Kevin Smith: The Dark Knight is Better Than Watchmen and Star Trek?

September 19, 2008

Kevin Smith

Just yesterday I sat down for an interview with Kevin Smith in Austin, Texas. We spent a while chatting about Zack and Miri Make a Porno, his latest brilliant comedy, but before it was over, I had to ask him about both Watchmen and Star Trek, two movies that he's already seen. I asked him which of the those, plus The Dark Knight, he thought was the best, but when he said that was too tough to answer, I asked if he had to choose one to watch, which would it be? "I would say The Dark Knight… Well, Dark Knight was kind of amazing," he began. Over both Watchmen and Star Trek? Don't worry, he did mention a few more things about the other two as well, calling all three of them amazing movies.

"Watchmen and Star Trek are amazing too, but Dark Knight, I think, it's just an imminently watchable film. I saw that movie 5 times in the theater and I was never bored once," Smith recalled. "I would probably give the edge to The Dark Knight, personally, just because I love that movie so much. And it was like seeing Batman done right and seeing the Joker done right." I don't think anyone can argue with that. The film's stint at the top of the IMDb rankings shows that it does have quite a few fans who still think it's one of the best movies ever made. I guess this all just comes down to our excitement for what's next - Watchmen and Star Trek. Kevin Smith continued on about both of those briefly as well.

"But man, those other two, Watchmen and Star Trek, come close. I mean, I'm not a huge Trekkie, so I'm not like, oh man, you must see this before you die. But for what it is, in terms of a reboot, he did a fantastic job with it. Because it sounded like, when they announced it, 'why do you want to go back and do little Kirk and little Spock?' But man he did it and it made it viable and it doesn't get rid of anything that it had before, it kind of makes way for the continuity, so it all fits in that world still. It doesn't negate the series, the series of movies, anything, it's all part and parcel with it."

"And Watchmen is just spellbinding for how -- it is literally the graphic novel comes alive, there's not a misstep in it. It's like reading the book, but watching it instead. He did a great, great job."

These recaps seem on par with his past mention of both films: Watchmen and Star Trek. The reason why I'm so fascinated by everything Kevin Smith has to say about both of these is because I think they're easily my most anticipated movies of next year. And hearing him speak so highly about both of them definitely makes me excited. I'm not worried about The Dark Knight comparison, because it is such an amazing movie and it's really hard to top, but I'm still anxious to see Watchmen and Star Trek, especially when Kevin Smith says they pulled it off. And as far as I know, he's the only guy who isn't part of the production that has seen either of them. Our full interview with Kevin Smith will be out next week - stay tuned!

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Witout doubt Dark Night amazing and one of or not the best movie i ever seen in Imax and in theaters!

Max Russian on Sep 19, 2008


Nice interview bro! I would agree without obviously seeing Watchmen or Star Trek that The Dark Knight is better - 5 times in the theaters, I am jealous, with kids I have only seen it 3 times ๐Ÿ™‚

Atomic Popcorn on Sep 19, 2008


I just wrote a review of The Dark Knight! I don't know if I can post links on here, but if I can, please check it out. Thanks so much! xo Val

Valeriewriter on Sep 19, 2008


Good enough for Kevin Smith? Good enough for me! ST and W much antcipated....Can't wait!

D-9 on Sep 19, 2008


If the watcheman is such a great adaptation of the book, then by default it's better than TDK

Darunia on Sep 19, 2008


F him! To each their own. Others may (and probably will) feel differently. Watchmen is my most anticpated move in a very long time. Get goose bumps just things about it. After ready the graphic novel, I was blown away and in awe. Just look at the amount of content in the novel. If it's done right and transfered to the big screen, nothing will even compare to this. In Zack we trust!!!

K on Sep 19, 2008


I cant wait till Watchmen comes out that movie is going to be so badass,But Star trek is so gay that I cant believe they are doing that.For the Dark Knight that movie blew my mind I went to see it 2 times and I just cant wai till December to get it on DVD and The Dark knight is the best comic book movie ever.

DJ on Sep 19, 2008


Yeah, i wouldnt get discouraged at all. The dark knight was cool, but come on its Batman. Its like when they did superman, everyone was like it was cool but its superman. And yeah the experience was cool for TDK but its batman. The watchmen, man the trailer alone set it off, It looked amazing. TDK, i got excited but i wasnt really that intrested in knowning how they would end it. And star trek, Yeah im a huge SCI fi geek but im not that excited. I think because i grew up with the series and even the first movie experience that they did in the 80s'

THERBLIG on Sep 19, 2008


I think what Smith meant was that The Dark Knight had more repeat viewing value than Watchmen or Star Trek. I'm REALLY hoping the Watchmen movie will be obsenely awesome but I think it's WAY too early to say if it's truly a great film or not.

SlashBeast on Sep 19, 2008


Why does Kevin Smith know so much about comics? Is he the guy that directed Iron Man?

Valeriewriter on Sep 19, 2008


@3 You're review is incorrect instating that Batman has "super human" strength.. he has no special powers.. he just a rich guy, who lifts weights.. no radioactive spider, or the that he's from another planet.. this is what makes him so unique

Rod Tidwell on Sep 19, 2008


This isnt surprising. I would have been very surprised if he had said either Watchmen or Star Trek was better than The Dark Knight. That would have caused some waves.

Keith on Sep 19, 2008


Star Trek and Watchmen aren't even done in post production, so I think this is a bit unfair...

