin Masn on Dec 18, 2008


Please, please do not make this movie. NO anime should be made into live action. Especially a great like Cowboy Bebop. Especially with a lame, emotionless, & utterly bad actor like Keanu playing Spike. Just no. Please. Dont do it.

Chris on Dec 18, 2008


Keanu reanu wakes up one morning... ":D I know kung-....noooooo.. that's not it. I'm spike spiegel! :D"

nobody on Dec 18, 2008


im worried =/ but got my fingers crossed!

Nick S. on Dec 18, 2008


Am I the only one who thinks anime shows should only have anime movies and not live action ones? And most of us agree that Keanu Reeves is a horrible actor who only plays himself in all his movies. I think Bill and Ted was the most stretching as an actor hes ever done. Why can't Hollywood leave a good thing alone?

Allen on Dec 19, 2008


WRRRRRRY? ;__; It's not that I have anything against Keneau, I rather like him actually, but HE. IS NOT. SPIKE. Just no. @10- I agree. JGL would've been a good choice.

Anon-chan on Dec 19, 2008


Joss Whedon would be a good choice of director, but my first thought was for Luc Besson. Cowboy Bebop's environment is very much like the modern Fifth Element world, but with a more western feel.

Mike on Dec 19, 2008


I can see him as spike for about a minute then I want someone else.................

SHANEDAV on Dec 19, 2008


NO! No, no, no, no....say it ain't so! Keanu Reeves is a HORRIBLE choice to play Spike. Spike would kick his butt so easily...he wouldn't even have to touch him...just his coolness alone would make Keanu look like Comic Book Guy in comparison. Who cast this?! I want them in a room, alone, for ten minutes. If you hear screaming, then give me another five minutes...

claws on Dec 19, 2008


I just hope they capture the chemistry of FAYE and SPIKE perfectly .... also in order to pull this anime off impeccably is that everything has to be dead on .... and not ow budget looking

JULIA VS FAYE on Dec 19, 2008


I’m already appalled by this Idea! I’ve been a huge fan of Cowboy Bebop since it first started to make its presents know in the states. It seems like a live action movie made in America wouldn’t capture every thing that the series has to offer and most of the Asian influences would be completely lost in translation. Though a lot of people have faith in Reeves acting ability I do not. To me he’s always the same character and he beast acting was in ‘Bill and Ted Excellent Adventure’ and every thing else he has bone he is boring and dry. How is he supposed to play a lanky, gun toting, Jeet Kune Do using, Bounty hunter believably? He already reined ‘Constantine’ when they changed to comic book character to fit him. As for Faye she’s hard to cast and really, I know I’m a bit picky about this, but Faye is actually Chinese and an Asian actress should play her. My question is how do you fit 26 episodes of Watanabe’s hard work into a 2 hours or less movie that will make fans of the series happy and new fans alike? It seems impossible to keep that balance and I hope it doesn’t become some sifi-action piece of garbage.

Nova_Beam on Dec 19, 2008


yeah.... its all been said. keanu reeves has never played anyone but keanu reeves. his comments in this article give me some hope that he understands the delicacy of this project and he will just get out of the way, but I doubt it. When I first heard of a possible movie, I was kind of excited. The more i think about it, the more I hope this movie never gets made. If it does get made, I will watch it like a good fan of the anime should... by bitTorrent.

beboplives on Dec 19, 2008


this is just laughable, but the more talk that goes on around it, the more i get anxious, and start to question how/who let keanu in on the deal!!!!???

grham on Dec 20, 2008


This is far and away my favorite anime and I was horrified to find out that Keanu is going to play Spike. Cowboy Bebop is an incredible, artful, and touching anime. It's not that I hate Keanu as an "actor", but he just doesn't have it in him to really become Spike. Whoever thought of him right off the bat needs to be kicked in the head. This pick just goes to show that the developers for the live-action movie have no idea what they have in their hands. They're going to destroy everything about Cowboy Bebop that makes it amazing.

smartwentcrazy on Dec 20, 2008


The only thing that really matters to me is that they ACTUALLY get YOKKO KANO AND THE SEATBELTS back together to score the entire thing. The music was such a HUGE part of the show and movie. Keanu, seriously...stop looking for pet projects that you obviously don't have the abilitly to do. I'll never forgive them if they fuck this up.

Whamolabass on Dec 21, 2008


They'll need to get Steve Conte AND Yokko Kano to work on the songs.

Sywyn on Dec 21, 2008


Seriously, how do we stop this from happening?

Susser on Dec 21, 2008


wow. if you don't think it's gonna be good, don't go see it. then it's not ruined for you. problem solved. maybe instead of sitting around not making movies, MORE people should be trying to make anime based movies. there's no competition right now, so noone really knows what's good and what isn't. get off everyone's back. if it hurts to do it, then don't. :p

jake on Dec 22, 2008


Spike is my favorite anime character to date... And really, Keanu Reeves?? Are you kidding me? Stick to Bill and Ted and tacky Matrix trilogies. Spike isn't dry - He's laid back. He's the type of guy that will only tell you what he's planning if he needs someone for something. If he even has a plan. Not to mention, Spike has a sense of humor... Reeves couldn't pull that off even he tried. Sorry.

NellaRose on Dec 22, 2008


I have only a slight problem with Keanu's look (the fact that it's the only look he ever has), but actually it's his comments that really discourage me. Cowboy Bebop a western? Hell no, it's a classic film noir. He's already disqualified himself if he mistakes Spike as a pure action guy. He totally misses the point if he believes "all you need is a good production designer." It's those kind of comments that make me beleieve they WON'T find the right director. Wow, I really wish Fox hadn't gotten a hold of this. (Maybe Plan B, but not these guys...) However, after seeing The Dark Knight, I'd say Christopher Nolan would be an informed choice for director and Christian Bale would be a great Spike or Vicious. (Wowzers, Heath Ledger would have made an awesome Vicious). I have to think about the others, because those would have to be informed roles as well... unless you're Hollywood trying to make a quick buck on superstar economics theory.

Chyll Will on Dec 22, 2008


If you think about it, Keanu reeves may not be the BEST Choice, but he can change how he acts, thats what makes him a good actor Who else could play Spike Speigal and look the part too anyway?

Boh-Bear on Dec 22, 2008


This is an absolute disgrace and as a fan of anime, I am absolutely mortified by the very thought of Mr. Reeves or any live actor, being involved in what will amount to be the utter destruction of what is an anime classic. Whoever is doing this should stop now so that the sickness within me doesn't consume my soul.

NICK on Dec 23, 2008


I'm trying to stay as optimistic as possible, though I definitely have some doubts. Hopefully when it comes to casting, the roles are given to the people most capable of portraying each character, no matter if they're an "A" list celebrity or a fresh face. My fear is that it becomes an explosive non-stop action packed thriller. Sure its gotta have some awesome fight scenes, but the character development and a deep storyline are what truly needs at the top (*as well as the score*). It's still way early in development, so I'll wait to complain until details are finalized, but for now I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Rachel on Dec 24, 2008


God this sucks, fox is just trying to piss us fanboys off! I say we shouldn't let them! We need to organize somehow and tell these Hollywood types that they are alienating fans! I don't want this movie to get made and I am willing to go to great lengths the stop it!

Josey on Dec 25, 2008


I have a suggestion. I am a huge enough nerd to Cosplay Spike Spiegel. While I don't know much about Keanu's acting ability, I don't see this as being his forte. He's more fit for different roles, just not Spike Spiegel. So my suggestion. I'll play Spike. For free. No charge. I'll even labor 13 hour days if I have too. I have zero acting experience, but I know Cowboy Bebop religiously. But key word here is. FOR FREE ACTOR, lets just not let this go down the wrong path. Ya. I'm not really serious here. But on a serious note. Spike Spiegel should be played by a no-name actor, so as there isn't a past stigma that comes with them. A fresh slate.

Zaid on Dec 26, 2008


Ben Stiller for Spike, Danny DeVito for Jet.

Richard C. Mongler on Dec 28, 2008


I really don't care for these live-action adaptations. Part of why I like anime is the animated aspect and the originality that I’ve only see come from anime. Things happen and can be shown in a way that's not always possible or believable in live-action or other animations, even with new effects. The information that there will be a big budget doesn’t help a whole lot either. A production like Cowboy Bebop would need lots of effects, but it would also need a loyalty to the story and characters, that’s not always promised with a lot of cash. That’s like saying fanfiction always has a loyalty to the characters, because that seems to be what is going on. Yes, it’s possible to be well done and loyal to it’s origin, but not promised. I think Hollywood is noticing "hey, anime is really popular, how can we cash in?" After what I can only call setbacks in introducing anime truly and fully for the artistic storytelling it is (with its good and bad like all things), I think Hollywood is giving in to its booming popularity while still finding a way of driving money in their direction. Seeing how comic films have done, it’s possible it’s not a terrible choice. But lately Hollywood hasn’t been thrilling me much, and few movies are original, not based off some book, comic, show, game, or past movie. I personally, though I find I'm sometimes a minority, could usually care less who is in or behind a project. Big names don't attract me, story and some evidence of good acting in trailers attract me. People that create films are supposed to be starting fresh every time and have the range to form a new story and picture in our minds without us having to judge their work only by comparison. But I’ve grown used to seeing the same old stuff from a lot of those in Hollywood. Keanu Reeves would be an example. Some roles do work for him. But I do not in any way see him doing Spike. Spike can be goofy, serious, charming, and so much more. Its not Bill and Ted goofy, it’s not Sweet November charming, and surely not the seriousness of The Matrix. It’s not to say there’s something lacking in Reeves. I think few could pull off a character like Spike. I did think Joseph Gordon-Levitt was quite an interesting choice, who I could see with a make-over and physical training pulling it off. Most of Reeves’ parts have been star and action packed. I’m not even sure I’ve seen him act enough in his films to trust him in this role. That and… in Hard Ball I saw him act a scene of anxiety, anticipation, and frustration not with his voice, and very little in his expression, but mostly in the crazy movement of his arms. “I am very monotone, but I swear I am frantic, can’t you tell by the thrashing of my arms?”

