Keanu Reeves Destroys All Hope of a Constantine Sequel

March 26, 2008
Source: IESB

Keanu Reeves in Constantine

After spilling some details about his upcoming film The Day the Earth Stood Still, Keanu Reeves went on to talk about how he wouldn't be doing any sequels for a quite a while. IESB caught up with Reeves while he was out promoting Street Kings and unfortunately he told them the somewhat sad news. Although sequels aren't always great, a Constantine sequel had building buzz since we first mentioned it back in November of 2006. Unfortunately it was dependent on the script and whether a good story could come together, but it sounds like Reeves is no longer interested.

Reeves did confirm that plans for a sequel were initially in place, but that he's no longer interested. The series is based on Veritgo's 200+ issue Hellblazer comic and IESB speculates that Reeves just didn't want to "retread the same water", despite their is an abundance of material to work from. In our last update on the sequel in December from Francis Lawrence, who directed the first Constantine and was going to produce the sequel, he said that "until someone comes up with a great idea, whether it's earlier [in his life] or later, we'll just have to see." It sounds like this project is now dead in the water.

But that's not all! They go on to say that Reeves added that "there are no characters left that he's played that he has any desire to return to." There goes our hope for a Scanner Darkly of Chain Reaction (just kidding) sequel! Realistically he's actually making a good choice. As much as we make fun of Keanu, at least he's smart enough to not do any sequels unless they really push the limits of the first film. Although he doesn't seem opposed to doing remakes of great sci-fi classics…

Unless we hear otherwise, it sounds like the Constantine sequel is dead and Reeves is only working on more original projects in the future. If you really need to get your Keanu fix, however, he is starring in Street Kings due out on April 11th and eventually will be threatening the earth as the alien Klaatu in The Day the Earth Stood Still, due out in theaters on December 12th.

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This is just sad, a brilliant movie like Constantine DESERVES a brilliant sequel, even if Keanu is not part of it. Can't blame the guy for not wanting to do any more "movie sequels," after The Matrix trilogy, I'm surprised he's still alive.

nemes1s on Mar 26, 2008


Well Lawrence hasn't really seemed to hot about a sequel either, that is unless good material comes along. There's always hope that if they develop a script for a much improved sequel Keanu may come back. I really enjoyed Constantine because it was different, but it has it's flaws.

Brad on Mar 26, 2008


That's sux. But Keanu Reeves fav. Movie star. I hope he thinks about it n does it. The first 1 was great. May B jus may B he well.

B/CirCuit on Mar 26, 2008


Considering that Constantine is actually blonde and British and that the movie version was terrible compared to the comic, I don't think it would be that hard to restart the series with a new actor.

Peter on Mar 26, 2008


I like Reeves in Constantine even though he didn't look or sound like anything in the comic. He did pissed off chain smoker really well. In fact he was the only good thing about the movie. UT!

DCompose on Mar 26, 2008


maybe he learned somethin after the matrix trilogy, if theres goin to be any sequel out of him i hope its bill and ted 3

harrison on Mar 26, 2008


Thinking about it Reeves doesn't do a lot of sequels beside Bill and Ted and the Matrix. I mean he didn't do Speed 2 which could have been huge. He is pretty selective.

Ryan on Mar 26, 2008


DCompose: "UT!" Maybe Keanu would consider doing a Flaming Carrot Movie! SERIOUSLY. Why haven't we seen one of THOSE scripts yet! -Djo

Aswipe' Melendez Johnson on Mar 26, 2008


Am I the only one who thinks Keanu could revive his career & win respect of the entire world, if he only revived his perfectly cast role- as Ted Theodore Logan?

Djo on Mar 26, 2008


WHAT?!? NO POINT BREAK 2?!?!? -Just Kidding.

jason_md2020 on Mar 26, 2008


That's sux. But Keanu Reeves fav. Movie star. I hope he thinks about it n does it. The first 1 was great. May B jus may B he well wtf Can anyone else read that?

Billy on Mar 26, 2008


That is really too bad. I remember Constantine making quite an impression on me, and I have run it in my theater many times since the original. It was an original look at the potential for interaction between planes of existence, and offered a stunningly clear portrayal of the meaning and redemption found in sacrifice. I am sorry to see them give up on such a powerful vehicle.

Andrew on Mar 26, 2008


Keanu staying away from Constantine sounds like great news. He was a bad choice to start with and clean reboot with someone a bit closer to the source material would be wonderful. And no 20-something Chas, either.

Mark on Mar 26, 2008


I actually really enjoyed Constantine and would have liked to see a 2nd one with Keanu in it...

Curtis on Mar 26, 2008


Thank you, Keanu!! That really made my day! That violation of a brilliant comic series doesn't need a sequel in the first place. Then again, they could just rename the movie, no one who has read the comic would notice any similarities because they aren't any. Anyway, I'm glad there won't be another movie.

Jill on Mar 28, 2008


Constantine is my all time favourite movie! I can't understand how people can think otherwise.....brilliant script, brilliant plot and obviously brilliant headliner. Am I the only passionate Constantine fan in the bloody world? I know it was nothing like the comic but is movie as good as the book?

annie on May 29, 2008


Need to correct my previous blab....what I actually meant was "no movie has ever lived-up to being "as good as the book" or in this case comic! Bloody dial-up

annie on May 29, 2008


This is great news. Now maybe they'll instead create a movie that does the comic book series justice, setting it with Constantine being a Scouser for a start would be nice.

John on Nov 24, 2008


It is a thought provoking movie - no matter where the concept originated from - it should make a person think - heaven / hell, different planes of existence, good, evil, etc. Keanu is a really great actor and wish there would be a way for someone to create a story line good enough and have the right director/producer in place to be able to coax him back to a second. Would sign an internet petition, if it would do any good! Just a question for those out there who did not like the 1st movie, why are you looking to see if there is a second one in the works and then bashing about it?

griffinsivy on Apr 24, 2009


I agree with griffinsivy. Keanu appropiates to play as John Constantine. No one can play as well as Keanu!

britisholic on Jul 19, 2009


Keanu Reeves should really take the role of constantine once again, because I really think he the only guy that can pull off the John Constantine style...

Adhip on Sep 7, 2009


shet... I hope someone will be brilliant enough to write a good story for the sequel coz that movie is the best damn movie ever and it deserves a good sequel... Write a good one so Keanu will be interested...

joyce on Sep 28, 2010


yeah you're so right Adhip. He's the ONLY actor who can portray John's character! I really hope they'll make a good story for Constantine sequel....

joyce on Sep 28, 2010


 I want a sequel WITh Keanu sooo badly!! and i want angela to be in it again too!! that would be soo great! come on, just do ot 😀

franzi on Jul 8, 2011


Im happy these articles are wrong sometimes, because Keanu is now in talks about a sequel.

Mike Skalski on Sep 30, 2012


I'm hoping there'd be a sequel to this movie and I sure hope keanu reprises role as John because he fits perfectly

CC on Oct 16, 2012

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