Ken's Worst 12 Movies of 2007!

January 9, 2008

Ken's Worst 12 Movies of 2007!

You can't have a "Best of" list without having the "Worst of" list as well. These films were, in my opinion, the worst films I saw during 2007. Bear in mind that I haven't seen every movie last year so films that would have probably gone on this list like Dead Silence, Are We Done Yet?, and Code Name: The Cleaner won't be on here. I feel that most people would agree with the majority of the films on my list. Although, I know there are a few on here that might upset some. Either way, these are the least enjoyable films I saw all year.

Margot at the Wedding1. Margot at the Wedding
This was definitely the worst film I saw all year. It is all about a dysfunctional family and how they gossip and keep secrets from each other. I felt like I was watching Jerry Springer but without the passion that seems to come from the people on his show. I actually almost walked out of the screening except I was the only one who showed up. I never leave a movie early which tells how bad it truly was. I don't mind films like these where everything is messed up and depressing, as long as I can walk away feeling like I learned something or was able to grasp onto something profitably from it. For me this film was void of anything worthwhile and was a colossal waste of my time. Avoid this at all costs, unless you enjoy depressing, pointless films.

Ghost Rider2. Ghost Rider
Anyone who has talked to me about movies knows my feelings about this film. I absolutely hated it. Nicolas Cage was just as dry, if not dryer, in this than in The Wicker Man. Donal Logue, who played the comic relief, was cheesy and not funny. As cool as Sam Elliot is, I'm finding that he doesn't do much in the films he is in, with Ghost Rider being no exception. It has weak character development, marginal acting, a repetitive plot (step 1: find demons; step 2: wrap chain around demon to kill him; step 3: repeat steps 1 and 2) and mediocre special effects. I thought maybe the final fight would make up for the poor build up, but I was wrong. The last battle proved to be a un-climactic end to a equally uneventful film. Nicolas Cage owes me two good movies to make up for this one.

Bridge to Terabithia3. Bridge to Terabithia
I'm actually smiling writing this one because I know so many people are going to be upset at me for putting this high on the list. Let me explain why I didn't like it so much. I was actually looking forward to this and had heard pretty good things. So, for dinner one night I sat down with my wife and brother-in-law to watch this while we ate. Everything was going fine and we were enjoying it. Then, all of a sudden, the little girl died. We all just froze. Food was falling out of my mouth, my wife was crying and my brother-in-law was just shaking his head. It turned from a nice fantasy film for kids into the saddest thing I have seen all year. I felt cheated and tricked because my expectations were for one type of film when it turned out to be something else completely. Needless to say, the end wrecked the whole experience and all three of us ended up hating it.

Smokin' Aces4. Smokin' Aces
This was just a mess of a movie for me. I think I was expecting the whole movie to be like the lobby scene in the first Matrix. Instead none of the scenes were very awesome, and when it was over I felt like nothing really happened. Jeremy Piven was just as annoying as he was in The Kingdom. Not much to say about this one except completely un-enjoyable for me. Don't really know anyone who liked it much.

Good Luck Chuck5. Good Luck Chuck
This was a mix between the worst, most cheesy over-the-top romance and a raunchy, almost X-rated comedy. Dane Cook wasn't funny at all. He really hasn't been funny in any of his feature film attempts. Jessica Alba's performance was mediocre and really just serves to be a pretty face (like Jessica Simpson in Employee of the Month). Mix all that with the fact that there were a bunch of little kids in the theater and it made for one extremely un-enjoyable experience.

Captivity6. Captivity
Besides being totally uninteresting and predictable it was also boring and unsuspenseful. I mean, do we really need another crappy torture film?

Hatchet7. Hatchet
I heard so many great things about this movie. It was supposed to rejuvenate the American slasher film genre. Well, it definitely won't do that. As I was watching it I seriously thought it was a joke. I wanted to turn it off but knew I had to finish it just so that I could warn people about it. Only watch this if you want to have a good laugh, that's how bad it is.

The Invasion8. The Invasion
This was probably the biggest surprise for me of a film I thought I would like but didn't. I am already a big fan of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Then when you throw in Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman that meant it had to be good. How could they go wrong? Well, they screwed up the story and rushed it so fast that it couldn't build any suspense with the audience. It had so many holes that didn't make sense and were never explained. The Invasion turned out to be a colossal mess that if treated carefully and with patience could have been much better.

The Heartbreak Kid9. The Heartbreak Kid
Too bad I didn't enjoy this because I really like the Farrelly brothers. I loved Dumb and Dumber, There's Something About Mary, Kingpin, Shallow Hal, and Fever Pitch. I felt like The Heartbreak Kid was a return to Me, Myself & Irene which I hated and thought was the worst Farrelly brothers film, until this. I'll admit to laughing a few times, but when I think of what they are capable of this was a huge disappointment.