SapphireD on Dec 28, 2008


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Oh dear God NO!!!! this cannot happen. It is a classic and wonderful anime with an amazing soundtrack.

Very Angry on Dec 28, 2008


well... I love Coyboy BebopUNFORTUNATELY... I won't be watching a live action version of it if Reeves has ANYTHING to do with it...What a waste of celluloid

HeathB on Dec 29, 2008


The fact that such an excellent anime is being made into a live action film still does not sit well with me. Nor does the idea of Reeves playing Spike seem like a good one. Like everyone above mentioned, Reeves can be extremely flat, so I can't see him going from flat performances to a dry, witty, troubled bounty hunter. Spike is so much more than just his cool exterior (though that is what makes him popular) as we see later on in the series. I just can't see Reeves doing this film, I would have more hope for the movie if he weren't in it. I would also breathe alot easier if I knew that Fox weren't doing this film considering the way Dragon Ball Evolution is looking. Let's face it, Fox isn't too great at doing sci-fi films (with the exception of the X-men trilogy). On the other hand, Spike is a great chance for Reeves to prove that he's not a reptitive actor. If this Bebop film does well, then we may see a new side to Reeves that we've never seen in terms of acting. Also, everyone seems to be concerned about the acting and the directing, but what about the screenwriting; the source that both actors and the director must rely upon to bring Bebop to life. If the screenwriter happens to screw the screenplay up (which is possible, given how much of Bebop he or she is trying to put in), then the director will be left to work with crap. And one last thing, what about the score? I personally find the Bebop soundtrack to be a work of art, very well made thanks to Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts. Seatbelts and Kanno should be reunited for the live action film to add some new tunes to the Bebop universe, all the while keeping classic songs such as Tank!, the Real Folk Blues, Blue, Green Bird, Rain, and Call Me Call Me should be left in the film for fans and new viewers alike. But what do I know, I'm just a fan who bitching and moaning on the sidelines.

Very Reluctant to See Bebop Movie on Dec 29, 2008


Hi, after 123548624680486404606684434860 D.C, they finally confirme a lie like that. This film, never comes to the tv. i think this a lie. but if they can do it i really like to see keanu reeves in Spike." See ya.

brazilian crew on Dec 29, 2008


I really wish Fox wasn't picking this up because when they've gone for the cult classics, they've messed it up. Just take a look at how horrible Dragonball is going. If Reeves was about 10 years younger, I think he could do it, but he's kind of old. I bet he could get Spike's personality, but as far as being fluid with his mannerisms, that might be a problem. Spike always moved like water, ever changing, and that would be hard for anyone to do. As far as a director, Tarintino would be amazing and I really think he could live up to the futuristic, cowboy west that the Bebop dared to show us. I think Summit should swoop down and pick this up. Look at the job they did with Twilight. Catherine did an amazing job as a director and the actors were known, but they weren't huge, so we looked to them for their acting, NOT their name. A big budget is needed, and as far as the storyline goes, they should do something like Knockin' on Heaven's door. That was like a stand alone two hour episode where fans could sigh happily and newcomers weren't confused beyond all belief. That would be fantastic. Actors for Jet? I think Bruce would be good, as long as he bulks up, but he's got the role of a badass surrogate father. For Faye? I don't think Megan Fox is a good idea. She's too young for a role like that. I'd like to see Scarlett, or maybe even Jessica Alba. She's got a great look and can play the total broken woman who's constantly on the run. I think Scarlett would be great though. As for other ideas for Spike...what about Brad Pitt? Now don't go crazy on me, but he is a wonderful actor who is so diversified and I think could really pull of Spike's personality, plus he's still young enough where he's probably still flexible. I don't have any ideas for Ed. I think just a new person for Ed would probably be a better idea. Well, enough of my rambling. I'm just excited to see live action. Even if it turns out bad, it's always interesting to see how the Bebop crew is seen by other people. Oh, and P.S., they should stick with 'Tank' for the opening theme song and get the Seatbelts to come in again on a project. I think the jazz theme definitely needs to stay!

Sealena on Jan 2, 2009


"hes gonna be a good spike, hes dry as fk and anyone whose seen the series and movie know that spikes humor is very dry most of the time. cant wait to find out more about this" Are you off your ass? The thought of ever killing an anime with a LAM is stupid. Learn from the past. >.> THEN BRUTALLY murdering a wonderfully made character with a low-brow, over hyped actor on top of that!? Are you fking serious?

Mysweetbaboo on Jan 4, 2009


Oh! By the way. I hope that now that Reeves is "on board" for sure, that SOMEONE makes a protest against the murder of this wonderful anime. Dx

Mysweetbaboo on Jan 4, 2009


Whoever said Micheal Bay would be a good director is a FUCKING MORON! You think he's the best action-comedy director out there?! Have you forgotten who wrote the book on action movies as well as putting a bit a witt and humor into them? JAMES MOTHER FUCKING CAMERON! Terminator 1 and 2...both incredable action movies that had their comedic relief. of the best action movies of all time...The Abyss....such a great movie with amazing character development and screenplay...not to mention good bits of action and comedy. James Cameron was making AAA action movies when Bay was still sucking on his moms teet.

Matt on Jan 6, 2009


im sure its going to be fine ..keanu reeves is a great actor... im sure the film will be a success

ashley on Jan 7, 2009


I am almost convinced that they have people to make positive reviews for hits. xD

Mysweetbaboo on Jan 8, 2009


You guys are negative Ned's. An actor's job is to step out of their comfortable roles and trying something new each time. Doing that makes them an even better actor. Who knows, Keanu could be a really good choice for Spike if he does him...As long as he's ready to step out. As for Faye, please don't bring any of those Hollywood hookers to take her role. she may be hot but she has a significant role in the show other than wearing/looking good in skimpy clothing. We don't need that messing up the plot (like in Transformers.) The soundtrack better be hella good cuz in the show it was amazing.

Crafty Devil on Jan 11, 2009


I've actually given a lot of thought to this subject, because to me, this is the only anime that will translate to real world - it is so attached to reality, and it has the gritty feel of everyday, unlike any other anime. Now, that being said, i think the best choice for directing this piece would be either doug liman or Paul Greengrass - both from the bourne trilogy. The movie should defenitly be a trilogy. it has all the options to do so. but the first one should be as a pitch for the other two - i mean, the first one should exist as an independent piece, only attached to the other by the cleverness of storytelling (just like the series). the other componets of the trilogy should work as so too. am i making sense here? This movie is about to gain momentum, since we are entering a great economical depression. I mean, characters on cowboy bebop are dow and out's : faye is a cryo awaken who is stuck with an undesired debt by the man that woke her, spike is a yakuza drop out, jett is a retired cop making ends meet on his fishing ship, the bebop. Even radical ed uses a tomate box as furniture. This movie screams decadence and austerity. On that subject, the movie should be shot on digital, so that they achieve all that docu like feel of the series. Post-production is bound to be the fun part. and the last thing i'm hoping for, is for this movie to get an indy feel. in order for that to happen, this project should go from FOX to FOX searchlight. it should have a low budget, and every componet of the movie, should step down from the hollywood ambience. there.

karl on Jan 11, 2009


I.... Just can't see this as a good movie.... Really.... There is just way too much that goes on in the anime, or a lot of side stuff that they put in, that if they tried to condense this into a movie it would either turn out too boring, too over the top, too confusing, and/or god horrible. 1. Reeves.... I'm sorry, but for this character I think he would just stumble around with it and act like Neo thinking it's close to the same thing. Granted, Neo was pretty cool in his own sort of ways, but Spike is not Neo and I have a gut feeling that the lil part Hawaiian man is going to make that mistake. He did it on the movie Constantine, I really think he would do it again. 2. Again... Too much side story.... What is sidestory? Fluff... essentially it's fluff in what ever series, technically, it's not needed. The problem, the side story stuff in Cowboy Bebop was pretty good and well written from time to time, so despite it's nothing more than a distraction, you might want to see and it could be a let down to be left out. I'm sure there are some things in the anime you really could care less about, but there were some bounties in it that were pretty cool, but there were too many of them is the problem. Then you run into the problem where despite how unrelated that side story was, there is some smidgen of it that helps put things together in the main story. That is the true problem, and when you cram that into the movie with a cameo amount of time, someone or something is going to get lost in the whole translation. 3. Too much respect to the anime. It's a risky move, that is the long story short to this. Reading from every person's response. They either want to see it, afraid to see it, or don't want to see it at all. I personally don't want to see it. The reason why I don't want to see it is because I don't want to frown when I mention "I loved the Cowboy Bebop movie" forgetting that I mean the anime film and someone would retort "That movie with Keanu Reeves". 4. The director.... You see where most adaptations go wrong. Is because there is little to no involvement from the original writer to support it or slap the director on the hands when they start to bastardize something. You want someone who will focus on what needs to be done and what needs to be true to it. You can't pick someone because you're a cult fan of their films and honestly they borderline the risk for "Good" or "Bad" with nothing in between. I think that alone is way too high of a risk. I have to admit... Quentin Tarantino... Love some of his movies, but some things I also love of his because it's just that ridiculous or stupid that it's good. Do people really want that to be Cowboy Bebop? Granted, he COULD do something good and put on his serious face and do it right, but there is also the possibility that it could end up stupidly funny. Honestly, was Kill Bill genius good, or was it so over the top that you thought it was good? Michael Bay is next in line, Bay has done some really good stuff, but I always feel like he is a little bit bias in what he does too. A director being a little bit bias could lead to them doing something that will throw tons of people into a fit. I mean come on, in Transformers he did as much as Bumblebee shoving the Yellow Beetle (that is suppose to be Bumblebee) aside in rejection.... What are we going to have in Cowboy Beebop the movie? Ein being a Mastiff because Michael Bay feels like he likes that dog more and Ein should be a Mastiff instead of a Welsh Corgi? Summary: 1) No one wants to Neo's metamorphasis from Neo---> Constatine ---> Spike 2) The cutting of side story could make the whole story pretty lame or confusing. (The anime Akira was confusing as hell because it was condensed from a huge effing manga) 3) Too many fan boys and girls don't want to see something good possibly become something bad. 4) The director needs to be someone who WILL listen and follow carefully to the story. NOT their bias vision to it. You need a really good and serious director, not someone who would simply say, "It would be fun to direct". The moment you hear that line... everything is fucked.

