Kevin Feige Says We'll See Dr. Strange Soon Enough!

October 21, 2008
Source: MTV

Dr. Strange

Who is Dr. Strange, you ask? Well, he's only the most powerful Sorcerer Supreme in the whole Marvel Universe! Those unfamiliar with comics may not know that there is an entire "magic realm" from the Marvel Universe that we haven't really seen yet. So when Guillermo del Toro first mentioned earlier this year that he was interested in bringing the character to the big screen, I was appropriately very excited. But as we all know, del Toro has a full schedule through 2017, which doesn't include Dr. Strange, but that doesn't mean Marvel isn't already trying to make sure he makes it to the screen. MTV talked with Marvel president of production Kevin Feige recently and got an update that all Dr. Strange fans will be excited to hear.

Dr. Strange"I'd say in the next year, year and a half, as we start putting together our film slate for 2012 and 2013, I would not be shocked if we saw Dr. Strange on those lists. I love the idea of tapping into the magical realm of the Marvel Universe, which is fairly significant and hasn't yet seen life on screen." Feige added that "it's something I'm very, very interested in," with that tone in his voice that you can tell he's hinting that Dr. Strange is definitely coming soon. To give you an idea of how excited Feige is, listen to his final comment. "Dr. Strange? This is one of the best characters we have. [He represents] this amazing cosmic universe to Marvel that we haven't played with in films yet and I think could be amazing to play with."

Let's get back to Dr. Strange - the character was developed by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and first appeared in a 1963 issue of Strange Tales. He is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe and is responsible for defending it from mystic threats. He is a master of the mystic arts, using his abilities to battle evil magicians and other supernatural villains, and is also often consulted by other superheroes on supernatural matters. At the time, del Toro mentioned that he was talking with author Neil Gaiman about writing a screenplay. I'm not sure if that's still the case, but I'll be crossing my fingers anyway. Maybe there is a slim chance we'll see Dr. Strange in something like The Avengers before he gets his own spin-off movie? What do you think?

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WATCH spike tv to see all new never released footage of WATCHMEN at 9 pm eastern time on the night of october 21 2008!!! EVERYONE WATCH!!! the least you coulda done was post an article letting everyone know.

Ck on Oct 21, 2008


1, thanks for the heads up

al on Oct 21, 2008


I read the very first issues of Dr. Strange back in the '60s Marvel comics...this one could be a real winner if they dont screw it up...the possibilities are unlimited...I hope it works....

moldybread on Oct 21, 2008


This could be really great! My top candidates to play Strange: Josh Brolin Clive Owen

Daas on Oct 21, 2008


Josh Brolin? No way. Clive Owen? Eh. Maybe. I see Johnny Depp in that role easily.

Chris @ on Oct 21, 2008


yes johnny depp is the perfect casting and is a huge star for marvel to cast has perfect look facial hair is eve n perfect ?;

nelson on Oct 21, 2008


Eh Johnny Depp is such a cliche choice. I much rather somebody a little less high profile. Besides, if Depp ends up playing Riddler then he's definitely not playing Strange. I stand by Brolin or Owen.

Daas on Oct 21, 2008


who to play Dr. Strange?? how about Alan Rickman??? he does have the right attitude and would probably look right in the role as well...jmo...

moldybread on Oct 21, 2008


I always thought Robert Downey Jr would be a great Dr Strange. Then Iron Man happened and ruined that dream for me. I still loved Iron Man though...

Matt on Oct 22, 2008


He looks like Heraldo Rivera...

Peloquin on Oct 22, 2008


so did tony stark, until they gave the role to robert downey. I think dr. strange's essence as a character cfould def. prove to be a far better movie than say, constantine, in the right hands ( though thats not saying much). I think what spidey, batman begins, and iron man have all proved is that sticking w/ the strongest elements of the best stories these characters have produced - spidey's origins, batman's 80's re-invention w/ Batman:year one & Son of the Demon, and iron man's original story (updated), w/ Adi Granov's ultra-sleek designs- then allowing top notch actors fill those characters w/ larger than life performances makes for excellent movies that also please salivating fans. Dr. Strange's original stories by Steve Ditko portray a man disenchanted w/ traditional medicine, exploring the dark arts and acting as a gateway btw. the netherworlds and Earth. They haven't really done an updated Dr. Strange, even in the Ultimates universe, so I'm not sure which one they'll focus on, but they'd be remiss not to pull in a little modern world reference, to make the character relate a little better. My vote is Sam Rockwell - and give him just a hint of the hippie. So long as that iconic psychedelic cape shows up, the rest can be a good opportunity for henson-style demon-puppeteering (probably what Del Toro had in mind) w/ minimal CG. Otherwise, we're looking at another daredevil. Alan Rickman - I can see it. I only wonder if he's just a little on the edge age-wise. Still, his acting chops are second to none, and he also has a cutting sense of humor - which will be necessary for ALL marvel characters.

django on Oct 23, 2008


Maybe it should be a latino actor?? What exactly is Doctor Strange's supposed ethnicity?

brian on Oct 14, 2009


I see John Caveizal in this role..I think he would be perfect!

Chad on Mar 30, 2010

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