Lions for Lambs10. Lions for Lambs
It wasn't the movie making quality that made this a bad film, it was what happened to the story about half way through. It went from interesting to beating me over the head with its one sided teaching. Audiences like to make their own decisions based on the facts instead of the director beating them over the head with his own opinion, and that's the inherit problem with Lions for Lambs. A horrible last half that wrecked what could have been a good movie.

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem11. Aliens vs Predator: Requiem
The first two movies I ever purchased were Alien and Predator on VHS. I am a huge fan of both. Unfortunately, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is not the alien and predator I grew to enjoy so much when I was younger. There is no more hero, just a bunch of little storylines that all come together very predictably. Then, they throw together a bunch of poor quality fight scenes between the two species. Every fight is shown with close up shots so you never really get a good look at either the alien or the predator. This is one series that I would love to take over and actually produce something that has some integrity and some sense of where it all started.

The Number 2312. The Number 23
To be fair I don't remember this one much. I saw it so long ago and just remember walking out disappointed. I recall it being extremely predictable and ultimately boring. The concept was good but it just wasn't able to follow-through. I really think Jim Carrey should stick with comedy. With the exception of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I don't think he is cut out for drama.

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You realize Hatchet was made that way on purpose, right? If you think that movie was bad have you ever watched any of the old Halloween or Friday the 13th movies? It was made to be one of those so bad its good movies... just like it was... just like the 80's classics. Oh and I can't help but notice you put Beowulf on the wrong list....

CSpuppydog on Jan 9, 2008


Mmph,the flicks you've chosen were (mostly) definitely bad and not well-received,but I don't think any of them were actually downright HATEFUL,if you know what I mean.I watched the films you put up here,after,I thought "humph,yea,that was awful,but quite forgettably so"-not necessarily something you hold a grudge towards and discourage everyone you know from watching-personally,the two worst movies of 07 were the unbearably dreary I Am Legend,trite shitscripted Before The Devil Knows You're Dead and...nah,that's it-two films which were marketed as enjoyable,maybe even intelligent films-but damnit,if they weren't totally brainless and mismanaged. Maybe the reason I wasn't too disappointed by the films you put,cos they were pretty obviously bad from the get-go:a remake of Body Snatchers,a Joel Sch film,a chatty political "drama" and a Dane Cook so-called romantic comedy.....noone expected them to be any good,really.

twispious on Jan 9, 2008


CSpuppydog- I'm sorry but I don't agree that the original Halloween or Friday the 13th were anything like Hatchet, especially not the first Halloween. The original Halloween was a great film that is personally one of my favorites. I'll agree that the later sequels were pretty bad, but even SOME of those were of better quality then Hatchet. You made me laugh by mentioning Beowulf again. Get over it. You might not of thought it was enjoyable, which is fine, but it was a well written and well made film.

Ken Evans on Jan 9, 2008


Though I disagree with some of your choices, you're entitled to your own opinion. However, for Bridge to Terabithia, most people would actually know that the girl dies going into the movie, had they read the book, which at least in my case, all of us were forced to read in elementary school.

Eddie on Jan 9, 2008


I have to say that I agree with Ken on Terabithia. I must be in in the minority of people who weren't forced to read the book as a kid, and had no idea what was coming. I wasn't watching the movie with my wife and brother-in-law when the bombshell was dropped, it was with my 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. I know that it's really my fault for not pre-screening the movie before sharing it with my kids, but thanks a lot Disney for the heads-up.

Jedi on Jan 9, 2008


Personally,I Liked Smokin'Aces,That Was A Genius Movie(In My Opinion,So U May Not Agree With Me.) Now,Ghost Was Kinda Good,I Was Disappointed The Way They Made Nicolas Cage Look Like A Stiff. AVP-R,Was Just Bad.,At Least The Ending Was Good. The Number 23,Should've Went To Someone ELse,Jim Carrey Should Really Really Stick To Comedy Movies. The Rest Either Sucked,Or I Haven't Seen. Nuff Said.

Cam on Jan 9, 2008


The fact that Hatchet is ranked worse than The Number 23 boggles the mind even more so than the fact that it even appears on this list.

Nick on Jan 9, 2008


AVP-R was "Buzzkill" Ghost Rider was "letdown" (Note to Marvel: Please keep Mark Steven Johnson away from any other properties before he sinks you!) Smokin Aces "sucky incoherent mess" The Invasion "ho-hum" The Number 23 "yuck" (Note to Jim Carrey: Please stick to comedy-where you're king!!)