Ehwhocares? on Jan 11, 2009


Noooo....WHY HIM....WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE KEANU....He SUCKS!!! He can't do anything that involves him speaking or acting human. Look at his old films...why couldn't they find someone with talen.

Yami on Jan 13, 2009


Ok...I was worried before, now it has increased to dread. While this movie may be alright, even good...I really hope that it is good, it could completely tank if they don't get the right people working on it. Reeves is an ok actor and doesn't deserve the bashing that he is getting, though I too agree that he wouldn't be a good Spike...not without streatching himself to an extreme that no one has seen before. Though I did see someone say that he would make a good Vicious...and actually he might. Spike I just don't see him as.

Zero on Jan 15, 2009


This is causing Cowboy Bebop fans to die a little on the inside. I hope sincierely that this will never happen. I don't think there's an actor out there that could portray spike in the right ways.

Ash. on Jan 17, 2009


alright. Keanu has the passive style that Spike has, for some reason i can imagine him in the scene where he drops his cigarette and the bouquet of roses. It sort of suits him. But he's also got to be able to wake up and play the intense character that Spike is. Sometimes Keanu just plays too dumb and almost looks dumb-founded when he plays a character. It's not that Keanu sucks, he doesn't suck. But if he's going to play the role of Spike, he's going to need to do some practicing and grow some balls and wake up when hes on camera. Playing that bad ass/laid back/i can kick your ass without even trying, roll is going to be a tough one. As for the actual story itself... i just hope they've got a good script writer and a good director. Making a 2 hour long film is going to be a challenge. The Cowboy Bebop Movie wasn't very good, and that was a very long animation basically... So it's tough to say the very long version of an actual live version of it could be well done 😐 Blah.

spacecowboy on Jan 17, 2009


At least I can be rest assured that no matter how bad this turns out, it'll still be better than the dub of the anime.

shingallon on Jan 19, 2009


Here's my problem(s)... 1) "It's so episodic and so disconnected - we're trying to figure out what pieces to put together to tell one story." Anyone who says this doesn't understand the show. Go back and watch it all the way through. It took me about 5 times before I fully understood it. Every single episode relates to the overall story. There is a strong theme running through, and almost every episode has foreshadowing. Also, it is the episodic nature of the feature that made the movie so bad. I had a hard time sitting through it. It wasn't visually engaging and it had the feeling of the worst session - Heavy Metal Queen. Even HMQ had relevance to the rest of the series...We learn a lot about Spike's ethics and Faye's vulnerability in that episode. Both of those are important to understand in final episode. The movie was too much about the bad guys and not about the characters fans have come to care for. If it can work, they need to focus on us caring about them, especially for people not up to speed... 2) "And it's got so much of an origin-story obligation; you've got to get people up to speed, but you don't want to do much of that." They could actually start before the show does (maybe meeting of Spike and Jet) and absolve themselves of a lot of that obligation. Spike and Jet have pasts that they are trying to escape at that point, not at the point where they meet Faye and Ed and their pasts catch up with them. It would just be a story about male friendship/trust/action and you don't have to reference the past much. The show itself never goes into exposition on Spike's past or anyone else's. We're left to fill in the rest. 3) “We’re taking the Red Eye [story], the beginning part of the series,” he explained, “and then we’ll deal with the end of the series. We’re trying to figure out [the time frame]. We’re looking at the story right now.” They are trying to take the entire story line and condense it into one film. Each episode is an individual film. Why not just develop a new story that doesn't contradict the rest of the film? The movie at least did that. Plus, these characters live and grow. They can't be tied up successfully in a nice 2-hour package. That's why it's 26 episodes long.

Shucks~Howdy on Jan 19, 2009


It is confirmed 2011 movie release, and Keanu is playing as Spike Spiegal. All i know Keanu better really Really REALLY pull it off, and make it work, i mean he better grow out his hair, look a lil scruffy or stubbled-faced, and Keanu, himself better get a hold of Steven Blum to really get the mind, personality, and soul of Spike, no if's, and's or but's. And we ALL/or some of us have to pay $9 or more just to see a theatrical film or a good movie especially in this downsizing economy, FOX and Keanu better make an AWESOME anime live film like Robert Downey Jr., made an extraordinary and awesome badass comback in IRONMAN. I know we all have our dislikes, and opinions and heresays (Keanu-bashin) but we have no choice just to take this ass-whuppin, and find out later in 2011 if we will be in anymore bitter from the beating or overwhelmed with gladness and got our voices heard and got justice and accomplished this tasks, and if not.....oh well, (my new year motto for 2009 is) "spill the beans on tha table i always say, whateva!"

MDstatus on Jan 21, 2009


Okay well i have mixed feelings about this film.. first of all there seems to be a lot of bashing on Reeves to me i can kind a see him being Spike but he would do soo much better as Vicious or possibly Vincent. As for someone to play as Faye what about Maggie Q? She's both got the looks and the attitude.. don't know about the others..i more interested in who's going to be Ed as she's my fave^^ I also hope that Watanabe is going to have A LOT of input into and a good director they must have!! Oh definitely Kanno and the Seatbelts must come back!! New songs would be sweet^^ but bring on the old ones too! Aside from who's going to play who and all, what about the world? the story? that's pretty difficult too.. I generally hate american remakes of great asian films but i'm holding out for this one! Just cause i love Cowboy Bebop and a live action of it sounds real cool!!!

A person with a view on Jan 21, 2009


Two reason why i cringe at the thought of this idea: the live-action remake of Dragonball and the fact that Cowboy Bebop is one of the best animes. But is they are gonna do it i cant think of anyone else to play Spike (get back to you on that, becuase idk about Reeves). I think Meagan Fox would be a good Faye though.

Statesside on Jan 21, 2009


I hope to god they don't cram 26 episodes to 2 hours, that would be lame. I would like to see the movie as a side story or something to do with their pasts. As for Keanu being Spike: oh no,for the love of god don't let him screw spike, i can't stand to see Keanu in a Bruce lee fighting stance And.. i would like to see the elements that made Bebop unique in the movie

anoba2 on Jan 22, 2009


Noooo. Keanu Reeves? Really? Might as well bend Bebop over and get the lube ready.

jose on Jan 23, 2009


NOOOOOOO...Cowboy Bebop will be ruined forever. How can producers and directors think they can remake an anime into live action? Boo! This will so be shit, just like dragonball.

Stephi on Jan 23, 2009


First off, this was already ruined when it got picked up by Fox. WB would have been far better suited for this endeavor. Keanu spells disaster for the film, he is as shallow as a kiddie pool. It should have been Joseph Gordon Levitt no doubt of it. If you can't see that then I would question any fans commitment to the series or you've just never been acquainted with his work, especially in Brick. If Tank isn't working the soundtrack then nothing is going to feel right anyway.

Kyle on Jan 24, 2009


No no no no no. Cowboy Bebop is one of the few examples of perfection left in this world, can we please not defecate all over it like this? Stop stop stop stop stop, please for the love of all things good and pure in life, stop.

savagemouse on Jan 26, 2009


i think that the movie will be fine, and if the movie bombs, it has nothing to do with the the anime series, because no matter what, the series will still be completely awesome, no movie can take away what shinichiro watanabe created. my only concern is, keanu reeves, seriously?! if they want the movie to bomb, that's a sure fire way to do it!!! i'll still watch it, just to see what all the hype is about, but i'm really disappointed in the fact that they would consider even ruining it with reeves as spike!!! do they think that with his name attached to the project people will actually give it a shot??

gertrude on Jan 26, 2009


Ok... this could be good... but bad at the same time Bad Points: 1)@95: I totally agree with your 1st problem. They should definitely watch through every single episode before they could even attempt to make it into a live-action film. 2) Hollywood just really wants cash now. They are turning almost anything and everything which has a wide fan base into a movie. Examples of good books/games/comics..etc being turned into or are now films: Inkheart, Eragon, Prince of Persia, Zelda. Hopefully CB won't suck as much as these films have or will. Good Points: 1) Most of the cast has still not been announced so maybe another cast member will make up for Keanu... (hopefully) 2) All you really need to make a good movie is a good director and editing team. If the acting does suck I bet the special effects might make up for that. All we can do is wait till 2011 to see the film. And hopefully the film will air around the same time it is released in the States this time. Unlike with the Deathnote live action films which weren't aired in Canada till a week after. I hope CB will be good as the first Deathnote film.

Jay and Scribblez on Jan 27, 2009


Has it occured to any of you that this movie is coming from Fox? The same company that just slaughtered Dragonball and also are still arguing over Watchmen rights? Has it occured that Spike is just more than just his cool exterior, therefore making the job ever harder for Reeves, who can only display a certain amount of emotions? The problem with those of you who think that Reeves can play Spike is that you are satisfied with any large Hollywood actor who may have some similarities between the character they are playing (ex. Daniel Radcliffe as Shinji). My suggestion is stop and think for a minute. Just because Reeves shows no emotion does not mean that he is automatically qualified to play the character. As mentioned above, Spike is much more than his cool exterior, even then, I doubt that Reeves will bring all of the character’s presence to life. Someone up above mentioned Ashton Kutcher as Spike!! What the hell??!?! Please stop throwing out random names, it just look stupid. What if I suggested that Meryl Streep should play Faye? See what I mean?

Julian on Jan 28, 2009


I think Christina Ricci would make a good Faye Valentine. Megan Fox, maybe, but those are my only choices as far as named talent goes. Djimon Honsou would be an interesting Jet...A little TOO black, perhaps, but I always thought it was implied that Jet was black (and not just because of his name). Spike, Spike, Spike...who's gonna be Spike...For some reason, I think Ryan Reynolds would be able to nail the personality, if not the looks---I don't think he could get quite thin and lanky enough to believably look the part. James Franco does sound promising. But in all honesty, I'd rather see new talent take the lead. I wonder who's going to play Vicious? If Dakota Fanning were still young enough, she'd be great for Ed! Maybe Elle could pull it off... Uma Thurman's name has been popping up here at some point...I bet she'd be a promising Julia.

