Kevin Smith Headed to Outer Space for His Next Comedy

October 17, 2008

Kevin Smith

So if you're indie horror project having trouble getting funding, what do you do? Make a $50 million futuristic outer space comedy! Kevin Smith has officially announced another feature film that will be just that, a sci-fi film that revolves around a father-son relationship. While he won't reveal any details about the plot, Smith will easily talk about the budget. "The moment someone steps out of the spaceship, it's going to cost a little more." This will be his most expensive film to date and potentially his 10th feature film. "The Odyssey" in space, comedies in space - this Hollywood sci-fi trend is really picking up speed!

Smith has already finished the first draft of the script, which execs at Weinstein Company have read part of and are already interested. Other details mentioned are that the film with reference other sci-fi movies and that Smith wants Seth Rogen (via SlashFilm) to be involved. Smith explains that "all the relationships in the flicks I've done before have been either a guy falling for a girl or two dudes hanging out in a 'bromantic' comedy - I wanted to explore a father and son." During Comic-Con, he mentioned that this "will test [his] abilities as a visual filmmaker." So what does it all mean? Who knows - we'll find out soon enough!

To clarify, he is still hoping to make Red State, his indie horror project, before he moves on to this sci-fi comedy. Red State is tentatively scheduled to shoot in spring of next year, but we as we've reported, he's having some trouble finding all the money he needs to get it going. Everyone already knows I'm a big Kevin Smith fan and enjoy almost every movie he makes. I've got no complaints about this project and am confident that he'll do a good job exploring the father-son relationship, the sci-fi genre, and comedy in outer space. Oh, and, don't forget, Zack and Miri Make a Porno hits theaters in a few weeks. Interested?

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Good to see somebody trying something different with Outer Space movies. Last time this was done it was Serenity which turned out great. Hopefully this comedy in space is more Spaceballs then Space Truckers.

TALL on Oct 17, 2008


Ah, but Spaceballs is such a great movie!! Mel Brooks kicks ass!

Alex Billington on Oct 17, 2008


SPACE TRUCKERS... The reason Dennis Hopper only plays bad guys! You know, I'm aleways a bt curious when someone wants to make a sci-fi film like this, especially when I know it will instantly be compared to Star Wars, but with KS its different. Hes a hugh fan of Battlestar Gallactica and deffinitely knows his spaceshit. Good luck to him.

Marcus on Oct 17, 2008


sounds good, is it going to be part parody? hes already seen star trek hasnt he can take from that

harrison on Oct 17, 2008


Hey Guys, Does anyone proof read these articles before they're posted? Grammatical errors, run on sentences, improper use of tense. Makes it very hard to read. I'm a very big fan of this site. And I come here for much of my movie info, before moving on to others sites. As great as this site is, this is the one area of concern I see over and over. Proof it first!

Bryanmakeup on Oct 17, 2008


Ok... there HAS to be room for a Jay/Silent Bob cameo in this one. Star Wars references will be a must.

bozoconnors on Oct 17, 2008


I had to read this and the Brad pit article like 5 times to see if they were related articles. both mentioned "The Odyssey". I was excited at first thinking Pitt adn Smith were teaming up. Oh well. Then again I just woke up so that maybe something too. Go Smith!

AllmightyKeim on Oct 17, 2008


Good luck, Mr. Smith.

Roy on Oct 17, 2008


Go go Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers!

Peter on Oct 17, 2008



Heath on Oct 17, 2008


:O I knew that kevin actually had his own viper and call sign..

Tom Dearsley on Oct 17, 2008


I am the only one who is getting a little weary of Seth Rogen being in every comedy ad nauseum?

jman571 on Oct 17, 2008


yeah! Ranger danger! waiting for this one since clerks 2.

TN on Oct 18, 2008


I'm sick of Rogen in any.

john darc on Oct 18, 2008


How much money is Kevin paying you?

Mr. Wizard on Oct 18, 2008


Get someone to edit your articles before you post em'. It was just couple small things but they annoyed the hell out of me

clerksfan on Oct 18, 2008


LOL @ the ones complaining about grammar and correct spelling and ohh i didnt know when to stop reading because thier was not a full stop. hehe engrish vely gud haha

werdnafaz on Oct 19, 2008


wait, "his next comedy"?!?! Since when has any of this guys shit been funny?!!? He's a self absorbed, self proclaimed king of nerds who thinks he's cool, who does nothing but high school "humor", use that loosely, and has so many people brain washed into thinking anything he does is worth the toilet paper freshly used to wipe my shitty ass!! So PLEASE!! PLEASE!! Kevin Smith GO AWAY!!! PLEASE!!! FOR THE LOVE OF PETE!!!!

My One Eyed Willy on Oct 19, 2008


Wait!!... who said they've been waiting for this since Clerks 2!?!?!?!!!! Are you kidding me?? It's like a bunch of nerdy high school kids who think this older guy who's been out of high school for 12 years is cool because he still acts like them. Clerks 2?!?!? Come on!! Clerks 2!!! Go watch something that doesn't make you feel like you just wasted 2 hours of your life.

Chubbe O'Toole on Oct 19, 2008


Clerks 2 is on right now...... and it's still hilarious.

Heath on Oct 19, 2008

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