Spider on Jan 9, 2008


Thanks for pointing out all the hours I spent watching crappy movies in 2007. 2. Ghost Rider - This was a ridiculous movie from the start. It made me miss the cool Nic Cage who made Raising Arizona, The Rock, and even Face/Off. At least those movies were fun. 4. Smokin Aces - I wouldn't say I hated it completely, but it was definitely a bad movie. Great cast, but lousy script. It made me think of Ocean's 12 on crack. 5. Good Luck Chuck - I too didn't find this very funny, and I think Dane Cook is better off sticking to his standup (which isn't near as funny as it used to be). I'm no prude, but this movie was pretty vulgar, when it could have been more effective as a straight romantic comedy. 6. Captivity - What a joke! With all the controversy over the initial movie posters, I would have never guessed the movie would be so freaking boring, and uneventful. Turistas was a better movie, by a long shot...and it sucked. 9. Heartbreak Kid - Having never actually watched the original, I went into this movie unaffected by the critics comparisons. Unlike Stiller's previous movies, I just couldn't like him in this. The movie was just a flat out pro-adultery mess. 10. Lions For Lambs - I'm still not quite sure what Redford was trying to say with his movie. Cruise was pretty good (and slimy) as the congressman, but the message was so back and forth, it truly felt like two different movies. Best performance in the movie was the kid that Redford has the conference with. 11. AVP-R - This sucked so back I didn't even care to type the full name. 12. The Number 23 - Carrey needs to do another Ace Ventura or something and forget the artsy dramatic crap. I enjoyed Evan Almighty better than this film.

TCox on Jan 9, 2008


I agree 100% about Bridge to Teribithia. In fact, I was so angry after seeing it, I wanted to punch a Buena Vista executive for continually bringing this BS in children's movies. Does someone have to die in order to get any emotion?? The answer is NO! Stop shattering our kid's, now.

duane on Jan 9, 2008


Re Bridge to Terabithia- Never read the book, huh? I stayed away from the movie, since I remember feeling that exact same way as a kid ( a million years ago..)

MelissaAnne on Jan 9, 2008


I didn't see the movies on this list because i KNEW (instinctively, from reviews, and from the previews) that they were gonna be BAD. Except Smokin Aces- I actually enjoyed it in the theater (I was laughing a lot, actually) and thought that while the story was a tad confusing, it was still good. But, thank you Ken for confirming which movies will probably not waste space on my NetFlix queue!

Young on Jan 9, 2008


Total agreement about Ghost Rider. Every moment of the movie made me cringe. The first time skullface spoke in that ridiculous voice, I thought I was watching something out of the 80's. Just terrible. on Jan 9, 2008


Juno should be on this "worst of" list. Horrible film. Completely over-rated.

Heckle on Jan 9, 2008


I agree with the above post stating that most of these movies I wouldn’t dare to watch in the first place. Anything with Dane Cook has GOT to be terrible. Dude isn’t funny on or off the stage. There was no way I was going to give them an hour twenty of my life. You get no play! Margot at the Wedding? The title says it all. You get no play! What are you doing Jack? Captivity came across as a film you can throw into the crappy shocker pile. Obviously they were trying to bank off of the success of the Hostel/Turistas type films. You get no play! Hatchet seemed decent in previews but upon further thought… will probably end up on the 49 cent rental shelf along with the rest of those cheesy ass horror films. You get no play! Bring on The Descent! Lions for Lambs just looked dreadfully boring and Tom sucks nowadays… snoozer for sure. You get no play! The Invasion… here we go again. The Puppet Masters/Village of the Damned redo gets… NO PLAY! That makes two flops for Kidman on this list. Nice year hun… Now… on to the movies I actually wasted away life with: 1. Ghost Rider: Wow Nic, buddy… this is flat-out garbage and has to be on the top of my list. Ever since his heart-felt, “Put the bunny… in the box.” phrase in Con Air I had to give up on any and all movies by Mr. Cage. (Lord of War the exception) The special effects were HORRIBLE and that’s the main reason I actually gave this one a chance. The plot sucks… actors suck… effects suck… Pretty much everything about this film, well… sucks. Mentioning the Wicker Man… did anyone else find it absolutely hilarious when Nic decks that lady in her face and then hops into the bear suit? My stomach hurt so bad after that. 2. Bridge to Teribithia: I guess I really can’t say I saw the whole movie but what I did see was enough to turn it off after 20 minutes. Maybe I was way off with my expectations but I was hoping for a Lion, Witch and Wardrobe/Pans Labrinth type deal and got a kiddie afternoon special. So maybe this one’s on me. 3. Smokin’ Aces: It definitely wasn’t up to my expectations but wasn’t the crappiest thing I’ve seen all year. It wasn’t great by all means either. I expected a lot more out of the action scenes for sure. I bought it…watched once… never watched again. I don’t believe it’s a top 10 worst though. 4. AVP-R: Going into this movie you have to know its not going to re-capture the intensity of either the first installment of Predator or Alien and for that matter Aliens. It is what it is… cheap thrills for Alien and Predator lovers around the globe. It was much better than the original AVP that’s for sure. At least this one brought an R rating. The acting is pretty bad but the special effects and the introduction of the “Wolf” (Pulp Fiction) predator was pretty cool. I didn’t buy into the Predalien much however. Overall this wasn’t terrible but definitely not great by any means. Why are directors having so much trouble remaking films of this awesome series? Seems it should all be laid out for them to create something totally awesome. 5. Number 23: All I’m going to say is no one wants to see a bony, fake tattooed, Jim Carrey hunching on some girl in slow motion over and over. The plot was garbage and full of holes and just not enjoyable to watch at all. I struggled to not turn this movie off.