Random speculations... on Jan 30, 2009


Didn't hollywood have a phase in the early 90s where they were fixated on anime? I remember particularly bad live-action adaptations of The Guyver (Bio Booster Armor) and Fist of the North Star come to mind.

History repeats itself... on Jan 30, 2009


i think he'll be alright as spike. he cleans up well. besides, i think if they direct and shoot the movie just right, who they cast as spike won't matter too much. i mean, it'll matter obviously, but not enough to merit another keanu lynching. i could totally picture uma thurman as faye. unless they decide she's too tall or something.

lucia on Jan 31, 2009


chuck norris for spike... nuff said

Jellybeen on Feb 1, 2009


They BETTER do a good job on this.

no on Feb 2, 2009


If they go through with this, it will drive an unfathomable number of fans of the series to throw themselves off of tall buildings.

Bob Dole on Feb 3, 2009


Okay, here is who I think they should cast: Faye - Kelly Hu - She's got the hairline, asian backround, body, and heartshaped face with cute lips Ed - Ellen Page - She won't get older, she has the face and body, and she tends to play young kids. she could pass as a young boy/girl [just like ed] Jet - Gerard Butler - He is barely taller than keannu reeves, but he's a lot bulkier, and has a great voice What do you guys think?

dominica on Feb 5, 2009


to be honest i woulda rather went with the bullshit pic i found where johnny depp was spike i think johnny depp would make a better spike, a laid back badass jacksparrow like character, which to be honest jacksparrow from PoC is similar to Spike in some ways

anonymous on Feb 5, 2009


You know what would really help carry this project along? If Keanu fucking Reeves wasn't fucking involved. Just a god damn thought.

Suggestor on Feb 6, 2009


Uma thurman??? wtf is wrong with your head, boy?!?

supermanwich23 on Feb 10, 2009


I think Gong Li would be a cool Faye. Also I think it's good that Keanu Reeves is doing a role against what he normally does. Sometimes all it takes is the right Director to bring out the best in an actor. I hope they can make this work. I really love the series and was hoping for a live action (anything besides the Dragonball movie). Some anime should stay anime because it's something that only works in that category, like Akira and Evangelion movie.... No, just no no noooo! lol I don't know who could be Ed I can't really think of a lot of good child actresses. I can't think of anyone for Jet right off, have to think about it. Hope they pick some good ones. If this movie turns out to be crap I'm going to be so mad.

Elle on Feb 16, 2009


I love how everyone keeps whining about how Hollywood is ruining their favorite animes. That's a load of bull. If you love an anime, you're gonna love it even after a bad movie is made off of it. I'd hate to burst your bubble but, just anime fans ARE NOT THE TARGET AUDIENCE. If Hollywood was trying to appeal only to the anime nerds, they'd make no money. They have to appeal to the general public as well. Even if the movie sucks, you're still gonna love the anime right? So quit complaining. Everyone other fan nerd said the same thing about Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. "Oh my god. This movie is gonna suck. They're gonna kill the story. Hollywood is gonna do this and that and I'm going to be so angry.." blah blah blah. (and don't say that its different because one is a book and the other anime. It's the same thing.) Fans thought those movies would suck and look how that worked. Lord of the Rings, ACADEMY AWARD WINNER and Harry Potter, highest grossing sequels. Have a little faith people! Even if they suck, you can still go back and watch the originals.

Dia on Feb 21, 2009


Hey the person named Dia.. Your Absolutely Right!!! i never thought of it that way!^-^

A person with a view on Feb 21, 2009


Wow, a lot of people are angry,about this. I'm excited to here something's being done about Cowboy Bebop. Plus Keanu Reeves would be an interesting Spike, I like what I've heard so far, now that I know it's gonna be harder for me to wait. Go Reeves! People are always complaining about who they want in movies, I think this movie has a lot of potential.

Nathaniel M on Feb 23, 2009


I REALLY DO HOPE HE DOESN'T KILL SPIKE SPEIGAL.. Spike seems to complicate for him.. Cowboy bebop is the best ever and I don't want it to ruin the image of spike spiegal..

Kirk Jenings on Feb 25, 2009


Here is my casting list with updates Jensen Ackles - Spike Spiegel Cerina Vincent - Faye Valentine Ellen Page - Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV Ron Perlman - Jet Black Jordan Ladd - Julia Michael Rosenbaum - Vicious Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Ein Carlos Mencia - Punch Paris Hilton - Judy Donald Sutherland, Randy Quaid, and Christopher Walken - The Three Old Men Graham Greene - Laughing Bull Yoko Kanno - Composer

Ryuu0470 on Feb 26, 2009


keanu is a bad actor period. he doesn't have the acting ability to play spike. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

fuma4bebop on Feb 28, 2009


oh and as far as paris hilton for judy ryuu0470 you're an idiot

fuma4bebop on Feb 28, 2009


Let's look at the facts here. 1. Animation shouldn't be adapted to cinema simply because anime, is CONSIDERED AN "ART" OF IT'S OWN. That's like taking a sculpture and deciding to draw it on the back of your chemistry test, or changing a film and adapting it to something basic like theatre... it's all backwards. Animation is designed to be a self supportive medium. My idea of it is, " don't fix what's not broke ", it's senseless.... 2. As much as I love Cowboy Bebop, I love cinema as well, I won't lie. Now, I'll admit it was exciting and I will probably sell out and watch the damn movie... However, The original director and staff for Bebop are working on the project so they might have some fight in them to keep the show's integrity, but the language barrier plus Hollywood might inevitably sabotage things... I just hope it works out for the sake of "Cowboy Bebop" legacy, but the liquor glass does seem to look half empty at this point. 3. A producer that worked on a movie called " A Scanenr Darkly" is going to be working as an executive for the upcoming Bebop. Check this movie out!...don't pay attention to the visuals when comparing to Bebop, as I doubt they'll try to make this look "cartoony".... but do pay attention to the movie's themes and central's definitely something to throw in the half glass full jar... (also, Keanu Reeves does a cool character....) 4. I like Keanu Reeves. Every "good" actor has a role for them, but I don't favor this. He can look like Spike, ect... but not my choice...but if it is live action, and it's gonna be a cinema, things change and he might do well.... 5. Mickey Rouke muthafucka. Do I have to say any more? 6. I'm curious about Vicious... and Edward.... 7. Yoko Kanno. If the music stays, they won half the battle.... if not, they better find something crazy good, because that is a hard soundtrack to out do... 8. Director?...Wes Anderson. Think about that... 9. I pray it doesn't have a sequel, which brings me to my next thought.>>> 10. Which episodes will the movie cover? Though, I'm sure it will be loosely based...they can tie in all of them if they needed to... 11. Andy. He should have a place in the movie, as stupid as that may seem... at least give him a cameo. 12. Please be Rated R. Nothing good comes from Pg-13 anymore. 13. All these Hollywood fucks can suck my dick, biotch!!!! 14. See Ya Space Cowboy...

Dr. Bebop on Mar 1, 2009


Keanu can pull it off. Thing is.. spike may be complex and deep, but spike doesn't really convey many emotions that are difficult to pull off in a convincing way. In fact his most complex and deep thoughts seem to be shown with "blank stare" and "serious stare". Something Reeves can do. I think you're all jumping the gun here. If anything, you people should be worried about the director. Let's hope Tarintino is involved somewhere (doubt it).

Get over it on Mar 2, 2009


Now, I saw the Death Note live actions, and loved them. So I have nothing against turning anime to live action if it's done right, I've seen them ruined before as well, sadly, I forgot the name of the stupid thing... anyway not the point.. I gotta vote 'No' to the Keanu Reeves thing. It just.. no.. very much no. the thought is just scary. All I can ask is; please, DON'T MESS THIS UP! I dont want to see this ruined. *fingers crossed*

Kittyn on Mar 3, 2009


Keanu cant be spike but maybe vicious

Mike on Mar 6, 2009


i love reeves as an actor. i have complete faith in him as an actor to make it work. i think he can pull off spikes laid backness feel with some humor. you have to remember its not reeves fault how spike acts in the movie. its up to the director and writers. if they took their time to watch the show then they should realize there is more to spike than just action. you have to admit it will deffinetly be better than dragonball evolution haha its going to ruin my fav anime show but reeves has the acting skill to make it work

reeves on Mar 11, 2009


How about Keanu Reeves plays some deushebag that Spike totally beats the crap out of in like a 1 min cameo in the movie... I could probably masturbate to that bwahahaha. Seriously don't let them do this guys... I like not knowing if Spike is dead or not...

DeRka on Mar 17, 2009


if hollywood fucks up yet another one of my favorite shows/books in the world i will pray everynight that hollywood goes under with america's economy(and i'm in no way religious) b/c i'm sick of loving something as much as i do cowboy bebop and then get completely disappointed by hollywood b/c they ruin EVERYTHING. They ruined Harry Potter, they OBLITERATED twilight, they destroyed DBZ and now they're going to destroy Cowboy Bebop??!!! Please hollywood for your sake and every die hard cowboy bebop fan out there if your gonna half ass this movie or make a mockery of it just don't waste your time and ours.

Amanda Serenity on Mar 22, 2009


Yuseke Iseya should be playing Spike Spiegel. Ron Perlman would be a fabulous Jet Black. Gina Torres could be a rocking Faye. She could so totally play Faye to the full extent of what that chracter is. Daryl Hannah as Julia.

Renae on Mar 26, 2009


Keanu will be a win spike Uma a good Faye who the hell is playing jet? and if they cast some chick from disney as edward, I'm going to go postal.

Heather on Mar 29, 2009


i would be the best spike atleast im not gay like reeves

eric on Apr 3, 2009


When i see al of this complaining going on i can almost hear Faye:" Men are such babies". Seriously come on it will not be a perect copy of Spike even without Reeves. And the same goes for the entire thing. And if they try to make a copy they will fail. I want them to stick to the background as good as possible and then they should make their own stuff based on it. And the only thing i really want is Watanabe watching over the project. I think then it will turn out good enough to be watched. oh you better get used to Reeves: And besides: Uchida further noted that the difficult negotiations with the 20th Century Fox film studio continued for two years until agreeable contract terms were drafted. He emphasized that the contract allows Sunrise to assert quality control by stating, “If the script is terrible, the live-action film adaptation will not be approved.”