Redge on Sep 19, 2008


I don't know why people are thinking he is downing Watchmen or Star Trek. He said it's too close to call but if he HAD to watch one, it would be The Dark Knight. He is probably a lil bias just based on the fact he loves Batman. Quite frankly though, he has seen Watchmen and Star Trek and no one else here has, so he has a little more basis than anyone.

L on Sep 19, 2008


Valeriewriter on Sep 19, 2008 Uh, NO Valerie! He did not direct Iron Man, Jon Favreau did! Kevin Smith is the guy behind the Jay and Silent Bob movies (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, etc). His comic book knowledge comes from the fact that he USED TO WRITE FOR BOTH DC AND MARVEL!!!

JayandSilentBobforPrez on Sep 19, 2008


Oh okay. Did he write the Batman comic strip when he was at DC and Marvel?

Valeriewriter on Sep 19, 2008


he wrote a some Daredevil at Marvel, and then wrote some Green Arrow at DC. Then he went back to Marvel to write a spiderman miniseries and a daredevil minseries, but the daredevil one didn't get anywhere.

fracaso on Sep 19, 2008


@17 ...and he's also supposed to be coming out with a 3 part Batman series soon I think called Cacophony.

Mike on Sep 19, 2008


J.J. Abrams "Star Trek" is definitely NOT something I am looking forward to. Unless he can revamp a new group of voyagers of the starship enterprise to be JUST AS GOOD as Kirk's crew or Picard's, then it might just be "okay", but with the exception of Zachary Quinto as Spock, the new movie looks pretty lame. Especially coming from such a mediocre producer/director as Abrams (MI:3 was SHIT!, not really a mission impossible movie, just another action flick with blockbuster highlights). Being a avid fan of the graphic novel Watchmen, I am quite anxious to see how well the movie comes out. The trailer looks quite good! Go Zack Snyder!

Conrad on Sep 19, 2008


I was wondering if anyone actually checked out that review from #3. Cause I did, and I have to say, "wow". But NOT because it was good. Now, to Kevin Smith, I am excited to see Star Trek. I'm not sure about Watchmen (I mean I'll see it, it looks amazing) I just know nothing about that graphic novel. Since, Kevin Smith was "spot on" with The dark Knight, I will go see anything he says is great. Even, a midget squatting over a mirror; holding a frozen turkey, with a party hat on. Again, if Kevin Smith said it was awesome.

Brian on Sep 19, 2008


omg everyone should go read #3's reviews, they are HILAIROUS. found out shes a 18 year old girl from i dont know if i shouldlaugh...or feel sorry for her...but read the star wars one, tropic thunderone, indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull, and of course the batman one.

Jimmy on Sep 20, 2008


I personally think Kevin Smith is an idiot and a terrible film maker, so I certainly don't care about his opinions. He's partially right about Dark Knight, though. It is a great film. Far from perfect, but a great film all the same. Star Trek and Watchmen though.. I have no interest for.

Brad on Sep 20, 2008


#20 "I was wondering if anyone actually checked out that review from #3." #21 "omg everyone should go read #3's reviews" I haven't laughed this hard in a couple of weeks.

Viper on Sep 20, 2008


@23 lol! Hulk Hogan? Super human strength and the ability to fly? Oh say the least, she needs to use wiki a bit more.

Matt Suhu on Sep 20, 2008


read her older entries, they get better

Jimmy on Sep 20, 2008


LOL at the shitty review that Valerie made. Seriously I was crying with tears of laughter

Movieraider321 on Sep 20, 2008


Kevin Smiths opinion matters not, even if he is right or wrong. Just saying.

Brandon on Sep 21, 2008


LOL @ #3's review...

Sammy on Sep 22, 2008


I honestly can't tell if #3's review is a joke or a really sad reality. Apparently Batman has been in the comic strips until Christian Bale brought it to theatres. Harvey Dents' face doesn't catch on fire but according to our friend Val, it apparently spontaneously combusts from how angry he is. I love how she gives the spoiler away and follows up by *SPOILER* - She's really looking out for the reader huh? She's either a complete idiot or she's just doing this for laughs: "Whether you liked him or not, you have to admire the fact that any actor that finds out heโ€™s dying and decides that his last role will be a bad guy is pretty brave." moron.

Nick Sears on Sep 22, 2008


Well, I have to disagree with Kevin on this one. I thought the Dark Knight was disapointing. I sat for two hours though that film, only to be let down. However, I think Kevin is a talented enough writer that he could make a better Dark Knight. (As long as it doesn't turn into another superman fiasco. (Smith wrote a treatment for a Superman movie that didn't work out.)

Joe on Sep 23, 2008


Yawn. The lot of you are suckers. Kevin, shut the fuck up.

slappy on Sep 26, 2008


TDK was shit, and Snyder can't communicate a serious story to save his life. Comic book fans, you're screwed.

jesus on Sep 26, 2008


Yeah lets kill silent bob, feast on his inards and sodomize him repeatedly! Zack Snyder sucks, thank darwin hes a Huge WATCHMEN fan

PhilipjFry on Nov 4, 2008


Who the hell cares about Kevin Smith? The guy is a talentless hack that got lucky with Clerks press. Hollywood has wised up to his weak-ass scripting and directing. He jumped it way back with Chasing Amy, his only watchable film.

jakester on Jul 30, 2009

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