C-Young on Jan 9, 2008


What you wrote about Bridge to Tarabithia is spot on. This is exactly why I was so upset when Million Dollar Baby won that Oscar. I mean, couldn't they have had the boxer get healed and fall in love with some stand-up guy and then they and Clint Eastwood could all have a laugh about the whole thing at the bar later, and I could go home feeling happy? And having someone die in a CHILDREN'S FILM? I mean, really. That is just unacceptable. This is the same reason I won't let my kids watch Bambi or the Lion King.

James on Jan 9, 2008


Ghost Rider was decent, there was some things that couldve been better overall I enjoyed it.Maybe because Im a huge comic book reader. Jim carrey could pull off drama I believe if in the right vehicle. The Number 23 wasn't it. AVP-R sucked that bad? Damn.DAMN! Heartbreak Kid was funny, but yeah , i did expect more from the Farrelly Bros. and Carlos Mencia got on my nerves. Dane Cook needs to be put back on the standup circuit. I dont think he's earned the right to make feature films yet.(or never) which is obvious coz his movies SUCK. Smoking Aces was great. I aint seen the rest.

Cyfer1 on Jan 9, 2008


I certainly hope that was sarcasm James 🙂 HEY ALEX! What's your Worst 10? Since you seem to enjoy everything :). Anyway I guess me and my friends were the only ones that enjoyed 'The Number 23' and had the same problem with 'Hannibal Rising' as you did with 'Ghsot Rider', how it was hunt, kill, repeat. Anyway it didn't make by bottom 10, neither did Codename: The Cleaner either! But here is what I got: 1. Epic Movie-Why? Just, why? 2. Music and Lyrics-I like Grant and Barrymore but this was just dreadful! 3. Ghost Rider-Bad. 4. The Reaping-I love, love, LOVE Hilary Swank but this was just baaaaaddddddddddddd. 5. Shooter-You know a movie is bad when you feel like falling asleep admist a shoot-out. 6. The Invisible-A mess of a plot that leaves the viewer with a giant '?'. Goyer really mistepped here. 7. I Know Who Killed Me-I like Lohan and Georgia Rule(guilty pleasure and like Huffman) and acted decent in this in the beginning but then it fell apart, crashed and burned, etc., etc. And I doubt that even the writer can tell what the hell the ending was. 8. The Game Plan-The Rock and ballet and Disney......... 9. Perfect Stranger-The dark secrets about the characters were really just to dark for me to care about them and with the director filming 3 different endings just shows how loose the script was. 10. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End-Thought the first was good, second great, this one atrocious. RUNNERS UP-Shrek the Third

Ryan on Jan 9, 2008


I agree that Bridge to Terabithia was crap, but not for the reason you stated. My wife's co-worker/friend suggested this movie to us because it was "so great" and it was "amazing". So we went down to our local rental establishment and shelled out $3.50 to only be downright disappointed and angry 2 hrs later. This movie was crap because we KNEW the girl was going to die, not the other way around. The movie had a horribly crappy plot and no redeming qualities, and they still made you cry when she died because of how they handeled that 1 point in the movie. It was a completely illegitimate emotion response to an crappily done movie that it actually made us mad that they actually triggered tears. It as if they focused so much effort on absolutely trying their hardest to make you cry that they sacrified the rest of the movie as a result. In the first 30 min both myself and my wife said the girl was going to die, and boy did we nail it. It wasn't even hard to predict. After trying to fight off boredome and sleep for a good hour your treated to a downerfest that would make anyone cry. And its the type of cry that you don't know why your crying, and you actually get mad that you ARE crying, but you can't help it. Hell maby we were just BORED to tears. Either way both my wife and myself will never trust any reccomendation from her friend anymore.