Voice on Apr 4, 2009


i heard air bud is playing ein. and gary busey is playing jet.

squirrelatdusk on Apr 4, 2009


why the fuck did sunrise agree to this!?

ethan on Apr 5, 2009


all i have to say is..... sigh... oh and @138 that was fkin hilarious haha

Eric on Apr 7, 2009


I was excited when I first heard a live action movie for cowboy. As i thought about it I realize it will probably be terrible. The movie will have to be changed and cleaned up for the kiddies. So long chain smoking cowboys, so long gambling addiction for Faye. Then they will have Faye and Spike have a love scene to spice it up for all the people with short attention spans. Everyone will ride off into the sunset. Problem is once you make these changes it is every other piece of garbage coming out for the summer blockbusters. But it will make 100 million dollars because every 14 to 45 year old will go to see a meagan fox type run around in faye's outfit and see a Keaunu " surfs up dude" fly the swordfish through all types of explosions. Effects will be fantastic and we will all go home and wait for the DVD to come out. More proof anything good must be ruined.

Lane on Apr 14, 2009


Just reading keanu's quotes makes it seem like he's never really seen the show or the movie. Can't say its very disconnected. And it sounds like they want to piece episodes together for a movie, when they should do something like Knockin on Heaven's Door but live action different plot. Making a two hour long movie for bebop wouldn't be hard, its already been done. And if they seriously think they "just need a good production designer." they're gonna fuck this up. Design is gonna be important, but the acting is gonna make or break this. I dont see anyone that can play these characters. Keanu needs to sac it up or get cut. Joss Whedon is a great choice for directing by the way. Whoever said that is a genius. Firefly was like a live action bebop series.

Spike Mifune on Apr 17, 2009


I vote Christina Ricci for Faye!!!!!!!!! I dont know who else could play Spike, of todays top young actors non of them are very tall or badass? Keanu is hella dramatic when he is a bad guy, I really liked him in 'The Gift' and he was ok in 'The Watcher'. For some reason Michael Clarke Duncan feels like Jet to me -LOL Oh well we will see what happens, oh yeah deathnote live action did rock.

Sweeper on Apr 20, 2009


being asian, and having watched cowboy bebop for umpteenth time, i kinda find it hard to see keanu as spike...but let's give him a chance... i also hope that this hollywood adaptation of cowboy bebop is not as bad as be honest, dragonball was a roaring failure for me...they could have at least cast a "near look-alike" of gokou

eenque on Apr 21, 2009


ok I just got next week's Entertainment Weekly, he's only 5'10" but what about Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Spike.

Sweeper on Apr 21, 2009


The main thing here, if they really are going to make this movie.... would be that they have The Seatbelts do the music for the entire thing. Out of the 500 songs they have released I am sure they can find enough to fill it. Im not thrilled over Reeves playing Spike.... I mean the guy is really only good at playing stoner roles.... but if they keep the music, at the least Tank for the opening credits.... I would let this one go.

Charles on Apr 21, 2009


this is the kind of thinking that fucks adaptations. cowboy bebop live action should be just that: a flawless adapted piece. there is plenty to make a solid story. Then you'll need actors with enough balls to carry the dramatic weight of each carachter - and they do carry a heavy burden in cowboy. My opinion is, they should bring in a few geeks, feed them on a steady diet of watanabe and sunrise studio's brainstormings, and let them write their own piece alone. I still think this could work as a trilogy - sessions. And Tom waits should play the soundtrack - that way it would really stand out, and Tom has a similar vibe. Joseph Gordon Lewitt would be perfect for the role - spike is a jewish boy, he isn't that tall either. and like ki said before: throw this project unto FOX SEARCHLIGHT, turn it into a depression/futuristic spaguetti western, and you got yourself a hot ticket. add 3D, and you'll be in summer blockbusterville.

kajlo on Apr 21, 2009


Joseph Gordon Lewitt would be worse than keeanu,,personaly i think Adrien Brody is a good enough actor if they just made him look younger

E on Apr 22, 2009


and why do people think reeves is a good actor.. he is absolutely terrible and now he is losing is looks from aging i cant imagine him in any movie any the earth stood still...well maybe if he continues to act as a robot in garbage movies

E on Apr 22, 2009


Look folks, regardless of how crappy some other live-action versions of anime have turned out (Dragonball Evolution), there's a chance that this could be done very well and turn into a great thing with the right people backing it and the right actors involved. Granted, Reeves does seem like a weird choice, but most people didnt really think that Heath Ledger could go from 'gay cowboy' to 'psycho clown' and he managed to captivate people as the Joker. So dont sell the actor short just because he doesnt seem to fit the part. Also, if the script is done properly, we could be looking at a great movie or series of movies that begin and end in the same ways as the anime. Start with Spike and Jet, show how they meet the others, then throw some flashbacks in there and BAM, youve got a movie. Probably have to extend it or make a second movie to show the progression of Vicious and the end of the movie. That's the only real problem i can see here, assuming they use good writers and a good director.

Ty on Apr 26, 2009


In re: to all the people losing their shit about Bebop becoming a movie. A live action american film will not cause Cowboy Bebop to cease existence as an anime, why in the world would you react so negatively? The source material will always be there for you.

EtcEtcEtc on May 1, 2009


Well, it's time that Keanu Reeves does a decent role for a change.

Cero on May 3, 2009


These are my picks for the cast Spike --I think that Keanu could play this role. just because I can't think of any one else that could play it and do the action scenes with out looking retarded. of course if you could get Ryan Reynolds to look like him that would work. spike--Jeffrey Wright. this guy sounds, acts and looks like him. well, a lot more then bruce willis, which everyone seems to want. Faye--Olga Kurylenko. Okay. shes russian. but when you look at her she looks like faye. she just has to find a way to hide her accent. Ed--Ellen Page would have been perfect if she was younger, but now I don't know who. Vicious--Keanu could play this part aswell.

chicoboomboom on May 7, 2009


Well -- it's official. Bebop movie is gonna suck ass. LOL

Kyuu on May 14, 2009


Well... There goes my childhood. I don't know if I'd be more upset if it was really bad and I disown it. Or it's good and I have to add it to my collection.

Austin on May 15, 2009


I think Missy Peregrym, who plays Andi on the CW's "Reaper" would make a great Faye. She seems like she would have the right sense of humor to pull off the character. Somebody mentioned that Keanu can't be funny, you should check out his small role in "I Love You To Death." Classic! Also, I think his love of sci-fi and Anime would be a plus.

Cozy McFee on May 17, 2009


This Peregrym chick is too cut and looks like a dude. No way she pulls off faye. And keanue's love for anime? I hear from a friend of his that he wasn't into Cowboy Bebop, and never really saw it. If you love anime, you've seen Bebop before they cast you as Spike.

Spike Mifune on May 18, 2009


Keanu as Spike isn't THAT bad. YES, he isn't the GREATEST actor in Hollywood but he's a perfect match for Spike in my opinion. The ultimate and most important thing that's gonna fail or pass this movie is the script. Whoever's writing this better understand that Cowboy Bebop is a visual masterpiece or else the movie's gonna be Dragonball Evolution Part 2.

Loon on May 19, 2009


Keanu is too old to play Spike. Sorry, but Spike is supposed to be 27, not 47... I think James Franco could be a good Spike, considering he's proven to be a diverse actor. Similarly, Angelina Jolie is way too old to be Faye, and Megan Fox is not a good actress. She's hot, ya, but that's really all she has going for her. I think Camilla Belle maybe for Faye. She's young enough, has the right looks, and I think she could play the part. As for Jet, I totally agree with previous comments that Mickey Rourke should play the part. He's so mangled and rough, i think he would be perfect. I'm at a loss with Ed.

mashoi on May 21, 2009


hey i agree with most of the people regarding keanu as spike. but what about ED???

kevin on May 21, 2009


I think it'd be awesome if they cast relativity unknown actors rather than big shot Hollywood stars.

Michelle on May 22, 2009


Yeah, i agree with michelle, especially cuz there isn't any big names that look like, or could pull off these characters. As for Ed, theres really nobody that can play her. I wouldn't put it past em to make ed CGI, a la JAR JAR.

Spike Mifune on May 23, 2009


Keanu Reeves would tarnish the meaningful depth and rhythm that this story has. Here's my list: too old, too one dimensional, too identified as the idiot lost in a new world typecasting (which is what he is suited for) but Spike is just mellow and always aware not constantly puzzled with angry outbursts of shouting like Reeves does in every movie he's in, people not familiar will expect matrix action and that's just not how they fight, hair, build (tall, and lanky with loose flowing movements, which Reeves has none of), Give Megan Fox a chance, shes got that same look like she doesn't give a fuck about other people and could go gamble all her money away. If Reeves is already confirmed I'd rather see him shave his head, bulk up and take a kitchen knife to his face and play Jet. Well at least the Kitchen Knife maybe Cheech can convince him like he was talking about in "Nice Dreams" to get scars on his face because hes too good looking. I bet he'd fall for it. Watch "The Inhabited Island" Vasily Stepanov would make a great Spike, if he knows how to speak English. To all you Reeves fans, name one movie where he's not a wandering idiot confused and lost in a new scenario. Bill and Ted, Matrix, Point Break, A Scanner Darkly, The Replacements, Devil's Adocate, The Lake House. He should stick to these like Jason Statham sticks to the wheelman role. By the way i can't wait till Statham does his introspective driving miss daisy type of role.

Anyone but Keanu on May 29, 2009


Absolute unknowns. That's the only way I think this movie would work. Although I like the idea of Joss Whedon directing. He's certainly got the asian space/western theme down.

2 cents on May 31, 2009


how about we give Keanu Reeves a chance before we start jumping to conclusions? I just wait to see the trailer for the movie before i assume anything.... Alls i know is that vicious better be in it, and keanu better work his as off to be as agile as spike.

