Ken's Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure - Part 1!

May 19, 2008

Ken's Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure

I think I can speak for all of us here at FS.net when I say that we love movies. No wait, that is an understatement. We really, really LOVE movies! We aren't like some critics who have the most fun when they are tearing apart a film. Nor do we dread going to watch a movie after having already seen six others over the last couple of weeks. We still get excited and giddy over news of some upcoming film or someone being cast in a certain role. For me personally, I'm not interested in wordy writing or hyper-critical articles and reviews. We will always bring our love of film to everything we do while still telling it like it is.

To show you exactly what I mean, I decided to document the journey I undertook through the first three Indiana Jones films last Saturday evening. Preparing for any upcoming release that has prequels is one of my favorite things to do. I have done it for all the major collections like Star Wars, Matrix, Rambo, Rocky, Die Hard, Predator, Alien, and Terminator, not to mention doing it just based on a director. I love reliving the previous films again to see the changes and direction the next movie in the series takes. Indiana Jones is no different and it happens to be one of my favorite series ever! So let's begin.

I started the day by sleeping in, knowing that the task before me would test my endurance. After eventually waking up, I decided to head to the local supermarket to stock up on some supplies. I tried to think of what Indy would buy to make sure he was prepared for anything. So I stocked up on Indiana Jones cereal, Indiana Jones candy bars, Indiana Jones cheese crackers, potato chips and energy drinks.

Ken's Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure

Ken's Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure

After arriving back at home, I gathered everything that I had that is Indiana Jones related and surrounded myself with it on the couch. I needed to be immersed in the Indiana Jones universe and be totally consumed by it. With everything in place, I popped in Raiders of the Lost Ark and felt goose bumps pop up all over my skin as the theme song filled the room. I poured myself a bowl of Indiana Jones cereal, hit the button on my Xbox 360 controller, and felt myself get sucked in just as the Paramount mountain logo faded to become a real mountain. My Indiana Jones marathon had finally begun!

Ken's Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure

Ken's Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure

Throughout the day, I periodically stopped for short amounts of time. I had to pop in UHF to watch the opening that Weird Al dedicated to the Raiders of the Lost Ark opening. My wife made it home from work just in time to start Temple of Doom. My brother-in-law was only able to make it through the first film. Even my cat, Gizmo, decided to watch a few minutes of The Last Crusade. I was able to watch all three movies plus all of the extra features by the time the evening was over. Did you know Tom Selleck was chosen to be Indiana Jones but decided to do Magnum P.I. instead? Do you know the name of the club Indiana is in during the beginning of Temple of Doom? Have you ever noticed the fly that crawls into Belloq's mouth when Indiana shows up to blow up the ark with a rocket launcher? I can now say yes to all of those questions and my love of Indiana has grown even stronger as a result of this experience.

Ken's Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure

My day was a success! This is the kind of thing we do here at FS.net. We are extreme fans and we get just as excited as you about movies from the past, present and future. We like to share our excitement and get you guys pumped up for the things that we are anticipating. So please, share with us your excitement. What do you do to get yourself pumped for an upcoming blockbuster?

Tomorrow I'll be looking at all of the individual films and sharing my feedback on each of them. Check back again tomorrow night for Part 2 of my Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure!

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hehe Great stuff Ken! I actually own the Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD and i'm planning on doing the same thing befor hitting the theater! I did know about Tom Selleck, And the clubs name is ObiWan isnt it? However I have never noticed the fly crawling into Belloqs mouth 😉 BTW, what's that framed picture you have of the last Crusade? Keep up the good work guys!

bltzie on May 19, 2008


I have too many, but here's one. My Brother and I grew up going to the movies together, and have always loved it. Well now I live in New York, and he lives in Oregon. So what we do is set a time, and go at about the same time(so it's always 3 hours earlier for him) and call each other in the parking lot before and after the movie. Only for the special movies though. But that's us still going to the movies together. Thanx for the story.

James on May 19, 2008


The fly scene confused me as a kid. Never knew the club was Obi Wan, that's cool. I did hear that about Tom Sellek. Thank God he took that other job.

James on May 19, 2008


did anyone ever notice in RAIDERS at the begining the plane he escapes on says obcpo for obi won and c3-po. and r2-d2 and c3-po are hyrogliphics on the wall in the room they find the arc

DDOT3 on May 19, 2008


thanks god for harrison ford instead of tom selleck ! an indiana jones marathon this is a good idea , I need to buy the indiana jones trilogy first (it will be easier with it !)

Pauline on May 20, 2008


I heart you guys...

Ronald, The Boy on May 20, 2008


# 1 Bltzie - Your totally right about the club name. Check out that Belloq scene when you watch it. I watched that part 3 times just to make sure I wasn't seeing things haha! I don't know how he held back from swatting at it. That's dedication to your craft right there. Oh and the thing in the frame is a mini standee they used to advertise THE LAST CRUSADE when it came out on DVD. #5 Pauline - I can't even imagine Tom Selleck in that role. We must be thankful everyday that Magnum P.I. kept him far away from Indiana Jones.

Ken Evans on May 20, 2008


Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of having 7 hours off in a row these days (stupid responsibility ruining everything), so I'm starting to watch them one-at-a-time. I decided to go in chronological order with "Temple of Doom"--plus, my wife hadn't seen it yet. Next is "Raiders" and "Last Crusade" as soon as I can fit them in. Watching the first 3 again is a blast. I can't wait to get to the next one!

Mark P on May 20, 2008


I commend you for having the cojones to don a 'Secret Wars' t-shirt in public. Me, I'll just pull out the ole' whip and see if I can still latch onto overhanging crags, so's I can swing over ravines while dodging gigantic stone bowling balls, without being crushed to death. But that's just me.

Djo on May 20, 2008


Tom Selleck was going to play Indiana Jones, but the studio contract for "Magnum PI" could not release him for features while the series was on.

Scorpio on May 20, 2008


Oh man... all of this work only to lead up to major disappointment.... Indy 4 was pretty awful!

James on May 22, 2008

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