Avelanch on Jan 9, 2008


Anybody who disliked Bridge to Terabithia is a heartless, scum-sucking, sex crazed maniac who hates originality and heartwarming. Put Transformers on this list instead of Bridge to Terabithia...THEN it'll be accurate.

Micah on Jan 9, 2008


Funny, your description of The Invasion applies to The Golden Compass almost verbatim-- same actors and reasoning. (btw, TGC is another movie I'd add to the worst of the year, based on my having higher expectations)

Dan on Jan 9, 2008


I would actually disagree with you on Jim Carrey. I would like to see him do more dramatic work. He was great in: The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine, Man on the Moon and The Majestic.

Zach D. on Jan 9, 2008


Not sure who used my name again...but.....Juno was a great movie. And i agree with Ken on this list except that i actually like Smokin Aces. It was crazy and fun. I think Alex needs to post his worst as well.

Heckle on Jan 9, 2008


"The Number 23" was a decent film. Just b/c it was not great does not nessecarily mean it was a bad movie. It held my interest & it was a good rent. Also, Zachs right. Carrey can play serious roles well. Some people just have a difficult time taking him seriously b/c his specialty is comedy. They need to look past that.

Sinner on Jan 9, 2008


In my opinion, Nic Cage is a terrifying man whose face was only ever suited for Raising Arizona. It would be nice if his talent outshone his hideous visage, but that is hoping too much. As for Bridge to Terebithia, I have never begged anyone to stop a movie while weeping into a pillow. I actually liked Good Luck Chuck. :p Keep in mind my expectations were lower than low, and I don't even know why I saw it. But its very easy to make me laugh. :] BUT WHY IN GOD'S NAME ISN'T BALLS OF FURY ON THIS LIST? Seriously. WHY.

rachel on Jan 9, 2008


I hated Bridge To Terribithia. I hated the book and the movie. The only reason I watched the movie was because it had so much praise going its way. I thought the only good part about it was that they didnt puss out and re-write the story so that the girl ended up living in the end. The fantasy scenes looked retarded and were way overdone and definately overlong. The two kids were cute, but had no acting skills. It seemed like they just went to the nearest Elementary School and had auditions for the leads. Terrible. The only good parts were being able to see Agent Doggett and Zoey Deschanel (I wish she was in more things) giving pretty good preformances. I would probably give the movie the same rating you would, but the problem I have is your reasons. That has got to be the worst review I have ever seen for a movie. You were smiling. I was cringing. First, you said it youself: "It was a fantasy film for kids". What were you, your wife and your brother-in-law doing watching a movie so obviously targeted for children? Then when the slightest adult theme that would give the film any meaning sneeks into the film, you all act like children. You suddenly drop everything you know about film and become a shameless product of your environment. But the part that really pissed me off was the fact that you would blindly pop a movie into the player without knowing anything about the movie and give it a bad review for not knowing about it. You felt cheated and tricked? In my experience the unexpected is the best part of a movie. The expected is the worst. In fact a number of your reviews mirror that. You felt you could see what was coming too easily and when something unexpected happens you go all Canne on us. To avoid this in the future, read up on it first so that you will know every aspect of the film and nothing will suprise you. Talk with people who have seen it to make sure no frank material sneeks in or god-forbid a character dies in a children's movie, because we all know the family film genre steers clear of the hard to swallow issue of death (Bambi, Lion King, Old Yeller, Beauty and the Beast, Babe, etc, etc). Seriously, whats the point? Why did you put this movie on your worst list and not have any idea why? That is a terrible idea? Just because your family didnt like it? Just because you were eating dinner at the time? This is a bad film, but it still doesnt deserve that kind of a retarded explanation. No film does. Now, what do you have to say for youself? One bad review in an otherwise good list though. Except I do think there are a lot worse films than Smokin Aces. Beowulf comes to the front of my mind.

Vega Bro on Jan 10, 2008


I loved Smokin'Aces! Everyone I know loved it too. 🙁 You made me sad.