Spike Spiegel on Jun 7, 2009


Keanu Reeves sucks ass that there is to it and he should stick to the same shitty movies he always plays in. He will be the end to the masterpiece that is know as Cowboy Bebop.

Fuck you Keanu Reeves on Jun 13, 2009


NO!!!!!!!!! Im sorry, but NO! Keanu Reeves??? Hes NOTHING like spike! And hes a pretty crappy actor.

hannahc on Jun 15, 2009


Just cast Sean Bean as Vicious. Just imagine Alec Trevelyan with a katana, cooly saying lines like, "...and you will shed tears of scarlet." What must we do to have this?

LordGoodIdea on Jun 17, 2009


ITA. It should be unknowns with maybe big stars in the roles of Jet and Vicious. Using relative unknowns has definitely paid off for Star Trek. I like Keanu but I think he's too old for the part; Spike is supposed to be in his late twenties. If the movies are done right there could be sequels. I don't know about Megan for Faye. I always pictured an Asian actress in the role. And that character should be in her twenties as well. But whoever they choose, Faye is a complex role and the actress really needs to pull off being a woman who's only in it for herself, but also some one who can be silly while looking like a femme fatale and also be bad ass and at times vulnerable. Faye needs to be played by someone can pull off playing more of a woman than a girl. I hope they get a kick ass Spike. Spike has charisma and that's something I've never seen Keanu pull off. As far as Ed's concerned, they would really have to get a major scene stealer for that role. That role is going to be hard to cast.

ff on Jun 22, 2009


Keanu Reeves should be Viscious The girl from charlotte's web should be edward Faye should be megan fox Bruce Willis shoud be jet Ashton Kutcher could be Shin Last but not least uwe bole should be one of the random guys at the syndicate building that is killed first. also they need a live action Gundam Wing Micheal Cera as Quattre Neil Patrick Harris as Zechs(I know what you're saying but it could work i mean it would be legendary) The guy who played Yamcha as Wufei Shia LeBeof as Duo

Andy on Jun 23, 2009


check out the David Letterman interview of Keanu. I think that if he is him self more in this movie, he can pull it off.

Strangejives on Jun 26, 2009


Keanu is too old, for Spike, he could be cast as one of Jet's old police force superiors, but how likely is he to take a supporting role... If the story is good enough, he could have old syndicate ties... stuff like that. Perhaps he had a role in the gate explosion and the resulting coverup... :^)

CTYankee on Jun 27, 2009


Keanu is going to absolutely ruin spike for me, and he's also going to look f***in retarded with the afro.

iHateKeanu on Jun 28, 2009


Don't let hate blind you to possibilities. If he had been cast right after Speed... (1994) it might have worked... (allowing the whole time paradox thing) The failure will be in the apparent age of the actors vs the cannon ages of the characters. Bruce Willis is *way* too old for Jet, who is 36, I suppose it's the balding thing, but he's still pretty young. He's got to look older than Spike (age 27) and Faye (23 live, 77 frozen).

CTYankee on Jun 29, 2009


Im so excited for this movie

holograms on Jul 9, 2009


Are you frikin kidding me?? Are people actually FOR Megan FOx playing Faye?

Beau on Jul 10, 2009


First off i think whoever directs it needs to either have a love for bebop or can create a love for bebop. You need to love something to do it well i think. I also think mel gibson would be kickass for the director look at films like payback for a much less obvious and sort of ... jazzy? style of comedy. also i think bruce willis is far to small of a guy to play jet and keanu just doesnt seem like a spike... james franco would make an epic spike if they could teach him some crazy fighting moves. also back to mel gibson, it's hard to find movies with as well done violence as his, check apocalypto or the patriot. its just all really cool and i think he's either a genius or knows alot of geniuses that help him make his movies seemless. keanu's voice just doesnt work for spike and his brow line doesnt say apathetic bounty hunter with a heart of gold.

John on Jul 15, 2009


after much deliberation i've decided keanu could definitely pull it off if he gets the acting down.

John on Jul 15, 2009


#180 John, His acting skills should not be called into question -- Quite the contrary, I think his skills would prove superb towards the goal. I simply feel that is easier to suspend disbelief when a younger actor portrays an older character than the other way around.

CTYankee on Jul 16, 2009


Keanu is going to be an AWESOME SPIKE! I can't wait for this movie to come out and I hope that its gonna be WAAAAY better than how they did the DBZ movie-now they had definitely messed it up for Anime Fans who love DBZ-like me. I think that Keanu fits the role and he kinda sorta looks like Spike so all I gotta say is "Keanu, kick ass!"

Deidra on Jul 16, 2009


Wow, this is really terrible news. I hope this film never sees the theatre.

RWgirl on Jul 18, 2009


I think that maybe Keanu looks the part (just his face) minus facial hair.. Maybe just a little. I'm a little concerned about the other actors though. I don't know who would be a good fit for Ed or jet..

prose on Jul 19, 2009


Did anyone see Keanu on TMZ this week? His hair was all long n shit and looked the part. From his comments I think he understands what is cool about the series and is showing proper respect, his voice and the director are worrisome though. TBH, the casting of Jet, Faye, and Ed may be more trouble than spike.

darryl on Jul 22, 2009


Jet: Vin Deisel Faye: Rose McGowan? Ed: ?????

darryl on Jul 22, 2009


Have any of you Keanu haters actually seen a decent body of his work?! He's a much more diverse actor than you seem to be giving him credit for. Of course he plays similar characters in his block-buster hits; thats what happens with casting in blockbusters; they expect the lead actor to play to `type'. But if you watch any of his indy films (thumbsucker!), you discover he's got a better range (and a better sense of humor) than Speed or the Matrix would indicate.

Earlofthercs on Jul 23, 2009


reeves is the shit. watch bill and ted. didnt anyone see the replacements?!?!? thats exactly like spike!!! goddam u guys r retarded. he seems like a plain person cause hes always casted to play plain people. i love DBZ and so what the movie was shit. it doesnt mean i dont like DBZ anymore. i hope this movie gets made and if it sucks oh well u still have the show, and if its good then it was worth the gamble. reeves is goin to kick ass in it and u r goin to be surprised

kjnoie on Jul 25, 2009


I'm worried for this...I really am... I mean, why not just get it over with and burn my money now? BUT! I will see it. It deserves a shot, at the very least. And Reeves better try his damndist on this one. If he fucks up my childhood I will just...ugh. I'm giving him the opportunity to prove himself in my eyes and everone else's. And I swear to god if they leave out Ed because they didn't think her important enough a character, I'll lose it. And I expect an Ein, and the right breed of corgi, please hollywood!!

K Mona on Jul 26, 2009


Everything i've heard about this movie so far bothers me. Firstly Keanu Reeves cant act, i dont know how he keeps getting work. Spike is not a character whose movement and fighting style can be achieved through wire work and reeves has so far been unable to convay the humour, charm, or depth needed for Spike in any of his previous films. They could at least use a real martial artist actor, and there are no shortage, but I guess they wouldn't be able to secure as much investment from anyone but a "Hollywood star." Secondly FOX are the antichrist of American TV, at least thats what it looks like from over here in the UK. I cant remember the last decent film they made. I cant think of a worse bunch of people to be in charge of this kind of project. Finally,what about the music? The Bebop soundtrack is amazing and really sets the tone for the series, will Fox spend the money on origional Jazz/blues tracks or just throw in some pop music and generic "action movie" backing tracks over the top of endless CGI fight scenes? If this movie turns out the way I think it will, I'm not going near it. I can only hope they get a good director and surprise everyone by pulling something amazing out of the bag. Oh yeah, what about Ein. Will they use a real dog or just edit him out?

Hardcore bebop fan on Jul 28, 2009


I just read some more comments and recon Whedon directing would be a good start. As for other actors...Stephen Chow for spike? Fuck it Zaid said he'd do it for free (Comment 71). Respect on the cosplay bro. Bruce Willis could do Jet but Jet is 36 and Bruce is like over 60 now. Same goes for Ford. What about villains? Bad guys gotta act too. Keanu could work for Vicious as he is one of the most 1 dimentional and wooden characters in the series already.

Hardcore bebop fan on Jul 28, 2009


My cast would be: SPIKE: Keanu Reeves (believe it or not, I think he’ll do well! He’s good with roles featuring sparse dialog), the only other alternate would Mathew Fox IMHO JET: Sam Jackson or an actor with Sam's intensity. Jet is a big tough dude, with a soft center, the actor needs to be able to pull that off believably. FAYE: Chyler Leigh or Kristin Kreuk (Camilla Belle has the looks, but is too reserved in her performances to be Faye). The actress needs to be stunning, but have the capability to pull off fierce self reliance with an undertone of vulnerability. ED: Dakota Fanning or Ariel Winter (you need a fearless young actress to do Ed justice), possibly Rhiannon Leigh Wryn (but she may be a bit young for the role considering Ed is 12yrs old). The actress will have fun playing the role, but can't be reserved, since Ed is a free spirit in the truest sense of the word and very odd in her own way. My hope is that Dakota Fanning will play the role, she seems best suited to pull off Ed than any other. EIN: A real dog. VICIOUS: Mathew Fox or Johnny Depp (He’s a bit short for the role, but with his performance no one will notice). JULIA: Kate Bosworth or Sienna Miller (NOT Scarlett Johanson, Julia is a tortured soul and they need an actress who can do depth, not big chi chi’s!, she could play the co-host on the Big Shot tv show though...) or Nicole Kidman would be perfect… -You add Joss Whedon to help with the dialog finishes in the script (after all, the Bebop series treats humor very much like Whedon does. Essentially, it isn't forced but rather finds its way out of character's mouths at the most interesting times. -The rest of the smaller character rolls could be cameo walk ons by actor fans of the show. -If done right, this film could be big. So far the producers are demonstrating respect for the original material and that will only help the final film.

Zinjo on Jul 29, 2009


I refuse to spend any amount of money to watch keanu reeves squat down and take a shit on my favorite show of all time. As far as I'm concerned this movie isnt even being made. Maybe, a week or so after this movie comes out and I do hear some good things about it then I'll watch it. Otherwise forget it.

