Ken's Review: Baby Mama - Don't Be Scared Guys, It's Actually Funny

April 28, 2008

There are some movies that just don't appeal to guys at first. Movies like Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, 13 Going On 30, and Ever After are a few examples of those types of films. I'll admit that after a few forced viewings by my wife, I can actually enjoy watching Pride and Prejudice. However, I despise 13 Going on 30 because I just don't get it. It was a film made with girl humor in mind, which we men completely don't understand. This was the exact type of film that I thought Baby Mama was going to be. Now after seeing it, I must proclaim to every man that was dreading being dragged to it by their significant other, it was actually funny and within our realm of understanding.

Kate and her surrogate mother Angie try to get along in Baby Mama.Baby Mama Review

Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey) is a single, successful business woman who has everything going for her, that is except for her desire to have a baby. With no success in finding "Mr. Right" and failed attempts through adoption and artificial insemination, she decides to try the only option left, a surrogate mother. Angie Ostrowiski (Amy Poehler) is sent by the surrogate mother agency and turns out to be pure white trash. Kate is so desperate to have a baby that she will do anything, including finally agreeing to let Angie "put her baby inside her." Angie ends up having to move in with Kate during the pregnancy, which creates numerous hilarious situations and learning opportunities for both.

The chick flicks I listed above are ones taken out of my wife's movie library. Although her favorite movie is Braveheart, which makes me very proud, those are the films she watches over and over again. I can't even count how many times she has seen Pride and Prejudice. What all of those movies have in common are numerous themes that guys not only don't get, but feel uncomfortable watching. There are scenes where girls are dancing or singing together, embarrassing moments between a girl and guy, or a part when the earlier gossip turns out to be false and Mr. Darcy actually turns out to be amazing. These were the scenes in Baby Mama where I wasn't laughing but when I turned to my wife she was cracking up. Although there were a few parts like that, they were kept to a minimum and forgotten rather quickly.

Tina Fey's love interest, played by Greg Kinnear, adds some extra depth to Baby Mama.Baby Mama Review

Baby Mama was actually a very funny and clever film. Although I thought it might just be the female version of The Brothers Solomon, I was wrong. It was much funnier with great comedic performances from everyone involved. I'm growing to love Tina Fey more and more with everything I see her in. Amy Poehler plays that type of white trash role perfectly. What surprised me was that I had no idea that Steve Martin and Greg Kinnear were even in it, but I loved every second they were on the screen. Steve Martin plays Fey's boss and has some of the funniest scenes in the entire movie. Greg Kinnear plays Kate's love interest, which brought a depth to the film so that it didn't just rely on the story between Fey and Poehler. Dax Shepard and Sigourney Weaver were also in it and although they weren't bad, they didn't bring much to the overall experience.

I was so surprised that I liked Baby Mama that I almost couldn't believe it. I'll probably end up seeing it again after it has left the theater. Definitely a movie that just about anyone could enjoy. It did start to run a little long close to the end and it had a really cheesy courtroom scene that seemed thrown in just to tie together all the loose ends. Even so, I had a lot of fun and can easily recommend this film. Although it's going up against Forgetting Sarah Marshall, this isn't any more or less funny, it's just a different type of humor. But I would definitely suggest going to see this over Harold & Kumar 2.

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Tina fey is hot...this is not good

HEY! on Apr 28, 2008


I totally agree with you on everything that you had to say on this. But I disagree with everyone on Steve Martin's part. I think it didn't go with the rest of the movie. I suggest everyone to see this when IRON MAN is soldout this weekend!

Ryan on Apr 28, 2008


i can't believe you compared this to pride & prejudice.ICK. anyhu,nice review & i'll be catching this weekend.....along with the h&k sequel

twispious on Apr 28, 2008


I just saw this flick on Sunday night. I agree with Ken--it's not just girl humor. While I wouldn't count it as one of my favorites of the year just yet, there were many parts of the movie were I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair. I hope Tina Fey and Amy Poehler continue to make more movies like this. This could be the beginning of a classic comedy team.

Mark P on Apr 29, 2008


I saw this immediately after Harold & Kumar 2, and I can't say it was any better than that film. Steve Martin did have me rolling everytime he hit the screen though! That was definitely a welcomed surprise. Between the good bits that they showed in the trailers, and Tina Fey's character essentially being the same as the one she plays on 30 Rock, this was just OK to me. Aside from Martin and Kinnear, every single supporting character was pretty lame and 1-dimensional. Martin and Kinnear's characters were FUNNY and 1-dimensional.

kevjohn on May 1, 2008

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