Samantha on Jan 10, 2008


Vega Bro- I need to address many faulty points in your response to my OPINION of Bridge to Terabithia. First, you said, "What were you, your wife and your brother-in-law doing watching a movie so obviously targeted for children?" I don't understand...just because it's targeted for kids means I'm not allowed to watch it? I try and keep my mind open knowing that I can enjoy films targeted to all different ages. I'm sorry that you don't feel that way. Second, you said, "But the part that really pissed me off was the fact that you would blindly pop a movie into the player without knowing anything about the movie..." You also said, "read up on it first so that you will know every aspect of the film and nothing will suprise you." Are you serious? You are then the only person I know that wants to know every aspect of a film before watching it. I like to watch a film knowing only the basic plot, with no spoilers. I tend to let the film represent itself for what it is, instead of walking into it knowing the whole story beforehand. That's why my reviews never contain spoilers of film plots. I love to be surprised! If there were no surprises then why would we even watch a movie? Third, you said, "...make sure no frank material sneeks in or god-forbid a character dies in a children's movie, because we all know the family film genre steers clear of the hard to swallow issue of death (Bambi, Lion King, Old Yeller, Beauty and the Beast, Babe, etc, etc)." I'm picking up on your sarcasm here. The fact is I didn't have a problem with someone dying in a kids film, I'll admit my mini-review isn't clear on that fact. I had a problem with how sudden it was and how the film delt with her death after the fact. In the other films you mentioned the death could be seen coming, giving the audience and kids some time to expect it and process it. In Bridge to Terabithia there was no foreshadowing or event letting us know that it was coming. In a children's movie that dosn't go over very well. Then, on top of that, the saddness never went away and the film ended extremely sad. I might watch a movie like that, but that is not the type of film any child I know wants to watch. Fourth, you said, "Why did you put this movie on your worst list and not have any idea why?" Do you really think this was a full fledged review? Obviously it is only a short comment on my enjoyment experience of the film. I didn't go into any quality of film making discussion or the acting performances. Even if the quality of the film was good it dosn't always mean that I would enjoy the movie. My mini-review is based only on enjoyablity of the film, which because of the way they dealt with her death made me not enjoy it at all. Unfortunatly, I didn't write a full review discussing the reasons you didn't like it, which would have agreed on for the most part. Anyway, that's what I have to say for myself. Maybe now we can focus on the fact that we both didn't like it and we can get on with 2008. 🙂

Ken Evans on Jan 10, 2008


I saw Ghost Rider at a music venue that shows cheap movies & serves alcohol, drinking w/ a cute girl. (wasn't my idea to see it. She knew I liked comics, drinking, and cute girls) These are the ONLY things that made it bearable. AvP: See "Idiocracy" (in my opinion one of the BEST un-reviewed movies of the year.) for a hilarious explanation for why movies like this are made. In fact, it explains why every movie on this list was made. Or at least why people pay to see 'em, w/out being paid to review 'em.

Djoser on Jan 10, 2008


One of my additional gripes about B2T is that they said the girl needed to change schools and had no friends because of the way she dressed and acted? the kid was well dressed and layered and the hair was perfect. and kids love to imagine and play, it is obvious that the writter and director had no clue what they were doing when writting that part and casting/dressing the girl. As for Jim Carrey, I love Jim Carrey's dramatic roles and I would love to see more of them. Even though I never saw 23, I do plan to see it soon so I'll withhold judgement on that movie until I actually watch it.

avelanch on Jan 10, 2008


Ghost Rider.. Agreed. The Number 23, was ok. And yes, I too feel that Jim can play dramatic roles (like The Truman Show), but, Ace Ventura type comedies r his uniqueness. Its juz that, no one can replace him in a character like Ventura.. :p

Gdn | TD on Jan 10, 2008


Is your name "Sinner" because of your overwhelmingly, bad taste in movies?

Micah on Jan 10, 2008


You're a little late Terabithia. Boo Hoo.

Sinner on Jan 10, 2008


Sorry Alex, I know you liked The Host but that's got to be on this list. Maybe it was one of the better Korean films but it was an absolute nightmare to sit through. I was bored beyond belief. I kept waiting for it to get better & it never did. Sorry man. After all that; great site Alex. Big props to ya. Keep it up man.

Sinner on Jan 10, 2008


Wow, I'm really impressed that I Know Who Killed Me's not on the list....

Jessica on Jan 10, 2008


Sinner- Let me introduce myself. My name is Ken Evans and I actually wrote this list, not Alex Billington. As for The Host, I probably didn't like it as much as Alex but I loved some of the scenes and actually had it on my "personal favorites" list. Jessica- I didn't feel like I could put it on here due to the fact that I didn't finish it. Maybe something I missed saved it from disaster, although I seriously doubt it. I'm actually surprised you saw it.

Ken Evans on Jan 10, 2008


I can see what Ken is saying about "23" though conceptually, I liked it and for the most part enjoyed it. Smokin Aces was a huge let down for sure And for all the rest, thanks for confirming my decision to not see any of them.