OniAkumu on Aug 9, 2009


I don´t agree with Megan Fox as a Faye!!! She´s not the one. Maybe Olga Kurylenko or Christina Ricci. And I refuse to watch Keanu too.

Feril on Aug 16, 2009


First off all, I can't see why it always have to bee a Hollywood movie. Leave it to a Japanese director, it's a look at American culture from the outside... It's hard to see yourself from the outside. Second, I don't hold to much against Keanu Reeves, but I would prefair fresh actors in the role (have Hollywood given up on open casting sessions and auditions??) If you put a famous actor in the role it will just be a famous face, nobody could see it as the caracter. VERY few a-list actors (with perhaps the exception of old greats like Gary Oldman) can make you forget about that you actually are watching a famous actor. It's annoying when teenagers wants someone like Brad Pitt in the role, cause its a famous face.. and the only they can think of. Get to the "ground level" and dig for fresh eagery actors and not just go for pretty famous faces to sell the movie, lazy uncreative Hollywood producers!

Henning on Aug 16, 2009


First of all, in response to everyone who says "all live action movies based on anime sucks I'm not gonna watch it" I have this to say: Then don't . Leave it at that. Shut your whiny little emo mouths and stop annoying us with all this "I WILL NOT SUPPORT THIS INJUSTICE" crap. It's a freaking movie. It's not the end of the world so shut the hell up. And if you like the Matrix movies, you have no right to complain anyway because The Matrix WAS based on an anime. Second, about Keanu Reeves being Spike, stop demonizing him before you even see the movie. There have been people who have acted in roles I never thought they'd be good in, but I saw the movie and was amazed (yes, I'm talking about Heath Ledger as the Joker.) How about you start complaining after you see the movie (provided that you're open-minded enough to see it.)My only concern with him is that he is older-looking than Spike, so there would have to be a lot of make-up and special effects involved. And as for the director, I think the Wachowski Brothers are directing it, which isn't surprising considerint that they do like anime, though Christopher Nolan would do a bang up job I think.

Jenn on Aug 17, 2009


Well, no matter if they put my mom in the role of Spike, it wouldn't matter... people would still see it out of pure curiosity 😉

Henning on Aug 19, 2009


Does anyone know if Yoko Kanno is doing the music? That will be the difference between make or break for me.

CTYankee on Aug 19, 2009


best personally i think the best spike would be Clive Owen

shadow_clown on Aug 27, 2009


Holy Crap this is going to kill me. Cowboy Bebop into a movie OK. But Keanu as Spike hell no. He can't even have more than two sentences in a line of dialog. He is a poor excuse for an actor. They should at least get Jason Scott Lee at least he as some Jeet Kun Do training when he did Dragon. Spike is supposed to be Chinese anyways.

mandowarrior on Aug 30, 2009


Director: Joss Whedon, 100% Spike: they'd be better off with me than Keanu (don't get me wrong, love him - just not as Spike) Faye: Angelina Jolie (Faye needs to be bustier than most of the previous actresses, and no, I'm not basing her off of that :P) Jet: Mickey Rourke would be good, especially bald like at the end of Sin City Julia: Kate Beckensdale, mhmmm Vicious: I have no idea, but I don't see Keanu playing him either The rest of the characters I don't think really will make that big of an impact, so they -should- be no-names in order to open up the style of the movie and maybe bring about some new talent. I can't tell you how much I think that Joss needs to be the director tho. His work in Firefly is nothing if not a prelude to an awesome CB.

case on Aug 31, 2009


Actually, shit... Donnie Yen for Vicious.

case on Aug 31, 2009


Keanu as Spike, ugh. But he does know kung-fu, right? Now if he only knew how to act. Someone mentioned Ron Pearlman as Jet,and that sound like a great fit except for the age factor. If a decent story can be created and get Yoko and the seatbelts to continue their great music for the franchise, then some acting shortcomings, errr Keanu, might be overlooked. Storywise just start from Jet and Spike's beginning as a duo and somewhere along the way introduce Faye and Ed. Don't get into the Viscious or Julia stuff, leave that for a second movie if this actually works. And this has real potential to work if done correctly, kind of having a Peter Jackson like respect with the Rings trilogy would in my mind go a long way. Know the series, the characters, and all the quirks that we all love. This movie does not need to blend into the mythology of the animated series, so a decent plot and execution of it can be easily created. Come on their bounty hunters. Casting wise, quantity does not trump quality. Meaning don't sacrifice good supportive acting just so the movie can be loaded with name actors. This is supposed to be character driven, not shit blowing up every other heartbeat and cheesy one-liners. Personally I do believe thus can be a good movie, you just get that feeling that its possible. Dragonball, from the first moment I heard about it as live action movie, I knew it would be awful, and I loved the series and still do. A bad live action will not ruin the legacy of Bebop if everyone would realize what the is intended to be, and that is something different altogether. If the movie is good, all the better for us. If it's crap, did we expect any different. Oh well, its all about the people putting the movie together. Its all about the characters, on the screen and behind it.

doomgaze76 on Sep 1, 2009


With Keanu Cowboy Bebop will be trash- -- a better Spike, especially with a bushy hair would be Vincent Cassel. Hands down.

Jon the Rob-ot on Sep 3, 2009


Sigh, to all these guys saying that Neo can pull it off because all Spike does is a dry/blank stare with dry humor..., you guys are clearly either idiots or have never watched the show are maybe someone paid just to hype of Neo. Spike is pretty much considered one of the deepest and three dimensional characters in anime. I really like Keanu but there is no way he can pull off a good Spike. There are few actors with the ability to play his character and most of them don't even look like him.

Jerome C on Sep 4, 2009


Jack black or Tom Hanks would play spike perfectly i think

The sarge on Sep 4, 2009


Omg!! This I gotta c Keanu is one of my fav actors, and Cowboy Bebop one of my fav animes!! I just found out today about this, it's gonna be awesome, there couldn't a better actor for this anime character, n for some reason, when i watched this anime, he came to my mind.. He's a great actor n i'm sure he's gonna do a great job!! Love u Keanu!!!?

Liz on Sep 8, 2009


Dude; chill. Take a moment -- Perhaps you need to read-up a little on the genre... (look at who I'm asking to read) {sorry, folks} This is a _message_ board, we're not the ones that are steaming you off. A little restraint please. The plural of "anecdote" is not "data". -- anon

CTYankee on Sep 11, 2009


I wouldn't ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever let Quentin Tarentino get anywhere near ANYTHING I love as much as this. He's the most over-rated, biggest no-talent hack in the history of Hollywood! My Choices So Far: Bear in mind that I have almost no idea who the younger actors are these days. Jennifer Garner or that chick from "Dark Angel" as Faye could be interesting. I was thinking that Bruce Willis was looking a little old these days, but maybe he'd work for Jet... Anybody but Reeves for Spike. Jake Gillanhall seems like too much of a pansy. Hell, I don't know... For Radical Edward, maybe a butched-up Dakota Fanning? Shit....I suck at this.

Chris on Sep 16, 2009


I'll watch the movie. I don't care who comes out in it. If it's bad , well..sad, but we have the anime. If someone don't like the cast for the cowboy bebop movie then just don't watch it. I saw the Dragon Ball Evolution movie, cuz i'm a fan of DBZ and wanted to see it, even when I didn't like the cast for it. But I really wouldn't watch that movie again. 😛

zel on Sep 23, 2009


oh my god. all of you homos stfu about keanu reeves. if you refuse to see it based on something like that, you're a retard. obviously the creators of the series had to approve all this stuff, and i think they would know what they're doing since they created the damn thing. quit whining so much and go back to your hentai.

jessie on Oct 11, 2009


I hope to hell this does NOT come to be. What a disgrace it will surely be.

amber on Oct 23, 2009


How is this going to work? I have a feeling that this movie is going to kill the anime CowBoy Bebop! Cowboy Bebop is a great anime! To pull it off there is only a two hour movie, but the anime left questions..unanswer! How did Julia meet Spike? How did Vivious and Spike become enemies?!? If they do this..they can maybe make a two part movie. There's a lot to coverage. The ending scene would be great to pull off as well, but Do we really want see a live-action Vivious running around with a sword and a crow on his shoulder! lol How you going to pull off a kid and a dog!?! I mean this anime should be left untouch. If they want to do live action maybe look into Samurai Champloo, but don't look at Cacuasian people doing the film. Hire talent Asian stars. I don't know I don't dislike Keanu Reeves, but I don't think pulling off as Spike would do the character Spike justice.

I'm Not So Sure on Oct 31, 2009


Has Keanu Reeves really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like???

Has he? on Nov 1, 2009


No amount of good directing can save a movie with Reeves at the helm.

Ell on Nov 6, 2009


"oh my god. all of you homos stfu about keanu reeves. if you refuse to see it based on something like that, you're a retard. obviously the creators of the series had to approve all this stuff, and i think they would know what they're doing since they created the damn thing. quit whining so much and go back to your hentai." lol are you kidding? do you even know what decent acting is? have you seen the show cowboy bebop? spike isn't like any character reeve's has ever played before, and not once have i ever seen him capable of demonstrating a side other than the classic action man with a heart and sense of humor both cold as stone. there's no warmth to his character ever, and if he didn't have a recurring role in every single fucking movie i'd be a bit more hopeful for his ability to portray a different persona. furthermore, what the fuck is up with that racist kid talking about whites taking rolls from the asians? i think i heard you spit more racist remarks about Caucasians than i've ever heard. what the fuck is wrong with you? i'm showing my friends that comment as a hysterical laugh, do you speak in all caps too? fucking idiot. if you had cited more evidence to your bullshit claim that would be one thing, but you just came off as a very annoying, troubled individual who can't make a valid argument therefore ultimately everything he says irrelevant in any and all contexts. assuming that the creators of the show have approved of the actors and shit is a claim based on no evidence whatsoever.. we won't know that anything has been approved until they actually get anything going. you read the article, did you not? so you understand that there's virtually no progress that's been made whatsoever when it comes to the actual movie, just a misplaced hollywood star tangled in a confusing, difficult project that has yet to make any notable step. if they were as serious as they need to be in order to actually make something out of this, they would highly reconsider their decision in lead role. if they are familiar with the show at all that is. i just wanted to clarify things to people, don't think this is at all going to happen just because you've read this article and others with the same claims elsewhere on the internet. until you start to see some actual evidence that the film is in production, chill out. for fucks sake and what the fuck about people speaking with any sort of hope about megan fox's acting ability? she is just a hot piece of ass, nothing more. she is an embarrassing result of pop culture. to conclude, i have not a shroud of respect for this project currently. i will most likely bear witness to the end result (if there ever is one) for the same reasons i saw dragonball evolution. at this point to be optimistic is to be stupid, it also means you are a droning mindless zombie that eats up anything hollywood is willing to spit at you. congratulations, you have no taste.