Brandon on Jan 11, 2008



killgore on Jan 11, 2008


Damn Kill... nice call on Norbit. WOW was that bad!

C-Young on Jan 11, 2008


Sorry Ken. Good meetin' ya. Great site man; I think I'm addicted. Much respect to you guys.

Sinner on Jan 11, 2008


Killgore and C-Young - I actually never got around to see Norbit or Daddy Day Camp. One Missed Call is a 2008 film, so it wouldn't be on this list. I did see Alvin and The Chipmunks which almost made it on my list, but it slightly made me remember watching the cartoon as a child. Believe me though, it was a close one.

Ken Evans on Jan 11, 2008


I agree with the commentor about Golden Compass. That movie should win the award for "Hugest Letdown of 2007". Read the books, they are AMAZING.

Annabelle on Jan 12, 2008


It is pretty apparent you never read Bridge to Terabithia or you would have known that the girl dies. It's the whole idea behind the story...but, as I write this I notice you explained that you haven't read it and did no research. I can't blame you for wanting to be surprised. Other than that, great list.

MD on Jan 12, 2008


I can't really argue that the majority of the movies on the list were pretty terrible. Yes, there are other movies that should be on the list. I will disagree with your call on Lions for Lambs. I don't know if it was just my personal view, but I could easily see that the film showed different opinions. It didn't leave me with a feeling that i had been beat over the head by one sided teaching, but it left me thinking about multiple subjects from multiple viewpoints. Like I said though, it may have just been me that picked that up.

Bbskaterman on Jan 14, 2008


Ken... I now understand. If you had seen Norbit it would be on your list for sure man. Nice list though... You and only you should be doing these lists. I just looked over Jaq's BEST list and it was the WORST thing I've ever seen on this site. Keep up the good work!

C-Young on Jan 15, 2008


i think the problem with the bridge to terabithia was that it was totally advertised wrong. I read the book in elementary school and when i saw the preview i was like wtf? I knew people were gonna be pissed when they found out its more about the sad life than the fantasy land to escape it. I liked smoking aces and AvP was alright but otherwise i agree with the list

jia on Jan 15, 2008


where is spiderman 3, shrek 3, pirates 3 those films are definetly the worst films of 2007

Darrin on Jan 15, 2008


Darrin- I just rewatched Spiderman 3 and while I still think it was my biggest disappointment of 2007 I don't think it was anywhere near one of the worst films. Shrek 3 compared to the previous 2 wasn't as good but I still got a few laughs out of it. Pirates 3 compared to the previous 2 wasn't as good but was still enjoyable and a continuation of a story I love. I'll give you that they weren't the best films of 2007, but I don't think they were the worst either.

Ken Evans on Jan 16, 2008


Norbit and Premonition - how did you miss those two? Smokin' Aces was a decent, although flawed, film. Lions for Lambs was not terrible - certainly not a contender for a "worst" list. Overall, not a bad list. Nearly everything on it was bad, and sadly I have seen everyone of these films. Thankfully, I have seen everyone of the films on the "best" list as well. Here is my worst of 2007 list: 1. Norbit 2. Premonition 3. Wild Hogs 4. Good Luck Chuck 5. Reno 911: Miami 6. Hannibal Rising 7. Becoming Jane 8. Evan Almighty 9. Redacted 10. Ghost Rider

Pete on Jan 16, 2008


Do you realize "Bridge to Terabithia" is a book, and the girl dies in it. Do a little research there buddy.

Ashlynne on Jan 22, 2008


Ashlynne - Like I already said in comment #29....I like to watch a film knowing only the basic plot, with no spoilers. I tend to let the film represent itself for what it is, instead of walking into it knowing the whole story beforehand. That's why my reviews never contain spoilers of film plots. I love to be surprised! If there were no surprises then why would we even watch a movie? I'm not going to research every plot detail because I don't want to ruin the movie. Obviously, I hadn't read the book or I would have known that she died.

Ken Evans on Jan 22, 2008


Having just sat through The Invasion..yeah..sucked. Heartbreak Kid also sucked I didn't think Tarabithia was that bad, and I did read the book as a kid but couldnt remember the plot

dweeb on Jan 25, 2008


I think most of the movies you mentioned were pretty accurate, although I didn't see two or three so can't give a definite opinion. Bridge to Terabithia was completely on point, I was completed disappointed! I guess kids these days need an 'Ol Yeller to ruin their day, just like when we were kids. 🙂 As for Ghost Rider, my kids liked it quite a bit, which made me tolerate it. I used to be a big fan of Nic Cage, but he has this Elvis fascination going on, that if you watch his movies you'll notice he really tries to emulate early Elvis; from the way he stands, holds his hands, points, the camera angles, etc. It's getting old, and it's making him look ridiculous. His older stuff was much better in my opinion. Nic, back off Elvis and get back to the old you! 🙂 Couldn't agree more on the Dane Cook comments, I just don't get what is the big deal with him. Is it because there is such a massive lack of comedic talent out there these days that he's shining like he is? It's just not that funny.... Anything with Tom Cruise in it, you can can't me out. I like his acting, but he's gotten just too crazy for me to even separate the two. Since when did actors jump the shark and now become world authorities on everything from religion to medicine to physchiatry? Strange world we're living in.. I would definitely add Daddy Day Camp to the list. That movie should serve as warning to other talented actors that "Engrossing yourself in kiddie movies" doesn't necessarily bump up your career. In some cases it can have the opposite effect.. 🙁 Cuba, go back to the honorable, hardworking type movies... you shined there. Men of Honor - Excellent... Snow Dogs... not so much. Daddy Day Camp.... WTF? 🙂 There's not necessarily a need to stray so far from what brought you to the dance. People like what they usually associate you with from the beginning, for better or worse. Look at Stallone and Rocky... is it a curse? No it's a blessing, considering they should be happy they have a career to get pidgeon holed. The Deniros, Penns and Nortons of the world have the ability to shift into lots of different characters without getting identified with any particular one, and that's great... but either way isn't a bad thing really... it's an awesome living, notarity, creativity, and all the things they wanted in the first place... then all of a sudden it's not enough. ... but I digress! 🙂 Hopefully 2008 will be a better year for movies, and fewer ones that really blow, but I don't have high hopes. Hollywoods typical mantra is if it's even mildly successfuly, do a sequel, or 5 other movies basically just like it.

Chris on Jan 25, 2008


nice list, lacking Bay's Transformers though

mike on Jan 28, 2008


I Am Legend anyone? One of the worst films I have seen in a long, long time.

Alex H on Jan 28, 2008


Alex, you're totally right. "I Am Legend" was so bad, i want my 5bucks back. plus, the title doesn't make sense after they screwed up the original plot.

mike on Jan 29, 2008


"I Am Legend" anyone? How about everyone. As in, everyone liked this movie except for you two clowns. The film was entertaining, interesting, very well made & will be in my DVD collection ASAP.

Sinner on Feb 2, 2008


Sinner, I have to say thank you for making me laugh today, you've genuinely made me happier knowing that there are avp-r fanboys out there, I mean c'mon :/ wow. Cheers mate 🙂

Geese on Feb 3, 2008


Ok. Bridge to Terabithia. What are you thinking? Your basis for judging that movie is on the mere fact that the girl dies!? I know that everyone else has mentioned to you that it was a book. I read it about five times when I was a kid. To not kill off the girl in the movie is like not Killing Dumbledore in Harry Potter becuase it's "SAD". It is not a bad movie, just because death occurs. It obviously did it's job in capturing your family's emotion.

Scarlet on Feb 4, 2008


Scarlet - To quote myself from one of my comments earlier (comment 29). The fact is I didn't have a problem with someone dying in a kids film, I'll admit my mini-review isn't clear on that fact. I had a problem with how sudden it was and how the film delt with her death after the fact. In the other films you mentioned the death could be seen coming, giving the audience and kids some time to expect it and process it. In Bridge to Terabithia there was no foreshadowing or event letting us know that it was coming. In a children's movie that dosn't go over very well. Then, on top of that, the saddness never went away and the film ended extremely sad. I might watch a movie like that, but that is not the type of film any child I know wants to watch.

Ken Evans on Feb 5, 2008


Got bored this weekend & rented 3 flicks. "Simpsons" was so boring & unfunny that it must be added to this "12 Worst Movie" list. This is coming from a huge ex-Simpson fan so you know it was bad. "The Invasion" was very enjoyable. I'm surprised this movie made it to the list. I've seen a few versions of "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers" & this is, by far, the best one in my opinion. Disappointed with "War". Even Jason Statham & Jet Li could not save this movie. Neither could the end twist.

Sinner on Feb 5, 2008


i disagree completely with bridge to terabithia... it was in my opnion very well crafted... not heavy on the CGI and dealt with raw emotions... well sudden... it might be... but then death isnt always planned...the scene at the girls funeral gave me a lump in my throat... and the child artists were jsut adorable...each one of them... i would honestly add SuperBad to this list... didint see wat all the hype was all about... this felt like one of the american pie series...and if the huge numbers are any indications then it just goes to show the dumb-down process of america...

Viral on Feb 6, 2008

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