Jeezy on Nov 12, 2009


Jeezy, It's listed as being in development with a exspected releasedate on IMDB, also as staded in this article Keanu Reeves has been one of the main promoters of the projects. But movies has been in development for 10 years.. To parafrase Douglas Adams about the Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy movie... It's like trying to heat a steak by haveing hundreds of people walk up to it one after another and breath on it.

Henning on Nov 13, 2009


OH god, i seriously hope that this doesn't ruin the series. I agree that the series is an example of anime perfection and live action might spoil it. I agree Keanu reeves was good in the matrix, but the character was in NO shape or fashion anywhere close to the deepness of Spike. If it;s good though, maybe I can get my friends into anime!!! And maybe it'll rivive some cowboy bebop themed anime (that's all i want 4 xmas!!!!) And I HATE the english dub of spike, it's too deep. I don't think I can take too much more deep voice acting!!!! Interesting to see who plays vicious and Ed and how they do it with fill ins and new stuff

Storystuff on Jan 6, 2010


And also I agree with some people that he doesn't have Spike's loveability, humour, fluid movements and I can't believe I'm saying this about an anime movie but i hope it doesn't get finished, it will RUIN cb... WHY oh why???!!!!???!!!!!

Storystuff on Jan 6, 2010


I feel that John Woo should direct this movie. The entire anime was practically a homage to John Woo and his films. I feel like it would be a nice gesture to the creator's of Bebop if Woo then took over the film and remade it through his eyes. He's the only man for the job and would not disappoint.

Bob on Jan 8, 2010


Oh man where to begin. I have a lot of thougts but not sure if i can put them all down.......... As many of you have said on this this shouldnt focus on so called A-list talent (Keanu looks like Spike, could fight like Spike but no way could he act like Spike). I'd imagin Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a good choice he play the laid back mysterious bounty hunter but he'd need to put on a little weight and brush up on some marshal arts. Fox needs to pass this on to a studio like dreamworks, Spielberg would even be interested in making this but keeping the spirit and style of the origional which brings me onto director. My choice well nobody like Michael Bay I would prefer someone like Joss Wheldon and quentin tarrentino (someone that does thing a little different, has a very creative way of telling a story and can even suprise you with the result) or even better the directors of the anime or the animated Bebop film at least they know what they are getting themselfs into. it may be hollywood who currently have the hold on this potential ruin of a title but one thing needs to be done to keep the style and spirit of the series and thats the soundtrack. Im a huge fan of Bebop and its due in part to her. I love her ability to mix genres to make some that is greatly origional but works perfectly with whatever projects she is working on. (all of Ghost In The Shell SAC soundtracks blew me away. so she would be pivotal in bringing CB back. now im sure to some of you this post would be pointless cos you have seen these points repeated for the thousand time but i wanted to share my view because this kinda thing has happened before and because of shoddywood some of my favourite anime/manga works have been trashed. point of example is Blood: the last vampire. An anime film that was praised by many, james cameron himslef has a quote on the back of the dvd and that was recently made into a hollywood style film and the resulty made me cry ( not really but you get the picture). a cringe-worthy film where the whole story was turned into something where only the main character was recognisable. Now CB is pretty the best anima ever and i want to protect what i love but this crap with hollywood has to stop try something origional for a change and give some fresh blood a chance will ya. I was mad when i learned that my favourite manga and anime is being brought to the big screen Ghost In The Shell ; (

TenBear on Jan 29, 2010


I hope they use unknowns because these characters are so unique and complex that i dont think someone whos been in alot of movie and already has a set sort of character thats they play all the time (like reeves) would be a good fit. Honestly ill see this movie no matter whos in it. The soundtrack? comeon just get the seatbelts to do it again. they've shown again and again that they can make the soundtracks, why not just have them do it?

Josh on Feb 14, 2010


also i just read an article that stated thus: "Uchida further noted that the difficult negotiations with the 20th Century Fox film studio continued for two years until agreeable contract terms were drafted. He emphasized that the contract allows Sunrise to assert quality control by stating, “If the script is terrible, the live-action film adaptation will not be approved.”" i mean if the creators of CB can just terminate it if this is great news. quality control if something you need when dealing with a shit company like FOX.

josh on Feb 14, 2010


Ryan Renolds for Spike Kate Beckensale for Fey Was thinking Sammy J for Jet, but the only 'downside' I think it'd be would be he's too big of a name. That little sister from Zombie Land for Ed

Name First on Feb 16, 2010


I just hope that they get the seatbelts to do the soundtracks for this movie. if the movie blows at least the music will be great

MannyMonster on Feb 18, 2010



Spike Mifune on Feb 19, 2010


James Franco = Spike (minus the martial arts prowess and he's only 5' 10") Charlize Theron would make a great Faye as her acting talents would never be in question, her look is amazing and her voice is low enough imo. Mickey Rourke would be an excellent Jet, bulky, low scruffy voice etc, also a great actor. Ed, I have no idea, a no name child actor would be best, one that fits ed's personality in real life as a priority more than pure acting talent. If Vicious is in the movie (though I hope not) then Christian Bale would be my pick. But if Keanu is final than screw this movie, he's not even close to being adequate. He'll ruin this film no question. Really I don't want this project to happen at all, but if the above actors were chosen than I could maybe see it working, otherwise dump this concept, it's a terrible idea to try and cash in on an amazing story that knew when it's time was up (1 season and a movie, that's all it needed) and closed the book then and there. Bah, I really hope the plug gets pulled on this. If not, at least Watanabe is an associate producer on it, MAYBE he will save it from being the worst anime adaptation ever, though I doubt it...

Halcyon Sunset on Feb 22, 2010


i don't know about the idea of cowboy bebop turning into a live action movie. look at all the blunders in the past, dragonball, tekken, streetfighter with van dam and the newest street fighter chun-lee shit, they where all fine until they where made into a live action movie. i mean cowboy bebop is still my favorite anime ever, the characters, the story line, the soundtrack. with yoko kanno's taste for music and mai yamane for vocals and the seatbelts for the band it's a master peice. keanu would be good if he looses weight. i know he's a good actor maybe a slight maybe he could pull it off. spike should be cool calm funny but still lonely and sad and if EIN turns into a 3D dog that's enough to destroy the movie. i know 3D is in because of the avatar movie but if they turn cowboy bebop the same way i will vomit in the theater.

willemkeemink on Feb 25, 2010


Of all the casting challenges, Ein has got to be the easiest! Oh, and there was that sulfur crested in I can't remember which episode too... Perhaps Robbie Coltrane would drop in as Ed's dad... ^_^

CTYankee on Feb 25, 2010


Eh...I'm willing to give the movie a shot. I think it would be interesting if they did a story based off the times before the series started. About Spike's past, almost. Then again, none of the original characters would be involved, really, except Spike (though, that does give them a little more wiggle room in case they blow it big time). If someone were to play Faye, though, I could almost see Zooey Deschanel. She's got the kind of look for it, and can totally see her being a bad-ass.

RUready on Feb 25, 2010


I think it would be worth seeing. Reeve is good with scifi movies. And its not like a movie can ruin an anime series. The movie is gonna either be good or bad but, the series will always be great.

Emily on Apr 3, 2010


Keanu Reeves, thumbs up for spike, but Steve Blum should do his voice!!!

Kyle on Apr 6, 2010


my picks Spike:Keanu Reeves James Franco Jet:Bruce Willis Mickey Rourke Faye:Zooey Deschanel Ed:??????? Ein:Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Greg on Jun 20, 2010


and oh yeah Vicious:Christian Bale

Greg on Jun 20, 2010


-_- i want to know whos playing ed shes the best and im hopeing the person who plays her doesent screw her up. and as for spike im not to sure about keanu reeves

daze on Jul 30, 2010


i love cowboy bebop even if i just started watching it its the best (love the music). keanu reeves? hmm im not sure about him. iv onley seen him in the day the earth stood still and he was very...stiff but i suppose that was his charecter. and i dont think he'll screw it up but if they screw up on ed somone is going to get a face full of fist...or a law suit what ever comes first. 🙂

alice on Jul 30, 2010


yadda America will ruin another anime say it ain't so.

yuuki on Aug 17, 2010


have been reading your blog for 3 days. absolutely love your posts. by the way i am doing research concerning this area. do you know other great websites or perhaps forums where I can learn more? thanks in advance.

Arlen Chapek on Oct 17, 2010


Totally agree with whoever said Keanu would make a better vicious vs spike. Keanu's acting although decent feels emotionless and hollow, and thats exactly like vicious. Personally I would go with an unknown actor for spike, though James Franco or Ryan Renolds might be alright. This is such a good anime, I hope it doesnt get dumbed down into a faced paced action movie.

Craig on Nov 2, 2010


I surely hope that this falls through; Keanu Reeves is a good actor, but would ruin Spike Spiegel for me.

zero69x on Apr 29, 2011


No Christina Ricci would not be a good faye

Buddyriley86 on Apr 25, 2012


Why don't they just choose Rain as a prefect role. He would be a prefect role as spike spiegel. Anyone herd of ninja assassin. 😀 Im look just look at him he was so quiet and rough guy...Im telling you rain and reeves would be prefect facing off eachother..reeves as vicious and spike as rain. 😀 The flim will be great...

Jade on Sep 24, 2012


Rain was very deep, complicated character, when he play ninja assassin. 🙂

Jade on Sep 24, 2012

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